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MOTUEKA Magistrate's Court - 1916

from the MOTUEKA MAGISTRATE'S COURT 30 March 1916
before Mr J. S. Evans, S.M.

1/ driving a vehicle without lights, contrary to the by-laws
2/ furious driving
Constable PIDGEON stated that defendant endeavoured to avoid detection by driving off at an excessive speed after being challenged for driving without lights, hence the second charge.
His Worship imposed a fine of 40s, with 7s costs, in the first case, and 20s, with 7s costs, on the second chard.

Frank HAWKEN, Roy NEIMAN, George THORN, Martha CLIMO and Florence CRISP were each fined 40s, and costs 7s, for riding bicycles without lights

William Edward RENNISON, for riding a motor cycle without a light was fined 40s, with 7s costs; and Donald SIMPSON was fined a like sum for driving a vehicle without lights

Ernest BARROW, for being drunk whilst in charge of a trap, pleaded guilty, and was fined 40s, with 7s costs, the police stating that the practice was not uncommon in the district, and that the case was brought as a warning.

George GROOBY, for driving a vehicle without proper lights, was convicted and fined £3 (March 2013 equivalent of $400), with 7s costs, the defendant having failed to stop after being ordered to do so by the police.

Peter HAGEN was fined 40s, with 7s costs, for driving a vehicle without lights, and a similar amount with costs for furious driving.

The police state that defendant failed to stop when requested to do so, and drove off at an excessive speed in an endeavour to avoid detection. He and his comrades, who came from the Waimea, had to be tracked down.

Clifford James HOULT and Thornton Alfred RUSS, for assisting in the commission of the offence of furious driving in the foregoing case, were each fined 40s, with 7s costs, the Magistrate remarking that there were plenty of opportunities at the present time for a little excitement, especially for young fellows, without breaking the law in this manner.

Alfred Frederick SILCOCK was charged by the police with cruelly treating a brown mare at Ngatimoti on March 6th. A pleas of guilty was entered.
Constable Pidgeon said the offence was committed at the sale yards at Ngatimoti, where defendant thrashed the horse unmercifully.
Defendant said the mare was pulling back, as she was in the habit of doing, and he had taken a whip "to straighten her up a bit."
The Magistrate, in inflicting a fine of £3, with 7s costs, said there was no justification for thrashing the animal in that manner.

Maren Kristina Nielsen had 18 children

James William SUMMERSBY (1865-1931)
was born in Molsley, Surrey, England

Maren Kristina (aka Mary Christina) NIELSEN (1870-1964)
was born in Denmark

JAMES & MAREN married in New Zealand 17 Nov 1889
they had 18 children

... 1
1890 - 1963 Elizabeth Maud Summersby

born 13 Oct 1890
Elizabeth married William Michael MOORE (1883-1972) in 1921

... 2
1891 - 1954 John James Summersby

John was a Sawyer
He died 9 December 1954 aged 63
buried Plot 76, WWI section at Mangatera

... 3
1893 - 1893 Edith Ethel Summersby

Edith died 11 Oct 1893 aged 3 months
she is buried Grave 37, Block B with brothers Rupert & Harold at
Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

.. 4
1894 - 1895 Rupert Oland Sydney Summersby

born 17 December 1894
Rupert died 11 March 1895 aged 11 weeks
buried Grave 37, Block B with Edith & Harold at Settlers cemetery, Dannevirke

... 5
1896 - 1984 Francis Claude Summersby

Francis was selected for war in the Wairarapa quota of the Tenth Reinforcements and proceeded to Trentham Camp on Nov 16 1915. He served as Rifleman 24/2104 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 4th Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company. He embarked from Wellington 4 March 1916 for Egypt. His next of kin was his father James Summersby of London Street, Dannevirke
Francis died 8 October 1984 aged 88
buried Plot 8, Block 10, RSA section at Mangatera Cemetery

... 6
1898 - 1992 Marie Ellinor Summersby

Marie married Harry BURTON in 1920

... 7
1900 - 1976 Unita Myrtle Summersby

Unita married Hugh Henry Charles HAROLD in 1919
Unita died 16 August 1976 aged 76
Hugh died 2 weeks later, 30 August 1976 aged 84
they are buried together Plot 47, Block BG at Mangatera

... 8
1903 - 1972 John Wilfrid Summersby

born 3 February 1903
nothing known of John

... 9
1903 - 1978 Janetta Willow Summersby

born 2 September 1903
Janetta married Edward BURTON in 1924

... 10
1905 - 1906 Harold Vesper Summersby

Harold died 4 January 1906 aged 7 days
Bush Advocate, 5 January 1906 SUMMERSBY - On the 4th inst., at Mangahe, harold Vesper Summersby, infant son of James and Mary Summersby
buried Grave 37, Block B with Edith & Rupert at Settlers Cemetery Dannevirke

... 11
1907 - 1907 Freda Summersby

twin with Gertie
Freda died 8 March 1907 aged 2 months
Bush Advocate, 8 March 1907 SUMMERSBY - At Tahoraiti, on the 8th inst., the infant daughter of Jas. and Mary Summersby
buried Grave 76, Block G with sisters Gertrude & Eva at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

... 12
1907 - 1907 Gertrude 'Gertie' Summersby

Gertie died 16 March 1907 aged 3 months
Bush Advocate, 16 March 1907 SUMMERSBY - At Tahoraiti, on March 16th, the second infant daughter of James and Mary Summersby
buried Grave 76, Block G with sisters Freda & Eva at Settlers cemetery, Dannevirke

... 13
1908 - 1962 Victor 'Ivan' Summersby

Ivan was a Farm Hand
He married Vera Constance Sophia DEW (1910-2000) in 1932
Ivan died Christmas Day 1962 aged 54
Vera died 28 March 2000 aged 89
They are buried together Plot 29, Block LC at Mangatera Cemetery

... 14
1910 - 1996 Ariel Summersby

born 29 January 1910
Ariel lived in Tokoroa & died in Hastings
He died 2 August 1996 aged 86
buried Plot 46, Block NCH at Hastings Cemetery

... 15
1911 - 1912 Eva Summersby

Eva died 18 February 1912 aged 7 months
buried Grave 76, Block G with sisters Freda & Gertrude at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

... 16
1912 - ? Ruby Irene Summersby

nothing known of Ruby

... 17
1914 - 1935 Bruce Summersby

Bruce died 27 April 1935 aged 20
buried Plot 901, Block D at Hastings cemetery with his mother

... 18
1917 - 1931 Bertie Summersby

nothing known of Bertie

James William Summersby died 4 Sep 1931 aged 66
he is buried Plot 542, Block D at Hastings Cemetery
Maren Christina Summersby died 11 March 1964 aged 94
she is buried with son Bruce in Plot 901, Block D at hastings

HEADSTONE of Maren & her son Bruce

Plot 901, Block D at Hastings Cemetery

family of Albert West SEDCOLE - Pahiatua

Albert West SEDCOLE (1843-1928)
was born in 21 June 1843 in Hougham, Dover, England, 1 of 12 children of Captain William Joseph SEDCOLE & Margaret WEST who sailed to New Zealand on his boat the 'Royal Stuart' in 1855. They settled in the South Island and later moved to Wellington

Margaret MARTIN (1844-1920)
was born in Kaiwarrawarra, Wellington to William & Margaret MARTIN who arrived on the NEW ZEALAND which left Cumray on the Clyde on the 4 July 1842 and arrived in Nelson on the 4 November 1842

ALBERT & MARGARET married 17 Jan 1865 in the Christchurch Registry Office

they had 12 children
... 1
1865 - 1910 Margaret Janet Sedcole

born 2 Nov 1865 in Kaiapoi, Canterbury
Margaret married George WHITCOMBE (1854-1919) in 1888
their known children:
* 1889 - 1991 Henry George Whitcombe
* 1890 - Catherine Whitcombe
* 1890 - 1915 Gerald Aubrey Whitcombe (killed in Gallipoli)
* 1892 - 1916 Dorothy Whitcombe (m. Frank Teddy in 1916)
* 1893 - 1893 Geoffrey Martin Whitcombe (aged 6 months)
* 1894 - 1978 Rupert Cyril Whitcombe
* 1895 - 1896 Hugh Cecil Whitcombe (aged 8 months)
* 1901 - 1988 Edward Ralph Whitcombe
MARGARET died 22 Dec 1910 in Kawhia, Waikato aged 45

... 2
1866 - 1866 Lily Sedcole

LILY was born still in Kaiapoi, Canterbury

... 3
1867 - 1871 Alberta Mary 'Bertie' Sedcole

born 1867 in Kaiapoi, Canterbury
BERTIE died 22 Dec 1871 aged 3½ in Lyttelton
Wellington Indenpendent, 10 January 1871 DEATH - SEDCOLE, On December 22, at Lyttelton, Bertie, daughter of Mr Albert West Sedcole, aged three years and six months

... 4
1870 - 1903 Albert William Robertson Sedcole

born 18 Feb 1870 in Christchurch
married Elizabeth CHATFIELD (1874-1952) in 1897
they had 2 known children in Pahiatua:
* 1897 - 1908 Mary Margaret Sedcole
* 1902 - 1982 Albert John Sedcole
ALBERT died 23 Jan 1903 in Rotorua aged 32
Manawatu Standard, 9 January 1903 Mr A. W. R. Sedcole, one of the oldest settlers of the Pahiatua district, died suddenly at Rotorua at the end of last week. Deceased, who was well known in the district, was a member of the Akiteo County Council. He leaves a widow and two children. His remains were forwarded from Rotorua, reaching Pahiatua last night
He is buried Plot 4, Block 4 at Mangatainoka
Sacred to the memory of
William Wilson McCardle,
Mayor of Pahiatua.
Beloved husband of Charlotte Isabelle McCardle,
died Oct. 23 1912, aged 44 years.
"At rest".
"I shine in the light of God,
His likeness stamps my brow;
Though the shadows of death my feet have trod,
And I reign in glory now".
Another side statesOn the same pillar on another side:
Also Charlotte Isabel McCardle,
died June 20 1948, aged 76 years.
Another side states:
Also Margaret Kathleen McCardle,
died May 18 1898, aged 5 months
ELIZABETH died in New Plymouth 45 years after him

