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the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... B names

Journal by ngairedith

the Roman Catholic MOUNT STREET CEMETERY is a protected heritage site in Wellington, New Zealand (click link for more). It was the first cemetery in Wellington for Catholic burials and contains the graves of the first nuns and priests in Wellington. It remained open until 1891 although burials continued in existing family plots until 1954. The earliest surviving grave marker dates from 1851, and the latest from 1954. Although only around 200 headstones survive, it is estimated that there could have been as many as 1150 burials. Many of the early markers were simple wooden crosses, which have long since vanished

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the 'Residents' of MOUNT STREET Cemetery, Wellington (as at May 2012)
- anything in italics is my addition
- dates may be of death OR burial


B---, Margaret - buried 7 July 1892 aged 51
- see BERGIN below

BAILEY, Mary - 24 March 1911 aged 58

BANNIN, James Francis - 7 Oct 1892 aged 15
- son of James Francis (1836-1898 & Mary Matilda 1848-1918) BANNIN, Tailor in Wairarapa, as were at least 2 of hs sons, died in Carterton.
NOTE problem!! James Francis Bannin snr, Tailor (1836-1898) is said to be buried in an unmarked plot in Clarevlle, Carterton but also has burial records in Karori interred in Plot 12, Section ROM CATH with his wife & son James Francis Bannin above ??

BARNES, Richard Owen - 27 July 1913 aged 2
- Richard was the son of Thomas George BARNES & Kathleen HURNEY

BARRETT, James Edward - 7 August 1889 aged 39
- James was a Parliamentary Messenger
7 Aug 1889 On the 1st August, at Sydney-street, James Edward Barrett, aged 39 years. R.I.P. Home papers please copy
8 Aug 1889 THE INQUEST & cause of death
- he left a widow, (Julia nee HEALY), and 6 young children:
1878 - 1941 Mary Frances Barrett
- Mary married Michael William DEVITT in 1899
1880 - 1915 Annie Julia Barrett
- Annie married George Henry MABBETT (1874-1944) in 1902
1883 - 1956 James Maurice Barrett
- spouse not found
1885 - 1965 Johanna Margaret Barrett
- Johanna married Ashley Burton BINDON (1864-1944) in 1910
1886 - 1956 Patrick Leonard Barrett
- Patrick marred Elizabeth Annie ROBINSON in 1915
1888 - 1957 Jane Barrett
- Jane married John Joseph HOLLOWAY (1887-1966) in 1910

BARRETT, Margaret - 20 August 1885 aged 19

BARRINGTON, Charles Frederick Douglas - 26 Jan 1885 aged 6 months
26 Jan 1885 On the 26th January, the beloved son of Charles Frederick Douglas Barrington (& Bedelia CAHILL), aged 6 months; deeply regretted. Wanganui papers pleae copy.
- the children of Charles & Bedelia:
1883 - Ethel May Barrington
1884 - 1885 Charles Frederick Barrington
1885 - Jessie Beatrice Barrington
- Jessie married William Rushton HALES in Inglewood in 1914
1887 - Ida Maud Barrington
- Ida married Charles Edward BACKSTROM in 1924
Bedelia remarried in 1917 (as a widow) to Heber BROWN

BARRON, Minnie - 23 May 1880 aged 28
23 May 1880 On the 23rd May, at the Hospital, Wellington, Minnie Barron, aged 28 years. Dunedin papers please copy

BARRY, Ellen - 21 Jan 1859 aged 3 months

BARRY, James Edward - 11 June 1857 aged 2 months

BARRY, John - ???

BARRY, Sister Mary Agnes - 23 June 1877 aged 27
23 June 1877 On 23rd June, at St Mary's Convent, Hill-street, Sister Mary Agnes Barry, aged 27 years. R.I.P.

BARRY, James - 6 May 1891 aged 13 months
- name should read Joseph Barry
On the 5th May 1891 at Molesworth-street, Joseph, infant son of Andrew and Annie (nee HARRISON)Barry, aged 13 months. R.I.P.

