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Southland Times, 20 January 1879

The fine clipper ship Western Monarch, with our old friend Captain Watson on board in command, arrived at the lower anchorage at the Bluff yesterday morning, from London. She has on board 369 immigrants and 9 saloon passengers, besides a crew of 46 men all told.
As soon as she came to an anchor Captain Thomson, Harbor Master, proceeded to the pilot station, accompanied by the representatives of the press, and went on board as health officer, and after receiving the report from the doctor gave the press representatives permission to board.

Captain Watson courteously intimated his willingness to give every information respecting the boyage and ship, and after detailing the passage out, assisted by the doctor, he accompanied the health officer and your own and went over the whole of the immigrants quarters.

The Western Monarch left Plymouth on the 30th October, after having embarked all her passengers on the previous day. Fifteen minutes after leaving port the first death occurred on board - an infant which had been brought on board having wasted away - and although this at the time may have been considered an ill omen, yet in this instance it proved not to be so, as the passage of the Western Monarch throughout has been one of the finest. Here we may state also that during the whole passage there were only three deaths, one being the infant named above, another an infant dry nursed, and another a single man named Arthur O'Keefe, aged 28 years, from consumption, who had come on board almost in the last stage of that disease with a faint hope that the sea voyage might prove beneficial.
Three births also took place and all are doing well.

Whilst examining the 'tween decks, the immigrants, both married and single, expressed their heartfelt satisfaction at the treatment accorded them by Captain Watson and his officers, and especially by Dr James W. P. Hosking, who was unwearying in attending to their medicinal requirements. There was not trace of contagious disease on the passage, and all on board arrived in a fine state of health excepting one poor fellow, John Baldwin, aged 30, of Waterford, who is confined to bed suffering from consumption. (He died in the Hospital on 26 Jan)
The immigrants themselves appear to be a fine class of people, and what renders them a greater acquisition is the fact that several bring the wherewithal to give them a good footing ashore - one having given the doctor charge of 150 (Jan 2014 equivalent of $23,370), another 50, and others possessed of sums sufficient to give them a start.

The arrangement for comfort in the 'tween decks were of the best, the only part which would admit of improvement being the divisions between the berths of the married couples, which has been represented several times to the Commissioners, and although the Western Monarch has been better fitted in this respect than the generality of immigrant vessel, yet there is still room for improvement. The state of cleanliness and order throughout the immigrants' quarters not only says great things for the passengers themselves but redounds to the credit of Captain Watson and Dr Hosking, the usual disinfectants which so annoy visitors in emigrant vessel being apparently quite unnecessary on the Western Monarch, and only noticeable by their absence.

The ship herself is particularly well adapted for an emigrant vessel, being over 1300 toms register, with a spacious 'tween decks, which gave the passengers an abundance of room and consequently added to their comfort considerably. She was built in Barrow-in-Furness, by the Barrow Shipbuilding Company, and is almost a new vessel. She registers 1315 tons, and is owned by the Royal Exchange Shipping Company. She is fitted with all the latest improvements in every way, having steam winch, condenser, and steam appliances for working the yards and anchors, also fire apparatus. She is also possessed of a marked improvement on ordinary vessels, in that her lifeboats forward, which are capable of carrying 160 passengers, are always slung aboard in davits, ready to lower at a moments notice, and this in the event of colliding would be an immense advantage, the usual custom being to have all boars, excepting one or two aft, turned bottom up and well secured on the skids, which necessitates considerable loss of valuable time before they can be lowered. She is also furnished with patent anchors with improved detaching gear, which does away with the usual billhooking at the catheads, the anchors being slipped off the forecastle-head, at a moments notice.

After sailing from Plymouth the Western Monarch got moderate winds until sighting the Island of Maderia, on the 6th Nov,m where she was becalmed for four days, all the time in sight of the Island; got away again on the 10th November and had a complete change in the weather, a severe thunderstorm overtaking her, with vivid flashes of lightning. This settled into a steady N.W. gale, which necessitated her running under close-reefed topsails for three days. On the 16th of November, got the N.E. trades in 20 N. They, however, proved very limited and of little use and were lost in 7 N. on the 24th November. Got the S.E. trades in 4 N., which proved far more serviceable, they being well easterly, which enabled her to make two points easting the whole time, and did not run out of them till the 9th December.
Sighted Nightingale and Inaccessible Islands on the 14th December and Gulf Island on the 15th, with fine weather, On the 22nd passed the meridian of the Cape to the north of the Crozets. Run the easting down on meridian 47, with good steady westerly winds, and averaged 270 miles daily until within 200 miles of New Zealand, when she run into a thick fog and dodged along under easy canvass for three days, a strong N.E. to S. breeze blowing until the morning of the 18th inst., when the fog lifted and Solanders Island was sighted and the yards squared for the Straits.
The s.s. Arawata was passed off the Solanders, also a barque beating to the westward. At 6 p.m. on the 18th hove to under Stewarts island and at daylight yesterday morning run across the Straits, but a thick fog hanging over the Bluff hill Captain Watson deemed it prudent to run back to Stewarts Island, but the fog lifting soon afterwards he stood across the Straits and receiving the signal from the Flagstaff to run in to the pilot boar he ran in under Look-out Point, where received the Pilot on board, who brought her up to the lower anchorage.
As soon as the passengers are cleared Captain Watson will land them either in boats at the Pilot Station or by steamer at the wharf and proceed on his voyage to Dunedin, where he will discharge his cargo, none of it being for Southland

West Coast Times, 9 January 1879 - INVERCARGILL
Labor generally is scarce and the arrival of the ship Western Monarch with immigrants, is anxiously looked forward to. She has nearly four hundred souls on board

Southland Times, 9 January 1879 - IMMIGRANT STATISTICS
From the certified list which the immigration officer, Mr Lillicrap, has just received, and to which he has courteously granted us access, we glean some interesting details regarding this shipment of immigrants.
The 369 souls in the ship are apportioned as to age generally ans sex as follows:-
194 male & 111 female
28 male & 24 female
6 male& 6 female

Of the males there are 172 farm laborers, 7 general laborer, 2 gardeners, 2 shepherds, 1 rough carpenter, 1 carpenter & 1 painter
Of the females there are 38 general servants, 5 housemaids, 4 dairymaids, 3 cooks, 2 nurses & 1 nursemaid

213 are English, 125 are Irish, 13 are Scottish, 15 are Welsh, 2 are Australian & 1 Channel Islander. Nearly half of the English immigrants are from the counties of Gloucestershire, Cornwall and Devon, the remainder representing over a score of counties between Berwick-on-Tweed and Lands End. The Scotch hail from various parts and the Irish chiefly from Kerry, Clare, Limerick and Derry. Of the Welsh counties Merioneth contributes most largely

Southland Times, 21 January 1879 - SOUTHLAND HOSPITAL
Three patients were admitted yesterday to the Hospital. One came from the newly-arrived ship the Western Monarch, and was very far gone in consumption. The second was suffering from a large abscess down the right, extending from the armpit almost to the knee. The third was admitted suffering from pneumonia. The hospital is full to overflowing, beds having to be made up in the committee-room

Southland Times, 22 January 1879 - A DAY AT THE CIRCUS
At Burton's Great Australian Circus, the last day performance takes place this day (Wednesday) 22nd January. The last night of the circus as the Troupe leaves for Hobart Town per 'Ringarooma' on Thursday. The immigrants who have arrived by the Western Monarch are invited by Mr Burton to attend the Day Performance at the Circus FREE OF CHARGE

Star, 24 January 1879 - DELAYS
The immigrants that arrived the other day by the Western Monarch are not going off by any means so rapidly as had been expected. The whole of the married couples are still in the barracks, while a number of the single men and women have not yet succeeded in obtaining engagements

Southland Times, 25 January 1879 - HOUSING PROBLEMS
Two or three of the families of the Western Monarch have, with difficulty, secured house shelter, and left the depot, the immigration officer has also secured for another two or three places on stations, but the bulk remain. Several of the married men have obtained work about the town, while a few have left for the Wallacetown branch railway works, together with a good may of the single men. It seems a pity contractors have not agents in town authorised to engage and send up men to the railway works on arrival of an immigrant vessel. To-day may still decrease the number left in the depot. Of the single women only some four remain, and Mr Lillicrap expects places for these by Monday

Evening Post, 27 January 1879 - DEMANDING HIGHER PAY
The Western Monarch immigrants are giving some trouble by demanding exorbitant wages. Many employers left the barracks in disgust. An offer of temporary employment by the Corporation at 5s a day, wet or dry, was indignantly refused.
Several of the immigrants found engagements on Saturday and more could have been accommodated if they had chosen to accept reasonable wages. The ideas of too many of them are exorbitant in this respect. The Immigration Officer informs us that many of the men (single and married) refused excellent wages in his presence. The immigrants have not displayed the ready spirit fro work that was so apparent amongst the Waitara's immigrants, and farmers and contractors who were seeking labor could make nothing of them. Not wishing to be harsh the Immigration Officer has not yet stopped food supplies, but he says there is reason for such a course. We have no wish to say unkind things to the new-comers, but we would remind them of the great distress and misery they have escaped from in the old country by emigrating to this one, where they will find that their lives have fallen in pleasant places if they will be but industrious and steady and put their shoulder to the wheel with a will, But work they must, and the sooner they recognise the position the better for them

I have listed same names together for easy reading
this does not necessarily mean they were of the same family
* approximate birth dates in brackets help for later research
* treat all name spelling, dates etc with caution, use as a guide only

NAME ......AGE ......NOTES
Ablem Mary A. 23

Alderson David 21
Alcherley John 37

Arnold George 44 (1834-)
Arnold Anna 43
Arnold Alfred 11
Arnold Mary E. 9
Arnold Emily 3

Bailey Noah 24 (1854-)

Baird David 21 (from Ayr)

Baldwin William J. 40 (1838-)
Baldwin Mary 32
Baldwin Albert William 11 (1867-1946)
Baldwin Catherine 9
Baldwin John 30 (from Waterford, Ireland, died of consumption 27 Jan)

Barlow James 36
Barlow Ellen 38
Barlow Ellen 12
Barlow Margaret 6

Bartlett Henry 17 (from Middlesex)

Beavel Frederick 22 (1854-1901)
NOTE Frederick is the only Beavel mentioned anywhere in NZ. Nothing on Births or Marriages for this name and his is the only recorded death.
His is the only Beavel name mentioned in papers Past
Hawera & Normanby Star, 4 February 1888 A Ride Through Whakamara ,,, half a mile further on and on the opposite side of the road is the bachelor residence of Mr Beavel ...
Hawera & Normanby Star, 23 September 1901 BEAVEL - At Whakamara, on Sunday, September 22nd, 1901, Frederick Beavel aged 47 years
Hawera & Normanby Star, 13 November 1901 We remind those in search of a snug farm that Messrs Nolan, Tonks and Co., instructed by the Public Trustee, will tomorrow offer 102 acres, lately occupied by the late Frederick Beavel, and situated upon the Ingahape road, Whakamara, about two miles from the Mells Co-operative Dairy Factory. Conditions may be seen at Mr C. A. Budge's office

Bennett William 23

Blee Samuel 43 (1835-)
Blee Elizabeth 42 (1836-)
Blee Margaret 'Maggie' 18 (married Frederick Noah Bailey)
Blee Elizabeth 16 (1862-)
Blee Edward 14 (1864-)
Blee Isabella 13 (1865-1927)
Blee Joseph Henry 8 (1870-1943)
Blee Henry 6 (1872-)
see BLEE marriages
It is possible Samuel & Elizabeth lowered their ages. A Samuel Curteous snr (1829-1907) & Elizabeth Ann (1830-1897) BLEE are buried together in Winton cemetery with Samuel Blee jnr (1854-1899). See Blee marriages link

Botterill Ambrose 37 (Mr. 1843-)

Bradley James 22

Brady Thomas 20 (with Philip Donohue)
Brady Mary 21

Brooker Robert 29
Brooker Henrietta 27
Brooker John 7
Brooker Thomas 5
Brooker James 3
Brooker William 2 months

Brown Thomas 25

Brunsdon Charles 23 (1855-1942)
Brunsdon William 22 (married Catherine White Aug 1879)

Burke Mary 21 (with Thomas & Mary Spellman)
Burke Anne 19 (from Galway)
Burke Mary 18 (from Galway)

Butler John 22

Billing Mary 17

Black Sarah J. 19

Boyd Margaret 21 (from Antrim)

Boyle Mary 20

Callaghan John 21

Carroll John 25

Carson Thomas 30
Carson Ellen 32
Carson Mary 7
Carson Jane 5
Carson John 2

Casserly John 21 (1857- from Galway)

Cleave Richard 20 (1858-1919)

Cole Albert 22

Colling Frederick 22

Connor Mary 21

Coombs Thomas 23 (1855-1896)
Coombs Mary 24
Coombs Charles 1

Coombes George 33
Coombes Sarah 42
Coombes William R. 12
Coombes Mary E. 8
Coombes George Thomas 3

Cooney John 24
Cooney Mary 18

Corbett James 19

Craig Archibald 40 (1838-)
Craig Sarah Mary 40 (1838-1914)
Craig John George 18
Craig Mary J. 15
Craig Ann E. 12
Craig William Robert 10
Craig Archibald 7

Craigie James 23

Cross William 24

Curnow William 31
Curnow Jane 29

Daly Michael 20
Daly Bridget 20

Davie Joseph 18

Davis Joshua 37
Davis Mary A. 30
Davis Rosina 9
Davis George 6
Davis Charlotte 2

Diamond Thomas 28
Diamond Elizabeth J. 29
Diamond William J. 4
Diamond Maria 2
Diamond Thomas 1

Dobbs John 13 (1865-1930)

Donohue Philip 18 (with Thomas & Mary Brady)

Dyer Thomas 27
Dyer Mary J. 27
Dyer William 2
Dyer Ernest 6 months

Eddy Sillias 24 (or Eady, from County Cork)
Eddy Susan 20 (with Jennings + Denis McCarthy)

Eslin Bridget 19

Everall George 39 (with Frederick & Walter White)
Everall Elizabeth 50
Everall Charles 19
Everall Thomas 17
Everall Sarah 16
Everall John 13

Fahy Julia 19 (from Galway)

Fahey John 25

Fannery Maria 30

Fenaughty Roger 25
Fenaughty Bridget 23
Fenaughty Bridget 1

Fitzgerald Gauel (?) 21 (farm laborer from Armagh)
Fitzgerald James 23 (from Armagh)

Fitzmaurice Joseph 21

Flynn Mary 19

Ford(e) James 25
Ford(e) Mary 26

Fox Liley 21

Gallagher Michael 20 (with Edward & Margaret McGee)
Gallagher Annie 20

Gedney John 21

Gibson Frederick 26

Gobbe Robert 43 (painter from Bedfordshire)
Gobbe Margaret 42
Gobbe Thomas 18

Gorman Michael 19

Graham Thomas 42

Grey William 19

Hackett Mary 17

Halloran John 22
Halloran Patrick 25

Hammill James 23

Hannaford John 22

Harding William 24

Havard William 27
Havard Elizabeth 23
Havard Elenor A. 2
Havard Sarah E. 9 months

Hawley Philip 21

Hays Catherine 20

Haywood Charles 23

Hennessy Francis 22 (from Cork)
Hennessy Mary 20 (from Cork)

Heslington Benson 21

Hingston Andrew 30
Hingston Annie 20

Hocking Richard 23
Hocking Eliza 21
Hocking Henry A 28
Hocking Phillipa 24

Hogan Peter 25

Hubber Henry 21

Hughes H. 18
Hughes Thomas 24

Jackson Thomas 22

James William 43
James Mary 42
James Eliza 16
James John 14
James Charles 13
James Richard H. 2
James Charles 21

Jenkin James 23
Jenkin Sarah 23

Jennings Edward 21 (with Denis McCarthy + Susan Eddy)
Jennings Margaret 20 (from County Cork)
Jennings Lydia 19

Jones Owen 23

Karlene John 19

Keen John 23

Keenan James 18

Keeny Francis 30

Kennedy Julia 21
Kennedy Ann 19

Kerr John 27

Killean Mary 27

le Bas Alex 35

Lee H. 22 (born c1856)
Lee Helena (?) 21
Lee John 2 months
Lee Elizabeth 20

Lenihan William 21 (from Galway)
Lenihan Honora 19 (from Galway)
Lenihan Mary 17

Lesley Margaret
Lesley Benjamin 30

Letcher William 23
Letcher Catherine 24
Letcher Elizabeth J. 2 months

Lewin Alex 21
Lewin Mary E. 23

Linscott Frederick 18

Lobb John 27

Lynch Thomas 27

Madden Maria 19

Maloney John 22
Maloney Honora 22

Maquire Mary 19

Marshall Thomas 26

Martin Louisa 18
Martin Mary 21

Marvin Annie B. 23

Mathews Edward 24
Mathews Henrietta 25
Mathews William Thomas 2
Mathews Edward H. 8 months

Maugan Michael 21

McCarthy Denis 21 ((from County Cork, with Jennings + Susan Eddy)

McCartney William 22

McClelland Joseph 22

McGee Edward 22 (with Michael & Annie Gallagher)
McGee Margaret 23

McGilvray Archibald 48 (from Argyle)

McGuskion (?) H. 25

McKeown George 18 (with James Wilson)

McLemon William 29
McLemon Jessie 29
McLemon John 1

McMahon Timothy 22
McMahon Honora 28

McNamara Patrick 36 (from County Clare)
McNamara Margaret 35
McNamara Patrick 17
McNamara Honora 15
McNamara Catherine 10
McNamara Margaret 8
McNamara Daniel 5

Meredith Robert 24
Meredith Mary 20

Millard James 16
Millard John 22
Millard Robert 18

Mitchell John 19

Morgan Charles 52
Morgan Matilda 48
Morgan Richard 23
Morgan Charles 19

Morris George 29
Morris Caroline 29
Morris Elizabeth M. 2

Murphy John 20

Murray Michael 22

Neill John 23

Newcombe William H. 26

O'Brian Thomas 20
O'Brian Michael 19

O'Donnell Michael 22

O'Keefe Arthur 24
O'Keefe Mary 23

O'Mara John 25
O'Mara James 26

Owen Caroline 18

Owens Robert 24

Pagson William 38

Paul Richard 20

Pearce Henry 25
Pearce Reginald 20

Perraluna Alex 23
Perraluna Elizabeth 21

Peters Richard George 22

Pomeroy John 17

Potts George 30

Randell Elizabeth 17

Reardon Daniel 18 (with Michael & Ellen Sheehan)

Reid Thomas 37 (laborer from Edinburgh)[/COLOR]
Reid Janet 31
Reid Jane 6
Reid John 4
Reid Margaret 2
Reid Janette 4 months

Richardson H. 27

Roberts William 23
Roberts Jane 21

Robertshaw John 24

Roper Daniel 20 (from Donegal)

Sampson James 22

Scully Mary 18 (from Galway)

Sheehan Michael 20 (with Daniel Reardon)
Sheehan Ellen 20

Sheppard Herbert 21

Sherman Joseph 24 (from Gloucestershire)

Sindon Annie 28

Smith George 22
Smith Emily A. 22
Smith Fanny E. 1
Smith James 27
Smith Edward 22
Smith Jane 26

Spellman Thomas 20 (1858-1933)
Spellman Mary 22 (with Mary Burke)

Stack Johanna 22

Stead Frances 17

Stephenson George 34
Stephenson Alice 34
Stephenson Rachael 11

Sullivan Patrick 30
Sullivan Mary 29
Sullivan Bridget 7
Sullivan Mary 4
Sullivan Kate 1
Sullivan Daniel 21
Sullivan John 27
Sullivan Mary 25

Taugney Thomas 22
Taugney Julia 22
Taugney Eugene 9 months

Taylor Ellen 21

Thorn James 23
Thorn Selena 23
Thorn Samuel 2 (1876-1922)
Thorn Walter Henry 16 months (1877-1884)
Thorn Emily E. 7 months

Thornton Thomas A 32

Thomas William 23

Toblin William 25

Trebilcock John 29
Trebilcock Dorothy 28
Trebilcock Francis 3
Trebilcock Mabel 2 months
Trebilcock Thomas 17

Tree James 30 (1849-1935)
Tree Elizabeth 28 (1851-1923)
Tree George 5 (1873-1950), married Edith Mary Wright 1898
Tree John Bolton 2 (1876-1917)

Tregilgus William 20

Tretheway William 23
Tretheway Emma 26
Tretheway Elizabeth A. 8 months
Tretheway Thomas 21

Troon John aged 21

Vines Charles 35
Vines Elizabeth 26

Waldron Robert 27
Waldron Margaret 32

Warne John 18

Whiddon Frank 20

White Walter 13 (with Everall)
White Frederick 13 (with Everall)
White Frank 18

Whitehead John William 20

Wilcock Joseph 26
Wilcock Bessie 26

Williams Ralph 28
Williams Mary E. 22
Williams William 11 months
Williams Jacob 44
Williams Annie 43
Williams Elizabeth 16
Williams George 21

Willis William 21

Wilson William 33
Wilson Anna M. 29
Wilson Edward J. 9
Wilson Margaret R. 6
Wilson William John 3
Wilson James 25 (with George McKeown)
Wilson Joseph 28

Withington Elizabeth 25

Woodgate John 23

Young Mary 23 (from Renfrewshire)
Young Eliza 6 (from Renfrewshire)

Clipper Ship the WESTERN MONARCH

from the John Oxley Library, State Library of Queensland

DEATH NOTICES - Otago Witness, Oct 1909

DEATH NOTICES from the Otago Witness, 27 October 1909
the original list DEATHS


On October 20, at Miller's Flat, Andrew D. Borland, second son of Samuel and Fanny Borland; aged 20 years 1 month

* ANDREW DAVID Borland was a son of:
Samuel BORLAND (1859-1912), of Tamney, Clondavaddog, County Donegal
Fanny Mabel MULLAN (1864-1944) of Tullyrone, Dungannon, Armagh
SAMUEL & FANNY married in Townsville, Queensland in 1886, had 5 children then moved to New Zealand about 1900 where they had further children
born in Queensland
* 1887 - 1923 Henry Alexander Borland
* 1889 - 1909 Andrew David Borland
* 1892 - 1970 William John Marshall Borland (+ Mabel Lewis Peters in 1926)
* 1894 - Margaret Jane Borland (+ Donald Crossan in 1919)
* 1899 - 1968 Fanny May Borland (+ John Robert Johnson in 1932)
born in New Zealand
* 1901 - 1967 Samuel Ronald Borland (+ Annie Hamilton in 1924)
* 1903 - 1985 James Leslie Borland (+ Mary Stuart in 1931)
* 1905 - Robert George Borland
* 1907 - Mildred Iline Borland


On October 21 at Balclutha, Christina Beattie, eldest daughter of William and Elizabeth Boyd. Deeply regretted

Otago Daily Times, 22 October 1909 The Friends of ELIZABETH and WILLIAM BOYD are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their DAUGHTER, CHRISTINA BEATTIE, which will leave their Residence, Clyde Street, Balclutha, TO-MORROW (SATURDAY), 23rd, at 2.30 p.m., for the Balclutha Cemetery

* CHRISTINA BEATTIE Boyd was a daughter of:
William BOYD & Elizabeth KING who married in 1888
the known children of WILLIAM & ELIZABETH:
* 1889 - 1909 Christina Beattie Boyd
* 1891 - Edward Boyd Boyd, Trooper 9/1406 from Balclutha
* 1892 - 1975 Jane Haggart Boyd (+ Lewis Albert William Dawson in 1922)


On October 26, 1909, Ebenezer Reid Black, of Owaka. Private interment

* EBENEZER REID Black was 54
He married Jessie Ann BURGESS in Chalmers Church, Dunedin on 14 Oct 1902
Ebenezer was 47 (registered as 42) & Jessie was 32 (registered as 29)
Otago Daily Times, 17 November 1902 BLACK-BURGESS -
On the 14th October, at her mother's residence, Belmore terrace, York place, by the Rev J. U. Spence, Jessie, second daughter of the late James Burgess, to Ebenezer Reid Black, Glenmore Farm, Owaka, second son of the late John Black, land steward, Ardamurrican, Scotland. (sic, Ardnamurchan ?)
the known children of EBENEZER & JESSIE:
* 1905 - 1920 John Reid Black


On October 20, at his residence, 73 Dowling street, William Carr, whipmaker, beloved husband of Esther Carr; aged 70 years. Deeply regretted.

