the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... Ma-Mc names :: Genealogy
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the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... Ma-Mc names

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the Roman Catholic MOUNT STREET CEMETERY is a protected heritage site in Wellington, New Zealand (click link for more). It was the first cemetery in Wellington for Catholic burials and contains the graves of the first nuns and priests in Wellington. It remained open until 1891 although burials continued in existing family plots until 1954. The earliest surviving grave marker dates from 1851, and the latest from 1954. Although only around 200 headstones survive, it is estimated that there could have been as many as 1150 burials. Many of the early markers were simple wooden crosses, which have long since vanished

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the 'Residents' of MOUNT STREET Cemetery, Wellington (as at May 2012)
- anything in italics is my addition
- dates may be of death OR burial


MADDEN, Catherine Mary Agnes - 27 Nov 1887 aged 19
28 Nov 1887 On 27th November 1887, at Manners-street, Catherine Mary Agnes, eldest daughter of John and Mary Madden, aged 19 years; deeply regretted. R.I.P.
28 Nov 1887 The Friends of Mr John Madden are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late daughter (Catherine Mary Agnes), which will leave his residence, Manners-street, to-morrow (Tuesday), the 29th inst., at 2.30 p.m. - P. HOSKINS, Undertaker

MADDEN, Charles 'Chas' - 16 July 1876 aged 41
16 July 1876On the 16th July, at the residence of his brother, James Madden, Ghuznee-street, Charles Madden, aged 41 years

MADDEN, John - 22 Oct 1901 aged 55
22 Oct 1901 On 22nd October, at Pleasant Point, South Canterbury, John Madden, Constable, aged 55. R.I.P.
31 Oct 1901 The many friends in Wellington, and elsewhere in the Colony, of Constable John Madden, of Pleasant Point, will hear with regret of his death which occurred in the early part of last week at the comparatively early age of 53 (sic) years. Deceased had been for a number of years stationed at Clyde Quay, Wellington, and was transfered to Pleasant Point in 1896. He was a native of the South of Ireland, and when a young man engaged in farming. In 1880 he joined the armed constabulary, and took part in Major Gudgeon's expedition to Parihaka and the arrest of Te Whiti. In 1883 he joined the police and his career since then gained the approval and esteem of his superiors. He leaves a widow and 11 children, most of whom are grown up. One boy is a student at St Patrick's College, having been a successful scholarship winner from the Timaru Marist Brothers School - R.I.P.

MADDEN, Mary - 30 April 1888 aged 24

MADDEN, Mary - 19 Jan 1919 aged 73
20 Jan 191 On the 20th January 1919, at No 8 Coombe-street, Wellington, Mary Ann, widow of the late John Madden. R.I.P.

MADDEN, Patrick - 9 Feb 1884 aged 13 months
9 Feb 1884 On the 9th February 1884, at Cambridge Terrace, Patrick, beloved and only child of Nathaniel and Mary Madden, aged 13 months

MADDEN, Samuel - 3 May 1862 aged 47
23 May 1862 In the 1862-63 City of Wellington Electoral Roll, the following persons were objected to as not being entitled to have their names retained on the List of Voters ... Madden, Samuel - karori Street - Leasehold, Karori street. (Ground of Objection - dead)

MADDIGAN, Elisabeth/Elizabeth - 1 Sep 1887 aged 2 weeks

MADDIGAN, James - 15 May 1890 aged 19

MADDIGAN, Margaret - ? May 1893 aged

MADDIGAN, Thomas - 5 March 1884 aged 50
5 March 1884 Thomas Maddigan, tollbar keeper at Kaiwarra, has met with a serious accident. He was standing on the railway line, watching the train pass and thought he was clear, but the cow-catcher caught and threw him some six feet in the air, his thigh being smashed and head badly cut. He died last night from the result of the injuries, which proved more serious than was at first supposed. It is stated that his brother was killed in a somewhat similar manner in England
8 March 1884 At the inquest on Maddigan, who was killed on the railway line, a verdict of "Accidental Death" was returned. The evidence showed that the train was going at the rate of 17 or 18 miles an hour. The whistle was sounded and every effort was made to warn the deceased and stop the train, but without effect. He was standing with his back to the line, apparently taking no notice