... 5
1872 - 1948 Charlotte Isabella 'Lottie' Sedcole

born 23 Feb 1872 in Christchurch
Charlotte married William Wilson McCARDLE 20 Nov 1891
their known children, born in Pahiatua:
* 1892 - 1964 Albert William McCardle
* 1894 - 1962 Claude McCardle
* 1895 - 1970 Allen Cecil McCardle
* 1897 - Cyril McCardle
* 1898 - Kathleen Margaret McCardle
* 1901 - Charlotte Isabell Sedcole McCardle
* 1904 - Violet Janet McCardle
* 1905 - Gwendoline Rose McCardle
CHARLOTTE died 20 June 1948 in Pahiatua aged 76

... 6
1874 - 1877 Henry Martin Sedcole

born 27 March 1874 in Lyttleton, Christchurch
Press, 30 March 1874 SEDCOLE - On March 27th, at Sumner road, Lyttelton, the wife of Mr A. W. Sedcole, of a son
HENRY died 27 April 1877 in Lyttleton aged 3

... 7
1876 - 1970 James Edwin Sedcole

born 12 July 1876 in Christchurch
James married Dorcas BYRNE (1877-1936) in 1902
their known children, born in Masterton:
* 1905 - 1972 James Archdell Sedcole
* 1907 -1975 Alfred West Sedcole
JAMES died 5 July 1970 in Lyttleton aged 93

... 8
1877 - 1946 David Paul Martin Sedcole

born 30 September 1877 in Christchurch
he married Lucy Josephine Henriette Annie CAVANAGH (1881-1958) in 1902
their known children:
* 1903 - 1966 Margaret Annie Josephine Sedcole (+Walter James EBBITT in 1921)
* 1905 - Ivy Amy Sedcole (+Thomas Arthur OSMOND (1903-1950) in 1927)
* 1913 - Mary Vaughan Sedcole
DAVID died 16 January 1946 in Wairoa aged 68

... 9
1879 - 1956 Alice Grace Martin Sedcole

born 20 Oct 1879
Alice married Frank Thomas Hart ZILLWOOD (1872-1936) in 1900
their known children, born in Pahiatua:
* 1900 - 1958 George Redvers Zillwood
* 1902 - 1945 Frank Stanley Zillwood
* 1904 - 1992 Alice Grace Margaret Zillwood
* 1908 - 1988 Phillip Miles Dawson Udy Zillwood
* 1920 - 1999 Albert Hart Robertson Zillwood
ALICE died 20 August 1856 aged 76 (burial unknown)
FRANK is buried in Carterton

... 10
1881 - 1967 Frederick Ethelbert Sedcole

born 22 September 1881 in Kaiapoi
Frederick married Ethel Mary Eliza HERCOCK in 1910
Ethel was a daughter of Harry HERCOCK & Caroline Eliza LAWRENCE of Carterton
Frederick & Ethel had 12 children
one son, Robert James Sedcole (1922-2006) served in WWII as Private 439016 with the Second New Zealand Expeditionary Force (2NZEF), Infantry Brigade. He embarked from Wellington 21 Feb 1944 for Egypt. His next of kin was his mother Ethel at Mangahao Rd., Pahiatua. Robert died 20 May 2006 aged 84 in Rotorua & buried RSA section at Turangi
FREDERICK died 8 March 1967 in Pahiatua aged 85
buried Plot 18, Grave 12, Block 2 at Mangatainoka

... 11
1883 - 1975 Violet Rose Sedcole

born 20 December 1883 in Masterton
Wairarapa Daily Times, 3 January 1884 SEDCOLE - On December 20th, at Masterton, the wife of A. W. Sedcole, of Pahiatua, of a daughter
Violet married Joseph de Vere HOWARD (1871-1963) in 1919
VIOLET died 11 June 1975 aged 91 (burial unknown)

... 12
1885 - 1885 Lily Sedcole

born 28 Feb 1885 in Pahiatua prematurely
LILY died 28 February 1885 aged 7 hours
buried Grave 61, Plot 4, Block 4 at Mangatainoka with her mother

TIMELINE of Albert West Sedcole (1843-1928)
taken from NZETC:
Councillor ALBERT WEST SEDCOLE, of the Pahiatua Borough Council, was born in the parish of Hougham, near Dover, Kent. He came to this Colony with his father's family in 1855, arriving in Lyttelton on the 4th of January. They spent some three weeks in that town before coming on to Wellington, thereby escaping the earthquake by some three or four days. From Wellington Mr. Sedcole went on to Napier, where he remained for two years, returning to Wellington in 1858. In 1861 he went to Gabriel's Gully, where fortune smiled on him, and his affairs began to prosper. In 1862 he left Wellington for Canterbury, and spent no less than twenty years in the southern province, marrying there Miss Margaret Martin, daughter of Mr. Martin, shipwright, of Kaiwarra, Wellington, who was lost at sea in the year 1816.
About the year 1882, the land in the Forty-mile Bush was thrown open for sale, and after visiting the place, Mr. Sedcole determined to take up land in Pahiatua, removing with his family from Lyttelton in July of that year, and he has resided there ever since. In conjunction with his brother and Mr. W. W. McCardle, Mr. Sedcole decided to cut up some of the land on the Main Road, and thus was started what is now known as the borough of Pahiatua. Mr. Sedcole has always taken a prominent part in public affairs, and has displayed great energy in the formation of public bodies for the better conduct of matters in general; notably, the Road Board, County Town Board, and finally the borough. Mr. Sedcole acted as village steward under the Ballance Government for a considerable period. He at all times kept in view the improvement of his farm, and finally settled down to dairying, sending the milk to the butter factory. For some considerable time Mr. Sedcole has acted as land valuer for the Public Trustee and the Government Life Insurance, and, since the inception of the Government Advances to Settlers Act, has acted in the capacity of land valuer of the securities offered by the settlers for advances.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 24 July 1885
PAHIATUA - The weather still keeps very cold and damp, owing to the dense fog that hangs about till late in the day; but in spite of the weather we are still making steady progress. Buildings are foing up in every direction, besides many others talked about.
The hotel is becoming a feature in the landscape, and. when finished, will be quite an acquisition to the town. The new saw mill is expected to be in full swing in about a week, and to keep pace with the demand for building material, Mr A. W. Sedcole has made arrangements for an unlimited supply of bricks as soon as the weather will permit.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 21 January 1886
PAHIATUA - A meeting was held on Friday evening at Mr Miller's shop, when about thirty people were present to consider offers of a site for a town hall, Mr McCardle was voted to the chair. It was also resolved that a Company be formed, to be called the "Pahiatua Town hall Company" The following gentlemen were then chosen:- Messrs Reese, King, Crewe, Baylor, Gregory, Birnie and Boydon. It was further resolved that Mr A. W. Sedcole be Secretary and Treasurer

Evening Post, 26 April 1889
The following committee has been elected:- R. P. Grevill, A. Reese, A. W. Sedcole, Fred Moore, Richmond, J. Vile, W. W. McCardle

Evening Post, 27 January 1890
Mrs A. W. Sedcole, of Pahiatua, who was born at Kaiwarra in 1844, her parents having arrived in the ship 'New Zealand' in 1842, writes to state that she missed taking part in the old identities procession on Jubilee Day through arriving in Wellington by train just too late. Mrs Sedcole fully intended to be present, and started before daylight on her long ride through the Forty-Mile Bush

Evening Post, 5 June 1890
A petition to unseat Arthur West Sedcole as a member of the Pahiatua Town District Licensing Committee was enquired into to-day at Woodville by Mr Preece, R.M. The arguments were that Sedcole had received an appointment as Returning Officer for the licensing elections in the Pahiatua Road District and that he had never been dismissed, neither had be resigned the office. The contention was upheld and his election declared null and void and Thomas Hicks, the next on the poll, appointed to the vacancy

Hawkes Bay Herald 12 July 1895
A chess and draughts match between the Woodville and Pahiatua Chess and Draughts Clubs is to take place tomorrow night at Pahiatua. The following are the names of the teams:-

A.W. Sedcole
G. Whitcombe
D. Sedcole


T. Sexton
E. Sexton
E. Hawkens
W. Murray
John Grant
M. Murray

Wairarapa Daily Times, 5 October 1910
... Mr and Mrs A. W. Sedcole and Miss Sedcole of Pahiatua, will leave shortly for an extended trip to the Old Country

Margaret Sedcole died 25 Nov 1920 in Pahiatua aged 80
Albert West SEDCOLE died 7 Dec 1928 in Tiraumea, Pahiatua aged 85
Evening Post, 7 December 1928 A Press Association telegram from Pahiatua reports the death of Mr A. W. Sedcole, one of the very earliest settlers. Mr Sedcole was closely identified with the pioneering days and with various institutions in the district
they are buried Plot 4, Graves 31 & 32, Block 4 at Mangatainoka cemetery

Sedcole St in Pahiatua is named after Albert, it runs parallel with Main St, from Patterson St to Tiraumea Rd

Grave 31, Plot 4, Block 4 at Mangatainoka

Albert West SEDCOLE & wife Margaret nee MARTIN

Ann Brodie Ainslie HERRIOT in Palmerston, Waitaki

Ann Brodie Ainslie HERRIOT (1855-1928)
was born 8 March 1855 near the Cape of Good Hope, on board the 'Gambia' which left Liverpool 28 Dec 1854, arriving Port of Melbourne 24 April 1855
Her parents were:
William HERRIOT (1815-1883) & Elizabeth AITKEN (1815-1897) who married 27 Jan 1838 in Musselburgh, Inveresk, Midlothian, Scotland and had:
* 1838 - 1839 George Herriot
... born & died in Musselburgh
* 1840 - 1889 Isabella Gowans Herriot
... born Scotland, married John Douglas, died Timaru, New Zealand
* 1841 - 1923 Marion McGhee Herriot
... born Scotland, married William Hogg & had 14 children, died Victoria, Australia
* 1832 - 1890 Elizabeth Aitken Herriot
... born Scotland, married Robert Tremain, died in Ballarat
* 1847 - 1928 Jane Herriot
... born Musselburgh, married William Henry Walker, had 16 children, died in
... Palmerston South, New Zealand
* 1848 - 1848 Archibald Aitken Herriot
... born & died in Midlothian
* 1849 - 1850 George Archibald Herriot
... born & died in Scotland
* 1852 - 1855 William Herriot
... born in Scotland, died in Collingwood, Victoria the month after arriving in
... Australia
* 1855 - 1928 Anne Brodie Ainslie Herriot
... Annie is featured here
* 1857 - 1924 William Herriot
... born in Gisborne, Victoria, married Elizabeth Roach 1890, died in Kalgoorlie

their father, William Herriot died in Creswick, Victoria aged 67
their mother, Elizabeth Herriot died in the Ballarat Lunatic Asylum aged 81

