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WWI soldiers - OTIRA, New Zealand

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BAXTER grooms New Zealand 1863-1933

the BAXTER GROOMS in New Zealand 1863-1933
the names were taken from BDM, spelling may not be correct

Alan Henry Baxter
+ Elinor Elizabeth BENNETT 1915

Albert Baxter
+ Gertrude CODD 1916

Albert Stuart Baxter
+ Muriel Frances MERLET 1926

Albert Victor Baxter
+ Emma THOMAS 1912

Alexander Baxter
+ Janet KENNEDY 1877

Alexander Baxter
+ Sarah Ann SKURR 1896

Alexander Baxter
+ Marjorie Eileen GARDENER 1924

Alexander Baxter
+ Esther Tennant HYSLOP 1930

Alexander Forbes Baxter
+ Florence Mary NORMAN 1919

Alexander Kirk Baxter
+ Elizabeth Sinclair BEGBIE 1867

Alexander Wallace Baxter
+ Frances Gertrude SMITH 1916

Alfred Ernest Baxter
+ Edith Ivy GULLIVER 1906

Alfred George Yorke Baxter
+ Ellen May HYDE 1927

Alfred Kendall Baxter
+ Alice DAY 1900

Andrew Baxter
+ Susan BROWN 1867

Andrew Baxter
+ Mary HAMILTON 1903

Andrew Baxter
+ Jane Ferguson MURDOCH 1911

Andrew Baxter
+ Ellen MAHONY 1914

Archibald Baxter
+ Sarah McLEAN 1872

Archibald Baxter
+ Agnes Tulloch JOHNSTON 1906

Archibald McColl Learmond Baxter
+ Millicent Amiel MacMillan BROWN 1921

Arthur Baxter
+ Catherine McMILLAN 1884

Arthur Baxter
+ Gladys JONES 1921

Arthur Henry Landall Baxter
+ Henrietta Gertrude Rose WATKINS 1933

Arthur John Baxter
+ Ethel CHEETHAM 1908

Arthur William Ian Baxter
+ Edna Marion LORENTZEN 1933

Benjamin Charles Baxter
+ Lily Maud YOUNG 1914

Cedric Eyre Baxter
+ Sarah Lucy Letitia IRVINE 1920

Charles Baxter
+ Edith Eveline GIBBS 1912

Charles Frederick Baxter
+ Kate Matilda NADEN 1894

Charles Frederick Norbury Baxter
+ Elizabeth INDER 1911

Clifford Baxter
+ Janey Rose LINTON 1925

Clifford Ernest Baxter
+ Frances Amy BOULTON 1930

David Baxter
+ Florence Dorothea MULLINS 1909

David Baxter
+ Agnes Anderson MILLER 1914

David Baxter
+ Wilhelmina LISTER 1914

David Baxter
+ Ida BEANGE 1916

David Arthur Baxter
+ Bertha Mary HAND 1895

David Gilbert Baxter
+ Alice May DICK 1933

Donald Baxter
+ Isabella Adelin DENT 1917

Donald Baxter
+ Eleanor LOGAN 1929

Donald Vincent Baxter
+ Leah Le Grand JACOB 1933

Douglas Baxter
+ Flora Jessie WADDELL 1922

Duncan McLean Baxter
+ Georgina JOHNSTON 1907

Erasmus Baxter
+ Annie Stewart FERNANDEZ 1914

Ernest Baxter
+ Eva HENDERSON 1920

Ernest Bernard Baxter
+ Eileen Grace KELLY 1930

Ernest Swan Baxter
+ Alys Helen WADDELL 1921

Ernest Thayer Baxter
+ Florence Louise martin FELTON 1929

Ernest William Baxter
+ Mary Jane MEE 1905

Evan Sutherland Baxter
+ Rebecca DOHERTY 1923

Francis Andrew Baxter
+ Ngaio Edna FOSTER 1921

Francis Brown Baxter
+ Laura Ann Ellen WATERMAN 1913

Fred Baxter
+ Elizabeth DAVIES 1891

George Baxter
+ Jessie WATSON 1878

George Baxter
+ Sarah Jane RAMSAY 1906

George Baxter
+ May Elizabeth GRANGER 1918

George Baxter
+ Dorothy BANKART 1919

George Alexander Baxter
+ Henrietta Jane PATERSON 1926

George Herbert Baxter
+ Jessie JENSEN 1905

George John Baxter
+ Mary CULLEN 1876

George John Baxter
+ Mary Isabel POPHAM 1913

George Paul Steven Baxter
+ Mary Jane MAYFIELD 1922

Harold Baxter
+ Jessie May MURPHY 1923

Harrold Baxter
+ Grace Ann BRIGHT 1873

Harry Baxter
+ Annie MOGRIGE 1897

Hector James Baxter
+ Margaret BRYDONE 1898

Hector James Baxter
+ Dorothy Louise LEEDHAM 1924

Henry Baxter
+ Sarah Jane FOSTER 1877

Henry John Baxter
+ Caroline Clara LAUDALL 1905

Heny Baxter
+ Gwendoline May HALKETT 1933

Herbert Baxter
+ Ivy Helen ROSOMAN 1911

Herbert Wilson Baxter
+ Laurie isabel CHEYNE 1907

Hester James Baxter
+ Ada Ethel HANAWAY 1911

Horace Baxter
+ Jessie EASTON 1889

Hosborough William Baxter
+ Laura DAIKEE 1912

Isaac William Tyrrell Baxter (1866-1947)
+ Mary Elizabeth TREEBY (1866-1900) 1890
+ Caroline Ellen TREEBY (1868-1902) 1901
+ Florence HARRISON 1903

