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Journal by ngairedith

written for MartinD in his quest (on 2013-04-27 19:26:57) to find the family of Susan Isabel Killeen who married Richard Williams, "my wife's mother's father, from his first marriage. Do you have any information about Susan's parents?

Hugh McMillan KENYON & Susan Elizabeth EDEN
these were Susan's maternal grandparents

Isabella Kenyon Susan's mother
- 30 June 1876 - 24 Aug 1941
- born in Dovedale, Nelson
- Isabella was a Teacher at Dovedale Nelson Evening Mail, 25 Feb 1896 Miss Kenyon, who has been a probationer in the Dovedale School for nearly four years, and who is about to leave us for 'fresh fields and pastures new', was presented by her pupils with a small token of their affection and esteem. Its intrinsic value did not perhaps amount to much, but the good-will that prompted the gift cannot be assessed in ?. s. d. The good wishes expressed ought to encourage Miss Kenyon in her new sphere

Isabella married William Patrick KILLEEN (1876-1948), a Miner, in Nelson in 1910
- William was born in Stratford, Victoria, Australia 1 of 11 sons (details below)


John Killeen (1814-?) was born in Kildare, Ireland
he married Elizabeth Mary Montgomery (1813-1874), of Ireland
these were Susan's paternal great grandparents
- they had children in Ireland then emigrated to Australia, arriving in Melbourne (from Liverpool), 6 Jan 1866 on the 'Southern Empire'
- of their children:-
Peter KILLEEN (1844-1898) was Susan's paternal grandfather
born County Kildare, Ireland, he married Mary Marion 'Minnie' CLARK (1849-1897) in 1871 & they had 11 sons
- Mary was born 25 April 1849 in Port Albert, Victoria, 1 of 10 children of Duncan CLARK (1816-1865) of Renfrew, Scotland who had the Turf Hotel in Sale, Victoria, and of Hessey BECKETT (1823-1874) of Londonderry, who died in Nuntin, Victoria
MINNIE died 14 July 1897 in Stratford, Victoria
PETER died 11 March 1898 in Stratford, Victoria

the 11 SONS of Peter & Minnie Killeen:
Susan's father, uncles & cousins
... 1
* 1872 - 1872 John James Killeen
- born 11 February 1872 in Stratford, Victoria
- John died in Stratford 3 March 1872 aged 21 days

... 2
* 1873 - 1876 Albert Maurice Killeen
- born 20 March 1873 in Stratford, Victoria
- Albert died 14 July 1876 in Wurruk aged 3.4

... 3
* 1875 - 1948 William Patrick Killeen Susan's father
- born 8 March 1875 in Stratford, Victoria, Australia
- married Isabella KENYON in June 1910 in Dovedale, Nelson
- they had 3 daughters (see below)
ISABELLA died 24 August 1941 of Carcinoma aged 65
- she is buried Plot 1165, Block E at Orowaiti Middle Cemetery, Westport
WILLIAM died 20 September 1948 in Wellington, New Zealand
- he is buried Plot 70 A, Lawn Section at Karori Cemetery

... 4
* 1877 - 1963 Peter Augustus Killeen
- born 6 February 1877 in Statford, Victoria
- Peter served in the Boer War as Private 444 with the 4th Imperial Contingent
- he married Ruby Margaret HENDERSON (1888-1977) 4 March 1913 in Auckland, New Zealand
- Ruby was born 29 Nov 1888 in NZ, 3rd of 6 children of Henry HENDERSON & Elizabeth ROBINSON. She died 14 Nov 1977 in Auckland
- they had a son born in Auckland:
1915 - 1974 Claude James Glen-Killeen
- married Marjorie Ada STEWART (1917-1976)
PETER AUGUSTUS Killeen died 10 January 1963 in New Zealand
RUBY died 14 November 1977 in Auckland

