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Bartholomew LORIGAN + Bridget Mary ELLIS, Hawke's Bay

Journal by ngairedith

★ BARTHOLOMEW 'Batt' Lorigan (1826-1881)
* the name was spelt variously Lorigan/Lorrigan/Lourigan/Lowrigan
Bartholomew was born in Knockroe, Limerick, Ireland the 6th of 11 known children of Daniel Lorigan (1796-1852) & Jane Walsh (1796-1864). Their name spelt Lowrigan at marriage.
Bartholomew was christened 27 July 1826. He arrived into Auckland with his parents & 8 siblings when he was 16 on the 'Westminster' 31 March 1843.
This early pioneer family was instrumental in the developing of the young town of Auckland, being businessmen, publicans, timber merchants etc. Bartholomew was on the staff of Government Houses in Auckland and Wellington.

★ BRIDGET Mullany (1833-1854)
was born in Dungarvon, County Waterford, Ireland to James Mullany & Johannah (Carey OR Landers)

Bartholomew Lorigan married Bridget Mullany on 7 Feb 1854 in Church of St Francis, Melbourne
* researching why he was in Australia at that time. Perhaps to do with his work. There is mention below in Timeline of a letter for him from Melbourne
Bridget died: in Auckland 23 Nov 1854 aged 21 (a month to the day before Bartholomew's sister Catherine). It is possible she died due to childbirth (9 months after marriage), complications of, or any number of reasons. Records are scarce and there is no info found to date on why.
Bridget was buried at Symonds St Cemetery with others of this family.
:: Over 4,000 bodies were later moved from this cemetery to make way for a motorway. The graves were dug up, bodies disinterred, cremated and relocated en masse in two sites.
Died 27th December 1852
Aged 56 years.
Died 14th June 1864
Aged 68 years.
(husband of Annie Lorigan)
Died 19th November 1848
Aged 30 years.
Died 1st September 1860
Aged 37 years.
..His daughter
Died 5th October 1878
Aged 20 years.
.. AND
(wife of Bartholomew Lorigan)
Died 23rd November 1854
Aged 21 years.
* See link above and notes at end

★ BRIDGET MARY Ellis (1841-1924)
* name spelling sometimes Elles
was born 24 May 1841 in Marylebone, Westminster, to James Elles & Mary Downey/Dooling. She arrived, aged 5 months, with her parents and 7 year old sister Catherine on the 'Gertrude', arriving into Wellington 30 Oct 1841. Her mother died when she was 6 and she was brought up in Wellington by Mr & Mrs James Smith who were later the James Smith's Department Store on Cuba/Dixon Sts)

Bartholomew Lorigan married Bridget Mary Ellis in the Chapel of the Nativity, Wellington on 4 Jan 1859
* Wellington’s Catholic community was served by visiting priests until the arrival on 12 Jan 1843 of Father Jeremiah Purcell O'Reily (1799-1880) from County Cork, Ireland. Wellington’s first Catholic church, the Chapel of the Nativity of our Lord (also known simply as Fr O’Reily’s Chapel), was erected within weeks on nearly the exact site that St Mary of the Angels Church now occupies. The same year a presbytery was built for Father O’Reily a little further up the hill in Mount Street

Children of Bartholomew & Bridget
(born in Hawkes Bay)
.. 1 ..
1859 - James Montague Lorigan

born: 6 Oct 1859
married: Amy Lewis 4 Feb 1882 in Napier
their known children
* 1883 - 1946 James 'Stanley' Lorigan
* 1884 - 1936 Gilbert 'Lewis' Lorigan
James' death: not yet found. He was still alive in 1924 when his mother Bridget died.
:: Amy had a relationship with Edward Ernest Lawrence (1861-1939). Her sons Stanley & Lewis's surname then became Lawrence. Amy had another 6 children. This family is featured at her link above

.. 2 ..
1861 - 1933 Ellen Lorigan

born: 8 March 1861
married: Thomas Lawton 18 Jan 1882 in Napier
their known children
* 1883 - 1964 Mary Ellen Lawton
* 1885 - 1964 Catherine Elizabeth Lawton
* 1887 - 1960 Theresa Bridget Lawton
* 1890 - 1969 Hester Margaret Lawton
* 1892 - 1974 Lottie Lawton
* 1895 - 1968 Annie Winifred Lawton
* 1898 - 1969 Thomas Bartholemew Lawton
* 1900 - 1967 James Mortimer Lawton
* 1903 - 1965 John Francis Lawton
:: Thomas died 21 May 1931 aged 76
Poverty Bay Herald, 25 May 1931
Mr Thomas Lawton, one of Taradale's earliest and most respected settlers, passed away at his residence last week after a short illness, at the age of 76. The late Mr Lawton came from Middleton, County Cork, in 1855, commencing business in Taradale as a blacksmith and wheelwright, at which he continued up to the time of his death.
Ellen died: 25 July 1933 in Waipukurau
buried 5*4*7 Catholic Section 15 at Taradale
Thomas, Husband of E. Lawton. Died 21 May 1931 aged 76. Ellen, wife of above. Died 25 July 1933 aged 72