Jack Reid Baxter
+ Iro Cinderella Miriam Nita SMITH 1921

James Baxter
+ Jane WICKHAM 1863

James Baxter
+ Mary BARR 1866

James Baxter
+ Jane WILKINSON 1880

James Baxter

James Baxter
+ Elizabeth Mary COSTER 1893

James Baxter
+ Mary Jane DEACON 1894

James Baxter
+ Emily Burbridge COTTER 1905

James Baxter
+ Annie Ash TWOSE 1906

James Baxter
+ Isabella SHAH 1911

James Baxter
+ Cora Eliza BLACK 1915

James Baxter
+ Lottie BADER 1919

James Baxter
+ May Florence LOGAN 1925

James Baxter
+ Sylva HERD 1926

James Blake Baxter
+ Emily Gladys LAINE 1921

James Lewis Baxter
+ Madeline MacKenzie ROBINSON 1904

James McLaren Baxter
+ Marion McNeil FULTON 1890

James Neil Baxter
+ Iva Maud RANBY 1920

James Nimmo Baxter
+ Elizabeth McKinlay MERCER 1889

James Thomas Baxter
+ Elizabeth Jane BOLTON 1909

Jesse Francis Baxter
+ Margaret Bothwell LECKIE 1883

Jesse Francis Frederick John Baxter
+ Phyllis Myrtle EDWARDS 1912

John Baxter
+ Mary YOUNG 1867

John Baxter
+ Jane RICHARDS 1875

John Baxter
+ Emma HARDING 1875

John Baxter
+ Mary McCOLL 1879

John Baxter
+ Isabella CHAPMAN 1889

John Baxter
+ Mabel Madgeline JOHNS 1892

John Baxter
+ Ada SWAIN 1898

John Baxter
+ Eliza Adelaide PERRY 1904

John Baxter
+ Mary Elizabeth OSBORN 1906

John Cunningham Baxter
+ Edith Adelaide RICHARDSON 1922

John Harold Baxter
+ Margaret STAFFORD 1928

John Henry Baxter
+ Rhoda May RIDDLER 1913

John Joseph Baxter
+ May Suter EVANS 1920

John Kennedy Baxter
+ Mary Florence MORRISON 1904

John Leadson Baxter
+ Frances Evelyn WALTER 1932

John Lindsay Baxter
+ Dorothy Pearl PAYNE 1928

John Logan Baxter
+ Kate McMILLAN 1920

John Matthew Baxter
+ Edith Mabel BURGESS 1899

John Mercer Baxter
+ Mggie Lawson McINTYRE 1925

John Street Baxter
+ Margaret Wardrop BETHUNE 1886

John Swan Baxter
+ Margaret ROUNTREE 1913

John Watson Baxter
+ Clara CANTLON 1895

John Watson Muir Baxter
+ Kathleen Winifred MILLER 1931

John William Baxter
+ Helen Elizabeth THOMSON 1909

John Wilson Baxter
+ Margaret Jane WIGHTMAN 1912

Joseph Baxter
+ Jane HEENAN 1875

Joseph Baxter
+ Rose SMITH 1897

Joseph Baxter
+ Lilpah RICHARDSON 1910

Joseph Baxter
+ Margaret KAHUI 1910

Kenneth Robert Baxter
+ Irene Margaret MILLER 1928

Leigh Easton Baxter
+ Madeline Ivy LEVY 1910

Lionel Whittington Baxter
+ Margaret PRATT 1916

Louis Baxter
+ Mary HAFTKA 1923

Mark Learmont Baxter
+ Margaret McCORKINDALE 1909

Mathew Archibald Baxter
+ Edith McCLAY 1924

Matthew Baxter
+ Catherine ELLIOTT 1883

Matthew Baxter
+ Hannah BYERS 1910

Matthew Alexander Baxter
+ Bridget FITZGERALD 1885

Noble Baxter
+ Alice Bertha Amy CLARK 1920

Norman Lancelot Baxter
+ Ada Ann NIELSEN 1923

Peter Baxter
+ Marion STUART 1891

Ralph Baxter
+ Edna Nicole STEVENSON 1924

alph Waterston Baxter
+ Clara Eleanor CORRY 1924

Raymond Leslie Baxter
+ Agnes McKEE 1923

Reginald Baxter
+ Muriel Isobel McCOLL 1925

Richard John Baxter
+ Alice Thora HARPER 1933

Robert Baxter
+ Elizabeth SWAIN 1863

Robert Baxter
+ Alice Maria HUNTER 1879

Robert Baxter
+ Catherine Elizabeth EVANS 1893

Robert Baxter
+ Mabel EYTON 1915

Robert Baxter
+ Rosina Margeretta HAYWOOD 1924

