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family of JAMES JARDEN (1864-1948) - Christchurch

Journal by ngairedith

JAMES JARDEN was born in Christchurch in 1864
- his father, Alexander JARDEN (son of Alexander JORDEAN & Isabella LIVINGSTONE) married Catherine MATTHEWS on 19 Nov 1858 at first Presbyterian Church in Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland under the name JORDEAN.
- Catherine was a daughter of William MATTHEWS & Anne NICHOLSON

- Alexander and Catherine had 2 children in Ireland:
** 1859 - 1903 William Matthews Jarden
- born on 11 Sept 1859 in Ireland
- William married Elizabeth Jane UREN in 1883
- 1 of 10 children of John Ellis UREN (1834-1896) & Jane Susannah WALKER (1842-1918) who were from Madron, Cornwall & married in Victoria. Her mother later married Edmund SMART as his 3rd wife
- William & Elizabeth had 5 children
** 1861 - 1933 Isabella Jarden
- born on 28 April 1861 in Ireland
- Isabella married William CAVANAGH, Christchurch Registry Office 1 Nov 1883
- Isabella & William had 2 daughters

Alexander, his wife Cath and Isabella arrived in New Zealand in 1862 on the ship "Zealandia" under the surname Jardine

Their son William Matthews Jarden followed in about 1883, aged about 24.

Alexander & Cath had 2 more children in Christchurch:
** 1864 - 1948 James Jarden
- born in Christchurch
** 1865 - 1949 Alexander Jarden
- born in Christchurch
- Alexander married Julia Sarah Protheroe L'ANGLOIS (1868-1949) in 1889
- Alexander & Julia had 9 children
- he died 4 months after Julia

- Alexander senior drowned in the Waimakariri River on 31 May 1867 while delivering beer to the Courtney Arms Hotel. His body was recovered and buried in Christchurch. His wife Catherine died 24 July 1887 aged 56. She had been living in Gloucester street, Christchurch. This was proabably the house of her son Alexander as that is where he lived in 1887
- Catherine was buried in a paupers grave at Addington.
5 August 1887 - PROBATE of Catherine Jarden (1831-1887)
... re Catherine Jarden, deceased, probate to William Jarden and James Jarden (Mr Loughrey)

James Jarden was, amongst other things, a Butcher, Farmer and Horse Trainer
His last known address was 41 Wyon street, Linwood, Christchurch
He died 13 July 1948 aged 84
He is buried PLOT 11355, BLOCK 10 at Bromley cemetery

James married Catherine Elizabeth ROGERS in 1885
Catherine was born 19 Feb 1865 in Kent, England
- Her father was Symond/Simon (1830-1904) & Selina (1836-1927) Rogers from Dublin, Ireland who arrived into Nelson 15 Jan 1876 on the "CAROLINE"
- She had a sister Sarah Ann Rogers (1868-1955) who married Ivon Alphonso WATKINS (1864-1953) in 1886 and a brother James Joseph Rogers (1873-1947) who married Ann Townsend PATON (1875-1960) in Lyttelton 25 Oct 1898, 1st of 5 children of James PATON & Elizabeth Townsend PARTRIDGE
- Still researching Catherine's parents
- Catherine died 17 December 1904 aged 39
DEATH - JARDEN, December 17, 1904, at Mile Road north, Linwood, Catherine Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Symond Rogers, Avonside, and beloved wife of James Jarden; in her fortieth year

... 1
1887 - 1958 Henry Alexander Jarden
- Henry was a Journalist
- He married Alice FISHER (1886-1926) in 1910
- Alice was the 3rd of 3 daughters of John FISHER & Ellen MALONEY
- she died 19 July 1926 aged 40, buried PLOT 33, BLOCK 39 at Bromley cemetery
- She had been living at 87 Cranford St, St Albans, Christchurch.
- Henry next married Wilhelmina Laura WOODARD (1891-1980) in 1928
- he died 12 April 1958 aged 71, buried PLOT 107, BLOCK 8 at Memorial Park
- He had been living at 73 Dee St, Christchurch
- Wilhelmina was born in Glendtunnel, the 3rd of 11 children of John WOODARD & Martha Jane HAWKER
- Wilhelmina died 16 May 1980 (22 years after Henry) and is buried with him

