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marriages at St Mark's CARTERTON, Wairarapa 1902-1910

Journal by ngairedith

Marriages in St Mark's CARTERTON 1902-1910

ADAMS, John Alexander (1883-1963)
married Sarah Jane HOOKER (1888-1950) in 1906
* son of Thomas Leonard Adams & Mary Jane Scholes
* daughter of Augustus Manuel Hooker & Letty Matilda Zabell

ALLEN, Ernest William (1879-1958)
married Ethel May MANNING (1881-1943) in 1904
* son of William Bennett Allen & Emma Ticehurst
* daughter of John Thomas Manning & Louisa Thorpe Booth

ANDERSON, James (1880-)
married Florence Daisy KING (1889-1947) in 1906

ARCHER, Alfred (1887-1956)
married Violet Eva SEWELL (1889-1943) in 1908 (see Conwell)
Wairarapa Daily Times, 22 Feb 1908
On Wednesday afternoon, Mr A. Archer, of Clareville, was married to Miss Violet Eva Sewell, of Belvedere
* son of John Archer & Ellen Louisa Climo (who married in 1875 when Ellen was 15)
* daughter of James William Sewell & Beatrice Ella Williams

ARMSTRONG, Howard Harold (1874-1934)
married Gertrude BOLAND (1875-) in 1907
* son of Philip James Armstrong & Sarah Stratford
* daughter of Michael & Charlotte Boland

BAIRSTOW, Junius Spencer (1884-1970)
married Olive May ROBINSON (1885-1963) in 1907
* 9th of 9 children of Isaac Bairstow & Elizabeth Harrison
* daughter of William Robinson & Louisa Dew. Sister of Louisa - see Walton

BEARD, William James (1883-1953)
married Ivy Myrtle BISHOP (1884-1954) in 1903
* son of Edward Alexander Beard & Adelaide Rose Hooker
* daughter of Arthur Archibald Bishop & Charlotte Booth

BELLVE, William (1868-1946)
married Ada Eliza UDY (1869-1950) in 1906
* William first married Edith Parr (1870-1904) in 1893
* son of Estiven Bellve & Emily Constable
* daughter of William Udy & Anne Maria Ticehurst
their known children
1909 - 1968 Rita Bellve
1911 - 1999 Moira Bellve

BILLINGTON, Joseph Henry (1880-1977)
married Sarah Isabella COURT (1886-1955) in 1906
* son of Joseph Billington & Ann Bellows
* daughter of Francis John Court & Jessie McKenzie
their known children
1907 - 1998 Joseph Frances Billington
1908 - 1908 William Billington (aged 2 days)
1911 - 1996 Norman Henry Billington
1912 - 2005 Alma Isabel Billington
1914 - 1988 Frank Hooper Billington
1916 - 1995 Len Earl Billington

BLAKE, Charles Ebenezer (1883-1948)
married Rhona May Isabel GILLIES (1888-1948) in 1905
* son of Charles Blake & Jane Charlotte Loader
* they were farmers in Waingawa

BOOTH, William Howard (1877-1966)
married Catherine Steele MacGOWN (1882-1945) in 1907
* son of William Booth & Euphemia Rathbone
* daughter of Robert Park Macgown & Marion Helen Steele
Wairarapa Age, 25 Nov 1910
MYSTERIOUS DROWNING of WAIRARAPA man - This evening a man, bathing off Petone beach, was seen to suddenly disappear under the water. The police subsequently found the body floating face downwards. Deceased was a stranger to the district and he has not been identified. Among the effects on his clothes was a memo signed "William Howard Booth, Carterton" authorising the bearer to get food at a boarding house. There was also a white pocket-handkerchief bearing the name of "George Havier" Deceased was about 50
* Also see Ernest Wickham below

CARR, James Thomas (1879-1911)
married Mabel McLEAN (1880-1973) in 1907
* daughter of Archibald McLean & Betsy West Duncan
* Mabel next married James Leith STUART in 1921

CARROLL, Martin (1883-1958)
married Alice Maud Mary PICKARD (1877-1942) in 1906
* son of Thomas Carroll & Mary Anne O'David
* daughter of Thomas & Harriet Pickard

CONWELL, Thomas 'Tom' (1880-1966)
married Mary Jane Helen RAWLINGS (1879-1948) in 1905
* son of Thomas Conwell & Jane Marks, both from County Antrim, Ireland, buried Clareville. A brother of Tom, Anthony Conwell married Olive Vivian Maud Sewell, sister of Violet Eva (see Archer). Sister Agnes Jane Ellen Conwell, married Charles Jukes in St Mark's in 1916. Brother James Speer Conwell married Alice May Harris, daughter of Edward George Harris & Alice May Cotter, families settled Upper Hutt, Masterton & areas
* daughter of John Thomas Rawlings & Helen Agnes Wenham. See her sister at Robert Gallon

COOPER, Alexander James (1879-1958)
married Muriel ROYDHOUSE (1882-1962) in 1903
* 1 of 11 of James Cooper & Janet Shaddow Strang. Both from UK, died Gladstone, buried Clareville
* daughter of William Francis Roydhouse & Annie Maxton

