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burials WAIKARAKA cemetery AUCKLAND - 1890-1906 - (A to F)

Journal by ngairedith

Waikaraka Cemetery is located at 1 Alfred Street in Onehunga Auckland

The first burial took place in 1890 and the cemetery continues to operate.
The burial register for Waikaraka Cemetery contains information about people who were buried in the cemetery from 1890-1906.
The database includes the following details: date of warrant &warrant number, the name of deceased, occupation, residence, date of death, where the deceased last came from, age, native place and date of burial. The database is a partial transcript but for full details of entries in the record book you can visit the Auckland City Council archives research room. These details include cause of death,
denomination, years in province, where buried (class, block, section, lot), fees, name of informant, and remarks

The following names were taken from their database
Index for Waikaraka Cemetery Record Book and for quick research reasons.
More information on each person can be seen at the link

Plot Numbers & Inscriptions were taken from this site:
Cemetery Records, Waikaraka and others

Anything in italics is my addition


ADAMS, Charlotte Harriet of Ellerslie, April 1905 aged 3 weeks
- daughter of Charles ADAMS & Charlotte Harriet WILLIS
- Area 3 Block 7 Lot No 54
ADAMS, George of Ellerslie, April 1906 aged 4 weeks
- son of Charles ADAMS & Charlotte Harriet WILLIS
- Area 3 Block 7 Lot No 54
ADAMS, Trevor Ferguson of Jervois Rd, May 1906 aged 3 days
- son of Joseph ADAMS & Mary CAHILL
ALLAN, May of Wanganui, March 1906 aged 10 months
- as ALLEN at database
- Area 3 Block 6 Lot No 33
ANDERSON, Olga of Sydney NSW, March 1904 aged 2 years
- Area 1 Block D Lot No 29
- inscription reads "Loving remembrance of Olga beloved and deeply mourned infant dau of William & Eugenie Anderson died 26 Mar 1904 aged 2 yrs 3 mths"
ANDERSON, Elizabeth of England, 1865-1905
- Area 3 Block 9 Lot No 2
ANDREW, Gwendoline Kate of Epsom, (above database has ANDREWS) April 1903 aged 3 months
- daughter of John ANDREW & Kate BARR
- inscription reads: "In loving memory of Gwendoline Kate beloved dau of J & K Andrew Jr who died 18 April 1903 age 3 and a half months
(sep headstone) In loving memory of John dearly beloved husband of Kate Andrew died 7 Dec 1925 aged 48 yrs. Also his beloved wife Kate Andrew died 4 Oct 1970 aged 89 yrs"
ANDREWS, Eileen Dorothy Elpin of Ponsonby, Dec 1905 aged 3 months
- daughter of Annie ANDREWS, father not recorded at birth
- Area 3 Block 8 Lot No 62
ANNISON, Florence Isabella of Ponsonby, March 1904 aged 8 months
- daughter of Arthur James ANNISON & Agnes WILLIAMSON
- Area 3 Block 3 Lot No 3
ARCHER, Stillborn baby of Jane of Auckland, 31st Jan 1905
- Area 3 Block 8 Lot No 52
ARNOLD, Mary of Onehunga 1863-1903
- Area 3 Block 2 Lot No 34
- inscription reads: "In loving memory of Mary Arnold, William Arnold, Earnest Arnold, Hazel Waugh, Richard Byrnes, Rebecca Byrnes, Rose Stokes" (Note spelling of Earnest)
ARNOLD, Mary Ann of Ireland 1816-1905
- inscription reads: "In loving memory of Mary Ann Arnold died 24 Dec 1905 aged 89 yrs RIP" - (sep plaque) "In loving memory of Agnes beloved wife of Daniel Twohill died 25 Sept 1920 aged 55 yrs RIP"
AUCKRAM, Annie Jane (nee STRIBLEY) of Auckland 1881-1904
- wife of Thomas Alfred AUCKRAM (1878-1952) who remarried in 1906 to Mary BREWIN
- Annie possibly died during birth of daughter Annie Jane
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Annie Jane dearly beloved wife of Thomas Alfred Auckram died 23 Oct 1904 aged 23 yrs Beloved by all who knew her"
AULSEBROOK, John of England 1834-1905
- inscription reads "In memory of John Aulsebrook died 11 Dec 1905 aged 71 yrs"