MAHER, Martin (misreported as Daniel) - 23 Feb 1876 aged 23/25
25 Feb 1876 The body of the unfortunate man Daniel Maher, who was killed by a fall of earth at tthe Mungaroa tunnel on Wednesday last, was brought into town to-day, and will be buried in the Roman Catholic Cemetery. Maher was only about thirty years of age and was highly respected by all who knew him. It appears that the accident occurred through the neglect of Maher to "sound" the tunnel before going into it. An inquest was held yesterday, when an inquest of "accidental death" was returned. Dr Newman was sent for immediately after the accident happened, but Maher died before he arrived
26 Feb 1876 We fell into a slight error yesterday when we stated that the inquest on the body of Daniel Maher took place on Thursday. It was held yesterday before Mr Beetham, J.P., and a jury. The verdict of the jury was that Daniel Maher was accidentally killed by a fall of rock in the Mungaroa-tunnel. A rider was added, to the effect that the working of the tunnel was attended with great danger in its present untimbered state

MAHER, John - 17 Feb 1872 aged 23
17 Feb 1872 On the 17th inst., at his mother's residence, Wadestown, John Maher, aged 23 years, deeply regretted

MAHER, Mary - 4 Oct 1905 aged 98
6 Oct 1905 The death is recorded in Wellington of Mrs Maher, at the age of 98

MAHER, Patrick - 30 Nov 1859 aged 44

MAHER, Richard - 8 July 1897 aged about 60
23 July 1897 I regret (writes our Wellington correspondent) to record the death of Mr Richard Maher, which took place on the 8th instant at the residence of his brother-in-law, Mr Michael Bohan, Cuba-street, Wellington, with whom the deceased resided for many years. Mr Maher, who was about 60 years of age, was born near Templemore, County Tipperary, and came out to Victoria over 30 years ago and after remaining in that colony for some time, he, in company with a number of friends, left for the West Coast diggings in this colony where he soon made many friends. Deceased has two brothers in Ireland as well as a number of relatvies, two brothers in San Francisco and another sister besides Mr Bohan in New Zealand. During the course of a long and tedious illness the deceased was regularly attended by the priests of Te Aro parish and received the last sacraments immediately before his death from the Rev Father O'Shea. The interment took place at the Catholic cemetery on Sunday, 11th inst., the funeral cortege being very large, the number present bearing striking testimony to the esteem in which the deceased was held. The services at the church and graveside were performed by the Rev Father O'Shea. R.I.P.

MAHONEY, Catherine - 25 Sep 1875 aged 28 days
- daughter of Daniel (1840-1901) & Catherine (1838-?) MAHONEY
- Daniel & Catherine arrived in Wellington 11 Oct 1874 on the Cartvale with 3 children
born in UK ...
1866 - Joseph Mahoney
1869 - George Mahoney
1872 - Margaret Mahoney
born in NZ ...
1875 - 1875 Catherine Mahoney, as above
1877 - Patrick Joseph Mahoney
1878 - Daniel Patrick Mahoney
1880 - Alphonso Patrick Mahoney

MAHONEY, Ellen May - 22 Feb 1895 aged 5 months

MAHONEY, Mary - ??? aged 6 months

MAHONEY, May - ???

MAHONEY, William - 7 June 1898 aged 20

MAHONEY, Daniel - 5 Feb 1901 aged 61

MALONEY, Alice Mary - 17 March 1879 aged 4 months
- base born daughter of Theresa Maloney

MANGUSON, nee CARMONT, Elizabeth - 20 Aug 1875 aged 39
20 Aug 1875 On the 20th inst., at Parliament-street, Wellington, Elizabeth Manguson, wife of Frank Manguson, aged 39 years

MANSON, aka STEVENS, Ann - 25 Dec 1859 aged 46

MANU, Rehan? Mokai Kereru - 22 Nov 1867 aged 45

MAREB?/O'CONNOR, Mary Ann - 14 July 1866 aged ?

