the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... L names :: Genealogy
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the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... L names

Journal by ngairedith

the Roman Catholic MOUNT STREET CEMETERY is a protected heritage site in Wellington, New Zealand (click link for more). It was the first cemetery in Wellington for Catholic burials and contains the graves of the first nuns and priests in Wellington. It remained open until 1891 although burials continued in existing family plots until 1954. The earliest surviving grave marker dates from 1851, and the latest from 1954. Although only around 200 headstones survive, it is estimated that there could have been as many as 1150 burials. Many of the early markers were simple wooden crosses, which have long since vanished

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the 'Residents' of MOUNT STREET Cemetery, Wellington (as at May 2012)
- anything in italics is my addition
- dates may be of death OR burial


LAFFIN, Emily - 15 April 1877 aged 28
10 April 1877 Michael Laffin was charged with drunkeness and assaulting his wife. Emily stated in court that three days after she gave birth and while she was still ill in bed, Michael had turned her out of the house, struck her on the head because she had told the doctor that he had given her nothing to eat and then had threatened to murder her with a knife which he had in his hadn if she did not die soon because he could not afford to keep her and her two children. Sergeant Monaghan said prisoner did not seem to like work and was a lazy character. His Worship advised Mrs Laffin to take out a protection order against the man ...
- Emily returned to her home and there, with her two little children was totally dependent on charity of her neighbours or starve to death. A few days later she was found lying on the floor in an unconscious state. She was taken to hospital where she died
18 April 1877 the Inquest at the Hospital
18 April 1877 The Jury, at the inquest on Mrs Laffin today, returned a verdict of death from natural causes, but added a rider expressing their horror of the inhuman treatment she had experienced from her husband and expressed their opinion that this was the primary cause of her death
18 April 1877 public opinion
- the children were fostered out. Michael was in the Hawkes Bay in 1879 and then 'disappeared'

LAKINGA?, Terahiti - 19 Feb 1872 aged 40
19 Feb 1872 A Maori woman named Terahiti, belonging to Te Aro Pa, died yesterday, in the Hospital, to which institution she was removed last week. She was 40 years of age and a Roman Catholic. Dr Johnston, Provincial Surgeon, certifies that the cause of death was phthisis

LAMB, Ellen - 1 Sep 1866 aged 60
3 Sep 1866 The Friends of Mr Wm. Lamb are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late mother - Ellen Lamb - which will leave the Colonial Hospital next Tuesday the 4th inst., at 3 o'clock p.m. - F. J. PAGON, Undertaker

LANE, Mary - 18 June 1869 aged 58
- born about 1811

LANE, Michael - 12 Feb 1859 aged 42
- born about 1817

LANE, Thomas - 3 Sep 1868 aged 57
3 Sep 1868 On the 3rd inst., at Karori, Mr Thomas Lane, aged 57 years
- born about 1811

LAUGHLIN, unknown - ???

LAWLOR/LAWLER, Marie - ? Sep 1886 aged 21
- born about 1861

LAWLOR, Mary - 11 Oct 1879 aged 22
- born about 1857

LAWLOR, Henry - 3 Jan 1857 aged 23/24
- bon about 1834

LAZARY, Mary - 8 Sep 1880 aged 35
7 June 1880 Mary Lazary, a disreputable-looking creature, was brought up on a charge of being drunk and disorderly. She stoutly denied the accusation, affirming that she was a "decent, honest, English girl" and did not come out to the colony to be insulted by having the clothes torn off her back in the public streets. She did not pay her passage here for that - she came here after her brother. She was a respectable married woman. The Magistrate aid there were no fewer that 31 previous convictions against the prisoner. Prisoner - That's because my husband is up the country and won't come down to keep me. His Worship imposed a penalty of ?1 or 48 hours imprisonment. The woman said she was much obliged, but would "see the minister about it" when she came out of gaol
8 Sep 1880 A woman named Mary Lazary, one of the notorious of the bad characters in this city, died in the gaol this morning, at a quarter to nine. She had been a frequent inmate of the prison during the last 14 years and during the last few month had hardly ever been out of Mr Read's care. An inquest will be held in due course in accordance with the requirements of the Act. The deceased was 40 years of age (sic) and the number of previous convictions recorded against her amount to 45. Her last conviction took place on the 16th of June last, when she was sentenced to undergo three months' imprisonment with hard labor for vagrancy
11 Sep 1880 An inquest on the body of Mary Lazary was held at the Gaol yesterday afternoon, before Mr Shaw, R.M. and a jury of twelve, of which Mr Anderson was chosen foreman. Dr Johnston, who had attended the woman during her imprisonment, stated that she was wasting away owing to her intemperate habits and latterly she had rapidly become weaker and weaker, till on Wednesday last death resulted from exhaustion. The matron said deceased was admittted on the 16th June and several nights previous to that she had been lying out on the grass. Deceased was in a deplorable condition when received. While in gaol she always refused to take the medicine prescribed and gradually got worse. She was 35 years old and was serving her forty-first sentence. The jury returned a verdict of "Death from exhaustion through atrophy"