BASSETT, Miss Clair Josephine - 16 December 1894 aged 20
18 Dec 1894 On the 18th December, 1894, at the residence of her father, Ohariu, Clair Josephine, dearly-beloved daughter of Mr Thomas Bassett; aged 20 years and 8 months. R.I.P.
24 Dec 1894 An Ohariu correspondent writes that the funeral of Miss Clair Josephine Bassett, which took place at the end of the week, was very largely attended, and general sympathy is felt for Mr and Mrs Bassett in their sorrow. Mr and Mrs Bassett (Thomas Bassett & Harriet Maria Whitehall Sutton) are very old Wellington settlers, having come out by the ship Oliver Laing on her first voyage, in 1856. This is the first death in the family out of three sons and seven daughters, of whom deceased, aged 20 years, was the youngest. The interment took place at the Catholic cemetery in the Valley, the coffin being carried by young men, friends and neighbours, to the grave, where it was covered in flowers. The burial service was conducted by the Rev Father Donnelly, who delivered an affecting discourse at the grave. Mr F. Greer conducted the funeral arrangements
- children of Thomas BASSETT & Harriet Maria Whitehall SUTTON:
... born in England
1851 - 1886 Juliana Bassett
- Juliana married Thomas KELLY in 1867
1852 - 1910 Theresa Bassett
- Theresa married William BEECH in 1874
1856 - 1934 Mary Bassett
- Mary married George KILSBY in 1884
... born in Wellington
1860 - 1900 Agnes Bassett
- Agnes married Thomas Ireland PATTERSON in 1890 (had 7 children)
1863 - 1943 Frances Mary Bassett
- Frances did not marry
1865 - 1897 Francis 'Frank' Sutton Bassett
- Frank did not marry
1867 - 1944 Josephine Marian Bassett
- Josphine married William James BRYANT in 1894
1870 - 1957 Thomas Henry Joseph Bassett
- Thomas married May Lydia HAWTHORNE in 1896
1874 - 1894 Clair Josephine Bassett
- Clair died aged 20 (as above)
one son yet to be found

BEATTY, James - 30 Sep 1885 aged 43
- married Rose Ann FARRELLY in 1873

BEATTY, Rose Anne (nee FARRELLY) - 21 Nov 1913 aged 74
- Rose married James Beatty in 1873 & had 4 children:
1874 - 1923 William John Beatty
1876 - ? James Beatty
1879 - 1947 Rose Ann Beatty
- Rose wasn't married
1881 - Margaret Beatty
- Margaret married George Reeves Harris in 1904
Rose Ann remarried to James Stevenson/Stephenson in 1890
21 Nov 1913 On the 21st November, 1913 at her late residence, 13 Windsor-place, Rose Anne Stevenson, loving mother of W. J. and R. Beatty and M. Harris; aged 74 years. R.I.P.

BEATTY, William John - 16 Oct 1923 aged 49
- son of James BEATTY & Rose Ann FARRELLY, see above

BEECH, John Joseph - 6 March 1860 aged 5 months

BEECH, Joseph Francis Peter - 1 Nov 1875 aged 6 weeks
- son of William BEECH & Theresa BASSETT who was a sister of Clair Josephine above

BEER, Letitia - 27 Oct 1891 aged 39

BELL, Bernard Owen Dee - 13 Jan 1932 aged 51
- this was Bernard Owen William Bell (1880-1932) a son of David & Eliza Bell and brother of David Alfred Angelius Moore Bell (next)
13 Jan 1932 Bernard Owen Bell, aged 51, a single man a brother of Mr A. E. Bell, chairman of the Nireaha (10km west of Eketahuna) Cheese Company, was thrown out of a gig while returnng home about 9.30 last night. He received injuries which resulted n his death at midnight

BELL, David Alfred Angelius Moore - 23 Dec 1927 aged 51
23 Dec 1927 On the 23rd December, 1928 at Wellington Hospital, David, second son of the late David Bell of Nireaha; aged 51 years. R.I.P.
29 Dec 1927 The (Catholic?) Brothers and Sisters of the late DAVID BELL wish to thank the Doctor, Sister and Nurses of Ward 7 for their kindness and attention of their brother during his illness
- brother of William Bernard Owen Bell above

