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*Benjamin + James LOVELL - Mangotsfield to Marlborough

Benjamin LOVELL was born 21 Jun 1781 in Mangotsfield, South Gloucestershire
- a son of George LOVELL & Mary NAISH
George and Mary were married in St James Church Mangotsfield 1 April 1777. Their witnesses were Pharoh GOULDING and Thomas POOL(E). George signed his name and Mary made her mark

Benjamin LOVELL married Frances POOLE 31 May 1802 at St. James's Church, Mangotsfield, South Gloucestershire
- Frances was born in 1781 in Mangotsfield and christened in the same little St James Church in which she was to marry 21 years later. Benjamin made his mark and Frances signed her name. Their witnesses were George PACKER and Hannah TYLER.

BENJAMIN & FRANCES had 9 children:
23 Jan 1803 - George Lovell
16 Sep 1804 - John Lovell (died as an infant)
27 April 1806 - John Lovell
22 May 1808 * Benjamin Lovell (emigrated to NZ)
15 July 1810 - Isaac Lovell
4 Aug 1816 * James Lovell (emigrated to NZ)
23 June 1822 - William Lovell (twin)
23 June 1822 - Joseph Lovell (twin)
13 March 1825 - Ann Lovell
- at the birth of Ann, Benjamin & Frances put their address as Staple Hill which is about 1km south of the main centre of Mangostfield.

* BENJAMIN LOVELL (born 1808)
married Hester SPICER (1812-1898) St James Church Mangotsfield, 2 Aug 1831
the children of BENJAMIN & HESTER (born Mangotsfield before emigration):
* 1831 - Frances 'Fanny' Lovell
FANNY married Alexander FRANKLIN in 1851
* 1834 - 1919 Benjamin Alexander Lovell
BENJAMIN married Sarah Wyatt SHERMAN in 1860 in Riwaka, Nelson
the known children of BENJAMIN & SARAH:
* 1860 - 1924 Hester Spicer Lovell
HESTER married John William KING (1860-1936) in 1882
the known children of HESTER & JOHN:
* 1883 - 1883 David Alexander King
DAVID died aged 11 weeks
**1884 - 1919 Albert Victor King
ALBERT married Ann PATTINSON in 1911
* 1886 - 1887 James Lewis King
JAMES died aged 11 months
* 1888 - 1974 Dulcie Irene King
DULCIE married John William BURKE in 1912
* 1891 - 1960 Thomas Newton King
THOMAS married Martha Gertrude HOLYMAN in 1915
* 1893 - 1950 Robert Murray Rollo King
ROBERT married Maude Ellen NICHOLSON in 1926
* 1896 - 1973 Alice Zeta King
ALICE married Hylton Albert Lionel DIXON in 1928
* 1898 - 1979 Leta Evelyn King
LETA married Alfred Hollis HUETT in 1924
* 1901 - 1982 Leslie Gordon Melville King
LESLIE married Caroline Thiriza HUNT in 1927
* 1904 - 1935 Ellis Sidney Jack King
ELLIS married Ruby Clarice O'GRADY in 1928

BENJAMIN Lovell died on 8 Oct 1919 & buried Plot 051, Block 08 Wakapuaka Cemetery

* 1836 - 1841 Sarah Spicer Lovell
SARAH died in 1841 (before September) aged 5 in Mangotsfield
* 1838 - 1842 William George Alfred Lovell
WILLIAM died aged 3.9 in Mangotsfield
* 1840 - 1888 Alfred Lovell
ALFRED married Mary Anne POPE in 1862 in Havelock, Marlborough

On 21 Sep 1841 Benjamin, Hester & their 3 surviving children boarded the
LORD AUCKLAND from the West India Docks and emigrated to New Zealand
- They were accompanied by Benjamin's brother James and his family (see below)
- They arrived into Nelson on the 7 February 1842

the children of BENJAMIN & HESTER (born in Motueka, Nelson):
* 1843 - 1907 Christina Spicer Lovell
CHRISTINA married William Svent JOHNSON (1835-1907) in Motueka in 1863
- William was from Solvesborg, Blekinge, Sweden
- one of their sons was Albert Sven Johnson (1873-1964)

* 1845 - 1903 Thomas Spicer Lovell
THOMAS married Hannah ROGERS (1835-1885) in 1867
- Hannah was born in Liverpool. She first married Joseph COUSENS (1828-1865) in 1852 & had 2 daughters. Hannah and her 2 daughters, Mary Ellen (1854-) & Johanna (1858-) Cousens emigrated into Auckland 19 Oct 1859 on the 'Mermaid'. Hannah died in New Plymouth 9 April 1885 aged 50, buried Te Henui
THOMAS next married Mary Ann BLANCHARD 15 June 1885
the known children of THOMAS & MARY ANN:
* 1886 - Hester Violet Lovell
HESTER married Christian JOHNSON in 1905
* 1887 - 1889 Frederick Thomas Benjamin Lovell
FREDERICK died aged 2 & buried Te Henui, New Plymouth
* 1889 - 1889 Alfred Spicer Lovell
ALFRED died aged 6 months & buried Te Henui, New Plymouth
* 1890 - 1975 Norman Victor Lovell
NORMAN married Dorothy Hildegarde ORAM (1895-1936) in 1924
* 1891 - 1975 Sydney Roy Lovell
SYDNEY is buried at Awanui cemetery, Taranaki
* 1892 - 1953 Ernest Albert Lovell
ERNEST married Mary Cecelia SMITH in 1916
Thomas Spicer Lovell adopted 2 children in Taranaki:
* William Lewis HART in 1882. William was a 'deserted boy' aged about 3 at the time
* Mary Louisa CARR in 1884. Mary was aged 5 at the time
A photo taken in New Plymouth c1895 of Thomas Spicer Lovell and his young sons Norman & Sydney Lovell when Thomas was working at Paul's Brewery
- he was buried August 1903 Plot 45-2, Block: Old, at Motueka

* 1848 - 1914 Mary Jane Lovell
MARY JANE married Fredrick Eugene BULLOTT (1848-1904)
MARY JANE married Charles WOOLCOCK (1827-1891)
the 'other' Mary Jane Lovell who was originally entered with this family

* 1851 - 1860 Esther Lovell
ESTHER died aged 9

* 1852 - 1903 Angelina Lovell
ANGELINA married Alfred Horace Eustace Roland BLISS in 1879
ANGELINA & ALFRED had 10 known children:
* 1881 - 1917 Alfred George Lovell Bliss Died of his Wounds Belgium
ALFRED married Marie Manning TOLLETT in 1907
* 1882 - 1955 Frederick Benjamin Bliss
FREDERICK married Caroline Emma BOYD in 1911
- a son, Bernard Alfred Bliss Died of his Wounds in Italy
* 1883 - 1972 Angelina Hester/Esther Bliss
ANGELINA married Robert Joseph GALLAGHER (1883-1909) in 1908
ANGELINA next married Albert Alcock NOBLE in 1912
* 1884 - 1948 Maud Thomasine Bliss
MAUD married George Henry GRAY in 1905
* 1885 - 1885 Amy Frances Ellen Bliss
AMY died aged 4 months
* 1886 - 1887 William Herbert Bliss
WILLIAM died aged 4 months
* 1888 - 1888 Violet Hilda Bliss
VIOLET died aged 10 months
* 1889 - 1890 Ella Theresa Bliss - twin with Ethel
ELLA died aged 8 months
* 1889 - Ethel May Bliss - twin with Ella
ETHEL married Alfred LARSON in 1909
* 1890 - Frank Herbert Bliss
ANGELINA Bliss remarried in 1896 to Thomas Joseph WILKINSON

BENJAMIN LOVELL (born 1808) died aged 65 in 1873
he is buried in Plot 12-1, Block: Old at Motueka
- his wife Hester remarried to Edward Stanton in 1875
- she died aged 85 in 1898 and is buried Plot 10-1, Block: Old in Motueka

Benjamin's brother
(born 1816)
married Ann BROWN on 3 Jan 1837 in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England
JAMES & ANN's known children:
1838 - 1910 Mary Ann Lovell
- born in Mangotsfield,Gloucestershire
- immigrated with her parents when she was 25
MARY ANN married Alfred FLETCHER in 1854 in Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson
- they had 2 daughters Elizabeth and Mary Jane (amongst others)
ELIZABETH married Charles HARWOOD in 1874
- they had 7 children from 1874 to 1885
- Charles was a son of George HARWOOD of Thorne, Somersetshire, England and Elizabeth EASTMENT of Haselbury Plucknett, Somersetshire who emigrated to Nelson on the LONDON in 1842.
- Charles was also a brother of Henry Harwood who married Elizabeth & Mary Jane's aunty Mercy Lovell (see below)
- the known children of Charles & Elizabeth:
1875 - George Arthur Harwood
GEORGE married Harriet Jane COBB 1905
1877 - Ernest Charles Harwood
ERNEST married Maud Harriet ORGAN 1907
1878 - Amelia Elizabeth Eastmont Harwood
nothing else known
1881 - Mary Emily Harwood
MARY didn't marry, she died aged 83
1882 - William Alfred Harwood
WILLIAM married Rosetta Harriet WINTER 1912
1884 - Lilian Harwood
LILIAN married Archie PAGE 1907
1885 - Lizzie Harwood
LIZZIE died aged 20 months
ELIZABETH died 21 Aug 1885 aged 27, 7 days after giving birth to Lizzie
- her sister Mary Jane then married Charles 4 months later (on 26 Dec 1885) and would have brought the children up. No children found for Charles and Mary Jane
1840-1841 Mercy Lovell
- born in Mangotsfield,Gloucestershire
- Mercy died at sea on the Lord Auckland whilst emigrating to New Zealand
- she was 1 year old
1843 - 1935 Mercy Ani Lovell
- born in Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson
MERCY married Henry HARWOOD in 1936
- Henry was a brother of Charles Harwood who married 2 of Mercy's sisters (Mary Ann's) daughters (see above)

JAMES's wife Ann died in 1869 aged 58
- she is buried Clifton Cemetery, Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson
JAMES remarried to Sarah FLETCHER and they had twin sons Henry & James Joseph Lovell in June 1871
JAMES Lovell died in 1879 aged 64
- he is buried in Clifton Cemetery, Takaka, Golden Bay, Nelson


... thanks to the message from Erin on 3-1-2011, I will attempt to work out the marriages I had mixed up
Erin wrote: .. My grandmother was Fiona Marion MacClure Walker who married Albert Victor King. However my Alberts parents were John Thomas King & Elizabeth Hudson. John Kings parents were Thomas King & Ann Belton. I believe you have the wrong Albert connection in your line ...