Robert Baxter
+ Emily Maud Mary AUSTIN 1928

Robert Franklin Baxter
+ Eileen Florence WRIGHT 1926

Robert Gilbert Baxter
+ Miriam HAYES 1885

Robert Hunter Baxter
+ Jessie Evelyn WILSON 1916

Robert Wilson Baxter
+ Edna Sarah MEXTED 1912

Robinson Baxter
+ Dorothy GOODWIN 1933

Robinson Wyllie Baxter
+ Theresa REED 1892

Ronald Baxter
+ Mary Eleanor MORGAN 1929

Samuel Alexander McLean Baxter
+ Mary PORTIS 1905

Samuel Fitzgerald Baxter
+ Elizabeth Jane FORGIE 1907

Samuel McClean Baxter
+ Elizabeth FITZGERALD 1877

Stanley Eyre Baxter
+ Juanita PULLEN-BURRY 1923

Stanley Eyre Baxter
+ Sarah Mary BELL 1933

Stewart David Baxter
+ Pearl Jane WILSON 1921

Stuart Baxter
+ Elizabeth ROUNTREE 1918

Sutcliffe Baxter
+ Martha Emma SARCHET 1874

Thomas Baxter
+ Anna Maria EADES 1875

Thomas Baxter
+ Sarah Amelia CUNNINGHAM 1894

Thomas Baxter
+ Emma Phoebe JONES 1898

Whitton Thomas Baxter
+ Mary Jane THOMPSON 1902

Thomas Baxter
+ Edith Eliza JONES 1913

Thomas Baxter
+ Lillian May PARKES 1919

Thomas Albert Baxter
+ Elizabeth Nina BROWN 1922

Thomas James Baxter
+ Agnes Russell BROWN 1918

Thomas Nedrick Baxter
+ Mary Jane GILMOUR 1902

Thomas Nimmo Baxter
+ Catherine STUART 1893

Thomas Owen Baxter
+ Olga Henrietta GAETH 1920

Walter Baxter
+ Elizabeth Ann ROWSE 1904

Walter Baxter
+ May Jessie STYCHE 1904

William Baxter
+ Anne LUPTON 1869

William Baxter
+ Maria SMITH 1873

William Baxter
+ Anne STINSON 1881

William Baxter
+ Euphemia Oamaru Lynox CHERRIE (1879-1956) 1897

William Baxter
+ Henrietta GARRICK 1904

William Baxter
+ Violet CAMERON 1908

William Baxter
+ Annie Elizabeth FOSTER 1912

William Baxter
+ Ethel Bruce LOCKHART 1918

William Arthur Baxter
+ Eliza Speid THOMSON 1906

William Bird Baxter
+ Mary Agnes HARRIS 1902

William Edmund Baxter
+ Ivy Blanche GAMBLE 1920

William Edward Sawers Baxter
+ Annie Colquhoun JACKSON 1888

William Ennis Baxter
+ Matilda Susanna ANDREWS 1870

William Ernest Baxter
+ Agnes Frances MEYER 1914

William Garland Baxter
+ Violet Esther SNOOK 1921

William Gill Baxter
+ Kathleen MORLEY 1928

William Henry Baxter
+ Marherita LEMON 1918

William James Baxter
+ Queenie Georgina Myrtle HARVEY 1931

William John Baxter
+ Florence Esther BLAKE 1886

William John Baxter
+ Katie May STUART 1928

William John Baxter
+ Hilda Agnes BUTTERS 1928

William Shirley Baxter
+ Rachel DAILEY 1892

William Stuart Baxter
+ Alice HOWELL 1872

William Warner Baxter
+ Jenny Mable JORK 1905

William Whittington Baxter
+ Ellen Rebekah ATTKINS 1915

your ancestor search in NEW ZEALAND

This help page (which you may wish to bookmark) is in two parts ...
⦿ The top is a list of some of the GREAT SITES that will help in your research
⦿ The next is NZ broken down into 16 Regions with lots of helpful links in each region (cemeteries etc)

please note...
* the links are checked as time permits. Some links are 'down' for maintenance but some are closed down. If you find any that are broken for any length of time please let me know
* if you would like helpful links added please leave a comment
* the list may be added to at any time so visit the original page from time to time ...