LEARY, John - 16 Sep 1858 aged 3 months

LEEN, Denis - 15 Feb 1887 aged 23
15 Feb 1887 On the 15th February at Mrs Neil's, Taranaki-place, Denis Leen, aged 23 years. R.I.P.
- it is possible that Denis was in Pukerau (near Invercargill) in at least 1884

LENHAM?, Sarah Maria - 15 Dec 1868 aged 6.6

LENHAM, Benjamin George - 1 June 1868 aged 3 months

LEON, Charles - 29 July 1890 aged 63

LESLIE, William Henry - 26 August 1885 aged 24
26 Aug 1885 On 26th August, at the Hospital, Wellington, William, eldest son of John Leslie, County Monaghan, Ireland

LESSINGTON, Frank - 11 Jan 1882 aged 44
11 Jan 1882 On 11th January, at his residence, Wellington Terrace, Frank Lessington, late billiard marker Occidental Hotel, aged 44 years
- 13 March 1871 ... An interesting game of billiards between two crack "knights of the board of green cloth" will be played on Tuesday evening next, the 14th instant, at the Panama Hotel. The oponents on the occasion will be Frank Lessington, the well known lessee of the lower billiard room at the Empire Hotel and Nesbitt (James, see photo link), the present lessee of the Panama Hotel

LESSINGTON, Joseph Mark - 23 Jan 1890 aged 6 months
- a son of Frank & Mary LISSINGTON ??

LEWIS, Nicholas - 1 May 1879 aged 48

LIDDY, Ann - 25 May 1856 aged 39
- wife of Thomas (next), married 18 May 1838 and later came to New Zealand, year unknown at this time but appears to be before 1850. Two children, born in NZ (Masterton) found to date, (however, see notes)
* 1853 - 1915 Francis 'Frank' Liddy
-- Francis married Emma Sarah Page (1869-1936) of Greytown, in 1885 and had 8 children (7 sons), many of whom died young or tragically. Their first born, Thomas John Liddy (L/Corporal 20368), was Killed In Action in France 14 Dec 1917. Francis had died in Featherston in Nov 1915, when his youngest son was only 7 and his wife Emma had remarried in 1916 to Arthur Isaac Cresswell Yarrall (1879-1945) and lived for a time in Tauherenikau
* 1855 - 1856 Michael Liddy
-- born 8 Oct 1855, died 14 May 1856 aged 7 months
NOTES working on that back then the first born male was given his father's name it is probable that Francis was not the first born. There was a Thomas Liddy, born 1850, who drowned 5 Nov 1875 aged 25, when his boat capsized in the Pahaoa river. The coroner declared he met his death from the effect of cold and exhaustion while drifting out to sea. The Pahaoa River is in the Wairarapa. It winds through rough hill country to the SW of Masterton, before turning SE to reach the Pacific Ocean 25km southwest of Martinborough, so, as they lived in this area, it also makes me believe he was at least the first born son

LIDDY, Thomas - 2 Oct 1867 aged 48
2 Oct 1867 On the 2nd inst., Thomas Liddy, suddenly aged 48 years
- Thomas was 1 of 119 men who received land from the Crown Lands Office, Wellington on 7 July 1850. Thomas received 60 acres
- in May 1863, Thomas tendered 15s for Section 21 in Western District, Wellington. It was accepted
- in April 1865 Thomas was living in a leasehold house in Hanson street, Mt Cook
- in 1864-65 Thomas was on the Wellington Electoral Roll as living in 'Hansartt', with 60 acres freehold on section 322 of the Hutt
* it is possible that this is Thomas Liddy in 1857 trying to get passage from Ireland to NZ for his 2 brothers and a sister (scroll to near end)
* also see LIDDY in NZ

LIGHT, Mrs - ???