** there were 5 Albert Victor King mariages in NZ between 1889-1929
- they were:
1/ - 1889 - Albert Victor King (1858-1937)
- married Alice Elizabeth HOMES (1864-1902)
- they had a son, Lauritz Victor King who died of wounds in France 1916. At that time Albert & Alice lived in Tahunanui, Nelson

2/ - 1904 - Albert Victor King
- Albert REmarried to Jemima ESSON (1867-1945)
- they are buried together Plot 125, Block 007 at Seaview Rd Cemetery, Nelson. Not known where Alice was buried

3/ - 1911 - Albert Victor King (1884-1919)
- married Ann PATTINSON

4/ - 1926 - Albert Victor King (1894-1964)
- married Fiona Marion MacGlure WALKER (1905-1990)

5/ - 1929 - Albert Victor King
- married Emily Clara May HAWKEN (1875-1970)

There were only 3 Albert Victor King born in NZ (which of course means little except there was also only 3 deaths BUT one of them was not born in NZ!!!)
This makes for probable remarriages for some (see above)

The years of their births and parents were:
* 1884 - 1919 Albert Victor King
- son of John William KING & Hester Spicer LOVELL
- married Ann PATTINSON in 1911
ALBERT died aged 34 and buried Plot 026, Block 09 at Wakapuka Cemetery, Nelson

* 1894 - 1964 Albert Victor King
- son of John Thomas KING & Elizabeth HUDSON
ALBERT (we know) married Fiona Marion MacClure WALKER in 1926

* 1890 - ? Albert Victor King
- son of Thomas & Anstay ? KING

AND an Albert Victor King (not registered as born in NZ)
1858 - 1937 (see 1)

any help would be appreciated

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HOBSONVILLE Cemetery Auckland, Ockleston - Yates

the following names were taken from Gravestone Photographic Resource.
A list of grave monuments in Hobsonville Cemetery, Hobsonville, Auckland.
Phil Braithwaite photographed and indexed this cemetery. There is more info at the above link and details on how to order photos of the grave monuments

The reason for the following list is to enable to add short bios when found
* some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death

* 55 - 107 ELLICE - NORTH
* 108 - 164 OCKLESTON - YATES

108 Eliza 'Lizzie' OCKLESTON (nee SCOTT 1880-1963) aged 83
* daughter of Thomas & Janet SCOTT
* married James Sims Ockleston in 1903 see 110
New Zealand Herald, 13 January 1904 OCKLESTON-SCOTT - On December 19, at Hobsonville, by the Rev A. McLean, James S., eldest son of the late Joshua Ockleston, to Eliza (Lizzie), youngest daughter of the late Thomas Scott, of Hobsonville
108a Leslie John Ockleston (1918-2007) aged 89
* son of James & Eliza Ockleston

109 Eric William OCKLESTON (1911-2008) aged 96
* son of William OCKLESTON & Jane SINTON
109a Isabella OCKLESTON (nee IRVING 1915-2007) aged 92
* parents of MARIAN & GRAHAM Ockleston
Auckland Star, 19 September 1927 Eric Ockleston (16) had the misfortune to fracture his arm while exercising in the gymnasium at the Auckland Grammar School to-day. He was able to walk to the hospital for treatment. Ockleston's parents live at Hobsonville

110 James Sims OCKLESTON (1874-1969) aged 95
* son of Joshua OCKLESTON & Elizabeth SIMS
* married Eliza Scott in 1903 see 108
their known children:
* 1904 - 1992 Mary Elizabeth Ockleston (+ William Joseph Brown 1936)
* 1907 - 1986 James Arthur Ockleston (+ Constance Keary 1937)
* 1908 - 2000 Alexander Lindsay Ockleston (+ Phyllis Prideaux 1936)
* 1913 - 1997 Stanley Robert Ockleston (+ Melva Mary Fremlin 1947)
* 1918 - 2007 Leslie John Ockleston
* 1918 - 1999 Raymond Sims Ockleston (+ Jeannie Calderwood Hollinger 1942)
Evening Post, 21 September 1903 COLONIAL INVENTIONS
James Sims Ockleston, William Ockleston, Henry Clark and Abraham Dorricott of Hobsonville, Auckland, improved apparatus for employment in flanging and socketing clay pipes and the like.

111 Jane OCKLESTON (nee SINTON 1881-1975) aged 95
* daughter of John SINTON (1845-1927) & Margaret WISHART see 132
* granddaughter of James SINTON & Margaret HOGG
* grandniece of Elizabeth Ockleston (nee Sims) see 112
* married William Ockleston in 1907 see 114
their known children:
* 1909 - 1988 Allan Joshua Ockleston (died in Johannesburg, South Africa)
* 1911 - 2008 Eric William Ockleston

112 Joshua OCKLESTON (1836-1896) aged 60
* born in Sutton, Cheshire, England
112a Elizabeth OCKLESTON (nee SIMS 1844-1929) aged 85
* born in Auckland 26 Aug 1844 to James SIMS (1801-1891) & Margaret ADAM (1804-1888). James & Margaret were from Scotland. They are buried Symonds Street cemetery
OF NOTE a sister of Elizabeth, Jane Sims (1823-1912) married George Wishart in Renfrew, Scotland in 1849. One of their daughters, Margaret Wishart, married John Sinton in 1877
JOSHUA & ELIZABETH married in Hobsonville 1 Jan 1873
New Zealand Herald, 3 January 1873 OCKLESTON-SIMS - On January 1, at the residence of the bride's father, by the Rev D. Bruce, Joshua Ockleston, Hobsonville, to Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr James Sims, Mount-street
their known children:
* 1874 - 1969 James Sims Ockleston (+ Eliza Scott 1903)
* 1875 - 1953 William Ockleston (+ Jane Sinton 1907)
* 1877 - 1951 Richard Hall Ockleston (+ Harriet Harris 1905)
Auckland Star, 20 February 1896 - Mr Joshua Ockleston
Mr Joshua Ockleston, one of the oldest and most respected settlers in the Hobsonville district, died suddenly yesterday. It appears that he was engaged on his farm as usual, and while lifting sheep into a cart he complained of a pain in his chest. He was immediately removed to his house, when all possible was done for him, but he expired in less than an hour. Deceased was 60 years of age. He was an active member of the Hobsonville Presbyterian Church, and frequently conducted the services, while he was also Superintendent of the Sunday-school. Deceased also took an interest in temperance and worked generally for the good of the district. His sudden end caused a shock to the whole district, for he was loved by all whom he came in contact with. He leaves behind him a widow and three grown-up sons. Deceased was a native of Cheshire, England
Auckland Star, 5 November 1929 - Mrs Elizabeth Ockleston
EIGHTY-FIVE YEARS RESIDENT - A very old inhabitant of Hobsonville, Mrs Elizabeth Ockleston, died on November 3 at the residence of her son, Mr R. Ockleston. She was born in Auckland 85 years ago. Her parents were the late Mr and Mrs Sims, who were among the hardy band of settlers who came from Scotland (on the Duchess of Argyle in 1842) was then a very small place, and in order to provide work for the new arrivals some of the men were employed cutting down Shortland Street at the magnificent rate of 2/6 per day (25 cents). It was not long before they ceased to require work found by the Government. Miss Sims was married in 1873 to the late Mr Joshua Ockleston, who had then been farming for some years at Hobsonville with his brother. Mr Ockleston died 33 years ago and his widow, left with a young family to rear, faced her task with that fortitude that seems to have been a feature of the women who came to make a hone in New Zealand in the early days. Mrs Ockleston was the last of the first generation of the Sims family, her brother, the late Mr Robert Sims, of Franklin, who only died recently (1842-1926), having been well over 80 years (84). The following children survive their parents:- Messrs J. Ockleston of the New Lynn Brick and Tile Co., Richard Ockleston of Hobsonville and W. Ockleston.
The funeral took place at Hobsonville, and was very largely attended, the Presbyterian Home Missioner, Mr E. A. Rimmer, conducting the service

113 Richard Hall OCKLESTON (1878-1951) aged 73
* son of Joshua OCKLESTON & Elizabeth SIMS
113a Harriet OCKLESTON (nee HARRIS 1881-1969) aged 88
* Richard & Harriet married in 1905
New Zealand Herald, 22 August 1905 OCKLESTON-HARRIS - On July 25, at Mount street, Auckland, by the Rev H. Gray, Richard H. Ockleston, youngest son of the late Joshua Ockleston of Hobsonville, to Harriet (Ettie) Harris, second daughter of W. H. Harris, South Westland. Hokitika papers please copy
their known children:
* 1906 - Elizabeth Edna Ockleston
* 1907 - 1982 William Hamilton Ockleston

114 William OCKLESTON (1875-1953) aged 77
* son of Joshua OCKLESTON & Elizabeth SIMS
* married Jane SINTON in 1907 see 111
* daughter of William SINTON & Janet Napier SYMINGTON
their known children:
* 1908 - 1988 Allan Joshua Ockleston (died in Johannesburg, South Africa)
* 1911 - 2008 Eric William Ockleston
Evening Post, 21 September 1903 COLONIAL INVENTIONS
James Sims Ockleston, William Ockleston, Henry Clark and Abraham Dorricott of Hobsonville, Auckland, improved apparatus for employment in flanging and socketing clay pipes and the like.