... 5
* 1879 - 1942 Maurice Gerald Killeen
- born 9 February 1870 in Stratford
- Maurice served in the Boer War as Private 450 with the 4th Imperial Contingent
- he married Doris Susan ALLSOP in Sep 1913 at St Joseph's, Subiaco, WA
- they had 5 children:
1914 - 1997 Maurice Henry Killeen
- born in Fremantle - died in Fremantle aged 83
- he is buried Gravesite 0285, Section MON C3, Roman Catholic at Fremantle
1916 - 2001 Doris Mary Killeen
- born in Fremantle - died in Perth aged 85
1918 - 2008 Veronica Sarah Killeen
- born in Fremantle - died in East Fremantle aged 90
1920 - 1996 Stanley Valentine Killeen
- born in Fremantle - died in Palmyra, Melville aged 75
- he is buried Gravesite 0135, Section Lawn N, General area, Fremanlte Cemetery
1922 - ? private Killeen
MAURICE died 7 May 1942 at East Fremantle
- he is buried Gravesite 0285, Section MON C3, Roman Catholic at Fremantle Cemetery
DORIS died 13 December 1987 at East Bicton
- she is buried with Maurice

... 6
* 1880 - 1963 Walter Michael Killeen
- born 29 December 1880 in Stratford, Victoria
- married Mary Ellen COLEMAN (1884-1939) 18 May 1910 in Sale, Victoria
- the 3rd of 8 children (6 sons) of Patrick COLEMAN & Louisa Ellen MARSHALL
- Walter & Mary had 8 children
1911 - 1990 Louisa Ellen Killeen
1913 - 2001 Patrick Francis Killeen
1914 - 1990 Maurice Ignatius Killeen
1915 - 1969 Mary 'Molly' Killeen
1918 - 1979 John Joseph Killeen
1920 - 1992 Walter Michael Killeen
1922 - 1989 Margaret Patricia Killeen
1924 - 1924 Veronica Ellen Killeen
MARY died 21 Nov 1939 aged 55 in Maffra
WALTER died 29 April 1963 at Valencia Creek, Maffra

... 7
* 1883 - 1961 John Edward Killeen
- born 20 March 1883 in Stratford, Victoria
- he married Annie Caroline RUDDICK (1900-1980) 11 Oct 1922 in Footscray
- Annie was born in Eaglehawk, Victoria & died in Greenvale, Victoria
- they had 2 children
- lived in Drouin South, Victoria
JOHN died 13 October 1961 aged 76 in Heidelberg, Victoria

... 8
* 1886 - 1965 Michael James Killeen
- born 21 December 1886 in Stratford, Victoria
- Michael married Edith Esther RUDDICK (1893-1964) in 1913 in Victoria
- Edith was born in St Arnaud, Victoria
- they had 7 children in Victoria
1914 - Private Killeen
1916 - 1969 Esther Sadie Killeen
1917 - Private Killeen
1919 - 1974 William John Killeen
1921 - 1921 Patricia Alice Killeen
1922 - 1924 Eileen Killeen
1928 - 1984 Kevin Michael Killeen
EDITH died in 1964 in Cran, Victoria
MICHAEL died 3 April 1965 in Footscray, Victoria

... 9
* 1888 - 1915 James Joseph Killeen
- born 14 February 1888 in Stratford, Victoria
- he married Annie STOTHERS (1889-1966) in 1913
- Annie was born in Briagalong, Victoria
- they had 3 children
JAMES died in Briagolong, Victoria aged 27
ANNIE died in Preston Victoria aged 77

... 10
* 1890 - 1965 Thomas Paul Killeen
- Thomas was born 25 June 1890 in Stratford
- he married Annetta Juliet MOORE (1890-1966) in Sydney, NSW
- Annetta was born in Glebe NSW to Alfred MOORE & Sarah Ann POTTS
- Thomas & Annetta had 3 children
1916 - 2008 Thomas Victor James Killeen
1917 - 1977 Mabel Mary 'Molly' Killeen
1924 - 1985 Maurice Paul Killeen

... 11
* 1892 - 1984 Francis Patrick Killeen
- born 9 January 1892 in Stratford, Victoria
- he married Edith Esther RUDDICK & had 8 children
- married Vera Hazel Lorraine TAYLOR (1898-1942) & had 5 children
- lived in Bayles, Victoria
VERA died at Fitzroy, Victoria
FRANCIS died in Stratford, Victoria