William Alexander STEEL (1849-1929)
was born 1849 in Keady, County Armagh, Northern Ireland
His parents were:
Alexander STEELE (1820-1886) & Eliza Greenwood FREELAND (1816-1868)
William had a sister, Mary Jane Steele (1852-1921) who emigrated to Canada when she was 17 with an uncle, Joseph Burley. She married & settled there.
He had other siblings also born in Keady

ANN & WILLIAM married on 1 May 1874 in Palmerston South, Waitaki
the children of ANNIE & WILLIAM
... 1
1875 - 1876 William Herriot Steel
- born 22 February 1875 in Otago
WILLIAM HERRIOT Steel died 22 May 1876 aged 15 months in Palmerston

... 2
1876 - 1934 Mary Jane Steel
- born 20 July 1876 in Palmerston
Mary married Robert Mark Todd THOMPSON (1877-1924) in 1902
- Robert was born at Whare Flat, Dunedin 1 Aug 1877 to Thomas THOMPSON & Mary Wheeler TODD. He was a shepherd aged 23 of Strath Taieri when called to serve with the 4th contingent in the Boer War in Feb 1900. He was returned home invalided on the 'Whakatane' in Sep 1900. In 1908 section 15, block X, Strath Taieri district was transferred to them from R. H. Hunter-Weston. In 1918, aged 40, Robert was a shepherd in Manutuke, Gisborne when called to serve with the 48th Reinforcements.
their known children:
* 1901 - 1904 Robert Francis Steel Thompson (died in Meeanee, Hawkes Bay)
* 1906 - 1963 James Alexander Eggleton Thompson (died in Gore)
ROBERT MARK Thompson died 18 May 1924 in Middlemarch, Dunedin aged 46
MARY JANE Thompson died 17 November 1934 in Dunedin aged 58
- they are buried Plots 52 & 53, Block 3 at Middlemarch Cemetery

... 3
1878 - 1878 Elizabeth Steel
- born 19 April 1878 in Palmerston
ELIZABETH Steel died 6 November 1878 in Palmerston aged 6½ months

... 4
1880 - 1954 James Steel
- born 12 January 1880 in Palmerston
James married Anne Sangster Oughton TODD (1877-1962) 25 April 1911 in Gisborne
- Ann was born in East Taieri, a daughter of Robert TODD & Jane PATON
their known children:
* 1911 - 1942 William Edward Steel
- William served in WWII as Lance Corporal 26279 with the 2NZEF, New Zealand Infantry Brigade. William was killed in action on the Western Desert 22 July 1942 aged 31
* 1912 - 2005 Jean Muriel Steel
JAMES Steel died 14 January 1954 in Gisborne aged 73
ANNE SANGSTER OUGHTON Steel died 21 May 1962 in Gisborne aged 84
- they are buried Plot 331, Block 22 at Taruheru cemetery
NOTE Their names are spelled on cemetery records & headstone as Steele
Their son William's war records have him as Steel
JAMES STEELE, 1880-1954
and his beloved wife
ANNE, 1878-1962
and their son, WILLIAM
killed in action El Alemain, 1942

... 5
1881 - 1963 Jessie Steel
- born 20 June 1881 in Palmerston
Jessie married David BLACK (1879-1954) 30 July 1902 in Middlemarch, Dunedin
their known children:
* 1903 - 1975 Violet Angelina Russell Black
* 1906 - 1938 John Black
* 1909 - 1969 Robert Ivor Black
* 1911 - 1966 Annie Ainslie Black
* ? - ? unknown Black
* 1917 - 1994 Jessie Thelma Black
* 1919 - 1994 Lilas Margaret Steel Black
DAVID Black died 14 March 1954 in Invercarill aged 74
- his last adddress was 36 Margaret street
JESSIE died 25 Oct 1963 in Invercargill aged 82
- her last address was 68 Stuart street
- they are buried Plot 662, Block 34 at Eastern cemetery, Invercargill
In loving memory of
Beloved husband of
Died 14th Mar 1954
Aged 75 years
Also his beloved wife
Died 25th Oct 1963
Aged 82 years

... 6
1883 - 1948 Edward Steel
- born 9 March 1883 in Palmerston, he was a Bricklayer
Edward married Eliza HAGAN (1884-1963) in 1909
- a daughter of Robert HAGAN & Catherine HEWITT
their known children:
* 1910 - 1998 Annie Ainslie Catherine Steel
* 1912 - 1988 Adaliza Roberta Steel
* 1915 - 1915 Sarah Jane Margaret Steel
* 1917 - 1985 Iris Jane Steel
* 1919 - 1995 Gladys Jessie Steel
* 1921 - 1997 Robert Edward Steel
* 1923 - 1975 Colin Stewart Steel
* 1926 - 1981 William James Raymond Steel
EDWARD Steel died 25 September 1948 in Dunedin aged 65
ELIZA Steel died 6 April 1963 in Dunedin aged 78
- their last address was 40 Fitzroy St., Caversham, Dunedin
- their ashes were scattered

... 7
1884 - 1966 William Steel
- born 28 Nov 1884 in Palmerston
William married Esther Jane BROOK (1893-1980) 11 June 1919 in Dunedin
- only known child of Frederick John BROOK & Ellen CASSEY
their known children:
* 1920 - 1984 Vincent Alexander Herriot Steel
* 1929 - 2013 Shirley Ellen Steel (1 Aug 2013)
WILLIAM Steel died 9 November 1966 in Tapanui aged 81
ESTHER JANE Steel died 31 July 1980 aged 86 & 3 weeks

... 8
1887 - 1887 Alfred Steel
- born 15 January 1887 in Palmerston
ALFRED Steel died 15 November 1887 in Palmerston aged 10 months

... 9
1889 - 1963 Robert Steel
- born 23 April 1889 in Middlemarch, Dunedin, Robert was a Bricklayer
Robert married Agnes McHARDY (1892-1984) 27 March 1918 in Dunedin
... (a month after his brother James married Agnes's sister Ada)
- Agnes was born in Otago to George McHARDY & Mary POTTER
ROBERT Steel died 20 November 1963 in Dunedin aged 74
- his last address was 66 Archibald St., Dunedin
AGNES Steel died 27 October 1984 in Waikari Hospital, Dunedin aged 92
- they are buried Plot 37, Block 260 at Andersons Bay cemetery

... 10
1891 - 1984 Ada Steel
- born 26 March 1891 in Dunedin
- Ada married James McHARDY (1888-1961) 28 February 1918 in Dunedin
... (a month before his brother Robert married Ada's sister Agnes)
- James was born in Otago to George McHARDY & Mary POTTER
JAMES McHardy died 1961 aged 73
ADA McHardy died 19 June 1984 in Dunedin aged 93
- they are buried Plots 27 & 28, Block 4 at Middlemarch cemetery

... 11
1894 - 1975 Dorothy Marion Steel
- born 26 February 1894 in Dunedin, she didn't marry
DOROTHY MARION Steel died 10 July 1975 in Palmerston aged 81

... 12
1895 - 1975 Annie Herriot Steel
- born 21 December 1895 in Middlemarch, Dunedin
Annie married Claude Charles Chammen (1882-1952) in 1922
- Claude was born in Devenish, Victoria, Australia and arrived in New Zealand about 1902. He first married Lillas Henrietta KEY (1880-1918) in 1905. Lillas had a daughter, Ida Isabella Key (1900-1938 she became Chammen & married Alfred Ernest Cotton in 1919)
LILLAS HENRIETTA Chammen died aged 37 during the Flu Pandemic
Evening Post, 26 November 1918 CHAMMEN - On the 25th November 1918, at Wellington college Temporary Hospital, Lillas, beloved wife of Claude Chammen, and mother of Ida Chammen; also sister of Ida Bayne (possibly Bain), in her 38th year. [Dunedin papers please copy]
- Lillas is buried Plot 3431, PUBLIC2 at Karori cemetery
CLAUDE CHARLES Chammen died 18 February 1952 in Dunedin aged 70
ANNIE HERRIOT Chammen died 10 July 1975 in Caversham, Dunedin aged 79
- her last address was 400 High St., Central Dunedin
- they are buried Plot 125, Block 168 at Andersons Bay cemetery with the ashes of a spinster daughter, Miri Lorraine Chammen (1925-1985) who died at home, 400 High street

TIMELINE of Ann Brodie Ainslie Steel
* 1919
Ann was at 124 South Rd., Caversham with unmarried daughters Annie Herriot & Dorothy Marion Steel
* 1920
a Dorothy Steel was appointed Pupil Teacher by the Otago Education Board
* 1922
Ann was at 124 South Rd., Caversham with married daughter Annie Herriot Chammen & her husband Claude Charles Chammen a Tram Conductor and with unmarried daughter Dorothy Marion Steel
* 1925
Ann was at 61 Young St., St Kilda with married daughter Annie Chammen & husband, and with unmarried daughter Dorothy Marion Steel. Also with widowed daughter Mary Jane Thompson (husband died in 1924)
* 1928
they (same list as 1925) were at 250 South Rd., Caversham
* 1931
sisters Dorothy Marion (spinster) & Mary Jane (widow) were together at 40 Calder St
* 1935
Dorothy Marion was with sister Annie Chammen & husband Claude at 250 South Rd.
* 1938
Dorothy Marion Steel was with Lenora Jane Currie (nee Christopher) & gold miner husband William Currie at 250 South Rd, Caversham