MARIANA, unnamed - 17 Jan 1870 aged 40

MARSHALL, Elizabeth - 22 Nov 1923 aged 68

MARSHALL, James Joseph - 17 June 1869 aged 3 months

MARSHALL, Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Agnes - 23 July 1886 aged 3.10
23 July 1886 At her parents residence, Ebor-street, Elizabeth Agnes, beloved daughter of Michael and Eliza Marshall, aged 3 years 10 months

MARSHALL, Michael Thomas - 11 Dec 1918 aged 73
11 Dec 1918 On the 11th December 1918, at No 1 Owen-street, Michael Thomas Marshall (late of County Kerry, Ireland), dearly beloved husband of Elizabeth Marshall; aged 73 years. Deeply regretted. R.I.P.
18 Dec 1918 Another old resident, in the person of Mr Michael Thomas Marhall, of No.1, Owen-street, died at his residence recently. Mr Marhall was born in County Kerry, Ireland, 73 years ago, and came to New Zealand when a young man 44 years ago, his first experiences in New Zealand being in Taranaki, where he resided for two years. Subsequently he took up his residence in Wellington, where he was engaged by the City Council, and was employed by that body for 40 years, retiring from the service some two years ago. Deceased, who was of a quiet and retiring disposition, was one of the pioneer members of the Hibernian Society and assisted in the formation and establishment of that society in Wellington. He continued his membership right up to his death. The interment took place at Mount-street Cemetery, the Rev Father Campbell, S.M., at St Anne's, Newtown. The officers of the Hibernian SOciety acted as pall-bearers and amongst those present were the Mayor and the Crown Solicitor (Mr J. Prenderville). Mr Marshall has left a widow, three sons (Messrs T. M. Marshall of New York U.S.A., J. W. Marshall of Wellington and Private J. G. Marshall on active service), two daughters (Miss M. an K. Marshall) and four granchildren

MARTIN, Edwin Peter - 13 Jan 1867 aged 3 months

MARTIN, Rosanne - 21 Oct 1873 aged ??

MARTIN, Thomas - 5 July 1858 aged 40

MATHERS, Captain Alexander - 4 Jan 1885 aged 36
9 Jan 1885 The New Zealand Company's ship 'Opawa' arrived from London last evening, at 7 p.m., and anchored off Kaiwarra. On learning of the death of her captain, we made application and were supplied with the chief officer's report of the occurrence as follows: - "At seven bells on Sunday (4th inst.) the master Captain Mathers, came on deck; it was my watch at the time. He had a sextant in his hand, and he remained conversing with me till he had taken the sun for noon in the usual way. He had been ailing for several days and complained of pains in his chest. At about 1 p.m. the same day he came to me and said he would lie down and desired to be called at dinner time, at 4 p.m. I did so, and he stated he felt worse and told me to go to dinner without him. After dinner I went to his cabin and found him worse; he was up and dressed. Seeing that his mind was affected, I got him to bed and then left him in charge of the chief stewart in order to get some medicine. At 6.55 p.m. he got up and dressed. At 7 p.m. he went forward, closely followed by the steward; he reached the forecastle-head and suddenly tried to jump over the starboard side, but being prevented he said he would go aft. Hearing the captain had left his cabin, I ran out, only reaching the after-hatch in time to see him leap from the forecastle ladder on to the starboard pig-stye and then over the side. I immediately gave the necessary orders and rushed on to the poop, seized the after starboard life-buoy and threw it within a foot or two of him. I then superintended lowering the life-boat, which was in the water in four minutes. The captain was picked up abou a quarter of a mile away, in ten minutes from the time he was first in the water. Mr Campbell, the second officer, who was in the boar, stated Captain Mathers was under the water head down, when picked up. Everything was done to bring him round, but I consider life was extinct when he reached the ship. In faint hopes, however, of restoring life, I had him rubbed with hot blankets for over two hours and a half. At 10.45p.n., being certain life was extinct, I had him washed and laid out". Captain Mathers was a gentleman long and favourably known in Wellington, having made several trips here. He was 37 years of age, and leavs a widow and small family in Scotland. No reason can be assigned for his jumping overboard, but it is believed that the illness had deranged his mind. It was noticed for a fortnight previously that the deceased was far from being in his usual state of mind, though his condition was not considered to be serious. The body of Captain Mathers was brought ashore this afernon and taken to the morgue. The inquest will be held to-morrow at 10 o'clock.
10 Jan 1885 the INQUEST

MATIER, Henry - 3 Jan 1913 aged 2
- a son of Henry Daniel MATIER & Margaret BUTLER
- their children were:
1896 - Mildred Jeannie Matier
1897 - Hilda Dorothy Matier
1900 - Frances Helena Matier
1903 - May Marguerite Matier
1906 - Harold Devereaux Matier
1910 - 1913 Henry Matier, as above