... 2
1889 - 1893 Catherine Selina Jarden
- Catherine died aged 4

... 3
1891 - 1964 William Benjamin Jarden
- William was in the 'Regular Army'
- he married Olive Bertha COTTLE in 1921
- Olive was born in Christchurch in 1897
- a daughter of Arthur Thomas COTTLE (1859-1941) born England & Jemima Eliza McKAY (1868-1936) born Bealey, Arthurs Pass
- she had a brother, George Gilbert Cottle (1895-1978) who married Mary Frances Lovegrove SCOTT (1897-1982) in 1920
- William died 10 May 1964 aged 73, buried PLOT 52, BLOCK 7 at Memorial Park
- Olive died 18 July 1968 aged 71 and is buried with him

... 4
1892 - 1966 James John Jarden
- James married Isabella LAMONT (1892-1985) in 1913
- Isabella was a daughter of Thomas Lawrence LAMONT & Martha Jane MORGAN
- James died 26 April 1965 in Levin, Horowhenua

... 5
1894 - 1965 Benjamin Alexander Jarden
- Benjamin married Amy Evelyn/Eveline FREE (1898-1986) in 1917
- the 3rd of 5 children of George FREE (1868-1958) & Emily THORNE (1875-1902)
- Emily died 4 Nov 1902 aged 27, 3 days after the birth of their daughter Emily Martha Free (1902-1915). Her husband remarried in 1906 to Elizabeth McINTOSH
- In 1928 Benjamin was brought up from Christchurch to Lower Hutt by a syndicate to train horses at a stable be purchased in Randwick Road. A member of the syndicate was Alexander PIRIE. In January 1929 Alexander Jarden was asked to leave the property (financed by Pirie) after some trouble arose. He refused to go and a writ for possession was obtained by Pirie. When Pirie visited the property on 27 January (1929), Jarden struck Pirie with a blow to the jaw which resulted in
their appearabce at court.
note ... the 3rd member of the syndicate was Sydney William KELLY (1882-1943)
- a son of Benjamin & Amy, Ronald Alexander Jarden, born in Lower Hutt (1929-1977) was an All Black for 5 years (1951-1956), playing 21 games & 16 Tests

... 6
1895 - 1983 Selina Isabella Jarden
- Selina married Stanley Evered PRIEST (1891-1966) on 11 Oct 1916
- Stanley was a son of William PRIEST (1863-1894) & Catherine Ellen HAMMOND (1866-1904), Catherine was the 11th of 17 children of James HAMMOND (1827-1886) and Elizabeth Anne HARRIS (1832-1909) and a sister of Walter Benjamin Hammond, whose daughter Clarice married Charles Robert Jarden (1897-1969 below)
- the children of Selina & Stanley were:
(note... a couple of dates are estimated)
1917 - 1989 Stanley Phillip William Priest
1919 - ? Neil Priest
1921 - ? Edna Priest
1923 - 2002 Ola Helen Priest
1925 - ? Quona Priest
1927 - ? Shirley Priest

... 7
1897 - 1969 Charles Robert Jarden
- Charles married Clarice Eileen HAMMOND (1902-1972) in 1927
- Clarice was the 11th of 13 /14 children of Walter Benjamin HAMMOND (1863-1938) and Catherine SHADBOLT (Walter was the 8th of 17 children of James HAMMOND (1827-1886) & Elizabeth Anne HARRIS (1832-1909) and a brother of Catherine Ellen Hammond, whose son Stanley married Selina Isabella Jarden (1895-1982 above)

... 8
1901 - 1977 Isabel Mary Jarden
- Isabel married Albert George ANDERSON in 1923

... 9
1902 - 1976 Sarah Ann Jarden
- Sarah was born 19 July 1902
- she married Edwin GLYNAN in 1925
- Edwin was born 23 Oct 1902, the 4th of 4 children of Peter Augustus GLYNAN (1868-1902) of Omaka, Banks Peninsula (died Akaroa) and Mary ODELL (1873-1947)
... of note Peter Augusus Glynan was the 8th of 19 children (all born in NZ) of John Glynan from Athlone, County Westmeath, Ireland and Sarah Ann WRIGHT (1841-1924) who was born in Petone, the 3rd of 14 children of James & Hannah AUSTIN
- Sarah died 8 Dec 1976 aged 74
- Edwin died 10 Dec 1978 aged 76
- they are buried PLOT 507, BLOCK Lawn, Waimairi, Christchurch