BACKHURST, Minnie of Onehunga, May 1903 aged 13 days
- daughter of George & Elizabeth BACKHURST
- Area 3 Block 6 Lot No 12
BAILEY, Edward Leslie of Onehunga 1898-1900
- son of William BAILEY & Louisa PARCE
- inscription reads "In loving memory of John Pearce died 2 Oct 1890 aged 68 yrs. Also Elizabeth his beloved wife died 8 May 1908 aged 72 yrs. And Leslie Bailey their beloved grandchild died 17 Sept 1900 aged 2 and a half yrs. Also their loved dau Louisa loved wife of William Bailey died 9 May 1938 aged 61 yrs In loving memory of Hephzibah their beloved dau died 7 Sept 1888 aged 20 yrs. And their beloved son Benjamin died 1 Oct 1900 aged 38 yrs. Also William beloved husband of Louisa Bailey died 16 Sept 1948 aged 76 yrs. In loving memory of Ann, Elizabeth & Frances beloved daus of John & Elizabeth Pearce (no dates). In loving memory of their dear sons George died 8 Sept 1920 aged 64 yrs And Samuel died 19 Sept 1923 aged 57 yrs. Also John died 25 Mar 1938 aged 79 yrs"
BALLANTINE, Margaret Mary (nee MULLIGAN) of Kumara 1870-1905
- married John Harrison BALLANTINE 1890
BANKS, Frances of England 1848-1905
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Frances beloved wife of Benjamin Banks (1844-1932) died 13 April 1905 aged 57 yrs" (grave reopened)
BARNES, Roy Francis of central Auckland, March 1906 aged 3 months
- son of John Edward & Mary Marguerite BARNES
BARNETT, Louisa of England (married) 1871-1904
- Area 3 Block 3 Lot No 20
BARTLETT, George Arthur of Onehunga, April 1902 aged 1
- son of Frederick BARTLETT & Ada Maria SIMMONDS
BATEMAN, William settler of Gloucester England 1838-1902
- inscription reads "In loving memory of William Bateman died 30 July 1902 aged 64 yrs. Also James Henry Mayall (aged 70)
beloved husband of Annie Mayall (nee Bateman 1861-1949)died 17 May 1932"
BEAVER, Henry of Onehunga April 1901 aged 4 days
- son of Walter Robert BEAVER & Lelia Rose BLACKBURN
BEITH, Margaret of Scotland, widow 1834-1905
- Area 3 Block 9 Lot No 14
BELL, Albert Pirritt of Epsom, April 1905 aged 14 months
- son of George Pirrett & Jeanette BELL
BELSHAM, Leslie of Epsom, April 1905 aged 3 weeks
- son of Samson/Sampson BELSHAM & Mabel KILGOUR
BENYON, James Stephen butcher Mt Roskill 1878-1905
- inscription reads "In loving memory of James Stephen beloved son of James & Flora Benyon died 4 Aug 1905 aged 27 yrs. Also Tewksbury Benyon accidentally drowned at Rotorua 24 Nov 1909 aged 29 yrs"
BERGGREN, Bridget Frances (nee WAKSH) of Ireland (2nd wife of John Olaf) 1864-1892, his 1st wife was Catherine SHEEHY
BERGMAN, George Reginald "Reggie" of Auckland May 1900 aged 3 months
- inscription reads "Bergman - In loving memory of E R [i[Emil Rudolph Bergman (Jack) beloved husband of Ada G Bergman died 22 Mar 1937 aged 65 yrs. Also their children Reggie & Kelsey. Also Ada Georgina Bergman died 2 Feb 1946 aged 71 yrs. A faithful & loving wife & mother"
BERGMAN, Kelsey of Onehunga, May 1906 aged 6 weeks
- daughter of Emil Rudolph & Ada Georgina BERGMAN (see above)
BERRIGAN, Dennis of Ireland 1831-1904
- Area 3 Block 5 Lot No 31
BERRY, Albert Francis of Auckland, May 1905 aged 3 months
- parents not found
- Area 3 Block 6 Lot No 45
BERTRAND, Walter Draughtsman of Grenada, West Indies 1859-1906
- inscription reads "Walter ... Mary Bertrand" (no other information decipherable)
BETTIS, Prematurely born child 1904
- Area 3 Block 4 Lot No 4
BETTS, Daphne Florence of Onehunga Feb 1905 aged 3 months
- daughter of Emma Florence Betts, father not recorded at birth. Emma also had a son Frederick Wolfran Betts in 1906
BETTS, Owen of London, Commercial Traveller 1869-1902
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Owen Betts died 5 Oct 1902 aged 37 yrs Rest in peace"
BEVEGE, James Storekeeper of England 1827-1904
- inscription reads "In loving memory of James Bevege died 24 June 1904 aged 77. Also Burton Bell beloved husband of Elizabeth Bevege (nee BROOKS)died 16 Sept 1927 aged 58"
BIDDICK, Albert Charles of Onehunga Sep 1900 aged 5 months
- son of George Durham BIDDICK & Rebecca Mary CHASE
- inscription reads "In loving memory of George Durham Biddick devoted husband of Rebecca Mary Biddick died 22 May 1929 in his 63rd yr. Also their beloved son George James Biddick killed in action Battle of Somme 28 Sept 1916 aged 24 yrs. Also his beloved wife Rebecca Mary Biddick died 6 May 1933 in her 66th yr. Also of Albert Charles Biddick died 26 Sept 1900 aged 5 mths beloved son of G D & R M Biddick. Desmond Roy Belsham died 11 April 1920 aged one month grandson of G D & R M Biddick. Oswald Henrickson died 2 Feb 1921 aged 5 mths foster grandson of G D & R M Biddick. Also Lydia Agnes Belsham beloved wife of John Leo Belsham died 19 Feb 1965 aged 70 yrs"
BIDGOOD, Annie Alice (nee JEFFS) of Wellington 1877-1905
