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the Maoriland Worker - 3 Jan 1917

The Maoriland Worker, later called The Standard, was a leading New Zealand labour journal of the early 20th century.
It was launched in 1910 by the Shearers' Union and was initially published monthly (Frank Langstone was involved). It was soon taken over by the New Zealand Federation of Labour and became the official organ of the federation.
The journal ceased publication in 1960. At the time it was called The Standard and was published weekly

some ads from Maoriland Worker on Jan 3 1917
Drapers and Mercers, Greymouth
Wish to announce the arrival of their new Spring and Summer goods. Every line stocked for Ladies' and Gents' wear. A trial solicited. Satisfaction assured

General Storekeepers
Boots, Shoes, Crockery, Ironmongery, Groceries

The World's Best Pictures for Westportians,
The World's Best People

Mawhera Quay, Greymouth
T. O'BRIEN, Proprietor

Tobacconist and Hairdresser, WESTPORT
"Cleanliness, Proficiency and Courtesy" is our motto

D. J. METTRICK, Proprietor
(Late of Denniston)

Morley's Beer
We don't keep good beer - we sell it
T. ELCOCK ...... Proprietor

Drink! The Whisky that is Asked For
GRIFFEN & SMITH, Ltd., Greymouth

Ms H. A. CAMPBELL, proprietress

We are now showing our full range of the Newest Goods for Winter Wear. Our Millinery this season is very smart, the prices low, while there is a distinctive feature about our hats that adds to the pleasure of the wearer.
We cordially invite you to come in and inspect these goods. Clients unable to visit our store may have their hats made up from any illustration they care to send

Tailoring Emporium
Established 1866, Note New Address -
H. E. FERGUSON ...... Proprietor

Best Wines and Spirits kept
Steward's Ale always on tap. Good accommodation
Mrs P. PHELAN ...... Proprietors

REMEMBER! - We own and run our business, therefore can and do sell HIGH-CLASS GOODS from 15 to 20 per cent cheaper than any other West Coast Traders

TAILOR - Mackay Street, Greymouth

A large assortment of Hats, Shirts, Boots, Ties etc, in stock
A well-cut and finished Suit, with excellent wearing qualities, guaranteed

Primest Qualities of BEEF & MUTTON
at Lowest Possible Prices at E. McMahon's

Chemist and Druggist
Proprietor of Mullan's Magic Liniment and Robertson's Cherry Pectoral
* Robert Francis Mullan (1848-1928) married Elizabeth Anne 'Lizzie' Robinson (1855-1933, 1st of 13 children from Dungannon, County Tyrone) in Woolloomooloo, Australia 26 Sep 1876.
Robert was living in Woolloomooloo, late of Westport. Lizzie was living in Woolloomooloo, late of Auckland and signed her name with an x. They arrived into Westport shortly after.
Their 1st born of 5 children, Private 34577, Thomas James Mullan (1876-1918), NZ Machine Gun Battalion, died of pneumonia 12 July 1918 during WWI & buried Bagneux British Cemetery, Gezaincourt
Robert & Lizzie are buried in Orawaiti Middle Cemetery, Westport

Corner Russell and Brougham Street, Westport
The last word in a home from home. Absolutely the most modern hotel on the West Coast. Private Box 56. Telephone 20
WM. TODD, Proprietor

Established over 40 years
leaves Westport for Reefton and vice versa daily. Car leaves Westport for Glenhope every Monday, Wednesday and Friday; returning from Glenhope ever Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Newman Bros., Proprietors

Provision and Produce Merchants
Westport. Greymouth

Drapery Emporium
We're growing because we're constantly giving unusual values for the price because our assortment is complete and because we treat our customers right. Are you receiving our service?
PANCKHURST WHITE HOUSE, Palmerston Street, Westport

A large stock of Boots and Shoes, Ironmongery, Crockery Ware and Glassware always on hand