DABELSTEIN, Arthur Edward (1886-)
married Elizabeth 'Eliza' UNDERHILL (1879-1946) in 1909
Wairarapa Age, 19 March 1909
St Mark's Church was the scene of a pretty wedding this afternoon when Miss Lizzie Underhill, second daughter of Mr T. G. Underhill (Thomas Green Underhill) of this town, was married to Mr Arthur Ernest Dabelstein, son of the late Mr E. G. Dabelstein of Queensland. The bride was charming attired in a pretty creme costume, a la Directoire, with an elaborate cream lace front and carried a bouquet of maiden-hair fern and roses. Misses J. Whyte and E. Armstrong were bridesmaids, who wore light blue Empire gowns of mousseline trimmed with glace silk, their headgear being of cinnamon silk with blue and brown wings. They also carried bouquets of autumn leaves and pretty blue flowers with cinnamon coloured ribbon streamers. Mr T. Underhill was best man and Mr J. Underhill was groomsman. The marriage ceremony was performed by the Rev R Young. The bridegroom's present to the bride was a gold neck chain to which was attached an amethyst pendant and to the bridesmaids, initialed silver serviette holders. The bride's present to the bridegroom was a handsome watchguard. After the ceremony a number of friends were entertained at the Forester's Hall and the young couple left by the 4.30pm train for Palmerston North. After spending the honeymoon there and in Wellington they will leave for Brisbane, their future home
* Eliza's parents were Thomas Green Underhill & Eliza Nicholls
Sunday Mail, Brisbane, 30 June 1946
DABELSTEIN - The Relatives and Friends of Mr A. E. Dabelstein (Grange), Mr and Mrs. E. T. Dabelstein and Family (Perth), Mr and Mrs J. Duckwitz (Zillmere) and Family, are invited to attend the Funeral of his beloved Wife, their Mother, Mother in-law & Grandmother, Eliza Dabelstein, to leave the Funeral Parlour, 45 Adelaide Street, City, This (Monday) Morning, at 10 o'clock, for the crematorium, Mt. Thompson. CANNON & CRIPPS LTD. Funeral Directors

DAVIES, Walter (1888-1956)
married Olive May BISHOP (1889-1967) in 1908
* son of Philip Davies & Caroline Hicks
* daughter of Arthur Archibald Bishop & Charlotte Booth. Sister of Ivy who married William Beard above
their known children
1908 - Sybil May Davies
1911 - Lottie Ruth Davies

DAYSH, Norman John (1881-1924)
married Annie GUSTAFSON (1882-1949) in 1905
* son of Henry Daysh & Mary Ada Davey
* born in Wellington, 1 of 10 children of Carl Gustafson from Sweden, & Jensine Bastrup Sorensen from Denmark, buried Carterton
their known children
1907 - Harry Duff Daysh
1909 - Norman Daysh

DOUGLAS, Hugh Ronald Turnbull (1880-1959)
married Ethel Alice GASKIN (1884-1960) in 1906
* son of Andrew Douglas & Margaret McLaren
* daughter of George Gaskin & Esther Jane Southee

EATON, Thomas Roland (1870-1962)
married Ann Jane CORLETT (1876-1962) in 1906
* son of John Eaton & Emma Hooper
* daughter of William Corlett & his 1st wife, his cousin, Mary Ann Cowley. Ann's brother Thomas Corlett married Catherine Mary Ann Gertrude Watson in St Mark's in 1913
* Ann had a daughter, 1896 - 1969 Doris Corlett brought up by her grandparents
the children of Thomas & Ann
1907 - 1989 Emma Madge Eaton
1908 - 1981 Annie Evelyn Eaton
1910 - 2002 Una Lilian Eaton
1914 - 1995 John Roland Eaton

EDWARDS, Ernest Arthur 'Jack' (1880-1954)
* born 3 Nov 1880 in Taita. Ernest was a Tailor
married May Belle HALL in 1904
* son of John Edwards & Mary Ann Gray
** grandson of "Totara Jack" John Edwards (1809-1889), whose descendants married into Benge, Cottle, Mabey, Whiteman
their known children
1904 - William Albert Edwards
1908 - Jack Edwards

EDWARDS, William Alfred (1875-1942)
married Jessie May HUETT (1875-1939) in 1903
* son of Henry John & Margaret Scott Edwards
* daughter of Jesse Huett, Sergeant of the 58th Regiment & Mary Graham
their known children
1905 - 1962 William George Edwards
1906 - 1906 Jesse Huia Edwards (aged 14 days)
* William & Jessie brought up her nephew, Sidney Jesse Huett after the death of his mother, Helena Jane 'Aileen' Huett, nee Hollis in 1898 in Lyall Bay, Wellington when he was 1.
Jessie died in Wellington from diabetes complications aged 64. Use finder to see more on the Huett Family on another of my journals

FAIRBROTHER, Ernest (1884-)
married Margaret PARKER (1884-1969) in 1909
* son of Richard Henry Fairbrother & Mary Agatha Percy
* daughter of William Parker & Elizabeth Phillips