* WILLIAM Carr was married to Esther ?
Esther was from England. It is possible they married there
the known NZ born children of WILLIAM & ESTHER:
* 1868 - 1934 Jane Carr (+Edward Ferguson 1889 +Henry Waugh in 1897)
* 1871 - Caroline Carr
* 1873 - Esther Carr
* 1874 - 1874 Sarah Ann Carr (aged 2 months)
* 1876 - 1943 Rebecca Carr (+ Henry Dunedin Fish in 1897)
* 1879 - Sarah Ann Carr
* 1884 - 1964 Nathaniel Carr
* 1886 - William Carr

WILLIAM Carr is buried:
Plot 4, Block 141A at Northern Cemetery, Dunedin
buried with him is:
* 1923 - Esther Carr aged 78, his wife. Last address 29 Bay View Rd., South Dunedin
* 1934 - Jane Waugh aged 66, his daughter
* 1943 - Rebecca Fish aged 67, his daughter
* 1964 - Nathaniel Carr aged 80, his son


On October 23, at Royal crescent, Kew, Vida Isabella, the beloved daughter of Hugh and Marion Calder

* VIDA ISABELLA Calder was born 1871, a daughter of:
Hugh CALDER (1829-1911) of Poultney Town, Caithness, Scotland & of Marion Young SMITH (1838-1913)
Otago Witness, 19 June 1858 At Lee Street, Dunedin, on the 10th instant, by the Rev Thos. Burns, Mr Hugh Calder, Caversham, to Marion, youngest daughter of the late Mr Alexander Smith, Merchant, Paisley
the known children of HUGH & MARION:
* 1859 - 1943 Jane Moncrieff Calder (+ John Langmuir in 1886)
* 1861 - 1935 David McBeth Calder (+ Jessie Alexandra Moir in )
* 1863 - 1865 James Alexander Calder (aged 16 months)
* 1865 - 1866 Hugh Paterson Calder (aged 10 months)
* 1867 - 1939 James Donald Calder
* 1869 - 1944 Marion Buchanan Calder (didn't marry)
* 1871 - 1909 Vida Isabella Calder
* 1873 - 1939 Marion Calder (+ Walter Pulman in 1899) X
* 1874 - 1938 Hugh Alexander Calder X


On October 24, at 32 Wilkie road, Kensington, Sarah, the beloved wife of James Foster; aged 66 years. Deeply mourned.

* SARAH Foster is buried:
Plot 105B, Block 12P at Southern cemetery, Dunedin
buried with her is:
* 1894 - Albert Foster, her son aged 16, lived Kensington, Dunedin
* 1916 - James Foster, her husband aged 76, a Second hand dealer in Dunedin


On October 20, at the Dunedin Hospital, Carl Yalman (George) Hallgreen; aged 63 years.

* CARL YALMAN GEORGE Hallgreen was possibly:
Carl Hjalman George HALL GREEN
Carl is the only Hallgreen recorded as died in NZ. There are no recorded births of this name. There was 1 Hallgreen marriage recorded, that of:
Carl Hjalman George Hallgreen to Janet NELSON in 1901
(Carl was 55 & Janet was 45)

Carl was buried in Plot 15, Block 5R at Southern Cemetery, Dunedin as Richard Hallgreen and was buried with Janet Cameron Hallgreen (1856-1904)


On October 24, at Dunedin, Nicholas Hocking, of Arthurton; aged 20 years.

* NICHOLAS Hocking was a son of:
Richard (1856-1940) & Elizabeth 'Eliza' (1857-1937) HOCKING who emigrated on the clipper ship Western Monarch. The ship left Plymouth 30 Oct 1878 & sailed direct to Bluff landing 19 Jan 1879 with 369 immigrants & 9 saloon passsengers, a crew of 46 men and Captain Watson in command. They arrived in Port Chalmers, Dunedin on 27 January

the known children of RICHARD & ELIZA:
NOTE their first born, James Hocking, Private 45095, died of gunshot wounds to the head in Belgium 1 Oct 1917. It is said he was born in St Just, Cornwall but he is not on the ship passenger list. He was registered in New Zealand as having been born 7 Jan 1879 which means he was born about 12 days out from Bluff, one of the 3 births on board. His parents headstone (see photo) & war records state he was 38
* 1879 - 1917 James Hocking
* 1880 - 1952 Richard Hocking
* 1880 - 1880 William Hocking (aged 24 days)
* 1882 - 1964 Elizabeth Grose Hocking (+Thomas Sranley Hopkins in 1930)
* 1884 - 1937 Caroline Jane Hocking (+John Sutherland in 1915)
* 1886 - 1922 William Bennetts Hocking
* 1887 - 1942 John Tregear Hocking
* 1889 - 1909 Nicholas Hocking
* 1891 - Eliza Hocking (+Frank Dennison in 1921)
* 1892 - 1976 Annie Hocking (+George Rupert Little in 1923)
* 1893 - 1968 Marjory Hocking (didn't marry, buried Gore)
* 1898 - 1968 Phyllis Bennetts Hocking (+Frederick William Taylor 1925)


On October 22, 1909 (accidentally by drowning), James Walter Stewart, youngest and dearly beloved son of George and Ellen Leslie; aged 5 years. Deeply regretted.

Otago Daily Times, 25 October 1909 A LITTLE BOY DROWNED
A little boy named Walter James Stuart Leslie, five years of age, was the victim of a sad fatality at the wharf on Friday afternoon.
After school that day Leslie met a companion named William Elliott, who is also of the same age, and with him went down to the Cross wharf. They played about for some time, and then deceased descended the steps, and whilst trying to gather some seaweed fell into the water. Elliott became frightened and ran home, saying nothing about the accident. As Leslie did not return home, his father, Mr Geo. Leslie, who resides in Filleul street, commenced a search, and ultimately came upon the body of the little fellow lying face downwards on the stones under the wharf. It was obvious that he had been washed there by the waves.
George Leslie, father of deceased, said the lad was just five years old. The boy had returned from school at dinner time on Friday, and was last seen by his mother at 2.30. At 6 o'clock his absence caused uneasiness, and a search which was instituted ws kept up unsuccessfully until midnight. At daylight witness resumed his search, and finally, about 5.15 he found the body of his son lying under the Cross wharf, near the Jetty street steps. The body was cold, and partially covered with water. The boy, a robust child, had been in the habit of going to the wharf alone. William Elliott, a companion of deceased, said that after coming away from school on Friday, he and Leslie, at the latter's invitation, went to the wharf "to look at the boats". On making his statement to the police, denied that he went to the wharf with Leslie, but ultimately confessed his part of the story to his mother. This witness's evidence was not very clear. He sobbed continually, and, evidently frightened by the proximity of the policemen, made some somewhat involved statements. Leslie, in trying to catch a piece of seaweed, had fallen into the water and witness ran away. It was after 4 o'clock when he arrived home.
An inquest will be held this morning. The Coroner: I can only come to the conclusion that the poor little chap was accidentally drowned.

* JAMES WALTER STEWART Leslie was a son of:
George LESLIE (1851-1930) born Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
...(parents: Peter Leslie & Eliza Stewart)
Ellen FORD (1859-1937) born County Galway, Ireland
...(parents: Walter Ford & Ellen Casserley)
the known children of JAMES & ELLEN: (born in Dunedin)
* 1882 - 1938 Eliza Jeannie 'Liz' Leslie (+ James Nisbet 1905)
* 1883 - Ellen Leslie
* 1886 - 1971 Robert Birnie Leslie
* 1889 - Sarah Ann 'Dolly' Leslie
* 1891 - 1968 George Leslie
* 1893 - 1964 Alexandrina 'Rena' Leslie (+ John Henry Hackett in 1920)
* 1895 - 1976 Josephine 'Cis' Leslie (+ Duncan William Angus Trainor aka McLarty)
* 1896 - Honorah May 'Nora' Leslie (+ Stanley David Bacon in 1925)
* 1897 - Catherine Marguerite Leslie (+ Allan Julius Potter in 1924)
* 1900 - Jessie Sprightley Leslie
* 1904 - 1909 James Walter Stewart Leslie


On October 23, at her residence, Main South road, Green island, Eva Elizabeth, the beloved wife of Archibald Lindsay, jun., and second daughter of Henry and Sarah Berry, of Abbotsford; in her thirty-first year. Deeply mourned.

* EVA ELIZABETH Lindsay was born 1878
her parents, Henry (1854-1921) & Sarah (1853-1941) Berry, arrived into Port Chalmers 6 March 1874 on the Scimitar
NOTE OF INTEREST A crewman on board was John Brennan, alias Cloach, who got a job as a cook in the 'Harp of Erin' Hotel in Dunedin just after arriving. A few months later he attempted to murder a young passenger of this voyage, 15 year old Mary Hall. The Hotel was then run by Francis McGRATH (see below)

the known children of HENRY & SARAH:
* 1876 - Frederick Henry Berry served as Private 61190
* 1877 - 1919 Ellen Mary Berry
* 1878 - Eva Elizabeth Berry (aged 30)
* 1880 - Fanny Ann Berry
* 1882 - 1883 Amelia Jane Berry (aged 9 months)
* 1884 - William Charles Berry
* 1885 - Charlotte Maretta Berry
* 1889 - 1980 Arthur Ernest Berry
* 1893 - 1914 Ethel Sarah Berry (aged 20)

EVA married Archibald Lindsay (1876-1959) in 1901
the known children of EVA & ARCHIBALD:
* 1902 - 1848 Frederick Archibald Lindsay
* 1906 - Eva May Lindsay
* 1907 - Verna Meretta Lindsay
* 1909 - 1909 Alexander Lindsay (born 1 Oct 1909, he lived for 3 hours)


On Thursday, October 21, 1909, at Dunedin (suddenly), William Gerald Mackay, dearly beloved husband of Mary Mackay, of Clifton, Invercargill; aged 51 years. Deeply regretted.

* WILLIAM GERALD Mackay was the 10th of 10 children of:
Andrew MacKAY (1819-1890) Elspeth MURRAY of Scotland
WILLIAM married Mary Sophia JOHNSTON (1865-1950) in 1886
the known children of WILLIAM & MARY:
* 1888 - 1980 Elsie Elizabeth MacKay (+ George Henderson in 1923)
* 1890 - 1890 William Samuel MacKay (aged 4 months)
* 1891 - 1916 John Robert MacKay (Rifleman 25/661, Killed in Action, Somme)
* 1902 - 1979 Andrew Gerald MacKay (+ Agnes Scott)
* 1904 - 1993 Margaret Mary 'Maggie' MacKay (+ John Sommerville)
* 1907 - 1989 Hugh Alexander MacKay

Plot 26, Block 23 at Eastern cemetery, Invercargill


On October 26, at the Dunedin Hospital, James, the dearly beloved son of John and Jane Macnee, of Waikoikoi; aged 10 years.

* JAMES MacNEE was a son of:
John Robertson MacNEE (1867-1944) & Jane CRAWFORD who married in 1898
the known children of JOHN & JANE:
* 1898 - 1898 John MacNee (aged 9 days)
* 1899 - 1909 James MacNee
* 1901 - Flora Jane MacNee
* 1902 - 1996 Adam John MacNee (+ Ivy Catherine Harriet Dunlop in 1929)
* 1904 - Mary Lavender MacNee (+ Edwin William Aitken in 1927)
* 1909 - 1992 David Crawford MacNee (died 15 Nov 1992 in Milton)
* 1911 - 1992 Robert Charles CRAWFORD (adopted nephew?? - d.25 Feb 1992)


At his residence, East road, Invercargill, on Thursday, October 21;, 1909, Samuel Douglas, beloved husband of Florence Mayze, and son-in-law of Mr John Williams, Crinan street, Invercargill. Deeply regretted.

Otago Witness, 27 October 1909 The death is announced of Mr Samuel Douglas Mayze, of Invercargill, who for 18 years was employed at Mr Macalister's engineering works. In January last he underwent an operation, and returned to work for a short time, but the progress of the disease had not been stayed, and it gradually spread, ultimately proving fatal. Mr Mayze leaves a wife and two young children

* SAMUEL DOUGLAS Mayze was 39
He was born in Invercargill, 10th of 13 children of Thomas MAYZE (1829-1882) & Isabella ALLISON (1832-1908) from Ireland who married in 1842 in Girvan, Ayr, Scotland

SAMUEL DOUGLAS Mayze married Florence Louisa WILLIAMS (1878-1926) on 11 April 1906
the known children of SAMUEL & FLORENCE:
* 1907 - 1968 Mervyn Douglas Mayze (married twice, died in Queensland)
* 1908 - 1929 John Thomas Mayze (died in Melbourne)
SAMUEL & FLORENCE are buried Plot 132, Block 4 at Eastern cemetery, Invercargill
...In loving memory of
Who died 21st Oct 1909 Aged 39 years
...ALSO His wife
Who died 20th March 1926 Aged 47 years
Peace, perfect peace


On October 23, at the residence of her son-in-law, Mr J. Trapski, Wyndham, Mary Ann, beloved wife of Francis McGrath, late of Dunedin, aged 68 years. R.I.P.

* MARY ANN McGrath (nee FARRELL) married 19 May 1859 at St Francis Roman Catholic Church, Melbourne to Francis 'Frank' McGrath (1830-1910). Francis was from King County, Ireland, a son of Dennis & Bridget McGrath. He appears to have arrived in Victoria in Sep 1857 on the 'John Linn' with his brother John McGrath (1836-)
Francis & Mary Ann arrived in Port Chalmers, Dunedin 30 March 1862 on the 'Mary E. Ray' with an infant named Francis McGrath. They were Hotel Keepers, running the 'Harp of Erin' in Great King Street, Dunedin for 20 years.
In May 1880 Francis McGrath was the Proprietor of the North-East Valley Hotel (near Dunedin). The above new and commodious Hotel is situate in one of the most charming and healthy suburbs of Dunedin. The tramways start for, and return from, the centre of the city every few minutes. The hotel is handsomely furnished, and all the apartments, especially the bedrooms, have thorough ventilation. Persons desirous of a comfortable home free from the noise and bustle of the city will do well to enquire for the above hotel
NOTE OF INTEREST in 1874 a crewman on board the 'Scimtar', John Brennan, alias Cloach, got a job as a cook in the 'Harp of Erin' and willfully attempted to murder 15 year old Mary Hall in the kitchen there in June 1874. The Hall's had emigrated on the Scimtar as did Henry & Sarah Berry (see Lindsay above)

the known New Zealand born children of MARY ANN & FRANCIS:
* 1866 - John Thomas McGrath
* 1871 - Bridget McGrath
* 1872 - 1944 Delia McGrath
* 1874 - Dennis McGrath
* 1877 - Martin McGrath
* 1880 - Thomas William McGrath
(because of the large gaps in early births I believe there were a number of other children. Example, Mary Ann died at her son-in-laws home. This was Delia McGrath (1872-1944) who married John Trapski in 1896 but is not on BDM)

MARY ANN & FRANCIS McGrath are buried:
Plot 2, Block 15R at Southern cemetery, Dunedin


On October 15, at Blue Spur, Lawrence, Margaret Harper, widow of Alexander McKenzie, native of Forres, Morayshire, Scotland; aged 65 years. Home papers please copy.

* MARGARET HARPER McKenzie was buried:
Plot 4 & 5, Presbyterian Section of Lawrence cemetery with husband Alexander MacKenzie (1840-1906), who died 19 Dec 1906 aged 66 at Blue Spur: native of Morayshire, Parish of Dyke Scotland


On October 23, at Dunedin, James Smith Millar, late of Ranfurly (N.Z. Railways), aged 54 years. At rest.

* JAMES SMITH Millar was born:
15 Jan 1855 in Auchenbowie, Stirlingshire, Scotland

JAMES SMITH Millar married in Dunedin on 1 July 1880 to:
Margaret 'Maggie' Scrymgeour (1858-1942)
Margaret was born 15 Oct 1857 in Edinburgh, Scotland, the 5th of 7 children of John SCRYMGEOUR & Elizabeth Helen HISLOP. Her father died in Otago in 1864 & her mother in Dannevirke in 1899

the known children of JAMES & MAGGIE:
* 1882 - unnamed infant Millar (lived 5 hours)
* 1884 - 1932 John McLeod Millar (+ Rhoda Emma Reid)
* 1885 - 1949 William Peter Millar (+ Annie Harrison)
* 1887 - Elizabeth Maggie Millar
* 1894 - 1949 Sarah Dowling Millar (+ Thomas Watson Fraser in 1920)
* 1896 - 1917 James Scrymgeour Millar (Private 39271, Killed in Action Ypres)
* 1898 - 1974 Gordon Millar (+ Charlotte Watson)


On October 20, at Owaka, Amelia Maud, beloved eldest daughter of Oliver Osborne, jun., aged 11 years. Deeply regretted.

* AMELIA MAUD ELIZABETH Osborne was a daughter of:
Oliver Henry OSBORNE (1875-1934) & Hannah Jane ROBINSON (1877-1967)
Oliver joined the Police Force in 1902 and in 1905 was involved in a 'Police Scandal' when he and 3 other constables were charged with breaking and entering and separate charges of stealing & receiving. Some of the goods seized
the known children of OLIVER & HANNAH:
* 1898 - Amelia Maud Elizabeth Osborne
* 1900 - 1939 Oliver Baden-Powell Osborne
* 1902 - Ellen Gladys Osborne
1905-1908 Oliver is sentenced to 3 years gaol with hard labour
* 1909 - 2000 Mavis Josephine Osborne (+ Ewart)
* 1911 - Sybil Constance Osborne


On October 22, Elizabeth (Cissy), second daughter of John Plunkett, Mornington, aged 22 years. R.I.P.

* ELIZABETH BRIDGET 'Cissy' Plunkett was born 1887, a daughter of John PLUNKETT (1848-1919) & Ellen McDONALD (1858-1905) who married in 1884
the known children of JOHN & ELLEN:
* 1885 - first daughter
* 1887 - Elizabeth Bridget 'Cissy' Plunkett
* 1889 - 1969 Bernard Plunkett
* 1890 - Ellen Catherine Plunkett
* 1892 - William John Plunkett
* 1894 - Francis Hugh Plunkett
* 1896 - Edward Lawrence Plunkett
* 1899 - Arthur Dominic Plunkett
* 1900 - Rose Kathleen Plunkett
* 1913 - Mary Margaret Plunkett

CISSY Plunkett is buried with her parents in:
Plot 24, Block 9R, Southern cemetery, Dunedin


On October 21, 1909, at the Lower Hutt, Charles Gilbert, youngest son of the late William Gilbert Rees, pioneer of Lake Wakatipu; aged 39 years.

* CHARLES GILBERT Rees was born 1870
...Charles's father was:
William Gilbert REES (1827-1898) an explorer, surveyor and early settler in Central Otago, New Zealand. He and fellow explorer Nicholas von Tunzelmann were the first Europeans to settle the Wakatipu basin.
Rees is regarded as the founder of Queenstown
...Charle's mother was:
Rebecca Frances GILBERT (1838-1926) a cousin and childhood sweetheart of William. William first emigrated to New South Wales in 1852, where he became a sheep farmer. He returned to England to marry Rebecca on 20 July 1858. The Rees River in Central Otago is named after Rees, and his statue stands on Rees Street, near the town pier. There is also a hotel called The Rees on Frankton Road in Queenstown which bears his name as well as a bridge on State Highway 6 named in his honour
the known children of WILLIAM & REBECCA:
* 1859 - 1930 Mary Rose Rees (+James Wilfred Marsden 1900)
* 1861 - 1861 Manning Lee Rees
* 1862 - 1948 Cecil Walter Rees (+Annie Margaret Burke 1901 in NSW, Annie died in childbirth 1902, +Agnes Matilda McDowall in Wellington 1907)
* 1865 - 1923 Mabel Rees (+Audley Edward Merewether 1883)
* 1867 - 1894 Sarah Isabel Rees
* 1869 - 1957 *Mildred Gertrude Rees
* 1870 - 1909 Charles Gilbert Rees
* Mildred Gertrude Rees - In 1888, at the age of 18, Mildred Gertrude Rees began her nursing training at Blenheim Hospital under the supervision of her older sister Mary Rose REES who was Matron. In 1890 Mildred moved to Wellington Hospital where she completed her training. She graduated in May 1902 and in the NZ Registration of Nurses is Number 140. For the next 13 years she engaged in private nursing around New Zealand and in 1909 at the age of 40 left for Britain. Here she agency nursed until war broke out in 1914. She immediately applied to New Zealand House in London to see if she could be sent to France but she was too early for any organised group. Instead she went to Belgium with the Dowager Duchess of Sutherland's party. Mildred was one of eight nurses in this party which became known as the Millicent Sutherland Ambulance.
In January 1915 she applied to join the Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service Reserve (QAIMNSR) and served in France and Belgium until she took her discharge in 1919.
Mildred was MENTIONED IN DESPATCHES and was awarded the ARRC Medal (Associate Royal Red Cross) as well as the 1914 Star (only two other NZers are recorded as having gained this award).
- Mildred is buried in Nelson. taken from NZ Nurses WWI

CHARLES GILBERT Rees married Minnie Clara Drawbridge (1869-1957) in 1898
the known children of CHARLES & MINNIE:
1903 - 1977 Gilbert Severn Rees
1908 - 1970 Maurice Westland Rees
Minnie Clara remarried in 1922 to Charles Alexander Gaitt (1883-1954)


On October 20, 1909, at No. 47 Stuart street, Dunedin, Louisa, the beloved wife of John Ryan, of Winslow, Canterbury; in her forty-fourth years. "Rest in peace."

Ashburton Guardian, 22 October 1909 RYAN - On Wednesday, October 20th, at the residence of her sister (Miss E. Pye, Dunedin), Louisa, beloved wife of John Ryan, Winslow; aged 43 years. R.I.P.

* LOUISA Ryan (nee PYE) was born, a twin, 1866 in Western Australia
her parents were Charles PYE & Catherine BUCKLEY (1832-1888) born Ireland, married 1853 in Toodyay, West Australia & died in Christchurch
Louisa's known siblings were:
* 1858 - William Pye, born in Toodyay
* 1860 - Maryanne Pye, born in Toodyay (+ John Barry)
* 1864 - Honour Pye, born Fortune Mine (Wheal Fortune Copper Mine, Northampton & Geraldton)
* 1866 - John Pye, twin with Louisa
* 1866 - Louisa Pye, twin, of this profile

LOUISA married John Ryan in Ashburton 15 July 1886. John was born 1856 in Cahirdrinna (Glanworth parish), County Cork, Ireland to Thomas RYAN & Ellen BULMAN
the known children of LOUISA & JOHN:
* 1887 - 1972 Catherine Elizabeth Ryan (+ Cornelius Bishop 1910)
* 1888 - Louisa 'Cissy' Ryan
* 1890 - Ellen Josephine 'Nellie' Ryan (+ William Thomas Fraser 1923)
* 1891 - Thomas David Ryan
* 1892 - Mary Ann (Maryanne) Ryan
* 1893 - 1893 William John 'Willie' Ryan (aged 10 weeks)
* 1895 - Margaret Ryan
* 1897 - Honora 'Nora' Ryan (+ David Francis Maggin 1927)
* 1901 - Robert Patrick Ryan (+ Yvonne Howarth)
* 1904 - John Michael Ryan
* 1906 - 1954 Arthur William Ryan


On October 22, 1909, at 7 Great King street, Wilhelmina Glendinning, the beloved wife of Walter Riddell; in her seventy-third years. "At rest."