.. 3 ..
1863 - 1947 Henry Stokes 'Harry' Lorigan

born: 19 Feb 1863
married: Harriet Amelia Beale (1873-1960) 1 June 1894 in Ormondville
:: daughter of William Henry Beale & Mary Ann Lyes
their known children
* 1892 - 1945 Charles William Lorigan
* 1894 - 1985 William Bartholomew Lorigan
* 1896 - 1896 Mary Louisa Lorigan (aged 1 day)
* 1897 - 1959 Henry Samuel Beale
* 1899 - 1979 Lawrence Patrick 'Laurie' Lorigan
* 1901 - 1973 John Percival 'Jack' Lorigan
:: Harry & Harriet divorced
:: Harriet next married George Samuel Stott (1886-1937) 10 April 1918
* George was born in Melbourne to Walter George Stott & Carrie Ness
:: George Stott died 11 Jan 1937 in Auckland Infirmary in Epsom.
NZ Herald, 12 Jan 1937
- On January 11 1937, at Auckland, George, dearly-loved husband of Harriet Stott, 34 Cooper Street (Grey Lynn); in his 51st year.
* He was buried Plot 10, Row 18, Presbyterian Division E at Waikuemte
NOTE 34 Cooper St in Grey Lynn was the home of Harriet's son, William Bartholomew Lorigan (& his wife Florence Miriam Griffiths), where George & Harriet were living.
Auckland Star, 20 Jan 1937
Another case of desecration is reported from Waikumete cemetery. From time to time complaints have been made of the theft of flowers and plants, but the latest is the removal of a wreath. The complaint has been made by Mrs G. S. Stott, of Arch Hill (Grey Lynn). She says that her husband was buried at Waikumete last week and the day following the interment a wreath was missing from the mound. "A watch should be kept at the cemetery to put a check on vandalism of this sort" said Mrs Stott this morning. "Severe punishment should be meted out to any culprit caught stealing flowers, wreaths, plants or ornaments from the public cemeteries"
Henry Lorigan died: 15 Oct 1947 in Auckland
buried: Plot 86, Row 5, RC Division D at Waikumete
:: Harriet Amelia Stott died 22 May 1960 in Cornwall Public Hospital, Epsom
* She was buried Plot 54, Row 6, Protestant Berm B at Waikumete

.. 4 ..
1865 - 1949 John Patrick Lorigan

born: 9 June 1865
married: Eliza Jessie Carmont (1877-1957) 29 May 1890 in Otaki
* aka Jessie Elizabeth, a daughter of Allan Carmont & Susannah Bills
their known children
* 1891 - 1975 Arnold Frederick Lorigan
* 1894 - 1969 Claude William Lorigan
* 1896 - 1984 Horton Bernard Lorigan
* 1898 - 1972 Lawrence Bartholomew Lorigan
* 1902 - 1976 Clarence Herbert Lorigan
* 1904 - 1905 Allan Ambrose Lorigan
* 1907 - 1983 Muriel Joyce Mary Lorigan
:: John was a Blacksmith
John died: 5 Jan 1949 in Auckland aged 85
:: Eliza died 31 March 1957 aged 86
buried: together Plot 19, Row 7, RC Division D at Waikumete

.. 5 ..
1867 - 1947 Vincent William 'Bill' Lorigan

born: 30 Dec 1867
married: Malvene Henrietta Price (1879-) on 5 Dec 1910
* daughter of William Price & Isabella Graham Aitken of Thames
their known children
* 1911 - Aroha Vivienne Isobel Malvene Lorigan
Vincent died: 12 April 1948 in Auckland
He is buried Columbarium Niche Wall Vlt, Row Vlt, Plot 0Vl

.. 6 ..
1870 - 1940 Mary Jane Lorigan

born: 19 March 1870
married: John 'Joseph' Breen (1876-1940) 18 April 1916
* Joseph was born in Timaru 26 Oct 1876, to John Breen & Bridget Cahill from Tralee, Ireland
:: Joseph died in Wellington 11 June 1940 aged 64
Mary died: 2 months later, on 12 Aug 1940, aged 70
buried: together Plot 178 Z, Rom Cath at Karori

