the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... H names :: Genealogy
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the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... H names

Journal by ngairedith

the Roman Catholic MOUNT STREET CEMETERY is a protected heritage site in Wellington, New Zealand (click link for more). It was the first cemetery in Wellington for Catholic burials and contains the graves of the first nuns and priests in Wellington. It remained open until 1891 although burials continued in existing family plots until 1954. The earliest surviving grave marker dates from 1851, and the latest from 1954. Although only around 200 headstones survive, it is estimated that there could have been as many as 1150 burials. Many of the early markers were simple wooden crosses, which have long since vanished

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the 'Residents' of MOUNT STREET Cemetery, Wellington (as at May 2012)
- anything in italics is my addition
- dates may be of death OR burial


HAGARTY?, Laura Elizabeth - 26 March 1885 aged 2.6

HANNAH, Charles William - 9 Feb 1890 aged 5 months

possibility 9 June 1878 On the 9th June, at his residence, Pipitea Point, Patrick Hanney, aged 40 years

HANRAHAN, Ellen - 22 April 1890 aged 5 weeks
- daughter of Matthew Henry HANRAHAN & Johanna O'MARA (1850-1934)
- Matthew was a Blacksmith in Wellington. He & Johanna also dad a son, Matthew Henry Hanrahan (1887-1921)
Johanna died, as a widow, 24 June 1934 at her residence, Emett street, Newtown, aged 85

HARDIE, James - 24 Aug 1878 aged 29

HARE, Anna - 11 June 1862 aged 5.6

HARE, Karoraina Caroline - 3 April 1860 aged 3

HARE, Ko Celatiane ??? - 29 Nov 1864 aged 14 months

HARGREAVES, Rachel Elena - 16 Oct 1868 aged 3

HARRINGTON, Jeremiah - 22 April 1865 aged 53
25 April 1865 An inquest was held on Saturday at the White Swan Hotel, in Cuba street, before Dr Boor, Esq., Coroner, and a respectable jury, on the body of the late Mr Jeremiah Harrington, an old settler, who expired suddenly at his own residence about three a.m. on Saturday morning. The jury, after hearing the evidence, returned a verdict of 'died from natural causes'

HARRIS, Walter - 21 August 1871 aged 10
- his body was found 3 weeks later and he was buried 15 Sep 1871
22 Aug 1871 A little boy, named Walter Harris, has been missing from his home since about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon. He was last seen fishing from the piles under the Queen's wharf
14 Sep 1871 INQUEST. The body of Walter Harris, who had been missing since the 22nd of August, was found this morning, near the wharf, in the sea. An inquest was held this afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Pier Hotel, by the Coroner, Dr Johnston, when the evidence of J. A. Willett, a boy 15 years of age, was taken: He said about three weeks ago he was on board the bargue Haversham, close to the wharf, and he saw the deceased go down underneath the wharf to wash his face. He asked witness to go with him, but he would not. Witness did not see him again; he thought it was all right, and that he had gone home. Witness had been called away, and he, for the time, forgot all about him, so he did not know whether he came up or not. He heard next morning that Harris was missing. William Harris was the next witness. He said on the 21st August his nephew, Walter, who lived with him, left home between 9 and 10 o'clock, ostensibly to go to school. As he did not come home that evening, witness went to look for him on board which he knew; but he was told the boy had left there about half-past 2 o'clock with Willet. The vessel was searched by the police and other persons, but the boy was not seen since. He searched about town till four o'clock next morning. He came to the conclusion he was drowned, and he had searched all round the bays since. He heard this morning that the body was found. He identified it by the clothes and boots to be that of Walter Harris. The body was quite decomposed. The evidence of William Ashbridge as to some shout which he heard underneath the wharf on the 21st of August was given. He thought it was from some boys sky-larking down there and paid no attention to it. The jury returned a verdict of "Accidental drowning" with a rider that some steps should be taken by the Provincial council to prevent boys fishing and playing under the wharf
16 Sep 1871 Misfortunes seldom come singly and an illustration of it occurred yesterday. As we stated, a child, named Delany, was run over in Willis-street, and seriously injured. It seems that the boy had been a playmate of the unfortunate young Walter Harris, who was drowned and little Delany, accompanied by his father, was going to the funeral of the deceased. The father crossed the street for an instant to speak to an aquaintance and in attempting to follow him, the boy met with his accident. About the same time that this occurred, an elder brother of the injured boy was returning from school and was severely kicked by a horse in Cuba-street, and carried home within a few minutes of his brother, both being very seriously hurt. To-day the elder boy is a little better, and will soom be round, but the younger one, over whom the wheel passed, is in a very dangerous state

HARTLAND, unknown - ??