* WILHELMINA BROWN GLENDINNING Riddell (nee GLENDINNING) was born 1837 in Dumfrieshire Scotland, a daughter of James GLENDINNING & Elizabeth BRYON
Wilhelmina married Walter RIDDELL (1837-1922) 27 Dec 1861 at Eskdalemuir Dumfries Scotland and they emigrated to New Zealand soon after
the known children of WILHELMINA & WALTER: (born in Otago)
* 1863 - 1945 Elizabeth Brydon 'Bessie' Ridell (+ James Mathieson in 1883)
* 1865 - 1957 William Glendinning Riddell (+ Annie Mahoney in 1898)
* 1866 - 1932 James Archibald Glendinning Riddell (aged 66 fall from horse)
* 1868 - 1961 Janet Jane Riddell (+ John Graham Henderson in 1895)
* 1869 - 1945 John Ridell (+ Catherine Graham Weir in 1903)
* 1870 - 1952 Wilhelmina Christina 'Minnie' Ridell (+ Alexander Stuart in 1900)
* 1871 - 1962 Andrewina Riddell (+ James Taylor in 1901)
* 1872 - 1873 Walter Riddell (aged 1 month)
* 1874 - 1961 Jessie Mathieson Riddell (+ William Dallas in 1898)
* 1875 - 1905 Walter Alexander Riddell (died aged 29 from Ptomaine poisoning)
* 1878 - 1969 Helen Bell Glendinning 'Nell' Riddell (+Robert Arnott +John Mahoney)


On October 16, at Newington avenue, Elizabeth Anna, daughter of Geo. M. Thomson; aged 22 years.

* ELIZABETH ANNA Thomson was born 1887, a daughter of:
George Malcolm Thomson (1848-1933) teacher, scientist, educationalist, social worker & politician and of one of his pupils, Emma ALLAN (1853-1894), who married at Hopehill, North Taieri, on 26 Dec 1876
the children of GEORGE & EMMA:
* 1878 - 1942 William Malcolm Thomson
* 1881 - 1928 James Allan Thomson
* 1883 - 1964 George Stuart Thomson
* 1885 - 1886 Florence Jane Thomson (aged 20 months)
* 1887 - Elizabeth Anna Thomson (died of Tuberculosis)
* 1892 - 1918 John Henry Thomson (Private 3/453, died of disease WWI)

Elizabeth's mother died in 1894 aged 41, Elizabeth was aged 7. Her father remarried 30 May 1910 to Alice Crawford Craig (1873-1911), 25 years his junior, in Melbourne. Alice died in Melbourne 8 months later, 21 Jan 1911

ELIZABETH ANNA is buried Plot 8, Block 138 at Northern Cemetery, Dunedin
buried with her are the bodies or ashes of 14 others of her family:
* 1886 - Florence Jane Thomson aged 20 months, her sister
* 1889 - Margaret Justina Thomson aged 76
* 1890 - Ethel Margaret Thomson aged 16 months
* 1894 - Emma Thomson aged 41, her mother
* 1897 - William Thomson aged 86
* 1906 - Margaret Steven Strang aged 32
* 1918 - Ellen Harriett Thomson aged 37
* 1933 - George Malcolm Thomson aged 84, her father
* 1989 - John Gilbert Thomson aged 78
* 2004 - Maria Emilie Thomson aged 78
* 2007 - Marion Thomson aged 95
* 2009 - Cullen William Thomson aged 82
* 2010 - John Michael Barker aged 61
* 2012 - Frank Malcolm Gould aged 71 (3 weeks from 100 years after Elizabeth)


Plot 14, Block 2 at Pukerau cemetery, Gore

....In Memory Of
beloved son of R and E HOCKING
died 24 October 1909 in his 21st year
......also their eldest son
....NO.45095 PVTE JAMES
died of wounds in France 1st Oct 1917 aged 38 years
......also ELIZA
beloved wife of RICHARD HOCKING
died 15 July 1937 aged 80 years
......Also RICHARD
loving husband of ELIZA HOCKING
who died 14 February 1840 aged 84

DUNKLEY marriages New Zealand 1875-1933

Albert Dunkley (1887-1974)
ALBERT married Ella Marjorie VILLARS (1890-1977) in 1913
...daughter of Edmund VILLARS & Norah MURPHY
ALBERT died 1 October 1974 aged 87
ELLA died 8 January 1977 aged 86
- they were both cremated at Karori, Wellington

Albert Edward Dunkley (1903-1929)
ALBERT married Rose MURKIN in 1926
Evening Post, 11 June 1929 AUCKLAND, This Day. The body of Albert Edward Dunkley, a stoker of H.M.S. Veronica; was found floating in the harbour near Devonport this morning

Albert William Dunkley (1887-1968)
...son of Arthur DUNKLEY (1854-1924) & Theckla Bridget O'CONLAN (1854-1923)
(who married in 1874 in Victoria, Australia)
Evening Post, 10 April 1924 Mr Arthur Dunkley (Albert's father), Addington, one of the early settlers in the Dominion, died on Tuesday at the Christchurch Hospital. In his early days Mr Dunkley was one of those attracted to the Antipodes by the gold-mining rush in Australia. After a number of years in the Commonwealth Mr Dunkley came to New Zealand. He was particularly well known in sporting circles, and before the present Defence scheme was an enthusiastic volunteer. Four of his sons are intimately connected with the newspaper world:
O. F. Dunkley, journalist in Sydney (Otto Frederick)
A. W. Dunkley on the literary staff of the Christchurch 'Sun' (Albert William)
A. D. Dunkley publisher of the same paper (Arthur David)
E. H. Dunkley of the staff of the Oamaru 'Mail' (Ernest Henry)
ALBERT married Grace Edith May GLOVER (1889-1918) in 1913
...daughter of Richard GLOVER & Annie Eliza LAMMAS
they had a daughter:
* 1915 - 2007 Peggy Ruth Dunkley (+ William Henry Burrows 1937, see photo)
ALBERT next married Catherine CARRIG (1883-) in 1921
...daughter of Martin & Bridget CARRIG
they had at least 1 child:
* 1924 - 1989 James 'Jim' Dunkley (see photo)

Arthur David Dunkley (1877-1946)
...son of Arthur DUNKLEY & Theckla Bridget O'CONLAN
ARTHUR married Gertrude WHITE in 1898
...the known children of ARTHUR & GERTRUDE:
* 1899 - Arthur Morris Dunkley
* 1907 - Gertrude Phyllis Dunkley

Arthur Morris Dunkley (1899-)
...son of Arthur David DUNKLEY & Gertrude WHITE
ARTHUR married Vera Maud WALKER in 1922

Colin Dunkley
COLIN married Margaret KEMP in 1918

Denis/Dennis Dunkley
DENIS married Elizabeth PATERSON in 1875

Ernest Henry Dunkley (1878-1942)
ERNEST married May Wood Long THOMSON (1892-) in 1911
...daughter of Alexander Thomas THOMSON & Mary Jane Wilson McCAULEY
...the known children of ERNEST & MAY:
* 1913 - Gerald Ernest Dunkley

Francis Arthur David Dunkley (1901-1965)
FRANCIS married May BUSBY in 1930

Francis Eugene Ambrose Dunkley (1876-1920)
born in Australia
FRANCIS married Elizabeth Margaret Agatha BOOTH (1875-1944) in 1901
...the known children of FRANCIS & ELIZABETH:
* 1901 - 1965 Francis Arthur David Dunkley
* 1903 - Alberta Elizabeth Dunkley
* 1904 - Alice Doreen Dunkley
* 1908 - Lavinia Florence Dunkley
Francis served in WWI as Corporal 21389 with the New Zealand Engineers Tunnelling Company, 2nd Reinforcements. His wife Elizabeth was his next of kin at Waitete Road, Te Kuiti

Frederick 'Otto' Dunkley (1888-1959)
...son of Arthur DUNKLEY & Theckla Bridget O'CONLAN
OTTO married Annie Maud GRAY (1880-1917) in 1911
Ohinemuri Gazette, 30 November 1917 We regret to chronicle the death of Mrs Otto Dunkley, who passed away at Hamilton on Monday at the early age of 27 years. For some time Mrs Dunkley was resident in Paeroa, her husband having been engaged as lino type operator for this firm. She was of a bright and happy disposition and was very popular amongst those with whom she came in contact. Much sympathy is extended to Mr Dunkley in the great loss he has sustained by the death of his young wife
Otto enlisted in the No 6 Manawatu Recruiting District in Dec 1917. He was a linotype operator, Warwick Villa, Taihape
OTTO married Mary Anne KENNEDY in 1919
he was on the Australian Electoral Rolls from 1930:
1930-1854 Wentworth, Bondi North
1958- Philip, Bondi North

George Dunkley (1836-1906)
GEORGE married Mary Ann PRICE (1839-1911) in 1875
Otago Witness, 11 September 1907 DUNKLEY - In loving memory of George Dunkley, the beloved husband of M. A. Dunkley, who departed this life on the 5th September, 1906; aged 70 years. Deeply regretted.
...So he giveth his beloved sleep,
...And bringeth them to the haven where they would be

George Dunkley (1879-1960)
GEORGE married Elizabeth Alice PILLING (1879-1963) in 1914

George Basil Dunkley
GEORGE married Hilda MILLARD in 1915

John Harington Heathcote Dunkley (1879-1930)
...son of Rev Walter DUNKLEY & Alice Annie THOMAS
JOHN married Alice Nona ANSON (1888-1962) in 1917
Press, 1 September 1917 DUNKLEY-ANSON - On August 13th, at St Mary's, Heathcote, by Rev Canon Wilford, Sergeant John H. H. Dunkley, son of the late Rev W. Dunkley, to Alice Nona, fifth daughter of the late T. H. Anson, Winterfold, Courtenay
...daughter of Thomas Hamilton ANSON & Henrietta Ann GORLE
John served in WWI as Sergeant 49294 with the NZEF, 30th Reinforcements Otago Infantry Regiment, D Company. Alice was his next of kin c/o Mrs Anson, Bridle Path Road, Heathcote Valley, Christchurch

Robert Dunkley (1851-1913)
ROBERT married Emily Rose Amanda LUXTON (1854-1944) in 1877
...the known children of ROBERT & EMILY:
* 1878 - Grace Emmeline Dunkley
* 1880 - Bob Dunkley
* 1890 - Angus Dunkley
* 1890 - Betsy Dunkley

Robert Dunkley (1884-1920)
ROBERT married Winifred NEILSON (1894-1961) in 1916
he enlisted in the seventh ballot in May 1917 as Public Accountant, Cornfoot Street, Castlecliff

Samuel Henry Dunkley (1859-1945)
SAMUEL married Kate BOWDEN (1865-1945) in 1902

Sidney Dunkley
SIDNEY married Florence Clare TALBOT (1865-1947) in 1903

Thomas Charles Dunkley
THOMAS married Constance AUSTIN in 1903

Walter Dunkley, Reverend (1850-1912)
WALTER married Alice Annie THOMAS 3 Jan 1878 in Motueka
...daughter of Charles Thynne THOMAS & Anne TOVEY
Nelson Evening Mail, 8 January 1878 DUNKLEY-THOMAS - January 3, at Motueka, by the Rev S. Poole, M.A., Walter, third son of the Rev John Dunkley, and late of Christ's College, Christchurch, to Alice Annie, youngest daughter of the late Lieut-Colonel C. Thynne Thomas, late of Her Majesty's Bengal Army.
...the known children of WALTER & ALICE:
* 1878 - 1930 John Harington Heathcote Dunkley
* 1880 - 1957 Walter William Dunkley
Ashburton Guardian, 30 December 1912 CANON WALTER DUNKLEY - The Rev. Walter Dunkley, vicar of St. Paul's, Glenmark, for many years Minor Canon of Christchurch Cathedral, died at the Vicarage, Glenmark, yesterday morning. Born at Moore, Shropshire, on February 1st, 1850, he was the son of the Rev. John Dunkley, of Liverpool. In 1872 he accompanied the Primate, Dr. Neville, to New Zealand, and six years later was ordained by the then Primate, the late Bishop Harper. He was assistant-master at Christ's College Grammar School 1876-79; Vicar of Phillipstown in 1878; Lincoln in 1879; the next year he visited England; of Burnham in 1881; of Courtenay in 1884; Assistant Precentor at Christchurch Cathedral from 1885 to 1889; Organising Chaplain to the Primate, the late Bishop Harper, in 1888-89; and private secretary to Bishop Julius from 1891 to 1892, when he took office as Minor Canon of the Cathedral. In July, 1907, he went to Glenmark, taking the charge of St. Paul's in October of the same year on the consecration of the church. Mr Dunkley had not enjoyed good health for some time past.

Walter William Dunkley (1880-1957)
...son of Rev Walter DUNKLEY & Alice Annie THOMAS
WALTER married Catherine Aston MEARES (1881-1964) 11 Sep 1907 in Fendalton, Christchurch
...daughter of Charles Edward Maurice MEARES & Amy
...the known children of WALTER & CATHERINE:
* 1909 - John Stuart Dunbar Dunkley
* 1910 - 1998 Geoffrey Harington Dunkley

Ada Dunkley (1883-1968)
ADA married Paul Ernest JANOWSKY (1888-1974) in 1924

Alberta Elizabeth Dunkley (1904-1971)
ALBERTA married Lorrie Alan JAMIESON (1903-1970) in 1933

Alice Amelia Dunkley (1885-1967)
ALICE married Thomas FALKINDER (1877-1954) in 1906
...the known children of ALICE & THOMAS:
* 1906 - Arthur Joel Falkinder
* 1907 - Ena May Falkinder
* 1909 - Muriel Dolcie Falkinder

Annie Mary Teckler Dunkley (1881-1963)
married Albert Edward William FAIRBRASS (1881-1931) in 1903
...the known children of ANNIE & ALBERT:
1904 - Victoria May Fairbrass
1907 - Mona Annie Lena Fairbrass

Doris Margaret Dunkley
DORIS married Percival George HAWES (1908-1975) in 1932

Edith Sarah Harriet Dunkley (1878-1941)
EDITH married Charles Frederick BAKER in 1901
...the known children of EDITH & CHARLES:
* 1902 - Edith Maida Baker
* 1905 - Cecilie Leona baker
* 1912 - Frederick Charles Thomas Baker

Eva May Dunkley (1891-1961)
EVA married Percy George THIAN (1889-1960) in 1924

Florence Mabel Dunkley (1884-1924)
FLORENCE married Francis John CONLAN (1880-1953) in 1922

Frances Lydia Dunkley (1893-1927)
FRANCES married Harry Moye ALLPRESS (1891-1971) in 1917

Harriet Amy Dunkley
HARRIET married Charles James HALE in 1895

Lavinia Florence Dunkley (1908-)
LAVINIA married John Foster COLEMAN (1909-1945) in 1928
Auckland Star, 24 February 1932 After a year of married life, John Foster Coleman, of Te Kuiti, left his wife and returned to live with his people. He was ordered to return to his wife, Lavinia Florence Coleman, within 21 days. Petitioner said she was married in July 1928, and in December 1929 her husband left her without giving a reason. She protested, and wrote, trying to induce him to go back, but he replied, saying: "You know very well that I cannot agree to live with you again. I was not happy"
LAVINIA next married Richard William David MAXWELL in 1933 (under her maiden name Dunkley)

Phyllis May Dunkley (1912-1991)
PHYLLIS married Robert Marshall ALLAN (1901-1999) in 1933

Rita Violet Emmeline Dunkley (1896-1975)
RITA married Herbert INKSTER (1896-1958) in 1928

taken from Evening Post, 21 August 1937,
Mr and Mrs William Henry BURROW
leaving St Mary's Church, Karori, this morning after their marriage. The bride was Miss Peggy Ruth DUNKLEY, only daughter of Mr and Mrs A. W. Dunkly, of Karori, and late of Christchurch, and the bridegroom is the elder son of Mr and Mrs W. E. Burrow, also of Karori
Her two small attendants were Ngaire Roberts, niece of the bridegroom, who was attired in a mauve taffeta and velvet Early Victorian frock with posy to tone and Jim Dunkley, brother of the bride, in a Fauntleroy suit. Mr Howard Thompson attended the bridegroom and Messrs Ted Burrow and John Dunkley were ushers

Wootton GROOMS - New Zealand 1857-1920

known WOOTTON GROOMS in New Zealand 1857 - 1920
names taken from BDM & some spelling may not be correct, use as a guide only
some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death

Albert Frederick Wootton (1880-1959)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Ellen JACKSON of Dunedin
married Edith Mary PEARCE (1881-1958) in 1903
their known children:
* 1904 - Vera Edith Wootton
* 1906 - Arthur Albert Wootton
* 1907 - 2005 Ivy Lily Wootton
* 1909 - Nellie Wootton
* 1912 - 1986 Harold Jackson Wootton

Albert Firkin Wootton (1873-1943)
- in 1896 + 1899 he was in Caversham, Dunedin
married Jane Ellen GOOLD (1877-1968) Xmas Eve 1902 in Invercargill
- daughter of Frederick GOOLD & Margaret Wallace WILSON
their known children:
* 1903 - William Albert Rundle Wootton
* 1905 - Mabel Ellen Wootton

Alfred Rundle Wootton (1906-1979)
- son of William Rundle WOOTTON & Augusta Christina KLEMPEL
married Alma Edna Phyllis O'BRIEN (1910-1995) in 1930
- daughter of Alfred Albert O'BRIEN & Ivy JENSEN
their known children:
* 1932 - 2005 Beverley Berice Wootton (+ William Walter Hugh Fallen 1949)

Arthur David Wootton (1892-1980)
married Alice Louisa CORNWALL (1893-1981) in 1916
- in 1917 they were in Paraparaumu
ARTHUR DAVID Wootton died 9 May 1980 aged 88
ALICE LOUISA Wootton died 6 August 1981 aged 88
- they are buried Plot 205-297, Block III at Waikanae cemetery

Arthur John Wootton (1887-1964)
married Muriel Eva Douglas PHILPOTT (1893-1980) in 1913
- Muriel died in Nelson 7 Jan 1980 aged 86

Burt Wesley Wootton (1899-1965)
- son of John Wesley WOOTTON & Hannah EVANS
married Minnie Jane GLASS (1897-1970) in 1920
- daughter of John & Minnie GLASS
Burt & Minnie were in Melbourne Street, South Dunedin in 1922 & 1925. He was a Police Constable in Sydenham, Christchurch in 1929 (see photo)
- they had 2 daughters
BURT WESLEY Wootton died 19 July 1965 in Christchurch aged 66
MINNIE JANE Wootton died 2 February 1970 in Christchurch aged 72

Charles Wootton (1843-)
- arrived in Auckland 1863 on the Bombay
married Ellen ANDERTON (1851-1941) in Bombay, Auckland 1872
their known children:
* 1873 - 1936 Sarah Wootton (+George William Waugh 1898)
* 1874 - Henry Wootton
* 1876 - 1970 Alice Wootton (+Arthur Vivian Bilkey in 1906)
* 1878 - Roland Wootton
* 1879 - Margaret Wootton (+Donald Ewen Morrison 1917)
* 1881 - Isaac Wootton
* 1884 - Mary Jane Evangeline Wootton (+John Henry Ferguson 1906)
Auckland Star, 9 August 1941 WOOTTON - On August 8, at the residence of her daughter, Mr A. V. Bilkey, Favona Road, Mangere, Ellen, beloved wife of the late Charles Wootton, Bombay, and beloved mother of Mr H. Wootton, Albany, Mrs A. V. Bilkey, Mangere, Mr R. Wotton, Bombay, Mrs D. Morrison, Rotorua, Mr I. Wootton, Auckland, Mrs John Ferguson, Wiri and the late Mrs G. Waugh.
Auckland Star, 16 August 1941 SIR ROBERT PEEL'S COUSIN
A cousin of the famous statesman, Sir Robert Peel, and a resident of the Dominion for the past 72 years, Mrs Charles Wootton has died at the age of 90 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs A. V. Bilkey, Favona Road, Mangere. Mrs Wootton was born in 1851 at Bamber Bridge, Lancashire and was educated at the National and St Peter's Schools, Preston. In 1865 she left England with her mother and sisters in the sailing ship 'Royal Dane' and arrived at Auckland after a voyage of five months to join her brothers.
In 1872, at Bombay, she was married to the late Mr Charles Wootton formerly of Wiltshire, who had come to Auckland in the well known sailing ship 'Bombay' which arrived in Auckland in 1865 after a hazardous voyage. Mr Wootton was one of the first settlers in the district, which was named after the ship. After living nearly 50 years in Bombay, Mr Wootton died and Mrs Wootton came to live with her daughter at Mangere. Mrs Wootton is survived by three sons and three daughters. There are 23 grandchildren and 14 great-grandchildren

Charles Samuel Wootton (1896-1946)
- son of William Samuel WOOTTON & Emma Ann PEARCE
married Nellie Hazel BAILEY (1904-) in 1923
- daughter of Thomas James BAILEY & Ellen Frances NICHOLLS
he married Jessie Ellen GOFFIN (1912-1989) in Auckland
- (Jessie next married Claude Lockhead RUSSELL (1903-1989)

Charles Edward Wootton (1871-1925)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
married May/Mary Steven McKERROW (1878-) in 1898
their known children:
* 1901 - 1972 May Steven Wootton
* 1902 - Ellen Jackson Wootton
* 1905 - Margaret Etta Wootton
* 1908 - Leonard Charles Wootton
CHARLES EDWARD Wootton died 23 February 1925 in Dunedin aged 53
- buried Plots 21 & 23, Block 7AP at Southern Cemetery with:
1897 - Henry Granger Wootton (1875-1897) aged 22, his brother
1906 - Samuel Wootton (1824-1906) aged 82, his father
1912 - Ellen Wootton (1841-1912) aged 71, his mother
1932 - Ronald Wootton (1932-1932) aged 2 days
1952 - James Bertie Wootton (1880-1952) aged 72, his brother
1959 - Phoebe Maud Wootton (1883-1959 nee Cavell) aged 76, wife of James Bertie
1985 - William Henry Jackson Wootton (1908-1985) aged 77, his nephew (son of James Bertie & Phoebe Maud Wootton)
NOTE Headstone says 'Charles Edward, husband of Elizabeth May Wootton'

Charles Edward Wootton (1871-)
married Elizabeth May FISHER (nee ALEXANDER 1870-1941) in 1915
- Elizabeth had first married Arthur Edward Fisher in 1899

Charles Edward George Wootton (1831-)
married Keziah Ann STREETER (1840-1908) 6 July 1857 in Waimea West Schoolroom
their known children:
* 1858 - unnamed Wootton
* 1860 - 1927 William Rundle Wootton
* 1862 - 1936 David Richard Wootton
Keziah married Thomas Wyllie McKenzie (1833-1875) Nelson 1866 + 4 children
Keziah married Francis Decimus Walker (1841-1931) Westport 1877 + 2 children

Charles Franklin Wootton (1894-1956)
- son of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
married Maud Evelyn CANDY (1894-1964) in 1915
- daughter of Thomas CANDY & Honor EDWARDS

Charles Thomas Wootton (1889-1965)
- son of Philip & Sarah Ann WOOTTON
married Evelyn Alice DENTICE (1888-) in 1921
- daughter of Albert John DENTICE & Elicia Jane PHILLIPS

Eric Leslie Wootton (1899-1935)
married Eva Gertrude HEDLEY (1886-1958) in 1923
ERIC died 2 Dec 1925 in Wellington & buried Karori

George Harkus Wootton (1840-1916)
married Emily Charlotte BURGESS (1863-1924) in 1893
- possible daughter of Tingey BURGESS & Betsy FAIRY
their known children:
* 1894 - Gladys Wootton
* 1895 - George Burgess Wootton
* 1899 - 1967 Percy Ernest Wootton

George Samuel Wootton (1895-1952)
married May Fenty BLACK (1896-1988) in 1925
- daughter of James BLACK & Isabella Pettigrew KIDD (of Dunedin)

George William Wootton (1882-1952)
- son of Thomas Edward WOOTTON & Fanny Frances KERR
married Ariel Lilly Elizabeth HOLLIS (1884-1964) in Nelson 1907
- daughter of Thomas HOLLIS & Emily GROOBY
their known children:
* 1907 - 1989 Olive Gwendoline Wootton
* 1910 - Frank Wootton
* 1916 - 1934 Irene Blanche Wootton

Harry Franklin Wootton (1882-1964)
- son of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
married Mildred Annie ROSS (1890-1941) in 1911