115 William Hamilton OCKLESTON (1907-1982) aged 75
* son of Richard Hall OCKLESTON & Harriet HARRIS
115a Valmai Ellen 'Val' Ockleston (1909-2001) aged 92
* husband & wife
* had a daughter, Dawne Ockleston

116 Robert John PETCH (1945-1945) aged 2 days
* son of E & L Petch

117 Malcolm PHILLIPS (1855-1922) aged 67
117a Mary Maitland PHILLIPS (nee CORSTON 1864-1949) aged 85
* Malcolm & Mary married in 1892
their known children:
* 1893 - Mary Maitland Dunn Phillips (+ William Joseph McKeay 1920)
* 1895 - Eric Phillips
* 1902 - Vera McKenzie Phillips

118 Elsie Olga POWELL (1929-1929) aged 30 minutes
* parents were at Riverhead

119 Richard POWELL (1872-1957) aged 85
119a Alice Elizabeth Powell (1881-1958) aged 77
* wife of Richard Powell

120 Ann Mills Purvis SCOTT (1866-1948) aged 82
(photo site has Ann Mills PURVIS)
* daughter of Thomas & Janet SCOTT
* sister of James Wallace Scott next

121 James Wallace SCOTT (1875-1915) aged 40
* son of Thomas & Janet SCOTT
* brother of Ann Mills Purvis Scott above
* married Isabella GUNN in 1899
* daughter of Robert William GUNN & Elizabeth WALLACE see 63
the known children of James & Isabella:
* 1901 - Olive Maud Scott
* 1909 - Kenneth George Scott

122 Thomas SCOTT (1827-1892) aged 65
122a Janet SCOTT (1841-1886) aged 45
Thomas & Janet's known children: (added as found)
* 1861 - 1902 Alison Scott (eldest daughter), buried here
* 1863 - Thomas Scott
* 1866 - 1948 Ann Mills Purvis Scott (buried here)
* 1875 - 1915 James Wallace Scott
* 1880 - 1880 Jane Scott (twin), aged 7 weeks, buried here
* 1880 - Eliza Scott (twin)
Janet died 22 November 1886 - Thomas died 3 September 1892
Auckland Star, 22 November 1886 SCOTT - On November 22, at Hobsonville, Janet, the beloved wife of Thomas Scott; aged 45 years
New Zealand Herald, 6 September 1892 SCOTT - On September 3, at his residence, Hobsonville, Thomas Scott, late of Scotland, aged 65

123 John Famenoth SEDGMAN (1878-1943) aged 64
* son of Richard Henry SEDGMAN & Sarah Jane THOMAS (-1925)
Auckland Star, 9 January 1943 SEDGMAN - On January 9, 1943, at Auckland Hospital, John, beloved son of the late Richard and Sarah Sedgman, of Brigham's Creek; aged 64 years. Funeral leaves above address on Monday, 11th, for Hobsonville Cemetery, at 1.30 p.m.

124 Richard Henry SEDGMAN (1857-1937) aged 86
Auckland Star, 16 February 1937 SEDGMAN - On February 16, 1937, at Auckland, Richard Henry, aged 86 years. Funeral will leave his late residence, Brigham's Creek, for Hobsonville Cemetery at 10 a.m. on Wednesday

125 Sarah SEDGMAN (1877-1910) aged 33
* Sarah died 14 Nov 1910
* buried with John Famenoth Sedgman (1878-1943) (possibly sister)
NOTE A Sarah Sedgman gave birth on 25 Oct 1910 to Edward George Arthur Sedgman (1910-1983) (no father named)

126 Clyde McGregor SIMPSON (1922-2002) aged 80
* Squadron Leader M.B.E., D.F.C. Territorial Air Force
* son of Duncan & Jane Simpson
* husband of Joyce Tomlinson Simpson (1923-2008)
* father of Judith, Sherry, Michael & Peter Simpson

127 Joyce Tomlinson SIMPSON (1923-2008) aged 85
* daughter of William & Mary MUTTER
* wife of Clyde McGregor Simpson above

128 Alexander Robert SINTON (1870-1949) aged 79
* son of William SINTON & Janet Napier SYMINGTON
128a Ellen Jane 'Nellie' SINTON (nee WALLACE 1875-1959) aged 84
* daughter of George WALLACE & Ann 'Annie' EDMONDS see 154
* Alexander & Nellie married in 1892
their known children:
* 1892 - 1961 Janet Ann Sinton (+ William Barr Paterston 1916)
* 1895 - 1951 Mabel Violet Sinton (+ George Kennedy 1913)
* 1896 - 1978 George Sinton (+ Mary Anita Norton 1919)
* 1899 - 1978 Robert James Sinton (+ Elsie May Woolnough 1918)
* 1901 - 1987 Alice Ellen Sinton (+ Harold Hunter 1924)
* 1903 - 1983 Leonard Walter Sinton (+ Florence Amy North 1927)
* 1905 - 2005 Margaret Olive Sinton (+ George William Thomson 1931)
* 1906 - 1987 Reginald Sinton (+ Elsie Myrtle Bridgford 1930) see 24
* 1909 - 1988 Wallace Leith Sinton (+ Janet White Orrock 1934)
* 1912 - 1972 Stanley Sinton (+ Iris Adeline Bridgford)

129 Desmond James SINTON (-1932) aged ?

130 Ellen Jean SINTON (1915-1916) aged 1.9

131 Florence Amy Sinton (nee NORTH 1904-1971) aged 66
* born in West Hampshire to Henry James NORTH (1870-1946) & Florence Amy BATTERSHILL (1867-1942). Sister of Henry James North see 107
* married Leonard Walter Sinton in 1927 see 128

132 George Wishart SINTON (1879-1949) aged 71
* son of John SINTON (1845-1927) & Margaret WISHART (1852-1932)
* grandson of James SINTON & Margaret HOGG
* grandnephew of Elizabeth Ockleston (nee Sims) see 112
132b Emily Elizabeth SINTON (nee BRIDGFORD 1877-1953) aged 76
* daughter of William BRIDGFORD (1849-) & Sarah Jane WALLACE (1855-) see 27
* married George Wishart Sinton in 1909

133 James Walter SINTON (1867-1936) aged 69 see 135
* son of William SINTON (1837-1880) & Janet Napier SYMINGTON (1839-1927)
(Janet was born in Stow, Midlothia, an illigitimate daughter of Elizabeth 'Betsy' Symington and sister of Alexander Cockburn see 45)
* grandson of James SINTON & Margaret HOGG
133b Elizabeth Frances SINTON (nee GUNN 1875-1944) aged 69
* daughter of Robert GUNN & Elizabeth WALLACE
* sister of Ada Annie Gunn see 19
* married James Walter Sinton in 1894
their known children:
* 1896 - 1978 Violet Elizabeth Janet Sinton (+ Andrew Andersen 1921)
* 1899 - 1956 Hazel May Sinton (+ Samuel Holliday 1925)
* 1903 - 1961 Maude Jane Sinton
* 1907 - 1984 Isabel Myrtle Sinton (+ Francis Joseph Birch 1926)
* 1912 - 2005 Gwendoline Eva Sinton (+ Marcus Phillip Andrews)

134 Leonard Walter SINTON (1903-1983) aged 80
* son of Alexander Robert SINTON & Ellen Jane WALLACE
* grandson of William SINTON & Janet Napier SYMINGTON
* great grandson of James SINTON & Margaret HOGG
* married Florence Amy NORTH in 1927 see 131

135 Margaret SINTON (nee HOGG 1807-1879) aged 72
* wife of James Sinton (1805-), from Ancrum, Roxburghshire, Scotland)
135b William SINTON (1837-1880) aged 42
* born Jedburgh, Scotland, son of James SINTON & Margaret HOGG
* husband of Janet Napier Symington
135c Janet Napier SINTON (nee SYMINGTON 1839-1927) aged 88
* daughter-in-law of James SINTON & Margaret HOGG
* married William Sinton in Scotland
their known children:
* 1863 - Betsy Sinton (+ Charles Quinn Hutchinson) see 76
* 1865 - 1957 Margaret Mary Sinton (+ Noble Alexander Johnston)
* 1867 - 1936 James Walter Sinton (+ Elizabeth Frances Gunn)
* 1870 - 1949 Alexander Robert Sinton (+ Ellen Jane Wallace)
* 1877 - 1956 John Sinton
* 1879 - 1975 Jane Sinton (+ William Ockleston)

136 Maria Louisa SINTON (nee THOMSON 1887-1951) aged 64
* married William Alexander Sinton in 1913
* repeated at 137

137 Maria Louisa SINTON (1887-1951) aged 64
[* repeated at 136

138 Olive Merle SINTON (1923-1924) aged 15 months
New Zealand Herald, 8 February 1924 FATALITY AT HOBSONVILLE
A sad drowning accident occurred at Hobsonville this week, the victim being the 15 month-old daughter of Mr and Mrs W. A. Sinton. The infant, Olive Merle Sinton, crawled into a bath of water sunk in the ground in the back yard and was drowned almost immediately. The child had been playing outside the house and had been taken inside by Mrs Sinton, but was missed a little later. Mrs Sinton ruched to the bath, which was used for watering ducks, and found the baby floating head downwards in the water. Artificial respiration proved unavailing

139 Robert SINTON (1918-1918) aged 5 hours
* son of Robert James SINTON (1899-1978) & Elsie May WOOLNOUGH (1897-1986)
* grandson of Alexander Robert SINTON (1870-1949) & Ellen Jane WALLACE
* great grandson of William SINTON (1837-1880) & Janet Napier SYMINGTON
* great, great grandson of James SINTON (1805-) & Margaret HOGG (1807-1879)

140 Child SMITH (-1929)
* parents living at Riverhead

141 baby SPARGO (1916-1916) aged 5 days
* born 9 September 1916 - died 14 September 1916
* child of W. Spargo

142 John SUMICH (1930-1990) aged 60
* repeated at 143

143 John Mate SUMICH (1930-1990) aged 60
* husband of Meryl Sumich
* father of Christine, Roger, Pamela and:
143a Angela SUMICH (1954-1954) aged 45 minutes

144 Ann 'Nancy' SUMMERS (1921-1930) aged 9
* daughter of Charles & Kathleen Summers
Auckland Star, 10 July 1930 SUMMERS, On July 10. 1930, at the Auckland Hospital, Ann (Nancy), beloved eldest daughter of Charles and Kathleen Summers, Hobsonville; aged 9 years. Funeral 1.30p.m. Friday, at Hobsonville Cemetery

145 Charles THOMPSON (1848-1928) aged 80
* born in Denmark
* married Annie ASTLE in 1885
* father of Edward Charles Thompson (1886-1944)