⦿ ARCHWAY New Zealand
- contains descriptions of over 1.5 million records that have been transferred from government agencies to four offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin & Wellington. Increased as additional records are added to the system. Also a wealth of information about the government of New Zealand from 1840
NOTE Archway contains descriptive information only; it does not yet provide online access to the text of the records themselves but details may be ordered

- a large number of Kiwi soldiers served with the AIF
also search ...
the Australian War Memorial
and Australian Cemeteries Index

⦿ BATTALION ROLL for the 28th Maori Battalion
- The names and other details given in this roll are those recorded on enlistment. Many 28th Battalion soldiers used alternative names or were known by both Māori and English versions of their names; these are recorded where known

- This site allows you to search and order historical records without being issued with an igovt ID

- casualty database listing the names and place of commemoration of the 1.7 million men and women of the Commonwealth forces who died during the two world wars

- a major historical project funded by the New Zealand government through the Department of Internal Affairs

- search over 142 million grave records

⦿ HELEN'S PAGE of New Zealand History

⦿ IMMIGRANT SHIPS to New Zealand 1835 - 1910
- over 400 passenger lists unique to this website

- Wellington and Canterbury 1845 - 1868

⦿ MARITIME MUSEUM New Zealand Index
- search for vessels, organisations, subjects and people, mentioned in a number of publications currently being indexed by the Museum

- self explanatory, very large site

- Visit Murray Lynn's (1950-2013) fantastic cemetery database. It contains all known cemeteries in New Zealand. Many Cemeteries link to web sites with burial records, plot maps, photos, historic articles etc
* the full list of Murray's cemeteries

- Here you can search and browse an open digital library of New Zealand and Pacific Island documentary heritage material as well as new born-digital work and research from Victoria University

⦿ New Zealand GENEALOGY search
- opens at New Zealand but is a World Wide Directory of Free Genealogy Databases and Record Transcriptions. Has a lot of Regional links

⦿ New Zealand HISTORY
- An excellent site by Robbie Whitmore with a search engine, many, many links, photos, a history forum, watch or learn the Haka, Maori folk songs, tattooing & art, gold rush days, NZ wars - everything Kiwi from pre European to today's news

⦿ New Zealand MUSEUMS A site for you to explore New Zealand museums, art galleries, cultural organisations and their collections per Region

⦿ New Zealand Society of Genealogists

- 2434 Passenger Lists With 942 Ships, 250 ship photographs

- Papers Past contains more than two million pages of digitised New Zealand newspapers and periodicals. The collection covers the years 1839 to 1948 and includes 130 publications (at Feb 2016) from all regions of New Zealand and they add newspapers often

⦿ PASSENGER LISTS 1839-1973 Archives NZ

- A collection of thirty-four illustrated and interesting historical articles and stories by Anthony G. Flude. The New Zealand Company-Wanganui & Riverboats-Exploration & Settlement-Ruatara-a Mori chief-Mori & Missionaries-Unemployed & Homeless-Landsharks & Speculators-First Immigrant ships-The Pioneer Women-Circular Saw Line-Akaroa-the French-Journey to New Zealand-Convicts to NZ-Gold Strikes-Whaling in New Zealand-Cobb & Company-The Boyd Massacre-Don Buck's Gumdiggers Camp

⦿ SHIPS LOGS Australia and New Zealand
- Journals, Pictures and Passenger Ship Links

⦿ TROVE read old Australian Newspapers and more
- Find and get over 374,419,217 Australian and online resources:
books, images, historic newspapers, maps, music, archives and more

- search for Soldiers who served in the Wars

if you know any other good 'Regional Archives' for NZ please leave a comment


During my research around New Zealand I have found that all regions are very proud of their settlers and pioneers and have gone to great lengths, some of them, to preserve their history and provide us with as much information, photos etc as possible. I am going to have to admit to a personal favourite. Because of the obvious large amount of ongoing work that goes into the site:
to this date it contains..
Topics (2,090)
Images (18,960)
Audio (106)
Video (88)
Web links (242)
Documents (2,463)
Discussion (322)
Tags (15,208)
Adopt an ANZAC

I have taken this opportunity to add extra helpful links for New Zealand researching, outside the "Regional Council Archives" usually written by people with an interest in the particular district. The following are mostly online archives, but of course, every town and city has wonderful libraries, museums etc. I have spent a lot of time at the Alexander Turnbull Library in Wellington and it is an amazing place. Call in if you're in Wellington

northernmost city in New Zealand
COUNCIL SEAT - Whangarei
* Northland Regional & District Councils
* Northland Regional Council
* FAR NORTH Cemetery Database for Broadwood, Fairburn, Herekino, Houhoro, Kaei, Kaikohe, Kaitaia, Kawakawa, Kerikeri, Kohukohu, Mangonui, Mangungu, Okaihau, Oruaiti, Paihia, Paranui, Peria, Rawene, Russell, Takahue, Totara North, Umawera, Waiharara, Waipapakauri
* Far North District Council
* Kaipara District Council
* Whangarei District Council
* WHANGAREI Cemetery Database for Hukerenui South, Kamo, Kaurihohore (Kauri), Kioreroa, Mangapai, Marua, Mauna, Maungakaramea, Ngunguru, Onerahi, Otonga, Parua, Waikiekie, Waipu, Whareora
* Northland Genealogy Links - Archives & Libraries-Births & Deaths-Cemeteries-General Resources-Mori-Marriages-Message Boards-Military-Obits & Newspapers-Passenger Lists-Societies