MATIER, Margaret Teresa - 9 Dec 1912 aged 46

MAXWELL, Sister Mary Augustine - 19 March 1874 aged 47
19 March 1874 On the 19th inst., at St Mary's Convent, of consumption, Sister Mary Augustine Maxwell. R.I.P.
23 March 1874 The funeral of Sister Mary Augustine Maxwell, of St Mary's Convent, took place yesterday afternoon, and attracted a very large crowd of spectators, the obsequies being performed with all the impressive ceremonial of the Roman Church. After the introductory service at St Mary's Cathedral, the procession, which was a remarkably long one, passed along the beach, and then by the Terrace to the Catholic Cemetery, where the cermony was concluded

MAY, Evelyn Hilda Laura - 1 Dec 1885 aged 3 months
30 May 1885 On 30th November, at Kaiwarra, Evelyn Hilda Laura, infant aughter of John and Ellen May, aged 3 months

MAY, John Joeph - 3 Aug 1883 aged 5 hours
- son of John & Mary Elizabeth MAY

MAY, Norah - 16 Oct 1884 aged 22

McARDLE, Teresa - 2 Dec 1886 aged 5
- daughter of Owen McARDLE (1851-1908) & Mary Ann O'KANE (1855-1890)
- Owen was the Secretary of the Junction Brewery Company and was the Wellington Manager for Staples & Co., Brewery. He and 2 of his friends/associates, Hamilton Gilmer and Allan McGuire, had interests in many hotels In March 1907 Owen & Mary Ann and their son Eugene travelled 'home' to Dublin via America for 4 or 5 weeks in Ireland. They arrived back in Nov 1907 but Eugene remained in America to complete his dental studies. Owen died suddenly from a stroke in Feb 1908 whilst in Masterton on Hotel business. He left ?250 to the Roman Catholic Cathedral fund (equivalent in 2012 to $39,000). In 1909 his widow, Mary Ann, gifted a stained glass window to the new Church of St Gerard in Hawker street in Owen's name. In May 1913 Owen's estate was valued for stamp duty at ?51,000 ($7,730,000). Mary Ann died in Sydney 25 March 1941
- the known children of Owen & Mary Ann were:
1881 - 1886 Teresa McArdle, as above
1885 - 1910 Eugene Patrick McArdle
- a Dentist, died at his nothers residence, Onslow-terrace 6 March 1910 aged 24
1888 - 1940 Henry Joseph McArdle
- was the Rev Father Henry McArdle in Sydney
1891 - Grace Marion McArdle
1892 - Mary Florence Ebertenry McArdle
1895 - 1950 Francis Gladstone Borgia McArdle
- was farming in Taoroa when called up to war
1898 - Mary Eileen McArdle

McBRIDE, John - 3 Nov 1856 aged ?

McCAFFERTY, Bridget - 18 Aug 1870 aged 42

McCARTHY, Alexander - 4 June 1895 aged 79
4 June 1895 On the 4th June 1895, at his daughter's (Mrs Herbert's) residence, Cuba-street, Alexander McCarthy; in his 80th year. R.I.P.

McCARTHY, Hannah - 17 June 1890 aged 78
17 June 1890 On the 17th June, at her residence, off Nairn-street, beloved wife of Alexander McCarthy, aged 78 years. R.I.P.

McCARTHY, John - 29 May 1868 aged ?

McCARTHY, Mary - 28 March 1905 aged 63

McCARTHY, J R - ???

McCLOSKEY, Mrs - ???

McCOMESKY, Mary - 4 April 1882 aged ?

McCOMISKY?, Mary E - 31 Dec 1875 aged 14

McCUMISKEY, Elizabeth - 7 Aug 1923 aged 72 wife of Peter

McCUMISKEY, Mary - 4 April 1882 aged 74

McCUMISKEY, Peter - 4 Aug 1934 aged 81

McDERMOTT, Mary Ann - 12 June 1857 aged 20

McDERRICK, Thomas - 13 April 1855 aged 81-85

McDONALD, Alan - 3 June 1891 aged 40

McDONALD, Alexander Gregory - 13 April 1892 aged 60
- husband of Charlotte, below

McDONALD, Charlotte Margaret - 3 Aug 1918 aged 79
3 Aug 1918 On the 3rd August 1918, at her residence, 54 Majoribanks-street, Charlotte Margaret, widow of the late Alexander Gregory McDonald. R.I.P.
6 Aug 1918 Mrs Charlotte McDonald, widow of the late Mr Alexander McDonald, of Wellington, has just passed away. No fewer than three of her daughters are Sisters of Mercy

McDONALD, Edward Michael - 21 April 1889 aged 41

McDONALD, Ellen Mary - 18 May 1892 aged 40

McDONALD, Francis Cornelius - 20 Jan 1870 aged 45
20 Jan 1870 On the 20th instant, at Ingestre-street, Mr Francis MacDonald, (note spelling), aged 45 years. Blenheim and home papers please copy.