* In the above 9 years of the Electoral Rolls Annie is recorded as married but husband William is not there
* no passenger list found for the 1855 voyage of the Gambia. It sunk off Queenscliff in Port Phillip bay, Victoria on 28 Aug 1891
* Ann's sister, Isabella Gowans Herriot (born 1840 in Musselburgh, Inveresk), married John DOUGLAS in Victoria, Australia in 1859 then moved to New Zealand. Only one child found born to them in NZ, Frank John Douglas (1865). Isabella is buried in Timaru cemetery
* Ann's sister, Jane Herriot (born 1846 Inveresk, Midlothian, Scotland) also sailed on the Gambia to Melbourne. In 1864 aged 18, Jane arrived in Dunedin. The following year she married Henry Walker & had 16 children. They lived for a time in Dunedin then moved to Palmerston South. She died 5 months before Annie
* Do you know where William Steel was all those years??

there was a William Steel, appointed Poundkeeper at Strath-Taieri in 1891

see also HERRIOT - HERRIOTT marriages New Zealand

Annie Brodie Ainslie Steel died 1 Dec 1928 in Palmerston aged 73
William Alexander Steel died 19 April 1929 in Palmerston aged 80

Lance Corporal William Henry Steel
killed in action El Alamein
son of James Steel & Annie Todd
grandson of Ann Brodie Ainslie & William Steel

William George DEAN + Harriet ALDING - Dannevirke

William George DEAN (1857-1929)
was born in Lyttelton, New Zealand, 1st of 16 children of:
John DEAN (1835-1909) & Emma BATHURST (1840-1914)
his parents are buried Plot 680 & 681, Row 421 at Geraldine Cemetery

Harriet ALDING (1861-1928)
was born in Milton, Oxfordshire, England 2nd of 7 children of:
William ALDING (1834-1909) & Mary Jane IRELAND (1836-1913)
her parents are buried Grave 86, Block J Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

WILLIAM & HARRIET married 18 Sep 1877 in Te Aute, Hawkes Bay

they had 13 known children:
... 1
1878 - 1960 Emma Jane Dean

- in June 1889 Emma was in Standard I and in early 1890 in Standard II at Dannevirke School. In May 1891 the Dannevirke School Committee held their usual monthly meeting and it was noted by the Headmaster, F. J. Popplewell that Emma Dean had been absent from school for 9 months. She was then aged 12.
In Dec 1891 she was in Standard III
- Emma married John Albert ANDERSON (1871-1952) in 1899
their known children:
* 1901 - 1985 Horace William Charles Anderson ( buried Mangatera)
* 1902 - Albert Roy Anderson
* 1903 - Ada Marian Anderson
* 1905 - Gordon Carl Anderson
* 1907 - Nola Edith Anderson
* 1908 - Emma May Anderson
JOHN ALBERT died 20 June 1952 aged 81
EMMA died 3 November 1960 aged 82
they are buried together in Plot 1, Block CI at Mangatera cemetery

... 2
1880 - 1902 William John Dean

- In May 1891 'Willie' was in Standard II at Dannevirke school. In April 1893 he was in Standard III and in July that year he was in Standard IV
WILLIAM died 2 Sep 1902 aged 22
he is buried Grave 14, Block D at Settlers Cemetery

... 3
1883 - 1962 Nellie Dean

- In May Nellie was in Standard I and in Dec 1891 she was in Standard II at Dannevirke school. In Jan 1893 she was in Standard III and got 70 points for sewing.
- Nellie married Edgar Allan PEDDER (1873-1948) in 1902
their known children:
* 1903 - 1977 Minnie Rosa Pedder (+Charles Thomas Pearce)
* 1905 - 1982 Clarice Maud Pedder (+Leonard James Burke)
* 1907 - 1969 Freda Evelyn Pedder (+Thomas Cyril Scott Brownlee)

... 4
1884 - 1964 Bertha Dean

- In Jan 1893 Bertha was in Standard I at Dannevirke school as was Mary Jane Dean (born the same year, daughter of Edwin & Mary Ann Dean (see *at notes below)
- no spouse found for Bertha. She died 23 April 1964 aged 79

... 5
1886 - 1968 Richard John Dean

- Richard married Joanna Dorothy HEENAN (1887-1967) in March 1910 at the Presbyerian Church, Dannevirke. The bride was attired in the regulation white silk with veil and orange blossoms, and was attended by three bridesmaids - Miss Hewton, who wore cream and the Misses Maggie Heenan and Maud Dean who were dressed alike in pretty heliotrope frocks. Mr Dean attended the bridegroom as best man and Mr Heenan as groomsman
- Joanna was the 8th of 9 children of Michael HEENAN & Sarah Elizabeth STYLES
JOANNA died 4 May 1967 aged 80
RICHARD died 15 May 1868 aged 81
they are buried Plot 62, Block LF at Mangatera cemetery

... 6
1888 - 1953 George Leonard Dean

- In Sep 1901 George was in Standard IV at Dannevirke Main School
- George married Mary BAI (1890-1942) in 1912
Mary was a daughter of Hans Jorgensen (1846-1934) + Katarina Hannah (1847-1924) BAI
MARY died 1942 aged 52
GEORGE died 26 November 1953 aged 65
- they are buried Plot 30, Block Z at Mangatera

... 7
1889 - 1956 Bertie Dean

- Bertie served in WWI as Private 47413 with the NZEF, 26th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Regiment, B Company. He embarked from Wellington 9 June 1917 for Devonport, listing his father of Waterloo St, Dannevirke as his next of kin
- Bertie married Selina May LEE (1898-1982) in 1920
Selina was the 3rd of 10 known children of Douglas Glaughton LEE (1874-1930) & Myra BARBOUR (1877-1941)

... 8
1890 - 1982 Frank James Dean

- born 3 October 1890
- Frank attended Stairs Street School, Dannevirke
- he came 1st (Alec Johnstone came 2nd) in the under 12 boys race during the Forresters' Lodge picnic held at Oringi in Dec 1904. Over 500 people left Dannevirke by train to attend the days event, accompanied by the Dannevirke Brass Band under Conductor Haines. The music formed an admirable feature of the day's outing
- Frank served in WWI as Rifleman 23/1372 with the 2nd Reinforcements to 1st Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade. He put his enlistment address as c/o his brother George Leonard Dean at Matamau. He embarked from Wellington 13 Nov 1915 for Egypt, listing his mother of Dannevirke as his next of kin
FRANK died 12 Oct 1982 aged 92 & is buried Plot 33, Block LM at Mangatera cemetery with Esther Annie Dean (1911-1977)

... 9
1892 - 1968 Alice Maud Dean

- born 12 November 1892
- Alice was in Stairs Street School, Dannevirke in 1902 and was in Standard V when she received a prize in 1906 for attendance
- she came 1st (Nellie Drinkwater came 2nd) in the under 8 girls race during the Forresters' Lodge picnic held at Oringi in Dec 1904. She came first in the Skipping content. She came 2nd in the under 15 girls race (Olive Holden came 1st)
- spouse not found

... 10
1895 - 1896 James Allan Dean

- born 31 Jan 1895, James died 31 Jan 1896 on his 1st birthday
- he is buried Plot 142G, Public section at Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington with Mary Ann Dean aged 86 (1843-1929) & George Farnell Dean aged 70 (1883-1953) who was a son of James Dean & Mary Ann Harrington
(this obviously poses a number of questions & I hope someone can help)

... 11
1896 - ? Frederick Lionel Dean

- born 8 December 1896
- Fred came 1st (George Webb came 2nd) in the under 8 boys race during the Forresters' Lodge picnic held at Oringi in Dec 1904.
- he was in Standard II at Stairs Street School, Dannevirke in 1906 when he received a prize for attendance
- Frederick served in WWI as Private 30474 with the NZEF, 20th Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Battalion, A Company. He embarked from Wellington 7 Dec 1916 for Plymouth, listing his mother of Waterloo St., Dannevirke as his next of kin
- Frederick married Florence Evelyn VINCENT (1897-1958) in 1920
daughter of Francis Henry VINCENT & Margaret Jane SEAWARD

... 12
1897 - 1978 Linda May Dean

- born 16 December 1897
- Linda was in Standard I at Stairs Street School, Dannevirke in 1906 when she received a prize for attendance
- Linda married James Alfred TOON (1893-1978) in 1920
James was a son of Harry James Alfred TOON & Jane WILLIAMS who married in Christchurch in Dec 1890 and later became farmers at Konini, Pahiatua. One of his brothers was Clifford Toon

... 13
1903 - 1992 Charles Bathurst Dean

- born 3 Sep 1903, Charles was a Carpenter/Joiner
- he married Irene Mary SIEVERS (1903-1941) in 1927
daughter of Augustus Isadore SIEVERS (1856-1926) & Emily Maria CONGDON (1874-1944) who are buried in Mangatainoka cemetery
CHARLES died 23 March 1992 aged 88 & buried Plot 37, Block BB at Mangatera Cemetery with wife Irene Mary & ashes of Catholic Priest, Lionel Charles Dean (1928-2003). A daughter of Charles & Irene, Audrey Irene Mary Dean (1930-1932), is buried in Grave 61, Plot 9, Block 1 at Mangatainoka

Harriet Dean died 11 May 1928 aged 68
William George DEAN died 2 February 1929 aged 71
they are buried Plots 25 & 26 at Mangatera Cemetery, Dannevirke

* much of Harriet's family are buried in this area:
* her parents are buried Grave 86, Block J Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke
* Two of her brothers, George (1865-1912) & William (1874-1944) Alding are buried together at Settlers cemetery
* a sister, Emma Alding (1859-1930) married Patrick William Sullivan in 1877 & they are buried at Mangatera
* a sister, Sarah Alding (1866-1923) married John Cowley in 1882 & they are buried at Mangatera
* a brother, John Alding (1869-1945) is buried at Mangatera, Dannevirke
* a sister, Mary Ann Alding (1860-1917) married Edwin Dean (1838-1914) in 1878 & they are buried at Settlers, Dannevirke. Edwin Dean was a brother of Harriet's father-in-law! (John Dean 1835-1909)

