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WELLINGTON New Zealand Province - Family Names 1897 .. C

Journal by ngairedith

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Each entry contains biographical details, usually an article, although some have only a short entry.

There will be a $NZ 5.00 fee charged for each full length article requested. Short entries are free.
All transcribed articles are put online along with any accompanying photographs.

If you would like a transcript, please e-mail your request with the year of the Cyclopedia concerned and the name and reference number of the person required.
I will then advise whether the entry is a full length one or not and whether any payment is due.

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CABLE William & Co. Wellington
CADDY Henry Plymouth, Wanganui
CADENHEAD D. Featherston
CADMAN Hon. Alfred Jerome Sydney, Auckland
CADMAN Jerome Auckland
CAFFREY Fitzherbert Ruxton Ireland, Wanganui
CAFFRY Fitzherbert Ruxton Ireland, Wanganui
CAFFRY Mrs India, Wanganui
CAHILL Thomas E. Dublin, Wellington
CAHOON Walter Belfast, SS Ruahine
CAIRD George Scotland, Palmerston North
CALDWELL D R Wellington
CALDWELL ne McKERROW Mrs Wellington
CALLENDER Frank Glasgow, Momahaki
CALLENDER James Melbourne, Christchurch
CALLENDER William Melbourne, Wellington
CALLINGHAM Thos. Robert Sussex, Halcombe
CALLIS Charles Northamptonshire, Wellington
CALMAN George Wanganui
CALMAN William Wanganui
CAMERON A. Okau near Masterton
CAMERON Allan Wanganui
CAMERON Archibald Argyllshire, Hunterville
CAMERON Charles Argyllshire, Fordell
CAMERON D. Argyllshire
CAMERON Daniel Edinburgh, Dunedin, Greytown
CAMERON H. Okau near Masterton
CAMERON John Argyllshire, Opaki
CAMERON John Wanganui
CAMERON John Opaki
CAMERON Maurice P. Glasgow, Wellington
CAMERON Rev. P. L. M. Scotland, Upper Hutt
CAMERON ne LAIRD . Wanganui
CAMERON ne STEWART . Wairarapa
CAMPBELL Alexander le Grand Perthshire, Nelson
CAMPBELL Andrew Scotland, Dunedin, Wellington
CAMPBELL Campbell Scotland, SS Hinemoa
CAMPBELL D Bonar Bridge
CAMPBELL Ewan Alexander Wanganui
CAMPBELL George Frederick Colin Wellington
CAMPBELL George W. Canada, Wanganui
CAMPBELL Hugh Antrim, Ngaratanui, Upper Opaki, Masterton
CAMPBELL Captain James Levin, SS Southern Cross
CAMPBELL James Palmer Dunbartonshire, Wellington
CAMPBELL John Isle of Bute, Taonui near Feilding
CAMPBELL John Edinburgh
CAMPBELL Dr John Logan Edinburgh, Auckland
CAMPBELL-PRESTON Captain Robert W. P. C. Fifeshire, Wellington
CAMPION Alexander Longburn
CANDY . Eketahuna
CANN John Nelson
CANNING James Ireland, Campbelltown North
CANTY Richard London, Momahaki
CAPSTICK Tom Westmoreland, Petone
CARD John W. Marsden, Featherston
CAREY William Bristol, Masterton
CARGILL E B Wellington
CARGILL Martin Petone
CARKEEK Arthur Wakefield Nelson, Manukau
CARKEEK Morgan Nelson, Otaki
CARKEEK Stephen Manukau
CARLTON [DIBLEY] Madame Eveleen London, Wellington
CARLTON Samuel Upper Hutt
CARMAN Phillip James Norfolk, West Coast
CARMAN ne KINNIBURGH Annie Wellington
CARMICHAEL Robert Belfast, Wellington
CARMICHAEL Thomas Belfast
CARPENTER James Godkin & Co. Melbourne, Wellington
CARPENTER Robert H. Wellington
CARR Charles Feilding
CARROLL James Waterford, Palmerston North