largest and most populous urban area with 31% of the country's population
* Auckland Council
*Auckland Genealogy Links - includes link to Auckland Electoral Rolls, Jury Lists and Directories 1865-1871
* SHIPS to Auckland from 1835
* Auckland Area Passenger Arrivals
* AUCKLAND Cemetery Database for Hillsborough - Onetangi, Waiheke Island - Otahuhu Public - Waikaraka and others
* RODNEY Cemetery Database for Helensville, Hoteo North, Kaipara Flats, Kaukapakapa, Leigh, Matakana, Parkhurst, Port Albert, Puhoi, Stanmore Bay, Te Arai, Te Kapa, Wainui, Wainui Settlers, Warkworth, Wellsford, Whangateau
* PUREWA Cemetery & Crematorium
- This cemetery, a 15 minute drive from Auckland's central business district, is the final resting place for over 45,000 men, women and children, including many of Auckland's notable business and political leaders, clergy and V.C. holders
* WAIKUMETE Cemetery database, largest cemetery in the southern hemisphere

* Waikato Regional & District Councils
* Waikato Regional Council
* Hamilton City Council
* Hamilton Branch NZ Society of Genealogists
* HAMILTON Cemetery Database for Hamilton East, Hamilton West, Hamilton Park,
* Matamata-Piako District Council
* Thames-Coromandel District Council
* THAMES Cemetery Database for Buffalo, Christ Church (Anglican), Colville, Mercury Bay, Omahu, Shortland, Tairua, Tararu, Totara Memorial Park, Whangamata
* PAEROA Cemetery Database for Hauraki Plains (Ngatea), Miranda (Mangatawhiri), Pukerimu, Waihi
* Taupo District Council
* TAUPO Cemetery Database for Taupo, Turangi, Mangakino
* Hauraki District Council
* Otorohanga District Council
* OTOROHANGA Cemetery Database for Kawhia, Otorohanga
* Rotorua District Council
* ROTORUA Cemetery Database for Kauae, Mamaku, Ngakuru, Reporoa, Rotorua
... NOTE free Silverlight plug-in is required to search this cemetery
* South Waikato District Council
* SOUTH WAIKATO cemetery database for Tokoroa, Putaruru, Tirau
- A list of names of those at Thames Street from 1898-2000
*Matamata, Piako, Te Aroha, Maukoro, Morrinsville, Waharoa
NOTE... could still be under development
* Waikato District Council
* Waipa District Council
* Waitomo District Council
*CAMBRIDGE Cemetery Database for Hautapu, Kihikihi, Leamington, Ohaupo, Alexandria (Pirongia), Paterangi, Puahue, Pukeatua, Pukerimu, Te Awamutu

COUNCIL SEAT - Whakatane
Bay of Plenty Regional & District Councils
* Bay of Plenty Regional Council
* Tauranga City Council
* Taupo District Council
* TAUPO Cemetery Database
* Opotiki District Council
* OPOTIKI Cemetery Database for Old Military (Kellt street), Opotiki (Waitangi), Woodlands (Ranginui Urupa)
* Whakatane District Council
* Western Bay of Plenty District Council
* Kawerau District Council
* KAWERAU Cemetery Database for Kawerau
* Rotorua District Council
* SHIPS to Tauranga 1881
* TAURANGA CEMETERY database for Anglican, Catholic, Methodist, Latter Day Saints, Pyes Pa, Presbyterian
... NOTE free Silverlight plug-in is required to search this cemetery
- database does not include information for the Mission Cemetery or Maori Burial Grounds

* Gisborne District Council
* New Zealand Society of Genealogists GISBORNE Branch
* GISBORNE Cemetery Database for Makaraka, Matahiia, Ormond, Motu, Patutahi, Ruatoria, Rakauroa, Taruheru, Te Araroa, Te Puia, Tolaga Bay, Tokomaru Bay

* Hawkes Bay Reginal & District Councils
* Hawke's Bay Regional Council
* Napier City Council
* NAPIER Cemetery Database for Taupo, Turangi and Mangakino
* Taupo District Council
* Hastings District Council
* Wairoa District Council
* WAIROA administers cemeteries for Frasertown, Morere, Nuhaka, Ruakaturi, Wairoa.
Central Hawke's Bay District Council
* NAPIER (Ahuriri) SETTlERS 1850S onwards
* HAWKES BAY CENTRAL Cemetery Database for Forest Gate, Kaikoura North, Makaretu, Otane, Pendle Hill (Private), Porangahau, St Peter's Church, Takapau, Tikokino (Hampden), Waipawa, Waipukurau
* Rangitikei District Council
* RANGITIKEI Cemetery Database for Bulls (Clifton), Mangaweka, Marton (Mt View), Ratana, Taihape, Turakina
* SHIPS to Napier from 1862