Crown and Local Beers
MICK SHERLOCK ...... Proprietor

Choicest Wines And Spirits, Morley's Beer on Tap
J. FISHER ...... Proprietor

Opposite Railway Station, GREYMOUTH
Best Accommodation, Best Liquors
HAROLD WEBB, Proprietor


Auctioneer, Valuator and Commission Agent, WESTPORT

M. J. FITZGERALD, Proprietor

Central Palmerston St., Westport
FRANK L. BARBER, Proprietor

The above well-known Hotel has been taken over by Mr Sam Paul, late of the Phoenix, Palmerston North and will be run on lines to ensure public confidence and support
The best of Liquors always obtainable
First-class Billiard Tables
Patronised by Lord Ranfurly and suite, Lord Plunket and suite
SAM PAUL ...... Proprietor

Boundary Street, Greymouth
Fish Suppers at all hours
BOB MUNDY, Proprietor

Men's Central Outfitter, News Agent, Fancy Goods Dealer and Stationer
Men's Working Boots a Specialty


Undertaker and Monumental Mason
Albert Street, Greymouth
Funerals conducted in town and country
cemetery work of all kinds done

Exhibitions at - Waimangaroa, Granity, Denniston, Millerton, Burnett's Face, Ngakawau

FEISST marriages New Zealand 1908-1931

the known FEISST marriages in NZ

Frederick Feisst (1900-1976)
married Madge ROBINSON (1904-1955) in 1923

Henry Feisst (1886-1970)
married Margaret WUALTROUGH (1878-1941) in 1908 in Cambridge, Waikato

Joseph Feisst (1892-1968)
married Aelena Theresa Rose KNIGHT (1902-1987) in 1931

Robert Henry Feisst (1889-1976)
married Jeanie Mary LEANING in 1911 in Cambridge, Waikato

William Feisst (1894-1971)
married Helen HASTINGS (1894-1959) in 1916

Also see The CAMBRIDGE New Zealand HOME GUARD Roll

SPEARPOINT Marriages - New Zealand

the known SPEARWOOD Marriages 1894-1935

Charles Edward Spearpoint (1897-1966)
married Dorothy SMITH aka Simpson in 1923

Charles Ingram Spearpoint (1898-1984)
married Kathleen CLEAL in 1921

Charles Thomas Spearpoint (1873-1953)
born Bermondsey, London, 5th of 12 known children of Ingram Robert Spearpoint & Caroline Isabella Cogan
married Catherine SHAW (1875-1953) in 1894
their known children:
* 1895 - Beatrice Catherine Elizabeth Spearpoint
* 1898 - Charles Ingram Spearpoint
* 1902 - Evelyn Priscilla Spearpoint
* 1907 - Violet Caroline Spearpoint
* 1911 - Daisy Adelaide Spearpoint
* 1913 - Frederick Thomas John Spearpoint

Frederick Thomas John Spearpoint (1913-1985)
married Josephine Gladys THOMAS (1912-1990) in 1935

Ingram Robert Spearpoint (1865-1934)
born Bermondsey, London, 1st of 12 known children of Ingram Robert Spearpoint & Caroline Isabella Cogan
married Emily Ann CROSS (1864-1938) in 1913

James Spearpoint
married Norah Ellen SCANLAN in 1907

Beatrice Catherine Elizabeth Spearpoint (1895-1972)
married William Thomas FALLON in 1916

Daisy Adelaide Spearpoint (1911-2004)
married Rule Colin Moate GORDON (1904-1980) in 1927

Elizabeth Ellen Spearpoint (1894-1955)
married William BYERS in 1919

Evelyn Priscilla Spearpoint (1902-1960)
married Leslie Herbert DARNTON (1894-1969) in 1920 (divorced)
partner John MITCHELL & had a son, Jack Desmond Mitchell (1928-2006)
married Samuel REID IN 1931

Violet Caroline Spearpoint (1906-2001)
married Alvin Francis EASTLAKE (1901-1980) in 1924