CARROLL Hon. James Te Wairoa
CARROLL Joseph Wairoa
CARROLL Samuel London, Wellington
CARSON Gilbert Scotland, Wanganui
CARSON James Henry Wellington
CARTER Alfred Birmingham, Petone
CARTER Charles Surrey, Pahautanui
CARTER Charles Rooking Carterton
CARTER John Leicestershire, Eketahuna
CARTER W. A. Marton
CARTHEW William Cornwall, Feilding
CARTWRIGHT Adam Glasgow, Apiti
CASELBERG Eli Bristol, Mangaweka
CASELBERG Myer Poland, Masterton
CASELBERG Mr. M. Masterton
CASEY John Khandallah
CASEY John Wellington
CASH Thomas Richards Marton
CASSIDY Patrick Sarsfield Donegal, Wellington
CASTENDYK Augustus Frederick Bremen, Wellington
CASTLE John G. A. London, Petone
CATE James Nelson, Wellington
CATHRO Thomas Dundee, Waverley
CATTELL Mr. Wellington
CAVE Augustus William Gloucester, Masterton
CAWOOD Samuel Yorkshire, Marton
CAWOOD William Yorkshire, Marton
CHADWICK Joseph London, Wanganui
CHALK William G. Southampton, SS Rimutaka
CHAMBERLAIN Edmund Edinburgh Wellington, Masterton
CHAMBERLAIN Edward Herbert Feilding
CHAMBERLAIN Giles Edinburgh Northamptonshire, Masterton
CHAMBERLAIN Thomas Wellington
CHAMBERLAIN Thomas Richard Masterton, Feilding
CHANEY Walter John Dover, Marton
CHAPMAN Arthur Walter Wellington
CHAPMAN Rev. John William Johnsonville
CHAPMAN Martin Wellington
CHAPPELL Rev. Albert Bygrave Portsmouth, Wellington
CHAPPELL J. B. Tauranga
CHAPPLE John Devonshire, Wellington
CHAPPLE Dr William Allan Alexandra, Wellington
CHARLTON Clifton Edinburgh, Feilding
CHASE Edward Hampshire, Marton
CHATFIELD William Charles Sussex, Wellington
CHATWIN Miss Georgina Elizabeth Victoria, Wellington
CHENNELLS William Boyce Hertfordshire, Masterton
CHEW John Crofton Wellington
CHILMAN Charles William Brompton, Wellington
CHINCHEN F London, Australia, Wellington
CHISOLM John Arthur Daniel Wellington
CHITTENDEN Jesse Kaiwarra
CHITTEY Charles Edward Wellington
CHOWEN John Devonshire, Waverley
CHRISTIE John Shetlands, SS Mamari
CHRISTIE John Perthshire, Marton
CHRISTIE William F. Wellington
CHUBBIN John Isle of Man, Hunterville
CHURCHILL John Wellington
CIMINO Salvator Wellington
CLAPHAM G. H. Yorkshire, Wanganui
CLAPHAM George John Wellington
CLAPHAM John Newsome Ashurst
CLAPHAM Thomas Dunnill Yorkshire, Timaru, Ashurst
CLAPHAM William Henry Wanganui
CLAPHAM William Henry Wanganui
CLAPHAM ne CURTIS . Wellington
CLARK A & Sons Wanganui
CLARK Archibald & Sons Wellington
CLARK Alfred Surrey, Otaki
CLARK Edwin Gloucestershire, Waverley
CLARK Isaac England, Wellington
CLARKE Alfred Wellington
CLARKE Francis Thomas Nelson, Ashurst
CLARKSON John Bowes Palmerston North
CLATER Arthur Bartholomew Nottinghamshire, Wellington
CLAYTON Edward Francis Northumberland, Wellington
CLAYTON N. G. Northumberland
CLEATOR Charles Kelsall Cumberland, SS Aotea
CLELAND ne DIXON Annie Hutt Valley
CLELAND Joseph McGiffert Belfast, Hutt Valley Wellington
CLEMANCE Philip Henry Kent, Papawai, Greytown
CLERE F. de J. Somerset, Wellington
CLERE Rev. Henry Tickenham, Somersetshire
CLIFF G. New Plymouth
CLIFFORD Sir Charles Liverpool, Wellington
CLIFFORD Charles Ernest Wellington
CLIFFORD George Lambert .
CLIFFORD Reginald C. India, SS Tongariro
CLIFFORD Hon. Thomas .
CLOSE John Auckland
CLULOW John Staffordshire, Alfredton