McDONALD, Fanny Charlotte - 26 April 1873 aged 5.11
26 April 1873 On the 26th inst., at Manners-street, Fanny Charlotte, twin daughter of Mr Alexander McDonald, aged 5 years and 11 months
- Fanny was a daughter of Alexander McDONALD & Charlotte Margaret Teresa GIBBS (1839-1918) (Charlotte was the daughter of James Gibbs & Charlotte Margaret Teresa Carson who married in England in 1839, had Charlotte, then emigrated on the Arab in 1841). They are buried here in Mount Street
- Alexander & Charlotte married in 1866, their chidren were:
1867 - 1873 Fanny Charlotte McDonald, twin
1867 - 1938 Mary Ann McDonald, twin
- see below
1871 - Lucy Margaret McDonald
1873 - unnamed McDonald
1875 - Charlotte Josephine McDonald
1877 - Alexander Montague Ronald McDonald
1879 - Charles Joseph Angus McDonald
1882 - Alice Catherine McDonald

McDONALD, John - 15 March 1858 aged 3

McDONALD, Joseph Brennan - 14 Jan 1889 aged 14.9
14 Jan 1889 A sad accident, attended with fatal results, happened at South Karori this morning. Father Power, accompanied by a youth, Joseph Brennan McDonald, aged fifteen, son of E. McDonald (Casey and McDonald), was being driven in a carriage to Makara to conduct service, when one of the horses shied and threw the vehicle over the bank. McDonald was killed almost instantaneously. Father Power had his collarbne broken and also received severe bruises and a shock to the system. McEllergott, the driver, escaped uninjured. One horse was killed.

McDONALD, Mary - 22 Feb 1858 aged 14 months

McDONALD, Mary Ann - 2 April 1938 aged 71
- newspaper report records her as Mary Agnes
2 April 1938 At Wellington, on April 2 1938, Mary Agnes, daughter of the late Alexander and Charlotte McDonald, 13 Shannon Street. R.I.P. (see family above)

McDONALD, Norbert Alphonsus - 31 Oct 1887 aged 4.5
- son of Edward McDONALD & Ellen Mary JONES

McDONNELL, David - 23 June 1868 aged 35

McDONOUGH, Michael - ? July 1885 aged 18

McDONOUGH, Sergeant Thomas - 13 Nov 1855 aged ?

McELROY, Charles - 14 March 1873 aged 45

McELROY , Maria - 9 July 1871 aged 54
* Maria first married Edward Sheehan (1820-1851). She next married Charles McElroy (1828-1873)

McEVOY, William Patrick - 21 Feb 1869 aged 40

McEVOY, Sister Mary Catherine - 8 Aug 1878 aged 29
16 Aug 1878 Of your charity pray for the soul of Sister Mary Catherine McEvoy, of St Mary's Convent, Wellington, who departed this life on August 8th, aged 29 years. - R.I.P.
... Sister Mary Catherine McEvoy was in the thirtieth year of her age and the second of her religious Profession. She was born in County Mayo, Ireland and entered St Mary's Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Wellington in the year 1873, receiving the religious habit from the hands of he Right Rev Dr Moran
... more at Sister Mary Catherine's OBITIUARY

McGINN, ???

McGINNITY, Alice Jane - 29 May 1875 age 4 months

McGINNITY, unnamed - 7 July 1860 aged 42

McGOUGHEY/C, Dominic James - 9 March 1888 aged 17

McGRATH, John 9 Jan 1888 aged 61
- there was also a John Thomas McGrath died same day aged 21

McGUIRE, Mary - 17 July 1877 aged 45

McHARTLAND, Eliza - 26 Dec 1863 aged ?

McHUGH, Philomena - 31 March 1887 aged 31

McINTOSH, Rosanna - 17 Aug 1863 aged ?