FLEURY, Rev Franquefort Eccles (1883-1974)
married Gladys Helen BROWN (1886-1967) in 1908
* The Fleurys were an ancient family of the French "noblesse". He was one of 7 sons & 6 daughters. His father was the Rev Louis Richard Fleury M.A. Rector of Kilworth, who was the youngest son of Captain John Franquefort Fleury, of Ecclesville, County Tyrone, 36th Regiment and a grandson of the Ven. George Louis Fleury (1738-1825), Archdeacon of Waterford, whose family goes back to the first French settlers who had fled to Ireland.
His mother was Alice Dora Eccles, a daughter of Rev R. G. Eccles. According to the 'Ulster Journal of Archaeology' written in 1856 ... "The intimacy between the Fleurys and Franqueforts would seem to have dated from an early period, as their grandfathers both served under Colonel La Bouchetriére, whose dragoons rendered King William such signal service. Captain Franquefort commanded a troop under him, and the Rev. Philip Amaury Fleury was chaplain. An antique silver cup is now in the possession of Chaplain John Franquefort Fleury, of Waterford, out of which King William (III) is said to have drunk at the Battle of the Boyne. It is preserved by the gallant captain with almost religious veneration. The Communion-cup belonging to the French Church is also an interesting relic, bearing on it the inscription Ecclesiae des Françis Waterford, and appearing to be nearly two hundred years old" ..
* Gladys was a daughter of James Brown & Jane Mitchell
New Zealand Times, 1 July 1908
FLEURY-BROWN - On the 10th June 1903, at St Mark's, Carterton, by the Rev. R. Young, rector of the parish Franquefort E. Fleury, Eketahuna, second son of Rev Louis R. Fleury, M.A., rector of Kilworth County Cork, Ireland, to Gladys Helen, youngest daughter of James Brown, J.P. "Fair View" Carterton
Wairarapa Age, 6 Aug 1915
Mr F. E. Fleury, of Nireaha, has received advice that his brother, Leopold Fleury, of the Hood Battalion, Second R.N. Brigade, Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, was shot in the brain while participating in the Dardanelles operations. The deceased, who was twenty-three years of age, was a son of the Rev Louis Fleury, M.A., of Seafield Terrace, Clonlare, Dublin and a grandson of the late Captaion J. Franquefort Fleury, of the Thirty-sixth Regiment
Wairarapa Age, 5 Oct 1920
.. and Franquefort Eccles Fleury of Masterton, was ordained to the deaconate in Wellington, on St Michael and All Angels' Day, 29 September ..
* a son of Franquefort & Gladys, 1917 - 1994 Douglas Eccles Fleury
* Franquefort & Gladys are buried St Agnes Anglican Church, Kiwitea

FRAMPTON, Charles Edward (1878-1952)
married Mary Jane FIELD (1887-1974) in 1907
* son of Albert Arthur Frampton & Charlotte Jones
* daughter of William Edward Field & Jane Ridgway

GALLON, Robert James (1880-1960)
married Mahala Isabel RAWLINGS (1885-1966) in 1905
* son of Alexander Gallon & Margaret Gow. His brother William Stuart Gallon married Mabel Edith Hodder (see Hodder below). His sister Jemima Annie Gallon married Charles Udy whose parents were Hart Udy & Elizabeth Hollard
* daughter of John Thomas Rawlings & Helen Agnes Wenham (see her sister at Tom Conwell)
their known children
1906 - 2005 Gladys Rita Gallon
1908 - 1989 Lorna Mavis Gallon
- Lorna married Samuel Conwell (1904-1995), a son of Samuel Conwell (Marks), (related to, & see, Tom Conwell above) & Mary Ervine/Irvine of Ireland
1928 - 1983 Raymond Robert Gallon

GILLIES, John Haddle (1883-1954)
married Ruth CANTON (1887-1949) in 1907
Wairarapa Age, 9 Aug 1907
A wedding which created a good deal of local interest took place at St Mark's Church this afternoon, when Miss Ruth Canton, daughter of Mr G. Y. Canton, Borough Overseer, was married to Mr J. Gillies, of Carterton. The ceremony was performed by the Rev R. Young, vicar of St Mark's in the presence of a large number of relatives and friends of the young couple. A large number of guests sat down to the wedding breakfast at the residence of the bride's parents. A considerable number of useful presents were received by Mr and Mrs Gillies. Mr and Mrs Gillies left by the evening train en route for Palmerston North, where the honeymoon is to be spent.
* John was born in Scarsdale, Victoria. He died in Feb 1954 in Ballarat. His father, Peter Gillies (1842-1906), was from Aberdeen & died in Clareville. His mother, Mary Ann Marsh (1848-1917) was from Suffolk & died in Victoria
* Ruth was a daughter of George Young Canton & Louisa Paul

GOODIN, Harry (1878-1948)
married Winifred Myrtle CHALLIS (1890-1947) in 1908
* son of Enoch Goodin & Kate Sophia Westcott. Enoch was a brother of Hannah Goodin who became the mother of James Martin who married Caroline Davis - see Martin Johnson below
* daughter of William Challis & Eliza Matilda Tuckwell. They had an earlier daughter they named Winifred Myrtle Challis (1887-1887) who died aged 4 months. Sister of Adelaide Elizabeth (see Lindop). Sister of Eveleen Maud (see Charles Woodley)

GROUBE, Francis Edmund (1881-1963)
married Edith Eliza WHITEMAN (1885-1961) in 1904
* 9th of 11 children of George Groube & Caroline Stonell
* daughter of William Whiteman & Jane Coleman

HALL, Albert Edwin (1884-1961)
married Emily Ruth DIAMOND (1883-1960) in 1906
* son of Edwin Hall & Ellen Maud Cheshire
* daughter of Joseph & Martha Jane (1843-1943) Diamond. The Death of a Centenarian