COADY Thomas Aramoho
COATES James Hugh Buchanan Auckland, Wellington
COBB Robert Romney Marsh, Raukawa, Palmerston North
COBBE George Power Tinui
COBHAM Walter Samuel Wellington
COCHRANE George Wellington
COCK J. H. & Co. Wanganui
COCKBURN Alex. Kinross, Masterton
COCKBURN Robert Kinross, Masterton
COCKBURN-HOOD Charles Edwin Edinburgh, Australia, Masterton
COCKBURN-HOOD Thomas H. Rockhampton Australia
COCKER Rev. James Derby, Feilding
COE William Lewis Clapham, Wanganui
COFFEY Rev. Richard Ireland, Wellington
COGHILL David Victoria, Waverley
COHEN Louis NSW, Marton
COHEN Maurice NSW, Palmerston North, Marton
COLE Captain Nelson
COLE George Henry Mangaweka
COLE George Lincoln Victoria, Wellington
COLEGROVE George Henry Wellington
COLEMAN F. New Plymouth, Wanganui
COLEMAN Captain John Dublin, India, Wellington
COLES Arthur Hampshire, Feilding
COLEY George Auckland, Foxton
COLLIER Henry Manchester, Wanganui
COLLIER Herbert Manchester, Wanganui
COLLINS Andrew Surrey, Wellington
COLLINS D. Liverpool, Wellington
COLLINS Edward William Isaac Palmerston North
COLLINS George William Portsmouth, Wanganui
COLLINS John London, Wellington
COLLINS Richard Reeve Feilding 1
COLLINS Captain Robert Joseph Ireland, Wellington
COLLINS Dr William Edward India, Wellington
COLLINS ne HUTCHINSON Catherine Lilias Wellington
COLTAR Captain George Kent, SS Duke of Sutherland
COLTMAN R. H. Aldershot, Hunterville
CONNELL Frederick William Melbourne, Upper Hutt
CONNELL Frederick William Guernsey, Palmerston North
CONNOLLY Edward Tennyson Middlesex, Picton
CONNOLLY Dr John Middlesex
CONNOLLY Dr Patrick Joseph Wanganui
CONNON Thomas Aberdeen, Ohingaiti
CONSTERDINE Arthur Robert Manchester, Wanganui
COOK A. H. Wellington
COOK John Wellington
COOK John Herman Makara Wellington
COOK Robert Percival Johnsonville
COOK Samuel Foxton, Otaki
COOK T. Petone
COOK T. U. Foxton
COOK William Kaiwarra
COOK William Johnsonville
COOK William Lower Hutt, Palmerston North
COOK William Henry Bristol, Wellington
COOK William R. London, Auckland, Wellington
COOKE Frank Herbert Palmerston North
COOKE Major T. W. Nelson
COOKSON Miss Lucy Ellen Featherston
COOMBE James Devon, Marton
COOMBE John Wellington
COOPER A Ballance
COOPER Daniel George Arthur Waipawa, Wellington
COOPER Frederick Wellington
COOPER G. S. . 469
COOPER George . 55
COOPER James Cowel Yorkshire, Wellington 561
COOPER T. Wellington 549
COOPER Walter H. Wellington 591
COOPER Walter Henry Herefordshire, Wellington 561
COPE previously SHEATH Madame Ada London, Wellington 440
COPE F. W. Wellington 440
COPELAND Thomas Mercer West Meath, Wanganui 1365
CORBY Patrick William Prince of Wales Hotel Wellington 664
CORMACK Alexander Aberdeenshire, Wanganui 1409
CORPE William Westcombe Somerset, Makino 1258
CORRIGAN A. A. Wellington 622
CORRY William Momahaki 1470
COSGRAVE Michael Dublin, Wellington 111
COSTALL S. Wellington 1497
COSTELLO Edmond T. Ireland, Otaki 1096
COTTLE Morford Wellington, Palmerston North 483 1169 1507
COTTON John Nelson, Petone 825
COUBORNE Benjamin Waterford, Masterton 948
COUPER Frederick George Gray Hawkes Bay, Palmerston North 1152
COUPLAND Levi Lincolnshire, Wellington 561
COUSINS Alfred E. Jersey, Wellington 726
COVENTRY Henry Cheltenham 1244
