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Journal by ngairedith

the following is a list of men who received the DISTINGUISHED SERVICE ORDER in WWII

the names were taken from the site: The PRO PATRIA PROJECT some names at that site lead to photos and bios




AGAR George Lwrence, Lieutenant Colonel

ALDRIDGE Francis Albert, Major

ALLEN Trevor Windsor, Flight Lieutenant

ANDERSON John Nesbit, Major

ARMSTRONG George Kent, Major

ASHWORTH Arthur, Squadron Leader

AWATERE Arapeta, temp, Lieutenant Colonel

BAGNALL Douglas Rivers, Wing Commander

BAIGENT Cyril Henry, Acting Wing Commander

BAKER Frederick, Lieutenant Colonel

BARNES Cecil Edward, Captain

BARRINGTON Benjamin, Colonel

BARRON James Fraser, Acting Flight Lieutenant

BARROWCLOUGH Harold Eric, Captain (temp Major)

BARY Ronald Edward, Acting Wing Commander

BELL Gladstone Henry, Major

BENNETT Charles Moihi Te Arawaka, Lieutenant Colonel

BENNETT Philip Lyell, Lieutenant Colonel

BEVAN Thomas Henry, Major

BLAKE Minden Vaughan, Acting Wing Commander

BONIFANT Ian Lambert, Lieutenant Colonel

BOXER Alan Hunter Cachemaille, Wing Commander


BRASS Donald Morrell, Acting Wing Commander

BRIDSON Gordon, Lieutenant Commander

BROWN Kelvin Lloyd Forrest, Major

BULLEN Arthur Beecher, Major

BURROWS James Thomas, Lieutenant Colonel

CADE George Palmer, Major

CAMPBELL Thomas Coats, temp Colonel

CHECKETTS John Milne, Acting Squadron Leader

CLIFTON George Herbert, Lieutenant Colonel

CLOUSTON Arthur Edmund, Wing Commander

COCHRANE Alfred William Gordon, Squadron Leader

CONOLLY Jack, Major temp Lieutenant Colonel

CRAWFORD-COMPTON William Vernon, Wing Commander

CRUMP Stanley Herbert, Colonel

CULLIFORD Stanley George, Flight Lieutenant

CURRIE Archibald Russell, Major

DAWSON Robert Boyd, Captain

DEERE Alan Christopher, Wing Commander

DINSDALE John Swire, Acting Wing Commander

DITTMER George, Lieutenant Colonel

DONALD Haddon Vivian, Major

DONKIN Peter Langlon, Group Captain

DUFF Charles Staunton John, Lieutenant Colonel

ELWORTHY Samuel Charles, Wing Commander

ENSOR Maechel Anthony, Acting Squadron Leader

EVERIST Anthony Maurice, Major

FAIRBROTHER Monty Claude, Lieutenant Colonel

FERGUSON John Burns, Major

FINLAY Wallis George, Acting Squadron Leader

FLEMING Yorke Kingsley, Major

FOUNTAINE Denver James, Lieutenant Colonel

FREEMAN Trevor Owen, Acting Wing Commander

FREYBERG Bernard Cyril, Lieutenant Colonel

GAINSFORD Arthur Percy, Acting Squadron Leader

GARDINER Noel Frank, Lieutenant

GENTRY William George, Colonel

GIBSON John Albert Axel, Squadron Leader

GILBERT Herbert Ellery, Major

GILL Thomas Francis, Flying Officer

GLASGOW Keith William Rutherford, Lieutenant Colonel

GOURDIE Rona McLeodCaptain (Chaplain class IV)

GRAY Colin Falkland, Squadron Leader

HAMMOND Derek Harold, Squadron Leader

HANDYSIDE Miles Hugh, Major

HANSON Frederick Melrose Horowhenua, Lieutenant Colonel

HARDING Harold Frederick, Major (Chaplain class III)

HARDING Ralf Walden, Lieutenant Colonel

HARFORD Eric Roy, Captain

HARGEST James, Major

HARRISON James Arnold, Squadron Leader

HARTNELL Sidney Frank, Lieutenant Colonel

HAWKESBY George Henry, Major

HAYTON Ernest Walter, Major

HEAD Malcolm Robert, Flight Lieutenant

HEGMAN John Alfred, Acting Squadron Leader

HENARE James Clendon Tau, Major

HENEY Harold Wright Bruce, Acting Squadron Leader

HEWITT John Graham, Commander

HOGG Richard John Kitchener, Squadron Leader

HORTON Thomas Welch, Acting Wing Commander

HUTCHENS Richard Lewis, Lieutenant Colonel

INGLIS Lindsay Merritt, Brigadier

JAMESON George Esmond, Flight Lieutenant

JAMESON Patrick Garaint, Acting Wing Commander

JARMAN Geoffrey Twyford, Wing Commander

KEARNS Richard Stansfield, Derek, Acting Flight Lieutenant

KELLY Charles Wynne Brunsdon, Acting Flight Lieutenant

KEMP William Papillion, Squadron Leader

KING Russell David, Major

KIPPENBERGER Howard Karl, Lieutenant Colonel

KOFOED William Robert, Acting Squadron Leader

LAMBOURN Albert Ernest, Major

LESLIE Roy Alexander, Acting Squadron Leader

LINDELL Gordon Anderson, Major

MacDONALD George James, temp Sub Lieutenant, R.N.Z.N.V.R

MacINTYRE Duncan, Major

MacKENZIE Russell Merriman, Wing Commander

MACKIE Evan Dall, Acting Squadron Leader

MacRAE Alexander Bulkley, temp Lieutenant (A)