HALL, Henry (1878-1947)
married Gwendoline Louisa DIAMOND (1876-1958) in 1903
* son of William Hall & Mary Martin?
* daughter of Joseph & Martha Jane (1843-1943) Diamond (see Albert Hall above)
their known children
1904 - 1904 Dudley Charles Hall (aged 5 months)

HAMILTON, Thomas Albert (1885-1951)
married Mary Johanna ERICKSON (1884-1952) in 1906
* son of James Albert & Elizabeth Annie Hamilton
* daughter of Charles Erickson & Alice Williscroft

HARMAN, Richard John (1876-1974)
married Emily WARDLE (1883-1958) in 1903
* son of Richard John (1840-1924) & Annie (1840-1922) Harman who are buried at Taita
* daughter of John William Wardle & Sarah Jane Shadbolt, buried Pongaroa

HARP, John Close (1876-1956)
married Elizabeth Ann MEREWOOD (1876-1960) in 1904
* son of John James Harp & Caroline Osborne
* daughter of Charles Merewood & Sarah Jane Goodin. Sister of Charlotte (see Turley)

HART, William Jesse (1880-1943)
married Florence WOODLEY (1885-1948) in 1908
* son of John & Annie Hart
* daughter of John Woodley & Martha Ann Ayres. Sister of Charles Horace Woodley below
their known children
1911 - Clarence William Hart
1912 - Harare Joseph Hart
1914 - Reta Martha Hart
1917 - Myrtle Anne Hart

HEATH, Charles Richard (1881-1963)
married Jane OLIVER (1875-1959) in 1905
* son of John Heath & Sarah Sutcliffe
* daughter of Charles Edwin Oliver & Edith Ellen Wilton

HENDERSON, Henry Thomas (1884-1964)
married Ellen MEREWOOD (1885-1969) in 1908
* Henry was born in Blenheim to Thomas Harvey Henderson & Annie Harriet Pritchard
* Ellen was born in Carterton to Charles Merewood & Sarah Jane Goodin
their known children
1908 - 1994 Sydney Thomas Henderson
1910 - 1970 Herbert James Henderson
1912 - 1998 Eric Henry Henderson
1914 - 2007 Nancy Ellen Henderson
1916 - 1996 Edgar Henderson
1918 - 2015 Hazel May Henderson
1921 - 1981 Edward Buick Henderon

HERDMAN, James Smith (1888-1960)
married Mary Ann BOWLES (1885-1961) in 1909
* son of John Herman & Rachel Smith. Brother of William next. The family came out to NZ on the "Karamea" which left London on 24 Aug 1904. The ship arrived, via Capetown and Hobart, at Wellington on 17 Oct 1904. Not long after they arrived in Napier, John moved to Carterton for the Gas Manager's job. He was appointed Manager of the Carterton Gasworks on 1 Aug 1907. Rachel stayed in Napier. The 1908 electoral roll shows Rachel and Annie living at Napier at Dalton St, but no John as he was then in Carterton. The Wairarapa Supplementary Roll for 1908 lists Rachel and John and James Smith Herdman living at Belvedere St., Carterton ... lots more interesting story (& photos) at this link
* Mary was a daughter of George Bowles & Mary Ann McLaren. Two of her brothers were killed in WWI, Percival McLaren Bowles & Jesse Bowles

HERDMAN, William Thomas (1885-1944)
married Martha Ann HART (1887-1961) in 1907
* son of John Herman & Rachel Smith. Brother of James above
* Martha was born in England
their known children
1907 - Lorna Isabel Herdman
1910 - Edna Herdman
1912 - Rachel Herdman
1916 - Martha Herdman

HICKSON, Herbert Edward (1877-after 1923)
married Ellen 'Nellie' WILMSHURST (1889-1985) in 1908
* son of Peter Herbert Hickson & Bridget Margaret Higgins
* Ellen was 1 of 17 children of Thomas Henry John Wilmshurst (1851-1945) & his 1st wife, Susan Florence Fairbrass (1851-1922)
** granddaughter of John Thomas Charles Wilmshurst (1823-1909) & Rachel Ann Mudgway

HODDER, Harold (1875-1960)
married Ellen LAWRENCE (1883-1962) in 1903
* son of James Hodder & Thirza Ann Hart
* grandson of Seth Mattison Hart (1828-1911) & Thirza Dix, both England to Carterton
* his sister Mabel Edith Hodder married William Stuart Gallon, brother of Robert James Gallon above
* daughter of William Ellis Lawrence & Mary Anne Robinson

HOOPER, John Thomas (1881-1930)
married Jessie Marion ALLEN (1881-1945) in 1904
* son of William John Hooper & Charlotte Compton
* daughter of William Bennett Allen & Emma Ticehurst

JOHNSON, Martin (1878-1937)
married Keren Happuch MARTIN (1885-1955) in 1905
* son of August & Bodil Johnson
* daughter of James Martin & Caroline Davis. James Martin was a son of James Martin & Hannah Goodin. Hannah was a sister of Enoch Goodin - see Harry Goodin above

KELLY, Henry William (1881-)
married May Elizabeth CRAWLEY (1885-1963) in 1906
* son of William Henry Kelly & Mary Catherine Quirk
* daughter of John & Eliza