LADY NUGENT passengers - Wellington 1841

the surnames of the passengers on the barque LADY NUGENT which left Gravesend
21 Oct 1841, arriving Port Nicholson (Wellington) NZ, 17 March 1841

The Surgeon, George Richard Hilliard (1801-1881) wrote on the front of his journal "emigrants 247, cabin passengers 10, intermediate passengers 4, crew 33, born on voyage 6. Total 300 persons"

go to this LIST of PASSENGERS for more individual & family info

NOTE spelling of names is as found
Baker, Beachen, Beamish, Bevan, Bolton, Bowman, Bruce, Brungar, Campbell, Cockram, Collier, Cross, Cruickshank, Dodds, Duncan, Dunlop, Dunn, Duthie, Espie, Evans, Fairweather, Fill, Finnimore, France, Futter, Gillard, Gray, Greenwood, Halswell, Hazlett, Jefferson, Johnston, Jones, Kennedy, Kieller, Kilminster, Lowther, McHardie, Martin, Milne, Mummery, O'Keefe, Oliver, Paul, Phelps, Pimble, Poole, Prince, Rhodes, Robertson, Robinson, Seear, Sellar, Shepherd, Shillton, Smith, Southee, Stewart, Stoodley, Stratton, Sturgeon, Thorby, Turnell, Turner, Wathen, Watt, Watterson, Wilkie, Wood, Young

at Port Nicholson 1841
by George Richard Hilliard (the Surgeon on board)

DUCKHAM buried Perth, WA

the DUCKHAM buried or cremated at Fremantle, Guildford & Karrakatta as at 6 March 2016


* ALBERT EDWARD HENRY Duckham - aged 79 - 1984
- GLENDALOUGH - Karrakatta

* ALFRED Duckham - aged 64 - 1936
- EAST PERTH - Karrakatta

* ALFRED JAMES ORMUS Duckham - aged 43 - 1944
- BAYSWATER - Karrakatta

* ALFRED WILLIAM Duckham - aged 57 - 1994
- COMO - Midland

* ALICE JEAN Duckham - aged 87 - 1991
- EMBLETON - Karrakatta

* ANNIE Duckham - aged 80 - 1951
- EAST PERTH - Karrakatta

* EDITH JOYCE Duckham - aged 75 - 1997
- KALAMUNDA - Guildford

* EDNA MADGE Duckham - aged 75 - 1989
- ST JAMES - Karrakatta

* FLORENCE IRENE Duckham - aged 27 - 1931
- MAYLANDS - Karrakatta

* GEORGE FREDERICK Duckham - aged 60 - 1977
- PALMYRA - ashes scattered Karrakatta

* JEAN MAY Duckham - aged 61 - 1958
- NORTH PERTH - Karrakatta

* JESSIE RUTH Duckham - aged 53 - 1958
- WOOROLOO - Karrakatta

* JOHN FRANCIS Duckham - aged 1 - 1931
- MAYLANDS - Karrakatta

* LILLY AGNES Duckham - aged 61 - 1971
- MAYLANDS - Karrakatta

* MARION JESSIE Duckham - aged 1 - 1904
- PERTH - Karrakatta

* MARY Duckham - aged 89 - 1952
- KALAMUNDA - Karrakatta

* MOLLIE WINIFRED Duckham - aged 45 - 1956
- EAST PERTH - Karrakatta

* NATHAN KENT Duckham - aged 22 - 1995
- BALGA - memorial at Pinnaroo Valley

* RODNEY KENNETH Duckham - aged 68 - 2006
- RIVERVALE - ashes taken from Karrakatta

* SYDNEY WILLIE Duckham - aged 97 - 2011
- HILTON - Guildford

* WILLIAM Duckham - aged 72 - 2008
- CARLISLE - Fremantle

* WILLIAM GRAHAM Duckham - aged 67 - 1969
- KALAMUNDA - Karrakatta

* WILLIAM HILTON CARLISLE Duckham - CARLISLE - aged 66 - 1971
- EAST PERTH - Karrakatta