COWAN Charles J. Lyttelton, Petone 820
COWAN Lawrence Argyllshire, Wanganui 1373
COWDREY William Wiltshire, Halcombe 1268
COWIE Henry Talbot London, Pipiriki 1459
COWLES E. P. Wellington 1497
COX J. G. Featherston 859
COX Michael Co. Clare, Petone 820
CRABB N. J. Marton 1313
CRABTREE James Tasmania, Wellington 676
CRABTREE John Thomas England, Wellington 676
CRABTREE William England, Wellington 676
CRAIG Robert Pemberton 1252
CRAIG William Glasgow, Wanganui 1373
CRAIGHEAD W B Wellington 642
CRAIGHEAD Craighead & Morrison Eketahuna 1000
CRANE James Norfolk, Wanganui 1425
CRANMER Mrs Alice S. Bulls 1275
CRANSTON Edmund Mumford Wanganui, Fordell 1344
CRAVEN Mr. Ashurst 1205
CRAVEN Henry Yorkshire, Wellington 347
CRAWFORD Alexander Miramar 805
CRAWFORD Charles South Island 805
CRAWFORD H. D. Miramar 966-967
CRAWFORD Henry Miramar 805
CRAWFORD Henry Edward Venner Kaitawa near Pahiatua 1054
CRAWFORD James Coutts Wellington 805
CRAWFORD James Wellington 663
CRAWFORD James Glasgow, SS Aotea 788
CRAWFORD Captain James Stirling, SS Huia 1454
CRAWFORD John Belfast, Wellington 590
CRAWFORD John Yatman Kaitawa near Pahiatua 1054
CRAWFORD Walter Dumfriesshire, Marton 1329
CRAWSHAW Captain George Lancashire, SS Upolu 792
CREASE E. H. Wellington 687 748
CREASE Frederick Charles Wellington 748
CREASE John Somerset 1258
CREMER George Frederick London, Wanganui 1433
CRESPIN Ernest Bellow & Co. Devonshire, Wellington 740
CRESPIN G. G. Devonshire 740
CREWE David Worcestershire, Pahiatua 1019 1033
CRIBB A. J. Hampshire, Wanganui 1422
CRICKLOW William George London, SS Indramayo 790
CRICHTON George Glasgow, Ashurst 1208
CRICHTON William Cornwall, Wellington 581
CRONE Gerrard Denmark, Eketahuna 1003
CROOK Mrs M. E. Newman near Eketahuna 1005
CROSBY David Auckland 1423
CROSS John Wellington, Tinui 1514
CROSS ne WILKINSON . Tinui 1514
CROW William Otago 52
CROW Mr. Alcester, Worcestershire 1220
CROWTHER Thomas Wainuiomata 1092
CROZIER Albert Alexander Ireland, Hunterville 1285
CRUICKSHANK Alexander Upper Hutt/Marton 1332
CRUICKSHANK D. B. Auckland 268
CRUICKSHANKS James Duff Banffshire, Upper Hutt 843
CRUMP Harry Yorkshire, Wellington 602
CRUMP Thos. B. Palmerston North 1167
CRUMP William Lyttelton, Ohingaiti 1294
CUDBY Charles Senior Essex, Upper Hutt 842
CUDBY George Lower Hutt 837
CUDBY Walter Thomas Lower Hutt 837
CUFF Joshua London, Rata 1281
CULLEN Sgt. John Ireland, Wanganui 1381
CULLING Clement George Somerset, Pohangina 1211
CUMBERLAND William Bedfordshire, Wanganui 1424
CUMMINS Thomas Dick NSW, Wanganui 1363
CUMMINS AND CO. . NSW, Wanganui 1435
CUNDY William Featherston 858
CUNLIFFE James Erasmus Wales, Johnsonville 1068-9
CURRIE John Glasgow, Aramoho 1350
CURRY A. W. Yorkshire, Waitotara 1467
CURTIS H. Wellington 149
CURTIS James John Wellington 754-755
CURTIS Oswald London, Nelson 72
CUTFIELD Dr. A. B. Kent 1405
CUTFIELD John Kent, Wanganui 1405
CUTTING John South Australia 404
CUTTING Louisa Mary South Australia, Wellington

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COLLINS neƩ HUTCHINSON Catherine Lilias Wellington 333 553 thanks

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Catherine Lilias Collins nee Hutchinson

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