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QUINLIVAN marriages 1901-1927 Victoria Australia

QUINLIVAN marriages 1901-1927 Victoria Australia.


Edward Michael
married: 1901 Catherine MCKENZIE.

married: 1904 Annie CLARKE.

married: 1905 Ellen HOLMES.

James Leo
married: 1907 Margaret Elizabeth MILL.

Thomas Corns
married: 1907 Jessie OWEN.

James Laurence
married: 1909 Eileen Bertha GALVIN.

Michael James
married: 1909 Sarah Mary PENDERGAST.

John Francis
married: 1910 Mary Barbara LEWIS.

Albert Edward
married: 1916 May HARRIS.

Claude Leslie
married: 1916 Naomi Phyllis Jean LAWRENCE.

married: 1920 Winifred Mary OLOUGHLIN.

James Edward
married: 1920 Mary Dory CROSS.

William Alfred
married: 1920 Emily DONALD.

John Patrick
married: 1921 Honor Haydon PITMAN.

Michael Joseph
married: 1921 Annie Frances GREENE.

Edward Louis
married: 1921 Evelyn Mary SMITH.

Arthur Bernard
married: 1921 Marion ISBEL.

William Garrett
married: 1923 Alice Elizabeth FOLEY.

married: 1924 Annie Victoria BURNS.

John Francis
married: 1925 Daisy Bertha GALWAY.

James Laurence
married: 1926 Helena MOLLOY.

QUINLIVAN (females)

Mary Ellen
married: 1903 Bartholomew Hycon FORBES.

Mary Veronica
married: 1903 George Fitz Hugh Bush JAMES.

married: 1904 Isaac MOORE.

married: 1905 Edward WALSH.

married: 1907 Jeremiah Francis RYAN.

Mary Ellen
married: 1911 Patrick James MURTAGH.

married: 1912 Charles William WEIR.

married: 1912 Louis DESSENT.

Florence Ethel
married: 1916 Sydney Brice HAMBLIN.

married: 1919 Frederick CLARKE.

Elizabeth Liln
married: 1920 Henry Patrick TOMLINSON.

Florence Mary
married: 1920 William Francis DOUGLAS.

Queenie Catherine
married: 1922 Frank Francis SMITH.

Mary Anne
married: 1923 Ellis James DRINNAN.

Elena Mary
married: 1927 Henry FARRELL.

Eileen Teresa
married: 1927 Dennis Thomas MILES.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the QUINLIVAN lines.

JN 62281

BEDDOE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

BEDDOE marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.

BEDDOE (males)

John Stewart
married: 1928 Christina Rosina ZIMMER.

Archibald Francis
married: 1929 Alma Jean BENHAM.

married: 1933 Eileen Elizabeth LILLIS.

Charles Creighton
married: 1934 Phyllis Mary PEGLER.

William David
married: 1938 Emma Frances Muriel HECKER.

Francis Griffiths
married: 1938 Irma May LANGSLOW.

Ronald Osborne
married: 1940 Dora Hilda Emily GLOSSOP.

Richard Escombe
married: 1940 Marjorie Isabel CURTIS.

married: 1941 Jean Elizabeth NAISMITH.

John Stewart
married: 1942 Jessie Victoria STRINGER.

Francis Enoch
married: 1942 Mavis Jean GRAY.

Donald Cosmo
married: 1942 Adele Margaret PATON.

BEDDOE (females)

Emily Evelyn
married: 1925 John Martin WICKING.

Hazel Lillian
married: 1925 George BURRELL.

Minnie Victoria
married: 1926 John Stanley PRIDEAUX.

Isabella Barrah
married: 1928 Clive Stanley STEPHENS.

Mabel Murrell
married: 1928 Frank WALKER.

Marjory Hope
married: 1933 Harold Rupert GAULTON.

married: 1937 Robert Elliott BATTON.

Eileen Elizabeth
married: 1940 Athol Ogilvy SIMMONS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BEDDOE lines.

JN 62280

PENDERGAST marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

PENDERGAST marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.


Cornelius William James
married: 1921 Rebecca Frances SCAMMELL.

Cornelius Charles
married: 1922 Sarah MULLINS.

Charles Vivian
married: 1923 Marjory Angas EVANS.

John Alfred Charles
married: 1927 Ethel May JARVIS.

married: 1935 Sarah Winifred MURTAGH.