- (married John Percy Bidgood)
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Annie Agnes the beloved wife of John Percy Bidgood died 17 Nov 1905 in her 29th yr. Also her sister Jane Elizabeth Ellen the beloved wife of John J Chappell died 10 Mar 1907 aged 35 yrs" - Note different second name Alice
BIRD, Clara Gee (nee WALDEN) of England 1865-1902
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Clara beloved wife of Alexander Bird died 4 Aug 1902 aged 37 yrs"
BIRRELL, David of Auckland, May 1905 aged 6 months
- son of David & Margaret BIRRELL
BISHOP, Annie Thelma of Onehunga Nov 1904 aged 9 weeks
- daughter of Archibald BISHOP & Letitia Sarah SHEPHERD
BLACK, Anna Maria (nee CREIGHTON) 1854-1903 of Auckland (married Alexander in 1884)
- inscription has "Anna Marie Black and her sisters Elizabeth and Amelia"
BLACKBURN, Adelaide (nee HOWARTH) of Auckland 1872-1905
- married Alfred William Blackburn in 1898
- Alfred remarried in 1905 to Mary GRAY, Adelaide's step sister
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Adelaide the beloved wife of A W Blackburn died 11 May 1905 aged 33 yrs. Also Alfred William beloved husband of Mary Blackburn died 16 Aug 1915 aged 38 yrs"
(sep plaque) "In loving memory of Mary (nee Gray) wife of A W Blackburn died 8 May 1953 aged 71 yrs. Also Adelaide Gray (married Niel Gray in 1877, formerly Howarth) mother of Mary & Adelaide died 4 Feb 1922 aged 70 yrs"
BLACKBURN, Evelyn Agnes of Onehunga, Nov 1905 aged 3 weeks
- daughter of Alfred William BLACKBURN & his 2nd wife Mary GRAY (see above)
BLACKWOOD, George Settler of Ayr Scotland 1827-1903
- inscription reads "In loving memory of Charlotte Louisa (nee BEAVER) beloved wife of J H Blackwood died 24 June 1915 aged 51 yrs. Also James Henry Blackwood died 29 Sept 1930 aged 65. Also Laurel Annie Elizabeth Blackwood died 17 Aug 1891 aged 5 mths. In loving memory of George Blackwood died 25 Jan 1903 aged 76 yrs. Also Lieut Frederick George Blackwood of HM Auz Cruiser 'Lady Cory Wright' [(mine carrier, sunk by German U-boat UC17 12 miles off Lizard, Cornwall while on mine laying duties) killed in action 26 Mar 1918"
BLACKWOOD, Laurel Annie Elizabeth, of NZ, Aug 1891 aged 5 months
- daughter of James Henry BLACKWOOD & Charlotte Louisa BEAVER
BLAIR, Robert Muir, of Penrose, Feb 1905 aged 3 months
- son of William & Emma BLAIR
BLAKE, Herbert, veteran, of Ireland 1836-1905
- VETERANS Military Cemetery Memorial Wall. Died at Auckland Veterans Home - inscription reads "Herbert Blake 40th Regiment died 15-10-05 aged 69"
BLANCHFIELD, Cyril George, of Auckland, March 1905 aged 4 months, born 13th Nov 1904
- twin son of Martin Joseph (1862-14th Nov 1945) & Kate Annie (1875-1st Oct 1945) BLANCHFIELD
BLANCHFIELD, John Frederick, of Auckland, Dec 1905 aged 13 months, born 13th Nov 1904
- twin son of Martin Joseph & Kate Annie BLANCHFIELD
- Martin was an auctioneer. They lived in Waihi by 1910
- a daughter, Hilda Teresa, married Luther English AMBURY in 1925
BLYTHE, Victoria Selina, of Onehunga, June 1900 aged 4 weeks
BOQUELLY, [BAGUELY], Ernest, of France 1867-1902
BOTT, Thomas E, Ships Steward of England 1832-1904
BOUILLON, Eugene Marie, Gentleman of France 1835-1905
BOWEN, Henry, of Wales 1823-1904
BOWER, Henry Dott, Master Mariner of Scotland 1831-1904
BOWGEN, Beatrice Gee of Feltwell Norfolk England, (married) 1842-1899 BOYD, William Robert, of Belfast 1871-1905
BRAIN, Clarence Trevan of Onehunga, Aug 1903 aged 9 weeks
BRAITHWAITE, Avis Edna of Ponsonby, April 1906 aged 6 months
BRAY, Ivy Phyllis of Onehunga, May 1906 aged 6 months
BRAY, Wilfred, Carrier of Onehunga, 1879-1905
BRENNAN, Bridget of Ireland, (married) 1823-1903
BRENNAN, John, of Ireland 1832-1905
BRENNAN, Mary, of Ireland (married) 1861-1903
BRIERLY, Mary Jane, of Ireland (married) 1848-1905
BROOK, Christina Mary, of Tasmania 1899-1906
BROOKES, James, settler of England 1848-1905
BROWN, William Henry Catlin, of Auckland, March 1906 aged 4 months
BROWN, Charles Sailor of London via Durban South Africa (Boer War)1886-1902
BROWNLEY, Harold, of Canada 1889-1904
BROWNLEY, Permelie/Permerie, of Canada (married) 1850-1903
BRYAN, John Graham settler in Manukau 1878-1903
BRYAN, Margaret Graham of NZ (married) 1859-1905
BRYANT, Jane Elizabeth of Scotland (widow) 1836-1904
BULCRAIG, Mary Ann of England (married) 1832-1904
BURGESS, Ann of England (widow) 1819-1905
BURKE, James of Ireland 1830-1905
BURKE, Olly Daniel of Onehunga April 1903 aged 4
BURN, Henry of Alnwick, England 1817-1905
BURNETT, Augustus William Settler of Southampton, England 1828-1901
BURNETT, George Thomas of Auckland Feb 1903 aged 8 months
BUTLER, William of Auckland Dec 1905 aged 1 month
BYCROFT, John Miller of NZ 1844-1892
BYRNE, Catherine of Ireland, never married 1827-1905

