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Albert TETZLAFF died of Opium Poisoning - Weber 1906

Journal by ngairedith

Albert TETZLAFF (1856-1906)
was born in Germany
- his parents were Karl TETZLAFF & Wilhelmina LEHMANN

Albert had a brother, Gustav Otto Carl Tetzlaff
- It is possible Albert & Gustav 'jumped ship' to be in NZ
Gustave married Agnes HAYTER, had 8 children & settled in Huntly, Waikato
Albert was Naturalised in New Zealand in 1886

Selina 'Elizabeth' MASTERS (1857-1932)
was born in Gloucestershire, England
- her parents were Thomas MASTERS & Harriet TOWNSEND

ALBERT & ELIZABETH married 6 May 1890 in Waipawa Registrars Office

ALBERT & ELIZABETH had 8 children born in Weber
... 1
1887 - 1960 Albert Leopold Waldemar 'Bert' Tetzlaff
- he married Kate Elizabeth NUNN 25 Nov 1915 in Wanganui
Wanganui Chronicle, 11 May 1918 FOR CAMP
... The 42nd Reinforcements draft mobilises on or about May 22nd. Below are given the names of the men from Group 20 who are due to leave for camp with the draft. The Wanganui men fall in the Drill Hall at 6 a.m. on the 22nd inst. -
FROM WANGANUI - Tetzlaff, A., fencer, 111 Campbell Street, Wanganui
- Albert changed his name during the war to TOWNSEND

... 3
1891 - 1961 Bertha Gladys Tetzlaff
- In 1905 she was in Standard V of Weber School
- Bertha married John Hayes RYAN (1876-1958) in 1911 in Waipukurau
BERTHA died 4 august 1971 in Eketahuna & buried Mangatainola

... 3
1893 - Winifred Annie 'Winnie' Tetzlaff
- In 1904 she was in Standard IV of Weber School
- nothing known

... 4
1894 - 1976 Clara Isabel Tetzlaff
- In 1904 she was in Standard III of Weber School
(SHE won a prize for sewing)
- Clara married Ernest Albert BUCKLAND (1887-1945) in 1908

... 5
1895 - 1955 Florence 'May' Tetzlaff
- In 1904 she was in Standard II of Weber School and won a prize for proficiency
- Florence married William George HAWTHORN (1880-1970) 29 Jan 1923

... 6
1896 - 1968 Alice Elizabeth Tetzlaff
- In 1904 she was in the Preparatory Class of Weber School and won a prize for Attendance
- Alice married Frederick Percival ADAMS (1892-1985) in 1920

... 7
1897 - 1971 Jane Minnie 'Mary' Tetzlaff
- In 1905 she was in the Infants Class of Weber School
- nothing known

... 8
1898 - 1973 Henry 'Gilbert' Tetzlaff
- born 10 Sep 1898 in Weber
- In 1904 he was in the Infant Class of Weber School
- he served in WWI as Rifleman 25/522 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 3rd Battalion, A Company. He embarked from Wellington 5 Feb 1916 for Egypt. His mother, as next of kin, was then in 111 Campbell Street, Wanganui. In March 1917 the Defence Department issued a report that he was among those who were severely ill in Hospital in England
- Gilbert married Annie Lucy SCOTT (1899-1978) 10 Jan 1923 Kinohaku, Waikato
- they had at least 1 son:
1924 - 1993 Edward Gilbert Masters Tetzlaff
Auckland Star, 15 June 1929 SEQUEL TO COLLISON
Judgment for plaintiff for ?736 9s 7d was given in the Hamilton Supreme Court to-day in the case in which Francis Oliver Hewetson, cycle dealer, of Te Kuiti, sought to recover from H. G. Tetzlaff, carrier, of Kinohaku, ?1300 as damages ($120,400 in 2013). The case, which was heard before Sir Alexander Herdman and a jury of 12, arose out of a collision between a motor cycle ridden by plaintiff and a lorry driven by defendant between Te Kuiti and Te Onga on November 2, 1928
HENRY GILBERT Tetzlaff died 3 May 1973 in Te Kuiti. His last address was 7 Tawa St Te Kuiti. His ashes were spread, GARDN-SUNKN-0000, at Hamilton Park Cemetery