KEMPTON, Frank Valentine (1882-1952)
married Minnie SULLIVAN (1882-1965) in 1903
* born on Valentine's Day, the 16th of 16 children, all born in Greytown, to Thomas Kempton & Elizabeth Mary Hodder (1839-1907). Elizabeth had 16 children over 24 years. They also brought up 3 grandchildren. Frank was born the same year as Elizabeth's first grandchild - she was 43
* daughter of Dennis Sullivan & Martha Cole. Sister of Alice, see Arthur Sullivan

KNOWLES, Walter John (1882-1944)
married Alice WATERSON (1886-1977) in 1906
* son of John & Mary Knowles
* daughter of William Waterson & Emily Wallbridge

KNUTSON, Henrik 'Henry' (1870-1957)
married Ada Louisa BAIRSTOW (1878-1955) in 1903
* daughter of Isaac Bairstow & Elizabeth Harrison
their known children
1905 - 1987 Isaac Henry Knutson
1910 - Dorothea Louisa Irwin Knutson
1914 - Gytha Isobel Knutson

LAWRENCE, Charles (1862-1931)
married Agnes HOLMES (1869-1925) in 1908
* son of Thomas & Sophia Lawrence
* daughter of James & Mary Ann Holmes

LINDOP, Alexander John Hulme (1878-1947)
married Ada STOCKBRIDGE (1884-1968) in 1905
* son of Walter Joseph Lindop & Josepha Mellor. Brother of Frank next
* daughter of John Stockbridge & MaryGardner
* served in the South African War as Private 6380

LINDOP, Frank James (1880-1960)
married Adelaide Elizabeth CHALLIS (1881-1958) in 1903
* son of Walter Joseph Lindop & Josepha Mellor. Brother of Alexander above
* daughter of William Charles Challis & Elizabeth Matilda Tuckwell. Sister of Evelen Maud (see Charles Woodley). Sister of Winifred Myrtle (see Harry Goodin)

MACDONALD, Duncan Chisholm
married Hilda Mary Campbell GRANT (1888-1965) in 1908
* born Scotland, death not found in NZ
* daughter of Joseph Grant & Mary Evelyn Campbell
Wairarapa Daily Times, 31 July 1908
MACDONALD-GRANT A quiet but very pretty wedding was solemnised in the Gladstone Church on Wednesday, when Hilda Mary Campbell Grant, eldest daughter of Mr Jos. Grant, of Gladstone, was married to Duncan Chisholm Macdonald, of Wishaw, Scotland. The Rev R. Young was the officiating clergyman. The bride, who was given away by her father, wore a very pretty grey Eton costume, with silk and silk lace vest. Her hat was of white felt, trimmed with white silk and plumes. Miss Lena Grant was bridesmaid and wore a trimmed cream cashmere dress and red felt hat, trimmed with white silk. Mr Colin Grant aced as best man. The Bridal march was played by Mrs A. J. Cooper and Miss Strang played the Wedding march. As the bridal party left the church they were met with showers of rice.
A reception was afterwards held at the residence of the bride's parents. Mr and Mrs Macdonald were the recipients of handsome and useful presents. They left by the afternoon express for Wellington en route to Christchurch, where they are to spend a few day with their relatives. They will then return to Gladstone for a day or two before taking final leave of their friends. The sail by the Arawa for Scotland shortly, which will be their future home.
[color=green]their known children (note date)
1913 - Colin Grant Macdonald

McCANN, James (1880-1969)
married Amy Betsy JOHNSON (1887-1943) in 1908
* born Invercargill to John McCann & Mary Murphy
* daughter of Niels & Marie/Mary Johnson

McGILVRAY, Malcolm (1873-1923)
married Ellen SMITH (1879-1909) in 1906
* daughter of Charles John & Emma Smith
New Zealand Times, 9 June 1909
McGILVRAY - On the 8th June at 152 Tinakori road, Nell, the dearly beloved wife of Malcolm McGilvray and daughter of Mr and Mrs C. J. Smith of Carterton; aged 30 years. Interment at Carterton at 2pm, tomorrow (Thursday) ... the funeral of Mrs Malcolm McGilvray of Wellington, took place at the Clareville Cemetery this afternoon, the cortege being a large one. A number of beautiful wreaths covered the casket and the Church of England service at the grace was conducted by the Rev R. Young, vicar of St Mark's
Evening Post, 11 May 1923
McGILVRAY - On the 11th May 1923, at Wellington, Malcolm McGilvray, late of the Post and Telegraph Department, in his 51st year

McKENZIE, John 'Jack' (1881-1929)
married Minnie Ann Blanche DIAMOND (1881-1968) in 1904
* daughter of Joseph & Martha Jane (1843-1943) Diamond (see Albert Hall above)

MILLER, Charles Edwin (1875-1952)
married Jessamine HANNAH (1887-1944) in 1907
* son of Septimus James Miller (1843-1905) & Thirza Sarah Mary Oliver (1844-1913)
* daughter of James Frederick Bishop (1856-1950) & Ellen May Bishop (1860-1934)
their known children
1908 - 1928 Dora Elaine Jessie Miller
1911 - 1987 Charles Douglas Miller
1913 - 1985 Gordon Oliver Miller