BELL, Elizabeth - 24 April 1888 aged 48
- mother of Bernard Owen & David Alfred Bell above (& also possibly M. below)
24 April 1888 On the 24th April 1888, at her residence, Moir-street (Mount Victoria), Wellington, Elizabeth, the beloved wife of David Bell, aged 48 years; deeply regretted. R.I.P.
* On 23rd November, 1925, at his residence, Nireaha, David Bell; aged 86. Deeply regretted
* At her residence, 9 Selwyn road, Napier, Ada Maud CARVER (1866-1923), deary beloved second daughter of David Bell, Nireaha, Eketahuna. Deeply mourned. (Ada married James Fitzpatrick Carver in 1883 & had 9 children)

BELL, M - 1 Jan 1876 aged 7 months
- no BellS deaths in NZ (as per PDF) there was a William David Bell, son of David & Elizabeth BELL & brother of Bernard Owen & David Alfred Bell (above) who died on 4th Jan 1876 at his residence, Willis street (few hundred metres from Mount street) aged 6 months

BENNETT, Lucy Emily - 3 July 1880 aged 34
3 July 1880 On the 3rd July, Lucy Emily Bennett, the beloved wife of Harry Bennett, the landlord of the Commercial Hotel, Willis street, died this morning at about 7 o'clock aged 34 years. The deceased had been ailing for several weeks past, having been attended by Dr Grace, who abandoned all hopes of recovery some days ago. She suffered from disease of the heart, and expired in a very sudden manner. Some time since she paid periodical visits to the Wairarapa district, in the expectation of benefiting her health. Her remains will be interred on Monday morning.

BENNETT, Mary? - 3 June 1886 aged 33

BERGEMAN?, August - 30 Oct 1874 aged 23

BERGIN, Margaret - buried 7 July 1892
- (see first entry) ... this is possibly her
3 July 1892 On Sunday the 3rd of July at her residence, Kaiwarra (changed to Kaiwharawhara in 1951, 4km north of Mount street), Margaret Bergin, only sister of Mrs **George Knight of the Lower Hutt, aged 51 years; deeply regretted. R.I.P.
* A Margaret LALOR married a James Bergin in 1865. If this was her, Margaret would have been aged about 24. OR she may not have married at all
** George Knight (1841-1880), (who only had 1 arm) was an early settler of Lowry Bay, Lower Hutt. He discovered gold 'somewhere' near the Wainuiomata valley, between the Hutt and the Wairarapa Ranges. A daughter, Margaret Josephine Knight married Robert August HEISE in 1895. Their son, George's grandson, James McKay Heise served in WWI as Sapper 4/1708 with the Field Engineers, 8th Reinforcements. He was wounded & temporarily blinded by high explosives. His parents were living in Ohingaiti when he embarked in 1915. (all this is to try to identify Margaret Bergin. If you can help please leave a comment below)

BERNOTTI, Antonio - 3 Dec 1877 aged 40

BERRY, John - 20 Dec 1900 aged 58

BEST, Bridget Josephine - 11 May 1885 aged 36

BIANCHINI, Eduarde - 20 June 1876 aged 4

BIDDLE, Hannah - 2 June 1910 aged 68

BIDDLE, Mary Catherine - 24 Aug 1876 aged 5.1
- 1st of 5 children of Edgar BIDDLE & Hannah MEAGHER:
1871 - 1876 Mary Catherine Biddle
- Mary died aged 5
1875 - Catherine Ann Biddle
1878 - ? Edgar John Biddle
1883 - Mary Josephine Biddle
- Mary married patrick Joseph James CLARKE in 1905
1886 - 1970 Agnes Aloysius Biddle
- Agnes married John COONEY in 1907

BLOMMART, Emma - 12 June 1887 aged 5

BODY, William - 13 May 1878 aged 39

BOHAN, Margaret - 17 Aug 1918 aged 76
17 Aug 1918 On the 17th August, 1918, at her residence, 107 Hanon-street, Margaret, the beloved wife of Michael Bohan; aged 76 years. R.I.P. Requiem mass at St Anne's Newtown, at 9 o'clock on Monday, 19th August. Private interment.

BOHAN, Michael - 17 Aug 1921 aged 87
17 Aug 1921 On the 17th August,1921, at his residence, 234 Riddiford-street, Michael Bohan; aged 87 year. R.I.P. (3 years to the day after Margaret). Michael was a Coachbuider & built cars in Wellington. He held an annual sale of buggies, broughams, dog-carts, brakes, expresses and indeed, every description of vehcles, at his factory Manners-street. He was a member of the Hibernian Society.