Harry Franklin Wootton (1907-1950)
married Elsie Irene KING (1904-1959) in 1928

Henry James Wootton (1903-1979)
married Annie OWEN (1904-1974) in 1928
- daughter of William Joseph OWEN & Susan BOYLE

Isaac Wootton (1883-1969)
married Eliza McGOUGH in 1906
Auckland Star, 9 June 1906 WOOTTON-McGOUGH - On May 2, at the residence of the bride, Pukekohe, by the Rev Mather, Isaac Wootton, youngest son of Charles Wootton, Bombay, to Eliza, only daughter of William J. McCough, Pukekohe West
he married Doris Victoria Maude WILLS (nee CASWELL) in 1932
- Doris first married Frederick Emanuel Wills (1876-1957) in 1906

James Bertie Wootton (1880-1952)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
married Phoebe Maud Kedglie CAVELL (1883-1959) in 1905
- daughter of Henry John CAVELL & Mary Ann JOLLY
their known children:
* 1906 - James Samuel Wootton
* 1907 - 1907 Henry William Wootton (aged 3 months)
* 1908 - 1985 William Henry Jackson Wootton
* 1909 - 1981 Alfred Cavell Wootton (cremated Dunedin)

John Herbert Wootton (1911-1951)
married Violet RICHAN (1909-) in 1931
- daughter of Ernest Augustus (1874-1949) & Ruth Elizabeth (1883-1959) RICHAN

John Wesley Wootton (1865-1949)
- born in Staffordshire, England, arrived in NZ about 1879 (via Sydney 1877)
- son of Charles WOOTTON & Phoebe Matilda LYNEX of Bloxwich, Staffordshire
married Hannah EVANS (1869-1957) in Dunedin 1886
- daughter of William & Phoebe EVANS
John was a Postal Clerk in Dunedin
their known children:
* 1887 - 1950 Matilda Henrietta Wootton
* 1889 - 1963 Phoebe Lilian Wootton
* 1891 - 1918 Hannah Rubina Wootton (didn't marry)
* 1894 - 1894 Charles William Wootton (aged 2 weeks)
* 1899 - 1965 Burt Wesley Wootton
* 1900 - 1979 Gladys Transvaal Wootton
* 1903 - 1986 Philip Horace Wootton (+ Katherine Mills)
* 1909 - 1996 George Clement Wootton (+ Olive Rata Carlisle Irving 1939)
JOHN WESLEY Wootton died 24 October 1949 in Dunedin aged 84
HANNAH Wootton died 9 November 1957 in Ross Home, Dunedin
they are buried Plots 73 & 74, Block 12P at Southern Cemetery with:
1894 - Charles William Wootton, their son aged 2 weeks
1904 - Charles Wootton (1831-1904), John's father aged 73
1917 - Phoebe Matilda Wootton (1831-1917), John's mother aged 86
1918 - Hannah Rubina Wootton, their daughter aged 27

Lawrence Samuel Wootton
married Muriel Gray CARMICHAEL (1894-1924) in 1917
- daughter of John CARMICHAEL & Mary Ann NEILL
he married Mataura KEOWN (1902-) in 1926
- daughter of Eliza Jane KEOWN

Leonard Wootton (1895-1964)
- son of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
married Zoe Isola VERNAZONI (of Christchurch) in 1924

Leonard Charles Wootton (1908-1968)
married Margaret Jane CAIRD (1908-1996) in 1931

Leslie Wootton (1892-1976)
married Annie Gladys HILLS (1897-1976) in 1922
- daughter of William Herbert HILLS & Elizabeth 'Bessie' MILLIGAN

Percy Ernest Wootton (1899-1967)
married Carol McWILLIAMS (1897-1982) in 1919
- daughter of James Alexander McWILLIAMS & Ida HOWELL

Peter Wootton (1860-1936)
married Matilda HUNT (1860-1919) in 1882
- daughter of Joseph & Susan HUNT
their known children:
* 1883 - Edith Emily Wootton
* 1885 - Ernest Peter Wootton
* 1888 - Grace Olive Wootton
* 1891 - Arthur David Wootton
* 1893 - Helen Annie 'Nellie' Wootton
* 1899 - 1976 Charles Harold Gillespie Wootton (lived Kuripuni, Masterton)
* 1908 - Constance Evelyn 'Connie' Wootton
NOTE 24 April 1920 IN MEMORIAN
WOOTTON - In loving memory of Matilda, dearly loved wife of Peter Wootton, who passed away on the 24th April, 1919
....Our hearts for you are aching,
....We are lonely night and day;
....We miss you, yes, we miss you
....In a thousand different ways.

....A shadow rest upon our home,
....We miss her smiling face;
....Were'er we turn, were'er we go,
....We see her vacant place.

....Worthy of lasting love was she,
....From those she left behind;
....A better mother could never be,
....Nor one so true and kind.
Inserted by her loving husband and family

Philip Henry Wootton (1884-1910)
- son of Thomas Edward WOOTTON & Fanny Frances KERR
married Lillian Doretta 'Dora' HOLLIS (1888-1974) in Nelson? 1908
- daughter of Thomas HOLLIS & Emily GROOBY
their known children:
* 1908 - Rhona Grace Wootton
* 1911 - 1998 Phyllis Joyce Wootton
* 1913 - 1998 Stanley Wilfred Wootton

Ralph Wootton (1890-1964)
married Marie Josephine McKAY (1895-1985) in 1919

Richard Wootton (1859-1902)
married Ann TURLEY in 1884
their known children:
* 1886 - Alice Louisa Wootton
* 1888 - 1959 Agnes Grace Wootton

Roy Vivian Wootton (1902-1988)
married Gladys Ruby CAVANAGH (1905-1994) in 1926
- daughter of Henry Edward CAVANAGH & Elizabeth Annie WEBB

Samuel Wootton (1824-1906)
- born in Biggelswade, England
married Ellen JACKSON in Dunedin 1863
their known children:
* 1864 - William Samuel Wootton
* 1865 - Samuel Wootton
* 1867 - George Wootton
* 1875 - Henry Grainger Wootton
* 1876 - Alfred Wootton
* 1878 - Matilda Wootton
* 1879 - Albert Frederick Wootton
* 1881 - James Bertie Wootton
* 1893 - Margaret Etta Wootton

Samuel Wootton (1865-1938)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
married Annie KELLY in 1889
their known children:
* 1895 - 1952 George Samuel Wootton
* 1903 - 1979 Henry James Wootton
* 1907 - Robert Charles Wootton

Samuel Eli Wootton (1876-1940)
married Rebecca Robrough FOX (1888-) in 1909
- daughter of William Henry FOX & Jemima Jane PETTIGREW
their known children:
* 1910 - 2006 Una Dolce Wootton
Samuel next married Margaret Hamilton ERSKINE (1887-1941) in 1920

Sydney Harold Wootton (1891-1974)
married Cora Nina Ruby MELLOR (1889-1953) in 1914
- daughter of Henry MELLOR & Charlotte Ellen WILLISCRAFT

Thomas Edward Wootton (1845-1923)
married Elizabeth Frances BURNETT (1852-1876) 21 Aug 1873 in Nelson
- daughter of Richard BURNETT & Sarah Ann IRONMONGER
their known children:
* 1874 - 1938 Mary Ann Wootton (died in New South Wales)
* 1876 - 1958 Elizabeth Jane Wootton (married 3 times)
ELIZABETH died 13 days after giving birth to Elizabeth Jane who was brought up by her maternal grandparents, Richard and Sarah Burnett, therefore her name is sometimes seen as Elizabeth Jane Burnett ...
THOMAS next married Fanny Frances KERR in 1881
their known children:
* 1882 - 1952 George William Wootton
* 1884 - 1910 Philip Henry Wootton
* 1887 - 1951 Harold Edward Wootton
* 1890 - 1962 Minnie Blanche Wootton

Thomas Henry Wootton (1866-1934)
married Marion IKENE (1866-1952) in 1893
their known children:
* 1894 - Elsie Isobel Christian Wootton
* 1896 - 1980 Rena Christian Wootton
* 1901 - Winifred Marion Wootton

William Wootton (1872-1946)
- son of Charles WOOTTON & Phoebe Matilda LYNEX of Bloxwich, Staffordshire
- born in England, arrived in NZ about 1878
married Catherine Theresa SHEEHAN (1891-1963) in 1909
William was a Crane Driver, lived in St Kilda, Dunedin
WILLIAM Wootton died 31 March 1946 in Dunedin aged 73
CATHERINE THERESA Wootton died 10 December 1963 in Dunedin aged 72
- they are buried Plot 50A, Block 8P at Southern Cemetery with:
1908 - Theresa Maria Wootton (1876-1908) aged 32
1912 - Francis Albert Hanley age not recorded

William Charles Wootton (1907-1988)
married Phoebe Annie Myrtle SIGLEY (1910-1992) in 1933
- daughter of Roy Vincent SIGLEY & Minnie TUNN

William Edward Wootton (1887-1956)
- son of William Samuel WOOTTON & Emma Ann PEARCE
married Caroline Elizabeth BROWN in 1913
William was a Butcher in Palmerston North
WILLIAM EDWARD Wootton died 12 August 1956 aged 69 & cremated Kelvin Grove

William George Wootton (1879-1959)
- son of Henry George WOOTTON & Charlotte Ann FRANKLIN
married Lucy Agnes ATKINS (1887-1951) 25 Jan 1910 in Christchurch
- daughter of James ATKINS & Agnes ORME
their known children:
* 1911 - 1971 Orme George Wootton
* 1912 - 1988 James Henry Wootton
* 1915 - 1999 Phyllis Leila Wootton
* 1918 - Lucy Margaret Wootton

William Rundle Wootton (1860-1927)
- son of Charles Edward George WOOTTON & Keziah Ann STREETER
married Augusta Christina KLEMPEL (1867-1956) 26 April 1886 in Greymouth
- daughter of Johann Martin KLEMPLE from Poland & Zuzanna EINSPORN
their known children:
* 1887 - 1959 Christina Keziah Wootton
* 1889 - 1972 Lilian Rose Wootton
* 1891 - 1915 William Charles Wootton (Killed in Gallipoli)
* 1893 - 1964 Albert Francis Wootton (Private 6/2966)
* 1896 - 1980 Emilie Sarah Wootton
* 1903 - 1974 Myrtle Evelyn Wootton
* 1906 - Alfred Rundle Wootton
WILLIAN RUNDLE Wootton died 8 June 1927 in Blackball
AUGUSTA CHRISTINA Wootton died 20 December 1956 in Greymouth

William Samuel Wootton (1864-1942)
- son of Samuel WOOTTON & Eleanor 'Ellen' JACKSON
- born in Lawrence, Otago - died in Christchurch
married Emma Ann PEARCE (1865-1942) in 1886
- daughter of James & Mary Ann PEARCE
their known children:
* 1887 - 1956 William Edward Wootton
* 1888 - 1941 Ellen Mary Wootton
* 1890 - 1964 Ralph Wootton
* 1892 - 1976 Leslie Wootton
* 1894 - 1964 Lawrence Samuel Wootton
* 1896 - 1946 Charles Wootton


Constable Burt Wesley Wootton

at the retirement of Sergeant Donald McKenzie, 7 May 1929
Back row from left:
* Constable Burt Wesley Wootton (1899-1965)
* Constable Raymond Francis Leith (1899-1965)
* Constable George Stephen Norris (1900-1993)
Front row from left:
* Constable John Cummings (Beckenham)
* Sergeant Donald McKenzie
* Constable Edward William Fibbes (1902-1958)

HOOPER at Hamilton, Waikato

the HOOPER cremated or buried at Hamilton, Waikato (to Nov 2013)
some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death

Alice HOOPER (nee HAWKINS, formerly JAMIESON) aged 79
born: 1853 in Melbourne
parents: John HAWKINS & Alice MONAGHAN (married Dublin, died New Zealand)
married: William Jamieson in 1872
known children:
* 1873 - William Charles Jamieson
* 1874 - Agnes Alice Jamieson
* 1876 - Mary Ann Lavinia Jamieson
* 1879 - William Richard Charles Jamieson
married: Henry Lewis Hooper in 1881
known children:
* 1885 - Henry Claygate Hooper
* 1888 - Flossie Helen Essen Hooper
* 1890 - Douglas Bambridge Hooper
* 1897 - Ruby Alice Woodward Hooper
died: 13 July 1932
last address: Otorohanga
buried: AA1-G-191 at Hamilton East Cemetery

Anita Evelyn HOOPER aged 57
born: 1947
died: 3 June 2004
last address: 12 Willow Grove, Morrinsville
cremated: at Hamilton Park

Annie Susan HOOPER aged 75
born: 5 June 1901
parents: Richard HOOPER & Louisa Emma Maria HAWKINS
died: 29 January 1977
Last Address: unspecified
buried: BEECH-16-04 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Bernard Norman Frances HOOPER aged 26
born: 1959
died: 22 November 1985
last address: unspecified
buried: MAPLE-15-70 at Hamilton Park Cemetery

Bryan George HOOPER aged 68
born: 18 June 1921
died: 29 August 1989
last address: 17 Hillcrest St., Tirau
cremated: at Hamilton Park cemetery

Chandos Harold HOOPER aged 48
born: 23 November 1962
died: 25 October 2012
last address: Challinor Street, Pukete, Hamilton
buried: GOM-MEM3-17 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Charles Caldwell HOOPER aged 26
born: 1908
parents: Harry Prince HOOPER & Christina/Cecilia SINCLAIR
died: 4 April 1935
last address: unspecified
buried: BB-Q-017 at Hamilton East cemetery

Charles James Maxwell HOOPER aged 87
born: 29 June 1900
parents: Thomas William HOOPER & Florence MAXWELL
died: 28 April 1988
last address: R D 1 Main Rd Tokoroa
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Clara Eveline HOOPER (nee ODGERS) aged 56
born: 1865
married: James Hooper in 1884
known children:
* 1884 - Clara Ethel Hooper
* 1885 - Hilda Maud Hooper
* 1887 - Mary Jane Beatrice Hooper
* 1890 - James Leonard Hooper
* 1892 - Sidney Hooper
* 1899 - John Whitford Hooper
* 1901 - Robert William Hooper
* 1906 - Reginald Leslie Hooper
* 1909 - Violet Ruth Hooper
died: 13 September 1921
last address: unspecified
buried: FRONT-G-09 at Hamilton East Cemetery

Colin Robert HOOPER aged 74
born: 1939
died: 10 September 2013
last address: Graham St, Hamilton East, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park Cemetery

Daisy Sarah HOOPER (nee HOLLOWAY) aged 89
born: 1 October 1899
parents: 7th of at least 9 children of Henry John & Fanny HOLLOWAY
married: Victor Candy Hooper in 1924
died: 29 March 1989
last address: 346 Maungatapu Rd Tauranga
buried: CHRRY-23-47 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Dorothy HOOPER aged 43
born: 1915
died: 10 November 1958
last address: unspecified
buried: AA1-G-185 at Hamilton East cemetery

Dorothy Myrtle HOOPER aged 91
born: 23 July 1922
died: 1 November 2013
last address: Betley Crescent Hamilton
buried: TOTAR-03-37 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Douglas HOOPER aged 59
born: 1954
died: 11 August 2013
last address: Brookview Court Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Edward Lyall HOOPER aged 61
born: 25 February 1912
parents: Joseph William HOOPER & Beatrice HALL
died: 2 January 1974
last address: 152 Duke St, Dinsdale, Hamilton
buried: GOM-A07-51 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Edwin Esson HOOPER aged 74
born: 1867
parents: Henry & Ellen HOOPER
married Mary Louisa WYLIE in 1892
died: 9 June 1942
last address: unspecified
buried: AA2-BA-13A at Hamilton Park cemetery

Eliza Ellen HOOPER aged 94
born: 2 December 1888
died: 9 January 1983
last address: Eventide Home Te Awamutu
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Flora Jane HOOPER (nee SHEDDON) aged 75
born: 1861
married Joseph Hayward Hooper in 1892
known children:
* 1893 - Howard Henry Hooper
* 1895 - Victor Candy Hooper
* 1896 - Ruth Charlotte Hooper
* 1898 - Flora McKenzie Hooper
* 1900 - William Rowlands Hooper
died: 25 February 1937
last address: unspecified
buried: BB-Q-078 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Flora May HOOPER aged 8
born: 1925
died: 5 July 1935
last address: unspecified
buried: BBZA-G-11 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Frank Robert HOOPER aged 94
born: 10 May 1902
parents: Harry Prince HOOPER & Cecilia SINCLAIR
married: Gladys Frances Minnie WATKINS in 1929
died: 11 June 1996
last address: Armourdene Rest Home Von Tempsky St, Hamilton
buried: GOM-K-069 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Gladys Frances Minnie HOOPER (nee WATKINS) aged 80
born: 15 April 1904
parents: Frederick William WATKINS & Minnie Alice TIMMO
married: Frank Robert Hooper in 1929
died: 13 November 1984
last address: 110 Wellington St, Hamilton East, Hamilton
buried: GOM-K-069 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Graham Thomas HOOPER aged 65
born: 19 October 1927
died: 10 January 1994
last address: 67 Normandy Ave, Melville, Hamilton
buried: MAPLE-42-22 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Harry Arthur HOOPER aged 31
born: 1899
parents: Harry Prince HOOPER & Cecilia SINCLAIR
died: 19 December 1930
last address: unspecified
buried: BB-Q-017 at Hamilton East cemetery
Auckland Star, 19 December 1930 A motor fatality occurred on the Hamilton-Cambridge road late last night when a news agent named Harry Arthur Hooper, aged 30, single, residing with his parents in Mill street, Frankton, was killed, while Thomas Kelly, aged 26, a bootmaker, single, of Brookfield, Hamilton East, has a fractured skull and lies in a serious condition in the Waikato Hospital.
It seems that Messrs Hooper, Kelly and Miss Horne had been attending a dance at Cambridge and were returning some time after midnight, Hooper riding a motor cycle, and Kelly and Miss Horne occupying the side car. Just before reaching banks Corner, about three miles from Cambridge, they passed a van. Instead of rounding the bend however, Mr Hooper's cycle continued along the side road for about 30 years and careered into the long grass on the margin, where apparently it struck an obstacle and turned a somersault. People in the van heard the crash and hurried to the scene, where they found Mr Hooper dead, apparently having being killed instantaneously. Dr J. Ritchie of Cambridge, had Mr Kelly conveyed to the Waikato Hospital. Miss Horne fortunately escaped injury

Henry Lewis HOOPER aged 39
born: 1859
married: Alice Jamieson in 1881
died: 4 June 1898
last address: unspecified
buried: AA1-G-192 at Hamilton East cemetery
Thames Advertiser, 7 June 1898 HOOPER - On June 4th, 1898, at Kirikiriria, Hamilton, Waikato, Henry Lewis, the beloved husband of Alice Hooper, and eldest son of Edwin Hooper, formerly of Timaru, in his 40th year
... Mr Henry L. Hooper, foreman of the Waikato Argus, and formerly on the staff of the Thames Advertiser and New Zealand Herald, died at Hamilton on Saturday from congestion of the lungs, following an attack of influenza, which he only contracted a week ago
... Mr Henry L. Hooper, foreman of the Waikato Argus, passed away this afternoon. He contracted influenza about a week ago and a relapse brought on congestion of the lungs. Deceased, who had formerly belonged to Timaru, served his time in the Timaru Herald Office, and joined the New Zealand Herald a short time afterwards. Coming to the Waikato he accepted a position on the Waikato Argus staff, which he has occupied for 18 years. The late Mr Hooper, who was greatly respected, was about 40 years of age. He leaves a wife and a large family.

Hilda Gertrude Annie HOOPER (nee HARLIN) aged 86
born: 11 August 1889
parents: Henry Thomas HARLIN & Alice Ada SAMPSON
married: James Samuel Hooper in 1908
known children:
* 1909 - Margaret Emily Ada Hooper
* 1910 - Eva Elsie Allison Hooper
* 1913 - Vera Lola Doris Hooper
died: 11 March 1976
last address: 415 Peachgrove Rd, Fairfield, Hamilton
buried: GOM-A09-066 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Horace Henry HOOPER aged 74
born: 16 October 1900
parents: Henry Alfred HOOPER & Margaret Fisher GARDNER
died: 18 April 1975
last address: c/o 141 Beerescourt Rd, Beerescourt, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Ivy Myrtle HOOPER aged 68
born: 1899
parents: Edward Stanley HOOPER & Margaret HEPBURN
died: 26 January 1968
last address: c/o Tokanui Hospital, Te Awamutu
buried: GOM-SUNKN-0000 at Hamilton Park cemetery

James HOOPER aged 75
born: 1863
died: 8 June 1938
last address: unspecified
buried: FRONT-G-10 at Hamilton East cemetery

James Edward HOOPER aged 82
born: 9 April 1895
died: 4 February 1978
last address: 94 Bank St., Te Awamutu
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

James Wesley Newman 'Wes' HOOPER aged 62
born: 10 July 1910
parents: John Reuben HOOPER & Jane 'Janey' Whitford HOOPER
died: 28 May 1973
last address: unspecified
buried: MAGN-33-06 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Jane Whitford 'Janey' HOOPER (nee HOOPER) aged 56
born: 28 June 1874 in Thames, Coromandel
parents: John Whitford HOOPER & Jane CRABB(E)
married: John Reuben Hooper 11 Nov 1902
known children:
* 1904 - Ruby Constance Hooper
* 1906 - John George Wadman Whitford Hooper
* 1908 - Minnie Eileen Janey Hooper
* 1910 - James Wesley Newman 'Wes' Hooper
died: 30 July 1930
last address: Eureka, Waikato
buried: AA1-G-184 at Hamilton East cemetery

Joan Dorothy HOOPER aged 76
born: 19 January 1923
died: 27 July 1999
last address: Norholm Rest Home Ohaupo
buried: GOM-A07-28 at Hamilton Park cemetery

John George Whitford Wadman HOOPER aged 93
born: 28 January 1906
parents: John Reuben HOOPER & Jane Whitford 'Janey' HOOPER
died: 16 July 1999
last address: Dinsdale Rd Hamilton
buried: BEECH-07-01 at Hamilton Park cemetery

John Reuben HOOPER aged 87
born: 19 December 1877 in Taita, Lower Hutt
parents: George HOOPER & Eliza Jane KING
married: Jane Whitford 'Janey' Hooper 11 Nov 1902
died: 18 September 1965
last address: Eureka (between Hamilton & Morrinsville)
buried: AA1-G-184 at Hamilton East cemetery

John Whitford HOOPER aged 90
born: 25 September 1898
parents: James HOOPER & Clara Evelyn ODGERS
married: Melba Violet FLYNN in 1929
died: 5 March 1989
last address: 7 Tisdale St., Hamilton City
buried: MAPLE-11-19 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Joseph Ball HOOPER aged 48
born: 30 July 1867
parents: 7th son of Thomas HOOPER & Mary CROOKE of Nelson
married: Mrs Margaret McKENZIE in 1901
their known children:
* 1904 - Joseph Fitzgerald Hooper
* 1906 - Margaret Mary Hooper
* Empire Hotel Petone, Junction Hotel Thames. President of the Petone Football and Bowling Clubs. Steward of the Hamilton Racing Club. Chairman of the Waikato Licensed Victuallers Association
died: 8 January 1916
last address: Epsom, Auckland
buried: RC-A-828 at Hamilton East cemetery
Wairarapa Daily Times, 8 January 1916 The many friends of Mr Joseph Hooper, brother of Mr L. J. Hooper, of Masterton will regret to learn that he passed away in Petone at an early hour this morning. The late Mr Hooper was for many years in business with his brother in Masterton, and later on took a hotel at Petone. After leaving there he was lessee of a hotel at Thames, and about ten years ago he took over a hotel at Hamilton. Failing health compelled him to relinquish business about three years ago, and since then the deveased gentleman has been living quietly at Epsom, Auckland. About a week ago he came down to Wellington to meet his nephew, Mr Len Hooper, who was returning from America. While in Wellington he was taken ill, the cause of the final illness being congestion of the kidneys. Mr Hooper was very popular in the Wairarapa in his younger days, when he took an active part in sporting and volunteer matters, and a large circle of friends will regret his demise at the comparatively early age of 52 years (sic). A widow and two children are left to mourn their loss (sic, 3 children, on being his stepson J. McKenzie)