MILLSON, Thomas Edward (1886-1962)
married Clarice Dinah Coral WATERSON (1892-1978) in 1908
* son of Robert Millson & Phoebe Anna/Hannah Rothwell
* daughter of James Waterson & Elizabeth Jane Knapp
* Clarice next married Claude Robert MOORE (1890-1968)

MINTON, Samuel Brian (1878-1958)
married Elizabeth 'Lizzie' COURT (1887-1940) in 1908
* parents unknown
* daughter of Francis Court & Jessie McKenzie

MORRISON, Hugh (1878-1951)
married Muriel Stanley BOOTH (1881-1980) in 1908
* son of John Morrison & Jessie Morrison
* daughter of William Booth & Euphemia Rathbone

MULDROCK, Hugh James (1884-1971)
married Clarice Ethelyn BAGGARLEY (1887-1973) in 1907
* 3rd of 10 known children of Hugh Clarke Muldrock (1852-1923) & Sarah Peters (1858-1941)
* daughter of James Baggarley & Martha Peters

NILSSON, Henry Sander (1880-1967)
married Iris May HANNAH (1882-1951) in 1907
* son of Jons Nilsson & Elina Christina Ekberg
* daughter of James Frederick Hannah & Ellen Bishop

NIMMO, Henry (1864-1915)
married Minnie Champeney BURROW (1878-1943) in 1903 as his 2nd wife
* born in Scotland to Zachariah Nimmo & ?
* daughter of John Burrow & Elizabeth Francis Robinson

O'HALLORAN, Richard James Disney (1872-1951)
married Margaretta Laura Constance BRAITHWAITE (1876-1954) in 1906
* son of Brabazon Disney O'Halloran & Maria Julia Buchanan
* daughter of Henry Braithwaite & Elizabeth Jupp

O'MEARA, William John (1874-1946)
married Mabel Jane Rebecca STEVENS (1877-1973) in 1903
* son of Morgan Francis O'Meara & Mary Smith
* daughter of James Charles Stevens & Jane Eliza Spackman

PARKER, William Richard (1881-1929)
married Annie CULLEY (1886-) in 1906
* son of William Parker & Elizabeth Phillips
* daughter of John Culley & Sarah Jane Black

PETERS, Albert Frederick (1880-1949)
married Lavinia WATERSON (1884-1925) in 1906
* son of Henrick 'Henry' Peters & Anna Christina Wilde
* daughter of William Waterson & Emily Wallbridge

PETERSEN, Carl Gregers (1881-1939)
married Sophia Christina LORENZEN (1883-1918) in 1904
* son of Carl Johan Gregers Petersen & Johanna Antoinette Frederikhe Rowland
* daughter of Christian Lorenzen & Mary Otane Jensen

PHELPS, Edward Tucker (1887-1950)
married Eveline Jessie Maud DAYSH (1886-1963) in 1908
* daughter of Alfred Daysh & Elizabeth Ann Sage

PICKERING, Henry (1883-)
married Evelyn Louie TURLEY (1889-1983) in 1908
* son of Matthew Edward Pickering & Sarah Ann Brimicombe
* daughter of James & Annie Maria Turley
* Eveline next married John Alfred TAYLOR in 1922

PINK, Alfred Forbes (1879-1940)
married Emma Matilda JOHNSON (1882-1952) in 1908
* son of John & Sarah Ann Pink

PLAYLE, Herbert Charles (1887-1969)
married Clarissa Georgina BANGAY (1885-1957) in 1909
their known children
1909 - Doris Edith Playle
1916 - Frank Herbert Playle

PREBENSEN, Jens Peter (1865-1951)
married Alice May STEVENS (1878-1960) in 1905
* son of Jens Prebensen & Ane Nielsen from Denmark
* daughter of James & Liddia Stevens

RAYNER, Frank (1879-1942)
married Edith Lucy CAMPIN (1888-1967) in 1908
* son of Henry Rayner & Mary Jane
* daughter of William Benjamin & Lydia Lucy Campin

ROFE, Frederick Edward (1878-1952)
married Thora Matilde PETERSEN (1885-1951) in 1906
* son of Frederick Rofe & Alma Kezia Sears
* daughter of Carl Johan Gregers Petersen & Johanna Antoinette Frederikhe Rowland

ROYDHOUSE, Francis William (1877-1943)
married Muriel Blanche CRAWLEY (1883-1973) in 1905
* son of William Francis Roydhouse & Annie Maxton (see Cooper above)
* daughter of John Crawley & Helen Cadenhead

SCOTT, Norman William Arowhenna (1877-1942)
married Gertrude Emma ALLEN (1877-1943) in 1905
* son of William Henry & Elizabeth Ann Scott
* daughter of William Bennett Allen & Emma Ticehurst

SEXTON, Alfred (-1942)
married Isabella RAY (1877-1938) in 1904
* daughter of John Ray & Catherine Strang

SHAW, Joseph
married Annie SMITH (1877-1915) in 1903
* son of ?
* daughter of ?