Colonist, 24 June 1910 ...
WEDDING of William Patrick KILLEEN & Isabella KENYON
Susan's parents

... A quiet wedding took place at the home of the bride's parents on Tuesday last, when Mr William P. Killeen was married to Miss Isabella Kenyon (daughter of Mr Hugh Kenyon, J.P., of Thorpe). The ceremony was performed by the Rev O. R. Hewlett. The bride, who was given away by her father, was attired in a beautiful dress of cream silk with prettily draped bodice and train, and wore a handsome veil and orange blossoms. She was attended by two bridesmaids, Misses Clarice and Edith Thorn (nieces of the bride), who looked very pretty in cream cord dresses, trimmed with silk buttons and ribbons and cream picture hats. They each wore gold and pearl brooches, the gifts of the bridegroom. Mr Herbert Hyde was best man. After the ceremony the assembled guests were entertained at breakfast, when the usual toasts were honoured. The large number of costly and useful presents, some of which came from the West Coast and the North Island, testified to the popularity of the happy couple. Later in the day Mr and Mrs Killeen left for Nelson en route to Westport, where they will in future reside. The brides' travelling dress was a smart green mixture tailor-made costume, with a very pretty green chip hat to match, trimmed with silk and ostrich plumes.

the 3 daughters of ISABELLA & WILLIAM:
... 1
* 1911 - 1921 Eunice Killeen
- Eunice died from Pneumonia aged 9
- she is buried with her mother, Isabella, at Orowaiti Middle Cemetery, Westport

... 2
* 1913 - 1988 Susan Isabel Killeen
- born 17 June 1913 in Westport, Buller
- Susan married Richard WILLIAMS (1894-1978) as his second wife. (Richard first married Margaret Marion Annie Clark (1905-1934) in 1932. Margaret was born 9 June 1905 to George Rowan CLARK (1878-1922) & Eliza Jane McALEER (1881-1951) of 24 Horner Street, Newtown, Wellington, she died 19 April 1934 aged 28 & is buried Plot 263 C, PUBLIC3 at Karori)
- Richard was born 3 April 1894 in Liverpool, England
- they had 8 children
RICHARD died 11 March 1978 in Wellington aged 83
- he was cremated at Karori
SUSAN died 30 Jan 1988 in Wainuiomata
- she is buried Whenua Tapu Cemetery, Pukerua

... 3
* 1916 - 2001 Helen Dorothy Killeen
- born 15 April 1916 in Westport, Buller
- Helen died 15 June 2001 in Fairfax, Virginia, USA

Gippsland Times 3 May 1865...DEATH of Duncan Clark
Susan's paternal great grandfather

... DIED ? At the Turf Hotel on Saturday, the 29th inst., Duncan Clark, aged 48 years

Gippsland Times 10 Feb 1874 ...DEATH of Elizabeth May Killeen
Susan's paternal great grandmother

... DEATH - KILLEEN - On the 31st January, at her daughter's residence, Nuntin, after a painful illness, Mrs Killeen, aged 60 years, relict of Mr John Killeen, County Kildare, Ireland. Home papers please copy.

Nelson Evening Mail, 18 May 1876...Gun Accident of THOMAS EDEN
Susan's maternal great grandfather

... On Monday last a party of sportsmen were out shooting in the Motupiko Valley (Tasman) when a gun accident occurred, which administered a severe fright to one or two, but fortunately did little harm. As Thomas Eden was firing at some tuis his gun burst with a very loud explosions, tearing the barrel and stock into fragments, which were sent flying in all directions. Strange to say Eden escaped without any injury beyond being rendered completely deaf for two days. William Gibbs, who was standing close to him at the time, had an equally narrow escape, as a fragment of the barrel struck him on the back just below the belt, going through a pea coat, a new pair of moleskin trowsers and flannel, and taking off a piece of skin about the size of a florin (20c). The gun was a very ancient weapon, and worn very thin at the breech, which induces the correspondent to whom we are indebted for the above information this to moralize:- So much for the safety of old favourite guns that are apt to go off at either end