HARWOOD, John - 26 Feb 1859 age 21?

HASLAM, ??? -

HAYES, Catherine - 29 May 1872 aged 32
- wife of Denis, died 31 years before him, buried together

HAYES, Denis - 15 July 1903 aged 67
- husband of Catherine. Denis remarried in 1879 to Catherine COONEY
17 July 1903 The Friends of the late Mr Denis Hayes are respectfully invitd to attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence, North-avenue, off Hopper-street, tomorrow (Saturday), 18th July 1903, at 2.10, for Mount-stret Cemetery via St Mary of the Angels. - E. MORRIS, Jun., Sanitary Undertaker, 10 Taranaki-st. e is buried with his first Catherine

HAYES? HENNISSEY??, Mary - 29 May 1872 aged 32
- see Catherine

HEAD, Michael - 28 May 1868 aged 35-40
29 May 1868 DEATH - On 29th instant, at Kumototo street, Michael Head
20 May 1868 The remains of Volunteer Michael Head, of the Veterans, will be conducted to their last resting place to-morrow, followed by all the volunteer companies in Town. The Veterans will form the firing party
1 June 1868 The funeral of Private Michael Head, of the Wellington Veteran Volunteers took place at 3 o'clock yesterday. The various companies of Rifles fell in on the Reclaimed Land at half-past two, at which time the Artillery marched up with one of their gun-carriages, which was to bear the coffin. On arriving opposite Prosser's Livery they halted to have a horse harnessed to the gun-carriage, but the animal had no sooner been fastened in than he bolted up the Beach with the gun and limber, and was finally stopped by Mr Somerville, the blacksmith, when about opposite the Club, He was then unharnessed, and as the Artillery Officers deemed it indiscreet to risk a second similar accident, the orer was given to proceed with drag ropes and the procession was formed and marched up Kumutoto street to the residence of deceased, on the Terrace. The coffin, containing the remains, was then placed on the gun-carriage and covered with the union jack, on which were laid the cap and accoutrents of the deceased, and the procession was reformed and proceeded to the Roman Catholic Cathedral, where the prayers for the dead were repeated by the Rev Father Petit Jean, who afterwards addressed to the crowded congregation a few impressive and appropriate words. Outside the church the procession reformed and proceeded to the cemetery in the following order:-
* Band, No 1 Rifle Company
* Band, No 1 Artillery
* Acolyte bearing crucifix
* Acolyte with thurible
* Acolyte with holy water
* Rev Father Petit Jean
* Gun-carriage and coffin drawn by the Artillery
* Chief Mourners
* Members of the Veteran Corps
* Members No 1 Rifles
* Members of Arillery Corps
* Officers and Non-commissioned Officers of various Corps
* Colonel Reader and Captain Holt
In this order the procession marched along the beach and so over the Terrace to the Roman Catholic Cemetery, the bands playing the "Sicilian Mariner's Hymn" and the "Dead March in Saul" alternately. On arrival at the cemetery the last prayers were repeated and three volleys fired over the final resting place of Private Michael Head by his comrades. The different volunteer corps then marched back to town

HEADAFEN?, James - 18 May 1890 aged 19
possibility 15 May 1890 On the 15th May 1890, at his aunt's residence, Kaiwarra, James Madigan, aged 19 years. R.I.P.