Raroa Road, KELBURN - shorter tram line to Karori & Northland 1856

From the Evening Post, 9 September 1922


Much discussion is now taking place on the question as to whether Raroa road is the best route to adopt for constructing a shorter route to adopt for constructing a shorter tram line to Karori and Northland and in this connection a most interesting document relating to the early history of the road has just come to light.
This is a petition; signed by 180 prominent citizens of Wellington in the year 1856, asking the Provincial Council to make a road connecting the Te Aro district with Baker's Hill, via Polhill Gully. Baker's Hill is the ridge under which the Karori tunnel passes, but the road which formed the subject of the petition was not formed until some thirty-four years had elapsed after the Provincial Council was first approached by the settlers. The original document, which by reason of the signatures it contains forms a valuable link with the early days of Wellington, has been handed over to the City Council for permanent keeping by Mr W. F. England of Karori and it was produced at this week's meeting of the Early Settlers' Association by Councillor Len McKenzie, whose father, the late Mr T. W. McKenzie, was one of the signatories
... more at top link

Amongst the signatures are names which will ever be associated with the history of the city, including those of Messrs ...
* William BAMFORD
* James BARBER, father of Mr W. H. P. Barber
* R. BARRETT, whose name is perpetuated in Barrett's Hotel
* William BENNETT, father of the present Councillor W. H. Bennett

* R. C. COOK, of Ohariu
* G. COSTALL, formerly Government Printer
* E. H. CREASE, spice manufacturer

* George DENTON, founder of the ironmongery establishment in Willis Street
* George DUNCAN, auctioneer

* Henry and Robert EAGLE, of Karori
* Henry EARLE
* J. E. EVANS, saddler

* John FELL, formerly Chief Telegraph Engineer and now resident in London
* John FITCHETT, after whom Fitchett Town was named

* John GASCOINE, father of the former manager of the State Coal Depot

* Edward HASLAIN, brickmaker
* Frederick and George HILL, founders of the first brick works in the city and builders of the first brick shop in Webb street
* James and John HOUGHTON, Houghton Bay was called after them
* Amos HOWE
* Thomas HOWELL
* Robert HUNTER

* W. W. JOHNSON, later a member of the Legislative Council and brother of the late Sir Charles Johnston, Speaker of the Legislative Council


* Steven LANCASTER, of Karori who used to bring milk into town on yokes over his shoulder and sell it a 6d per quart
* George LESLIE
* G. H. LUXFORD, one of the first butchers in the city
* William LYONS, founder of the firm of Messrs Lyons and Blair (now Whitcombe and Tombs)

* John MARTIN, afterwards a member of the Legislative Council and Albert Martin
* T. W. McKENZIE, father of the present Councillor McKenzie
* George MEXTED
* James, William and Henry MITCHELL, whose names are commemorated in Mitchelltown
* C. H. MOFFITT, the first dentist in Wellington
* John MOIR, minister of St John's Presbyterian Church
* William M. MUIR, who, with the late Mr T. W. McKenzie, established what is now known as the "New Zealand Times" but in the early days "The Independent"

* NORTH & GOODER and James Gooder

* H. A. and Edward OWEN

* James PETHERICK, for many years a prominent city councillor
* G. PILCHER, father of Mr T. W. Pilcher, of the Blackball Coal Company
* Robert PORT, father of Mr J. C. Port, accountant to Messrs Joseph Nathan and Co., Ltd

* Michael QUINN, who Quinn street is named after and his son Morton Quinn

* Arthur E. ROWDEN, a former resident of Abel Smith street and for many years connected with the Rhodes Estate trustees
* John RUCK

* George SCHWARTZ, for many years secretary of the Equitable Building Society
* Edward SEGAR, founder of Segar's foundry and Charles Segar
* Francis SIDEY
* John SMITH, senr, founder of the Vulcan Foundry, which still stands at the rear of the Royal Oak Hotel
* John SMITH, junr, who was a well-known city councillor for many years, at one time deputy=Mayor and father of Mr H. G. Smith, general manager of the Phoenix Assurance Company
* Robert SMITH
* G. M. SNELSON, the first white man to reside in Palmerston North and afterwards Mayor of that town for many years
* James SPIERS, of Karori
* A. P. STUART, soft goods merchant