146 Claude THOMPSON (1922-1924) aged 2
* son of Edward Charles THOMPSON & Sarah Agnes WILLIAMSON

147 Edward Charles THOMPSON (1886-1944) aged 58
* Leading Aircraftman NZ423248, Royal New Zealand Air Force
* married Sarah Agnes WILLIAMSON (1886-1969)
* died of natural causes in Hobsonville

148 Ethel Mary THOMPSON (nee RANDELL 1912-2002) aged 90
* daughter of Ernest William RANDELL & Mabel COTTLE
* married James Edward Thomas 'Jim' Thompson
* mother of Barry James Thompson see 150

149 Harold Arthur THOMPSON (1911-1995) aged 84
* son of Edward Charles THOMPSON & Sarah Agnes WILLIAMSON
* married Dorothy 'Dot' WALTERS in 1932

150 James Edward Thomas THOMPSON (1909-1989) aged 80
* son of Edward Charles THOMPSON & Sarah Agnes WILLIAMSON
* married Ethel Mary RANDALL (1912-2002)
150a Barry James Thompson (1937-1986) aged 49
* son of James Edward Thomas & Ethel Mary Thompson

151 Sarah Agnes THOMPSON (nee WILLIAMSON 1886-1969) aged 83
* born Lithgow, New South Wales, Australia
* married Edward Charles Thompson (1886-1944)

152 George William THOMSON (1906-1980) aged 74
* son of George THOMSON & Maria Louisa VALLACK
152a Margaret Olive THOMSON (nee SINTON 1905-2005) aged 100
* daughter of Alexander Robert SINTON & Ellen Jane WALLACE see 128
* George & Margaret married in 1931

153 Elizabeth Bertha WALKER (nee DISMORE 1887-1947) aged 60
* daughter of William Daniel DISMORE & Elizabeth WILLIAMS see 49
* married Alfred Wilkinson WALKER (1881-1951) in 1905
* son of John & Elizabeth WALKER

154 George WALLACE (1845-1904) aged 59
154a Ann 'Annie' WALLACE (nee EDMONDS 1856-1931) aged 75
* George & Ann married in 1873
their known children:
* 1874 - 1959 Ellen Jane Wallace (+ Alexander Robert Sinton 1892)
* 1876 - 1946 John Alfred Wallace (+ Emma Nicklin 1900)
* 1877 - 1877 Margaret Dixon Frances Wallace (aged 5 months)
* 1879 - 1880 Lena Eliza Wallace (aged 6 months)
* 1882 - 1882 Josephine Emma Wallace (aged 3 months)
* 1883 - George William Victor Wallace
* 1885 - 1886 Mark Dixon Wallace (aged 5 months)
* 1886 - Mabel Violet Wallace (+ Charles Nicklin 1905)
* 1888 - 1970 Walter Patterson Wallace (+ Lilian May Victoria Shearer 1911)
* 1890 -1890 Percy Mark Wallace (aged 10 days)
* 1891 - 1965 Mark Patterson Wallace
* 1893 - 1969 James Edgar Wallace (+ Margaret Speir 1920)
* GEORGE died 15 Aug 1904 - ANN died 22 Feb 1931
Auckland Star, 21 February 1931 WALLACE - On February 22, at her daughter's (Mrs A. Sinton) residence, Brigham's Creek, Ann, beloved wife of the late George Wallace; in her seventy-sixth year. Funeral will leave above address 2 p.m., Sunday, for Hobsonville Cemetery
* daughter see 128

155 Alice Lillian Annie WALLER (nee THOMPSON (1921-1994) aged 73
* daughter of Edward Charles THOMPSON & Sarah Agnes WILLIAMSON see 171
155a Kenneth WALLER (1924-1990) aged 66
* husband & wife

156 Percy WATTS (1897-1966) aged 69
156a Doris Marjorie WATTS (1901-1987) aged 86
* husband & wife

157 Edith Frances WILSON (nee ROSER 1901-1995) aged 94
* married Robert John Wilson in 1925
* mother of Joyce & Robbie Wilson

158 Robert John WILSON (1901-1959) aged 58
* married Edith Frances Roser (1901-1995) in 1925

159 Robert John WILSON (1929-1942) aged 13.9
* probable son of Robert & Edith above

160 Amy Frances WISELEY (nee GOERTZ 1899-1969) aged 70
* daughter of Claud Henry GOERTZ (1870-1937) & Mary Melville MORRISON (1871-1943)
160a Victor Norman WISELEY (1897-1978) aged 81
* son of John WISELEY (1848-1917) & Annie CARDER (1855-1930)
* grandson of Joshua CARDER & Hannah SHAW see 36
* Amy & Victor married in 1922

161 Herbert Oscar WISELEY (1895-1916) aged 21
* son of John WISELY & Annie CARDER
* brother of Victor Norman Wiseley (above) & Sydney Wiseley (next)
* MEMORIAL ONLY - Killed In Action 15 Sept 1916 in Somme, France
* enlisted from 7 Aurora Terrace, Wellington
* next of kin was his mother Annie at Hobsonville

162 Margaret Lister WISELEY (nee CROMBIE 1891-1975) aged 84
* married Sidney Wiseley (1887-1962) in 1920
* son of John WISELY & Annie CARDER
* brother of Victor Norman & Herbert Oscar Wiseley (above)

163 Gabrielle Adair WOODS-CHILD (1986-1986) aged infant
* daughter of Ken & Robin Woods-Child

164 Russell Philip Neil YATES (1950-1974) aged 24
* son of Bob & Joy Yates
* father of Zen Yates

HOBSONVILLE Cemetery Auckland, Andersen-Dunlop

the following names were taken from Gravestone Photographic Resource.
A list of grave monuments in Hobsonville Cemetery, Hobsonville, Auckland.
Phil Braithwaite photographed and indexed this cemetery. There is more info at the above link and details on how to order photos of the grave monuments

The reason for the following list is to enable to add short bios when found
* some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death

* 55 - 107 ELLICE - NORTH
* 108 - 164 OCKLESTON - YATES

1 George ANDERSEN (1895-1960) aged 64
* son of Neils Andrew ANDERSEN & Lilley Mary SPRIGGS

2 Neils Andrew ANDERSEN (1860-1905) aged 45
2a Lilley Mary Andersen (nee Spriggs 1866-1945) aged 79
* wife of Neils Andrew Andersen, married in NZ 1890
* 2 sons, George above & Andrew next

3 Andrew ANDERSEN (1893-1949) aged 57
(cemetery site above has AndersOn)
* son of Neils Andrew ANDERSEN & Lilley Mary SPRIGGS
3a Violet Elizabeth Janet Andersen (nee SINTON, 1896-1978) aged 82
* wife of Andrew, married in 1921
(double up see 6)

4 Dawne Betty ANDERSON (1950-1950) aged 8 months
* "darling wee daughter of Neil & Joyce ANDERSON. Taken 20th Oct 1950"

5 James Neil ANDERSEN (1922-1972) aged 50
(cemetery site above has AndersOn)
* son of Andrew ANDERSEN & Violet Elizabeth Janet SINTON

6 Violet Elizabeth Janet ANDERSEN
(cemetery site above has AndersOn)
(double up see 3a)

7 Alfred ANDERTON (1906-1996) aged 90
* born 11 Dec 1906 - died 16 December 1906

8 Arthur Hayward ANDREWS (1885-1941) aged 56
* on the Committee of the Auckland Upper Harbour Association in 1924
8a Dorothy Florence ANDREWS (nee CHURCHOUSE, 1888-1975) aged 87
* from Somerset, England - lived in Greenhithe, Auckland
* married Arthur Hayward Andrews in 1907
their known children:
* 1908 - 1982 Phyllis Andrews
* 1911 - 2008 Marcus Phillip Andrews

9 Gwendoline Eva ANDREWS (1912-2005) aged 92
* buried with Marcus Phillip Andrews

10 Marcus Phillip ANDREWS (1911-2008) aged 97
* born 22 Feb 1911 to Arthur Haywood ANDREWS & Dorothy Florence CHURCHOUSE
* had a sister, Phyllis Andrews (1908-1982)

11 Susannah Adela ARMISTEAD (nee CONNOR, 1877-1902) aged 25
* daughter of George Matthew CONNOR & Margaret BENNETT
* married William Armistead in 1895

12 Elva Jean BEGGS (nee BOYD 1919-1992) aged 73
* born 11 Nov 1919 - died 13 Dec 1992
* (step?)daughter of James CANE & daughter of Beatrice Esther (nee BENNETT 1899-1949)
* (step?)sister, Thora Beatrice Cane (1927-1938), of Royal Rd., Massey (only daughter of James & Beatrice), also buried here but not on photo list see above 36
* help please with this relationship
12a Esmond BEGGS (1912-1993)
* born 18 Jan 1912 in Cambridge, Waikato - died 9 Dec 1993 aged 81
* son of David BEGGS & Elizabeth Annie
* (first married Dorothy Winona Jamieson (1911-2000) in 1937)
* married Elva Jean Boyd

13 Alfred Frank BENNETT (1894-1900) aged 6
* son of William Thomas (1851-1927) & Sarah Elizabeth (1855-1935) BENNETT
13a Thomas Bennett (1881-1902) aged 21
* son of Alfred BENNETT & Lucy MILES

14 Joseph BENNETT (-1943) aged ?
* possibly an infant

15 Nora BENNETT (nee O'KEEFE, 1893-1912) aged 19
* born 1 October 1893 - died 4 October 1912
* daughter of James O'KEEFE & Mary Ann LYNCH
* married Charles James Bennett 10 April 1912

16 William Thomas BENNETT (1851-1927) aged 76
16a Elizabeth Sarah BENNETT (1855-1935) aged 80
* husband & wife

17 A. C. F. BERNECKER (1832-1907) aged 75
* August Carl Ferdinand Bernecke (of the Bernecker Hockey Cup)
* husband of Elizabeth nee CARRAIN/CARRAN, formerly GREGORY (1839-1924, born Bay of Island, some children (including twins) born in Bulimba, Shire of Belmont, Queensland. A daughter, Beatrice Maud Bernecker was buried at South Brisbane cemetery 16 Nov 1880. A son, Harold Glendower Bernecker, was buried there 9 Oct 1888. Still there in 1891. Introduced the sweet potato 'Maltese' into New Zealand from Queensland in 1892
Elizabeth also died in Hobsonville (in 1924) & was given a standing minutes silence
New Zealand Herald, 16 August 1920 HAVARD-BERNECKER - On July 14 1920, at the bride's residence, Hobsonville, by Rev R. Ashton, Thomas Havard, only son of the late William and Mary Havard, Montgomery, Wales, to Ida Louisa Hedwig Bernecker, eldest daughter of the late A. C. F. and Mrs Bernecker, grand-daughter of the late Captain Carran

