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WELLINGTON New Zealand Province - Family Names 1897 .. F

Journal by ngairedith

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Each entry contains biographical details, usually an article, although some have only a short entry.

There will be a $NZ 5.00 fee charged for each full length article requested. Short entries are free.
All transcribed articles are put online along with any accompanying photographs.

If you would like a transcript, please e-mail your request with the year of the Cyclopedia concerned and the name and reference number of the person required.
I will then advise whether the entry is a full length one or not and whether any payment is due.

- some of the names have links for bio info (go to link above)
- any numbers are those used for ordering (more info at site above)

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FAIRBROTHER George Augustus, Councillor, JP Carterton 903 914
FAIRBROTHER Richard JP London, Carterton 904
FAIRBROTHER Thomas Frederick Carterton, Palmerston North 1157
FAIRBURN John Germany, Auckland, Wanganui 1406
FAIRCHILD Captain John Devonshire, SS Sturt, Luna and Hinemoa 165
FALCONER Captain John Glasgow, Wellington 178 327 330
FALKNER Francis Dublin 1189
FANCOURT Venerable Archdeacon Thomas Worcestershire, Wellington
FARMER William Staffordshire, Fitzherbert 1201
FARQUHAR J. H. Nelson, Wellington 697-698
FAULKE Dr. Herbert Charles Edinburgh, Manchester, Wellington 481
FEAR Francis James Webber Barnstaple Devonshire, Wellington 678-679
FEASEY Richard Leamington Warwickshire, Palmerston North 1154
FEATHERSTON Miss Fanny Wellington 299
FEATHERSTON Dr. Isaac Earl Wellington 68 211-12 263 1360
FEIST Edwin, Councillor Framfield Sussex, Masterton 935
FEIST Egbert & Co. England, Lower Hutt 838
FEIST Frank London, Carterton 917
FELL Dr. Walter Nelson, Wellington 481
FELLINGHAM George Kent 1513
FELLINGHAM George Wellington, Tinui 1513
FELTON George South Wales, Wellington 154
FENWICK George Denmark, Oamaru, Featherston 854
FENWICK George Wellington 752
FERGUS Hon. Thomas Ayrshire, Melbourne, Otago 83-84
FERGUSON Basil Belfast, Wanganui 1407
FERGUSON John Perth Scotland, Wellington 741
FERGUSON William London, Wellington 318
FERGUSSON Right Hon. Sir James, Governor Edinburgh, Bombay, New Zealand 37
FERNANDOS Nicholas Ithaca Greece, Wellington 703-704
FERNIE Bros . Makirikiri, Wanganui 1444
FERNIE John Scotland, Wanganui 1444
FIELD Henry Augustus M.H.R. Otaki 1091 1101
FIELD Henry Claylands Hampshire, Aramoho 1091 1353
FIELD William Hughes Wanganui, Wellington 417-418
FIELDER Henry London, Wellington 654
FIFE Alexander C. Forfarshire, Christchurch 153-154
FIFE Jessie ne NEILSON Falkirk, Scotland 154
FIFE William Renfrew, Featherston 853
FINKER Meyer Wellington 708
FINLAYSON Robert Kincardine, SS. Aotea 788
FINN George Christchurch, Wellington 562 614
FINN Rigg & Co Wellington 562
FIRTH J. P. Nelson, Wellington 366
FISHER Cornelius Berkshire, Ohariu Valley 1071
FISHER David Patrick Dublin, Wellington 552
FISHER Francis . 55
FISHER George & Co Wellington 563
FISHER George Dublin, Dunedin, Wellington
FISHER James Temple . 78
FISHER T. W. Waitotara 341 1466-1467
FISK Captain Blenheim 779
FISK Arthur Henry Wellington, SS. Rakaia 779
FITCHETT Ashton Buddle Wellington 615
FITCHETT Dr. Frederick Lincolnshire, Dunedin, Wellington 136
FITCHETT Mr. J. Wellington 966-967
FITCHETT John Bradby Derbyshire, Wellington 608-609
FITZGERALD Gerald Wellington 578-579
FITZGERALD James Edward Bath, Canterbury, Wellington
FITZGERALD Rev. Lyttelton Auckland 119