CALDOW, Freda May, of Onehunga Dec 1902 aged 4
CALDOW, George, Ironworker of Scotland 1840-1900
CALLWELL, George, Army Captain of Ireland 1843-1905
CAMPBELL, Alexander, School Master of Scotland 1850-1904
CAMPBELL, Angus, of Canada 1830-1906
CAREY, John, of Onehunga 1893-1903
CAREY, Mary, of Cork Ireland 1833-1906
CARLETON, Annie, of Ireland (not married) 1876-1902
CARLETON, Emily & Mary Ag 1902 1 hour old twins of Kate Carleton
CARLETON, James Patrick, of Onehunga 1888-1902
CARLY, Eliza Catherine, of England (married) 1833-1900
CARMODY, Charles, of Auckland Dec 1905 aged 1 week
CARR, James Dilling sailor from America 1836-1904
CARRIGAN, Margaret, of Auckland 1887-1901
CARVER, Henry, settler of England via Australia 1820-1905
CASEY, Francis, Miner of NZ 1873-1904
CAVE, Edgar, Captain of England via Suva 1875-1904
CHAPMAN, Admon, settler of Kent 1828-1892
CHONLE, Annie, of Ireland (married) 1835-1904
CLARK, Sarah Gibbons of England (married) 1823-1900,
CODLIN, Eliza Jane, of NZ (married) 1867-1900
COFFEY, James, Gentleman of Ireland 1832-1905
COLDICUTT, Charles Laurence, of Onehunga, Feb 1903 aged 3 months
COLDICUTT, Maud, of Onehunga, Oct 1905 aged 4 days
COLLEDGE, Robert, Miner of Onehunga 1872-1904
COLLEDGE, Ruby, of Onehunga April 1902 aged 5 weeks
COLLINS, Elizabeth, of Dublin (widow) 1848-1902
COLLINS, Francis Bertram 1905-1906, from Remuera
COLLIS, Henry 1905-1906, from Sydney
COLVIN, Dorothy Elizabeth 1904-1905, from Auckland
COLVIN, Thomas 1829-1902, from Ireland
COLVIN, Thomas 1873-1903, from Ireland
CONDON, Timothy 1829-1903, from Ireland
CONNELL, Vera 1906-1906, of Auckland
COOK, Wiliam John 1867-1904 of Whangarei
COON, George 1886-1905, of Hawera
COONEY, Patrick 1842-1905, of Whakatane
COOPER, Almah 1845-1899, of Somerset, ENgland
COOPER, Elsie Gladys 1906-1906, of Parnell
COOPER, William 1831-1904 of England
CORLES, Robert Leonard 1902-1902, of Auckland
CORNISH, George 1839-1905, of England
COURT, John 1905-1906, of Auckland
COURTNEY, Sarah Jane 1848-1905, of Ireland
COUTTS, Mary 1835-1902 of Aberdeen, Scotland
COUTTS, Olive Helen 1900-1902 of Thames, Coromandel
COUTTS, William 1866-1890, of Kawa Kawa
COX, Henry 1835-1891, of Gloucestershire, England
CRANSTON, James 1826-1905 of ?
CRICHTON, Samuel Joseph Goodwin 1896-1899, of Palmerston North
CROKER, Mary Lorimer 1857-1905, of Scotland
CROMWELL, Daniel 1840-1904, of Paisley Scotland
CROPP, Annie 1902-1902, of Onehunga
CROPP, Elizabeth Veronica 1902-1902, of Onehunga
CROPP, Michael Albert 1904-1904, of Onehunga
CROSS, Thomas 1877-1904, of Sydney, NSW
CROUCHER, Henry 1849-1904, of Auckland
CULLEN, Catherine 1844-1904
CULLINGTON, Ernest Arthur 1899-1900, of Onehunga
CULLINGTON, Lorna Blanch, Nov 1902 (Stillborn of Ada & William)
CUNNINGHAM, Charles Feb.1906 (12 hours old)
CUNNINGHAM, Drusilla Howard 1883-1905, of Onehunga, never married
CUNNINGHAM, James 1859-1899, seaman of Liverpool