John Ralph
married: 1935 Alice Kate CHAPMAN.

Louis James
married: 1936 Monica Margaret MCKENZIE.

Owen Herbert
married: 1939 Isobel BAKER.

Claude James
married: 1939 Janet Edna NEWLANDS.

Patrick Kennedy
married: 1940 Margaret Elizabeth AHERN.

Allen Norman
married: 1940 Eva Dorothy BETTS.

married: 1941 Daisy Bell ANSELL.

Henry Louis
married: 1941 Sylvia Gladys MURPHY.

Michael John
married: 1941 Margaret Annie KING.

James Keith
married: 1941 Dory Victoria PENDERGAST.

Harold Frederick
married: 1941 Catherine Ethel HILL.

Charles John
married: 1942 Mary Noel HOLLONDS.

James Leonard
married: 1942 Olive Emma EDWARDS.

PENDERGAST (females)

Florence Mary
married: 1922 Ernest Southest MCCALLUM.

married: 1923 Clive Clifford WATSON.

Elizabeth Margaret Ellen
married: 1927 Roy NICHOLAS.

Eugenie Victoria
married: 1928 Lewis Gladstone SEARS.

Ella Matilda
married: 1929 Roland Hubert HAMILTON.

Vera Annie
married: 1930 Theo DURCRET.

Mary Matilda
married: 1934 Cyril Frank KNIGHT.

Ena Victoria Mary
married: 1935 Charles Thomas PARKES.

Margaret Jessie
married: 1939 Jack Pat DWYER.

Dory Victoria
married: 1941 James Keith PENDERGAST.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PENDERGAST lines.

JN 62279

HENRY marriages (males) 1866-1875 Victoria Australia

HENRY marriages (males) 1866-1875 Victoria Australia.

HENRY (males)

married: 1866 Emily HOLLOW.

married: 1866 Jane WICKHAM.

married: 1866 Ann BULLEN.

married: 1866 Elizabeth Ann ROBBINS.

married: 1867 Edith Elizabeth VINE.

married: 1867 Emma WALL.

married: 1867 Mary Ann EDWARDS.

married: 1867 Eliza GILMORE.

married: 1868 Florence Eliza HAYWARD.

married: 1868 Margaret GURNEY.

married: 1868 Mary PARSONS.

married: 1868 Mary Teresa RENWICK.

George Bruce Watson
married: 1869 Wilhelmina MURPHY.

married: 1869 Mary CALLAGHAN.

married: 1870 Elizabeth Ann WELLS.

married: 1870 Amelia Jane RICHARDSON.

married: 1870 Elizabeth CUNNINGHAM.

married: 1870 Ellen KNIPE.

married: 1870 Edith Octavia TATHAM.

married: 1871 Mary Ann BAGLIN.

married: 1871 Mary Teresa RENWICK.

Richard Treacy
married: 1872 Isabella CURRAN.

married: 1872 Bessie CASEY.

married: 1873 Jessie ROSS.

married: 1873 Mary Ann MOONEY.

John Edwin
married: 1874 Caroline BENBOW.

married: 1874 Mary Anne CONLAN.

married: 1874 Mary Letitia HALL.

married: 1874 Emily GOTT.

married: 1874 Elizabeth SALTER.

married: 1874 Ann LAYFIELD.

married: 1875 Mary Anne BYRNE.

married: 1875 Esther Linder PEGG.

Joseph Haines
married: 1875 Catherine Elizabeth DORMER.

married: 1875 Sarah WHELEHAN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HENRY lines.

JN 62278

HENRY marriages (females) 1866-1880 Victoria Australia

HENRY marriages (females) 1866-1880 Victoria Australia.

HENRY (females)

Mary Anne
married: 1866 Terence OBRIEN.

Mary Ann
married: 1868 Philip WILLIAMS.

married: 1868 William Walter BARNES.

Mary Cockburn
married: 1868 William Edward SIMS.

married: 1869 Daniel CLARKE.

Emily Rose
married: 1869 George Chesterton EVANS.

married: 1869 William WILSON.

married: 1869 John Glasgow MCGOWAN.

married: 1870 Alexander SIMSON.

married: 1870 William Henry MAWBY.

Bridget Ellen
married: 1870 John LEWIS.