* see also Bathurst Family in New Zealand

* HELP is welcome in verifying these (or adding other) children. There were 2 William George Dean who married a Harriet around the same time. 'Our' William George Dean & Harriet Alding married in 1877. The 'other' William George Dean & Harried Chitty married in 1891 (& lived in Christchurch), so that BDM lists a total of 18 children for William & Harriet from 1878-1903. Their second name of George is only sometimes listed for either of them.
A process of elimination has paired 5 children to the Christchurch couple

GRAVE at Geraldine Cemetery of William George Dean's parents

Wedding of James Martin DAWSON + Janet Beatrice SHURY

James Martin DAWSON (1867-1952)
was born in Tokomairiro, Otago 11th of 12 children of Benjamin DAWSON (Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire 1827-1907) & Hannah HURREN (1830-1890) who arrived into Port Chalmers 6 Oct 1853 on the Rajah with 2 children, Henry William (1849-1909) & Mary Honour (1852-1930). Banjamin & Hannah were farmers in Waihola, Otago & later he was the stationmaster at Ravensbourne. They are buried Southern Cemetery, Dunedin

Janet Beatrice SHURY (1875-1962)
was born in Ashburton, 9th of 10 children of Augustus Hutton SHURY (London 1833-1915) & Janet CHAPMAN (1843-1884). Janet's paternal grandfather was George William Shury, Headmaster of Great Ealing School which was founded in 1698 by the Rev Richard Badcock Shury, rector of Perivale, (whose son-in-law the Rev David Nicholas became headmaster in 1791 & HIS sons, the Rev George Nicholas, who left in 1837, and the Rev Francis Nicholas, spent large sums of money on buildings). Janet's father, Augustus Shury arrived in Dunedin in Nov 1860 after spending 9 years in Victoria, Australia. He was the manager of the Union Bank in Ashburton for 20 years

JAMES & JANET married in 1904
Ashburton Guardian, 1 June 1904

A wedding of no little interest to Ashburtonites took place this afternoon, the contracting parties being Mr James Martin Dawson, of Dannevirke (formerly of the Bank of New Zealand, Ashburton) and Miss Janet Beatrice Shury, youngest daughter of Mr A. H. Shury, of this town.
The ceremony took place at St Stephen's church, which had been profusely and beautifully decorated with evergreens, flowers, wedding bells and hearts by the lady friends of the bride, the Rev E. Whitehouse being the officiating clergyman.
The bride, who was led to the altar by her father, looked very becoming in a costume of broche silk, trimmed with chiffon and d'alenecen lace, and ruchings of true lovers knots, wearing a veil with coronet of orange blossoms, caught up by a diamond ring, She carried a handsome shower bouquet of uncommon and beautiful lilies, with hand painted streamers, the initials of the contracting parties being worked in at either end in a unique and artistic manner by lady friends of the bride. The bride also wore a gold bamboo bangle, the gift of the bridegroom.
Miss Bell, the chief bridesmaid, was attired in a costume of crepe de chene, over pink and laciniolate silk, Paris hat to correspond, with pink and green trimmings. She also wore a greenstone heart pendant, and carried an exquisitely pretty shower bouquet, the gift of the bridegroom
Miss Hart, the other bridesmaid, was dressed in white silk, with Paris lace, and soft white hat to match. The lady wore a pearl pendant necklace, the gift of the bridegroom, and also carried a shower bouquet, nicely arranged.
The best man and groomsmen were Mr J. R. Friedlander and Master Bob Hart, respectively. (16 year old Robert Hutton Hart, son of her sister Helen Grace Shury & Robert William Hart)
As the happy couple left the church, a Wedding March was played in an accomplished manner by Mr Clarence Turner, brother-in-law of the bride. (Her sister Augusta Shury married Clarence Frederic Turner in 1899)
The wedding party was comprised of about 200 guests, among whom were noticeable, Mesdames Hart (Winchmore), Allen, J. Davidson, Turner, Bell, Misses Gresson and Winter, and other prominent ladies of this county.
After the ceremony, which was performed at 2.30. the wedding party were received at Mr Shury's private rooms, at the Somerset Hotel, where afternoon tea was dispensed. Toasts usual on such festive occasions, were proposed and duly honored.
Mr and Mrs Dawson left by the Mount Somers train for Mount Somers, where they will spend a short stay, and then proceed to Dannevirke, in which town they will make their future home. The bride's travelling dress was a smart tailor made dress of blue cloth, with a pretty blue French sailor hat to match.
The presents, numbering over two hundred, included silver and gold ware, articles of furniture, fancy work, wood carvings, ornamental glassware, paintings, cheques, etc., proving that the bride is highly respected and esteemed by a large circle of friends.
We take this opportunity of joining in wishing Mr and Mrs Dawson success and happiness in their new sphere of life

the children of JAMES & JANET Dawson
(others will be added if any found)
1905 - 1905 Hurren Dawson
- born in Dannevirke, Hurren died aged 16 hours
- buried Grave 72, Block F at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

1910 - 1985 Hurren Martin Stanhope Dawson
taken from Addington Raceway Timeline
... A man recognised for his role in guiding the Anglican Church, Christ's College, and the Metropolitan Trotting Club has died after a long illness.
Mr Hurren Martin Stanhope Dawson, 74, was educated at Christ's College and Canterbury University. He graduated with an LLB and remained in practice as a solicitor in Christchurch for the rest of his life.
A keen sportsman he played for the Canterbury B Rugby team and achieved two New Zealand University blues in shotput and the javelin. He later turned his hand to golf and bowls, with equal success.
He was appointed a steward of the New Zealand Metropolitan Trotting Club in 1963, became a committee man five years later and was made a life member in 1981.
He was a director of Addington Raceway Ltd from 1967-85 and made a life member of the other two contributing Clubs - the New Brighton and Canterbury Park Trotting Clubs - in 1980 and 1981.
Mr Dawson is survived by two sons and two daughters.

In 1915 (death of Janet's father) they were living in Lower Hutt

James Martin Dawson died 27 July 1952 aged 85
Janet Beatrice Dawson died 12 August 1962 aged 86
there burial not yet found

There is a James Hurren Martin Dawson who was a First-class Cricketer (Right-arm fast-medium) for Canterbury playing 11 first-class matches from 1957-1963. He was born 28 Oct 1938 in Christchurch

Plot 119, Block 5P at Southern Cemetery, Dunedin
James's parents Benjamin & Hannah Dawson

Frank Ward CLEMENT + Emily MEADOWS - Toko

Frank Robert Ward CLEMENT (1875-1955)
was born in Lower Hutt
the 14th of 14 children of Rev John CLEMENT & Sarah Augusta HOPTON
his father baptised him at Sydney St. Primitive Methodist Register, Wellington

Emily MEADOWS (1878-1959)
was born in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay
the 3rd of 8 children of Henry MEADOWS & Mary Jane FENNELL
her parents arrived in Napier in 1874 on the 'Bebington' with 1 year old son, Frederick Meadows. Emily attended Kaikora School from 1884

FRANK & EMILY married 28 December 1896 in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay
they had 10 children:
... 1
1897 - 1907 Augusta Lavinia Clement
AUGUSTA LAVINIA Clement died 28 June 1907 in Taihape, aged 9
- she is buried Plot 26, Block 1, Row 1, Lawn section at Taihape

... 2
1898 - 1899 Mary Jane Clement
MARY JANE Clement died 26 Feb 1899 aged 4 months
- she is buried in unknown location Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

... 3
1900 - 1976 James Clement Clement
- born in Stratford, James attended Kaponga School
- he married Hilda Irene LOCKLEY (1899-1976) 22 Oct 1919 in Manaia
daughter of Henry LOCKLEY & Elizabeth FERGUSON
JAMES Clement died 13 Dec 1976 aged 76 & is buried Hawera

... 4
1902 - Adelaide Clement
- Adelaide married Norman James LOCKLEY (1897-1960) in 1920
son of Henry LOCKLEY & Elizabeth FERGUSON
ADELAIDE Lockley died 18 Aug 1970 in Auckland aged 67 & is buried Waikumete

... 5
1904 - 1980 Marjorie Clement
- was born in Kaponga, Taranaki
- she married Samuel Gordon LOCKLEY (1901-1967) 25 May 1921 in Pungarehu
son of Henry LOCKLEY & Elizabeth FERGUSON
MARJORIE Lockley died 13 Dec 1980 in Auckland & cremated Purewa

... 6
1905 - 1995 Clair Clement
- was born in Kaikoea, Waipawa
- married Lawrence Ernest LOVERIDGE (1901-1953) 28 Aug 1930 in Palmerston North
CLAIR Loveridge died 2 April 1995 aged 89 & is buried in Hawera

... 7
1907 - 1981 John Henry Clement
- was born in Taihape
- he married Charlotte Maude 'Dolly' FROST (1896-1993) 20 March 1928 in Marton
(Dolly first married William HARTIGAN 20 Jan 1923 in New Plymouth)
JOHN HENRY Clement died 14 Nov 1981 in New Plymouth & buried Te Henui

... 8
1908 - 1909 Ivy Clement
- born 4 Aug 1908 in Kaponga, Taranaki
IVY Clement died aged 6 months & is buried in Kaponga
(under the name Joy Clement aged 6 years)

... 9
1912 - 1982 Frances Emily Clement
- born 12 July 1912
- Frances married James POLLOCK in 1930
FRANCES EMILY Pollock died 31 May 1982 aged 69

... 10
1923 - ? name not recorded Clement
- born 14 September 1923

Frank Ward Clement died 26 August 1955 aged 81 in Toko, Taranaki
Emily Clement died 21 May 1959 aged 81
- they are buried Plot 1330, Block X Opunake Cemetery, Taranaki

'LAST GAS for 150km'

TOKO, first town out of Stratford, Taranaki

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James CRALLAN & Elizabeth RICHARDSON - Dannevirke