18 Daniel Wallace More BOYD (1939-2006) aged 67

19 George Boyd (1871-1949) aged 78
* married Ada Annie Gunn in 1896
19a Ada Annie Boyd (nee GUNN 1877-1953) aged 76
* daughter of Robert GUNN & Elizabeth WALLACE
* sister of Elizabeth Frances Gunn see 133
* married George Boyd in 1896 & had 9 known children:
* 1897 - 1918 John George Boyd
* 1898 - Ada Elizabeth Jane Boyd (+ Alexander James Brown Watson 1932)
* 1901 - 1970 Ernest Robert Boyd
* 1903 - 1986 Eileen Maud Boyd (+ Leonard Geoffrey Moller 1925)
* 1905 - Annie Isabel Boyd (+ Reginald William Jordan 1925)
* 1908 - 1991 Reginald Wallace Boyd
* 1910 - 1980 Eliza Mary Boyd (+ Charles Edwin McMillan 1932)
* 1914 - 1985 Trevor James Boyd
* 1916 - 1916 Alan Herbert Verdun Boyd
19b Alan Herbert Verdun Boyd (1916-1916) aged 8 months
* son of George & Ada
19c John George Boyd (1897-1918) aged 21
* son of George & Ada
* MEMORIAL ONLY - Killed In Action 23 Oct 1918 aged 21 in Le Cateau France
NOTES see also GUNN marriages NZ

20 John Boyd (1835-1902) aged 67
20a Jane Boyd (1850-1914) aged 64
* wife of John Boyd
20b Hugh Boyd (1862-1894) aged 32
* son of John & Jane Boyd
* married Annie Maria BANNESTER in 1885 & 4 known sons:
* 1886 - 1887 James Frederick Boyd
* 1887 - 1918 Ernest Hugh Boyd
* 1889 - 1948 Frederick George Boyd
* 1892 - 1942 John Alexander Boyd
20c James Fredrick Boyd (1886-1887) aged 20 months
* son of Hugh BOYD & Annie Maria BANNESTER
* grandson of John & Jane Boyd

21 Reginald Wallace Boyd (1908-1991) aged 83
* son of George BOYD & Ada Annie GUNN
21a Hazel More Boyd (more SMITH 1912-1993) aged 81
* wife of Reginald Wallace Boyd

22 Robert John Boyd (1936-1950) aged 14
* son of Reginald Wallace BOYD & Hazel More SMITH

23 Trevor James Boyd (1914-1985) aged 71
* born 31 May 1914 to George BOYD & Ada Annie GUNN see 19

24 Alice Mabel BRIDGFORD (nee HAGAN, 1881-1966) aged 85
* married James Cornelius Bridgford in 1903
their known children:
* 1903 - Ivy Elizabeth Bridgford (+ James Nicklin McRae 1927) see 89
* 1905 - Alma Mabel Bridgford (+ Charles Edward Gregory 1930)
* 1907 - Elsie Myrtle Bridgford (+ Reginald Sinton 1930)

25 Doris Helen BRIDGFORD (nee KINLOCK 1905-1931) aged 26
* married Allan William Bridgford (1909-1995) in 1930 see 29

26 James Cornelius BRIDGFORD (1883-1956) aged 73
* son of William Henry BRIDGFORD & Sarah Jane WALLACE
* married Alice Mabel Hagan in 1903 see 24

27 John Henry BRIDGFORD (1881-1907) aged 26
* son of William Henry BRIDGFORD & Sarah Jane WALLACE
27a Sarah Jane BRIDGFORD (nee WALLACE, 1855-1940) aged 85
* married William Henry Bridgford in 1871 & 7 known children
* mother of William Henry
27b William Henry BRIDGFORD (1849-1941) aged 92
* husband of Sarah Jane - married 1871
* father of John Henry Bridgford
the known children of William & Sarah:
* 1874 - 1876 William Robert Bridgford (aged 18 months)
* 1886 - 1953 Emily Elizabeth Bridgford (+ George Wishart Sinton 1902) see 132
* 1878 - 1956 Lillian Frances Bridgford (+ John Sinton 1901)
* 1881 - 1907 John Henry Bridgford
* 1883 - 1956 James Cornelius Bridgford
* 1885 - 1970 William Wallace Bridgford
* 1887 - Sarah Jane Bridgford (+ William Henry Hagan 1909) see 65

28 Murray Wallace BRIDGFORD (1919-2004) aged 85
* possible son of William & Mabel Bridgford (next)
* Murray lived in Rodney, Waitemata & Hobsonville

29 William Wallace BRIDGFORD (1886-1970) aged 84
* born 8 May 1885 in Auckland - died 28 Feb 1970 in Hobsonville
* son of William Henry BRIDGFORD & Sarah Jane WALLACE
29a Angeline BRIDGFORD (nee LEWIS, 1886-1911)
* first of at least 11 children of Andrew Johnathan LEWIS + Eliza BURNS
* first wife of William Bridgford - married in 1908
their known children:
* 1908 - 1949 Marjory Lovice Bridgford (+ Robert Dunlop 1928) see 54
* 1909 - 1995 Allan William Bridgford see 25
29b Mabel Emily BRIDGFORD (nee BENNETT, 1895-1947) aged 52
* second wife of William Bridgford - married 1918

30 Emily Jean BRINSON (1876-1934) aged 58
Auckland Star, 24 August 1934 Mrs E. J. BRINSON - Postmistress at Whenuapai, widow of the late John Brinson, died on August 18 at Auckland Hospital, after a short illness. She was held in the highest esteem, and a representative fathering of settlers attended the funeral. The Rev J. H. Cable conducted the funeral service at the Hobsonville Church and also at the graveside

31 John William 'Jack' BRINSON (1866-1928) aged 62
* a Coach Proprietor in Waipawa & storekeeper in Whenuapai
Auckland Star, 14 January 1928 BRINSON - On January 13, 1928 at Whenuapai, John William, beloved husband of Emily Brinson, late of Waipawa; aged 62 years. Funeral will leave his late residence Sunday afternoon
A son, John William Brinson was born in Waipawa. Enlisted to serve with the AIF in June 1915 from the Victoria Barracks. His residence was the 15 Gerstein St., Waverley, Sydney. He deserted in Liverpool in June 1915. A Warrant for his arrest was issued. His wife (at the above address) said she saw him one night when he called in wearing his uniform. He left the same evening and she didn't hear from him again

32 Dulcie Evangeline BROWN (nee BAILEY, 1895-1965) aged 70
* 1 of 3 daughters of Christopher BAILEY & Alice PRICE
* Dulcie had a son:
* 1913 - 1985 Norman Ernest Bailey
- Norman was adopted into the Bailey family
* Dulcie had a daughter:
* 1915 - 1980 Edna Mabel Bailey
- Edna was brought up by Harold Ridgway (+ wife Eliza Russell) in Hamilton
* Dulcie married John Walker 'Jack' BROWN (1893-1972) in Epsom, Auckland, 19 March 1921

33 Lucy Emma BUCHANAN (nee CARDER, 1878-1915) aged 36
* daughter of George & Ann CARDER (see 36)
* married John Buchanan in 1908

34 Amy Iris BUNT (1907-1907) aged infant
* born 17 Nov 1907, daughter of Thomas 'Tom' BUNT (1878-1938), from St Columb Major, Cornwall) & Ethel Bertha 'Ettie' TONKIN (1877-). The family was living in Vermont St., Ponsonby in 1915 when Ethel's brother, Richard Enoder 'Dick' Tonkin was killed in action at Gallipoli
* graveyard site says she was buried 1907 which means a maximum of 1 month old

35 Margaret BURROWS (nee O'CONNOR, 1866-1932) aged 66
* married John Burrows in 1882 & had 8 children (5 sons)
35a Charles Henry BURROWS (1888-1912) aged 24
* 3rd of 8 children of John BURROWS & Margaret O'CONNOR

*** NOTE*** Thora Beatrice CANE (1927-1938) see 12 + 56
* daughter of James CANE & Beatrice BENNETT, died aged 11
* buried here and photo available but not listed on above site

36 Joshua CARDER (1816-1895) aged 79
* born Staffordshire - died 18 Dec 1895 in Hobsonville
* married Hannah SHAW in England 14 Nov 1841
* arrived in Auckland 1863, family arrived 1865
* Owner of Carder & Sons, Hobsonville Pottery (& later also in Ponsonby). Formerly Carder Brothers Potters, Staffordshire. Started manufacturing sanitary pipes at the mouth of Henderson's Creek in 1866
Auckland Star, 13 November 1873 The AGRICULTURAL SHOW at Newmarket - The exhibition of pottery by Mr Joshua Carder included flowerpots, chimney pots, butter jars, water bottles and ornamental pottery and well deserved a first-class prize. Carder Brothers exhibited first-class drain pipes, tiles &c. This rising industry is one of the most successful carried on in Auckland and deserves support.
36a Hannah CARDER (nee SHAW, 1817-1897) aged 80
* wife of Joshua Carder (site has Suzannah), died 28 Aug 1897
* Hannah arrived on the Ernestina into Auckland 12 Feb 1865