HEBBEND Hibbard, Charles Henry Leo - 20 March 1881 aged 5 months

HEBBEND, Charles - 2 Aug 1889 aged 39
2 Aug 1889 On the 2nd August, at Wellington, Charles Hebbend, aged 39 years
5 Aug 1889 On Saturday afternoon last a boy named John Wilton, while looking for stray lambs on his father's holding, Sunnyside Farm, Wadestown, came across the dead body of a man, which was subsequently identified as the remains of Mr Charles Hebbend, store-keeper and wood and coal dealer, carrying on business at the corner of Hill-street and Tinakori-road. The matter was reported to the police, by whom the body was removed to the Morgue, where a post mortem examination was yesterday performed by Dr Cole.
the INQUEST ... Jane Hebbend, widow of the deceased, was called and deposed that her husband was 39 years of age

HEBBEND, Frances Clare - 16 Sep 1882 aged 1 month
14 Sep 1882 On the 14th September, Frances Clare, infant daughter of Charles and Jane Hebbend, Murphy-street, aged 1 month

HEBBEND Hibbard, Mary Joseph? Bernadine - 3 Feb 1886 aged 8 months
- Charles & Jane Hebbend (above) had a daughter Mary on 7 June 1885 which would have made her 8 months

HEBBEND? Hibbard, Mary Frances Clara - 16 Sep 1882 aged 1 month
- this is the same baby as the Frances Clare Hebbend above

HECKER, Georgina - 1 Feb 1887 aged 1 month

HEGARTY? HEAPHY?, Joseph Jeremiah - 16 May 1885 aged child

HEGGARTY, Mary - 20 June 1885 aged infant
- more likely Hegarty

HEGGARTY, William James - 15 June 1885 aged infant
- more likely Hegarty

HENNIGHAN?, Mary - 23 April 1880 aged 15 days

HERK, William - 1 May 1880 aged 29
1 May 1880 On the 1 May, at the Hospital, Wellington, William Herk, aged 29 years

HERN, John A - July 1897 aged 59
- a John AHERN died 30 July 1897 aged 59-60

HICKEY, Daniel - ???

HICKEY, James - 27 Nov 1890 aged 18.9
27 Nov 180 On the 25th November 1890, at Courtney-place, James, sixth beloved son of Daniel and Bridget Hickey, aged 18 years and 9 months; deeply regetted. R.I.P.

HICKEY, Patrick - 4 May 1884 aged 23

HICKMAN, Alice Mary 'Pipi' - 4 March 1917 aged 1.4
4 March 1917 On the 4th March, at Kilbirnie, Wellington, Alice Mary (Pipi) infant daughter of Mabel and Osborne Hickman, of Marlborough; aged 1 year and 4 months
- this was Osborne Bernard HICKMAN & Mabel Clare BOURKE who married in 1914
- Mabel was a daughter of James & Alice Bourke

HIGGINS, Alice Catherine - 2 Sep 1881 aged 25

HILLMAN, Julia? Hohia - 22 July 1865 aged 37

HOANI, unnamed - 4 Oct 1867 aged 79


HOFFMAN, Annie Roselia/Rosetta - 20 Jan 1869 aged 1.11

HOGAN, Cecilia - 7 Aug 1884 aged 35

HOGAN, David - 28 March 1873 aged 65
- David was a Customs messenger
- 3 months later his son Patrick Hogan, aged 25, came down from Rangitikei to settle his father's business. He was last seen at the house of his brother-in-law and was reported as quite sober. Apparently he must have taken the wrong street and, making for the wharf lights, walked right over the breastwork and drowned. The next afternoon about 4 o'clock, some boys were playing at the edge of the breastwork, oppsoite the Telegraph Office when they caught sight of a dead body lying in about four feet of water. After the inquest the jury brought in a verdict of 'found drowned' with a rider:- "The jurors wish to express their regret at the want of protection afforded by the Corporation to prevent accidents on the breastwork, this being one of several cases of death caused by persons inadvertently walking into the harbor for want of light and fence'

HOGAN, Honora - Nov 1857 aged
possibility an Annie Hogan died 1 Dec 1857 aged 32

HOGAN, Thomas Augustine - 18 Oct 1869 aged 15
18 Oct 1869 On the 18th inst., Thomas Augstan, third son of David Hogan. Aged 15 years