* George TATTLE, father-in-law of Councillor C. J. B. Norwood
* Walter TURNBULL, founder of the firm of Messrs W. and G. Turnbull and Co.
* William TUSTIN, oil and colour merchant

* Nathaniel VALENTINE, who arrived with the band of the 65th Regiment and resided in the Hutt Valley for many years
* C. A. VALLANCE, father of the well-known Wairarapa farmer
* J. H. VENNELL, through whose land the new road from Brooklyn to Mornington is now being constructed

* Thomas WINDLEY
* Alexander D. WYLIE, father of the well-known legal family

* T. W. YOUNG, the present wine and spirit merchant
* George YULE

Taken from Evening Post
This portion of Raroa Road, which links up the back part of Kelburn with the city, via Aro Street, was recently widened to make the route safer for motor traffic. On the left is the Kelburn Presbyterian Church, to which extensive additions are being made

George DENTON & 58 Willis Street, WELLINGTON

GEORGE DENTON (1833-1910)
was married in New Zealand 8 October 1863 to

they had 11 known NZ born children:
1/ 1864 - 1942 Robert George Denton
.. had an Engineering business in Ellers Lane, Wellington for over 30 years (sold in 1920). Married Caroline Mary Brown (1864-1940) in 1893. 3 known children
Robert's Obituary. Ashes 166N Karori with Caroline

2/ 1865 - 1917 Annie Jane Denton
... Married William George Adkin of Worthington, Leicestershire, 20 Sep 1887 at Wesley Church, Wellington. 5 known children. Buried in Levin

3/ 1867 - 1954 William Henry 'Will' Denton
... Married Ellen De Place (1870-1936) in 1891. 4 known children. His ashes Plot 71N at Bolton St

4/ 1868 - 1933 Kate Elizabeth Denton
... Kate was a Downs Syndrome baby. Buried 71N at Bolton St

5/ 1869 - 1963 Frank James Denton
... Wanganui camera fiend. Married Laura Close (1873-1904) in 1900. 3 known children, including twins. Had a son (Harold Morley 1913-2002) with Ethel Mary ?. Died in Palmerston North

6/ 1871 - John Mowbray Denton
... attended Terrace School & Wellington College before moving to England. He married Violet Marshall 11 June 1908 in Sheffield, England. Married Elizabeth Finlay Whyte 16 June 1920 in Sauchiehall St, Glasgow. He was the principal and managing Director of Messrs Christopher Johnson, the well known cutlers of Sheffield Cutlery, England. He returned home in 1937 for a visit after 33 years

7/ 1872 - 1873 Florence Denton
... Florence was born 7 Aug 1872. She died 9 Aug 1873 aged 1 year & 2 days. She is buried Bolton St, plot 71N with other family members

8/ 1874 - 1956 Edith Mabel Denton
... Edith didn't marry. She died in Wellington, ashes 71N at Bolton Street

9/ 1875 - 1950 Percival 'Percy' Norwood Denton
...spent years in England and Calcutta. Married Alice Maud Ross in 1905 in NZ. Percy was a Jeweller at 260 Lambton Quay. In 1930 this ad. Cremated Karori

10/ 1877 - 1955 Herbert Denton
... married Anne Jane Wilson in 1904 (1876-1911) and lived in Levin (foothills of the Tararua Ranges). 3 known children. Married Shirley Beckett (1891-1967, buried Kelvin Grove) in 1921. Cremated Karori

11/ 1884 - 1960 Laurence Ackworth 'Laurie' Denton
... Chartered Accountant. Married Nellie Maude Daniell (1881-1971) 11 Jan 1911 in Masterton. Daughter of Charles Edward Daniell & Emily Chilton. Died Havelock North. Buried Plot 69A, Block SW with Nellie