LIGOURI, unknown - ???
- there was a Sister Mary Ligouri at Hill-street Convent in the early 1900s

LILIAS, unknown - ???
- possibly a first name

LISSINGTON, Mary Jane - 13 Oct 1868 aged 3
13 Oct 1868 On October 13, at her father's residence, Wellington Terrace Mary Jane, the beloved child of Mr Francis Lissington, aged three years.(possibly Frank above)

LIVORNO, unknown - ???

LOFT, Clara - 27 Dec 1872 aged 4 months

LOFT, Eliza - ???
possibility Eliza, 27 Oct 1895 aged 54

LOFT, George - 27 Dec 1872 aged 15 months

LOFT, Thomas William - 1 July 1890 aged 83

LOGHLIN?, Teresa - 10 Oct 1859 aged ?
- probably Laughlin, but not found

LONDON, Arthur Edward - 8 April 1879 aged 15

LONDON, Mary Ann - 7 June 1923 aged 80
- born about 1843

LONG, George - 3 Feb 1874 aged 30
3 Feb 1874 On the 3rd February (accidently killed by a fall of earth, in Hill street) James (sic) Long, aged 30 years
At the INQUEST he is again called James Long ... An inquest was held at the Shepherd's Arms, Tinakori road, yesterday afternoon, by the District Coroner, touching the death of Jas. Long, who had been killed by a fall of earth in Hill street, on the previous day
9 Feb 1874 GEORGE Long, who died so suddenly on Friday, was buried yesterday afternoon, in th Roman Catholic cemetery. In the same procession there was carried a coffin containing the remains of Mrs Pike, the wife of one of the men employed on the railway, who had died suddenly in the Hospital. Both coffins were carried by working men who are engaged on the railway or other public contracts and they followed in large numbers. The funeral service was conducted by the Rev Father Cummins. Unfortunately the people attending this and another funeral were caught in the heavy downpour of rain, and most were thoroughly drenched
There has been collected on behalf of the widow of the unfortunate man Long, who was killed by a fall of earth in Hill-street last week, a sum of money amounting in all to ?105 0s 6d (equivalent to $12,900 in 2012). This sum has been paid to Father Cummins to invest for Mrs Long. It will be the means of securing her the possession of the cottage in which she lives

LONG, James - ???
POSIBILITY is this the George Long above who was for some time named James??

LONG, John - 6 Feb 1874 aged ?
7 Feb 1874 John Long, a brother of the unfortunate man who was killed on Tuesday, died very suddenly yesterday. In the morning he felt ill, and called on Dr Grace, who gave him a draught and sent him home to bed. Father Cummins, who called shortly afterwards, found Long so ill that Dr Grace was sent for, but on his arrival he found that nothing could be done to save the poor fellow's life, and he died in Father Cummin's arms at half-past six o'clock p.m. It is supposed that death resulted from internal inflammation. The deceased leaves a widow in destitute circumstances, and a correspondent states "she is almost without a friend or home, or wherewithal to bury her husband." Long had thought that his wife was delicate and lately effected an insurance on her life, but he seems to have neglected insuring his own life. As Mrs Long is within a few days of her confinement, the case is one which needs immediate attention at the hands of some of the benevolent ladies of Wellington. The poor woman has been so prostrated by her husband's sudden death that she is in a very precarious condition, and fears were entertained for her safety last night

LONG, John Joseph - Feb 1874 aged 8 days
- John Joseph was born to the wife of John above (her name not yet known) a few days after his father's death. John Joseph died a week old so this is probably him

LOUGHLAN, Sarah - 26 July 1880 aged 48

LOWE, Mrs - 27 March 1888 aged 27

LYONS, Mary Ann - ???

LYNCH, Henry - 25 Sep 1888 aged 79
25 Sep 1888 On 25th September, at his residence, Lloyd-street, Henry Lynch, Captain N.Z.M., of Emerald Glan, Paikakariki (spelling changed to Paekakariki about 1905), in his 80th year
26 Sep 1888 Intelligence reaches us as we go to press of the death yesterday of Captain Henry Lynch of the New Zealand Militia. Captain Lynch was well known in Wellington, having resided at Paikakariki since 1866. He was 80 years of age
NOTE Captain Henry Lynch of the 65th Regiment of Foot arrived in New Zealand in 1846 and was soon engaged in the action against Te Rangihaeata at the Battle Hill conflict in the Horokiri Valley. In 1852 (it is claimed) he was granted land that stretched from north of Paekakariki up to Paraparaumu (10km) which he named 'Emerald Glen'


Panama Hotel in 1875 (burnt down in 1931)
taken from the very interesting site of the PROSSER FAMILY on early Wellington Hotels
- where FRANK LESSINGTON was a billiard marker

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