BOLTON, Frederic William - 1 April 1866 aged 59
1 April 1866 On the 1st inst., at his residence, Molesworth street, Wellington, Frederic William Bolton, in the 60th year of his age

BONNER, Charles Thomas - 5 Feb 1882 aged 3 months
- son of James & Mary BONNER

BOURKE, Alice - 2 Dec 1912 aged 70
2 Dec 1912 On the 2nd December, at her residence, Kilbirnie, Alice, the beloved wife of James Bourke, in her 70th year. R.I.P. No flowers
... the following was taken from the site Heritage Help (photo of James & Alice at that link) ... James and Alice Bourke came from Ireland to Brisbane and arrived in Wellington about 1868. For about 45 years they resided at Wellington Road, Kilbirnie, where Mr Bourke bought land from James Coutts Crawford. He ran a wool-scouring business for many years, using water from the Waipapa stream which formed a pond known as Bourke's Pond. Mr Bourke took a keen interest in the development of Wellington and was a member of the first Melrose Borough Council. James and Alice had four sons and six daughters. Their sons were well-known wool buyers in Wellington. Mrs Bourke died in 1912 and James on 7 May 1915. The Bourkes were one of the first catholic families in the eastern suburbs. James arranged to be buried next to his catholic priest at the Mount Street Cemetery. The Bourke family also donated a large stained glass window to St Gerard's church in Mt Victoria
note 1 year old granddaughter, Alice Mary 'Pipi' Hickman is buried here also

BOURKE, Alice Mary - 29 Aug 1925 aged 50

BOURKE, James - 7 May 1915 aged 76
7 May 1915 On the 7th May, 1915, at his residence, Wellington-road, Kilbirnie, James Bourke; aged 76 years. R.I.P. No flowers.
The death is reported of Mr James Bourke, a well-known and highly esteemed resident of Kilbirnie. The late Mr Bourke arrived in Wellington about 47 years ago, and for about 45 years of that time has resided at Kilbirnie, where he bought land from the late Mr James C. Crawford. Mr Bourke took a keen interest in the development of Wellington and was a member of the first Melrose Borough Council. His four sons, Messrs: M. F., John Joshua (1878-1965), Thomas James (1873-) and John Patrick Bourke (1879-1918 below) are well known wool buyers of this city; the last-named is at present in England. Special mention was made at the various Catholic Churches of the city on Sunday to the charitable disposition of the deceased gentleman. This morning the remains of the deceased were interred in Karori Cemetery?. Requiem Mass was celebrated at St Mary of the Angels, Boulcott-street, by the Rev Father O'Connell. His Grace Co-adjutor-Archbishop O'Shea made feeling reference to the good qualities of the deceased and the music of the Mass was sung by the Rev Fathers Venning, Quealy, Kimbell and Peoples. The Rev Father O'Connell officiated at the graveside

BOURKE, John Patrick - 10 Aug 1918 aged 39
- son of James & Alice above
- John was the senior partner in the firm of Bourke, Wilson and Co, Wool Buyers of Wellington. He moved to Christchurch early 1918 bcause of failing health and he died at his residence, Cashmere Hills.
- in his Will were the following benefactors:
* Catholic Church, Kilbiirnie 500 (2012 equivalent of $54,500)
* Monther Mary Aubert's Home, Wellington 500
* Redemptorists Monastry, Wellington 500
* Boys Catholice Orphanage, Lower Hutt 250
* Girls Catholic Orphange, Lower Hutt 250
* Wellington Catholic Education Board 250

BOURKE, Thomas - 1869 aged 7 days

BOYCE, Margaret - 21 July 1926 aged 91
21 July 1926 On the 21st July 1926, at the Home of Our Lady of Compassion, Island Bay, Margaret Boyce, relict of the late John Boyce, Shipwright, and mother of J. Boyce, Arthur-srteet, in her 92nd year. R.I.P.

BOYLE, Eveline - 1877 aged 7 months
- daughter of Patrick & Ellen BOYLE

BRADLEY, Hugh - 13 Sep 1920 aged 63
13th Sep 1920 On the 13th September, 1829, at 16 Tennyson-street, Hugh Bradley, beloved husband of Mary Bradley; aged 63 years. R.I.P.