SMART, Leslie Horton (1882-1954)
married Wilhelmina SIMPSON (1880-1961) in 1907
* son of William Wilson Smart & Mary Moody
* daughter of Andrew Simpson & Wilhelmina Chaney

SMITH, Walter George Thomas (1884-1946)
married Hannah Elizabeth PRICE (1884-1938) in 1905
* son of William John Smith & Ellen Waterson
* daughter of William Frederick Price & Esther Cadwallader

SMITH, William John (1881-1918)
married Eileen Eva May PARKER (1886-1969) in 1906
* son of William John Smith & Ellen Waterson
** grandson of John Waterson & Rosetta Burling
* daughter of Frank William Parker & Harriet Ann Stevens
* Eileen next married Frederick David BRAID in 1923

SOWMAN, George Norman Joseph (1889-1930)
married Elsie Jane BANKS (1887-1971) in 1909
* son of Charles Edward Sowman & Louisa O'Donnell
* daughter of Robert Banks & Julia Jane Dorothy Baigent

SPORA, John Burnett (1882-1956)
married Lucy Lillian NICHOLLS (1881-1945) in 1904
* son of John Spora (1834-1901)
* daughter of Charles Henry & Alice Jane Nicholls
Evening Post, 30 March 1929
SPORA - NICHOLLS - On the 31st March 1904, at St Mark's Church, Carterton, Wairarapa, John Burnett Spora to Lucy Lillian Nicholls. Present address: 114 Wellington terrace
Evening Post, 3 Aug 1945
The death occurred recently in Wellington, after a long illness, of Mrs John Spora, of Wadestown. Mrs Spora, who was born in 1881, was a daughter of Mr and Mrs C. Nicholls, former well-known residents of Wellington (1A 'Salisbury Court' Wadestown) and the Wairarapa (Carterton). Although ill health prevented her from taking part in public life, Mrs Spora, through her sunny disposition, her courage and ever-ready wisdom, won the affection and admiration of a large circle of friends. her deat took place on her sixty-fourth birthday. Sh is survived by her husband, three brother, Messrs Charles Nicholls (Northland), James Nicholls (Carterton) and Percy Nicholls (Wellington) and three sisters, Agnes (Mrs Leonard, Te Aroha), Gertie (Mrs Beverley, 'Gertie' Mornington) and Maude (Mrs A. E. Neilson, Karori)

SUTTON, Arthur (1882-1955)
married Alice Maud SULLIVAN (1879-1960) in 1907
* son of John Sutton & Mary Bennetts Harvey
* daughter of Dennis Sullivan & Martha Cole. Sister of Minnie - see Frank Kempton
* Alice next married Edward BEAZLEY in 1924

TATE, Robert Ward (1864-1938)
married Maud Rose MAUNSELL (1874-1947) in 1906
* son of Edward Henry Tate (1829-1882) who arrived in Timaru from Wellington in 1868 as manager of the Union Bank of Australia. His body was discovered on the beach south of Timaru
* Maud was a daughter of Edward Swartz Maunsell (1837-1908) & Rose Anna Maginity. Also see Pyhllis Rehu Tatham next
* Robert was a barrister & solicitor in Greytown. He first married Emma May Johnston in St Mark's Carterton, 12 Oct 1889. Daughter of Colonel Kent Johnston, D.C.G. (of the late Commissariat and Transport Staff, Devonport, England) and of Waituna, Clareville
* In 1919 Robert accepted the offer of the position of Civil Administrator of Samoa. When he served, as Colonel 82004, wife Maud Rose was living at Karaka Bay, Wellington
Death of Colonel Tate C.M.G., C.B.E., aged 74 in Greytown

TATHAM, John Harding 'Jack' (1875-1918)
married Clara Cecilia BUNNY (1879-1959) in 1904
* son of Frederick Edmund Tatham & Julia Ellen Harding
* daughter of Henry Robert Bunny & Elizabeth Ann Vennell
their known children
1905 - Doris Beatrice Tatham (+Ronald Knowles Bamford)
1906 - 1972 Frederick Bunny Tatham (+Gwen Raema Read)
1909 - 2000 Pyhllis Rehu Tatham (+Edward Robert Maunsell)
- Edward Maunsell's grandparents were the parents of Maud Rose Maunsell, see Robert Tate above
1911 - 1995 Ralph Heathcote Tatham
* John Harding Tatham died of malaria in Palestine during WWI on 18 Oct 1918. He was 43

TICEHURST, James (1846-1930)
married Florence HOLLOWAY (1861-1915) in 1909
* born in Petone, 1 of 10 children of Edwin Ticehurst & Maria Pocock who arrived on the 'Adelaide' March 1840. His sister Emma married William Bennett Allen, see Ernest Allen. His sister Anne Maria married William Udy, see William Bellve. His son William James is next. Also see John Hooper.
* daughter of
* James first married Mary Udy (1845-1907) 11 Sep 1867 & had 6 children. Mary died in Greytown 29 June 1907.