COUNCIL SEAT - Stratford
* Taranaki Regional & District Councils
* Taranaki Regional Council
* Stratford District Council
* Stratford Branch NZ Society of Genealogists
* New Plymouth District Council
* New Plymouth Branch NZ Society of Genealogists
* NEW PLYMOUTH Cemetery Database for Awanui, Huirangi, Inglewood, Lepperton, Okato, St Mary's Churchyard, Tarata, Tataraimaka, Te Henui, Tikorangi, Urenui, Waireka, Waitara
* South Taranaki District Council
* SOUTH TARANAKI Cemetery Database for Eltham, Hawera, Kaponga, Manaia, Okaiawa, Opunake, Patea
* SHIPS to New Plymouth from 1858

COUNCIL SEAT - Palmerston North
* Manawatu-Wanganui Regional & District Councils
* Manawatu-Wanganui Regional Council
* Palmerston North City Council
* PALMERSTON NORTH Cemetery Database for Ashhurst, Kelvin Grove, Terrace End
* Stratford District Council
* STRATFORD Cemetery Database for Kopuatama (Main Stratford Cemetery), Midhurst New, Midhurst Old, Pioneer, Tahora, Waipuku, Whangamomona
* Taupo District Council
* Manawatu District Council
* MANAWATU Cemetery Database for Alfredton, Dannevirke, Herbertville, Kaitawa, Kumeroa, Mangahao, Mangaoranga, Mangatainoka, Mangatera, Marchant street, Matamau, Newman, Norsewood, Old Gorge, Ormondville, Pinfold Road, Pongaroa, Woodville, Weber
* all the residents of SETTLERS CEMETERY, Dannevirke
* FEILDING Cemetery Database for Feilding, Halcombe, Kimbolton, Pohangina, Rangiwahia, Rongotea, Sandon, Waituna West
* Horowhenua District Council
* HOROWHENUA Cemetery Database for Foxton, Koputaroa, Levin, Manakau and Shannon
* Rangitikei District Council
* Ruapehu District Council
* Tararua District Council
* NORSEWOOD Cemetery Database
* Waitomo District Council - this surprised me, shouldn't it be in the Waikato region
* Wanganui District Council
* WANGANUI Cemetery Database

New Zealand's Capital City
COUNCIL SEAT - Wellington
* City & District Councils
* Wellington Regional Council
* WELLINGTON Cemetery Database of Bolton St, Karori & Makara
* MOUNT STREET Cemetery Database, all the 1100 known burials so far found in this protected, heritage cemetery (established 6th January 1841)
* Porirua City Council
* PORIRUA Cemetery Database
* TAWA FLAT Cemetery List
* Hutt City Council
* Christ Church TAITA Cemetery Database
* Upper Hutt City Council
* AKATARAWA Cemetery Database
* Wellington City Council
* PETONE Cemetery Database
* South Wairarapa District Council
* the ANZACs at FEATHERSTON cemetery
* Kapiti Coast District Council
* Masterton District Council
* MASTERTON Cemetery Database
* Carterton District Council
* CARTERTON Cemetery Database
* SHIPS to WELLINGTON from 1835
* WAIRARAPA ARCHIVES - a collecting archive that aims to collect records relating to the Wairarapa region. It provides access to these collections through an extensive database
* KETE MASTERTON - has been created to capture and preserve the memories, stories and activities of the people of Masterton. Kete (Maori word for basket) can be used by individuals and community groups to upload documents, photographs, audio or video, and then group them together in 'baskets' (Kete)
* WAIRARAPA PAST - Led by Archivist Gareth Winter, they have a wide selection of resources available, including: an on-line digital photograph collection, on-line catalogue, local history books (many out-of-print), photographs and negatives, architectural plans and maps, records of community organisations, newspapers, family information and histories, film, video and oral recordings, school records

10 ... TASMAN
* Tasman District Council
* TASMAN Cemetery Database for Bainham; Clifton; Collingwood; Collingwood (Old); Dovedale; East Takaka; Flett Road; Foxhill; Hamama (West Takaka); Kotinga; Mararewa Main Rd.; Motueka Public; Murchison; Pioneer Park; Richmond; Riwaka; Rototai; Sandy Bay; Spring Grove; Stanley Brook; Waimea West, Waiwhero

11 ... NELSON
* Nelson City Council
* NELSON CEMETERIES Database for Fairfield (Trafalgar street), Hallowell (Shelbourne street), Marsden Valley, Seaview Road, Wakapuaka
* SHIPS to Nelson from 1835