BRADLEY, Hugh - 1880 aged 18
- son of Hugh BRADLEY & Margaret McHUGH

BRADLEY, James - 1877 aged 21
- son of Hugh BRADLEY & Margaret McHUGH

BRADLEY, Margaret (nee McHUGH) - 11 Sep 1886 aged 25
- Margaret married Hugh in 1882. They had a daughter, Mary Bradley (1883-1889 below)
10 Sep 1886 On the 10th September, at her residence, Frederick=street, margaret, the beloved wife of Hugh Bradley, aged 25 years; deeply regretted. R.I.P. Timaru and Waimate papers please copy
15 Sep 1885 The somewhat unusual spectacle of a friendly society turning out to two funerals in one afternoon was presented yesterday when th Hibernians of Wellington followed to the cemetery the remains of Mrs Hugh Bradley, wife of Mr H. Bradley and Mrs Quaintance (Mary Ann nee BOLT 1842-1886), wife of Mr Joseph Quaintance (1839-1907) caretaker of the Wainuiomata Waterworks. The Rev Father Moore performed the burial service on each occasion. (Joseph Quaintance remarried in 1889 to Emily Louisa GLADWIN 1850-1925)

BRADLEY, Margaret (nee COX) - 20 May 1888 aged 26
- Margaret married Hugh in 1887
20 May 1888 On 29th May, at Alma-lane, off Tory-street, Margaret beloved wife of Hugh Bradley, aged 28 years. R.I.P.

BRADLEY, Mary - 30 June 1889 aged 5
- daughter of Hugh BRADLEY & Margaret McHUGH (above)

BRADLEY, Mary Ann - 1887 aged 22
- daughter of Hugh BRADLEY & Margaret McHUGH

BRADY, Herbert Thomas - 26 Sep 1886 aged 2
- son of John & Mary Ann BRADY

BRADY, John - 24 June 1888 aged 56
17 Dec 1874 A charge against John Brady of the Thistle Inn (Mulgrave street) for selling liquor on Sunday was adjourned
18 Oct 1881 John Brady, landlord of the Thistle Inn, situated in Mulgrave-street, was charged with taking in pledge from William Lark, a watch and chain for a certain quantity of alcoholic liquor - to wit, a bottle of champagne. The case was dismissed. The police admitted that Mr Brady was a very respectable publican
29 April 1882 Edmund O'Malley, of the City of Wellington, Contractor, was a bankrupt. John Brady, of Wellington, Hotelkeeper, was elected Creditors' Trustee of the estate of Edmund O'Malley, the debtor
5 June 1884 John Brady's Thistle Inn license was renewed with an 11 o'clock closing. His license was renewed every June after that, the last one 3 weeks before his death
25 June 1888 Mr John Brady, the well-known proprietor of the Thistle Hotel, Mulgrave-street, after a very brief illness during which he was attended by Drs Grace and Henry, succumbed to typhoid fever and died last night. Mr Brady, who was 58 years of age, arrived in Australia in the year 1853, and after experiencing the usual vicissitudes of fortune incidental to the early days of the goldfields, he, attracted by the fabulous finds at Gabriel's Gully, came over to Otago in 1850, where for some years he was engaged as a teamster between Dunedin and the Dunstan. He rapidly made money at this work, and in 1873 he came to Wellington, where he shortly afterwards acquired by purchase the Thistle Hotel, which he conducted up to the time of his demise. Mr Brady was well known as a good citizen and a most charitable man. He leaves a widow and a young family who are well provided for. The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. The friends of the late Mr John Brady are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral, which leaves his late residence, Thistle Hotel, to-morrow (Tuesday), at 3 o'clock, for the Roman Catholic Cemetery - JAMES QUIN, Undertaker

BRADY, Mary Ann - 26 April 1890 aged 34

BRANIGAN, John Michael - 20 July 1865 aged 2

BROGAN, Emma (nee PHILPS) - 15 July 1907 aged 76
- Emma was born in Richmond, Surrey, England
15 July 1907 On the 15th July 1907, at Pipitea-street, Emma, relict of the late Patrick Brogan, H.M. 99th Regiment; aged 76 years. Private interment