TICEHURST, William James (1881-1960)
married Florence Mabel SOUTHGATE (1879-1971) in 1904
* son of James Ticehurst & Mary Udy
they had two children
1905 - 1993 Wilfred James Ticehurst
1910 - 2001 Mervyn Alf Ticehurst

TODD, Charles Edward (1868-1906)
married Emily Ann Eva CAMPIN (1879-1965) in 1902
* Charles was born in Newcastle-on-Tyne. He died 27 Aug 1906, aged 38, in Greytown and buried at Clareville
* daughter of William Benjamin Campin & Lydia Lucy Morris
They didn't have children
* Emily next married Ernest Edward KAYES (1882-1972) in 1910
their known children
1911 - 2004 Kenneth Howard Kayes

TURLEY, William Henry (1882-)
married Charlotte MEREWOOD (1883-) in 1906
* son of James Turley & Annie Maria Tompsett
* daughter of Charles Merewood & Sarah Jane Goodin. Sister of Elizabeth (see Harp)

WADHAM, Arthur (1882-1971)
married Alice Ada PARKER (1886-1964) in 1907
* son of Henry Wadham & Esther Cull
* daughter of William Parker & Elizabeth Phillips

WAGHORN, John (1874-1943)
married Florence SMITH (1881-1966) in 1905
* born in Greytown to John Waghorn & Emma Turner who arrived on 'The Douglas' in 1873
* daughter of George Frederick Smith & Clarissa Ann Revans
* John & Florence are buried in Te Kuiti

WALTON, Hector Kenneth (1878-1924)
married Louisa Maud ROBINSON (1882-1960) in 1904
* son of Henry Walton & Elizabeth Jane Bould
* daughter of William Robinson & Louisa Dew. Sister of Olive - see Bairstow
* Louisa next married Thomas WAGG in 1929

WELCH, Archie Morley Hillier (1883-1963)
married Edith Annie HOOKER (1889-1946) in 1909
* son of Robert Gill Welch & Jane Udy
* daughter of Augustus Manuel Hooker & Lettie Matilda Zabell

WELLWOOD, Robert Ambrose 'Bob' (1872-1936)
married Alice Jane Taylor TILSON (1883-1969) in 1905
* Robert was born in Ireland, eldest son of Arthur Wellwood (1838-1916) of Raureka, Hastings
* Alice was a daughter of Robert Tilson (born Ireland) & Christina Mitchell (born Greytown)
their known children
1906 - 1971 Lindsay Tilson Wellwood
1907 - 1980 Arthur Lloyd Wellwood
1910 - Kathleen Moira Wellwood
1912 - 1997 Rhoda Mary Wellwood
1915 - 1915 Terrence Wellwood (aged 5 weeks)
1916 - 1990 Olga Joscelyn Wellwood
1918 - Noeleen Wellwood
NOTE Robert's father was born in Ireland and a brother of Robert Wellwood (1836-1927), first mayor of Hastings. Sons of Ambrose Wellwood & Ann Proctor

WILLIAMS, Herbert Linscott (1878-1944)
married Annie PARKER (1882-) in 1906
* son of Richard Williams & Lucy Randle
* daughter of William Parker & Elizabeth Phillips

WHITE, Frederick Francis Foster Clendon 'Frank' (1864-1946)
married Eva Muriel Rutherfurd WARD (1881-1919) in 1905
* Frank was 1 of 11 children of William Bertram White & Eliza Chitty Clendon
* Eva was the only child of William Neville Ward & Georgina Mary Rutherfurd.
Eva died in Havelock North
their known children
1905 - 1995 Gordon Rutherfurd White (4 months after his sister)
1908 - Muriel Mary White
1909 - 1995 Evelyn Freda White

WHITEMAN, William George (1876-1942)
married Elsie May HENDERSON (1886-1984) in 1904
* son of William Whiteman & Jane Coleman
* born in Blenheim, 1 of 15 children of Thomas Harvey 'Harry' Henderson & Annie Harriet Pritchard
their known children
1905 - 1906 William Thomas Whiteman (aged 5 months)
1907 - 1990 Robert James Whiteman
1908 - 1986 Clarence Admiral Whiteman
1909 - 1977 William George Whiteman
1911 - 1984 Harold Arthur Whiteman
1913 - 2001 Olive May Whiteman
1914 - 1995 Ivy Esma Whiteman
1915 - 2016 Eileen Mavis Whiteman

WICKHAM, Ernest Edward (1870-1939)
married Alice Gibson RATHBONE (1862-1943) in 1905
* daughter of John Rathbone & Euphemia Smith
In the Carterton News 12 Feb 1908 ... CARRINGTON ESTATE-CLAIMS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT The hearing of claims against the Government in connection with the taking under the Lands for Settlements Act of the Carrington Estate, containing 6178 acres and situated near Carterton
1. William Howard Booth of Carterton, sheep farmer, owner of the fee simple, £70,000 for that land and £9600 for incidental losses (son of William Booth & Euphemia Rathbone)
2. Miss Kate Eliza Rathbone, an annuitant, £3000 as the capital value of her annuity (daughter of John Rathbone & Euphemia Smith, Ernest's sister)
3. Mrs Euphemia Booth (nee Rathbone), an annuitant, £7500
4. Mrs Alice Gibson Wickham (wife of Mr E. R. Wickham, of Waitara, builder), an annuitant, £2500

WOODLEY, Charles Horace (1884-1928)
married Eveline Maud CHALLIS (1881-1948) in 1907
* son of John Woodley & Martha Ann Ayers. Brother of Florence, see William Hart
* daughter of William Charles Challis & Elizabeth Matilda Tuckwell. Sister of Adelaide Elizabeth (see Lindop). Sister of Winifred Myrtle (see Harry Goodin)

WRIGHT, James Henry (1882-1974)
married Margaret Catherine WEBB (1883-1967) in 1903
* son of Arthur Hobbins Wright & Elizabeth Lily Fletcher. Arthur was a Policeman & NZ Police Commissioner from 1922-1926
* daughter of Thomas Charles Webb & Emmelina Sargent

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