Rebecca Agnes
married: 1870 William Henry KITTO.

married: 1871 Robert Henry KING.

married: 1872 Michael HOLACHAN.

married: 1872 Charles BROWN.

Bessy Teresa
married: 1872 William MCLAUGHLIN.

Mary Ann
married: 1873 Joseph MCCANN.

Eliza Ann
married: 1873 Robert ROY.

married: 1874 John ARMSTRONG.

married: 1874 Ellis HARRIS.

Mary Ann
married: 1874 Alfred Charles CROFTS.

married: 1876 Gilbert HOLLINGWORTH.

Sarah Marie
married: 1876 Frederick WHEELER.

married: 1876 Richard GEORHEGAN.

married: 1877 Frederick ROPER.

married: 1878 Friedrick STICHNOTH.

married: 1878 William NEVINSON.

married: 1878 George Thomas MARRIOTT.

Christina Henderson
married: 1878 Robert Fergus MARSHALL.

married: 1879 Henry KITTILTY.

married: 1879 Charles Henry KENNEDY.

Maggie (Margaret)
married: 1879 Alexander Marius Pin PAIN.

married: 1880 John CONGRESS.

Dora Marian
married: 1880 Herbert HAYWARD.

married: 1880 Benjamin Miles HOBSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HENRY lines.

JN 62277

CROW marriages 1917-1928 Victoria Australia

CROW marriages 1917-1928 Victoria Australia.

CROW (males)

married: 1917 Emma Maud SCOTT.

married: 1918 Agnes Hamilton BROWN.

Alexander Victor
married: 1919 Margaret Millbrough WATSON.

James Harold
married: 1919 Beatrice Ethel DE WART.

Edward Summers
married: 1920 Estelle Violet Eleanor GIDLEY.

Herbert Allan
married: 1920 Violet Catherine COX.

married: 1920 Linda Blanche MOORE.

Walter Lionel
married: 1921 Lilian Clara SMYTH.

Hugh Joseph
married: 1921 Matilda Maud BEASLEY.

John William Stuart
married: 1922 Ruby Doreen STUBBS.

William Charles
married: 1922 Elizabeth MCILROY.

William Henry
married: 1922 Selina Miriam CHAMER.

Leith Clyde
married: 1922 Evelen Elwyn LYNSKEY.

John Avon
married: 1923 Irene Maud FREEMANTLE.

Joel Thomas
married: 1924 Vera Myra Eileen WILSON.

Leslie John
married: 1924 Edith Maud MOCK.

Frederick Gregson
married: 1927 Ellen SCOTT.

Victor George
married: 1928 Ivy Jean JOHNSTON.

CROW (females)

Alice Woodlands
married: 1917 Percy Frederick TAINTON.

Edith Maude
married: 1917 David William EDWARDS.

married: 1918 William Robert BYERS.

Elsie Harriet
married: 1918 James STOCKS.

married: 1918 Roy Francis SHILLABEER.

married: 1919 Charles Duncan MONTEATH.

Mary Pennington
married: 1919 Leslie James Grierson COUPAR.

Doris Amy
married: 1920 Harry Leslie PERRY.

married: 1920 Francis EVANS.

Ellen Harriet
married: 1920 Ernest Otto CHARLHOLMES.

Lin Grace
married: 1920 William John STEPHENS.

Queenie Victoria
married: 1920 Alexander Henry James MCIVOR.

Violet Alice
married: 1922 William James WALLACE.

Nellie Clara
married: 1922 Charles Hendry WATTS.

Annie Elizabeth
married: 1923 Andrew James MOORE.

Agnes Inglis
married: 1924 Andrew William SUTHERLAND.

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1926 Frederick James MCILROY.

married: 1926 Michael CONDON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CROW lines.

JN 62267

KOCH marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia

KOCH marriages 1901-1920 Victoria Australia.

KOCH (males)

Wilhelm Rudolph Waldermar
married: 1903 Elinor BURTON.

John Henry
married: 1904 Elsie May HOGARTH.

married: 1905 Alice Annie WESTERN.

John George
married: 1905 Corina Louise Bartlina TUDDEN.

Louis Thins
married: 1907 Ruby Ethel BLAKE.

William Joseph
married: 1908 Marie Ethel DIHM.

Franz John
married: 1909 Margaret Sarah LEAKE.