JAMES CRALLAN (1832-1914)
was born in Appelby-in-Westmoreland, England
on 29 May 1854 in Bishop Wearmouth, Durham, England, James married:
...On May 29th, 1854, at Bishop Wearmouth, Sunderland, County of Durham, by the Rev Wallace, James Crallan, of Appelby, Westmoreland, youngest son of John Crallan, Appelby, to Elizabeth, second daughter of John Richardson, Sunderland

They had a daughter, Elizabeth Crallan, in England in 1858
John emigrated to New Zealand on the Regina which left London on 2 Sep 1859, arriving at Lyttelton on 4 Dec 1859 (he is listed as James Crollan). He was a pioneer of the Gabriel Gully gold rush of 1861, later moving to Dannevirke where he owned 2 Sawmills
Elizabeth arrived 3 years later (29 Jan 1863), on the Chariot of Fame with 5 year old daughter Elizabeth

the known children of JAMES & ELIZABETH
... 1
1858 - 1894 Elizabeth Crallan
- born in England
- Elizabeth was 2nd in Class at Oxford School in Feb 1868
- she married Harry MARSH (1853-1883) in 1875
- they lived at West Oxford, North Canterbury and St Albans, Christchurch
their known children:
* 1876 - 1955 Louisa Margaret Marsh
* 1878 - 1959 William Henderson Marsh
* 1880 - ? Alice May Marsh
* 1881 - 1882 Henry James Marsh (aged 15 months, buried Addington)
* 1883 - 1963 Henry Selwyn 'Harry' Marsh
HARRY died 11 Dec 1883 at Clare Rd., St Albans, Christchurch aged 30
ELIZABETH was burnt to death 27 March 1894 aged 36
her father-in-law, Isaac Marsh, died of his burns 2 days later

... 2
1864 - 1951 John Richardson Crallan
- married Jane Elizabeth GARDNER (1867-1928) in Mangatainoka 26 April 1893
- daughter of George & Rebecca Gardner of Hukanui
Wairarapa Daily Times, 1 May 1893
... A very interesting event took place on Wednesday, the 28th day of April, says the Examiner; at the residence of Mr G. Gardner, of Mangatainoka, when Mr J. R. Crallan, of Danevirke, was married to Miss Gardner, by the Rev C. Penny. Miss A. Gardner and Miss Crallan, sisters of the bride and bridegroom, were the bridesmaids. A large company was present at the wedding, invitations being sent to many friends. After the ceremony the happy party sat down to a sumptuous breakfast. Amid the hearty congratulations of all, the wedded pair left for their new abode in Danevirke on the afternoon of the same day
John was a Sawmiller with his father for more than 20 years
their known children (born in Dannevirke):
* 1893 - 1967 Amy Crallan
* 1895 - 1965 Ida Crallan
* 1899 - 1958 Mervin James Crallan (died Umawera)
* 1905 - 1975 Roy John Ian Crallan (in 1945 he was living at Mangamuka Bridge, halfway between Okaihau & Kaitaia, with his brother Mervyn)
* 1908 - 1976 Rob Richardson Crallan

... 3
1867 - 1944 Jane Eliza Crallan
- married Thomas Mander Mills (1867-1945) in 1894
their known children:
* 1895 - 1972 Kenneth Mander Mills
... married Rachel MacDairmid White in 1922
* 1900 - 1980 Edna Elizabeth Mills
... married Jack Eaton in 1922
* 1906 - 1971 Clifford Crallan Mills

... 4
1870 - 1907 Harriett Wharton 'Topsy' Crallan
- married Alfred Samuel Henderson in 1891
Bush Advocate, 16 June 1891 Mr Alf Henderson is to be married to-morrow to Miss Harriet Crallan. We wish the young couple every happiness
Bush Advocate, 18 June 1891 HENDERSON-CRALLAN - On 17th June, at St John's Church, Danevirke, by Rev E. Robertshawe, Alfred Samuel, third son of John Henderson, to Harriett Wharton (Topsy), youngest daughter of James Crallan, late of West Oxford, Canterbury
the known children of HARRIETT & ALFRED:
* 1892 - Alice May Maude Henderson
... married John Bart Rasmussen in 1913
* 1893 - 1985 Ivy Charles Henderson
... married Ivor Morgan Raymond Price (1890-1953) in 1917
* 1896 - 1968 John Alfred Henderson
HARRIET died in Dannevirke April 1907 (see timeline)

... 5
1876 - James Wharton Crallan
- James possibly died young, not mentioned anywhere, not in either parents' bio

TIMELINE of James Crallan & family
Press, 5 July 1882
... It was resolved to put an extra twenty-two yards of metal to the chain where required on Crallan's road, Mr Crallan agreeing to pay half the cost

Press, 11 October 1884

DRUNK and DISORDERLY - James Crallan was fined 5s for this offence

Press, 11 October 1884

Prohibition orders were made in the cases of J. Crallan and J. Clolus under the Licensing Act

Press, 27 March 1886

Mr G. A. White asked about the dangerous state of the bridge over Crallan's drain and asking that the broken metal might be removed from the front of the house he was building on the Depot road

Hawke's Bay Herald, 13 December 1888

At the Ormondville R.M. Court to-day James Allardice and James Crallan severally pleaded guilty to permitting cattle and horses to wander on the railway and were each fined 10s and costs 7s

Bush Advocate, 19 February 1891

Mrs Callan was a witness at the enquiry into the death of Ada Baker, infant daughter of Albert BAKER & Elizabeth RUSBATCH

Bush Advocate, 29 December 1891

Handicapper: Messrs M. Henderson & B. Dennehy
Judges: Messrs John Louden & J. C. Fraser
Judges of Wrestling: Messrs Dennehy & J. Bargh
Referee: Mr James Crallan
Starter: Mr M. Lyons
Ground Committee: Messrs Illingworth, N. McPhee & F. C. Shugar
Secretary: Mr S. Athy jnr

Hawke's Bay Herald, 17 January 1894

The following nominations were made yesterday for the coming election of Councillors of the Danevirke Borough:-
CENTRAL WARD: Charles Baddeley, Bartholomew Dennehey, J. L. Kimbell, Neil McPhee, George Wratt and George Wright
SOUTH WARD: Simon Athy jnr., Frederick Badley John Richardson Crallan & John Drummond
NORTH WARD: Olaf Carlson, Jeremiah Hayes & E. A. Ransom

Oxford Observer, 31 March 1894

We grieve to say that we have very sad news to present to our readers, in this issue. We may truly say that the mourning is universal not only in our own locality but far and wide hearts of sympathy have been touched and all testify their deep sorrow for the bereaved family
... She was the oldest daughter of James and Elizabeth Crallan and was married to Harry the eldest son of the late Mr Isaac Marsh; by his second wife. Harry, after carrying on business for some years in West Oxford, removed to Papanui where he died about 10 years since and his body lies in our own cemetery and the same grave is now open to receive his widow

Hawke's Bay Herald, 18 March 1899

A number of old age pension claims have been heard at Ormondville. Elizabeth Crallan (aged 67) was the only one to whom a pension certificate was granted at to-day's sitting of the Court

Bush Advocate, 4 July 1899,

The Woodlands Hunt Club will hold a meet at Crallan's mill, Tahoraite, to-morrow. To-morrow's hunt was to have been held at Woodville, but the arrangements were altered owing to other fixtures at that town

Bush Advocate, 29 November 1901

At the Police Court this morning, before Messrs A. Mackay and G. Wright, J.P.'s., on the application of Mr W. F. Knight, a prohibition order was granted against James Crallan, to have effect in the Waipawa licensing district

Bush Advocate, 2 December 1901

On Saturday evening a stack of timber at Mr Crallan's mill, on the Oringi estate, was destroyed by fire. About £100 worth of timber was destroyed (2013 equivalent of $17,200). There was no insurance on it

Bush Advocate, 6 December 1901

Cr Smith reported that the bridge on the Matahiwi-Oringi road was in a dangerous state. He had ordered 1300ft of timber for decking, and Mr Crallan had promised to give about 300ft of timber. The bridge required "staying" to make it safe

Bush Advocate, 23 January 1902

James Crallan, a prohibited person, for inducing William Howes to procure liquor for him, was fined 40s and costs 10s. He was also charged with inducing C. Harrigan to procure liquor for him, As he was fined in the first case he was convicted and discharged in the latter. An alternative of 14 days imprisonment was fixed

Bush Advocate, 27 December 1902

We regret to learn that Mrs Caley (Weber) and Mrs Crallan (Dannevirke) are in bad health, and have been compelled to enter the Waipawa district hospital for treatment

Bush Advocate, 30 May 1904

A pleasant family gathering took place yesterday, at the residence of Mr and Mrs Crallan, senr., the occasion being the celebration of Mr and Mrs Crallan's golden wedding. Mr Crallan came to New Zealand in the year 1859, in the good ship "Regina," landing at Lyttelton on December 16th, that day being the 9th anniversary of the Canterbury Province; Mrs Crallan joined her husband three years later, having come to the colony in the ship "Chariot of Fame." They spent about three years at the Church Bush, near Kaiapoi, Mr Crallan being at that time engaged in pit sawing. Some time afterwards be shifted to Oxford, in North Canterbury, where he remained for twenty years. Mr Crallan's next shift was to Dannevirke, where he and his son are well known in sawmilling circles. We regret to say that Mrs Crallan's health has not been good for some years, but fortunately Mr Crallan is still hale and hearty. Mr and Mrs Crallan's descendants at present-living are one son, three daughters, and twelve grandchildren; with whom we join in wishing Mr and Mrs Crallan long life and good health

ELIZABETH CRALLAN died 2 Feb 1906 aged 73
Bush Advocate, 3 February 1906 DEATH OF ELIZABETH
CRALLAN - At her residence, London-street, on February 2nd, 1906, Elizabeth, beloved wife of James Crallan, aged 73 years, after a long illness. Her end was Peace.