.. 7 ..
1873 - 1891 Francis Lorigan

born: 4 May 1873
Francis died in Ormondville on Xmas Day 1891 aged 18
Bush Advocate, 31 Dec 1891
At Ormondville on the 27th inst., Francis Lorigan, aged 17 years. Deeply regretted
he is buried with his parents (see at end)

.. 8 ..
1875 - 1928 Catherine Maude Lorigan

born: 3 March 1875
married: Carsten Alfred Nielsen (1869-1930) 29 Dec 1897 at her mother's house (remarried name Bridget Mary Brennan) in Ormondville
* son of Andreas Nielsen & Christianna Maria Jorgensen
their known children
* 1902 - 1959 Grace Mary Nielsen
* 1903 - 1969 Alfred Bartholomew Nielsen
* 1905 - 1977 Thelma Iris Nielsen
* 1907 - 1980 Ivy Violet Nielsen
* 1910 - 1979 Percy Andrew Nielsen
:: Carsten remarried 9 Jan 1929 in Te Kuiti to Lily Charlotte Anderson (1893-1963)
:: Carsten died 25 July 1930 in Ormondville and is buried at Norsewood Cemetery
Catherine died: 16 July 1952 in Auckland
buried: Plot 98, Row 6, RC Division E at Waikumete

.. 9 ..
1877 - 1921 Margaret Theresa Lorigan

born: 7 June 1877
married: Carl August (Charles Augustus) Amundsen (1866-1936) in Norsewood, 30 Jan 1893
* Carl was born 14 July 1866 in Hedmark, Norway, a son of Amund Amundsen & Lisa Larsdatter Moldusen
their known children
* 1894 - 1894 Ivy Mary Culeta Amundsen
:: Margaret & Carl divorced
:: Carl next married Sarah Dalziell (1869-1944) in Taihape, on 27 Feb 1907 & had a son
Margaret next married: Patrick John Barry in 1920
Margaret died: in Wellington 25 April 1921 aged 43
buried: Plot 106X at Karori
:: Carl & Sarah are buried in Aramoho, Wanganui

.. 10 ..
1879 - 1953 Lawrence 'Bartholomew' Lorigan

born: 19 Sep 1879
married Alice Violet Mathieson (1886-1981) 16 March 1907
* strangely they are registered as having married twice, again on 7 Sep 1910
their known children
* 1911 - 2002 Pearl Eileen Mary Lorigan
* 1913 - 2001 Stanley Francis Lorigan
* 1920 - 2000 Lawrence 'Larry' Lorigan
* 1920 - 1977 Paul Lorigan (twin with Larry)
Lawrence died: 23 April 1953 aged 73
:: Violet died 1 Feb 1981 aged 94
buried: together at Taradale cemetery with their grandson 'wee Paul' (1959-1966), son of Paul & Peg Lorigan

1843 Bartholomew's siblings
those that emigrated with him
* 1815-1860 Patrick Lorigan
. tavern keeper, married Ellen Burke
* 1818-1848 John Lorigan
.helped build the cathedral, married fellow passenger Ann Lundon
* 1819-1885 Lawrence Lorigan
.married Honora Ryan, 11 children
* 1820-1854 Catherine Lorigan
.married Peter Grace
* 1823-1860 William Lorigan
.married Catherine Heather
* 1826-1881 Bartholomew Lorigan
.subject of this journal

* 1828-1904 Mary Lorigan
.married Hans Christopher
* 1830-1913 Margaret Lorigan
.married Thomas Lonergan, 12 children
.a grandson Carey John Carrington
* 1832-1886 Daniel Lorigan
.timber merchant, married Mary Stackpole

March 1843 When the family arrived in Auckland they lived in a raupo whare with an earth floor, beds of dry fern and an open fire for cooking. The 'Southern Cross' paper, 22 April 1843 reported that the "Government of the day was callous in that it had left more than 200 passengers, for four days after their arrival, in cold comfortless houses, after a voyage of four or five months and with not a shilling of money. Their water came from a gully nearby and town was over a mile away on a clay track through thick scrub. This was in what is now the Symonds Street Cemetery in Grafton Gully.