DANIELS, Michael William 1876-1904, of Ireland
DARBEY, Elizabeth 1838-1906, of England
DARBY, Esmond Carrison 1904-190, of Russell
DAVENEY, Burton John 1835-1905, Army Captain of England
DAVIDGE, Ivy Helena 1900-1900, of Onehunga
DE MORNS, Rita Maud 1906-1906, of Auckland
DE SILVA, Catherine 185-1904, of Auckland
DE ST. GELAIS, Justin 1830-1904, of Rochefort-sur-Mer France
DEAN, Amelia 1863-1902, of England
DEMPSEY, John Frederick 1850-1902, Seaman of Ireland
DEMPSEY, Mary Ann 1855-1905, of ireland
DENIZE, John 1836-1900, of Jersey, Channel Islands
DENIZE, Lucy Hannah 1866-1888 (body removed from Maori Burial Ground Mangere under warrant of Colonial Secretary, reinterred June 1900)
DENNIS, Eveline 1906-1906 of NZ
DENT, John 1830-1904 of Ireland
DIAMOND, Thomas 1862-1904, of Ireland
DICKINSON, Phyllis (database has DICKENSON, Phillis) 1904-1905
DIGNAN, Anthony Martin 1858-1902, of Auckland
DOBSON, Annie 1855-1905, of England
DODGEON, Jane 1837-1906, of Burnley England
DODGEON, William 1836-1904, of England
DOHERTY, Clifford James 1898-1903, of Onehunga
DOHERTY, Mary Ellen Maud 1902-1902 of Onehunga
DONOVAN, Edward Brummell 1905-1905 (aged 2 weeks)
DONOVAN, Iris Josephine 1904-1905, of Auckland
DONOVAN, William Joseph 1905-1905, of Auckland
DROMGOOL, Charles Francis Herbert 1884-1891, of Northcote

