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Jean & Nellie CAREY, sisters in PATEA

Journal by ngairedith

A little on the lives of two Taranaki sisters
anything in italics is my addition to source

* Jean Elizabeth Carey (1914-1986)
* Selma Ellen 'Nellie' Carey (1918-2009)

* parents Charles Henry Carey (1890-1974) & Annie Elizabeth Dowthwaite (1887-1980)
* paternal grandparents Matthew Carey (1861-1948) & Jane Elizabeth O'Neill (1862-1941)
note granddad Matthew was an Undertaker in Patea until 1931. Alfred Arnold Carey (1911-1988) took over in 1932 - he was also a builder
* maternal grandparents Henry Dowthwaite (1854-1942) & Emma Jane Lilly (1859-1931)

Jean was born 16 Feb 1914
.. A week before her first birthday Jean was struck down with polio. There followed years of treatment in hospital at Trentham, where the medical technology of the day did its feeble best. But the scourge of polio left Jean with one leg 1½ inches shorter than the other. She did not walk until she was five and then with the aid of a heavy boot and calliper to the thigh. But her glowing spirit was already apparent. She was chosen during a later stay at the hospital, to present a bouquet to Lady Alice Fergusson, wife of the Governor-General, who was paying a visit.
Jean did most of her schooling in Patea. She learnt piano from her aunt 'Gert' Carey who was a double diploma holder (Doreen Louisa Gertrude 'Gert' Edwards, A.T.C.L., L.T.C.L4, married Alfred Arnold Carey) and Jean herself became an Associate of the Trinity College of Music.
Jean was a cheerful, willing and positive woman whose disability was not a factor in the way she lived her life, one of usefulness and service to others. She managed a Patea clothing factory for a time, was a leader of the Girl Guides, organist at St George's Anglican Church for many years and took her share in other community activities. She became an apprentice tailor with Jack Dempsey at his shop in Egmont Street and then moved to Wellington ..more at her link

Patea Mail, 23 March 1938

Miss Jean Carey was guest of honour at a farewell party in the Druid's Hall on Monday evening last on the eve of her departure for Wellington. On her arrival Miss Carey was presented with a dainty posy by little Miss Lord.
A very enjoyable evening was spent in dancing to music supplied by Mr Melbourne Fairweather. Songs were rendered by Miss Carey and Mr Chas Carey, while Miss Joan Nelson won a competition.
Near the close of the evening Mr F. Ramsbottom spoke in eulogistic terms of Miss Carey and on behalf of those present wished her every happiness and prosperity in the future and asked her to accept a handsome handbag. As Miss Carey rose to reply she was accorded musical honours.
A dainty supper was served and the singing of Auld Land Syne brought the evening to a close.

* The adventurous Jean went to Melbourne before the war, meeting up with Carey relatives. She returned to Wellington and worked as a tailoress and dressmaker. It was there she met Milton Kingston Fleet

Hutt News, 9 June 1939

A jolly evening was spent at the residence of Mr and Mrs C. H. Carey recently, in honour of their eldest daughter, Jean, whose engagement to Milton Kingston, third son of Mr and Mrs T. J. Fleet, of Lower Hutt, was announced at the party.
* son of Thomas James Fleet (1877-1940) & Mary Ann Henwood (1882-1950)
Mrs Carey received the guests wearing a gown of black wind-swept satin and the guest of honour was wearing a frock of carnation pink georgette with an orchid spray. Games, competitions and items were enjoyed during the evening, the winners being Misses Jean Carey, Frances Bromley and Mr N. Blake

Patea Mail, 17 June 1940

Mrs G. Cosford (sister Nellie) and Misses N. Fowler and B. Thomason were hostesses at a kitchen evening last week in honour of Miss Jean Carey. As Miss Carey entered the hall she was presented with a shoulder spray of cyclamens and carnations by Miss Thomason. The guest of honour wore a smart frock of shell pink georgette. The evening was spent in dancing. Prior to supper Mr Brian Minton, on behalf of those present, wished Miss Carey and Mr Fleet every future happiness and asked them to accept the many gifts with the best wishes of all present. Mr Fleet suitably replied.