7 Dec 1852 Bartholomew's father dies
Daniel Lorigan was thrown from his horse on Otahuhu road, when on the way to his farm on One Tree Hill. His heart & lungs were injured and he broke several of his ribs. Dr Philson said at the inquest that it wasn't this that killed him, as he chatted freely during the 3 mile trip home, but he died on reaching his home due to the injuries being considerably aggravated by the jolting of the cart which conveyed him. Bartholomew's parents & siblings are buried in Symonds Street, Auckland (see notes below)

In the 1860 Province of Hawkes Bay Electoral Roll of the town of Napier, Bartholomew Lorrigan was the freehold owner of part of Section 76, on Shakespeare Road

Hawkes Bay Herald, 4 Feb 1860. Tenders Rejected Sinking a Well near the Native Hostelry - Mr W. Farrar, 1st ten feet 10s per foot; 15s per foot for remainder. Mr B. Lorigan, at 13s per foot. Messrs J. Dougherty and Michael Mullany at 13s per foot

In April 1862 Bartholomew had a returned letter from Melbourne waiting at the Auckland Post Office for him to pick up

Hawkes By Herald, 11 Aug 1880
Compensation Court
Jeffares v Meanee Road Board. This was a claim under the Public Works Act 1876 for £400, for 4 acres and 34 perches, taken for the formation of a road and injury done to land. The Board had offered £13 as compensation.
.. Bartholomew Lorrigan stated that he had been 17 years in the district. He knew the land in dispute. He considered the value of the land to be from £35 to £40 per acre. From his knowledge of the price that other land had sold at, he would say that the value of the land was reduced by the new road by several hundred pounds. He believed by about quarter of its value ..

BARTHOLOMEW Lorigan died 17 March 1881 aged 53 in Taradale, Napier.
NZ Herald, 19 March 1881
- At Taradale, on March 17th, Bartholomew Lorigan, son of the late Daniel Lorigan, of Auckland, aged 53. R.I.P. Auckland papers please copy. The funeral will leave his late place of residence, Taradale, at 2p.m. on Sunday.
Mr Lorigan, who died at Taradale on Tuesday, wrote out his obituary notice for the Herald and also sent us a Southern Cross of early days, containing the announcement of his father's death. Mr Lorigan, sen., arrived in the colony in 1843
He is buried Section 10 at Taradale (see Bridget below)

Daily Telegraph, 14 April 1881
On the application of Mr Lee probate was granted in the will of B. Lorrigan deceased

Bridget Mary Lorigan next married Edward Brennan in 1882
Hawkes Bay Herald, 26 Jan 1892
A case in which Bridget Mary Brennan applied for a protection order against her husband, Edward Brennan, was postponed till the 8th February
Hawkes Bay Herald, 9 Feb 1892
At the Resident Magistrate's Court yesterday, before Mr Turnbull, R.M., Bridget Brennan, of Ormondville, complained of ill treatment by her husband, Edward Brennan and applied for a protection order. Complainant was represented by Mr Cresswell and defendant by Mr Sheath. The order was granted

BRIDGET MARY Brennan died 6 Jan 1924 aged 82 in Ormondville, Manawatu.
Mrs Bridget Mary Brennan, Makotuku, Hawkes Bay. There passed away at her son's residence, Makotuku, on Sunday, January 6, after a short illness, another of the noble band of pioneers, in the person of Mrs Brennan. The deceased lady was 85 years of age and was twice married; her first husband, Bartholomew LorrIgan, died over 40 years ago and left her a large family to bring up, the youngest being only two years old. She was loved and respected by all who knew her, not only in this district but also in Napier and Taradale, where she spent the early part of her married life. She was an ardent and devout Catholic, She was attended during her brief illness by Rev Father Long of Takapau. She passed peacefully away fortified by all the rites of Holy Church. She leaves a grown-up family, eight of whom are living, to mourn her loss. The remains were conveyed by motor to the Catholic church, Meanee, on Monday afternoon. A Requiem Mass was celebrated at nine o'clock on Tuesday morning for the repose of her soul by the Rev Father Seymour, who also officiated at the graveside. The interment took place immediately after Mass at the family burial ground at Taradale and was largely attended by family, relatives and friends of deceased. - R.I.P.
she is buried Section 10 at Taradale, Napier with 1st husband Bartholomew
.. Bartholomew Lorigan
Died 17 March 1881 at Taradale
.. Bridget Mary Lorigan
Wife of above
.. Died 6 Jan 1924 at Ormondville
Francis Lorigan
.. Died 25 Dec 1891 at Ormondville
NOTE To make 8 children still alive in 1924 means James Montague (#1) was still living. The others being Ellen, Harry, John, Bill, Mary, Catherine and Lawrence

Informative read of this Lorigan family if you go to this database and search their name Symonds Street Cemetery.
It shows burial records, old inscriptions etc, including ..
. Bridget Lorigan (wife of Bartholomew Lorigan) died 23 November 1854 aged 21 years (first wife)
. Mrs Bridget Lorigan buried 24 November 1854 aged 21 years (a child of James and Johanna Mullaney of Dungarvon County Waterford)


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