HOHEPA, Paneta? - 23 Feb 1872 aged

HONETNE/JOHNON, Aperahama - 14 Aug 1872 aged

HOPE, Annie (nee CHISHOLM) - 12 Feb 1909 aged 33
- Annie married George Hope in 1896
- Annie was one of those lost on the 'Penguin' shipwreck
17 Feb 1909 The funerals of Mrs Hope, forecabin stewardess and Mrs Toomer and daughter, took place this afternoon. Mrs Hope's body was interred in the Mount street Cemetery and the other interments were made at Karori
15 Feb 1909 Mrs Hope, one of the stewardess, was the third daughter of Mr John Chisolm of Inverness-sire, Scotland. Her mother resides at Onga Onga, Hawkes Bay. Deceased was 33 years of age and had been in New Zealand for 23 years. A single sister of deceased resides in Napier, another sister, Mrs F. L. Dean (Frederick Lawrence Dean (1866-1930), who married her sister Catherine (1870-1943) in 1897), resides at 42 Buckle-street and a third is Sister Winnifred, of the Waipawa Convent. She was untiring in her efforts to comfort and cheer. One hears of her telling a cluster of terrified little girls, "Cheer up darlings; its only a little way to the shore, and daddy's waiting for you there"
18 Feb 1909 The Prime Minister (Rt Hon Sir Joseph George Ward) sent a telegram to Mrs F. L. Dean of Buckle-street, sister of Annie, forecabin stewardess on the Penguin:- "I now desire to convey to you my sincere regret and deep sorrow at the sad loss you have sustained. One feels so helpless to do anything to lighten you burden in this unusually heavy hour of trial. But if anything can help to assuage your grief at the death of you sister, Mrs Hope, it must be the knowledge that in the hour of danger she acted the part of a heroine, and did her duty nobly to the last; I can only tender my hearfelt sympathy to you and yours in your irreparable loss, and in the grief you have to bear". the funeral - which took place yesterday - was largely attended. The body was conveyed from Mrs Dean's residence to St Joseph's Church, Buckle-street, where a requiem Mass was conducted by the Rev Father Finnerty. Rev Father Mahony offciated at the graveside. The Union Company was represented by Mr McNicol, Superintendent of the Victualling Department and other officials
... 'Penguin' article Loss Of The Women
of interest another fatality on the Penguin, buried here Mary Ann Doran

HOPPY, unnamed - 24 Feb 1909 aged infant

HOPPY, Mary Ann - 11 Nov 1877 aged 4.3
- daughter of William HOPPY (1840-1925) & Margaret BERGIN (1851-1914)
10 Nov 1877 On the 8th November, at Tinakori Road, Mary Ann, eldest beloved daughter of Mr W. Hoppy, aged 4 years and 3 months
- the known children of William & Margaret were:
1873 - 1877 Mary Ann, as above
1875 - 1960 William John Hoppy
- William married Rachel DAVIES in 1901
1877 - 1960 Richard Patrick Hoppy
- Richard marred Lena Ethel May COLDICUTT in 1898
1883 - Sarah Mary Ann Hoppy
- Sarah married John William Johnstone GORDON in 1902
1885 - 1885 unnamed Hoppy
- died aged 4 hours
1886 - Catherine Hoppy

HORNE, Mrs Margaret - 9 July 1887 aged ?

HORSFALL, Edmond William - 3 June 1892 aged 19 days
- a son of Enoch (1863-1930) & Mary Horsfall (1868-1925) both buried Karori
- Enoch & Mary's known children:
1892 - Edmond William Horsfall, as above
1894 - Enoch Horsfall
1896 - 1927 William Horsfall
- Seaman, buried Karori
1900 - Alice Horsfall
1901 - Olive Horsfall
1903 - 1953 Douglas Hector Horsfall
- Farmer, buried Karori
1904 - Vera Horsfall
- Vera married Arthur Harold DELANEY in 1926
1906 - 1984 Winifred Wade 'Winkie' Horsfall
- Winifred married Gladys Mary REITH aka O'NEILL in 1931
- cremated Karori
1907 - 1973 Albert Ernest Horsfall
- buried Karori