McKANE/McKAINE, John Ward - 26 Aug 1863 aged 47

McKEEGAN, Margaret - 18 Jan 1909 aged 70
21 Jan 1909 On Monday there passed away at her residence in Hopper street, Mrs Margaret McKeegan, a lady who was highly respected by all who knew her. She was born in Waterford and came out to Wellington with her late husband, Mr Chas. McKeegan, in the seventies. She has left four daughters, Mesdames C. Aamodt, S. Ross and H. G. Smith and Miss Rose McKeegan and three sons, Messrs Charles, James and William McKeegan, to mourn their loss. The body was conveyed to St Josephs Church where a Requiem Mass for the repose of her soul was celebrated by Rev Father S. Mahony S.M., who also officiated at the graveside at Mount street Cemetery. R.I.P.

McKENNA, Michael - 24 Oct 1868 aged 23

McKEOWEN, Michael - 13 Jan 1883 aged 5 hours

McKIVETT/KINETT, ??? 20 June 1942 aged

McLAUGHLIN, Alice Mary - 12 Nov 1921 aged 59

McLAUGHLIN, Agnes - 23 March 1887 aged 78

McLAUGHLIN, Daniel John ??? aged 11 months

McLAUGHLIN, John ???

McLAUGHLIN, Catherine - 27 Feb 1937 aged 69

McLAUGHLIN, Daniel - 29 Jan 1931 aged 76

McLAUGHLIN, Francis - 10 Aug 1932 aged 7 months

McLOUGHLIN?, Jane - ??? aged 30

McMAHON, Annetta Priscilla - 12 Feb 1868 - 14 months

McMAHON, George Barnett - 25 April 1879 aged 22 months

McMAHON, James ??

McMAHON, Michael - ??? aged 6

McMANAWAY, Annie 26 Jan 1929 aged 61

McMANAWAY, Anne Jane - 8 July 1857 aged 2 months

McMANAWAY, Bridget - 23 May 1865 aged 5

McMANAWAY, John - 6 Dec 1873 aged 50
6 Dec 1873 On December 6, at Karori, John McManaway, aged 50

McMANAWAY, Thomas Dalton - 21 Nov 1882 aged 82
21 Nov 1882 On the 21st November 1882, at Makara, Mr Thomas Dalton McManaway, aged 82 years. R.I.P.

McMENAMEN, James - 3 Aug 1861 aged 40

McMENAMEN, William - ?? Nov 1855 aged 8

McMENAMIN/MEN, Henry William - ??? aged 7

McNAMARA, Annie (nee CURLING) - 15 Sep 1905 aged 86
15 Sep 1905 On the 15th September, at her residence, Wingfield-street, Ann, relict of John McNamara, aged 86 years. Requiescat in pace

McNAMARA, Anne - 16 Nov 1918 aged ?

McNAMARA, Anne - 2 Aug 1898 aged 25

McNAMARA, David - 31 March 1882 aged 26
31 March 1882 On the 31st March, David, third son of Mr J. McNamara. R.I.P.

McNAMARA, David Percival - 25 Feb 1882 aged ?

McNAMARA, Edward Francis - 22 May 1882 aged

McNAMARA, Elizabeth - 29 July 1930 aged 85
29 July 1930 On 29th July 1930, at her residence, 10 Bute street, Elizabeth, relict of the late William McNamara; aged 85 years. R.I.P. No flowers, by request

McNAMARA, James - 11 Sep 1887 aged 60

McNAMARA, John - 14 Oct 1854 agd 26 days

McNAMARA, John - 27 July 1897 aged 85

McNAMARA, John Joseph - 3 July 1867 aged 8 months

McNAMARA, John Thomas - 28 April 1886 aged infant
- a John Bartholomew McNamara died 26 April 1886 aged 9 months

McNAMARA, Mary - 1 Jan 1876 aged 2 months

McNAMARA, William John - 9 Oct 1883 aged 40

McNAMARA, William Arthur - 21 May 1883 aged ?

McNAMARA, William John - 22 Oct 1917 aged 51
22 Oct 1917 On the 22nd October 1917, William, eldest son of Elizabeth and the late William McNamara; aged 51 years. R.I.P.

McQUIRK, Elizabeth - 12 Feb 1880 aged 50

McVOY?, Edward Henry - 26 Oct 1864 aged infant
- possibliy McEvoy


St Gerards Church (built 1908) & Monastry (built 1932)
see McARDLE above

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