37 Walter Amos CARDER (1866-1929) aged 63
* son of George CARDER (1842-1920) & Ann NICHOLLS (1844-1922)
* grandson of 36
Auckland Star, 4 December 1929 CARDER - On December 4, at his sister's residence, Grace Bourne, Mercer, Walter Amos, the son of the late George Carder, of Hobsonville; aged 63 years. Funeral will leave Mercer at 11.30 and Royal Oak Corner at 2 p.m., Thursday, for Hobsonville Cemetery
NOTES Walter had 6 sisters. Sister Grace Carder (1883-1963), married Alfred James Traves Bourne (1884-1966) in 1920
Arthur Cooper, Edward Owen and George Carder of Ponsonby, Auckland, and Thomson Hughes of Kerepeni, were poisoned with wild honey at Piako river. They were taken to the Thames.
New Zealand Herald, 29 October 1920 Mr GEORGE CARDER
Mr George Carder, a colonist of 55 years standing, died at Hobsonville this week at the age of 78. Mr Carder was a great-grandson of Sir John Moore. He arrived in Auckland from England in 1865 (son of 36). He became senior partner and director of Messrs Carder Brothers, pottery manufacturers, Ponsonby. Mr Carder was associated with the choir of All Saints Church for 29 years and was for many years a member of the Auckland Choral Society. He is survived by Mrs Carder, one son and six daughters

38 George CATER (1868-1902) aged about 34
* from Woonona, NSW - died in Auckland whilst on a visit to his sister see 41
(graveyard site has he died in Woonona)
The Sydney Morning Herald, 4 November 1902 DEATH of Mr GEORGE CATER
BULLI, Tuesday - Much regret is expressed at the news cabled from New Zealand of the death of Mr George Cater, manager of South Bulli and Bellambi Mines, who left here about ten days ago to recruit his health after a severe illness. His wife and children accompanied him.
The Sydney Morning Herald, 5 November 1902
Word was received here to-day that Mr. George Cater, manager of South Bulli and Bellambi Colliery had died at Auckland. Mr. Cater who was between 35 and 40 years of age had not enjoyed good health for some time past, and a couple of weeks ago his medical adviser ordered him complete rest and change. He decided to visit New Zealand. The news of his death naturally came us a great shock to his parents, the directors of the collieries of which he had charge, and his many friends. Mr. Cater was a prominent member of the Woonona Bowling Club and a member of the Wollongong Masonic lodge. He was one of the managers who worked all night on rescue work in connection with the Mount Kembla disaster, and his efforts on that occasion were very highly spoken of.
His widow is the fourth daughter of Mr Phillip Pryor and sister to the present Mayor
South Coast Times and Wollongong Argus, 8 November 1902
On Tuesday the sad news reached Woonona by cable from Auckland, of the death of Mr George Cater, manager of the South Bulli and Woonona collieries. He had been ailing for some time from a serious affection of the ear, and was in a very weak state when last Monday week he left with Mrs Cater and the family (two), for a trip to Auckland, where a sister resides. On Monday a cable came through stating he was not expected to live, and on Tuesday the news of his death, so far nothing more is known. Mr Cater came from Burwood, Newcastle, to this district to the management of the Woonona mine, and has been here about 11 years. Of Him it can be sincerely said that he had the esteem of all his friends, and the respect of all as a straight-forward man. His father, Mr T. Cater, took his place when he left for the trip. Mr Cater was about 34 years of age and was treasurer of the local Masonic Lodge
George married Harriet Helena Pryor (1866-1944) in Greta, NSW in 1893
they had 3 daughters in Woonona
* 1895 - 1896 Edna S. Cater
* 1897 - 1974 Olive Mary Cater (+ Frank Early in 1924)
* 1898 - 1977 Adeline Maude Cater (+ Peter Pyne in 1925)

_________ the CLARK family - 1st Settlers _________
This Memorial is dedicated to the memory of
THOMAS EDWIN CLARK the great provider
and MARGARET the great homemaker and loved mother
In gratitude for the childhood memories of many happy years at 'Ngaroma'
and their children
Rice Owen IV 1909 - 1910
Malcolm Morison 1910 - 1987
Margaret Adeline 1912 - 1995
Kathleen Mary 1913 - 2002
Ailsa Jean 1915 - 2003
Thomas Edwin 1916 - 2003
Keith Francis 1918 - 2007
Winifred Bertha 1918 - 2007

39 George Charles Latimer CLARK (1897-1918) aged 21
* son of Rice Owen CLARK & Mary CATER
* MEMORIAL ONLY - Killed In Action 13 Sep 1918 in Havrincourt, France
* served as Private 42290 NZEF, 24th Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Regiment, A Company. Embarked from Wellington 5 April 1917, listing his mother as next of kin at Arita, Gillies Avenue, Epsom, Auckland

40 Rice Owen Clark (1816-1896) aged 80
* also listed as 41
* 1st SETTLER OF HOBSONVILLE. Originally from Buckinghamshire. He emigrated to New Zealand arriving in Port Nicholson 39 Oct 1841 on the 'Gertrude'. In 1854 he bought land in Hobsonville becoming one of the first European settlers in the area. It was there that he set up a prosperous business making drain pipes, bricks and tiles for the increasing number of settlers. Much of the clay he used was being sourced from Limeburners Bay, which is now an archaeological site. When he was 33 years old, Clark was accused of bigamy at the Wellington Supreme Court (go to his link above), but he was sentenced not guilty. In 1908 Clark's Potteries became R.O. Clark Limited. His great grandson, Thomas Edwin 'Tom' Clark (later Sir Thomas Clark), inherited the business setting up a ceramics company which eventually became known as Crown Lynn Potteries Ltd.
40a Charles George CLARK (1860-1875) aged 15
* son of Rice Owen Clark

41 Rice Owen (I) CLARK (1816-1896) aged 80
* bio at 40
41a Louisa CLARK (nee FELGATE 1828-1907) aged 79
* wife of Rice Owen Clark (I), married in Wellington in 1849
* born in Ipswich, England to George FELGATE (1796-1881) & Martha SIMPSON (1801-1870). George & Martha & their 7 of their 8 children arrived on the London
1 May 1842 into Wellington
* sister of Benjamin Felgate see 57
41b Rice Owen (II) CLARK (1854-1905) aged 51
* also listed as 42
* son of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* married Mary Cater in 1882 & had 13 children
41c Mary CLARK (nee CATER 1862-1954) aged 92
* daughter-in-law of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* sister of George Cater see 38
* married Rice Owen Clark (II) in 1882 & 13 children
* their son, Rice Owen Clark (III) was born 1883, not found here
41d Thomas Edwin (I) CLARK (1887-1964) aged 77
* grandson of Rice Owen Clark (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* son of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* married Margaret MORISON on 23 April 1908
* engineered the amalgamation of the family firm with a number of other family brick and tile businesses, resulting in the Amalgamated Brick and Tile Company
41e Margaret CLARK (nee MORISON 1887-1967) aged 80
* grand daughter-in-law of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* daughter-in-law of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* married Thomas Edwin Clark on 23 April 1908
41f Rice Owen (IV) CLARK (1909-1910) aged 8 months
* great grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* born June 1909 to Thomas Edwin CLARK & Margaret MORISON
New Zealand Herald, 3 March 1910 CLARK - On February 26, at the residence of Mr Keith, Ponsonby Road, Auckland, Rice Owen, dearly beloved son of Thomas Edwin and Margaret Clark of Hobsonville; aged 8 months
41g Malcolm Morison CLARK (1910-1987) aged 77
* great grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* son of Thomas Edwin CLARK & Margaret MORISON
41h Margaret Adeline CLARK (1912-1995) aged 83
* great granddaughter of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* granddaughter of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* daughter of Thomas Edwin CLARK () & Margaret MORISON
41i Kathleen Mary CLARK (1913-2002) aged 89
* great granddaughter of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* granddaughter of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* daughter of Thomas Edwin CLARK & Margaret MORISON
41j Ailsa Jean CLARK (1915-2003) aged 88
* great granddaughter of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* granddaughter of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* daughter of Thomas Edwin CLARK & Margaret MORISON
41k Thomas Edwin (II) CLARK (1916-2005) aged 89
* great grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* son of Thomas Edwin CLARK & Margaret MORISON
* knighted in 1986 he became Sir Thomas Clark
* instrumental in getting Michael Fay to back the 1986 America's Cup campaign (KZ7) in Fremantle
* married three times (wives added as found)
* married Patricia ? & had 9 children (became Lady Patricia Clark)
41l Keith Francis CLARK (1918-2007) aged 89
* great grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* son of Thomas Edwin CLARK & Margaret MORISON
41m Winifred Bertha CLARK (1920-1995) aged 75
* great granddaughter of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* granddaughter of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* daughter of Thomas Edwin CLARK & Margaret MORISON

42 Rice Owen CLARK (1854-1905) aged 50
* also listed as 41
* son of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* married Mary Cater in 1882

43 Rice Owen CLARK (1909-1910) aged 9 months
* great grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (I) & Louisa FELGATE
* grandson of Rice Owen CLARK (II) & Mary CATER
* son of Thomas Edwin CLARK & Margaret MORISON

NOTES also see for the above family:
CLARK COTTAGE, HOBSONVILLE (pdf, large & informative) with drawings, plans, photos

44 child COBINE (-c1890) aged ?
* child of Joseph COBINE (1844-1925, served in the Maori War) & his 2nd wife, Emily Jane HYLAND (1857-1935). (Joseph had first married Janet BRANKS)
* Joseph was born in Ireland, a son of Joseph Cobine (1801-1862, born Dunmore, Ireland - died Otahuhu, Auckland) and of Ann Coyle (1800-1866) who arrived into Auckland 16 May 1848 on the 'Ann', Joseph being a Fencible with the 63rd

45 Alexander Shaw Cockburn (1852-1949) aged 97
* born Stow, Midlothian, illegitimate son of Elizabeth 'Betsy' Symington (1818-) (father Alexander Cockburn)
* grandson of Robert SYMINGTON (1784-1861) & Janet MURRAY of Humbie, East Lothian. Betsy also had an illegitimate daughter, Janet Napier Symington (1839-) see 133
* married Georgina BRIDGES at Crichton, Midlothian, Scotland 6 August 1875
45 Georgina COCKBURN (nee BRIDGES 1854-1932) aged 78
* wife of Alexander Cockburn
Auckland Star, 29 January 1932 COCKBURN - On January 29, at Brigham's Creek, Georgina Bridges, beloved wife of Alexander Cockburn, and mother of George Cockburn, Otorohanga, and third daughter of the late George and Mary Bridges, Crichton, Scotland; aged 78 years. Home papers please copy. Funeral leaves 2 p.m. Saturday fro Hobsonville Cemetery
NOTE Alexander & Georgina had 7 children in Duddington, Midlothian, Scotland & emigrated to NZ 1910
* 1876 - Alexander Cockburn
* 1878 - Mary Hill Cockburn
* 1880 - Margaret Isabella Bridges Cockburn
* 1882 - George Cockburn
* 1885 - Jessie Ann Cockburn
* 1887 - Archibald Cockburn
* 1889 - Elizabeth Robina Cockburn