Bush Advocate, 27 September 1890
A RIDE THROUGH THE BUSH by our Special Reporter
... your correspondent was unable to proceed any further on account of the bad state of the road between Ti Tree Point and Wainui. On my return to Weber I noticed Mr Tetzlaff's section of 250 acres. He has felled some 100 acres or more, and sown it in grass, and rape, and intends stocking with sheep as soon as the roads are fit for driving sheep. He intends felling another 100 this year and has built a nice two-roomed cottage, In connection with this he has a fine vegetables growing most luxuriantly in it, showing that this class of land will grow anything. Mr Tetzlaff intends forming a plantation of English ornamental trees round his house. Mr Steven Franklin's property joins that of Mr Tetzlaff. He has a splendid section of 1,400 acres, the most of which has been felled some years. He has a substantial four-roomed cottage, sheep yardss, etc. The great drawback to the Weber district is the exorbitant price of living. The following are a few of the store quotations supplied by a settler:-
Flour, a very important item, 22s 6d per cwt
Sugar, 20s per 40lb bag
Potatoes 20s per bag of 140lb
Of course carting is very expensive ?7 being charged per ton from Danevirke, a distance of twenty-five miles

Bush Advocate, 30 October 1890
... No 5 Contract - About 20 chains formation on main road at east end of Carmichael and Co's contract, Sullivan and Rice ?3 per chain; Albert Tetzlaff ?1 8s 8d per chain for forming and ?16 for culverts (accepted)

Bush Advocate, 31 December 1891
... Mr T. Baddeley is busy preparing the ironwork for the Tamaki bridge; also for the three bridges on the Weber district, for which Mr Tetzlaff has the contract

Bush Advocate, 11 October 1892
... Mr Albert Tetzlaff, who has obtained a contract of over 2 miles of formation, is wanting Good men, and is prepared to give good wages, so that navvies need not be afraid to roll up

Bush Advocate, 23 December 1899
... Tender received - Forming 61 chains bridle track, Mangaone road - A. Tetzlaff 23s 6d per chain, culvert timber, 10s per 100 feet; proposed by Mr Chote that Tetzlaff's tender be accepted, seconded by Mr Bond and carried

Bush Advocate, 25 January 1904
... Mr A. Tetzlaff, the well known road contractor, has just moved his teams down the coast to Akitio, where he has a large contract for road making to carry out

Bush Advocate, 8 November 1905
... Callery was making slow progress with his papa-burning contract, and A. Tetzlaff had taken over Quillinan and Co.'s burning contract.

Bush Advocate, 6 December 1905
... Tetzlaff is making good progress with his contract at the Blue Cutting. One team will be engaged there widening the road. It will be starting at Pine Grove to reform the road, so as to allow Callery to get on with his papa carting.

Bush Advocate, 11 January 1906
... Tetzlaff is making food progress with his contract on the Leisure Hour deviation

Bush Advocate, 26 March 1906

... The sudden death of Mr Tetzlaff has deprived the widow and family of eight of their breadwinner. The wife is suffering from an incurable affliction, and the case is a particularly sad one. The deceased was a German, and had a wide experience. He had been contracting about the district for a number of years. He was the soul of good nature, and ever ready to afford any assistance in his power to anyone who might be in trouble. His death is genuinely deplored. As a mark of sympathy with the family in their distress, the jurymen at the inquest yesterday handed their respective fees to the widow

Wanganui Chronicle, 27 March 1906
... A man named Albert Tetzlaff, aged 49, a well-known contractor, died suddenly at Weber on Saturday. At the inquest the jury returned a verdict that he died from drinking an overdose of laudanum whilst suffering from the effects of drink. A prohibition order was issued against the deceased on Saturday morning, and he then remarked that those concerned would be sorry for what they had done. He leaves a wife, who is an invalid, and eight children