GEORGE & ELIZA ANN are buried at Plot 71N, Bolton Street with other members of this family


58 WILLIS Street TIMELINE, Wellington
Following timeline taken from various editions of The Evening Post
1892 - (opposite Townsend & Paul's) Large variety of Ladies Corsets, Aprons, Sunshades, Umbrellas, Blouses. Mrs Carter did dressmaking alterations

1908 - (between Evening Post & Grand Hotel) George Davies opened his Wellington branch there (1 of his 40 NZ wide branches), tailor-made gentlemen's suits

1910 - George Denton, Ironmonger, Watchmaker, Jeweller, Gunsmith and dealer in curios was there. He had established the business in 1863 at 33 Willis Street. The Denton home 'Fern Hill' at 324 The Terrace (Wellington Terrace) occupied a town acre originally held by Daniel Riddiford. There George had the first trout hatchery, later amalgamating with Masterton

1922 - (near Gamble and Creed) Abel & Hyman, Cap Machinists were on the top floor of Denton's Building
* Gamble & Creed advertised themselves as "The leading caterers of Wellington", Wedding Parties, Dinners and Receptions

1923 - Osborne & Co., at 58 Willis street (late Denton's), did all kinds of mechanical repairs, locks and keys and Safes & Strongrooms overhauled. Phone 135

1925 - Mrs Bates and Miss Phyllis Bates gave a private dance to 50 officers at their studio, 58 Willis street

1926 - F. J. Pinny Ltd of 89 Willis Street, had a clearing sale of Pianos & Gramophones prior to their moving to number 58 Willis

1935 - F. J. Pinny Ltd., (Frederick James Pinny 1857-1933), had a liquidation sale and closed 14th Sep

1936 - (opposite John Duthies) on Thursday 23 January, Boots the Chemist (NZ) Ltd., opened its first NZ store at 58 Willis street

1945 - Boots was still there

NOW, 2016 Unichem Pharmacy

DENTON FAMILY c1896 LEFT TO RIGHT (ages approx)
10/ Herbert 'Bert' (19)
5/ Frank James (27)
1/ Robert George 'Rob' (32)
2/ Annie Jane (31)
* GEORGE Denton, father (63)
8/ Edith Mabel (22)
9/ Percival Norwood 'Percy'(21)
4/ Kate Elizabeth (28)
6/ John 'Mowbray' (25)
* ELIZA ANN Denton, mother (53)
3/ William Henry 'Will' (29)
11/ Laurence Ackworth 'Laurie' (12)
* not in the photo 7/ Florence Denton (1872-1873)

KETE HOROWHENUA site is down

Have you been trying to access genealogy pages this week only to find they are broken? They could be posted via Something I didn't think of until today

Trying to access the passenger lists of Ships to NZ all week and thought the problem was just their listings. However a search this morning revealed it is all of the postings, pages, projects at RootsWeb.
The message reads...
We are experiencing some temporary Rootsweb site problems.
We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.
Our development and web operations teams are working on the problem and we will have it resolved as quickly as possible.
Thank-you for your patience.

wishing them all the best in sorting it soon

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DONALDSON buried Christchurch

DONALDSON buried Christchurch
* excludes still born
* birth date may be calculated from age at death
* date could be that of death or burial
* burials may be of body or ashes
* searching at above link provides plot number & more info

also see William Donaldson & Eliza Mercer's 17 children
also see Donaldson buried Dunedin

The cemeteries: Addington, Avonhead, Belfast, Bromley, Green Island, Linwood, Lyttelton Catholic, Memorial Park, Ruru Lawn, Sydenham, Waimairi

