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Information wanted: Rhys (or Rees) Terrace, Gors Street (Heol-Y-Gors), Cwmgors

I'm looking for any information about Rhys (or Rees) Terrace, Gors Street (Heol-Y-Gors), Cwmgors, Wales, UK. Rhys Terrace and Rees Terrace might be 2 different properties, in which case I'm mostly interested in the Rees Terrace.

Thomas Pritchard and his family lived there in 1911, and I want to know more about the property and the history of the property.

Picture(s) would be nice to have as well.

Mystery of Stanley George Stoneman

STANLEY GEORGE STONEMAN (my husband's great-grandfather) was born on 22 June 1891, in 29 Dehli Street , Kings Kross, Islington, London, England, United Kingdom, to John William Stoneman and Eva Annie Stoneman [Lawrence].

I assume he was baptised as his 3 younger siblings was, but haven't been able to find any record of that. Would be nice if anyone could find that record for me, or let me know where to find it (I use for a lot of my research).

On 1 October 1894, aged 3, he was admittet to Holy Trinity With St Paul's Infant School, in Westminster, London. At this time the family lived in 11 Harboro Street, London, England, United Kingdom.

On 28 August 1899, aged 8, he was admittet to Kenmont Gardens School , Hammersmith and Fulham, London. At this time the family lived in 23 College PK Yer, London, England, United Kingdom.

He was recorded in the 1901 England Census, aged about 10, in 23 College PK Yer, Hammersmith, London, England, United Kingdom, together with his parents and 3 younger siblings; Ethel Rosamond (7 Oct 1893), Arthur John (Jul 1895) and Harold William (27 Jun 1899).

I pretty sure it is Stanley George recorded in the census on 2 April 1911, aged 19, living in Tawelfan, Godrergraig, Llangiwg, Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom, together with his father John William Stoneman, his fathers new wife, Amy, younger brother Harold, half-sister Queenie and step-brother Harold Jones. At this time Stanley George was a coal miner/hewer.

On 15 April 1911, aged 19, he married Elizabeth Ann Jenkins in the registrar office in Pontardawe. On the marriage certificate it says he lived in Tawelfan, Owen's Lane, Godrergraig, Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom. Stanley George and Elizabeth Ann had 8 children:
Clarice Elizabeth in 1912
Daniel John in 1913
Arthur Robert in 1915
Lewis Samuel in 1917
Hannah Beryl in 1919
Annie Davies in 1921
Ronald in 1924 (stillborn)
Stanley in 1926 (lived only 1 day)

In 1913 when his son Daniel John was born, Stanley George was a behinder in tinplate works according to Daniel Johns birth certificate. When Daniel John married, on 28 August 1937, Stanley George, now aged 46, was recorded as a builder/carpenter on Daniel Johns marriage certificate.

The Stanley George Mystery:

Stanley George left his family behind in late 1930s to unknown reason(s). He didnt divorce his wife, as he is recorded as her husband on the death certificate of Elizabeth Ann (1949). He moved to London, but I dont know where in London he lived or what he was doing there. One of his sons visited him (I believe around Elizabeth Anns death) in London. Rumor has it that Stanley George lived with a woman at the time. Nobody in the family has had any contact with Stanley George since then apparently.

Someone in the family believe he changed his name at some point, but nobody knows to what. And apparently he moved back to Wales at some point, living in Swansea at the time of his death, which is believed to be around 1960.

I would love to know what really happened to Stanley George, and get this mystery behind us. If anyone can provide me with any clue or even better, true facts about his last living years, I would be more than grateful.

* Certified copy of Birth Stanley George Stoneman
* School Admissions and Discharges, 1840-1911 - Westminster - Holy Trinity With St Pauls School
* School Admissions and Discharges, 1840-1911 - Hammersmith and Fulham - Kenmont Gardens School
* 1901 England Census, Islington, London
* 1911 Wales Census, Glamorgan
* 1911 - Certified Copy of Marriage Stanley George Stoneman & Elizabeth Ann Jenkins
* 1913 - Certified Copy of Birth Daniel John Stoneman
* 1937 - Certified Copy of Marriage Daniel John Stoneman & Maggie Anthony
* 1949 - Certified Copy of Death Elizabeth Ann Stoneman

Families of John William Stoneman - England and Wales - UK

JOHN WILLIAM STONEMAN (my husband's great-great-grandfather) was born on 27 July 1866 (source 1.), in Torquay, Devon, England, United Kingdom, to John Stoneman and Mary Elizabeth Stoneman [German].