Jean married 15 June 1940 at Patea
Patea Mail, 17 June 1940

St George's Church, Patea, was beautifully decorated last Saturday afternoon, June 15th, when Jean Elizabeth, elder daughter of Mr and Mrs Charles Carey, Patea, was married to Milton Kingston, third son of Mr and Mrs T. J. Fleet, Lower Hutt
The service was fully choral as a compliment to the bride, who was a member of the choir. The organist was Mrs A. Carey ('Gert', her aunty & music teacher) and the officiating minister the Rev W. H. Walton.
The bride, who was escorted by her father, looked charming in a dainty frock of ivory needle-run lace and satin. The skirt formed a point in the centre of the bodice in front and fell in soft folds to ivory velvet shoes. The V-neck was edged with tiny satin pleating and the long sleeves, ending in points over the hands, were finished with the same pleating. At the waistline in the back was a true lover's knot of pleated satin, which was inlet into the lace, the ends reaching to the long train. From a dainty orange blossom tiara fell a beautiful hand-embroidered tulle veil which formed a second train. Her bouquet was of chrysanthemums, carnations, helibore and maidenhair fern.
In attendance were Mrs G. Cosford (sister Nellie), sister of the bride and Miss B. Thomason, Cambridge, who were frocked alike in reseda green georgette ankle-length frocks. The skirts came to a point in the centre of the bodices in front. Tiny self buttons trimmed the back and finished at the belt. An unusual note was introduced in the shirred yolks, shirred puffed sleeves and shirred hemlines, forming a scalloped effect. Their smart hats were in stiffened reseda green net, trimmed with scarlet velvet ribbon and flowers. Their shoes were also scarlet and they carried beautiful bouquets of scarlet flowers and berries.
Little Cherry Campbell, Patea, cousin of the bride, was a picture in a sweet ankle-length frock of green sprigged organdie with a scarlet velvet sash and a tiny scarlet bow trimmed the neck. A halo of scarlet rosebuds was also worn and she carried a basket of scarlet flowers. Her scarlet shoes completed a dainty picture.
The bridegroom was supported by Messrs K. Fleet (Milton's brother Kenneth Thomas James Fleet 1907-1985), Wellington and B. Minton, Patea. Messrs M. Carey (Jean's brother Matthew Henry Carey 1913-1984) and R. Burgess, Patea, were ushers.
During the service Mrs G. Corbett sang the solo "Just For To-day". The reception was held in the Town Hall supper-room, which was tastefully decorated with scarlet flowers and berries
Mrs Carey (Jean's mum Annie) received the guests attired in a smart fuchsia velvet frock, musquash fur coat and matching toque. Her bouquet was of helibores and violets. The bridegroom's mother (Milton's mum Mary) chose a bottle-green ensemble with matching hat and accessories. Her bouquet was of lavender flowers and maidenhair fern.
When Mr and Mrs Fleet left by car for the north, the latter wore a smart prunella quilted suit under a fur coat. Her hat and accessories were to match. Mr and Mrs Fleet's future home will be in Patea

In 1943 Milton was called for service in WWI. They were then living in Seaview Road, Lower Hutt. He served as Temporary Lance Corporal 70104, 3rd NZ Division, Second NZEF. Jean moved back to Victoria St., Patea while he was overseas

* Milton died 18 July 1986 in Waitotara, South Taranaki, aged 74.
Jean died 28 Sep 1986 at Wanganui only two months later. Some said she died of a broken heart. Milton and Jean are buried Plot 4851, Patea, RSA. Her sister Nellie died 23 years later, thereby being the last of the Careys of Patea (not Jean, as her top link says)


SELMA ELLEN 'Nellie' Carey
Nellie was born 7 January 1918
Patea Mail, 9 Jan 1939

Very bright and jolly was the party held at the residence of Mr and Mrs C. H. Carey, Meredith Street, on Saturday night, to celebrate the coming of age of their youngest daughter Nellie.
Mrs C. H. Carey received the guests wearing a smart gown of black French needlerun lace. Miss Nellie Carey was wearing an ankle-length frock of magnolia triple woven mariette, cut on simple lines with a satin sash at the waist and a lovely shoulder spray of pink, lemon and mauve carnations and maidenhair fern. Miss Jean Carey wore a gown of Viennese blue glace satin patterned all over with gold and a gold spray at the neckline. Mrs M. Carey (her grandmother Jane) senr., was gowned in black cloque. Dancing was held on the lawn to music played by Mr Jack Sampson. Very beautiful the surroundings looked with dozens of many coloured lights interwoven in the trees and shrubbery round the lawn and all of which reflected on the evening frocks of the dancers. Several amusing and novel competitions were held as well as Monte Carlos.
The supper tables in the dining room looked charming with vases and bowls of shaded pink and mauve sweet-peas. Pride of place was given to the beautiful and unusual birthday cake which was in the shape of an Early Victorian lade. The cake was all green with shaded pink roses on the 'skirt' and tiny silver bows. A slender golden key hung over the arm of the 'lady'. The cake was made and iced by Miss Jean Carey.
The following toasts were honoured in the usual manner: "The King," proposed by Mr M. Carey senr (her grandfather Matthew), "Host and Hostess" proposed by Mr R. Burgess and responded to by Mr C. H. Carey (her father Charles), "Mr and Mrs Carey snr" proposed by Mr N. Blake and responded to be Mr Carey, "Absent Friends" proposed by Mr S. Edwards and responded to by Mr F. Williams, "Visitors" proposed by Mr C. Carey and responded to by Mr V. Cosford (Vivian James, her father-in-law's brother). "The Guest of Honour" was proposed by Mr Cosford senr. Miss Carey, in reply, thanked her parents for the lovely party and her sister Jean for all her help. She also thanked everybody for the beautiful gifts they had brought, which she would treasure. Mr M. Carey senr., then presented Miss Nellie with a golden key which was duly autographed by all present.
Mr George Cosford (husband-to-be, or father-in-law to be) then read letters of congratulations from various parts of New Zealand. Songs were sung during the evening by Mrs C. Masters, Mr C. H. Carey, Misses Jean and Nellie Carey and M. Naismith. Mr Melbourne Fairweather gave a very interesting exhibition of conjuring etc. Dancing was continued until the early hours when the singing of Auld Lang Syne brought a very happy evening to a close