AGNES Donaldson aged 38
died 18 Oct 1906 - Addington

ALEX JAMES Donaldson aged 4
died 30 Nov 1899 - Linwood

ALFRED WILLIAM Donaldson aged 71
died 8 Jan 1965 - Sydenham

ALLEN FRANK Donaldson aged 69
died 14 July 2009 - Avonhead Park

AMELIA Donaldson aged 70
died 19 Aug 1931 - Addington

ANNIE Donaldson aged 85
died 26 Dec 1971 - Waimairi

ANNIE Donaldson aged 3.3
died 1 June 1902 - Linwood

ANNIE ELWAYS Donaldson aged 54
died 4 Oct 1923 - Linwood

ARTHUR BOYCE Donaldson aged 92
died 15 April 2014 - Ruru Lawn

BRIDGET Donaldson aged 83
died 12 March 1943 - Bromley

CECIL ERNEST Donaldson aged 78
died 22 Dec 1962 - Waimairi

CECILIA IRENE Donaldson aged 4.5
died 16 March 1907 - Linwood

CECILIA LILIAN Donaldson aged 4 months
died 23 Feb 1911 - Linwood

DAWN LARAINE Donaldson aged 64
died 17 Sep 2006 - Avonhead Park

DONNE ALEXANDER Donaldson aged 64
died 2 Feb 2006 - Avonhead Park

EDNA LORRAINE Donaldson aged 81
died 23 Feb 2012 - Ruru Lawn

EDWARD Donaldson aged 52
died 21 July 1937 - Bromley

EMILY EUNICE Donaldson aged 11 days
died 11 June 1983 - Ruru Lawn

EMMA TRIMWELL Donaldson aged 26
died 21 April 1895 - Linwood

ETHEL Donaldson aged 1
died 13 Feb 1902 - Sydenham

FRANCES MARIE Donaldson aged 84
died 17 April 1940 - Waimairi

FREDERICK BEATON Donaldson aged 61
died 4 April 2002 - Avonhead Park

GEORGE WILLIAM Donaldson aged 64
died 13 March 1933 - Linwood

GERTRUDE ALICE Donaldson aged 41
died 24 June 1946 - Linwood

GERTRUDE ALICE Donaldson aged 48 (spinster)
died 24 June 1946 - Linwood

HANNAH WESTON Donaldson aged 98
died 13 July 1973 - Bromley

HELEN Donaldson aged 65 (nee Rix)
died 20 Oct 1898 - Addington

HENRY FRANCIS Donaldson aged 23
died 11 Sep 1936 - Sydenham

HILDA MARY Donaldson aged 68
died 21 Sep 1980 - Memorial park

ISABELLA Donaldson aged 71
died 14 Oct 1940 - Waimairi

JAMES Donaldson aged 77
died 10 June 1904 - Sydenham

JAMES DAVID HECTOR Donaldson aged 78
died 12 Aug 1982 - Waimairi

JAMES GRIEVE Donaldson aged 70
died 12 Nov 1923 - Addington

JAMES THOMAS Donaldson aged 52
died 31 Aug 1921 - Sydenham

JAMES WEBSTER Donaldson aged 19 days
died 26 March 1894 - Addington

JAMES WILLIAM Donaldson aged 54
died 26 Oct 1971 - Waimairi

JEAN CHERRIE Donaldson aged 78
died 6 Oct 1943 - Addington

JOHN Donaldson aged 63
died 4 Sep 1974 - Waimairi

JOHN Donaldson aged 65
died 2 June 1931 - Bromley

JOHN DOUGLAS Donaldson aged 6 weeks
died 16 Jan 1957 - Ruru Lawn

JOHN GEEKIE Donaldson aged 69
died 24 Aug 1940 - Bromley

JOHN SANGSTER Donaldson aged 58
died 2 April 1971 - Memorial Park

JOSEPH JAMES Donaldson aged 72
died 13 Jan 1948 - Ruru Lawn

KENNETH NOEL Donaldson aged 61
died 25 Dec 1990 - Ruru Lawn

MARGUERITE Donaldson aged 94
died 16 May 2003 - Waimairi

MARIE Donaldson aged 60
died 3 July 1926 - Sydenham

MARIE Donaldson aged 4 months
died 28 Oct 1943 - Bromley

MARJORIE RAE Donaldson aged 58
died 15 Nov 1999 - Avonhead Park

MARK IAN Donaldson aged 6 months
died 4 March 1976 - Wainairi

MARY Donaldson aged 53