Nelson Evening Mail, 17 March 1879 FIRE destroys Thomas Eden's home
... It is reported that a serious fire occurred at Waimea West early this morning resulting in the total destruction of the house, stacks, and outbuildings belonging to Mr Thomas Eden. We have been unable to ascertain the full particulars. It was insured in the Norwich Union for ?150 on the house and furniture (March 2013 equivalent of $18,000)

The Maffra, 14 March 1898...DEATH of Peter Killeen
Susan's paternal grandfather

... SUDDEN DEATH AT STRATFORD - Peter Killeen, aged 55 years, who has been living alone in a house near Stratford for some time, was found dead at his house, having evidently died very suddenly, as when found he was fully clothed and lying across his bed. He had not been seen for a day or two, and neighbours had watered his horses, but as he did not appear they grew suspicious and made a search for him, and found him on Friday last. Mr Crockett, J.P., held an inquiry, and on the evidence of Dr. Chapman, who had made a post mortem examination of the deceased, and stated the cause of death was syncope due to alcoholic pneumonia, a verdict was returned accordingly. The deceased was an old resident of the district, and there is a large family of sons. His brother, Mr Maurice Killeen (1847-1919), of The Heart, Sale, 25km south of Stratford is a Councillor of the Avon Shire, and great regret was expressed to him. The remains were interred in the Nuntin cemetery on Saturday.

Nelson Evening Mail, 10 September 1900 DEATH of Jane Eden
Susan's maternal great grandmother

... EDEN - On September 10th, at Waimea street, Jane, the beloved wife of Thomas Eden, aged 77 years

Colonist, 22 February 1901 DEATH of Thomas Eden
Susan's maternal great grandfather

... EDEN - On February 21st, at the Nelson Hospital, Thomas Eden, aged 80 years
Colonist, 2 April 1901 PROBATE - In the matter of the will of Thomas Eden, late of the City of Nelson, settler, Mr Maginnity appeared for the executor, Mr Gibbs, son-in-law of deceased, who applied for probate. Mr Harley representing certain relations, filed caveat - On the application of Mr Maginnity, who desired to file further affidavits, the matter was adjourned until the 29th April
Nelson Evening Mail, 1 May 1901 the Probate decision

Colonist, 3 June 1916... GOLDEN WEDDING of Hugh & Susan Kenyon
Susan's maternal grandparents

... Tuesday, May 23rd, was the anniversary of the marriage of Mr and Mrs Hugh Kenyon, of Dovedale, they having been married on Mary 23rd 1866, in Spring Grove, Nelson, by Bishop Hobhouse. Mr Kenyon, who has attained the age of 83, and Mrs Kenyon, who age is 73 years, were among the first settlers to take up their abode in the Dovedale Valley, and they endured many hardships of which the younger generation know nothing. Mr and Mrs Kenyon brought up a large family, their number being ten, nine of whom are still living - three sons and six daughters:
Mrs George Kinzett, Awa
Mrs H. B. Thorn, Awa (Susan Margaret + Henry Bishop)
Mr David Kenyon, Ross
Mrs J. Mead, Greymouth (Annie Louisa + Joseph)
Mrs H. Hawkins, Collingwood (Ada + Henry Peter)
Mr Frank Kenyon, Bennett's
Mrs Killeen, Westport (Isabella 'Belle' + William Patrick)
Mrs W. O. Hewetson, Martinborough (Eunice Ainsworth + William Othen)
Mr Arthur Kenyon, Thorpe
Friends fathered from far and near to congratulate the worthy couple and the presents were both useful and numerous. Mr Arthur Kenyon, in a neat speech, presented his parents with a beautiful chiming clock, on behalf of their children. Miss Thelma Thorn, on behalf of the grandchildren (of whom there are 34), presented them with a silver teapot, which was handed to Mrs Kenyon by Mary Thorn and tiny Annie Kenyon jointly. The Win family, also old and respected residents, united and gave Mr and Mrs Kenyon a silver cream jug and sugar bowl. Afternoon tea was partaken of, the health of "The Bride and Bridegroom" being proposed by Mr H. Hawkins, and responded to by Mr Arthur Kenyon and Mr Kenneth Thorn respectively. "The Win Family" was proposed by Mr Arthur Kenyon and responded to by Mr Nobel WIn. In the evening about a hundred guests assembled in the Public Hall and an enjoyable time was spent with songs and dancing until an early hour