I havent been able to find the family Cencus for 1871, but the family, including John Williams younger brother, George, was recorded in 1881 England Census (source 2.), living in Westhill, St. Mary Church, Torquay, Devon, England, United Kingdom. In the 1881 England Census, John William, aged about 14, was working as a Carpenter.

John William first married Eva Ann Lawrence, and his second marriage was to Amy Adams (see information further down).

In 1891, aged about 24, John William and Eva Ann had moved to 29 Dehli St., Islington, London, England, United Kingdom, and he was still working as a Carpenter according to the 1891 England Census (source 4.) Their first born, Stanley George, was also recorded in the Census.

In 1901 England Census (source 5.), John William, aged about 34, Eva Ann and their 4 children, (Stanley, Ethel Rosamond, Arthur Robert, Harold) lived in 23 College PK Yer, Hammersmith, London, England, United Kingdom, and John William was working as a carpenter & joiner. Source: 1901 England Census about John William Stoneman - born 1866.jpeg in Hammersmith, London, England, United Kingdom.

Im not sure when John William moved to Wales, I only know that him and his 4 children was recorded living there in 1911. And Im not sure what happened to Eva Ann, but I think she died sometime before 1908.

On the 2 April 1911 Wales Census (source 6.), aged 44, John William was listed as married to Amy Adams, and he was still working as a carpenter, joiner and journeyman (last according to source 7.). The family was living in a 6 rooms house in Tawelfan, Godrergraig, Neath Port Talbot, Wales, United Kingdom, including John Williams children, Stanley George and Harold, from his first marriage, although his oldest son Stanley George married a few days later and moved out (source 7.). Also living there was John William and Amys child Quinnie, and Amys son from her first marriage, Harold.

John is believed to have died on 17 May 1946, aged 79, in Godrargraig, Glamorganshire, Wales, United Kingdom.

EVA ANN STONEMAN [Lawrence] was born around 1864, to John Lawrence(source 9.) and Elizabeth Lawrence (I believe her maidenname was Specks). Eva Ann is recorded in the 1871 and 1881 census, living with her parents and siblings in 2 Wellington Road, Tormoham, Devon, England, UK (source 10. and 11.). Its unknown when Eva died, but Im guessing around 1905, aged about 39, as John William re-married in 1908 according to 1911 Wales Census.

John William Stoneman and Eva Ann Stoneman [Lawrence] married 11 Sep 1887 in Newton Abbot, Devon, England, UK (source 9.) and had four children:
Stanley George Stoneman in 1890
Ethel Rosamond Stoneman in 1893
Arthur Robert Stoneman about 1896
Harold Stoneman about 1900

AMY STONEMAN [ADAMS] was born in 1883, in Little Milton, Oxford, England, United Kingdom.

Amy married twice. She was first married to John Rhys Gildas Jones in 1905, but I believe he died within a year or so. They had one son, Harold Jones in 1906.

In the 1911 Wales Census (source 6.), John William and Amy are listed as married, but looking at the free marriage index, they didn't didn't get married until 1916 (source 12.). It's believed they had 8 children;
Amy Elizabeth in 1909
Quinnie in 1910
Violet May in 1913
Margaret A in 1915
Edvin John in 1917
Ted A in 1921
Edna Pattie in 1924
Kennet M in 1926

I think Amy died in 1955, aged about 72.

1.) England Wales FreeBMD Birth Index, 1837-1915_Q3_1866_5b_136 about John William Stoneman
2.) 1881 England Devon Torquay St Mary Church District19 Img34 John Stoneman 1844
3.) England Wales FreeBMD Marriage Index 1837-1915_Q4_1889_5b_295 about John William Stoneman
4.) 1891 England Census Record for John William Stoneman - born 1866
5.) 1901 England Census about John William Stoneman - born 1866
6.) 1911 Wales Census John William Stoneman 1867
7.) Certified Copy of Marriage Stanley & Elizabeth Ann Stoneman
8.) Certified Copy of Birth Stanley George Stoneman
9.) Certified Copy of Marriage John William Stoneman and Eva Ann Lawrence
10.) 1871 England Census
11.) 1881 England Census
12.) Free Marriage Index Neath Glamorgan Q4, vol.11a, page 1609

More information in general, need more facts to be able to order birth, death and marriage certificates.