HUETT, Jesse - 17 Feb 1912 aged 87
- Jesse was born 1824 in East Brent, Somerset, England. He was a Sergeant of the 58th Regiment. He married Mary GRAHAM 8 Jan 1858 in St Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland.
Their children were:
1860 - ?? Alfred James Huett (featured)
- born in Auckland, married Helena Jane 'Aileen' HOLLIS (1861-1898) & had 5 children
Thames Star, 18 October 1898 HUETT - On the 15th October at Waihi, Aileen, the beloved wife of Alfred Huett and third daughter of the late William Hollis of Tararu, aged 37 years
- In April 1902 Alfred was ordered (in the Auckland Court) to contribute 15s per week towards the support of his two children. He received 1 month's hard labour in Sep 1902 & again in Oct 1902 for failing to comply with a maintenance order for the support of his children, warrant suspended so long as as he paid the arrears.
* Alfred James Huett then disappears from NZ records. He is mentioned in his mother's death notice in 1903, he was a Carpenter in Waikino in 1905, he is not mentioned in his father's death notice in 1912
NOTE after their mother's death, the children were brought up by various members of the Hollis & Huett families.
* 1891 - 1957 Alfred Hollis Huett, born in Wellington, was 7 when his mother died. He married Leta Evelyn King in 1924 in Nelson. He died in Wellington by being accidentally electrocuted and was cremated or buried Karori (site not found. Leta was cremated there in 1979)
* 1893 - 1980 Aileen Agnes Jane Huett, born in Wellington, was 5 when her mother died. She married William Albert Charles Pillette in Hawera in 1915. She died in New Plymouth aged 87 and is buried Roman Catholic Block Row 22 Lot 11 Plot at Te Henui
* 1894 - 1966 Neta Dorothy Huett, born in Wellington, was 4 when her mother died. She married Robert Wilson Davidson in Wellington in 1915. She died in NZ aged 72
* 1897 - 1970 Sidney Jesse Huett, born in Waihi, was 1 when his mother died. He was living with his aunt & uncle William and Jessie Edwards when he attended Island Bay School in Wellington in 1907. Sidney died in Easthampstead, Berkshire, England aged 73. Did his father go to England??
* 1898 - 1967 Nellie May Huett, born in Waihi, was 1 month old when her mother died. She was adopted and her name became Gemming. She didn't marry. Nellie died in Thames Hospital aged 68 from diabetes complications & buried PUBL-099-0004 at Totara Memorial Park
1863 - 1863 Mary Ann 'Josephine' Huett
- born in Auckland, died an infant
1864 - 1938 Mabel Teresa Huett
- born in Auckland, married Joseph Alfred DUDSON & had 11 children
- her sister married Joseph's brother, she died in Carterton
1866 1934 Cecilia Graham Huett
- born in Wellington, narried Walter Stephen DUDSON & had 5 chilren
- her sister married Walter's brother, she died in Gisborne
1869 - 1874 Mary Josephine Huett, as below
- born in Wellington, she died age 5
1871 - 1874 Oliver Joseph Huett, as below
- born in Wellington, died aged 3
1875 - 1939 Jesse May Huett
- born in Wellington, married William Alfred EDWARDS (1874-1942) in Carterton in 1903
- brought up Sidney Jesse Huett after the death of his mother, in Queens Drive, Lyall Bay, Wellington. She died in Wellington from diabetes complications aged 64
19 Feb 1912 Mr Jesse Huett, who was for many years chief messenger in the Government Buildings, Lambton-quay, died on Saturday at the residence of his son-in-law (Mr Edwards, Berhampore). The deceased came out to New Zealand with the 58th Regiment, and took part in the Maori War. He was in his eighty-ninth year. The funeral took place this afternoon, and amongst those who attended it were a number of members of the Veterans' Association. The interment was made in the Mount-street Cemetery also see his bio at end

HUETT, Mary (nee GRAHAM) - 3 Feb 1903 aged 64
- wife of Jesse above
3 Feb 1903 On February 3, at Wellington South, Mary, the beloved wife of Mr Jesse Huett and mother of Mrs J, A, Dudson an Mrs W. Dudson; aged 64 years. R.I.P.
9 Feb 1903 It is with deep regret the Post records the death of Mrs Jesse Huett, wife of the late assistant officer-in-charge of the Government Building on Lambton-quay. Mrs Huett was born in Edinburgh and came to the colony with her widowed mother and several brothers and sisters in the ship 'Olympus' in 1841. The famly took up land in the Waikato and suffered great hardships during the war, their home being burned. They were robbed by the natives, who spared their lives because there was no man living on the property as protector. Mr HUett's mother, Mrs Graham, died soon after from the shock. Mrs Huett some time after became the ward of the late Bishop Viard and was educated at the Auckland convent, her sister Margaret being one of the first nuns professed in New Zealand.
The deceased was married to Mr Huett in Auckland in 1859 and ten years later she and her busband came to Wellington. Mrs Huett always took an active part in Church affairs. For some time past Mrs Huett had not been in good health and was attended in her last illness by the Rev Father O'Reilly and passed peacefully away fortified by the rites of the Church. Her death, which occurred at Kenwyn-terrace, was not unexpected. The Rev Father Moloney officiated at the church and graveside. Mrs Huett is survived by her husband, a son and three daughters (Miss Huett and Mesdames J. A. Dudson of Carterton and W. Dudson of Rangitikei)