Patea Mail, 22 Jan 1940

A very enjoyable evening was held on Wednesday, when Mrs J. White hostessed a pantry evening in honour of Miss N. Carey; (whose wedding took place on Saturday). On arrival Miss Carey was presented with a spray of carnations. The evening was spent in games, competitions and community singing, competitions being won by Miss J. Carey (sister Jean) and Mr J. White.
After a delicious supper had been served, Mr White asked Miss Carey to accept the gifts which their friends had brought along. with their good wishes for her future happiness, Mr Cosford suitably replying. Games were continued till the singing of Auld Lang Syne brought a very pleasant evening to a close

Nellie married 20 January 1940 at Patea
Patea Mail, 24 Jan 1940

St George's Church, Patea, was beautifully decorated in pink and white flowers last Saturday afternoon, January 20th, when Selma Ellen (Nellie), younger daughter of Mr and Mrs Chas. Carey, Patea, was married to George Oswald, second son of Mr and Mrs G. Cosford, Taumaranui.
* son of George Edward Cosford (1884-1959) & Madeline Locking Bankart (1895-1967)
The ceremony was performed by the Rev W. H. Walton and the organist was Mrs A. A. Carey ('Gert', her aunty and music teacher).
The bride, who entered the church on the arm of her father made a striking picture in her beautiful gown of silver embossed lamé. Regal simplicity was the feature of her frock, which was on slim fitting lines, with a slightly draped bodice, while her heart-shaped neckline was caught with two silver flowers. The back was finished to the waist with tiny crystal buttons. Her full length court train was edged with silver sprays. Long sleeves ended in a point over her hands and from a halo of orange blossoms sprinkled with silver, fell a long tulle veil which was hand embroidered in roses. Silver glitter shoes completed her toilette. A beautiful shower bouquet of white roses, water-lilies, carnations and gypsophila was carried.
She was attended by bridesmaids, her sister Miss Jean Carey (chief), and Miss Margaret Naismith, who were dressed alike in dainty frocks of rosebud pink Swiss satin embroidered organza. Made on slim-fitting lines with a heart-shaped neck, a smart finish was added with a scalloped front and scalloped elbow length sleeves. Matching mittens and silver glitter shoes were also worn. From a halo of pink roses fell their shoulder length matching veils, while they carried artistic shower bouquets of rose-buds, carnations, and gladioli.
Also in attendance were the bride's two cousins, little Cherry Campbell of Patea and Barbara Bennett, Palmerston North, who made a dainty picture in their early Victorian frocks of eau de nil organdie sprigged with rosebuds. Godets of frilled lace were inlet into the skirts and smart little saucer-shaped hats trimmed with clusters of rosebuds and finished with streamers, tied under their chins. Silver glitter shoes were also worn and they carried pink horse-shoes.
Mr R. Burgess, Patea, was best man and Mr H. Cosford (Harry Charles 1922-1995), brother of the groom was groomsman. The ushers were Messrs M. Carey and M. Fleet.
On leaving the church, the bride was presented with a silver key by little Verona Edwards of Wanganui.
The reception was held in the Town Hall supper-room, where the tables were decorated in pink, white and silver. The handsome 3-tiered wedding cake held pride of place on the bridal table. A novel feature on the cake was a miniature bride and groom, a gift from a friend.
Mrs Carey (Nellie's mum Annie) received the guests wearing a striking model ensemble of citrus green wool crepe-de-chine with a quilted front and a model black hat of black bangkok straw, trimmed with scarlet field daisies. Her accessories were of black and she wore a dainty shoulder spray in scarlet tonings. She was assisted by Mrs Cosford (George's mum Madeline), who wore a smart ensemble in London tan. A black tagel straw hat and black accessories were also worn and her should spray was in autumn tones.
When Mr and Mrs Cosford left by car for a tour of the North, she was attired in a model frock of mermaid green charmaine, with a sun-ray skirt. A gold clasp finished the neck and her leghorn hat and accessories were in wine. She also wore an edge to edge coat of mermaid green. Mr and Mrs Cosford will live in Patea.
Among the guests present were Mrs M. Carey (Jane), Patea, grandmother of the bride and Mrs Bankart, Auckland, grandmother of the bridegroom. (Susan Jane nee Franks married Charles Locking Bankart in 1889)

* George died 2 July 2004 aged 89.
Nellie died 28 Sep 2009 aged 91 in Hastings. Her ashes are interred plot 1395 (old plot 6), block 72, under the headstone in the Carey family plot at Patea, with those of George. She was the last of the Careys of Patea, her passing ending a family connection with the town of more than 120 years.

St George's Anglican Church, PATEA

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