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BASTIN marriages 1858-1903 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

BASTIN marriages 1858-1903 Victoria Australia.


Married: 1861 Mary Ellen GRIMES.
Arthur also recorded as Arthur Louis A in the birth records.
Seven issues located.
1. Arthur Francis William, born 1862 Blackwood, Victoria.
2. Louis Eugene, born 1864 Blackwood, Victoria.
3. Ernest Edward, born 1865 Blackwood, Victoria.
4. Frances, born 1867 Blackwood, Victoria.
5. John Percy, born 1871 Daylesford, Victoria.
6. Minnie Ellen, born 1872 Daylesford, Victoria.
7. Constance Mary, born 1884 Daylesford, Victoria.

Thomas Griffith
Married: 1862 Eliza BYRNES.
BYRNES also recorded as BYRNE and LANE in the birth records.
Four issues located.
1. Thomas George, born 1864 Raywood, Victoria.
2. Louisa Mary, born 1868 Woodend, Victoria.
3. Eliza, born 1870 Macedon, Victoria.
4. John, born 1872 Woodend, Victoria.

William Henry
Married: 1870 Elizabeth FOULKES.
Three issues located.
1. Wilhelmina, born 1872 Guildford, Victoria.
2. Oliver, born 1873 Guildford, Victoria.
3. Lucy, born 1875 Guildford, Victoria.

Frederick Robert
Married: 1878 Sarah MILLWARD.
Five issues located.
1. Robert Arthur, born 1879 St Arnaud, Victoria.
2. Frederick William, born 1882 St Arnuad, Victoria.
3. Henry Herbert, born 1884 St Arnaud, Victoria.
4. George Percival, born 1885 St Arnaud, Victoria.
5. Sarah, born 1887 St Arnaud, Victoria.

Married: 1885 Susan Mary Ann PEARCE.
No issues located.

Married: 1886 Annie HATHERALL.
Edward also recorded as Edward George in the birth records.
Nine issues located.
1. James, born 1888 Malvern, Victoria.
2. William Alfred Leslie, born 1890 Malvern, Victoria.
3. George Ernest, born 1893 Malvern, Victoria.
4. Eveline Meletia, born 1896 Carlton, Victoria.
5. Hazel Ida, born 1899 Malvern, Victoria.
6. Ellen, born 1901 Longwarry, Victoria.
7. Percy, born 1902 Bunyip South, Victoria.
8. Charles, born 1904 Malvern, Victoria.
9. Cyril, born 1904 Malvern, Victoria.

... Charles and Cyril were twins.

Louis Eugene
Married: 1886 Mary Ann PRATT.
Seven issues located.
1. Louis Eugene, born 1886 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Florence Jane, born 1888 Melbourne South, Victoria.
3. Alma Estelle, born 1889 South Melbourne, Victoria.
4. Alfred John, born 1892 South Melbourne, Victoria.
5. Albert Grimes, born 1896 Melbourne South, Victoria.
6. Marie Ellen, born 1899 Melbourne South, Victoria.
7. Ida Isabel, born 1901 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: 1887 Susan Ann MCPHAIL.
Four issues located.
1. Jessie May, born 1888 Malvern, Victoria.
2. Albert Osborne, born 1890 Malvern, Victoria.
3. Sidney James, born 1892 Malvern, Victoria.
4. Herbert Alexander, born 1901 Bunyip South, Victoria.

Married: 1888 Jane Morcroft ARNOLD.
No issues located.

Married: 1891 Mary Ann SHINGLER.
Four issues located.
1. Myrtle Emily, born 1892 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Eliza May Gladys, born 1894 Ballarat, Victoria.
3. Franklin Norman, born 1897 Ballarat, Victoria.
4. Charles Edwin, born 1902 Ballarat, Victoria.

Ernest Edward
Married: 1892 Emily Maud JEMMETT.
Three issues located.
1. Constance Lenore, born 1893 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Hector Ernest, born 1895 Richmond, Victoria.
3. Rupert Stanley, born 1899 Richmond, Victoria.

George Thomas
Married: 1892 Winifred Elizabeth BURKE.
Three issues located.
1. George, born 1892 Richmond, Victoria.
2. Henry Augustus, born 1893 Richmond, Victoria.
3. Frank, born 1896 Melbourne, Victoria.

Married: 1895 Elena ARMSTRONG.
Elena recorded as Pauline in the birth records.
Twelve issues located.
1. Muriel Rouisina Emilie, born 1895 Caulfield, Victoria.
2. John Harold Noden, born 1896 Caulfield, Victoria.
3. William James Archibald, born 1898 Caulfield, Victoria.
4. Henry Cornelius Mafekin, born 1900 Caulfield, Victoria.
5. John Charles Reginald, born 1902 Armadale, Victoria.
6. Leslie Charles Kessel, born 1904 Bunyip, Victoria.
7. Sarah Elizabeth, born 1906 Caulfield, Victoria.
8. Robert Arthur Allan, born 1909 Caulfield, Victoria.
9. Stanley George Cyril, born 1912 Cheltenham, Victoria.
10. William Keith Kingsbury, born 1914 Cheltenham, Victoria.
11. Phyllis Beryl Rose, born 1917 Brighton, Victoria.
12. Sydney Lawrence James, born 1919 Brighton, Victoria.

Robert Arthur
Married: 1899 Elizabeth Carol PALMER.
Six issues located.
1. Sarah Florence, born 1899 St Arnaud, Victoria.
2. Vera Elizabeth, born 1900 St Arnaud, Victoria.
3. Frederick Arthur, born 1903 St Arnaud, Victoria.
4. Nellie, born 1906 St Arnaud, Victoria.
5. Robert, born 1911 St Arnaud, Victoria.
6. Keith George, born 1915 St Arnaud, Victoria.

Married: 1900 Jessie Marie Elizabeth STANDING.
One issue located.
1. Jessie Mary, born 1902 Boolarra, Victoria.

Thomas George
Married: 1901 May Elizabeth RICHARDSON.
No issues located.

Frederick John
Married: 1903 Emily Bridget BANKS.
Two issues located.
1. Frederick John, born 1904 Ballarat, Victoria.
2. Avenal, born 1907 Ballarat, Victoria.

Married: 1903 Carol Annie STURGESS.
Two issues located.
1. William Henry, born 1903 Carlton, Victoria.
2. Frank Percy, born 1906 Elsternwick, Victoria.

William Oliver
Married: 1903 Elsie Maria HAMMOND.
No issues located.


Married: 1858 Thomas GUNNER.

Mary Helenor
Married: 1884 William Von HELAND.

Frances Louisa
Married: 1886 Thomas William HEFFERMAN.

Married: 1887 Alftred Thomas MALLETT.

Rosina Sarah
Married: 1890 Thomas Harry Piggott FURNESS.

Louisa Mary
Married: 1892 Craven Cardew CHADWICK.

Mary Ellen
Married: 1892 William BARKAS.

Elizabeth Ann
Married: 1894 George BEAVIS.

Married: 1897 Thomas Alexander BARBER.

Married: 1897 Ernest John MALLETT.

Minnie Ellen
Married: 1898 John Robert ROBB.

Ellen Lyle
Married: 1901 Arthur WILSON.

Married: 1903 Arthur Edward PRYKE.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BASTIN lines.

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