Bush Advocate, 2 February 1907 IN MEMORIAM
CRALLAN - At her residence, London-street, on February 2nd, 1906, Elizabeth, beloved wife of James Crallan, 73.
... One less at home!
...... The charmed circle broken, a dear face
...... Missed day by day from its accustomed place;
...... But cleansed, and saved, and perfected by grace
... One more in Heaven
... One less on earth!
...... Its pain, its sorrow, and its toil to share;
...... One less the pilgrim's daily cross to bear;
...... One more the crown of ransomed saints to weat
... At home in Heaven
Inserted by her husband and family

Bush Advocate, 10 April 1907
(see child 4)
HENDERSON - On the 10th inst., at the residence, Miller's Road, Harriet Wharton, dearly beloved wife of Alfred Henderson, and daughter of James Crallan; aged 37 years
... It is with much regret that we to-day record the death of Mrs Alfred Henderson, which has occurred whilst the deceased was in the prime of life. The late Mrs Henderson had only been ill for about a fortnight, and her death will come as a painful shock to her many friends. The deceased, who was the daughter of Mr James Crallan, arrived in Dannevirke with her parents from Oxford (North Canterbury) in 1885, and she was deservedly popular, and held in high esteem by her many friends. She leaves her husband with three children - two daughters and one son - to mourn their great loss. The interment will take place to-morrow afternoon
- she is buried Grave 33, Block F at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke
her HEADSTONE reads: In loving memory of Harriet Wharton, beloved wife of Alfred Henderson. who died 10th April 1907, aged 37. "So loved, so mourned"

Bush Advocate, 10 September 1907

David Pearson was charged with procuring liquor for a prohibited person, to wit, James Crallan
David Pearson, aged 18, stableman, deposed he had never known Crallan before. Crallan came to the stable and asked for Mr Prenter, who was not at the stable. Crallan then asked accused to get him 1s worth of brandy.
The Sergeant stated that there was a good deal of liquor supplied to prohibited persons at this stable. Accused had only been at the stable for about three weeks.
Mr James, addressing accused, said he had been guilty of a serious offence, and was liable to a fine of £10. He would, however, take into consideration his youth, and he would be fined 20s and costs, but if he came up again he would not get off so lightly.
James Crallan was charged with procuring liquor during the currency of a prohibition order. Accused pleaded guilty and stated that he got the lad to procure the liquor because he was very ill. He was 75 years of age.
His Worship remarked that he was old enough to know better. Accused was convicted and discharged

JAMES CRALLAN died 6 Sep 1914 aged 82
Otago Daily Times, 11 September 1914

A respected resident of Dannevirke, Mr James Crallan, has passed away at the age of 82 (says the News). Mr Crallan came to New Zealand 55 years ago in the ship Regina, and was a pioneer of the Gabriel Gully gold rush in 1861. Afterwards he took up fret-sawing and sawmilling at Woodend and Oxford, North Canterbury, and in 1885 he moved to Dannevirke, where he had resided ever since. He leaves one daughter and one son

JAMES & ELIZABETH are buried Grave 34, Block F at Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

BUDD (grooms) New Zealand 1864-1933

the known BUDD marriages in New Zealand 1864 - 1933

Alfred Ernest Budd (1894-1960)
- married Clarice May ROFF (1889-1982) in 1917

Alfred Ernest Albert Budd (1881-1960)
- married Ellen Ruth EAMES (1882-1968) in 1920

Alfred Horace Budd (1850-1907)
- married Mary Ann MIELOTZ in 1867
their known children:
* 1868 - Emily Budd
- he married Mary Josephine McDONNELL in 1888
- he was a boardinghouse-keeper in Gisborne for at least 9 years to March 1900. Then moved to Auckland
ALFRED & MARY JOSEPHINE are buried Waikumete
New Zealand Herald, 18 June 1909 IN MEMORIAM, BUDD - In loving memory of my dear uncle, who died on June 18, 1907. A precious one from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled. Inserted by his loving niece, Eveline Dyer

Alfred Leslie Budd (1906-1973)
- married Thelma Mary McCLURE in 1928

Anthony Budd
- married Violet Sarah FRICKER (1889-1979) in 1918

Arnold Ford Budd
- married Alice BOND in 1914

Arthur Arnold Budd
- married Hazel WINTER in 1923

Cecil Ivan Budd
- married Wilhelmina Cherry CAMPBELL in 1925

Edward Budd
- married Violet BLACK in 1913

Edward James 'Ted' Budd (1908-1970)
- married Grace SPRIGGS (1915-1986) in 1933
their known children:
* 1934 - Constance Rosina Budd
* 1935 - Nola Patricia Ada Budd
- he next married May Wiha COLLINS (1920-1980)

Francis Symes Budd (1875-1957)
- married Nancy Goggan POWER in 1905
their known children:
* 1906 - Henry Symes Budd (born Waihi)
* 1908 - Sybil Rose Symes Budd
* 1913 - Francis Maurice Symes Budd

Frank James Budd(1849-1935)
- married Mary Ann DEARSLY (1858-1938) in 1877
- lived in Christchurch
their known children:
* 1878 - Mabel Budd
* 1879 - Whitlock Charles Budd
* 1881 - 1941 Leonard Dearsly Budd
* 1883 - Percy George Budd
* 1885 - Ethel Mary Budd
* 1889 - Harold Frank Budd
* 1892 - Merton Thomas Budd
* 1894 - 1894 Grace Ruby Budd (8 months, buried Linwood)
* 1895 - Dorothy Bessie Budd
* 1897 - Ruby Clara Budd
FRANK JAMES & MARY ANN are buried Plot 150, Block 31 at Linwood, Christchurch

Frederick Charles Budd (1884-1954)
- married Sarah AUSTIN (1884-1948) in 1906
their known children:
* 1906 - Alfred Leslie Budd
* 1908 - Lilian May Budd
FREDERICK & SARAH are buried Plot 158, Block 43 at Ruru Lawn, Christchurch

Frederick Henry Budd (1894-1972)
- married Mary Albine RINGHAM (1890-1977) in 1916

George Budd (1872-1952)
- married Isabella Ritchie STEVENSON (1874-1966) in 1902
their known children:
* 1906 - Janet Milburn Budd
* 1908 - Bessie Stevenson Budd
* 1911 - Arthur Fraser Budd

George Arthur Budd (1880-1938)
- married Ethel May WILKINSON in 1916

George Ralph Budd (1881-1972)
- born in Upper Plain, Masterton, 5th of 9 children of William John BUDD & Frances 'Fanny' HILDER. George was also known as George Ralph ROGERS
- married Annie Ada Booth GIBBONS (1883-1920) in 1910 in Taranaki
- they had 6 children
- married Amy Grace BALDWIN (1903-1980) in 1928 in Auckland
- they had 7 children
GEORGE died in Dargaville
NOTE There was a George Ralph Rogers born 1891 to James ROGERS & Agnes READ of Mount Cook, Wellington. This George married Ettie May WOOTTON in 1919

George William Budd (1870-1945)
- married Amy Louisa Mary CURLING (1876-1963) in 1901
- lived in Herekino, Northland
their known children:
* 1903 - Rosa Amy Budd
* 1904 - William Curling Budd
* 1906 - Roland Edward Jarvis Budd
* 1907 - Jasper Randall Bell Budd
* 1910 - Edwin Godfrey Budd

Harold Frank Budd (1888-1965)
- married Anne Elizabeth PENFOLD (1889-1964) in 1923
- daughter of Richard PENFOLD & Julia Mary BARNES

Harold William Norris Budd (1909-1976)
- son of William Eustace (1876-1955) & Ethel Lonsdale (1871-1960) BUDD
- married Constance Vera WEBB (1909-) in 1933

Henry 'Harry' Budd
- married Maria Christina CHRISTIANSEN in 1891
their known children (born in Kuripuni, Masterton):
* 1892 - Mary Ellen Budd
* 1894 - Frederick Henry Budd
* 1895 - William George Budd (twin with Ethel)
* 1895 - Ethel Amelia Budd
* 1897 - Edward James 'Ted' Budd
* 1898 - Florence Bessie Budd (twin with Elizabeth)
* 1898 - Elizabeth Lena Budd
* 1900 - Leonard John Budd
* 1906 - Fanny Louisa Budd (born in Aria, Waikato)
* 1916 - Robina Constance 'Ruby' Budd (adopted - born Moana Hurcomb)

Henry Budd
- married Rachel Ann HINCHLIFFE (1855-1927) in 1871
their known children:
* 1872 - George Budd
* 1874 - Elizabeth Budd
* 1876 - Arthur Budd
* 1878 - unnamed Budd
* 1879 - Esther Budd
* 1881 - Alice Mary Budd
* 1884 - Rachael Ann Budd
* 1886 - Ethel Ann Budd
* 1888 - Henry Mayall Budd
* 1890 - Francis William Budd

Henry Budd
- married Annabella SMOOTHY (1880-) in 1899
- daughter of Edward & Annie SMOOTHY & Annie

Henry Eric Budd (1900-1975)
- married Janie Philomena D'ARCY (1902-1970) in 1929

Henry Mayall Budd (1888-1971)
- attended Dunedin Boys High School
- married Mavis Agnes Lorimer CLARK (1890-1926) in 1922
HENRY died Christmas Eve 1971 & was cremated at Karori, Wellington

Henry Symes Budd (1906-1984)
- married Mavis NASH in 1932

Horace William Budd (1899-1972)
- married Janet REID (1902-1968) in 1927

James Budd (1869-1948)
- born in Burwash, Sussex, England, 1st of 9 children of William John BUDD & Frances 'Fanny' HILDER
- married Dorothy Williamina Louise LENZ (1864-1947) 27 April 1897 in Masterton
- daughter of Friedrich Henry Christopher LENZ and Katharine Marie WIEBLITZ
(her brother John married his sister Fanny in 1895 (see brides)
their known children (born in Cockburn St., Kuripuni, Masterton):
* 1898 - 1978 Catherine Mable Budd (married Alexander Alfred Jessie BURLING, great grandson of the early pioneers of Masterton, Henry BURLING & Mary WORSLEY)
* 1900 - 1976 Clara Olive Melitia 'Leta' Budd (didn't marry)
* 1902 - 1902 Cyril Budd (aged 2 weeks)
JAMES & DOROTHY are buried in Archer St, Masterton