* Marlborough District Council
* MARLBOROUGH cemetery Database for Blenheim, Fairhall, Havelock, Mahakipawa, Omaka, Picton, Seddon, Tuamarina, Ward

COUNCIL SEAT - Greymouth
* West Coast Reginal & District Councils
* West Coast Regional Council
* WESTPORT Cemetery Database for Addison Flat, Boatsman, Charleston, Inangahua Junction, Karamea, Lyell, Mokihinui, Orowaiti, Reefton, Waimangaroa
* Westland District Council
* WESTLAND Cemetery Database for Hokitika, Kumara, Ross and Stafford
* Buller District Council - with a link to Westport Genealogy and History Group
* Grey District Council
* GREY Administered Cemeteries Ahaura, Barrytown, Blackball, Cobden, Gladstone, Greenstone, Karoro, Mori Gully, Ngahere, Notown, Stillwater

COUNCIL SEAT - Christchurch
* Canterbury Regional & District Councils
Canterbury Regional Council
* Christchurch City Council - with a link to their cemetery database
* AKAROA Electoral Roll for 1856-1857
* Mackenzie District Council
* MacKENZIE Cemetery Database for Albury, Burkes Pass, Fairlie, Twizel
* Ashburton District Council
* ASHBURTON Cemetery Database by surname list
* Hurunui District Council
* Selwyn District Council
* CONTACT for information regarding people buried in the cemeteries
Bishops Corner, Brookside, Dunsandel, Ellesmere, Ellesmere Caholic, Greendale, Hororata, Killinchy, Kimberley, Kirwee, Kowai Pass, Lake Colleridge, Lincoln, Prebbleton, Shands Road, South Malvern, Springston, Waddington, Weedons Wesleyan
* Kaikoura District Council
* Waimate District Council
* Waimakariri District Council
* WAIMAKARIRI Cemetery Database for Birch Hill, Cust-Mairaki, Kaiapoi Anglican, Kaiapoi Public, Oxford Public, Rangiora Park Lawn
* Waitaki District Council
* Timaru District Council
* TIMARU Cemetery Database
* SHIPS to Lyttelton from 1835
* SHIPS into Timaru from 1858

15 ... OTAGO
* Otago Regional & District Councils
* Otago Regional Council
* Passenger Arrivals at Port Chalmers
* DUNEDIN Cemetery Database for Andersons Bay, Allanton (Greytown), Broad Bay, East Taieri, Green Island, Green Park, Hindon, Macandrew Bay, Northern Cemetery, Otokia, Port Chalmers, Portobello, Purakaunui, Southern Cemetery, Waikouaiti (Hawksbury), Waitati (Blueskin), West Taieri
* CAVERSHAM Electoral Roll Database South Dunedin Electoral Rolls for 1893, 1896, 1899, 1902, 1905, 1911, 1914, 1919, 1922, 1925, 1928, 1931, 1935, 1938
* Clutha District Council
* Queenstown-Lakes District Council
* QUEENSTOWN Cemetery Database for Arrowtown, Cardrona, Frankton, Glenorchy, Kingston, Makarora, Queenstown, Skippers Point and Wanaka
* Central Otago District Council
* MANUHERIKIA Roll of Electors 1865 - 1866
* Waitaki District Council
* SHIPS to Port Chalmers from 1835

southernmost city in the Commonwealth of Nations
COUNCIL SEAT - Invercargill
* Southland Regional & District Councils
* Southland Regional Council
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SPROTT marriages New Zealand 1871-1934

known SPROTT MARRIAGES in New Zealand 1871 - 1934

Alfred Sprott
married Leah Margaret HEATH in 1923

Cyril Sprott
married Elizabeth Wilkie SOMERVILLE in 1932

Ernest Dobson Sprott
married Elsie Amy FARROW in 1924

Frederick William Sprott
married Caroline STEWART in 1899
the known children of FREDERICK & CAROLINE:
* 1899 - unnamed child Sprott
* 1900 - Caroline Jane Tui Sprott
* 1901 - Samuel Cyril Sprott
* 1903 - Miles Herbert Sprott
* 1904 - Lilian May Sprott
* 1906 - Desma Kura Sprott
* 1907 - Maurice Sprott
* 1910 - Eileen Sprott
* 1911 - Stewart Basil Sprott

Gilbert Cecil Sprott
married Mildred Gertrude Audrey BADELEY in 1934

Henry Sprott (1842-1934)
married Jane McMILLAN (1853-1931) in 1888
Star, 5 June 1888 SPROTT-McMILLAN - May 24, at the residence of the bride's parents, Halfway Bush, Dunedin, by the Rev E. R. Sutherland, Henry Sprott, Chertsey, to Jane, second daughter of Mr Angus McMillan
the known children of HENRY & JANE:
* 1889 - Henry Angus Sprott
* 1891 - Mary Jane SPrott
* 1893 - John Samuel Sprott
* 1895 - James William Sprott
JANE Sprott died 15 April 1931 aged 78
HENRY Sprott died 13 May 1934 aged 82
- they are buried Plot 28, Area 33 at Ashburton cemetery