Joseph Fitzgerald HOOPER aged 55
born: 1904
parents: Joseph Ball HOOPER & Margaret McKENZIE
died: 28 February 1960
last address: Hamilton
buried: RC-A-830 at Hamilton East cemetery

Joseph Hayward HOOPER aged 57
born: 1864
married Flora Jane SHEDDON in 1892
died: 14 April 1921
last address: unspecified
buried: A3A-H-20 at Hamilton West cemetery

Kathleen Mary HOOPER aged 81
born: 21 May 1932
died: 1 July 2013
last address: Selwyn Wilson Carlile House, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Katrina Lee HOOPER aged 17
born: 9 October 1990
died: 29 February 2008
last address: Grove Rd, Te Pahu, R.D. 5, Hamilton
buried: OAK-10-57 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Kevin Alfred Hector HOOPER aged 73
born: 1935
died: 30 April 2008
last address: Palmer St, Te Awamutu
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Leonard James HOOPER aged 82
born: 1857
married: Emily Florence McFARLANE (1862-1946) in 1882
known children:
* 1884 - Eva Florence Hooper
* 1886 - Charles Leonard Hooper
* 1887 - 1969 Richmond Vernon Hooper
* 1889 - Rita Clarice Hooper
* 1895 - Ormond Randolph Hooper
* 1904 - Bernard Trevor Hooper
died: 13 May 1939
last address: unspecified
buried: MASON-P-247 at Hamilton East cemetery

Lewis Douglas Bambridge HOOPER aged 81
born: 17 September 1921
died: 27 August 2003
last address: Beaumont Place, Hamilton East, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Lily May HOOPER aged 63
born: 1900
died: 24 November 1963
last address: unspecified
buried: B-E-07 at Hamilton East cemetery

Lionel Charles HOOPER aged 57
born: 1905
died: 10 February 1963
last address: 7 Clare St., Cambridge
buried: GOM-SUNKN-0000 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Marcia Jocelyn HOOPER aged 54
born: 1952
died: 12 March 2007
last address: Pauls Dr, Ngatea
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Margaret Clare HOOPER aged 69
born: 1869
died: 6 September 1938
last address: unspecified
buried: RC-A-830 at Hamilton East cemetery
- buried with Joseph Fitzgerald Hooper

Margaret Joyce HOOPER aged 14
born: 1911
died: 11 August 1925
last address: unspecified
buried: AA2-CHAC-75 at Hamilton East cemetery

Mary Louisa HOOPER (nee WYLIE) aged 90
born: 1869
parents: William & Elizabeth WYLIE
married: Edwin Esson Hooper in 1892
died: 17 June 1959
last address: unspecified
buried: AA2-BA-13A at Hamilton East cemetery

Maud Reta HOOPER aged 63
born: 1942
died: 22 March 2005
last address: Hauraki Terrace, Thames
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Melba Violet HOOPER (nee FLYNN) aged 98
born: 15 January 1903
parents: William Arthur FLYNN & Emma Margaret PRIMMER
married: John Whitford Hooper in 1929
died: 19 June 2001
last address: Reidmoor Rest Home, Hamilton
buried: MAPLE-11-20 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Neil Raymond HOOPER aged 38
born: 1965
died: 29 April 2003
last address: Whites Rd, Putaruru
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Ngaio Lamia HOOPER aged 58
born: 1942
died: 16 July 2000
last address: Templeview, Hamilton
buried: BEECH-07-02 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Olive Georgina HOOPER (nee HAZLETT) aged 99
born: 20 February 1902
married: Vivian Alfred Hooper (1906-) in 1933
...(son of Alfred HOOPER & Florence Ruth TOMLINS)
died: 7 October 2001
last address: Tennyson St., Cambridge
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Ruby Adela Catherine HOOPER aged 94
born: 24 August 1915
died: 23 May 2010
last address: Firth Street, Hamilton East, Hamilton
buried: BEECH-07-01 at Hamilton Park cemetery)

Thora Ruth HOOPER aged 58
born: 26 March 1921
died: 9 March 1980
last address: unspecified
buried: MAGN-33-05 at Hamilton Park cemetery

Victor Candy HOOPER aged 68
born: 1895
parents: Joseph Hayward HOOPER & Flora Jane SHEDDON
married: Daisy Sarah HOLLOWAY in 1924
died: 20 March 1963
last address: unspecified
buried: CHRRY-23-46 at Hamilton Park cemetery

William Alfred HOOPER aged 70
born: 1942
died: 13 October 2012
last address: Woodcock Road, Tamahere, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

William Gerald HOOPER aged 91
born: 2 September 1921
died: 1 July 2013
last address: Betley Crescent Hamilton
buried: TOTAR-03-37 at Hamilton Park cemetery

William John HOOPER aged 59
born: 1910
died: 9 May 1969
last address: 714 Grey St Hamilton East, Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Winston John HOOPER aged 72
born: 1941
died: 14 June 2013
last address: Forest Lake Road Hamilton
cremated: Hamilton Park cemetery

Victoria Bridge, Hamilton in 1910

(9km west of Hamilton Park cemetery)

BILLENS marriages New Zealand 1867-1933

the known BILLENS marriages in New Zealand 1867 - 1933

Frank William Billens (1884-1963)
1st of 4 known children of William Thomas BILLENS & Harriet Margaret BRABNER
FRANK married Alice Irene FORD (1887-1969) in 1910
1 of 13 known children of Alfred John FORD & Annie Elizabeth BELLHILLS
...the known children of FRANK & ALICE:
* 1910 - William Laurence Ford
Frank was on the committee of the North Canterbury Acclimatisation Society

Frederick Robert Billens (1844-1888)
1st of 11 children of Robert BILLENS & Caroline WEEBER
FREDERICK married Emma DALTRY in 1871
Press, 3 November 1871
BILLENS-DALTRY - At Waltham Chapel, November 1st, by the Rev A. R. Fitchett, Mr Frederick Robert Billens, of Kaiapoi, to Miss Emma Daltry, only daughter of Mr Joseph Bailey Daltry, of Waltham
...the known children of FREDERICK & EMMA:
* 1872 - 1903 Sarah Emma Caroline Billens
* 1873 - 1938 Joseph Daltry Billens
* 1875 - 1943 Fanny Louisa Billens
* 1878 - 1969 Jessie Billens
* 1880 - 1881 Frederick George Billens (aged 9 months. Barbadoes cemetery)
* 1882 - 1970 Mabel Billens
* 1884 - 1965 Ellen Ethel Billens
* 1886 - 1937 George Tiller Billens
* 1887 - 1977 Ruby Florence Billens (didn't marry)
Press, 8 August 1888 BILLENS - On August 7th, at his residence, Kingsley street, Sydenham, Frederick Robert Billens, the beloved husband of Emma Billens, and eldest son of Mr R. Billens, Victoria street, Christchurch, aged 44 years. Deeply regretted

George Tiller Billens (1886-1937)
9th of 10 known children of Frederick Robert BILLENS & Emma DALTRY
GEORGE married Ivy Evelyn WILSON 23 Aug 1918 in Christchurch
3rd of 7 known children of James WILSON & Christina CLEGG

Henry Billens (1846-1936)
2nd of 11 children of Robert BILLENS & Caroline WEEBER
HENRY married Agnes BROWN (1845-1876) in Akaroa 22 Sep 1868
...the known children of HENRY & AGNES:
* 1869 - 1950 Fanny Mary Billens (+John BROOKER)
* 1871 - Elizabeth Caroline Billens (+Henry Thomas BATTERSHILL)
* 1873 - 1968 Evangeline Billens (+Peter SORRENSON)
* 1874 - 1900 Ernest Henry Billens
Ernest hanged himself at Paeroa after his fiancee sent back the ring
* 1876 - 1965 Agnes Billens (+William Daniel KINGSTON)
West Coast Times, 27 October 1876 BILLENS - Oct 18, at her residence, Akaroa, Agnes, the beloved wife of Henry Billens, aged 30 years.
- Agnes is buried Plot 29 at Akaroa Dissenters cemetery
HENRY NEXT MARRIED Eliza HEWITT (1852-1935) 6 Nov 1877 in Akaroa & later moved to Palmerston North where he was a Photographer & Storekeeper, living at 78 Fitzherbert Street
* great family tree Hewitt Family of Akaroa includes a photo of Eliza ...the known children of HENRY & ELIZA:
* 1879 - ??? Billens Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 6 May 1879 BILLENS - On May 3, at her residence, Lavaud street, Akaroa, the wife of Mr H. Billens, of a daughter
* 1880 - 1951 Mary Billens (didn't married, see brother Archibald)
* 1881 - 1970 Mabel Ellis Billens (+George Thomas ALLEN)
* 1882 - 1959 Robert Hewitt Billens (Jounalist, +Myra Mary BESSETT)
* 1883 - 1957 Violet Billens (+Samuel David CURRY)
* 1885 - 1962 Archibald Billens
- in 1912 Archibald (Class D, Professional Outdoor & Press photographs) & his sister Mary (Class A, Professional Studio Pictures only) were 2 of the only 3 New Zealanders who secured prizes in the Kodak (Australasia) Ltd, 'Austral Standard Plate Competition', the biggest photographic competition ever held in Australia. The winning photographs were exhibited in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane
* 1888 - 1946 Kathleen Billens
* 1889 - ??? Billens Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 7 May 1889 On May 6th, at Akaroa, the wife of H. Billens, of a daughter
ELIZA Billens died 1 April 1935 aged 83
Auckland Star, 2 April 1935 Mrs ELIZA BILLENS The death took place at Palmerston North of Mrs Eliza Billens, aged 82 years. She was born in Carnick, on Shannon, Ireland, the eldest daughter of Mr Robert Hewitt. Her family was closely connected with the turbulent history of Ireland and it was in the home of her grandmother that Robert Emmett, the Irish patriot, found refuge before he was finally captured by the English forces. As a girl Mrs Billens lived in Athlone and 65 years ago came to New Zealand with her brothers and sisters, and settled at Banks Peninsula, where she was married to Mr Henry Billens. Later, the couple went to live at Palmerston North. Mrs Billens is survived by her husband and the following children:
* R. H. Billens, managing editor "Manawatu Daily Times" (Robert Hewitt)
* A. Billens, Levin (Archibald)
* G. T. Allen, Eketahuna (Mabel Ellis)
* S. Curry, Akaroa (Violet)
* A. Low, Vancouver, British Columbia (??)
* M. Billens, Palmerston North (Mary)
* K. Billens, Palmerston North (Kathleen)
HENRY Billens died 28 June 1936 aged 90
Akaroa Mail and Banks Peninsula Advertiser, 30 June 1936 BILLENS At his residence, Fitzherbert Avenue, Palmerston North, Henry Billens, husband of the late Elizabeth Billens, in his 91st year
- they are buried Plot 036, Block 007, Area B at Kelvin Grove
NOTE see Early New Zealand Photographers

Hugh Brabner Billens (1884-1949)
son of Robert BILLENS & Mary BRABNER
HUGH married Edith Louisa MUSGROVE (1884-1959) in 1908
Star, 5 September 1908 BILLENS-MUSGROVE - August 13, at the residence of the bride's mother, 12 Carlton Terrace, Hugh Brabner, son of Robert Billens, to Edith Louisa, youngest daughter of the late F. C. Musgrove, both of Christchurch
...the known children of HUGH & EDITH:
* 1909 - 1996 Rona Bessie Mary Billens
* 1911 - 1970 Edith Edna Billens (+Bartholomew John MANN)

Joseph Daltry Billens (1873-1938)
JOSEPH married Edith Maria SMITH (1881-1958) in 1904
1 of at least 10 children of Edwin & Isabella Eugenie SMITH
...the known children of JOSEPH & EDITH:
* 1905 - 1920 Clarence 'Eric' Billens
* 1907 - 1985 Alan Aubrey Billens
Joseph & Edith separated in 1908
He was reported as 'an evangelist or a religious preacher of some kind'
NZ Truth, 21 August 1909 Joseph in the Magistrates Court
AUGUST 1910 BILLENS - On August 1st, at Christchurch Hospital, Eric, dearly loved son of Edith Billens, and grandchild of E. and J. Smith, 22 Thackerary street, and of E. Billens, Redcliffe; in his 16th years. The result of an accident
... A boy of 15 years and 8 months, named Clarence Eric Billens, a son of Mrs Edith Billens, of 48 Thackeray street, Sydenham, was giving an exhibition with a miniature moving picture machine to a girl namde Bessie Dunshae, 17 years of age, who resides with her parents at 46 Aldwyn's road, Linwood. The lad was showing the pictures on a wall of the front bedroom in his mother's house, and there was a considerable amount of film scattered about the floor. The machine suddenly exploded and the film was instantly ablaze, the flames spreading to the bedding and the furniture. Both of the young people endeavoured to put the fire out, with the result that they were so badly burned about the head and face and part of the body, that they were at once sent to the Hospital. Mrs Billens was also considerably burned about the face, but was able to be treated at her own home. The Fire Brigade was sent for, and the fire was extinguished before much damage had been done. The affair, unfortunately, ended fatally, as the boy died in the Hospital shortly after midnight. The girl, although severely burned, was stated to be making satisfactory progress last night.
- Clarence Eric Billens is buried Plot 137, Block 36A at Linwood cemetery

Robert Billens (1856-1934)
7th of 11 children of Robert BILLENS & Caroline WEEBER
ROBERT married Mary BRABNER (1860-1950) 20 Jun 1881
Star, 22 June 1881 BILLENS-BRABNER - June 20. 1881, at St Andrew's Church, by the Rev C. Fraser, M.A., Robert, fourth son of Mr Robert Billens, Christchurch, to May, second daughter of Mr Hugh Brabner, late of Worcester
Mary was born in Scotland, 2nd of 8 children of Hugh BRABNER & Elizabeth AITCHISON. Her sister Harriet married Robert's brother William
...the known children of ROBERT & MARY:
* 1882 - 1883 Leonard Robert Billens (aged 10 weeks)
* 1884 - 1949 Hugh Brabner Billens
* 1886 - 1980 Florence Elizabeth Brabner Billens (+Thomas Laird LOW)
* 1896 - Marjorie Billens

Robert Hewitt Billens (1882-1959)
4th of 8 known children of Henry BILLENS & Eliza HEWITT
ROBERT married Myra Mary BESSETT (1886-1970) in 1912
A son, Hewitt Elliot Billens, Pilot Officer NZ428180 with the RNZEF, 149 Squadron, was Killed in Air Operations over France in WWII.
Robert Hewitt Billens was the Editor of the Manawatu Times
He died in Porirua & was cremated at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North
NOTE Evening Post, 30 May 1939 Mrs Murray Hilgendorf, who was formerly Miss Myra Billens, younger daughter of Mr and Mrs R. H. Billens, Palmerston North, left Melbourne recently with her husband to take up their residence in Darwin, Northern Territory. Mr Hilgendorf has been appointed ground engineer of the West Australian Airways, and his territory will extend for 2500 miles from Geraldton, which is about 200 miles north of Perth, to Wyndham, about 300 miles south-west of darwin. Both Mr and Mrs Hilgendorf were formerly students at Canterbury College

William Thomas Billens (1860-1946)
9th of 11 known children of Robert BILLENS & Caroline WEEBER
WILLIAM married Harriet Margaret BRABNER (1862-1954) in 1883
Harriet was born in Scotland, 3rd of 8 children of Hugh BRABNER & Elizabeth AITCHISON. Her sister Mary married William's brother Robert
...the known children of WILLIAM & HARRIET:
* 1884 - Frank William Billens
* 1885 - Muriel Maud Billens (+John Richards)
* 1887 - Elsie Billens
* 1890 - Eva Frances

Agnes Billens (1876-1965)
1st of 5 children of Henry BILLENS & Agnes BROWN
AGNES married William Daniel KINGSTON (1876-1958) in 1901

Edith Edna Billens (1911-1970)
daughter of Hugh Brabner BILLENS & Edith Louisa MUSGROVE
EDITH married Bartholomew John MANN (1905-1990) in 1933
1 of 5 known sons of Jethro Colthorpe MANN & Alice Maude POWELL

Elizabeth Caroline 'Lizzie' Billens (1871-1942)
2nd of 5 children of Henry BILLS & Agnes BROWN
ELIZABETH married Henry Thomas BATTERSHILL (?-1943) in 1892
Press, 5 September 1892 BATTERSHILL-BILLENS - On 27th July, at Palmerston North, by Rev Wm Thompson, Henry Thomas, eldest son of Henry Westlake Battershill, of Portsmouth, England, to Elizabeth (Lizzie), 2nd daughter of Henry Billens, late of Akaroa. Home papers please copy
...the known children of ELIZABETH & HENRY: (born Palmerston North)
* 1893 - 1914 Roy Sidney Battershill
* 1895 - 1957 Violet Louise Battershill (+Charles William Booth HOUGHTON)
* 1897 - 1954 *Eric Henry Battershill
* 1904 - 1905 Selwyn Westlake Battershill (drowned aged 16 months, buried Hastings)
* 1908 - Miriam Beatrice Kathleen Battershill (+Guy Roy Cave RANDELL)
* 1913 - Stella Iona Battershill (+Lionel Aloysius de Renzy JAMES)
* Roy died 21 Sep 1914 aged 20
* Eric Henry Battershill rescued 15 year old Norman Ryan from drowning at Waipawa, Hawkes Bay on 13 Sep 1913. In Jan 1914 Eric was awarded a Bravery Medal from the Royal Humane Society. Eric Henry Battershill (Eric Dare) was a Motor Mechanic in Sydney when he enlisted with the AIF on 25 Sep 1916. He served as Driver 13196 with the 2nd Auxiliary Mechanical Transport Company, embarking from Melbourne 22 Dec 1916. His next of kin was his father Henry Thomas Battershill at Princes-street, Hastings, Hawkes Bay.
* Eric died in Parramatta
* the Battershill girls above married in Woollahra, New South Wales
* Miriam + Guy Randell (1893-1949): 6 May 1932, Guy Roy Cave Randell v Miriam Beatrice Kathleen Randell (formerly Battershill). Issue, desertion by reason of the wife's non-compliance with a restitution decree. Marriage, June, 1926, at Darling Point, Woollahra, Church of England rites. Decree nisi. They were granted a decree absolute in Sydney in Feb 1933
* ELIZABETH CAROLINE & HARRY THOMAS Battershill died in Sydney

Ellen Ethel Billens (1884-1965)
8th of 10 known children of Frederick Robert BILLENS & Emma DALTRY
ELLEN married Ernest George GOOD in 1913

Elsie Billens
3rd of 4 known children of William Thomas BILLENS & Harriet Margaret BRABNER
ELSIE married William McLEAN in 1926

Emma Billens (1854-1941)
6th of 11 children of Robert BILLENS & Caroline WEEBER
EMMA married Frank Lewis FRANCIS (1851-1928) 16 Apr 1879 in Christchurch
...the known children of EMMA & FRANK:
* 1880 - Jepie Maude Perry Francis

Eva Frances Billens (1890-1972)
4th of 4 known children of William Thomas BILLENS & Harriet Margaret BRABNER
EVA married Frank Ernest KING (1887-1950) in 1913
5th of 8 known children of Richard KING & Mary Jane TODD

Evangeline Billens (1873-1968)
3rd of 5 children of Henry BILLS & Agnes BROWN
EVANGELINE married Peter SORRENSON (1869-1948) in 1901
...the known children of PETER & EVANGELINE:
* 1903 - Frank Henry Sorrenson
* 1905 - Hilda Marguerite Sorrenson
* 1906 - Robert John Sorrenson
* 1908 - Evaline Agnes Sorrenson
* 1911 - Kathleen Merle Sorrenson
* 1913 - Sienna Phyllis Sorrenson

Fanny Louisa Billens (1875-1943)
3rd of 10 known children of Frederick Robert BILLENS & Emma DALTRY
FANNY married Joseph Henry PEEK (1876-1943) in 1904
son of Joseph PEEK (1852-1918, flu pandemic) & Honor LANYON (1855-1931)

Fanny Mary Billens (1869-1950)
1st of 5 children of Henry BILLS & Agnes BROWN
FANNY married John BROOKER ((1856-1931) in 1894 (& died Wellington)
John was born in Greenwich, the 5th of 10 children of Thomas Edward BROOKER (1806-1873) & his 2nd wife Elizabeth TILL (1822-1909). His father had 8 children with his 1st wife Mary Ann COUZENS (1812-1849)
...the known children of FANNY & JOHN:
* 1896 - Lilian Elizabeth Brooker
* 1898 - Leslie John Brooker
* 1899 - Edna Mildred Brooker
* 1901 - Ernest Herbert Brooker
* 1903 - Leonard Alfred Brooker
* 1905 - Aileen Brooker
* 1909 - Henry James Brooker

Florence Elizabeth Brabner Billens (1886-1980)
3rd of 4 known children of Robert BILLENS & Mary BRABNER
FLORENCE married Thomas Laird LOW (1879-1939) in 1908
son of William Elder (1854-1926) & Betsy Laird (1852-1919) LOW
LOWBILLENS On November 18th, at the residence of the bride's parents, 183 Montreal street,' Christchurch, by the Rev.- T. McDonald) Thomas Laird, eldest son of William Low, Timaru, to Florence Elizabeth Brabner, eldest daughter of Robert Billens

Jessie Mary Billens (1862-1939)
10th of 11 children of Robert BILLENS & Caroline WEEBER
5th of 10 known children of Frederick Robert BILLENS & Emma DALTRY
JESSIE married Robert George MUFF (1853-1927) in 1885
...the known children of JESSIE & ROBERT:
* 1886 - 1925 Alice Caroline Muff
* 1888 - 1964 William Robert Muff
* 1890 - 1947 Eva Muff (+William George OGSTON)
* 1892 - 1950 Dorothy Lucy Muff
* 1893 - 1924 Herbert Laurence Muff
* 1895 - 1978 Margaret Winifred Muff (+Thomas Royle POLLARD aka O'SULLIVAN)
* 1898 - 1946 Jessie Louisa Muff (+John Leslie HENDERSON)
* 1900 - 1995 Dudley Robert Muff
* 1903 - Kathleen Frances Muff (+John Bernard HAMILTON)
* 1908 - 1991 Selwyn Frederick Muff

Louisa Maria Billens (1848-1923)
3rd of 11 children of Robert BILLENS & Caroline WEEBER
LOUISA MARIA married William MEECH (1844-1908) in 1867 in Christchurch
...the known children of LOUSIA & WILLIAM:
* 1868 - 1915 Louisa Matilda Meech (+William James TRERISE +Fredrick BIEL)
LOUISA MARIA next married Francis MILLICHAMP (1838-1913) in 1911 in Christchurch

Lucy Caroline Billens (1852-1944)
5th of 11 children of Robert BILLENS & Caroline WEEBER
LUCY married John Henry MOORE (1843-) 10 Apr 1871 in Kaiapoi
...the known children of LUCY & JOHN:
* 1872 - 1948 Emma Louisa Moore (+Charles Edmund RANBY)
* 1874 - 1912 Albert Henry Moore (+Emily MOORE 1903)
* 1875 - 1945 Frank Louis Moore (+Annie Louise Amelia MARDON +Ivy Mary Rosetta GREEN)
* 1877 - 1959 Harold Frederick Moore
* 1885 - 1885 Ivy Lillian Moore (twin, aged 13 days)
* 1885 - 1885 Ruby Florence Moore (twin, aged 14 days)

Mabel Billens (1882-1970)
7th of 10 known children of Frederick Robert BILLENS & Emma DALTRY
MABEL married Harold INSTONE (1881-1963) in 1911
3rd of 8 known children of Samuel George INSTONE & Jessie Sutherland KELVINE
...the known children of MABEL & HAROLD:
* 1912 - Kathleen May Instone