BROGAN, Patrick - 8 Nov 1878 aged 57
- he was Quartermaster-Sergeant of the 99th Regiment
- Patrick was born in Ireland. He married Emma Philps (above) in 1846
- they had 11 known children:
1848 - 1913 John Brogan
1850 - 1920 Catherine Brogan
1852 - 1853 Peter Brogan
1854 - 1928 Annie Brogan
- Annie was chosen by the Rev Father O'Reilly, S.M. to take charge of the girls portion of the first Catholic school in Hokitika, before the arrival of the Sisters of Mercy in the 1870s
1856 - 1868 Thomas Brogan
1858 - 1932 Agnes Brogan
1861 - 1915 Francis James Brogan
1863 - 1947 Vincent Joseph Brogan
1865 - 1939 Edward Patrick Brogan
1870 - 1944 Louis Gladstone Brogan
1871 - 1872 Wilfred Augustine Brogan (below)
8 Nov 1878 On the 8th November, at his residence, Molesworth-street, Patrick Brogan, aged 57. New York papers please coopy.

BROGAN, Peter - 1853 aged 1
- 3rd of 11 children of Patrick BROGAN & Emma PHILPS

BROGAN, Thomas - Aug 1882 aged 2 months

BROGAN, Wilfred Augustne - 9 Sep 1872 aged 11 months
- 11th of 11 children of Patrick BROGAN & Emma PHILPS

BROOKER, Thomas Edward - 1 Sep 1882 aged 2 months

BROSNAN, Mary - 24 May 1919 aged 90
24 May 1919 On the 24th May 1919, at the residence of her daughter (Mrs Twomey). "Whainui-o-Mati", Mary Brosnan, widow of the late Thomas Brosnan; aged 90 years R.I.P.
The death took place recemtly of Mrs Mary Brosnan, widow of the late Mr T. Brosnan, formerly well known and respected in Wellington. Mr and Mrs Brosnan came from Castle Island, County Kerry, Ireland. Three daughters are left; Mrs MANDEVILLE (Sydney), Mrs LEE (Wellington South) and Mrs TWOMEY, of Wainuiomata. There are also a number of grandchildren and great-grandchildren

BROSNAN, Thomas - 8 Sep 1888 aged 62
17 Sep 1887 A very successful ophthalmic operation has just been performed by Dr MacKenzie, of this city. About 14 years ago Mr Thomas Brosnan, of the Upper Hutt, contracted a cataract in one of his eyes. The other eye became sympathetically affected, and for some years past Mr Brosnan has been unable to follow any regular occupation, owing to failing sight. The pain which he endured for years was very great, and all the remedies applied failed to give reief. A few days ago he came into town and placed himself in the hands of Dr MacKenzie, who decided to remove the cataract. The operation was performed with great success, the patient being subjected to little or no pain and having the sight of the eye restored. Mr Brosnan is naturally very thankful to Dr MacKenzie for the service which that gentleman has done him
7 Sep 1888 On 8th September, at the Upper Hutt, Thomas Brosnan, late of Castle Island, County Kerry, Ireland, aged 62 years. R.I.P.

BROUSE, Frederick 13 Jan 1879 aged 25

BROWNE, Thomas James - 27 Jan 1878 aged 7 months

BUCHANAN, James - ???

BULLOCK, Rosina 18 March 1882 aged 19 hours

BURKE, Annie Margaret - 11 Sep 1879 aged 7 months
- daughter of Patrick & Delia BURKE

BURKE, Thomas - 20 Dec 1869 aged 3 days

BURNS, Michael - 6 Sep 1875 aged 40

BUTLER, Dora Annie - 4 Jan 1933 aged 69
4 Jan 1833 On 4th january, 1933, at her residence, 113 Great road, Dora Annie, daughter of the late Michael Butler and Martha Mary Byrne R.I.P. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at the Sacred Heart Bascillica, Hill street, on Friday, 6th January, 1933, at 8.15 a.m. Private Interment

BYRNE, Martha Mary (formerly BUTLER) - 14 April 1919 aged 84
- Martha was married to Michael Butler. Their daughter Dora Annie above
- Martha remarried in 1870 to James Byrne



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