James Jarden next married Wilhelmina WHITE 12 Feb 1906 in Christchurch.
- Wilehlmina was the widow of Alfred Benjamin WHITE.
- She was born Wilhelmina de PLACE
- she married Alfred Benjamin WHITE (1870-1896) 6 February 1894
- They had 2 sons:
* 8 Aug 1894 Alfred Maurice Leslie White
- Alfred married Olive Elizabeth Grace ANDERSON in 1916
- he served in WWI as Private 77086 with NZEF, 42nd Reinforcements D Company, embarking from Wellington 1 Aug 1918 for London. His Next Of Kin was his wife, Olive Elizabeth Grace of 588 Worcester Street, Christchurch,

* 8 March 1896 William Henry White

ALFRED BENJAMIN WHITE died 27 July 1896 in Geraldine after a long illneess, aged 26. He is buried PLOT 677, BLOCK A at Geraldine cemetery with his father Alfred White who died 23 July 1897 age 59 (nearly a year after his son)

JAMES divorced Wilhelmina in 1921. Reason sited was drink and adultery

James Jarden next married Catherine McKenzie GIBSON (1883-1963) 11 Sep 1923 in Christchurch. James was 59 & Catherine was 40
- Catherine was the widow of William Hamilton Ferguson Gibson (1877-1921). She was born Catherine McKenzie McRAE, a daughter of Donald McRAE & Flora McKENZIE

22 August 1881
... LOST, or Stolen - One black mare; star on forehead. Anyone returning the same to James Jarden, Gloucester street East, will be rewarded

29 October 1890
... Mr J. Jarden, butcher andcattle dealer, has lost two good hacks within a short time in an extraordinary and unaccountable way. A fortnight ago his trotting mare Nanki Poo dropped dead in her box at her owner's place, and on a postmortem examination being made, it was found that she had died from the effects of a dose of croton oil. This morning, after putting a hack he had ridden into the stables at Addington saleyards, the mare fell and died exactly in the same way, and within ten minutes of her being tied up. An examination will be made tomorrow morning

... Mr J. Jarden has sold to Mr R.Beckett, of Sydney, the well-known trotting pony Doris, and the pacing gelding Torca, both by Young Irvington. They are to be shipped to Sydney at the first opportunity

... CIVIL CASES - Linwod Town Board v James Jarden claim ?1 8s 8d; judgment for plaintiff by default

... James Jarden was charged at the Magistrate's Court this morning, before Mr Sopp, J.P., and Mr Skog, J.P., with having, on Nov. 2, driven a vehicle for hire without a license. Mr Fisher appeared for the City Inspector. He said tht the action was brought to put a stop to the practice of taking coaches off their usual routes on holidays and running them on some other route, thus causing the public great inconvenience.
The licenses were granted for the coaches to tun only between certain termini.
Mr Stringer, City Inspector, said the defendant was licensed to run between Dallington and Christchurch. He had two coaches, and had been granted permission to take one off the usual route. The other one, however, he was told to keep on running as usual, since there had been complaints from people who, on previous occasions, had been left without means of transit. The defendant had run the second coach to the racecourst in spite of this.
Mr Russell, who appeared for the defendant, produced receipts for licensing fees, which he said were all his client had ever receive, an which mentioned no fixed route.
Mr Stringer said the license must be at the Council office, where the defendant should have called for it.
Mr Fisher held that the by-law threw the onus of having the termini mentioned on the license on the defenant. If no termini were mentioned, the license was invalid.
The Bench dismissed the case, with the remar that the Council should be more careful in issuing the licenses. Costs were allowed the defendant

17 December 1904
... JARDEN - December 17, 1904, at Mile Road north, Linwood, Catherine Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Symond Rogers, Avonside, and belowved wife of James Jarden; in her fortieth year