Joseph Valentine
married: 1909 Queenie Silvia CHARLES.

married: 1911 Elsie MCIVOR.

married: 1912 Mabel Mercie MILLER.

Victor Valentine
married: 1912 Mary Ann DUNNE.

Albert Hugo
married: 1913 Alice Maud MASSINA.

George Henry
married: 1914 Bessie ROGERS.

married: 1915 Hilda Myrtle BETTESS.

Louis Theodore
married: 1915 Eliza Catherine CONSTABLE.

Edgar James
married: 1916 Julia MCGOLDRICK.

Frederick William
married: 1919 Esther Marion MCTAGGART.

John Henry Olaf
married: 1919 Hilda May BROOKS.

Bertie Samuel
married: 1920 Catherine HOLMBERG.

Clarence Harry
married: 1920 Linda Amy Florence MARTIN.

KOCH (females)

married: 1903 Johann BORGER.

married: 1904 John Francis FORTUNE.

Margaret Theresa
married: 1904 Thomas HITCHENS.

Mary Frances
married: 1904 John Samuel HUGHES.

Maud Elizabeth
married: 1904 David MCINTOSH.

Mabel Jane
married: 1906 Charles James HENDERSON.

Maude Josephine
married: 1907 Denzel William Bonnar BROCK.

married: 1909 Edward THOMAS.

married: 1913 John Francis MULLINS.

Mary Ethel Rose
married: 1913 Albert Ernest DALMAN.

Rubena Ethel
married: 1915 William Clements MCDONALD.

married: 1916 Patrick MULLINS.

Helena Wilhelmine
married: 1916 Johann STUBER.

married: 1919 Claude Sylvester FATTICK.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KOCH lines.

JN 62264

SPRY marriages (males) 1886-1920 Victoria Australia

SPRY marriages (males) 1886-1920 Victoria Australia.

SPRY (males)

Samuel Edwin
married: 1887 Victoria Annie Elizabeth FOX.

Francis Joseph
married: 1887 Jessie Cunningham MARSHALL.

married: 1890 Mary Jane COTTON.

Thomas Walter Hooper
married: 1892 Everest Maud MURRAY.

John Edward
married: 1893 Anne EVANS.

Walter Edenhope
married: 1893 Ursula Ada ORFORD.

Samuel Richard
married: 1895 Lucy WILSON.

William Dingle
married: 1896 Euphemia Georgina PHILLIPS.

married: 1897 Eliza GASH.

Alfred James
married: 1898 Lillian May DOWLING.

Joseph John
married: 1898 Elizabeth HOOPER.

Frank William
married: 1901 Mary COLLINS.

married: 1902 Bessie PRESTON.

John Edwin
married: 1903 Lily Edith Amy BENNETT.

married: 1903 Sarah Ann HORE.

James Henry
married: 1905 Frances Alexandra MCDONALD.

married: Ada BOWTELL.

married: 1906 Winifred Jane ANDREWS.

married: 1907 Isabel JOHNSTON.

married: 1908 Eleanor Taylor CURRAN.

married: 1909 Lily ROBOTHAM.

Frederick William
married: 1911 Kate Laura WHITNEY.

John Leslie
married: 1911 Mabel Harriet CATMULL.

married: 1913 Cecelia Florence Maud WOODWARD.

Albert Augustus
married: 1914 Violet Eveline DANCEY.

Herbert Edwin
married: 1915 Margaret Lamont ASHFORD.

married: 1916 Doris MCCARTHY.

Thomas Walter Hooper
married: 1916 Margaret MCDONALD.

Percival Stanley
married: 1917 Evelyn Jane NANKERVIS.

John Edwin
married: 1918 Henrietta BALL.

Ernest John Thomas
married: 1919 Bertha Horler MOORE.

George Percy
married: 1919 Brenda SPRY.

Ernest Albert
married: 1920 Olive Mary DRINAN.

James Francis
married: 1920 Elizabeth Anne WALSH.

William Paterson
married: 1920 Essie Inglewood JENKIN.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPRY lines.

JN 62258

SPRY marriages (females) 1886-1920 Victoria Australia

SPRY marriages (females) 1886-1920 Victoria Australia.

SPRY (females)

Emily Jane
married: 1888 John VINCENT.

Annie Emily Georgina
married: 1889 Herbert Gill HOWGATE.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1893 Edwin James NEWSON.