Mabel Ellis Billens (1881-1970)
3rd of 8 known children of Henry BILLENS & his 2nd wife Eliza HEWITT
MABEL married George Thomas ALLEN 6 May 1906 in Palmerston North
Manawatu Standard, 9 May 1906 ALLEN-BILLENS The wedding took place this afternoon of mr George T. Allen, part proprietor of the Eketahuna Express, and Miss Mabel E. Billens, of Palmerston North. The ceremony was performed at the residence of the bride's parents, Fitzherbert street, Rev I. Jolly, M.A., officiating. The Misses Kathleen Billens and Clara Allen acted as bridesmaids, and Mr Harold Bowater, of Carnarvon, was the best man. The newly-married couple left by the evening train for their home in Eketahuna
...the known children of MABEL & GEORGE:
* 1907 - George Robert Sheppard Allen
* 1912 - Eve Mary Allen

Muriel Maude Billens (1886-1953)
2nd of 4 known children of William Thomas BILLENS & Harriet Margaret BRABNER
MURIEL married John RICHARDS in 1904
Press, 27 July 1904 RICHARDS-BILLENS - At Christchurch, John Richards, third son of James Richards, Pine Hill, Dunedin, to Muriel Maude, eldest daughter of W. T. Billens, Clare road, St Albans
...the known children of MURIEL & JOHN:
* 1905 - Jack Richard Richards (+May Corunna Stevenson WALKER)
* 1905 - Thelma Doris Richards (+Clarence Allan Boskell)
* 1906 - 1987 Eileen Elsie Richards (+Eldred Cyril Voice)
* 1907 - 2002 Percy James Richards (+Dulcie Teresa LOVELL)
* 1908 - 1970 Lloyd Clifford Richards
* 1910 - 1984 Lester Douglas Richards (+Lilian May JOHNS)
* 1911 - 1945 Clyde Hermann Richards
* 1912 - 1979 Ralph Graham Richards
* 1913 - 1978 Alan Maitland Richards

Rachel Lucy Billens (1878-1958)
4th of 10 known children of Frederick Robert BILLENS & Emma DALTRY
RACHEL married Daniel Colvin McCAUGHERN (1879-1965) in 1908
...the known children of RACHEL & DANIEL:
* 1910 - Hazel Ray McCaughern
* 1914 - Ruby McCaughern

Sarah Emma Caroline Billens (1872-1903)
1st of 10 known children of Frederick Robert BILLENS & Emma DALTRY
SARAH married Minchin RUDD (1870-1944) in 1896
...the known children of SARAH & MINCHIN:
* 1898 - 1973 Laurence Frederick Rudd
* 1900 - 1977 Lyndall Mary Rudd (+Eric Arthur Crabtree)
* 1901 - 1903 Verna Ray Rudd (21 months)
* 1903 - 1936 Maxwell Billens Rudd
RUDD - On the 29th August, at Beckehnham, Christchurch, Sarah (Sadie), dearly beloved wife of Minchin Rudd, and eldest daughter of Emma and the late Frederick Rober Billens; aged 31 years
NOTE Minchin remarried in 1908 to Winifred Jane SHORT

Violet Billens (1883-1957)
5th of 8 known children of Henry BILLENS & Eliza HEWITT
VIOLET married Samuel David CURRY (1879-1975) in 1904
...the known children of VIOLET & SAMUEL:
* 1904 - 1960 Raymond Curry
* 1906 - Kathleen Julia Curry
* 1908 - 1976 Archibald William Curry
* 1911 - Gwendoline Curry
* 1913 - 1964 Robert Bryan Curry

Robert BILLENS married Caroline WEEBER 16 Apr 1843 Westminister, London
they had 8 children in London then emigrated into Lyttelton 5 Jan 1859 on the Clontarf and had further children
...the known children of ROBERT (1819-1899) & CAROLINE (1820-1906):
Born in London
* 1844 - 1888 Frederick Robert Billens
* 1846 - 1936 Henry Billens (+Mary Brabner)
* 1848 - 1828 Louisa Maria Billens (+William Meech +Francis Millichamp)
* 1850 - 1854 George Billens (died aged 4 in London)
* 1852 - 1944 Lucy Caroline Billens (+John Henry Moore)
* 1854 - 1941 Emma Billens (+Frank Lewis Francis)
* 1856 - 1934 Robert Billens
* 1858 - 1859 Fanny Billens (aged 15 months in Christchurch)
Born in Lyttelton
* 1860 - 1946 William Thomas Billens
* 1861 - 1939 Jessie Mary Billens
* 1863 - 1938 Alfred Billens (aged 74 in Christchurch)

GRAVE of HENRY BILLENS & his 2nd wife ELIZA (nee Hewitt)

Plot 36, Block 7, Area B at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North

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LIST of LICENSES - City of Nelson 1891

Town Clerk's Office, 5th February 1891
The following LIST of LICENSES issued for the current year is publish for general information:-

* John ASTLE
* William BOURKE
* John COX
* John GAY (2)
* Frederick William HAASE (2) (1854-1939 married Frances Emily RUFFELL 1878)
* John HARLING (3) (1845-1930)
* Peter LEVY
* William LOCKYER sen (2)
* Henry MELLETT (2) (& Livery Stable Keeper 1843-1911)
* Robert MUNDY (married Urana ARNOLD (1868-1948) in 1889)
* Thomas ROBERTS
* William SUTTON (4)
* George THOMAS sen (3)
* George THOMAS jun
* Richard THOMAS (4)
* David WHITING (1834-1899) OR his son David Whiting (1862-1945)

* John ASTLE
* Edward BOURKE
* Robert COOPER
* John COX
* Nathaniel CRISP
* Richard FLOWER
* Thomas FRIEND
* Joseph GAY
* Edward William GOOD
* Frederick William HAASE
* Peter LEVY
* Albert Edward LOCKYER (1873-1948)
* William LOCKYER
* David MORAN
* Robert MUNDY
* Thomas Robert MURPHY
* George NEWPORT
* Thomas ROBERTS
* Walter SCOTT
* William SUTTON
* Alfred THOMAS
* Charles THOMAS
* George THOMAS sen
* George THOMAS jun
* Richard THOMAS
* David WHITING sen (1834-1899 arrived Nelson 1856 on 'Inchman')

* James Duffy ARMSTRONG (1843-1891 m. Margaret Jane Ward DICKSON 1870)
* James Cross BURFORD (1843-1908) Captain of the steamer 'Lady Barkly'
* Steven Wybourne CLARK (1826-1901)
* Benjamin CRISP (2)
* William COOKSEY (3)
* Susannah GRANT (2) (1843-1896)
* James Robert SHARP

* Stephen Wybourne CLARK
* William COOKSEY
* Robert CRISP
* William CULLEN
* Alexander GRANT
* James William GRANT
* James HOCKEY
* James LAIRD
* James MAY
* James Robert SHARP
* Campbell Colquhon STEWART
* Herbert VERCOE
* James Henry WILSON

* Richard GLOVER
* William ROWELL

* J. H. COOK & Co
* Burchard FRANZEN (married Eliza SMALL in 1866)
* Robert LEVIEN
* Malcolm Mure WEBSTER (married Betsy HARPER in 1855)
* William WILKIE


- Harry Vincent GULLY (1851-1926), Town Clerk & Solicitor

PHOTO c1892
taken from ...Jubilee History of Nelson
standing left to right:
* Harry Vincent Gully, Town Clerk & Solicitor
* Charles John Harley
* George Malcolm Rout
* Malcolm Mure/Muir Webster
* Jesse Piper
* Samuel Jickell, Assoc. M. Inst. C.E.
sitting left to right:
* John Scott
* William Akersten
* Joseph Auty Harley
* Francis Trask, Mayor
* Edward Everett
* William Affleck Bethwaite

Jemima Janet MAY (1865-1943) - Oamaru

Subject: Petersen Family NZ
To: ngairedith
From: Shellz32nz
Date: 2014-01-16 15:09:13
Hi there! First let me say you do wonderful work on here :-) I am hoping you can assist me. I am searching for a Harold Peter Petersen who I believe may be Martin Petersens brother. Martin served in WW1 early 1900s at Gallipoli, Egypt, etc. Their parent were Martin and Jemima Janet Petersen from Oamaru, Otago.
Harold is my Great grandfather and hasnt been spoken of since he left my great grandmother in 1927 when my grandfather Maxwell was a baby. Harold was Born 1898 give or take a year.
Any information would be highly appreciated
Thanking you :)


Jemima Janet 'aka Jennie' MAY (1865-1943)
was born 26 Aug 1865 in Otematata, Otago to:
James Herbert Ralph MAY (1833-1896) & Mary Jemima GRAY (1845-1875)

She and her siblings attended the North District School
In the examinations of Dec 1875 Jemima was in Class III and received a prize for Recitation. Her brother John was in Class II and received prizes for coming 3rd in Reading & 2nd in Writing

* Jemima's mother died 3 June 1875 aged 30. Jemima was 9
North Otago Times, 5 June 1875
On the 3rd June, at her residence, Eden street, Mary, the wife of James May, aged 30 years. The Funeral will leave the house, at three o'clock on Sunday. All friends specially invited.
Mary's baby, (Jemima's new sister) Mary May, died 10 weeks later on 13 August 1875, aged 11 weeks & is buried with her parents

* Jemima's father died 19 July 1896 aged 64. Jemima was 30
Oamaru Mail, 20 July 1896
On the 19th instant, at his late residence, Eden-street, James Herbert Ralph May, native of Plymouth, Devon, England, aged 64 years; deeply regretted. The funeral will leave his late residence, Eden-street, on Thursday, at 3 p.m. Friends will kindly accept this intimation
- they are buried together Plot 10, Block 5, Old Presbyterian cemetery, Oamaru

Oamaru Mail, 20 July 1908 IN MEMORIAM
In loving remembrance of James Herbert Ralph May, who died on July 19th, 1896.
...Though cruel death has snatched from view
...A loving father kind and true;
...Death cannot from my mind efface
...His tender smile, his loving face.
...His words, his actions are not dead,
...But in my mind are daily read.
- Inserted by son, James Henry

JEMIMA had 4 children:
1/ 1883 - Agnes MAY (age 18)
- nothing known about Agnes

2/ 1885 - 1886 Gertrude MAY (age 20)
- Gertrude died 9 March 1886 aged 5 months
- she is buried Plot 64, Block 106 at Oamaru cemetery

3/ 1887 - Joseph Harrison MAY (aka Joseph Henry May) (age 22)
Otago Daily Times, 18 July 1903 JOSEPH IS SENT TO DETENTION at age 10
Sir, I desire to draw attention to a matter which is of public interest - viz., the apparently unjustifiable detention of an inmate of the Caversham Industrial School (Dunedin) whose time under the order of detention expired on the 14th June, 1902, and who has borne an excellent character during the four years of his imprisonment, much to the credit of the manager. The mother and family bear a good reputation, and are worthy to have the care of the boy entrusted to them. His name is Joseph H. May. He was 10 years and 8 months when he committed the offence for which he was sent to the school.
In June 1898, six boys - of whom Joseph May was the youngest - were convicted of having stolen a tin of biscuits valued at 5s and five books valued at 2s each. The justices convicted and discharged four of the boys and recommended that May and another boy (Andrew Blythe) be sent to the Industrial School, which recommendation Mr Wray, S.M., visiting magistrate, adopted. On the 2nd of February, 1903, the boy's mother requested me to apply to the Minister of Education for the boy's discharge, his uncle, Mr T. H. May, at Hastings, having offered to take care of him and bring him up in a trade ... (more at link above)

Oamaru Mail, 26 June 1915 JOSEPH GOES TO WAR
Mrs Petersen, Glen street, Oamaru, received cable advice yesterday that her son, Private Joseph H. May (8/73, Otago Battalion), who was wounded at the Dardanelles, arrived at Malta on May 18th

Timaru Herald, 4 January 1919 JOSEPH GETS MARRIED
A pretty wedding took place on December 26 (1918) at the Kensington Methodist Church, when Miss Gladys CRAVEN, third daughter of Mr H. Craven, (Harry 1867-1954) Timaru, was married to Mr Joseph Harrison May, of Oamaru. The officiating clergyman was the Rev T. A. Joughin. The bride, who was given away by her father, looked very pretty in a dress of crepe-de-chine, with veil and orange blossom. Miss Marion Craven, bridesmaid, the sister of the bride, wore a white jap silk dress. Both carried shower bouquets.
Mr Harold Petersen, of Oamaru, acted as best man, The guests were afterwards received at Mr and Mrs Craven's residence, Rhodes Street. The bride and bridegroom (who is a returned Anzac) left in the afternoon for Christchurch. The travelling costume of the bride was a blue serge, and large black hat. The couple were the recipients of numerous pretty and useful presents

4/ 1892 - Maud Christina 'Maudie' KEMP (age 27)
- Christina married William Mitchell CRAIG (1886-1965) in 1913
William was a son of John & Elizabeth CRAIG
William served in WWI as Private 39766 with the NZEF, 23rd Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company. He embarked from Wellington 14 March 1917. Maud was his next of kin at 81 Abel Smith Street, Te Aro, Wellington
In July 1918 W. M. Craig, 39866, Oamaru, was listed as seriously ill (not severe). In 1919 he was coming home on the 'Waimana' (into Auckland 20 June)


JEMIMA had brothers, 4 of whom were:
* John Herbert Ralph May (1867-1950) (buried Hastings)
* William Charles May (1869-1948), lived in Glen street, Oamaru
* James Henry May (1871-1955)
James was sentenced to 3 months imprisonment with hard labour in the Dunedin Gaol, in Dec 1894, for failing to obey an order of the Court to make certain payments on behalf of his illegitimate child to Elizabeth Welch (a son, James May Welch born 9 Feb 1894). She stated the delay in taking proceedings was because she had been trying to get the child adopted. She admitted she was 18 years old and had been familiar, about 20 months prior, with his two brothers, John and Robert
* Robert Thomas George May (1873-1957) (buried Havelock North)
JEMIMA had sisters, 1 of whom was:
* Edith Margaret MAY (1863-1890)
- Edith married Launcelot DIXON (1859-1942) in Oamaru 14 Aug 1883
Launcelot was born in Cheshire, England, 1 of at least 8 children of Launcelot DIXON (1826-1904) & Martha HARBRIDGE (1834-1902) who emigrated to New Zealand
EDITH & LAUNCELOT's known children:
* 1884 - 1961 Launcelot (aka Lancelot) Dixon
* 1886 - Kate Dixon
* 1888 - 1888 Mary Dixon
* 1889 - 1980 Edith Margaret Dixon (born 1 Sep)
Edith Margaret married Archie BUGDEN (1883-1915) in 1910. Archie died 7 Jan 1915 aged 32 & is buried at Makaraka cemetery, Gisborne. His headstone reads: In loving memory of ARCHIE, beloved husband of Edith BUGDEN, who was accidentally killed at Patutahi Quarry, 7 Janaury 1915 aged 32 years.
Edith next married William Alexander SINTON (1881-1968) in 1920.
(see also William Alexander Sinton, #5766 Legion of Frontiersmen)
They are buried at Taruheru cemetery, Gisborne

* Jemima's sister, EDITH MARGARET DIXON died 18 Dec 1889 aged 26
North Otago Times, 19 December 1889, Page 2 On the 18th December, at the Hospital, Edith Margaret, the beloved wife of Launcelot Dixon, junr., and eldest daughter of Mr James H. R. May, of Oamaru, aged 26 years. The funeral will leave the Hospital at 3.30 p.m. on Friday, 20th instant. Friends are kindly invited to attend
- she is buried Plot 13, Block 5, Old Presbyterian at Oamaru cemetery
buried with Edith is:
1888 - daughter Mary aged 11 days
1904 - Lancelot Dixon, her father-in-law aged 76
1929 - Frederick George Dixon aged 62 (born 1867)
1942 - Launcelot Dixon, her husband aged 83
1958 - Mary Dixon aged 82 (born 1876)

JEMIMA then took Edith's children into her care (age 24)

North Otago Times, 1 November 1890 AT THE COURTHOUSE YESTERDAY
before Mr H. A. Stratford, R.M., Jemima May sued for an order against Launcelot Dixon, junr., for the support of two children, defendant having failed to provide them with adequate means of support, he being their father, the sister of plaintiff, now deceased, being the mother. Plaintiff applied for permission to take the children into her own charge, the maintenance to be paid by defendant. Dixon pleaded guilty, consented to the application and admitted being in arrears 7 in maintenance money to 30th October. After hearing the case his Worship made an order to the effect that plaintiff should take care of the children till they attain the age of 14 years (they are now eighteen months and 6 years respectively) and to be paid at the rate of 2 3s 4d per month for the maintenance and that the arrears of 7 be paid at the rate of 1 per month, for seven months

Oamaru Mail, 20 July 1891 NON-COMPLIANCE WITH AN ORDER
Launcelot Dixon jun., was charged with failing to comply with an order to pay 1 per month for the support of his children. Jemima May, who had charge of the children, and on whose information the charge was laid, stated that she did not wish to press the case, and was willing to give the prisoner the three weeks for which he asked. Judgment reserved for three weeks, with consent of plaintiff

North Otago Times, 25 August 1891 FAILING TO COMPLY
At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before H. A. Stratford, Esq., R.M., Launcelot Dixon junr., was charged with failing to comply with an order of the Court ordering him to pay towards the maintenance of his two children. Defendant did not appear. Jemima May said on the 30th June the sum of 14 4s was owing, and only 1 of that amount had been paid. Defendant was fined 1, with the alternative of seven days imprisonment in Oamaru Police Gaol with hard labour


JEMIMA JANET MAY married Martin PETERSEN (1864-1911) 20 April 1892 in St Paul's Parish, Oamaru. Jemima was 26, Martin was 27

the children of JEMIMA & MARTIN:
* 1/ 1893 - 1918 MARTIN Petersen (age 28)
born (or registered) 16 June 1893 to Martin Petersen, mother not recorded

Oamaru Mail, 6 July 1915
Mrs J. J. Petersen, of Oamaru, has received intimation from the authorities that her son, Private M. Petersen, who left with the Main Expeditionary Force, was wounded at the Dardanelles on the 28th May. Private Petersen was employed by Messrs J. and T. Meek at the Crown Mills at the time of enlisting. Mrs Petersen has another son fighting for King and country at the Dardanelles, Private Joseph May, who has also been wounded and is now in hospital at Malta

North Otago Times, 20 November 1918
PETERSEN - On the 19th November, 1918, at Oamaru, Martin Petersen, beloved son of Jennie Petersen, of Glenn Street, Oamaru and Returned Soldier of three and a half years service; aged 25 years. Deeply regretted. The Funeral will leave Defence Hall TO-DAY, Wednesday, 20th inst., at 3.30 p.m. for the Oamaru Cemetery. Friends are invited to kindly attend.

Oamaru Mail, 21 November 1918
A military funeral was yesterday accorded the remains of the late Sapper Petersen (Martin), who died on Tuesday. The cortege contained members of the Oamaru Returned Soldiers' Association and the Defence Staff. Six returned soldiers were the pall-bearers. Owing to the epidemic it was not possible to secure a firing party. Rev S. F. Hunter conducted the service. The last post was sounded by Bandsman Hezelwood. The late Sapper Petersen left with the Second Reinforcements, and had seen more than three and a half years of active service. He was one of the true Anzacs, and was severely wounded in the chest at Suvla Bay, being sent to Hornchurch Hospital. After seeing further service in France he was invalided to New Zealand. Since his return he was employed by Messrs J. and T. Meek, at their flourmills. Popular with all, general sorrow will be felt at his death, and a very widespread sympathy will be extended to his family
MARTIN Petersen, Sapper 8/1310, served for 3 years, in Egypt 1915, the Balkans at Gallipoli, and on the Western Front, 1916-17. He is buried Plot 37 & 38, Block 72 at Oamaru cemetery

Oamaru Mail, 19 November 1919 IN MEMORIAM
PETERSEN - In loving memory of Sapper Martin Petersen, the beloved son of Jemima and the late Martin Petersen, who died at Oamaru on November 19th, 1918; aged 25 years.
"Death may separate, but memory never"
Inserted by his loving sister and brother-in-law, Maud and William Craig, Wellington

PETERSEN - In loving memory of Sapper Martin Petersen, the beloved son of Jemima and the late Martin Petersen, who died at Oamaru on November 19th, 1918; aged 25 years.
..."Tis but a year since we last saw you, Martin, dear,
...But in our memory you still are here
- Inserted by his loving mother, sisters and brothers

* 2/ 1895 - 1970 EDITH MARY Petersen (age 30)
born 1 October 1895
* In 1904 she was in the Infant Department at Middle School, Oamaru
* In 1905 she was in Standard I and received a prize for attendance
* In 1906 she was in Standard II and came 2nd for Writing (beaten by Charlie Muncey) and came 1st equal in Sewing with Ivy Coatman
* In 1908 she received 3rd prize for under 12 Flowers
- Edith married Francis GOLDSACK in 1922

* 3/ 1897 - 1966 HAROLD PETER (aka Peter) Petersen (age 31)
born 24 August 1897 (2 days before Jemima's 32nd birthday)
- In 1916 he was elected member of the Oamaru Fire Brigade
- He resigned in Dec 1917
Oamaru Mail, 18 September 1918 CALLED TO THE COLORS
NORTH OTAGO - Petersen, Harold Peter, joiner's apprentice, Glen street, Oamaru

The following are the names of the men fit for service at the Medical Board sittings which concluded yesterday:-
* H. P. Petersen

Oamaru Mail, 4 December 1920 OAMARU BOROUGH COUNCIL
The fortnightly meeting of the Oamaru Borough Council was held last night.
Mr H. P. Petersen applied for a lease of the small reserve in Glen street at an annual rental of 5. - Referred to the Reserves Committee

HAROLD PETER Petersen married Edith May BUTCHER (1903-) in 1923
- daughter of Edward Angus Skaife BUTCHER (1875-1953) & Ada May HERRICK (1878-1958) of Napier
HAROLD & EDITH had a son (and probably others):
1927 - 1997 Harold Maxwell Petersen, born in Napier
Harold was an infant when his father Harold left the family ...
(if you can help with more on this family please leave a message below)
HAROLD PETER Petersen died 20 June 1966 in Auckland aged 69
- His ashes were scattered from Purewa

* 4/ 1899 - IVY Petersen (age 34)
born 21 October 1899
* In 1910 she was in Standard I at Oamaru Middle School and received a prize for General Improvement
* In 1911 she was in Standard II and came 4th equal in Reading with May Granger, 4th in Writing and certificate for Attendance
* In 1912 she was in Standard III
* In 1913 she was in Standard III and came 3rd in class with Ernest Gilchrist, Linda Speid & Ethel Hopley

* 5/ 1901 - 1963 ROSE 'Rosie' KAREN Petersen (age 35)
born 4 June 1901
* In 1910 Rosie was in Standard II at Oamaru Middle School and came 2nd in class for reading, 4th in class for writing & sewing
* In 1912 she received a prize for General Proficiency, came 3rd equal in Sewing with Dorothy Sinclair
* In 1913 she was in Standard V and came 2nd in Sewing
* In 1915 she was in North School Standard VI and received a Proficiency Certificate
ROSE married Stanley Henry Cavaliero MEAD (1884-1950) in 1923

* 6/ 1904 - 1973 JEMIMA JANET 'Mima' Petersen (age 38)
born 3 June 1904 (on the 29th anniversary of her grandmother's death)
* In 1911 Mima was in Preparatory Standard I at Oamaru Middle School
* In 1913 she was in Standard I
* In 1914 she was in Standard II and came 3rd for sewing
* In 1915 she was in Standard III and received a certificate of Merit and came 1st equal in sewing with Madge Grenfell
* In 1916 she was in Standard IV and came 2nd equal in General proficiency in schoolwork with Dora Hammill
* In 1919 she was in Standard VI and received an Attendance Prize along with her brother Herbert
- Jemima didn't marry. She died 27 Dec 1973 aged 68
- she is buried Plot 131, Block 72 at Oamaru cemetery with her mother

* 7/ 1905 - 1974 JOHN 'Herbert' RALPH Petersen (age 40)
born 12 September 1905
he was a Bank Clerk
* in 1928 he is in Oamaru, Otago
* in 1938 he is in Kaiapoi, Canterbury
* in 1946 he is in Hurunui, Canterbury
* in 1963 he is in Christchurch Central
* in 1969 he is in St Albans, Christchurch
HERBERT died 25 March 1974 aged 69
- he is buried Plot 200, Block 20 at Ruru Lawn cemetery, Christchurch
with him is Roseina Jane Petersen (1914-1988)