Bush Advocate, 26 March 1906,
... An inquest was held at Weber yesterday before Mr T. Lindsay Buick, District Coroner, and the follwong jury:- John Mabbett (foreman), H. W. J. Muscatt, T. Telford, J. H. Arnott, J. J. Wallace and W. S. HarveY. District Constable Ryan represented the police.
... Andrew Robertson, storekeeper, at Weber, deposed that he was one of Tetzlaff's bondsmen for one of his contracts. For some time Tetzlaff had been drinking heavily, and his employees had come on several occasions and asked witness to take a prohibition order out against him. This witness at first refused to do, as he wished to give Tetzlaff every chance to reform. He spoke to Tetzlaff several times about it, but as he did not mend his ways witness applied to the court on Saturday for an order prohibiting him from drinking, which was granted. Tetzlaff said nothing to him which would indicate that he was angry at the order being taken out. After the court sat he came up to the store and paid some men off. He then asked witness for the bottle of laudanum which he had lent to witness some days before to curR his toothache. He gave as a reason for requiring it, that his wife might be bad that night and would need the drug. The bottle was handed over to him and he left the shop to go home. Witness did not see him after that.
... Dr Macallan deposed that on Saturday he was called by telephone to see Tetzlaff, whose condition was described as serious. He reached the house at 7.35 p.m. and found deceased suffering from opium poisoning, the symptoms being very typical. He applied that necessary remedies, but the heart stopped at 7.50 p.m. Tetzlaff was deeply unconscious when witness arrived and he was informed that he had been in that condition since 11.30 a.m. His breath smelt very strongly of alcohol, but the cause of death was opium poisoning.
... District Constable Ryan deposed that a prohibition order had been taken our against Tetzlaff on Saturday. During the hearing deceased had made the remark that if the order was granted the Bench would be sorry for it. Half an hour later he saw Tetzlaff at Robertsons's store, when he appeared to have had more drink. He did not see him again until he was called to the house about 2.45. Tetzlaff was then unconscious, and was black in the face and arms. Witness endeavoured to restore animation, and then sent for the doctor. The efforts to restore animation were continued until Dr Macallan arrived. The first idea he got that Tetzlaff was poisoned was a remark made by Mr Francis. He then made search for the bottle, but could not find it. He then went to interview Mr Robertson, and by the time he returned the bottle (produced) had been found. He remained with Dr Maccallan until Tetzlaff died. He had known him for a number of years, and during all that time Tetzlaff had been a heavy drinker.
... Thomas Wright deposed that Mrs Tetzlaff called him to come and see her husband shortly before three o'clock. He found him lying on the bed and making a peculiar noise. He at once sent for Constable Ryan. Later on he heard something said about poison and he went and looked about the doorstep, where deceased had been sitting, and found the bottle under the house.
... The Coroner then summed up the evidence and the jury after a brief retirement returned the following verdict:- "That deceased met his death at Weber on Saturday, 24th March, by drinking an overdose of laudanum whilst under the influence of drinking

Bush Advocate, 30 March 1906
... Mrs Tetzlaff desires to express her sincere thanks for the many kind expression of sympathy she has received in connection with the lamented death of her husband. Weber, March 20th, 1906

Bush Advocate, 12 April 1906
... From D. McBeth, stating that it was agreed that he and the late Mr Tetzlaff should be partners in the contract on Oporae road, and that he is willing that contract should be transferred to him. - Proposed by Cr Riddell, seconded by Cr Poole, that contract be handed over to D. McBeth

Bush Advocate, 14 June 1906
... By order of the Public Trustee, in the estate of the late Albert Tetzlaff, 38 acres in the township of Weber, together with a good dwelling house; also the lease of an educational reserve of 50 acres in Weber. The lease has three years to run, with right of renewal for another 21 years at a low rental. The sale will start punctually at 2 o'clock, and in all cases the terms are made exceptionally easy
It was bought by Mr W Hales for ?205 ($32,300 in June 2013)
By order of the Public Trustee, and with the consent of the mortgagees, at the Dannevirke Horse Sale on Saturday, April 28th, at 12.30. W. Rose has been instructed to sell by auction, without reserve, as above, the whole of the late Albert Tetzlaff's contracting plant, comprising about-
24 good draughts, in good condition and straight out of work
6 hacks and light harness horses
1 draught stallion, Nugget
Drays and harness for the above
Also complete contractor's camp gear, comprising -
Scoops, jacks, ploughs, plough chains and harness, tarpaulin, shovels, grindstones, bars, and other tools, tents, camp ovens, cables, and other articles too numerous to mention. The above will all be on view the day prior to sale

Bush Advocate, 8 August 1906
... From Mr K. Cameron, re procuring charitable aid for Mrs Tetzlaff. From Mr Whibley on same subject. Proposed by the chairman, seconded by Cr Jensen, that application be made to the Charitable Aid Board for assistance for Mrs Tetzlaff and family - Carried

Bush Advocate, 22 October 1906
... A good deal of dissatisfaction exists at Weber over the manner in which the H. B. Charitable Aid Board is dealing with the case of Mrs Tetzlaff, and the matter is to be brought prominently under the notice of Pastor Ries on his return to Dannevirke

Bush Advocate, 7 November 1906
... From Mrs Tetzlaff, asking what amounts were paid in rates by the late A. Tetzlaff - Already replied to

Albert TETZLAFF died 24 March 1906 in Weber, Manawatu
- he is buried unknown location at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke
Selina 'Elizabeth' TETZLAFF died 11 Dec 1932 in Wellington
- she was cremated at Karori


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