Colonist, 27 June 1916... DEATH of Hugh Kenyon
Susan's maternal grandfather

... The ranks of the hardy band of pioneer settlers of this district were further thinned yesterday by the death of Mr Hugh Kenyon, J.P., of Thorpe. Deceased, who was born in Scotland in the year 1833, came out to Australia in the early fifties. He at once went to the gold diggings, which were then in full swing, and worked there with more or less success until he was attracted to New Zealand by the Gabriel's Gully rush. In the year 1861 he came to this district, and took up an unimproved farm at Dovedale, which he developed into splendid property. The late Mr Kenyon took a keen interest in all matters which affected the welfare of the district, and served on the school committee and road board for many years. Deceased, who was highly respected in the district, leaves a widow and grown-up family of three sons and six daughters, viz., Mrs George Kinzett, Awa, Mrs H. B. Thorn, Awa, Mr David Kenyon, Ross, Mrs J. Mead, Greymouth, Mrs H. Hawkins, Collingwood, Mr Frank Kenyon, Bennett's, Mrs Killeen, Westport, Mrs W. O. Hewetson, Martinborough, Mr Arthur Kenyon, Thorpe; also thirty-four grandchildren. The deepest sympathy will be felt with the relatives in the loss they have sustained. Only recently Mr and Mrs Kenyon celebrated their golden wedding. The occasion was marked by a large family gathering, and the aged couple were recipients of presentations from the family and friends

Colonist, 26 June 1917 IN MEMORIAM
... KENYON - In loving memory of my dear husband, Hugh Kenyon, who departed this life June 26th, 1916. Inserted by his loving wife and family

HEADSTONE of William Patrick Killeen at Karori

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by MartinD on 2013-05-03 06:01:40

Thank you so much Ngaire, this has filled in a few gaps and answered some questions about my family trees and other that I am working on, The only problem now is that I have opened several others issues. I have several other Killeen's appearing in other family trees that I am currently working on. I may need to come back to you to query a few other Killeen's.

by MartinD on 2013-05-04 00:14:23

Hi Ngaire,

Yet another question, Susan Isobel Killeen is she related to a Mary Ellen Killeen who married Humphrey Jas Hearn in 1894 in Victoria, Australia. If so what is the connection.

I am currently completing my own Davenport family tree and Mary appears in this one, but I am also completing another tree for a member of my wife's extended family and that is where Susan Isobel appears.

Thank you so much for your assistance.


by ngairedith on 2013-05-04 00:45:37

Mary Ellen Killeen (1868-1942), and her siblings, were born in Hamilton, Victoria which is about 520km from Stratford, Victoria (where Susan's family were) and she died in Maryborough, Victoria which is about 400km from Stratford.
Mary Ellen's father, John Killeen (1834-1907) died in Donald, Victoria which is about 510km from Stratford and her mother Ellen (nee Quinn) (1834-1895) died in Mount Jeffcott North, Victoria which is also about 500km away

This, of course, is not to say there wasn't a connection, just I haven't found it so far

Tell me where Susan appears on the extended tree of your wife as this may help

by MartinD on 2013-05-04 03:50:30

Thanks Ngaire,

Susan Isabel Killeen (1913-1988) married Richard Williams (1894-1978). Richards first wife Margaret Marion Clarke is my wife's parents. Susan and Richard's son Patrick Hugh married Marcia Carole Dawn Murrell. I am doing this research for both Marica and my wife's mother (Margaret June Williams).

I note with some of the information that I have obtained and what you have provided, it would appear that the Killeens on Susan and Mary sides may well be related somewhere along the way, as some of the birth, death and marriages locations are the same.

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