Henry Angus Sprott
married Ida Elizabeth HARRISON in 1927

Herbert Myles Sprott
married Margaret Evelyn De LURY in 1928

Hugh Wilson Sprott
married Selina Margaret CROFT in 1926

John Samuel Sprott (1893-1958)
* son of Henry SPROTT (1842-1934) & Jane McMILLAN (1853-1931)
married Caroline Jane Tui SPROTT (1900-1967) in 1918
* daughter of Frederick William SPROTT (1873-1960) & Caroline STEWART (1876-1959)
JOHN SAMUEL Sprott died 19 Jan 1958 aged 64
CAROLINE JANE TUI Sprott died 23 August 1967 aged 67
- they are buried Plots 36 & 37, Area 265 at Ashburton cemetery

Joseph Sprott
married Catherine McKENZIE in 1891

Maurice Sprott
married Agnes Lamont HILL in 1930

Robert Sprott
married Margaret Agnew LAWRIE (1857-1932) in 1876
(both from Scotland)
the known children of ROBERT & MARGARET:
* 1877 - 1877 Robert Andrew Sprott (aged 6 months)
* 1878 - 1967 William Lawrie Sprott
* 1880 - 1960 Susan Sprott
* 1881 - 1965 Hugh Wilson Sprott (buried Dunedin)
* 1883 - 1962 Robert Sprott (Private 22394)
* 1884 - 1884 Margaret Sprott (aged 3 weeks, buried Green Island)
* 1885 - 1944 James Sprott (Private 29683)
* 1887 - 1918 George Sprott (Private 23/389)
* 1888 - Jane Sprott
* 1891 - 1975 Sydney Sprott
* 1893 - 1915 Percy George Sprott (Private 8/1642)
* 1895 - 1915 Frederick Charles Sprott (Private 8/1641)
* 1897 - 1980 Gilbert Cecil Sprott (died Christchurch)
* 1899 - 1968 Margaret Lilian Sprott (never married, lived Mosgiel)
* 1902 - 1902 born still Sprott (buried with parents at Green Island)
SEE ALSO Kiwis on Chunuk Bair
ROBERT died 23 June 1920 aged 74
MARGARET AGNEW died 9 Dec 1932 in Momona, Allanton aged 74
they are buried Plot 76, Block 3 at Green Island Cemetery, Dunedin
(with them is 3 week old Margaret (1884) & their born still baby (1902)

Robert Sprott
married Annie McNEILL in 1923

Robert McClelland Sprott
married Nora HOLLIS in 1910

Samuel Sprott
married Annie Elizabeth McKENZIE in 1884

Sydney Sprott
married Amy Carvosso BIRCH in 1924

Walter Sprott
married Margaret Ethel HINES in 1900

William Andrew Sprott (1858-1922)
married Bertha Emma Croad MASON (1864-1964) in 1888
the known children of WILLIAM & BERTHA:
* 1889 - Bertha Mary Sprott
* 1892 - Violet Bell Sprott
* 1896 - Jessie Main Sylvester Sprott

William Laurie Sprott
married Catherine WEIR in 1903

William Lawrie Sprott (1878-1967)
married Maud Johnstone HUSKISSON in 1913

William McClough Sprott
married Beatrice Ivy HYNDS in 1926

Annie Kathleen Sprott
married Ernest William George COLENDGE in 1902

Caroline Jane Tui Sprott
married John Samuel SPROTT in 1918

Constance Sprott
married Henry Redvers Buller JACOBI in 1924

Constance Isabel Sprott
married Charles Dorey HARDIE in 1886
the known children of CONSTANCE & CHARLES;
* 1886 - Leonard Francis Dorey hardie
* 1887 - Clarence Stanley hardie
* 1889 - Leslie Rupert Hardie
* 1892 - Amone Guinevere Hardie
* 1894 - Kinloch Sprott Hardie

Decima Koura Sprott
married Darcy Paul TOZER in 1930

Eileen Sprott
married Herbert Ashley GRIMWOOD in 1930

Eileen Grace Sprott
married Herbert Lawrence LEWIS in 1926

Isabella Guiney Sprott
married Alexander Robertson CONNELL in 1933

Jane Sprott
married Stuart LINDSAY in 1927

Jane Samson Sprott
married Robert Lucas McLENAHAN in 1871

Jessie Main Silvester Sprott (1896-1988)
married Albert James RYAN in 1928

Lillian May Sprott
married James Ure DOBSON in 1933
Evening Post, 28 March 1932 The engagement is announced of James Ure, youngest son of Mrs Dobson and the late Mr W. Dobson, of Wellington, to Lillian May, second daughter of Mr and Mrs F. W. Sprott, of Belfast, North Canterbury

May Sprott
married Athol Egbert CARRINGTON in 1922

Susan Sprott
married John Davidson DUNCAN in 1926

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