46 Oliver Coley (1875-1875) aged 20 days
* son of George & Jane COLEY

47 George Arthur Crisp (1928-1997) aged 69
* born 7 August 1928 - died 16 August 1997
* husband of Betty

48 several children Davis (1880-1885)
"several infant children of Mr and Mrs Charles Bulmer Davis 1880-1885"
* the known children of Charles Bulmer DAVIS (1838-1897) and Eliza 'Annie' HODGINS/MEATE (1844-1914):
* 1871 - 1871 Frances Mary Bulmer Davis (aged 11 weeks)
* 1872 - John Bulmer Davis
* 1874 - Albert William Bulmer Davis
* 1876 - 1876 Henry Bulmer Davis (aged 3 weeks)
* 1878 - 1878 Charles Bulmer Davis (aged 4 weeks)
* 1879 - 1880 Richard Francis Bulmer Davis (aged 7 months)
* 1880 - 1881 Edward Bulmer Davis (aged 7 months)
* 1886 - 1887 Annie Mary Bulmer Davis (aged 6 months)
New Zealand Herald, 15 March 1880 DAVIS - On March 12, at the residence of Mr Geo. Ibbetson, Seafield View, Richard Francis Bulmer Davis, son of Charles Bulmer Davis, Hobsonville, aged 7 months
* Charles Bulmer Davis first married Susan QUINN in Melbourne in 1859. Susan died the following year. Charles next married Eliza in 1861 and they moved to Auckland. He was the Headmaster of Howick School.
He died aged 58 and is buried All Saints cemetery.
* Eliza 'Annie' was born in England to Ellen HODGINS. She emigrated to Australia with her mother and siblings on the ' Eagle' in 1855. Her mother married a William Meates in Australia and the children took his name.
Annie died in a house fire in Upper Queen street 5 April 1914, aged 70

49 Elizabeth DISMORE (nee WILLIAMS, 1869-1934) aged 65
* married William Daniel Dismore in 1883 & 1 known child:
1886 - 1947 Elizabeth Bertha Dismore (+ Alfred Wilkinson Walker 1905)
* died 28 September 1934
50 William Daniel DISMORE (1857-1933) aged 76
* died 29 June 1933

51 child DORRICOTT (-1890) aged 10?
* child of Abraham DORRICOTT (1847-1907) & Ruth OLIVER (1848-1939) from Wrockwardine. Abraham & Ruth arrived on the 'Triumph' into Auckland 15 Sep 1883 with children: Sarah Jane (1872-1954), Gertrude (1875-1954), John Albert (1878-1957) & Elise (1880-1930, died as Mrs Moloney in Sydney). In Auckland they had: Florence (1884-married), Lillian (1884-1885), Elizabeth (1887-1976) & William Cyril (1889-1917, born in Hobsonville).
NOTE therefore, the only likely child to be buried in 1890 was another birth
* Abraham & Ruth were in Waihi when son William was killed in action 1917
* Abraham died 20 Feb 1907 (his headstone incorrectly states 28 Jan 1916) aged 58.
Auckland Star, 22 February 1907 DORRICOTT - On February 30th, at Tuakau, after a painful illness, Abraham, the dearly beloved husbnad of Ruth Dorricott; aged 58 years. Interred this day at Tuakau cemetery.
* Ruth died 1 Jan 1939 aged 90. They are buried at Tuakau cemetery
Evening Post, 21 September 1903 COLONIAL INVENTIONS
James Sims Ockleston, William Ockleston, Henry Clark and Abraham Dorricott of Hobsonville, Auckland, improved apparatus for employment in flanging and socketing clay pipes and the like.

52 Jessie Ann DORWARD (nee MORE 1887-1971) aged 84
* married William Dorward in 1916
* died 6 November 1971

53 William DORWARD (1890-1947) aged 57
* married Jessie Ann MORE in 1916
* died 28 May 1947

54 Marjory Lovice DUNLOP (nee BRIDGFORD 1908-1949) aged 41
* daughter of William Wallace BRIDGFORD & Angelina LEWIS see 29
* married Robert Dunlop in 1928

HOBSONVILLE Cemetery Auckland, Ellice - North

the following names were taken from Gravestone Photographic Resource.
A list of grave monuments in Hobsonville Cemetery, Hobsonville, Auckland.
Phil Braithwaite photographed and indexed this cemetery. There is more info at the above link and details on how to order photos of the grave monuments

The reason for the following list is to enable to add short bios when found
* some birth dates may be approximate, based on recorded age at death

* 55 - 107 ELLICE - NORTH
* 108 - 164 OCKLESTON - YATES

55 Child ELLICE (-1890) aged ?
* child of Charles Russell Alexander Churchill ELLICE & Sarah Ann PEARCE
* Charles (1843-1904) & Sarah (1868-1941) are buried Hamilton East
the known children of Charles & Sarah Ellice:
(process of elimination shows an obvious other birth)
* 1878 - 1954 Charles Russell Ellice
* 1880 - 1990 Blanche Esther Ellice (+ John Albert Harris 1897)
* 1882 - 1937 James Alexander Churchill Ellice
* 1885 - 1942 George Churchill Ellice
* 1887 - 1956 Susannah Elizabeth Faith Ellice (+ John Edwin Allwood 1908)
* 1891 - 1978 Ruby Sarah Ellice
* 1895 - 1958 Francis Pearce Ellice
* 1898 - 1899 Harris John Ellice

56 Lynnette Esther Fawkner (nee CANE 1951-2008) aged 57
* buried (plaque with) Thora Beatrice Cane see 12

57 Benjamin FELGATE (1826-1880) aged 54
* born in Ipswich, England to George FELGATE (1796-1881) & Martha SIMPSON (1801-1870). George & Martha & their 7 of their 8 children arrived on the London 1 May 1842 into Wellington.
* brother of Louisa Clark (1828-1907) see 41
* bother their parents died in Akaroa, Canterbury (as did some siblings)
* In April 1852 he was a 'Settler of Wellington'
* married Hannah LEFEVER (1818-1868) in 1860
* opened his home for Primitive-Methodist Services in Auckland in 1861. This led to the building in 1865 of the Sheridan Street Church (later merged into a larger Church in Franklin Road). Benjamin bought a section in Franklin Road and built a new home on it.
* was on the jury in Auckland in July 1865
* was a Bootmaker of Union Street, Freemans Bay, South side in 1866
* wife Hannah died in Union Street 17 Jan 1868 aged 50
* Benjamin remarried on 28 March 1868 to Emma ADAMS (1824-1900) and they had a daughter 1871-1925 Louisa Felgate
* Benjamin died 31 December 1880 aged 54
* his widow Emma remarried in 1886 to Francis Humphries HEIGHWAY (1821-1907). Emma was then 64 & Francis was 65

58 Duncan FERGUSON (1823-1890) aged 68
Auckland Star, 21 November 1890 FERGUSON - On November 16, at Hobsonville, Duncan Ferguson, late of Stirlingshire; aged 68 years. - Home papers please copy.

59 Amy FIELD (1885-1887) aged 2
* daughter of George Alfred FIELD (1856-1937) & Mary Ellen JORDAN (1857-1942)
* George Alfred Field was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, the illegitimate son of Ellen Field. He was brought up by his grandmother. He married Mary Ellen JORDAN in 1877 & had a son, James Henry Field in Wakefield in 1878. George emigrated into Auckland with his half brother on the Western Monarch in 1879 and worked to save money to bring his wife and son who arrived in 1881 on the Roman Empire. He bought their Hobsonville property in Feb 1885 and was a Methodist missioner and lay preacher. They had 7 children and moved from Hobsonville to Kaheke, near Apiti until 1911 and then moved to Feilding and later Palmerston North where both George & Mary are buried...
above was taken from page 21/22 of Archaeological Investigation of the FIELD COTTAGE and Ockleston House, Hobsonville (pdf). Includes photo of George & Mary

60 John GILLESPIE (1863-1938) aged 75
New Zealand Herald, 29 January 1938 GILLESPIE - On January 27, at the Auckland Hospital, John Gillespie, of Hobsonville; aged 75 years. (South Island papers please copy)

61 Louise GILLESPIE (nee/formerly SIEFERT 1871-1937) aged 65
New Zealand Herald, 20 February 1937 GILLESPIE - On February 19, at the Auckland Public Hospital, Louise, the dearly beloved wife of John Gillespie, Hobsonville, in her 66th year

62 Herbert John GOULD (1928-1928) aged 10 hours
62a Victor Roy GOULD (1928-1928) aged aged 6 hours
* twin sons of Sydney Rowland GOULD & Esther Lillian SINTON
* paternal grandparents: Sydney Herbert GOULD & Julia Romana GOMEZ
* great grandparents: Manuel GOMEZ the Portuguese whaler
* maternal grandparents: John SINTON & Lillian Frances BRIDGFORD
* great grandparents: William BRIDGFORD & Sarah Jane WALLACE

63 Robert William GUNN (1843-1898) aged 54
* born in Launceston, Tasmania to Henry GUNN & Elizabeth Sarah SYKES
63a Elizabeth GUNN (nee WALLACE 1852-1930) aged 78
* born 5 Dec 1852 in Yorkshire Count, England
* Robert & Elizabeth married in 1875 in Port Chalmers
their known children:
* 1870 - 1942 Robert William Gunn (+ Margaret Isabel Connor 1895)
* 1873 - 1835 Henry John Gunn (+ Alice May Hughes 1903)
* 1875 - 1944 Elizabeth Frances Gunn (+ James Walter Sinton 1894)
* 1877 - 1953 Ada Annie Gunn (+ George Boyd 1896)
* 1880 - 1962 Isabella Gunn (+ James Wallace Scott 1899) see 121
* 1882 - 1954 Frederick Gunn (+ Edith Mary Goldfinch 1903)