EDMONDSON, John Thomas 1887-1906, of NZ
EDMUNDS, Robert 1828-1905, of London England
ELLIS, Edward 1848-1902, of Auckland
ERAIACORA, Giacoma 1844-1906, of Italy
EVANS, Frederick J 1859-1904, of England
EVANS, May 1902-1902, of Mount Eden (aged 1 day)
EVITT, Elizabeth Julia 1856-1905

FALLON, Ellen Avalene 1873-1905, unmarried
FARRAR, Thomas 1845-1903, of England via America
FARRELL, Cosmos 1904-1905
FARRELL, Edna May 1905-1905
FARRELL, Marie Boyd McCormack 1900-1900, of Auckland
FATOOCK, [FATOOCH], Hannah 1887-1906, of Zahleh, Mount Lebanon
FELLOWS, Mary Ann 1855-1904, of Scotland
FENDICK, Harry 1844-1905, of London England
FENTON, Stillborn child, June 1902
FERGUSON, James Owen Alexander 1905-1905 (aged 3 weeks)
FERGUSON, Peter 1841-1905, of Scotland
FILMER, John James 1840-1901, of England
FILMER, Mary Ann 1847-1900, of Tipperary (wife of John above)
FITZHERBERT, George 1852-1904 (prisoner at time of death)
FLANNAGAN, Elizabeth 20-8-1901-25-7-1905, of Opotiki
FLATT, Arthur William 1892-1906, of NZ
FLETCHER, Elizabeth 1829-1902, of Cornwall England
FLETCHER, George 1827-1905 of England
FLETCHER, John 1875-1900, of Queensland
FLETCHER, John 1825-1906, of England
FLETCHER, Leo Walter 1905-1905 of NZ
FOLEY, James Leonard 1906-1906, of NZ
FOLLAS, Ernest Young 1905-1906, of NZ
FORREST, William 1905-1905, of NZ
FOSTER, Wilhelmina 1866-1904
FRENCH, Bridget 1832-1904, of Ireland
FROST, John Joseph 1878-1902, of Auckland
FURMAGE, William Henry 1901-1901, of Penrose Auckland

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