16 June 1905
... WANTED, Driver, Avonside and Dallington Coach. Apply James Jarden, Dallington

... The following sales and leases of horses were registered with the New Zealand Trotting Association between September 6 and September 20:-
"Apology" - A. J. COOPER, Carterton to W. H. BUICK, Masterton
"Allmount" - J. HANNA, Balcairn to W. SMART, Wellington
"Bazaine" - J. W. BURKE, Eltham to W. HUMPHRIES, Christchurch
"Forsaken Child" - W. J. NELSON, Greymouth to P. McKENNA, Ahaura
"Hettie M" - JAMES JARDEN, North Linwood to M. TAYLOR, Auckland
"Huia Belle" - F. SALT. Pigeon Bay to A. BUTTERFIELD, Sydenham
"Imperial Swift" - W. J. LEDGERWOOD, Highbank to H. HOOD, Highbank
"Lay Mab" - Mrs C. J. ALPE, Waipara to M. EDWARDS, Woodend (lease)
"Mattie J" - H. HENDRICKSEN, Auckland to A. IVES, Waltham (half share)
"Merrylegs" - J. PHILLIPS, German Bay to James JARDEN, North Linwood
"Miss Purau" - JAMES JARDEN, North Linwood to S. BROWN, Ashburton
"Moutere" - C. WILLETTS, Waireka Junction to T. JOHNSTONE, Oamaru
"Olive" (late Jessie) - G. W. TIGHE, Auckland to S. TANNER, Waihi
"Plover" - B. EDWARD, Fendalton to P.McKENNA, Ahaura
"Rutherglen" - J. JAMIESON, Waterton to J. W. STEWART, Lauriston
"Rutherglen" - FRIEDLANDER Bros., Ashburton to S. A. EGAN, Methven
"Spec" - H. HAMILTON, Christchurch to G. R. PAYNE, Christchurch (lease)
"Stranger" - G. W. TIGHE, Auckland to S. TANNER, Waihi
"Sweet Marie" - W. J. NELSON, Greymouth - to P. McKENNA, Ahaura
"The Guard" - W. REDMOND, Island Bay to C. PHYSICK, Wellington
"Three Kings" - S. SIMONDS, Avondale to B. EDWARDS, Fendalton
"Torohongo" - AGNES MUNRO, Featherston to Dr BEY, Greytown
"Weary Willie" - H. HENDRICKSEN, Auckland to A. IVES, Waltham

24 October 1906
... WANTED, Steady Man, to rive coach and look after horses. James Jarden, Avonsie and Dallington

20 August 1906
... WANTED, Man to to Rough Fencing, etc., East Linwood Estate, James Jarden, Mile Road, Linwood

31 October 1906
... WANTED, Steady Man to drive coach and look after horses. James Jarden, Avonside and Dallington

Telephone Girl Fails To Fix Blame On Hammond.
... The next witness was James Jarden, a stock agent, of Christchurch, who knew the Hammond family

14 July 1948 - from the NZ Trotting Calendar
... Mr James Jarden, who died in Christchurch on Sunday at the age of 85, was one of the pioneers of trotting in NZ. Mr Jarden was always interested in horses, riding his first winner, a galloper, when he was nine years of age, at a sports meeting on the New Brighton beach. A keen judge of horses, Mr Jarden won two races at the first totalisator meeting held on the property now occupied by the New Brighton Trotting Club.

Mr Jarden won the first Otahuhu Cup with Royanna and he also won races with Young Irvington. Among his last winning rides was Merrylegs, at Addington in 1904. Pacers he was interested in more recently included John Dillon, Birdwood and Leewood.

see Nicole looking for White/de Place 14 June 2013

photo from 1st Lurgan Presbyterian Church
Wedding Venue of Alexander & Isabella Jarden in 1858
one of the oldest buildings in Lurgan, it was built in 1827

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the family of Elizabeth Jane Uren who married William Matthews Jarden
... as written by tonkin 5 Oct 2010

by tonkin on 2012-02-03 22:53:04

Well done as always Ngairedith.

Hope my small contribution will also assist others.

by Samy on 2012-11-13 04:28:20

My mother was selina Catherine Rogers who married Wiremu Kingi Karaitiana.
Her parents were Benjamin Charles and Annie Elizabeth Rogers nee Smith.
I have more info on the Rogers family if you would like it


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thank you Joy,
please feel free to add any further info in the comment box
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The National Archives 1871 census
Simon Rogers Born 1841 Dublin Ireland
Wife Selma 30yrs (I think this should be Selina) Born Piors Lee, Shropshire
Catherine 6 yrs Born Lower Sydenham Surrey
Sarah 3 yrs Born Chelmsford Essex

Selina Williams Baptised 24/02/1841
Monmouth St Marys Monmouthshire Wales.

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Simon and Selina sailed from Plymouth on 12 Oct 1875 on the Caroline (Capt Turnbull)
Arrived in Nelson NZ 14 Jan 1876.
Simon Rogers 33
Selina Rogers (Williams) 33, Catherine 10, Sarah A 7, James J 2,
Born in NZ
John Thomas born in Nelson 29/07/1876 six months after their arrival in NZ Baptised in ChCh 15//10/1876.
Benjamin Charles born in ChCh 24/09/1878 Married Annie Elizabeth Smith Sept 1901. At Holy Trinity Avonside.
Henry Williams born ChCh 29/07/1880 Baptised 16/12/1880 Married Ellen Gertrude Loveday 03/06/1904. at Sedgebrook Wanganui.
BDM UK Simon and Selina married at Camberwell Dec 1864

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