Post updated 28 Nov 2012

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Oxwich Castle, Gower Peninsula, Wales, United Kingdom

Oxwich Castle occupies a position on a wooded headland overlooking Oxwich Bay on the Gower Peninsula, Wales, United Kingdom (Google view).

Transcripted text from the plate by Oxwish Castle:

Oxwich Castle was built in the sixteenth century, probably on the site of an earlier building. It was erected by the Mansel family, who occupied a leading position among the Tudor gentry of Glamorgan.
With its courtyard plan and semi-fortified design, including this impressive, mock-military gateway, Oxwich recalls several other manor houses in south Wales designed for a powerful gentry class whose life-style resembled that of earlier feudal magnates.
Oxwich castle comprises two adjacent ranges of buildings. The smaller south range to your left is the earlier, built by Sir Rice Mansel (whose initials appear on the decorative plaque over the outer gateway). On an altogether larger scale, the east range behind you is the roof less shell of a "great house", probably built by Sir Rice's son, Sir Edward Mansel.

Sir Rice Mansel
Welsh Biography Online - Mansel Family

I took some pictures at this site in 2008, if anyone is interested in a copy.

Information wanted: Houses in Godrergraig, Wales, UK

My husband's great grandfather, Stanley George Stoneman, lived in Tawelfan, Owen's Lane, Godrergraig, Llanguicke, Pontardawe, West Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom accourding to 2 Apr 1911 Wales Census. So did his father John William Stoneman, with his second wife Amy Stoneman (Adams).

Stanley married Elizabeth Ann Jenkins 15 Apr 1911, and all their 8 children was born in Gate Terrace, Godrergraig, Llanguicke, Pontardawe, West Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom.

I want to know more about Tawelfan, Owen's Lane and Gate Terrace, and if anyone could provide med with photos that would be a big bonus.

Historic Picture Caused Debates - South Wales Guardian of 5th January 1967

Part of the text might be inaccurate as the source is badly faded and partly illegible from wear.

Transcripted text:

Historic picture caused debates

Controversy has been aroused in the Cwngors and Gwaun-cae-Gurwen area after the publication last week of the photo of the Cwmgors collery team which won the Sir Alfred Mond cup in season 1925-26.

They were fore-runners of the present Cwmgors R.F.C. formed in the 1927-28 season.

Mr. Dan Griffiths, of High-street, Cwmgors, named them all. For its interest value, the picture is reproduced again.

Back-row: John (Meth) Jones, Charles Richards (treasurer), David Bowen, Stanley Jones, Tommy George, Morgan A. Lewis, D.R. Evans, Tom M. (Gwen) Jones and Tom Pritchard.

Second row: David (unclear text), David Tom Jones, Trevor Arnold, Rhys Davies, Johnny Davies, Claude Davey, Handel John, Will Arnold and Morgan Timothy (first-aid).

Seated: Ewart Jones, Ben R. (Meth) Jones, Philip George, Morgan Jones (manager Cwmgors Collery), Will Davies (capt), D.P. Rees (group cashier and president), Tom (Meth) Jones, David Pritchard, M (Meth) Jones, Will (Gwen) Jones and Dan Evans.


Skipper Will Davies, who later played for Swansea was capped against South Africa in 1931, and England, Scotland and Ireland in 1932.

He has two brothers Rhys and Johnny Davies behind him in the photograph.
John . (unclear text)

The three Arnold brothers are D.H. Trevor and Will Arnold.

J.M. Jones and Ewart Jones are brothers as are Tom M. (Gwen) Jones and Will (Gwen) Jones and Tommy and Phillip George.

D.R. Evans and Dan Evans are also brothers, while Tom Pritchard was the father of David Pritchard, who has been chairman of Cwmgors R.F.C for 38 years.

Claude Davey, who later played for Swansea, was capped 23 times for Wales.

Everyone in the photograph lived in the village of Cwmgors, except D.P. Rees, president, who lived at G.C.G.
Of the 13 members of the committee and . (unclear text) only ( unclear text) Tommy George.

All members of the team are still alive.

Original source

Wanted: Better copy of this article is wanted.

Family of Daniel Thomas & Maria Williams, Wales, UK

DANIEL THOMAS was born on 14 June 1859, in Llanfynydd, Carmarthenshire, Wales, United Kingdom (source 1.), to Daniel Thomas Thomas and Mary Thomas [Edwards]. He was recorded in the census in 1891, aged about 32, in Llangathen, Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom, working as a collier laborer. He was recorded in the census in 1901 (source 2.), aged about 42, in
Garnant, Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom, and working as a heiver. Daniel died on 14 June 1932, aged 73.