McELROY Henry Michael, Major

McGAFFIN Robert Leslie, Lieutenant Colonel

McGREGOR Hector Douglas, Squadron Leader

McHARDY Edric Hartgill, Acting Wing Commander

McKAY John James, Wing Commander

McKEE Andrew, Group Captain

McMILLAN Brian Watson, Acting Wing Commander

McNAUGHT Gifford John, Lieutenant Colonel

McPHAIL Edward Allan, Lieutenant Colonel

MALT Leslie Cyril Ellsworth, Major

MANDENO Graham Lloyd, Squadron Leader

MARCHBANKS Donald Stuart Gore, Major

MATICH Nicholas Joseph, Flying Officer

MAX Roy Douglas, Wing Commander

MAXWELL Peter Ballantyne Hilary, Captain

MILES Reginald, Major

MILLER Denis, Acting Squadron Leader

MITCHELL John Morgan, Lieutenant Colonel

MOORE Valentine Stuart, Pilot Officer

MORGAN George Brotherton, Captain

MORRISON William Richard Kimmet, Major

MORTEN Thomas Bassett, Major

MOWAT Noel Joseph, Squadron Leader

MUNRO John Leslie, Acting Squadron Leader

NELSON George Baillie, Major

NEWMAN Ralph, Commander

NICHOLLS Charles William Kelvin, Wing Commander

NICHOLSON Shirley Whitfield, Lieutenant Colonel

NOLAN Henry Terence Wyckham, Lieutenant Colonel

NORMAN Edward Kinsella, temp Lieutenant Colonel

OLSON Edward George, Group Captain

PAGE James Russell, Lieutenant Colonel

PARATA Hoani Haereroa, Lieutenant Colonel

PARKER Charles Graham, Flying Officer

PARKINSON Graham Beresford, Brigadier

PATRICK George Alfred, Squadron Leader

PATTERSON Ian Costin, Squadron Leader

PATTISON John Gordon, Acting Squadron Leader

PEART Joseph Norriss, Lieutenant Colonel

PHILIP William Denzil, Lieutenant Colonel

PLAYER John Howard, Wing Commander

PLEASANTS Clive Lochiel, Lieutenant Colonel

POTTER Leslie, Brigadier

PRITCHARD David Leatham, Flying Officer

PURCELL Harold Albert, Lieutenant Colonel

PUTTICK Edward, Major temp Lieutenant Colonel

QUEREE Raymond Candlish, Brigadier

REED Charles Kingsford, Major

REYNOLDS John Wilson, Major

RICHARDS Edwin Ernest, Lieutenant Colonel

RICHMOND Maxwell, Commander

ROBINSON Hugh Amuri, Lieutenant Colonel

ROMANS Reginald Everard, Lieutenant Colonel

ROW Robert Amos, Lieutenant Colonel

RUDD Lawrence Frederick, Major

RUSSELL John Tinsley, Major

SANDERS Guy Priestley, Lieutenant Colonel

SAVAGE Warwick Copeland, Major temp Lieutenant Colonel

SAWYERS Claude Herman, Major

SCOTT Desmond James, Acting Squadron Leader

SEAWARD Cyril Frederick, Lieutenant Colonel

SHARP Geoffrey Stanton, Acting Squadron Leader

SHUTTLEWORTH Clayden, Lieutenant Colonel

SISE Gage Derwent, Acting Squadron Leader

SMITH William James Lanyon, temp Sub Lieutenant

SPROSEN James Frederick Roy, Lieutenant Colonel

St JOHN John Ramsey, Wing Commander

STARKY James Buyntum, Acting Squadron Leader

STEWART George James Oliphant, Major

STEWART Keith Lindsay, Colonel

STOTT Donald John, Lieutenant

SULLIVAN John Grant, Captain

TACON Ernest William, Wing Commander

TANNER Victor Joseph, Captain temp Major

TAYLOR Henry Gordon, Captain (Chapain class IV)

THIELE Keith Frederick, Flight Lieutenant

THODEY John Ingle, Major

THOMAS Walter Babington, Captain temp Major

THOMPSON Samuel Bruce, Captain

TRIPP Charles William Howard, Captain acting Major

TWHIGG John Martin, Lieutenant Colonel

UPTON Geoffrey Thompson, Lieutenant Colonel

VOELCKER Francis William, Lieutenant Colonel

WALTER Charles Lockhart, Lieutenant Colonel

WASHBOURN Richard Everley, Lieutenant

WATTS Stephen Delaney, Acting Wing Commander

WEBB Richard, Acting Wing Commander

WEIR (Stephen) Cyril Ettrick, Lieutenant Colonel

WELLS Edward Preston, Acting Wing Commander

WESTMACOTT Herbert Patrick, Lieutenant Commander

WHITE Duncan Urquhart, Captain temp Major

WHITLEY Eric William, Wing Commander

WIKIRIWHI Matarehua, Lieutenant

WILDER Nicholas Perry, Lieutenant temp Captain

WILLIAMS James Rutherford, Captain temp Major

WILSON Stanley Livingstone, Major

WRIGHT John Leonard, Acting Flight Lieutenant

YOUNG Russell Richard Thomas, Major temp Lieutenant Colonel

YULE Robert Duncan, Wing Commander

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