John Budd
- married Annie BOORMAN in 1895
their known children:
* 1904 - Alma Jane Budd

John Budd
- married Agnes Jeffery MORRISON (1887-1970) in 1920

Keith Grarmsley Budd (1906-1990)
- married Blanche Emily Mae JURY (1908-1987) in 1930

Leonard Dearsly Budd (1881-1941)
- son of Frank James BUDD & Mary Ann DEARSLY
- married Mabel Agnes BROWN (1883-1962) in 1912
LEONARD & MABEL are buried Plot 246, Block 15 Bromley, Christchurch

Leonard John Budd (1899-1980)
- married Daisy Jean McFARLANE (1908-1992) in 1931

Leonard William Budd (1906-1969)
- married Annie Viola WEALLEANS (1907-1982) in 1932

Merton Thomas Budd (1892-1963)
- married Florence Muriel HANHAM (1892-1985) in 1919

Percy George Budd
- married Margaret Moffet HARPER in 1910
- lived in Tauranga
their known children:
* 1911 - Denis hastings Budd
* 1913 - Brian Dearsly Hastings Budd
* 1918 - John Barry Hastings Budd

Thomas Budd
- married Bridget WESTON in 1864

Thomas William Budd (1882-1955)
- married Caroline McCONAUGHY (1881-1930) in 1910
- lived in Papatoetoe, Auckland
their known children:
* 1911 - Leonard Eames Budd
* 1920 - James Frederick Budd

Walter Budd (1862-1945)
- married Annie THRUPP (1868-1952) in 1889
their known children:
* 1890 - 1965 Mary Anne Budd (not married, buried in Masterton)
* 1891 - Jane Ethel Budd
* 1892 - Walter Frederick Budd
* 1894 - Emily Budd
* 1895 - 1959 Jessie Budd (not married, buried in Masterton)
* 1897 - Beatrice Budd
* 1903 - Gertrude Budd
* 1905 - May Florence Budd
WALTER & ANNIE are buried in Archer St, Masterton

Whitlock Charles Budd (1880-1960)
- married Martha CAMPBELL (1878-1913) in 1904
their known children:
1906 - Keith Graemsly Budd
1909 - Campbell Whitlock Budd
- Whitlock next married Amey Maud OATES (1891-1971) in 1916
MARTHA died 26 Jan 1913 of Nephritis aged 35
- she is buried Plot 297, Block 28 at Linwood, Christchurch
CHARLES died 19 May 1960 in Wellington aged 80
- he is buried Plot 24 U, Lawn Section at Karori

William Budd
- married Frances ATKINSON in 1870
their known children:
* 1870 - George William Budd
* 1873 - Frances Amelia Budd

William Budd
- married Hannah MILLS (1859-1941) in 1883
their known children:
* 1884 - John Leslie Budd
* 1885 - Eliza Beatrice Budd
* 1889 - Cecil Budd
* 1891 - Florence Hannah Budd
* 1896 - Arthur Arnold Budd
* 1901 - Eric Stanley Edward Budd
HANNAH is buried Plot 77, Block 17 at Bromley, Christchurch

William Budd
- married Harriet GOUGH in 1897
their known children:
* 1900 - Dorothy Annie Budd
* 1902 - Muriel Cecilia Mary Budd

William Henry Budd
- married Martha Lindsay HORWELL (1885-1961) in 1909
- daughter if William Parkes HORWELL & Joan Cooper BROWN
their known children:
* 1910 - Alfred William Budd
* 1912 - Grace Lindsay Budd

William Hopewell Budd (1862-1948)
William was born in Manchester, a son of Frederick Edward Budd, Major R.M.L.I.
- married Amy Constance RAYMOND (1875-1966) in 1914 (as his 3rd wife)
WILLIAM first married:
in 1902, Fulham, London to his cousin Elizabeth Anne GRITTON (1857-1905)
in 1907, Bristol, England to Eva Bentley VERCHILD (1890-1939)
- He and Eva emigrated to Australia and then New Zealand.
WILLIAM & EVA had a daughter:
* Jean Budd, in Ohutu, Manawatu (1909-?)
IF you know what happened to daughter Jean Budd please leave a comment below
William and Eva separated ...
EVA died 8 March 1939 in Auckland & buried ANGLICAN DIVISION H Row 7, Plot 72 at Waikumete
WILLIAM & AMY had a son:
* Hopewell Hayward Budd (1915-2010) (see notes below)
In the New Zealand Electoral Rolls for William & Amy:
1914 - Isolation Hospital, Point Chevalier, Auckland - Male Nurse
1919 - corner Selwyn & Grey Street, Onehunga, Auckland - Insurance Agent
1928 - 27 Preston St, Timaru - Agent
1935 - 7 Trafalgar Street, Dannevirke - Salesman
1935 - 127 Abel Smith St, Wellington - Agent
1938 - 16 Hadfield Terrace, Kelburn, Wellington - salesman
1946 - 44 Glen Road, Kelburn, Wellington - retired Commission Agents
WILLIAM died 9 June 1948 in Green Lane Hospital, Auckland
(their address was then 659 Remuera Rd)
AMY CONSTANCE died 25 Aug 1966 aged 91 in Auckland
- they were cremated at Waikumete
* There was a Hopewell Hayward Budd (1780-1869), Commander of the Royal Navy, in Wiltshire, England who married Sophia Tuckey (1786-1841) and had 10 children. In 1845 he was 'Captain' Hopewell Hayward Budd, R.N., who built 8 cottages in Wiltshire which were conveyed to Henry Edward, 4th baron Holland. By 1851 he was the biggest employer in North Wiltshire, employing 60 people. Their first child, Hopewell Hayward Budd (1810-1955), was born in Caine, Wiltshire. He & his wife Sarah nee Gagg (1820-1945) died in Cowansville, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Their 8th child was Midshipman, Horatio Nelson Budd who died in Wiltshire in 1843 aged 21
* also see cemments at Sophia Isabella Budd
* because of their names there is a possible connection to 'our' William Hopewell Budd


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LOONEY marriages

known LOONEY marriages in New Zealand 1865 - 1933

Alexander Looney
- married Alice Ann CORBETT in 1910

Alexander Looney
- married Clara TOWNSEND in 1930

Alfred Edward Looney
- married Rose WOOD in 1902

Cecil Robert Looney
- married Doris Mary FIELD in 1933

Charles Wilfred Looney
- married Phyllis Barton HEAL in 1930

Edgar Redvers Looney
- married Dulcie GARDNER in 1927

Edward Looney
- married Bridget PEED in 1874
their known children:
* 1875 - Margaret Looney
* 1877 - Mary Looney
* 1879 - John Looney
* 1888 - James Looney
* 1890 - William Looney

Eric Looney
- married Muriel Florence Mary CORRIC in 1929

Francis John Looney
- married Elizabeth Arbuckle NOBLE in 1923

George Looney
- married Julia Eliza SAMPSON in 1887
their known children:
* 1888 - Elsie Isabel Looney
* 1890 - Wilfred George Looney
* 1892 - Herbert Looney
* 1896 - Eileen Alice Looney
* 1899 - Kenneth ROy Looney

Harry Looney
- married Kate Edith JULIAN in 1912

Hubert Looney
- married Kathleen Marquerite LUCKIN in 1925

John Looney
- married Mary COLGAN in 1884

John Looney
- married Mary LOBB in 1893

John Joseph Looney
- married Clare Harriett PERRESS in 1909

Joseph Looney
- married Annie Isitt BAKER in 1900

Kenneth Roy Looney
- married Vera Harriet TWIDLE in 1930

Leonard Victor Looney
- married Nancy GILL in 1926

Patrick Looney
- married Florence MACKEY in 1899

Robert Looney
- married Elizabeth CURRIE in 1884

Thomas Evan Looney
- married Catherine LILE in 1896

Thomas Walter Looney
- married Mabel Ann BOYLE in 1931

Timothy Colgan Looney
- married Nora Mary FORDE in 1915

William Looney
- married Georgina Elizabeth CHAMBERLAIN in 1925

William Frederick Looney
- married Winifred Ann GILBERT in 1925

William Leslie Looney
- married Ivy JURD in 1925

Anna Looney
- married Frank JULIAN in 1889

Bella Looney
- married Arthur Robert BALDOCK in 1901

Bernice Edna Looney
- married Donald Eadie BROWN in 1927

Bridget Looney
- married Patrick CONNOR in 1884

Caroline Looney
- married Oliver OXENHAM in 1887

Catherine Anastatia Looney
- married Patrick KEAN in 1908

Catherine Isabella Looney
- married Philip Herbert MACE in 1903

Daisy Pearl Looney
- married Louis Oscar Arthur GERNHOEFER in 1931

Dorothy May Looney
- married Lawrence Ralph CASTLE in 1927

Eileen Alice Looney
- married William Gerald CARSTENS in 1926

Eileen Cicily Looney
- married James Stewart KING in 1927

Eleanor Looney
- married Samuel MILLER in 1876

Eliza Looney
- married James SCOTT in 1865

Elizabeth Josephine Looney
- married Francis KERR in 1910

Elsie Isabel Looney
- married Thomas George CORKILL in 1916

Esma Mary Looney
- married Kenneth Alfred STACEY in 1928

Florence Looney
- married Herbert Charles Stephen SPALDING in 1925

Gladys Annie Looney
- married Adolf Duncan McLENNAN in 1925

Gretta Imelda Looney
- married Bernard RUSHTON in 1933

Margaret Jane Looney
- married John COCKER jnr in 1905

Margery Rosana Looney
- married Andrew Robert TORRIE in 1932

Mary Looney
- married Carlo DEMICHELL in 1881

Mary Looney
- married James KINGSLAND in 1912

Mary Looney
- married John William TANT in 1922

Mary Frances Looney
- married Thomas Clarke MUIR in 1921

Maud Looney
- married Walter BANNISTER in 1918

Nora Kathleen Looney
- married James William HACK in 1926

Rose Looney
- married Henry GORDON aka Henry LAYTON aka GORDON in 1918

Rose May Looney
- married Robert Ernest COWIE in 1921

Sarah Looney
- married Edward McMAHON in 1887