MARIA THOMAS [WILLIAMS] was born on 1 October 1862, in Llandeilofawr, Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom (source 1), to Thomas Williams and Elizabeth Williams. She was recorded in the census in 1891 (source 1.), aged about 28, in Llangathen, Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom. She was recorded in the census in 1901 (source 2.), aged about 38, in Garnant, Carmarthen, Wales, United Kingdom. Maria died on 27 December 1957, aged 95.

It's unknown when Daniel Thomas married Maria Thomas [Williams]. Both spoke Welsh according to 1891 census (source 1.), and by census 1901 (source 2.) they both spoke Welsh and English. They had seven children:
Thomas (TWM) Thomas in 1885
Mary Diana Davis [Thomas] in 1887
Isaac Thomas in 1889
Elizabeth Thomas in 1895
Daniel John Thomas in 1896
Miriam Llawelyn [Thomas] in 1899
Lydia Guilor [Thomas] in ? (source 3.)

More spesific information about this family is wanted.

1.) 1891 Wales Census Record for Daniel Thomas 1859-1932.
2.) 1901 Wales Census Record for Daniel Thomas 1859-1932.
3.) Family knowledge

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Family of David John Bowen & Mary Bowen, Wales, UK

DAVID JOHN BOWEN was born in 1845, in Llandeyen, Carmarthenshire, Wales. He was recorded in the 1891 census (source 1.), aged about 46, in Penybrynian Road, Llanguick, Glamorgan, Wales. In 1905, aged about 60, he was a Coal miner. (Source 2.). David is no longer living, time of death unknown

MARY BOWEN [EVANS?] was born in 1853, in Llanfynydd, Carmarthenshire, Wales. Parents unknown, but I beleive her maiden name is Evans. She was recorded in the 1891 census (source 1.), aged about 38, in Llanguick, Glamorgan, Wales. Mary is no longer living, time of death unknown.

It's unknown when David John Bowen married Mary Bowen [Evans?]. Both spoke Welsh (source 1.). They had six children (source 1.):
D. John Bowen in 1873
Elizabeth Bowen in 1874
Thomas Bowen in 1880
Catherine Bowen in 1884
Margaret Bowen about 1886
Jennet Bowen in 1888

More information about this family is wanted.

1.) "1891 Wales Census - David Bowen (head)"
2.) "Certified copy of marriage Thomas Pritchard and Margaret Bowen"

Family of David Pritchard & Mrs Pritchard, Wales, UK

DAVID PRITCHARD was born around 1854. Unknown parents. Unknown birth place. In 1905, aged about 51, he was a Coal miner (source 1). Unknown time of death and place.

MRS. PRITCHARD Unknown time of birth and place. Unknown parents. Unknown time of death and place.

It's unknown when David Pritchard married Mrs. Pritchard. If family story is correct they had several children, but don't have a lot of information on this. But they had at least one son:
Thomas Pritchard about 1879
They might also had a son called:
David Pritchard in 1881

It's beleived that both Mr. and Mrs. David Pritchard died young, leaving their children behind. They owned a lot of land, and after their death family came in to help raising the children and maintain the land. Somehow this land ended up on the family hands instead of the children. I believe the land was somewhere near the Black Mountain, Wales, UK. It might have been David's father who owned the land mentioned, since David is listed as a coal miner on his son's Thomas wedding certificate.

Help wanted:
I want to find out more about this family and what happened to them all. Names, dates, places - anything really. If you have any information, please contact me.

Please note that information in this post might be inaccurate.

1) "Certified copy of marriage Thomas Pritchard and Margaret Bowen"

Resources for researching the Pritchard family

Surname definition: See Family Crest below.

Surname origin: Medieval Welsh origin.

Derivation: Patronymic of the male given name Richard, formed from a fusion of the Welsh suffix 'ap' meaning 'son of' and the First name Richard.

Alternate surname spellings: Richardson Richards Prichard

Other Resources:
Pritchard Family Crest and Name Origin
The Pritchard Family History
Pritchard Family Genealogy Forum
GENUKI - UK and Ireland Genealogy

Help wanted:
Please let me know if you have any links to resources when it comes to researching the Pritchard family name.