FITZGERALD Rev. Otho Wellington 119
FITZGERALD William Christchurch, Wellington 297-99
FITZGERALD William Crothers Wellington 486
FITZHERBERT Anthony Derbyshire, Pakihikura 1252 1333
FITZHERBERT Henry Samuel Palmerston North 1145 1167
FITZHERBERT Samuel Dorset 100
FITZHERBERT Sir William Dorset, Wellington
FITZHERBERT William Alfred, Mayor Lower Hutt 834
FITZROY Captain . 30
FLANAGAN Frederick William Dunedin 182-183
FLEMING David Forfarshire, South Africa, Waverley 1483
FLEMING Ernest Joseph Timaru, Wellington 418
FLEMING Jubal Portsmouth, Palmerston North 1182
FLEMING Thomas Reid Glasgow, Wellington 373
FLETCHER Caroline Manor Cunningham County Donegal, Pahiatua
FLETCHER Edward Exton, Councillor Lincolnshire, Wanganui
FLETCHER John Manor Cunningham County Donegal 1010
FLETCHER Joseph Alfred Collingwood, Raetihi 1460
FLETCHER Thomas Birmingham, Upper Hutt 841
FLOCKTON John H. Wellington 654
FLOCKTON & Co. . Wellington 654
FLOYD W. A. Ohingaiti 1293
FLUX George Isle of Wight, Wellington 1505
FLYGER James Wellington 655
FLYGER & WILSON . Wellington 655
FOCKE Eberhard Bremen, Wellington 710
FORBES Colonel Bengal Staff Corps 779
FORBES Lord of Semphill 779
FORBES Alick India, SS. Rimutaka 779
FORBES John Gordon. Aberdeen, Aramoho 1350
FORD H. H. New Plymouth, Turakina 1336
FORD John H. England, Palmerston North 1186
FORD Mereweather Exeter, SS. Tekoa, Ruapehu, Aorangi 778
FORD Mr. W. F. England, Wadestown 807
FORLONG Hamilton G. Dunedin, Wanganui 1403
FORREST Hugh Edinburgh, Wellington 442
FORREST Mrs. ne TOWNSEND Taranaki, Wellington 442
FORRESTER James Kilmarnock, SS. Tongariro 781
FORSAITH Thomas Spencer . 56
FORTUNE Peter Thomas Auckland, Wellington 822
FOSELLA Marco Florence, Levin 1112
FOSTER James Jarrow-on-Tyne, Longburn 1122
FOSTER Mary Caroline Stubbington 178
FOSTER Rev. William Stubbington 178
FOSTER William Christchurch, Manukau 1103
FOSTER William James London, Wellington 798
FOSTON Herman Tealby Lincolnshire, Featherston 853
FOTHERGILL John Archdale Wellington 707
FOWLER Hilton Scarborough Yorkshire, Fowlers 1250
FOWLES George William, Councillor Warwickshire, Feilding
FOX Colonel Francis John Co. Westmeath Ireland
FOX Morris Leicestershire, Wellington 536
FOX Miss Sophia Wellington 1112
FOX Sir William . 57 1360
FRANCE Dr. Charles London, Wellington 482
FRANCIS Mrs. London, Australia, Wellington 377, 1508
FRANCIS George Adelaide 377
FRANKLIN Frederick Dunedin, Wellington 563
FRANKLIN George London, Turakina 1335 1339
FRANKLIN William London, Wellington 124
FRASER De Gennes Kurachee India, Pahiatua 1024
FRASER Francis Humphris Wellington 266 277-78 317 1501
FRASER George Madrew Inverness, Wellington 602
FRASER Miss Mary Isabel Dunein, Wanganui 1387
FRASER Colonel Thomas Gamble India 1024
FRASER Colonel William Inverness, Thames 107
FREEMAN Herbert Norwich, Otaki 1096
FREEMAN Henry August Nelson, Wellington 603
FREEMAN Henry James Cambridge, Wellington 758
FREEMAN James Spiers Maidstone Kent, Ashhurst 1205
FREEMAN Thomas Graham England, Nelson 603
FREEMAN William Gravesend London, Wellington 590
FREETH Charles James Birmingham, Wellington 563
FRENCH Richard Otway King's County Ireland, Kiwitea 1245
FRERE Rev. Hugh Corrie Cape Colony, Waitotara 1467
FRIEND George London, Wellington 106
FRIEND George London 106
FRIEND Mrs ne HYNES Auckland 106
FRY William James Pahiatua 1042
FRYER James Kent, Longburn 1122
FULLER John Kent, Greytown 888 894
FULLERTON-SMITH A. W. Yorkshire, Marton 1318
FULTON Hon. James M.L.C. Taieri 351
FULTON James Edward Wellington 351 1504
FUTTER William L. Wellington

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