died 27 Sep 1963 - Ruru Lawn

MARY Donaldson aged 87
died 10 Aug 1933 - Bromley

MARY ANN Donaldson aged 68
died 20 April 1908 - Sydenham

MATTHEW Donaldson aged
died 29 Oct 1946 -

MAXWELL ROSS Donaldson aged 74
died 4 May 2007 - Avonhead Park

MICHAEL JOHN Donaldson aged 28
died 20 March 1994 - Avonhead Park

MYRTLE AMELIA Donaldson aged 84
died 7 May 1980 - Waimairi

MYRTLE PHYLIS Donaldson aged 91
died 6 Aug 2011 - Bromley

PATRICIA ALMA Donaldson aged 64
died 9 April 1967 - Waimairi

PETER JAMES Donaldson aged 2 days
died 26 April 1940 - Bromley

PETRINA Donaldson aged 75
died 22 Dec 1950 - Ruru Lawn

PHILLIP SYDNEY Donaldson aged 63
died 20 Aug 1975 - Ruru Lawn

PHYLLIS ETHEL Donaldson aged 92
died 24 July 2013 - Waimairi

PHYLLIS IVY JOYCE Donaldson aged 85
died 18 Oct 1999 - Belfast

RAYMOND PETER Donaldson aged 51
died 9 Aug 1960 - Waimairi

RHODA ELVENA Donaldson aged 69
died 5 June 1919 - Sydenham

ROBERT Donaldson aged 82
died 23 April 1915 - Sydenham

ROBERT MITCHELL Donaldson aged 90
died 22 July 1958 - Waimairi

ROBERT WESTON Donaldson aged 2 days
died 25 April 1923 - Bromley

RONALD Donaldson aged 31
died 5 Sep 1946 - Bromley

ROSE ALICE Donaldson aged 81
died 13 May 1972 - Waimairi

RUTH MARY Donaldson aged 11
died 25 Dec 1983 - Waimairi

SARA CATHERINE Donaldson aged 74
died 19 Oct 1986 -Bromley

SARAH JANE Donaldson aged 74
died 2 Dec 1939 - Bromley

SYDNEY Donaldson aged 21
died 30 Sep 1901 - Sydenham

SYLVIA LOUISE Donaldson aged 86
died 22 Aug 1994 - Waimairi

TERRIE Donaldson aged 1 hour
died 30 March 1984 - Waimairi

THOMAS Donaldson aged 54
died 3 Nov 1982 - Waimairi

THOMAS Donaldson aged 74
died 18 April 1906 - Addington

VALMAI GABRIELLE Donaldson aged 9 days
died 14 May 1936 - Bromley

VICTOR Donaldson aged 3
died 9 March 1928 - Sydenham

VIOLET JANE Donaldson aged 17
died 12 Nov 1917 - Sydenham

WILLIAM Donaldson aged 23
died 21 Nov 1918 - Lyttelton Catholic

WILLIAM JAMES Donaldson aged 86
died 2 Jun 1972 - Waimairi

how should we record the children of same-sex marriages on our family trees

Birth certificates are probably our most important identity document.
Their purpose is to record legal, not biological, parental status (as in adopted children)
Countries issue amended birth certificates after adoption to reflect the change, but as a statutory privilege, not in satisfaction of any constitutional right (the original record of the child’s biological parents is often preserved, although sealed against public access)

Therefore, how should we record the children of same-sex marriages on our family trees if the tree is made public?
Do we record the biological parents and work back on their ancestors for the descendents of these children who will one day be curious? OR do we record the same-sex couple as their parents and work back on their ancestors?

It would be far too 'confusing' and nearly impossible to add all 4 'parents' and their families and ancestors

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