* 8/ 1909 - MYRTLE AGNES Petersen (age 43)
born 24 May 1909
* In Dec 1916 at the break-up of Middle School, Oamaru, Myrtle received a Proficiency prize in the Infant Department
* In Dec 1920 she had 17 entries at the annual Knox Church Rose Show. She had 8 entries in the Decorated Table and came 2nd
- nothing else known


Oamaru Mail, 23 September 1892
James Sullivan was further charged with provoking a breach of the peace by using insulting behaviour by fighting with Martin Petersen. Accused pleaded guilty. Martin Petersen was similarly charged and pleaded "guilty in self-defence" Evidence was called to show that Sullivan was the aggressor in the case and that Petersen had only fought in self-defence. Petersen denied knowing how the fight started. Both he and Sullivan were in a semi-intoxicated condition.
Both accused and convicted, Petersen, being fined 10s, Court costs 7s, and share of witnesses' expenses 10s. Sullivan was fined 2 with Court costs 7s and witnesses' expenses 10s

Oamaru Mail, 20 February 1899
Martin Petersen, on remand, was charged with unlawfully failing to provide for his wife's child, Joseph Harrison May, a boy under the age of 16 years, with means of support. Sergeant O'Grady stated the case and called defendant who said that the boy left his house and was taken in charge by the police. He had not contributed towards his support. He only made 1 a week as a fisherman, out of which he paid 6s per week rent and supported his wife and family. Mr Lee submitted that this was not a case of wilful neglect, but of sheer inability to provide. His Worship said he would like to think the case over and adjourned it until Monday next
NOTE 1 a week in Jan 1899 is equivalent today to $181

Oamaru Mail, 28 October 1904 MARTIN'S NEW LAUNCH
The steamer Hawea brought yesterday an oil launch, which has been built to the order of Mr martin Petersen, of this town. The little vessel, which is built of kauri, is from the yards of Messrs Logan Bros., of Auckland. She is 26ft long, 7ft beam, and is about four tons register. The launch is diagonal built, and is provided with a White 5-horse-power engine. She has a deck-house over her engine, and seats have been provided for 28 persons. It is, of course, intended to use the launch in the fishing trawling off Oamaru, but we learn from Mr Petersen that he intends to make excursions off here during the summer months. We congratulate the owner in securing a craft which will facilitate the work of obtaining fish, and we wish him every success in his enterprise
NOTE Martin named his launch 'Rosie' and ran short and long exertions from the Normanby Wharf every afternoon and evening for a small charge

Oamaru Mail, 23 August 1913 OAMARU BOROUGH COUNCIL
Mrs J. J. Petersen (Glen street) asking Council's opinion as to the course she should take with regard to the Express Company's horses. The horses broke down the fence of the reserve leased from the Council, and damaged her potatoes, trees and flowers. They numbered 18 to 20 and made her garden their camping ground when the weather was cold and would break any fence down.
A letter from the manager of the Express Company was enclosed stating that the damage was not due to negligence on the part of the Company. He repudiated the liability. Referred to the Reserves Committee for report

Oamaru Mail, 8 November 1913 OAMARU BOROUGH COUNCIL
Councillors Ireland and Clarke have been appointed to interview Mr Petersen in regard to her lease of sections 7 to 10, block 55, and to report to the Council

Oamaru Mail, 7 March 1914 OAMARU BOROUGH COUNCIL
The following building permits were granted: Mr Martin Petersen, improvements in wood to house in Glen street (section 9, block 95)

North Otago Times, 25 May 1918
OAMARU BOROUGH COUNCIL - Inward Correspondence
Jemima J. Petersen, Glen street, wrote complaining of a broken fence dividing her property and borough reserve

Oamaru Mail, 14 September 1918
Mrs Jemima Petersen relinquished section 6, block 55, from February - Surrender accepted and matter referred to Reserves Committee

Oamaru Mail, 1 February 1919 OAMARU BOROUGH COUNCIL
Mrs Petersen, of Glen street, offered the leasehold of her section, if needed, for the extension of the electricity scheme. - Noted

Oamaru Mail, 2 June 1920 MAGISTRATE'S COURT this day
Jemima Petersen, of Eden street, was charged with allowing cattle to stray within the borough

MARTIN Petersen died 27 June 1911 aged 45
Oamaru Mail, 27 June 1911
PATERSEN - On the 27th instant, at Oamaru, Martin Petersen, the dearly-beloved husband of Jemima Petersen, aged 45 years. Deeply regretted
The funeral will leave his late residence, Ribble street, on Thursday, 29th instant, at 2.30 p.m., for the Oamaru cemetery. Friends are invited to kindly attend

Oamaru Mail, 27 June 1912
PETERSEN - In loving memory of my dear father, who died on June 27th, 1911 at Oamaru. Inserted by his loving daughter and son-in-law, Maud and Will Craig

JEMIMA JANET Petersen died 28 July 1943 aged 77 (BDM has 74)
Auckland Star, 30 July 1943
PETERSEN - On July 28, 1943 at Auckland, the loved mother of Rose Mead, and dear grandma of Ivan. Safe in His arms. Interment at Oamaru
PETERSEN - Only July 28, 1943, at Auckland, Jemima Janet, widow of Martin Petersen, Oamaru. A dearly beloved mother, deeply mourned by her loving daughters and sons. Lord keep her in Your care.
- Martin & Jemima are buried together in Plot 31, Block 72 at Oamaru cemetery

Auckland Star, 28 July 1944 IN MEMORIAM
PETERSEN, Jemima Janet, late of Oamaru, July 28, 1943. My Mother. Maudie

taken from:
Oamaru & Breakwater

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William James SHANNON married Jean BRUCE 1912

written for Athol who is looking for William Shannon

the grandparents of William James Shannon (1867-1939):
Graham SHANNON (1816-1892) & Elizabeth 'Eliza' VANCE (1814-1902)

Graham Shannon & Eliza Vance had 7 children
4 of their sons emigrated to New Zealand
they were:
* George Vance Shannon (1843-1920)
...(possibly a brother of Athol's great great grandfather)
* William Shannon (1845-1880)
* Ezekiel Shannon (1847-1923)
* Graham Shannon (1857-1935)

A SON of George Vance Shannon (1843-1920) was also a William James Shannon
* this William James Shannon married Jean Bruce in 1912

available to read from your library: a book written by Marianne Davis in 2000
A Shannon family: from Antrim, Ireland to New Zealand
also available to buy: The Shannon Family Reunion and Book Committee, 2000

Feilding Star, 28 March 1912 WEDDING of William James Shannon
A wedding possessing all the elements of interest, fashion and beauty was celebrated at St John's Church this afternoon, when two of the oldest and best known families of the district were connected by the marrimonial alliance of two respective members of the younger generation.

The bridegroom was Mr William James Shannon, second son of Mr G. V. Shannon, of "The Totaras," Waituna, and on this the day of his great happiness he was surrounded by a host of relatives and friends to wish him the best of good luck as he passed from the loneliness of bachelordom and took unto himself a wife.
The bride, Miss Jean Bruce, youngest daughter of Mrs A. Bruce, of Denbigh street, Feilding, has resided for the past five or six years in Feilding, having come here with her mother from the Halcombe district, and she is one of Feilding's most beautiful and most popular young ladies. Like the groom, therefore, she also entered her married life amidst an assemblage of relatives, friends, and well-wishers who were all eager to give her as happy a wedding as lay in their power.

The ceremony was performed at St John's Church, which was thronged with a deeply interested congregation. The Rev G. F. Mayo, vicar of the Kiwitea Parchial District, assisted by the Rev A. S. Innes Jones, conducted the sacred rite.

The bride, who looked surpassingly beautiful, was adorned in a dress of soft white liberty satin, veiled with marquisette, and tunic edged with Limerick lace, and caught up at the side with a large satin rose; square train daintily embroidered with pearls in true lovers' knots. The bodice was trimmed with a fichu of Limerick lace and pearls, and finished with a spray of orange blossoms. A glorious veil of Limerick lace was surmounted with a dainty mob cap of tulle edged with orange blossoms. The bride carried a lovely shower bouwuet, and wore the bridegroom's present - a ruby, diamond and sapphire butterfly - in the corsage.

Miss Elsie Bruce (cousin of the bride) was the maid of honour, and the other bridesmaids were, Miss Vera McBeth (niece of the groom) and Miss Irene Prior. All three were quaintly dressed in pale grey satin veiled with pale grey ninon. The tunics were trimmed with three rows of ruching caught at each row with grey and pink ninon roses. and finished with dainty bead trimming. The bodices were finished with ninon fichus edged with ruching and caught with a large pink rose.

She wore large black pom hats, the crown swathed with ostrich feather, and caught with a single pink rose. Each maid had a black velvet neck band and pearl and turquoise neck slide, the gift of the groom, and carried little posies of pink roses and grey tulle.

Mr Arnold Shannon (cousin) supported the groom as best man, and the groomsmen were Messrs Cyril Blundell (Wellington) and Keith Smith (Marton).

The bride was given away her her uncle, Mr J. Bruce (Cheltenham).

This is the eighth marriage of Mr and Mrs G. V. Shannon's sons and daughters.
After the ceremony a reception was held at the residence of the bride's mother, where the customary expressions of goodwill were extended to mr and Mrs Shannon. The happy couple were to leave later by motor car for Wanganui, en route to Auckland and Sydney, where they will spend the honeymoon.

The bride's travelling dress was a saxe blue costume, with tagel straw hat of a lighter shade with grey and blue wings. A set of black fox furs complete a most becoming toilette.

Included in the very large collection of wedding presents were several from relatives in England and Ireland

The father of the groom, G. V. Shannon was:
Major George Vance SHANNON (1842-1920) from Ulster, Ireland
who helped found Shannon, Horowhenua
The parents of George Vance Shannon were:
Graham SHANNON & Elizabeth 'Eliza' VANCE
There is a headstone at Townland, Atrim for Grahan Shannon which reads:
Erected by George V Shannon, Wellington New Zealand, in memory of his father, Graham Shannon, who died 16th December 1892, age 76 years, his mother Elizabeth Shannon who died 7th February 1902 aged 88 years, and their children William Shannon who died at Nelson New Zealand 27th July 1880 aged 35 years, Mary Ann and Robert who died in infancy, Mary Jane Shannon who died 17th January 1930, Blessed are the dead who die in the lord, REV VXIV 13 eight generations of Shannons the last of the Antrim family rest here in 1907, Graham and Elizabeth Shannon had 4 sons, 26 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren residing in New Zealand, George Vance Shannon their eldest son, being the first to arrive in that Dominica in 1865

George Vance Shannon emigrated to New Zealand about 1865 and was in business in Nelson for 9 years. In 1874, he and Mr J.S.M. Thompson established a drapery business in Wellington with branches in Christchurch, Napier and Auckland. When he retired from this business in 1887, he moved with his family to the Totaras Estate at Waituna West, Rangitikei district.
He always took an active part in public matters. He was Captain of the Wellington Rifles and was made a Major in the N.Z. Militia, commanding the First Battalion in 1887. He was a member of the Wellington Education Board; Commander of the Wellington Fire Salvage Board; and a customs expert.
But perhaps his most important work was with the Wellington-Manawatu railway. He was a member of the first committee appointed to report on the practicability of the railway; and was vice-president of the London Board; and a director, during his seven years service to the company.
He became one of the best known settlers in the Rangitikei district and died at his Totara's home on June 4th, 1920, leaving six daughters and two sons

George & Emily Jane HEWITT arrived together early 1865 and married in Nelson, 23 Nov 1865
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, 24 November 1865 SHANNON-HEWITT - November 23, at Christ Church, by the Rev G. H. Johnston, Mr G. V. Shannon, to Emily, eldest daughter of the late Lieutenant J. T. Hewitt, R.N., of Sydney Lodge, County Wicklow
* 1866, 23 Aug at her residence, Manuka-st Nelson, a daughter
- Georgina Emily Shannon married Steven Williamson 17 Aug 1885 in Wellington
* 1867 - 1954 a daughter
- Florence Elizabeth Shannon married Robert McBeth in July 1887
* 1868, 22 Dec at her residence, Mount Graham, a daughter
- Margaret Vance Shannon married Dr John Carmichael Smith in `896
* 1870 - 1928, 1 Nov, at her residence Bronti-street, a son
- Graham Hugh Shannon married Evelyn Mary Lodder in 1911. He was accidentally shot
* 1871 - 1953 at Nelson, a son
- William James Shannon married Jean Bruce in 1912
* 1873, 29 June at Bronti-street, a daughter
- Minnie Shannon married Harold Redmmayne in 1902
* 1875 - 1876 Aug a daughter
- Mary Eva Shannon died Wellington aged 6 months
* 1877, 2 Jan at Wellington, a daughter
- Eileen Shannon
* 1879 - 1880 a son
- George Vance Hewitt Shannon died aged 9 months
* 1881, 31 March at Wellington, a daughter
- Kathleen Shannon married Herbert Thornton Richardson in 1907
* 1885, 19 Nov, at Wellington, a son
- Trevor Shannon married Evelyn Mary Lodder 1911. Trevor died 1928 aged 43
EMILY JANE died 25 Feb 1914 at 'The Totaras" Feilding aged 73
GEORGE died 4 June 1920 in Feilding aged 77
- they are buried Plot 59/63, Public section at Bolton street cemetery Wellington

Major George Vance Shannon from NZETC

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CUMMOCK in New Zealand

the known CUMMOCK in New Zealand
compiled for the query from ollie52 on 2014-01-13

* indicates see notes at end
indicates person has own bio (in alphabetical order)

AGNES CAMPBELL Cummock (1883-1918)
born in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK (1845-1920) & Mary SAUNDERS
granddaughter of James Cummock (1811-1847) & Elizabeth CONNELL
great granddaughter of John CUMMOCK (1787-) & Agnes CAMPBELL of Paisley
Agnes married John Henry THOMAS (1879-1934) in 1902
- John was born in Invercargill. He was a Poultry Farmer
...the known children of AGNES & JOHN:
* 1902 - 1976 Matthew Edward Thomas
* 1903 - 1980 Mary Eliza Thomas
* 1905 - 1977 Violet Agnes Thomas (+Cecil George LAURIE 1928)
* 1906 - 1944 John Henry Thomas
* 1911 - 1971 William Allan Thomas
AGNES died 28 Feb 1918 aged 34, last address was 214 King street, Dunedin
Otago Daily Times, 1 March 1918
- On February 28 1918, at her residence, 214 King street, Dunedin (after a long and painful illness), Agnes, the dearly-beloved wife of John Henry Thomas; in her thirty-fifth year. "At rest"
Otago Daily Times, 2 March 1918
The Friends of JOHN HENRY THOMAS are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late WIFE, which will leave 214 King street, Dunedin, to-morrow (Sunday), the 3rd inst., at 2.30 o'clock. for the Southern cemetery
JAMES HENRY Thomas died 26 June 1934 aged 54 at Talboys Home, Dunedin
- they are buried Plot 9, Block 109 Southern cemetery, Dunedin
buried with them is:
1876 - Margaret THOMAS aged 26 (born Scotland, married woman)
1892 - Mary Jane THOMAS aged 36 (born Cornwall)
1895 - Eliza THOMAS aged 30 (born Tuapeka)
1896 - Elizabeth Ann NELSON (nee THOMAS) aged 39
(Elizabeth was born in England, she married Andrew Nelson in 1894)
1908 - Maria THOMAS aged 77 (born Cornwall, arrived 1874)

ALLAN Cummock (1881-1933)
born 27 Sep 1881 in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
He served in the South African Boer War, Serial number 5904
Allan married Isabella Mary BUCKLEY (1885-1915) in 1906
Isabella was born in Port Chalmers to John BUCKLEY & Mary FLETCHER
...the known children of ALLAN & ISABELLA:
* 1908 - 1919 *Emily Isabel Cummock (aged 10)
* 1911 - 1956 William John Cummock (died Christchurch)
* 1915 - 1915 Allan Gordon Cummock (died aged 7 weeks at Papatupu)
Isabella Mary Cummock died 27 May 1915 in Owaka, Caitlins aged 30, 7 weeks after her baby Allan Gordon Cummock
Otago Daily Times, 28 May 1917
CUMMOCK - In loving memory of Allan Gordon, dearly-beloved son of Allan Cummock, Clarendon, who departed this life at Tawanui on April 4, 1915
...And a little child shall lead them
Inserted by his loving father, sister and brother
CUMMOCK - In loving memory of Isabella Mary (Ella), dearly-beloved wife of Allan Cummock, Clarendon, who departed this life at Owaka on May 27, 1915
...She bore her pain, she bore it well;
...What she suffered none can tell.
...Peacefully sleeping, resting at last,
...Life's weary trouble and sufferings past.
...The weary hours and days of pain,
...The troubled, sleepless nights are past.
...The ever-patient, worn-out frame
...Has gained sweet rest at last.
...Two years have gone. We love her still,
...And in our hearts none her place can ever fill.
Inserted by her loving husband and two children
Allan next married Ellen Jane COLEMAN (1895-1962) in 1927
Ellen was a daughter of John William COLEMAN & Matilda COOKER
...the known children of ALLAN & ELLEN:
* 1932 - Helen Cummock (twin born 15 Jan)
* 1932 - Margaret Lorraine Cummock (twin born 15 Jan)
ALLAN Cummock died 11 September 1933 in Christchurch aged 51
ELLEN JANE Cummock died 15 June 1962 aged 67
they are buried together Plot 64, Block 21A at Sydenham cemetery, Christchurch
* Emily Isabel Cummock died suddenly aged 10.8 at the Dunedin Hospital (lived at Nottingham Crescent, Caversham). She is buried Block 41, Plot 118 Andersons Bay cemetery. Buried with her is:
1935 - William Alexander JOHNSTON aged 67 (born Scotland)
1942 - Jane Forrest JOHNSTON aged 46 (spinster born Dunedin)
1946 - Mary JOHNSTON aged 74 (nee Cummock, married William 1894)

ANDREW WATSON Cummock (1853-1932)
born in Glasgow, Scotland to John CUMMOCK & Jane WATSON
Andrew married Elizabeth HARRINGTON in 1879
Elizabeth was born 1858 in London, England
...the known children of ANDREW & ELIZABETH:
*1879 - Elizabeth Harrington Cummock
- born 4 November 1879 at Andersons Bay, Dunedin, 4 months after her father started his 9 year prison term

Southland Times, 27 June 1879
... We hear that Andrew Watson Cummock, late sub-librarian of the Dunedin Athenaeum (and Mechanics' Institute), was arrested late last night at the Bluff by Constable Coffee. He was charged with incendiarism and removed to Dunedin.
The circumstances

Andrew received 12 months hard labour for larceny and 8 years penal servitude for arson, the sentences to be cumulative. He started the sentence in Dunedin Gaol on 7 July 1879, was transferred to Lyttelton in Dec 1882 and by 1883 he had been transferred to Wellington prison after evidence of harsh treatment and his complaints that "they are trying to kill me"...

Evening Post, 15 May 1880
... The reward of 300 is to be distributed among the witnesses who secured Cummock's conviction (Jan 2014 equivalent of $48,200)
Press, 23 June 1883
Otago Daily Times, 17 July 1883
... Andrew gives evidence against the gaol and warders

parents unknown at this time
Elizabeth married Robert Edward SPINKS (1879-1956) in 1902 (possibly Petone)
...the known children of ELIZABETH & ROBERT:
* 1903 - Hilda May Spinks (+Alfred WHITLOW (1906-1941) in 1925)
* 1905 - 1990 Robert Edward 'Cecil' Spinks
* 1907 - 2001 Elizabeth Victoria 'Betty' Spinks (+John Charles McCORMICK 1926)
* ???? - John Spinks (see Elizabeth's death notice)
* 1912 - Laurel M. Spinks (born Burwood, NSW)
Evening Post, 4 August 1944
- On July 13, 1944, At Newcastle. N.S.W., Elizabeth, loved wife of R. E. Spinks, of Petone, and mother of Hilda, Betty, Laurel, Cecil and John; aged 73 years

born in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
Elizabeth Christina Saunders Cummock had 2 children:
* 1890 - Walter Begg Cummock
* 1895 - 1895 Christina Cummock (aged 6 weeks)
Christina died 2 March 1895 & buried Block 63, Plot 2 at Northern cemetery
buried with her is:
1873 - John McLEOD aged 44
1894 - John SPENCE aged 48
1897 - William McVIE aged 3 hours
Elizabeth Christina Saunders Cummock married 11 June 1902 to:
William George BEKER (1863-1934)
Otago Daily Times, 25 August 1902 BAKER(sic) - CUMMOCK - On the 11th June, at Dunedin, George William Baker, miner, Blackstone Hill, late North Canterbury, to Elizabeth Christina, eldest daughter of William Smith Cummock, engineer. Alexandra Herald please copy
- William was born in England to Frederick BEKER (1840-1916 born Hamburg, Germany-died Kaiapoi) & Bridget STARK (1840-1919 born Limerick, Ireland-died Kaiapoi)
William had first married Jessie Christina RICE (1863-1899) in 1883 & had 7 children
...the known children of ELIZABETH & WILLIAM:
* 1906 - William George Beker
WILLIAM GEORGE Beker died 23 Oct 1934 in Dunedin aged 71
- he is buried Plot 115, Block 133 Andersons Bay cemetery
ELIZABETH CHRISTINA Beker died 24 Sep 1941 in Dunedin
- she is buried Plot 6C, Block 43 Andersons Bay cemetery
buried with her is:
1938 - Donald McARTHUR aged 64 (born Scotland, died 20 Aug)
1938 - Ellen Mason MENZIES aged 74 (spinster born Glasgow, died 15 Nov)
1939 - John Stanley HARRIS aged 26 (born Australia)

ELIZABETH CONNELL Cummock (1861-1912)
born in Scotland to John CUMMOCK & Jane Howie WATSON
Elizabeth married Andrew Watson McLEAN (1853-1932) in Dunedin 28 July 1882
- Andrew was born in Glasgow, arrived in NZ c1878. He was a Carpenter
...the known children of ELIZABETH & ANDREW:
* 1885 - 1885 *Jane Howie Watson McLean
* 1886 - 1891 *Alexander McLean
* 1888 - 1964 John Cummock McLean (+Rose Lillian Hannah BEARD 1917)
* 1891 - 1960 Charles Andrew McLean (+Lucy Barlow COLLETT 1914)
* 1894 - 1971 *Pearl Margaret McLean
* 1896 - Ruby McLean
ELIZABETH CONNELL McLean died 21 June 1912 in Dunedin aged 51
ANDREW WATSON McLean died 25 June 1932 aged 79
- they are buried *Plot 17, Block 33 at Northern Cemetery

JAMES Cummock (1868-1947)
son of William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
married Ellen BIRNIE (1878-1952) in 1903
...the known children of JAMES & ELLEN:
* 1904 - 1904 Mary Katherine Elizabeth Cummock (aged 7 months at Earnscleugh)
* 1906 - 1956 Leslie James Cummock (died Alexandra)
* 1907 - 1970 John Joseph Cummock (buried Dannevirke with Dorothy (1910-1985)
* 1909 - 1991 Eileen Margaret Cummock
* 1911 - 1993 James Alexander Cummock (+Vera Lillian MATHIAS (1911-2007)
* 1912 - 1981 Frances Cecelia Cummock
* 1914 - 1942 William Smith Anthony Cummock
... WILLIAM SERVED in WWII as Lance Bombardier 25538 with the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force. He was Killed In Action in the Western Desert Campaign 31 Oct 1942 aged 28. He is buried El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt
* 1917 - 1942 Vincent Patrick Cummock
... VINCENT SERVED in WWII as Flight Sergeant NZ41574 with the Royal New Zealand Air Force. He was Killed In Action 3 June 1942 in Germany aged 25. He is buried 24 D, Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Kleve, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
JAMES Cummock died 29 Nov 1947 in Alexandra aged 78
ELLEN died 31 December in Alexandra 1972 aged 75