Elizabeth Ann
married: 1895 George Henry DUNN.

Annie Amelia Alberta
married: 1899 William Thomas AHERN.

Emily Jane
married: 1899 William John HUNTER.

Euphemia Georgina
married: 1899 John LITTLE.

Ella Marion
married: 1901 Julius Henry Carl KOPMANN.

Annie Alice Ada Victoria
married: 1904 James Augustin Langan BARRETT.

Edith Alice May
married: 1905 Alfred Percival SLEAP.

Eliza Carol
married: 1908 James HEALEY.

Gladys Lilian
married: 1909 Arthur Edward PETERSON.

Ruby Victoria
married: 1909 Clifford PEACOCK.

Frederico Maude
married: 1911 Walter Leslie MICHAM.

Alice May
married: 1912 Archibald Walter TAYLOR.

Beatrice Emily
married: 1912 Horace CROUCH.

Jessie Cunningham
married: 1914 William George STEPHENSON.

Selina Hilda
married: 1914 Robert Arthur COOKE.

Irene Florence Everest
married: 1915 Louis Archibald Bell HUSTON.

Annie Maud
married: 1916 Thomas HENWOOD.

Florence Lilian
married: 1916 Leslie PEARMAN.

Ruby May
married: 1916 Ernest Jacob PEMBROKE.

Hazel Victoria
married: 1918 Herman Wilkins BRENDEL.

married: 1918 Herman Alexander KLAWS.

married: 1919 George Percy SPRY.

Idina Grace
married: 1919 William Arthur TAYLOR.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the SPRY lines.

JN 62257

PUCKEY marriages 1855-1942 Victoria Australia

PUCKEY marriages 1855-1942 Victoria Australia.

PUCKEY (males)

married: 1855 Mary Susan TURNER.

married: 1856 Eliza Pierce COMBER.

married: 1861 Catherine DERN.

Gustav John
married: 1881 Jane NICOL.

married: 1886 Carol JONES.

William Richard Plantagent
married: 1889 Alice Elizabeth FORD.

married: 1890 Clara Vine BELL.

married: 1901 Jane Maud MARRYOTT BOAG.

George Henry
married: 1907 Ethel Mary HEWITT.

married: 1910 Isabella Elizabeth JONES.

William Charles
married: 1913 Mary Ellen OTOOLE.

married: 1914 Olive Marguerite STAFFORD.

William George
married: 1919 Ione Margaret ROBERTS.

Charles Thomas
married: 1922 Mary Pearl GLEESON.

married: 1933 Nellie May EAST.

Dern Marryott
married: 1938 Edna Rene BRADLEY.

George Iven
married: 1940 Rita Caroline HILLMAN.

William John
married: 1942 Hazel Norine PRICE.

PUCKEY (females)

Emma Jane
married: 1873 James John GUEST.

Almina Ada
married: 1880 James Henry MCCLAREN.

married: 1882 Robert LEAVER.

married: 1884 John STUPART.

married: 1886 Thomas HARVEY.

married: 1893 Arthur JENNINGS.

married: 1897 Charles ADKINS.

Ethel May
married: 1904 Edward Henry BALDWIN.

married: 1905 Arthur Robert DYER.

Hilda Eliza Victoria
married: 1907 John SILVER.

married: 1907 George Henry MERRETT.

Alice Eliza
married: 1908 Alfred DIKE.

Mary Jane
married: 1909 Charles Rolland CAWTHRAY.

Pearl Emily
married: 1913 William LEE.

Delphine Muriel
married: 1914 Frederick James GRANDLAND.

Elizabeth Rebecca
married: 1915 John Thomas HOLT.

Jessie Evelyn
married: 1916 George WILLY.

Federal Theo Dora
married: 1917 Walter David FRY.

Dorothea Florence
married: 1919 Terence William Francis STEWART.

Margarita Helen
married: 1924 Christopher Hainer KAMP.

Ione Margaret
married: 1931 Edward DODDS.

Elsa Jean
married: 1935 Wilbur Roy BROWNBILL.

Shirley Mary
married: 1938 James Anthony WALSH.

Isabel Mona
married: 1939 Charles Edward RATTEN.

Ruby Mary
married: 1941 Alan Lorraine WOTHERSPOON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the PUCKEY lines.

JN 62254