HUETT, Mary Josephine - 14 July 1874 aged 5
- daughter of Jesse HUETT & Mary GRAHAM

HUETT, Oliver Joseph - 21 April 1874 aged 3 months
- son (I have seen Oliver Josephine), 6th of 7 children of Jesse HUETT & Mary GRAHAM

HUGHES, Henry - 19 Oct 1869 aged 57
19 Oct 1869 A case of awfully sudden death occurred this morning about 10 o'clock. A man named Hughes, apparently in his usual health, was walking along in front of the watermen's "gridiron" when he suddenly dropped, and on being picked up was found to be quite dead. He was carried into the Pier Hotel and efforts at resuscitation made, but he never showed a sign of life after he fell. Had a bullet passed through his brain death could not have been more instantaneous. Heart disease was the cause of death
20 Oct 1869 An inquest was held yesterday afternoon on the body of Hughes, the unfortunate man who dropped dead in the street, and a verdict of death from natural causes returned

HUGHES, John - 20 Feb 1870 aged 47
20 Feb 1870 On Feb 20, at the residence of Mr Leppein, Willis street, Mr John Hughes, surveyor, of Ohariu Valley. Aged 47 years.

HUGHES, Mary Ann - 1 July 1865 aged 17.9
1 July 1865 On the 1st July, at Tinakori Road, Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr Henry Hughes, age 17 years 9 months


HURLEY, Daniel Joseph - 5 Aug 1876 aged 5
5 Aug 1876 On the 5th August, at Majoribank-street, Wellington, Daniel Joseph, son of Mr Jeremiah Hurley, aged 5 years

HURLEY, Alice - 29 June 1890 aged 25
- database has Hurney
20 June 1890 A Hospital patient named Alice Hurley died last night from Bright's disease. The deceased had ony been in the institutaion for a few days

HYLAND, Ann Eliza - 27 Feb 1884 aged 1.7

HYLAND, Eliza - 30 May 1913 aged 84
- wife of Fenton, below
20 May 1913 On the 30th May 1913, at the residence of her son, 286 Cuba-street, Eliza, loving mother of John and Michael Hyland; aged 84 years. R.I.P.

HYLAND, Fenton - 3 Oct 1876 aged 39
7 Oct 1876 COURT SIR GEORGE BOWEN, No. 3084. The officers and brethren of the above Court are requested to meet at the Court-room, Foresters' Arms, on SUNDAY, the 8th inst., at 2.30 p.m., to attend the funeral of the late Brother F. HYLAND, which leaves his late residence, Taranaki-street, at 3 p.m. N.B. - Officers and members of other Courts are respectfully invited to attend. Friends of the deceased are also requested to be present. - ALBERT MARTIN, Secretary
11 Jan 1877 In the matter of the late FENTON HYLAND, of Taranaki-street, Wellington, Boot and Shoemaker. All persons having any claims against the late F. Hyland are requested to foward them to the undersigned on or before Friday, the 12th inst., failing which they will be liable to be excluded from a participation of the assets in the Estate. - T. KENNEDY MACDONAL, Accountant, Temple Chambers
- Fenton was in Wellington by 1864 when he appeared in Court after being assaulted by Charles Frederick Webb (or vice versa)
- in 1868 he was a ratepayer in Te Aro when he proposed Mr McIlroy as a Candidtae for the Town Board
- by 1869 he was a Corporal in the Veteran Volunteer Corps in Wellington
- in 1870 his neighbours in Tory street, Cornelius Ryan & his wife, took Fenton to court for trying to burn down their house and physically threatening them. (The wives had started quarreling first and the husbands followed it up)
- In 1876 he spent 3 months in gaol for threatening his wife ELIZA with an axe, his defence being he was still suffering from being drunk for 3 months
- 7 days before his death Fenton fell and broke his leg outside the Te Aro Hotel. Dr Grace attended him and sent him home
- in Jan 1877 Fenton's Property was put up for auction by order of the Mortgagees.
... Valuable corner Allotment, with Shop and Dwelling-house. All that valuable corner allotment of land being portion of Town Section No. 133, having a frontage of 37 feet to Taranaki-street, by a depth of 75 feet, together with the commodious shop and dwelling-house erected thereon, and known as formerly in the occupation of the late F. Hyland, shoemaker, but now let to Mr George Trask, butcher. The property is one of the most valuable corner blocks in Te Aro and well deserves the attention of capitalists and others