JAMES CUMMOCK (1811-1847)
born 1811 in Paisley, Scotland to John CUMMOCK & Agnes CAMPBELL
James married Elizabeth CONNELL (1811-1892) in Scotland 10 May 1830
...the known children of JAMES & ELIZABETH:
* 1831 - 1892 John Cummock
* 1833 - 1928 Margaret Cummock
* 1835 - Agnes Cummock, born in Renfrew
Agnes married John PENDER in Paisley, Renfrew in 1858 (not found in NZ)
* 1837 - Elizabeth Cummock, born in Glasgow (not found in NZ)
* James Cummock 1841 - 1912 born in Paisley 1841 and arrived in New Zealand about 1872. He was a Miner & the Caversham Electoral Rolls 1905-1911 list him as a Seaman of Alexandra St. James died 5 March 1912 in Caversham and is buried Block 20, Plot 158 at Andersons Bay cemetery
* 1843 - 1903 Mary Cummock (+Edward DOWNES)
* 1843 - Janet Cummock (not found in NZ)
* 1845 - 1920 William Smith Cummock (+Mary SAUNDERS)
* 1851 - 1933 Allan Cummock (+BUCKLEY +COLEMAN)

JANE Cummock (1864-)
born 5 April 1863 Paisley, Scotland to John CUMMOCK & Jane Howie WATSON
Jane married Henry GUY (1863-1897)? in Dunedin 15 April 1895
(Jane was recorded as 31 and Henry was 32)
- Henry was born in County Armagh, Ireland
no children found
A number of Henry Guy were around at the same time as the one I am looking for, i.e., the husband of Jane Cummock. The following articles are possibilities only.
(Windsor is 125km north of Dunedin)
As always your input is welcome

North Otago Times, 7 June 1880 INQUEST AT WINDSOR
On Saturday afternoon, before Mr George Sumpter, Acting-Coroner, an inquest was held in the Railway Hotel, Windsor, to inquire into the cause of the death of THOMAS GUY. Mr Alexander Copland was foreman of the jury. Inspector Thompson watched the progress of the case on behalf of the police, and Mr Hannay, Traffic Manager, attended on behalf of the railway authorities.
HENRY GUY, brother of the deceased, and horse-driver on the Livingstone line, deposed; Mr brother was 22 years of age in January last; was unmarried; was born in Armagh, Ireland. He was nine years in New Zealand. Friday was pay-day, and the men were, therefore, not at work. I last saw my brother alive at 6 o'clock on Friday evening in the Railway Hotel, Windsor. He was then a little under the influence of drink. There was a sort of row in the house, and a constable put deceased and others out. He went round to the back. Five minutes afterwards I went round. Seeing nothing of him, I went down to the platform and inquired for him from several persons, but heard nothing. On the train's arrival, I heard that a man had been killed on the line, and on my going there I found the body of my brother. It was then about 20 minutes to 7 o'clock. The evening was dark. A man named James Reid told me that my brother had quarrelled about a bottle of brandy and that my brother had been kicked ... more
- Thomas is buried Plot 17, Block 29 at Old Anglican cemetery Oamaru
Bay Of Plenty Times, 6 October 1897 FATAL ACCIDENT
... Dunedin, Tuesday - Henry Guy, aged 39, was killed at the Upper Junction through a dray capsizing and falling on him. The body was found on the Port Chalmers road on Sunday morning. He was on his way home to his father's farm at Mount Cargill on Saturday night, and he called at a hotel and procured some beer, being then apparently sober
Newspapers have 39, 38 & 37, BDM has 38, cemetery database has 37
... A man named Henry Guy, 38 years of age, residing on Dr Martin's farm, near the Upper Junction, met with his death under distressing circumstances some time during Saturday night or early on Sunday morning. On Saturday night he was driving a horse and cart along the Valley road, and called at the Botanical Gardens Hotel, where he purchased three bottles of beer. He left about 9 o'clock, and the licensee stated that he then appeared all right. The following morning he was found dead, lying underneath his cart on the Upper Port Chalmers road, by Mr J. E. Macky, a dairyman. Two boys traveled with him to within about a mile of where the body was found. One of them stated that Guy appeared to be drunk, and was rolling about in his seat. He said, however, he was all right and would find his way home. Deceased worked on Dr Martin's farm. He was married, and his parents live at Woodlands. An inquest will be held to-day.
- Henry is buried Plot 13, Block 160 at Northern cemetery, Dunedin
buried with him is:
1891 - William GUY, aged 26 (born 1865)
1909 - Margaret GUY, aged 75 (born 1836)
1910 - William GUY, aged 85 (born 1825)
1927 - Thomas Francis GUY, aged 50 (born 1877 Dunedin)
1935 - Elizabeth GLEESON, aged 73 (born 1862 Ireland)

JANE HOWIE WATSON Cummock (1870-1926)
daughter of William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
married John Joseph 'Jack' McCONNELL 17 June 1895 in Dunedin
Otago Daily Times, 23 July 1895 McCONNELL-CUMMOCK - On the 17th June, at St Joseph's Cathedral, by the Very Rec Father Lynch, John Joseph McConnell, to Jane, second daughter of William Cummock, Mosgiel. - Liverpool papers please copy
... the known children of JANE & JACK:
(born in Dunedin they later moved to Australia))
* 1896 - Mary Catherine McConnell
* 1898 - Charles Blaney McConnell
CHARLES BLANEY McCONNELL served in WWI with the AIF as Private 41903. He enlisted 2 Feb 1916 from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. His parents signed the consent form. His medical exam of March 1916 stated he was: 18 years old, 5' 5", 126lbs (57.15kg), dark complexion, grey eyes, brown hair. His permanent address was with his father at Tongala, Victoria. He was discharged 3 months later as medically unfit due to a weak back said to be strained about 1906 in New Zealand and made worse 9 months previously through lifting hay & heavy milk cans. He re-enlisted in Sep 1918. His parents then had the Marine Hotel at Port Melbourne. His parents signed the consent form which listed there were 5 sons in the family, none serving. Charles's medical exam of Oct 1918 stated he was: 20 years 6 months, 5' 6", 177lbs (80.28kg), dark complexion, blue eyes & that he was a Farmer. His company was demobilised 24 Dec 1918. On 19 April 1945 he requested a copy of his discharge certificate stating the original had been lost. His address was then Old Fernshaw road Healesville Victoria (temporary address Kingston Hotel, Canberra)
* 1900 - John Rowe McConnell (born in Cromwell 26 May 1900)
JOHN ROWE McCONNELL served in WWI as Private V81424. He enlisted Sept 1918. His medical exam on 31 Oct 1918 stated he was: 18 years 5 months, 5' 6", 120lbs (54.43kg), dark complexion, blue eyes, dark hair & that he was a Farm hand
* 1902 - Margaret Jean McConnell
* 1903 - Patrick McConnell
* 1905 - Bridge Blaney McConnell
- Bridge was in Melbourne electoral rolls 1931-1972, the last 23 years in Henty

JESSIE BUCHANAN Cummock (1879-1934)
born 30 June 1879 in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
Jessie married Frederick Wallace CHAPMAN (1878-1946) in 1902
- Frederick was born 10 July 1878 in New Plymouth to Jabez & Emma CHAPMAN
... the known children of JESSIE & FREDERICK:
* 1903 - 1934 Jabez Wallace Cummock Chapman (+Inez Alene ROBERTS in 1929)
* 1904 - 1952 Charles William Chapman
JABEZ WALLACE CUMMOCK Chapman (Electrician) died 27 February 1934 in Oamaru
JESSIE BUCHANAN Chapman died 5 March 1934 262 Kaikoura Valley Road, Dunedin
FREDERICK WALLACE Chapman (Constable) died 7 Dec 1946 in Highcliff, Dunedin
CHARLES WILLIAM Chapman (Labourer) died 12 Sep 1952 in Dunedin
- they are all buried together in Plot 1A, Block 8 at Andersons Bay cemetery

JESSIE CAMPBELL Cummock (1883-1956)
born in New Zealand. Parents not known at this time
Jessie married John LOCKHART (1870-1938) in 1901
John was born in New Zealand. He was a Corp Employee
... the known children of JESSIE & JOHN:
* 1904 - 1955 Charles Alexander Lockhart (buried with parents)
* 1906 - Jessie Florence Lockhart
JOHN died 20 June 1938 in Dunedin aged 68
JESSIE died 2 Feb 1956 at 74 King street, Taradale, Napier aged 73
- they are buried Plot 36, Block 146 at Andersons Bay cemetery, Dunedin

JOHN Cummock (1831-1892)
born in Glasgow, Scotland to James CUMMOCK & Elizabeth CONNELL
He married Jane Howie WATSON (1832-) in Scotland c1854. They had 4 known children then arrived in New Zealand about 1864. He was an Engine Driver
... the known children of JOHN & JANE:
* 1855 - Jane Cummock, born Paisley, Scotland
* 1856 - Mary Dewar Cummock, born Renfrew, Scotland
* 1858 - Andrew Watson Cummock, born Glasgow, Scotland
* 1861 - 1912 Elizabeth Connell Cummock, born Scotland
They appear to have emigrated separately to New Zealand. Jane arrived into Port Chalmers 21 Sep 1864 on the 'Hamilla Mitchell'. She had been sponsored by John Cummock & Peter Lindsay (possibly the Peter Lindsay who was the Superintendent of the Province in 1860s)
The following children were born in Dunedin
* 1866 - John Cummock, (married Elizabeth Stafford in NSW 1886)
* 1868 - 1948 George Gibson Cummock
* 1870 - 1898 Alexander Watson McLean Cummock (aged 27)
* 1876 - 1876 *William Smith Cummock (aged 9 months see notes above)

Southland Times, 29 October 1892
Whilst climbing about on a rocky bank of Deep Stream today two young ladies discovered the remains of a man lying face downwards on a ledge about eight feet above the river. He had evidently met his death by falling over the cliff as the rock above had been stripped of grass, The body had evidently been in there for some months as hawks and rats had completely denuded the body of flesh. The body is supposed to be that of Cummock, an engineer who left the quartz reef in the locality some months ago and has not since been heard of. In the absence of the police the pockets were not examined. At the inquest on the body the relatives failed to identify it as Cummock, the engineer, who has been missing for some months

Otago Daily Times, 3 November 1892
TO THE EDITOR. Sir, There are three reasons why we (my uncle and myself) failed to identify the body found at Deep Stream. In the first place John Cummock lost the first joint of the second finger of the right hand when he was eight years of age; secondly, he has been bald-headed these last 15 years; thirdly, the boots that Cummock wore when he went missing were watertights. Now the man that was found at Deep Stream, had all the fingers on the right hand. He also had brown hair on the crown of his head to the length of over two inches, and in the third place this man had Balmoral boots on. Now how a coroner's jury came to give such a verdict after knowning these facts we cannot understand. We are, &c., GEORGE CUMMOCK, JAMES CUMMOCK

Otago Daily Times, 7 November 1892
TO THE EDITOR. Sir, The Messrs Cummock gave three reasons why they failed to identify the body found on Excursion Day as that of their father ... more
JOHN Cummock is buried Block 3, Plot 1 at Middlemarch cemetery

JOHN STAFFORD Cummock (1887-1953)
born in Granville, New South Wales
1st of 6 children of John CUMMOCK (1866-1901) & Elizabeth Victoria STAFFORD (1868-1944)
grandson of John CUMMOCK (1831-1892) & Jane Howie WATSON
John married Mary Ella WHITING (1886-) in 1918
Mary was a daughter of Thomas & Sarah Jane WHITING
Evening Post, 6 May 1929 WHITING - On the 5th May 1929, at 18 Fitzherbert street, Petone, Sarah Jane, relict of the late Thomas Whiting and beloved mother of Mrs J. Cummock and Thomas Whiting of Petone; aged 69 years. At rest
... a known son of JOHN & MARY:
* 1918 - 1987 Maxton John Cummock, born Petone 22 July 1918
(named after his brother, Maxton C. Cummock, (1888-1962) born in Burwood, NSW)
In November 1930 John Cummock received a decree nisi in the Wellington Supreme Court in an undefended adultery divorce case against Mary Ella Cummock
JOHN STAFFORD Cummock died 16 April 1953 in Lower Hutt

MARGARET Cummock (1833-1928)
born in Glasgow to James CUMMOCK (1811-1947) & Elizabeth CONNELL
she married William DOWNES (1833-1905) 9 Nov 1866 Knox Church, Dunedin
son of Thomas DOWNES & Elizabeth TURNER. His brother Edward (1846-1906) married Margaret's sister, Mary Cummock (1843-1903)
... the known children of MARGARET & WILLIAM:
(born Silver Peaks, Otago)
* 1867 - 1942 Edward Downes
- Edward married Lucy Harriet CLARK (1868-1937) in 1891 & died in Wellington
* 1869 - 1954 Jane Elizabeth 'Win' Downes
Jane married Andrew Douglas DAVYS (1859-1938) in 1893. He was an engineer in Dunedin, they later moved to Gisborne)
* 1870 - 1957 William Downes (+Dorothea FRANKLIN in 1893, died Napier)
* 1872 - 1929 Benjamin Downes (+Elizabeth MACKIE in 1897)
* 1874 - 1934 Alice May Downes (+John Morrison RODGER in 1903)
* 1876 - 1876 Charles Downes (aged 18 days at The Kilmog, Otago)
WILLIAM Downes died 4 October 1905 in Warrington, Otago
MARGARET Downes died 29 Dec 1928 in Dunedin
- they are buried Plot 1, Block 91 at Northern cemetery, Dunedin
buried with them is:
1905 - Joyce Morrison RODGER, their granddaughter, aged 2 months
1930 - John Morrison RODGER, their son-in-law aged 53
1824 - Alice May RODGER, their daughter, aged 59

MARY Cummock (1843-1903)
born in Rentfordshire to James CUMMOCK (1811-1847) & Elizabeth CONNELL
she married Edward DOWNES (1846-1906) 21 Feb 1868 in Knox Church, Dunedin
son of Thomas DOWNES & Elizabeth TURNER. His brother William (1844-1905) married Mary's sister, Margaret Cummock (1833-1928)
... the known children of MARY & EDWARD:
* 1868 - 1957 Edward Henry Downes (11 Sep 1957, 8 months after his twin)
- Edward is buried Anderson's Bay with wife Mary Grace HAIGH (1868-1960)
* 1868 - 1957 James Thomas Downes (11 Jan 1957)
- James is buried Anderson's Bay with his wife Rachel Pollock FOGO (1869-1947)
* 1870 - 1957 William Downes (24 June 1957)
* 1871 - John Downes
* 1873 - Elizabeth Jane Downes
* 1875 - 1965 Louis Downes
* 1878 - Levina Downes
* 1880 - 1957 Benjamin Downes (3 June 1957)
* 1882 - Margaret Downes
MARY Downes died 8 October 1903 in Warrington, Otago aged 60
EDWARD Downes died 3 June 1906 in Warrington, Otago aged 59

MARY Cummock (1871-1946)
daughter of William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
Mary married William Alexander JOHNSTON (1868-1935) in 1894
- William was born in Scotland
... the known children of MARY & WILLIAM:
* 1894 - 1976 Annie Johnston (died Awapuni Hospital)
* 1896 - 1942 Jane Forrest Johnston (didn't marry)
* 1897 - 1976 James Johnston
* 1904 - 1959 William Allan Johnston (died in Wellington)

MAXTON JOHN Cummock (1918-1987)
born 22 July 1918 in Petone to John Stafford CUMMOCK & Mary Ella WHITING
* in Nov 1930 (aged 12) his parents divorced
* In Nov 1932 (aged 14) he was the junior boy champion at the Petone Technical High School sports day. He came 1st in the Junior 880 yards, 440yds, 220 yards, 100 yards. 2nd in the Junior High Jump of 4'5" (134.62cm)
* In December 1933 (aged 15) Maxton was an evening student at the Petone Technical College. After the end of year examinations he was awarded a senior free place entitling him to further free education
* on 8 June 1936 (aged 16) he arrived into Wellington from Sydney on the 'Maunganui' after a 'fine trip across the Tasman'
* from 1934 he played Hutt Valley cricket for the Gear Company Cricket Club. In April 1934 he was awarded a trophy for the most improved batsman during the season
* In October 1935 (aged 17) the Hutt Valley Cricket Association said he was unavailable to play for Gear United as he had gone to Australia
* In Nov 1936 (aged 18) he played A grade cricket for Gear United taking 4 wickets for 18 runs, beating Meadows 126 - 117
* In October 1937 (aged 19) the teams to represent the Hutt Valley Cricket Association against the Hutt District Club at the Hutt Recreation Ground on Labour Day was announced. The B team was: A. C. Edwards (Y.M.C.A.), captain, F. Law (Gracefield), L. Searle (Taita), A. Jarvie (Central), B. Cottle (Taita), M. Cummock (Gear United). A. Bramley (Meadows), F. Fox (General Motors), G. Baylis (Gracefield), Jack McGurk (Metters United), T. Sherlock (Empire) & twelfth man was K. Bates (Y.M.C.A.)
* In August 1942 (aged 24) he was at war and was listed wounded. His next of kin was his father at 34 Victoria Street, Petone
Maxton married Helen ADAM (1914-1986), year not known

SARAH STEEL Cummock (1877-1962)
born 14 Dec 1877 in Dunedin to William Smith CUMMOCK & Mary SAUNDERS
married Thomas HARTLEY in 1903
Otago Witness, 21 October 1903 HARTLEY-CUMMOCK - On the 23rd September, at Alexandra South, by the Rev J. Mackie, Thomas Hartley, Oamaru, to Sarah Steel Cummock, Dunedin
... the known children of SARAH & THOMAS:
* 1903 - 1903 William Thomas Hartley (aged 3 weeks)
* 1905 - 1983 Allan Hartley
* 1906 - 1956 John Thomas Hartley

SUSAN Cummock
married James FOSTER in 1922
... nothing else known

WALTER BEGG Cummock (1890-)
born 3 Aug 1890 in Dunedin to Elizabeth Christina Saunders CUMMOCK
Otago Daily Times, 23 December 1909
... Breaches of Prohibition Orders - Walter Begg Cummock, who pleaded 'Guilty' to two charges of entering licensed premises and to a further charge of procuring liquir during the currency of a prohibition order against him, was fined 20s on each of the first two charges, and 40s and costs, in default 14 days, on the remaining charge
NZ Truth, 7 May 1910
... Ever since the end of January the names of Arthur Patrick McKay and Walter Begg Cummock have figured frequently on the Dunedin Police Court charge sheet, Cummock being charged with entering the law Courts Hotel while prohibited ... more
Timaru Herald, 26 June 1914
... William Begg Cummock pleaded guilty to the theft of an overcoat valued at 2 from the hall of the Timaru hotel. He asked to give evidence on oath, and in doing so said he was only a young man, twenty-seven years of age, but had had very little chance in life. His home had broken by when he was a lad, and he had been handed about from pillar to post ever since. He admitted that he had a pretty bad record for drunkenness and obscene language but this, he said, was the first time he had been guilty of dishonesty. He was only discharged from prison the previous day, after "doing" a fortnight for obscene language, and his stomach was not in very good order after it. He met some people he knew, who "shouted" for him, but would do nothing more. He was absolutely destitute, and with the drink he did not know what he was doing. He had a job to fo to if he got a chance. He had a letter to that effect.
Sub-Inspector Cruickshank asked if it was not a friend, of much the same character as accused, who had written him.
Accused said it was a friend of his, but he was not of the same character.
The Magistrate sentenced accused to one month's imprisonment and on a fine being asked for, fixed it at 40s. Time to pay was asked for, but refused.
Otago Daily Times, 16 March 1915
... Walter was fined 5s and witness's expenses of 6s for drunkenness in Filleul street, at the Dunedin City Police Court. In default, 48 hours imprisonment
13 June 1915
... Walter embarked from Wellington for WWI as Driver 2/1610 with the 5th Reinforcements, Otago District. He enlisted from CLinton listing his next of kin as his mother, Mrs William Cummock of Woodhaugh, Dunedin

NOTE William Begg Cummock married a Agnes May ?? possibly in Kent, England. The deaths of William & Agnes are not recorded in NZ. They had a son, Bernard George Cummock (1923-1942) who was Able Seaman in WWII on the British HMS Fidelity which was attached and sunk, (UK - Capetown - Colombo, India), by the U-435, Siegfried Strelow on 30 Dec 1942. The U-boat reported a surprising high number of survivors on overcrowded rafts and swimming in the water, none of them were rescued and all drowned in the worsening weather. 274 crew members, 51 Royal Marines and the 44 survivors were lost.
Bernard was one of these. He was 19 years old.

WILLIAM SMITH Cummock (1845-1920)
born Renfrew, Scotland to James CUMMOCK (1811-) & Elizabeth CONNELL
he arrived in New Zealand about 1864
William married Mary SAUNDERS (1842-1886) in Dunedin 19 June 1868
Mary was born in Scotland & also arrived in NZ about 1864
... the known children of WILLIAM & MARY:
1867 - 1941 Elizabeth Christina Saunders Cummock
- in 1878 aged 10, Elizabeth was employed by Mrs Smith as a nursegirl
* 1868 - 1947 James Cummock
* 1870 - 1926 Jane Howie Watson Cummock
* 1871 - 1946 Mary Cummock
* 1873 - 1923 William Smith Cummock (hospital attendant at Seacliff)
* 1875 - John Cummock
* 1877 - 1962 Sarah Steel Cummock
* 1879 - 1935 Jessie Buchanan Cummock
* 1881 - 1933 Allan Cummock
* 1883 - 1956 Agnes Campbell Cummock
MARY Cummock died 2 May 1886 in Queen Street, Dunedin aged 44
WILLIAM SMITH Cummock died 12 Aug 1920 in Alexandra aged 74
Otago Daily Times, 14 August 1920 CUMMOCK - On August 12, 1920, at Dunedin, William Smith, husband of the late Mary Cummock (late of Alexandra); aged 74 years. Deeply mourned. Private interment
- they are buried Block 42. Plot 9A at Northern Cemetery, Dunedin

WILLIAM SMITH Cummock (1873-1923)
married Annie Isabella Hunter RIVERS (nee SANDERSON 1866-1948) in 1906
Annie had first married Peter Rivers (1863-1895) on 8 Nov 1888 at Andersons Bay
William & Annie married in St James Parish, South Dunedin
Otago Witness, 7 November 1906 CAMMOCK-RIVERS - On the 10th October, at Calder House, Musselburgh, by the Rev R. Mackie, William S. Cummock, to Annie I. H. Rivers, fourth daughter of the late William Sanderson, of Anderson's Bay
In April 1908 William was eligible to Register as a mental Hospital nurse or attendant having undergone the three years and over of necessary training by attendance at lectures and clinical demonstrations
WILLIAM SMITH Cummock died 12 Nov 1923 aged 50 at Seacliff (attendant there)
ANNIE ISABELLA HUNTER Cummock died 20 April 1948 aged 82 in Waitati
they are buried Block 52, Plots 17 & 18 at Waitati cemetery

those buried together in Block 33, Plot 17 at Northern Cemetery, Dunedin:
1875 - William Smith Cummock, 4 Sep 1875 aged 9 months
1885 - Jane Howie Watson McLEAN aged 7 Weeks
1891 - Alexander MCLEAN aged 4 (born 1887)
1892 - Elizabeth CUMMOCK aged 81 (born 1811)
1893 - Jane CUMMOCK aged 61 (1832-1893 wife of John below)
1898 - Alexander Watson McLean CUMMOCK aged 28 (born 1870 to John & Jane)
1912 - Elizabeth Connell MCLEAN aged 51 (born 1861, wife of Andrew)
1918 - Stella MCLEAN aged 4 days
1932 - Andrew Watson MCLEAN aged 79 (born Glasgow 1853)
1936 - John FRASER aged 41 (lived with Andrew at 67 Maitland St)
1964 - John Cummock MCLEAN aged 76 (born 1888)
1971 - Pearl Margaret FRASER aged 77 (born 1894)

Flight Sergeant NZ41574, Vincent Patrick Cummock
son of James CUMMOCK & Ellen BIRNIE