HYLAND, T. - 7 Oct 1876 aged 3

bio of Jesse Huett - AN INTERESTING CAREER
... The recent death of Mr Jesse Huett, for many years Chief Messenger in the Government Buildings, Wellington, removed an old settler who had a very interesting career.
Mr Huett was born at East Brent, Somerset, in 1824, and at the age of 12 left his home to go to sea. He was for some yearrs on different vessels trading in the Mediterranean, having had enough of the sea, he enlisted in the 58th Regiment of Foot at Westminster in July 1842, being sent to Dublin, where the regiment was then stationed. In 1844 the regiment was sent out in detachments to New Zealand, the first to arrive being that sent from Woolwich on board the Lord Auckland, escorting some 200 prisoners to Hobart, whence they went to Sydney, and there embarked on the North Star, a 26-gun frigate, arriving at Auckand on the 24th March 1845.
They could not rest for long, as the celebrated Hone Heke was on the warpath. The detachment first came into touch with Heke at Okariti, the Maori retiring to Owaiowai, which was attacked by the 58th and other reinforcemens, with great loss, on 1st July. Notwithstanding the warnings of Tamata Nana Walker, in charge of friendly Ngapuis, Hone Heke left the pa and got clear away with all his men to Ruapekapeka. The fighting which took place at the latter place was rather severe and a great deal of time was spent getting a sufficiently strong force together. Earthworks and stockades were erected withing 400 yard of the pa, and later an advanced battery was completed, 160 yards from the pa, and a breach opened in the defences on the morning of 11th January 1846. No persons were seen moving about. A few friendly natives under William Waka went forward to make observations, entered the breach unobserved and beng seen by the men in the nearest battery, another hundred troops immediately rushed up, gained the inside of the pa unoberved by the enemy also, who were sheltering on a piece of sloping ground inside, and after a short but sharp engagement the celebrated pa was captured. Considering the enormous strength of the place, the troops were to be congratulated on their achievement. The 58th,under Lieutenant-Colonel Wynyard, was among those specially mentioned. The regiment then returned to Auckland. Shortly afterwards, however, things looked bad at the Hutt and they came down to Wellington in 1846, proceeding to the Hutt.
Mr HUETT was present on the occasion of that well-known incident of our local history, when Bugler Allen of 58th, sounded the alarm, though wounded. Later Mr HUETT engaged with the rest of te regiment making the road through to Porirua and was finally in at the death when the notorious Te Rauparaha was captured.
In 1855 Mr HUETT was appointed Orderly Sergeant at Government House, Aucland to Governor Gore Brown, of who, he had many interesting reminiscences. After being in that position for over three years, he got his discharge from the army in October, 1858, after over fifteen years service. He joined the Government Service in January 1859, being first attached to the Attorney-General's office and among other duties he claimed to be the first librarian appointed by the Government, but with little to look after. He came to Wellington when the seat of Government was remmoved from Aucland, and finally retired from the service in 1900, being at that time assistant officer-in-charge of the Government Buildings.
He married at Auckland in January 1859, Miss Mary Graham, third daughter of Mr James Graham, of Edinburgh. His wife predeceased him some nine years, since when he has been living with his youngest daughter, Mrs W. A. Edwards, of Berhampore, who, with two other daughters, Mrs J. A. Dudson, of Carterton an Mrs W. Dudson, of Gisborne, together with twenty-one granchildren, survive him


HEADSTONE of Denis & (his firt wife) Chatherine HAYES

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