64 Robert William Alexander GUNN (1869-1942) aged 73
* born Dunedin to Robert GUNN & Elizabeth WALLACE
64 Margaret Isabella GUNN (nee CONNER 1874-1965) aged 91
* Robert & Margaret married Kyber Pass 16 April 1895
their known children:
* 1896 - 1974 Robert William Gunn
* 1898 - 1982 Malcolm Harold Gunn (+ Mafeking Baden-Powell Urquhart 1922)
* 1900 - 1981 Arthur Henry Clarence Gunn (+ Dorothy Annie Hazlett & Edna Smith)
* 1905 - 1983 George Albert Gunn
* 1910 - 1989 Stanley Wallace Gunn

65 Sarah Jane HAGAN (nee BRIDGFORD 1888-1967) aged 79
* daughter of William Henry BRIDGFORD & Sarah Jane WALLACE see 27
* married William Henry Hagan in 1909

66 William Henry HAGAN (1883-1962) aged 79
* married Sarah Jane Bridgford in 1909

67 William Hamilton HARRIS (1847-1920) aged 73
(gravesite has William HAMILTON)
* married Mary Ann ANDERSON in 1869 - married Mary CLIFFORD in 1876
67a Joseph Hamilton HARRIS (1896-1952) aged 56
* son of William & Mary
the known children of William Hamilton Harris & Mary Clifford:
* 1877 - Caroline Amelia Harris
* 1878 - Noah Harris
* 1881 - Harriet Harris
* 1882 - Mary Louisa Harris
* 1884 - Christopher Harris
* 1887 - Ellen Harris
* 1889 - 1954 George Cornelius Harris
* 1891 - May Harris
* 1893 - Lily Harris
* 1895 - 1896 Hamilton Harris (aged 5 months)
* 1896 - 1952 Joseph Hamilton Harris

68 Angela Lois HARRE (1959-1959) aged 1 day
* daughter of Lloyd & Lois Harre

69 Warren Lloyd McRae HARRE (1963-2003) aged 40
* son of Lloyd & Lois Harre
* husband of Suzanne Harre
* father of Lydia, Sohie & Elora Harre
* brother of Lynette, Elaine, Roerick, Andrea & Angela Harre

70 Child HARRIS aged ?
* child of John Harris

71 David HENRY (1872-1953) aged 81
* son of Robert & Margaret HENRY
* died 4 Nov 1953

72 Keith William HILLS (1937-1942) aged 5

73 Fanny Marion HOLLAND (1893-1897) aged 3.10
* daughter of Robert HOLLAND & Martha DUMPER
the known children of Robert & Martha:
* 1887 - 1968 Ruby Elizabeth Holland (+ Frederick William Bennett 1908)
* 1889 - 1960 George William Holland
* 1891 - 1927 Robert Arthur Holland
* 1893 - 1897 Fanny Marion Holland (aged 3)
* 1896 - 1897 Nellie Mabel Holland (aged 14 months)

74 Nellie Mable HOLLAND (1896-1897) aged 14 months
* daughter of Robert HOLLAND & Martha DUMPER above

75 Gloria Vi HOLLIDAY (1955-1961) aged 6
* daughter of Lloyd & Hilda Holliday

76 Noble Onslow HUTCHINSON (1891-1891) aged 5 months
* son of Charles Quinn HUTCHINSON & Betsy SINTON (-1920)
* grandson of William SINTON & Janet Napier SYMINGTON see 135
New Zealand Herald, 8 February 1877 HUTCHINSON-SINTON - On February 6, at Hobsonville, by the Rev Robt. Sommerville, Charles Quinn, youngest son of Charles Hutchinson, Leeds, to Betsy, eldest daughter of William Sinton, Hobsonville
New Zealand Herald, 6 May 1920 HUTCHINSON - On May 4, at her son's residence, Sydney, Betsy, dearly beloved wife of Charles Quinn Hutchinson, of Papakura, late of Mimosa Downs, Walton (Waikato). (By cable). Interment at Sydney
New Zealand Herald, 29 April 1942 MORRINSVILLE, Tuesday
HUTCHINSON - The death has occurred at Papakura of Mr Charles Quinn Hutchinson, formerly of Momosa Downs, Walton, aged 93. He came to New Zealand on board the Chili in 1872. In 1881 he took up bush country at Fairburn, Kaitaia, and was a member of the Mangonui County Council. He later lived at Hobsonville and in 1895 moved to the Waikato. After farming there for 25 years he retired to Papakura. Mrs Hutchinson died over 20 years ago. Mr Hutchinson was a justice of the peace and a life-member of the Auckland Masonic Institute. He is survived by five sons and four daughters.

77 Agnes JAMIESON (1900-1969) aged 69
* wife of Roderick McDonald Jamieson
* mother of Isobel, Fiona & Wallace Jamieson

78 Wallace JAMIESON (1927-2001) aged 74
* son of Roderick McDonald & Agnes JAMIESON
* grandson of John Arthur JAMIESON & Elizabeth McDONALD

79 Donald Thomas JOHNSON (1934-1984) aged 50
* husband of Anne Johnson
* father of Kenneth, Raymond & Sara Johnson

80 Allison Emma 'Alice' LINDSAY (1874-1875) aged 4 months
* 1st of 9 known children (7 daughters) of:
Ebenezer LINDSAY (1840-1913) & Mary Hannah CARDER (1850-1918)
their known children:
* 1869 - 1929 Hannah Mary Lindsay (+ Archibald Speir 1891)
* 1873 - John Robert Lindsay
* 1874 - 1875 Allison Emma Lindsay (aged 4 months)
* 1876 - 1936 Alfred Joshua Lindsay
* 1878 - 1943 Clara Lucy Carder Lindsay (+ Amiel Schuler 1898)
* 1881 - 1936 Grace Eleanor Lindsay (not married)
* 1883 - 1962 Adeline Vazey Lindsay (+ Thomas Francis Griffiths 1907)
* 1885 - 1891 Allison Lindsay (aged 6)
* 1891 - 1961 Gertrude Amy Lindsay (+ Robert William Speir 1913)

81 Geoffrey Lancaster LUCENA (1908-1996) aged 88
* husband of Lillian Jane, died 13 July 1996
81 Lillian Jane LUCENA (1903-1996) aged 93
* wife of Geoffrey Lancaster Lucena, died 15 July 1996

82 Ethel Louisa LUKE (nee CLARK 1909-2006) aged 97
* daughter of Henry CLARK (1862-) & Sarah Jane DORRICOTT (1872-)
* granddaughter of Rice Owen CLARK (1816-1896) & Louisa FELGATE (1st settlers of Hobsonville) see 40 + 41
82a Alexander James LUKE (1905-1975) aged 70
* Ethel & Alexander married in 1932
* parents of Ross & Ian Luke

83 Florence Emmeline LUSH (1876-1955) aged 79
83a Henry Farndell LUSH (1885-1970) aged 85

84 Mary LUSH (1894-1973) aged 79
* born 5 Jan 1894 - died 13 Feb 1973

85 Edward MASON (1863-1925) aged 62
New Zealand Herald, 31 July 1925 MASON - On July 29 at Whenuapai, Edward Mason, the beloved brother of Mrs Noonan and Mrs Thomas; aged 62 years - Gone but not forgotten. The funeral will leave Whenuapao for Hobsonville Cemetery, to-morrow (Saturday), at 2 p.m. Friends please accept this intimation.

86 Norman McLEOD (1844-1880) aged 36
* died Christmas Eve 1880

87 Alan Martin McNEIL (1956-1957) aged 15 months
* son of Trevor Martin (1927-2006) & Mavis McNeil

88 Trevor Martin McNEIL (1927-2006) aged 79
* father of Paul, Grant, Russell, Martin & Alan McNeil

89 Francis Malcolm McRAE (1875-1920) aged 45
* born in Patea to Francis Farquhar McRAE & Emily Ruth HUMM
* married Catherine Emma NICKLIN (1877-1955) 26 April 1899 Khyber Pass, Auckland
their known children:
* 1900 - 1982 Francis Leslie McRae
* 1902 - 1977 James Nicklin McRae see 24
* 1904 - 1948 Ronald George McRae
* 1906 - 1977 Claude Alexander Guy McRae
* 1907 - Mary Alice McRae
* 1909 - 1961 Catherine Ruth McRae
* 1911 - 1990 Clyde William Roy McRae
* 1913 - 1982 Phyllis Margaret McRae
* 1916 - 1991 Norman Kenneth Mcrae
* 1918 - 1999 Sylvia Jean McRae

90 Ivy Elizabeth McRAE (nee BRIDGFORD 1903-1950) aged 47
* daughter of James Cornelius BRIDGFORD & Alice Mabel HAGAN see 24
* married James Nicklin 'Jim' McRAE in 1927
90a James Nicklin 'Jim' McRAE (1902-1977) aged 74
* son of Francis Malcolm McRAE & Catherine NICKLIN see 89
* husband of Ivy Elizabeth (photo site above has SON of Ivy)

91 Andrew Herbert Edmund MIDGLEY (1921-1945) aged 24
* MEMORIAL ONLY - Killed In Action 16 April 1945 in Italy
* son of Sager Owen MIDGLEY (1891-1969) & Lily Andrea ANDERSEN (1891-1984)
* brother of Sager Percy Niels Midgley see 95
* paternal grandparents, Edmund Sager MIDGLEY & Ellen CLARK see 93
* maternal grandparents, Niels Andrew ANDERSEN & Lily Mary SPRIGGS see 2
* Corporal 81144 embarked for WWII with the 4th Armoured Brigade, 19th Armoured Regiment. His next of kin was his father, Sager Owen Midgley of Kumeu Rd., Auckland. He is buried IV.F.15. Faenza War Cemetery.

92 Bertram George MIDGLEY (1920-1995) aged 75
* husband of Isobel Elizabeth Midgley

93 Edmund Sager MIDGLEY (1849-1922) aged 73
* born in Yorkshire. son of farmer William MIDGLEY & Maria Sager
* married Ellen CLARK in Avondale Jan 1890
* married Ellen CLARK in 1890 (see children next)
* after Ellen's death he married Margaret HEPBURN (nee CANTWELL)
* HEADSTONE READS: In loving memory of Edmund Dager Midgley, who fell asleep 24/5/22 aged 73 years. Peace Perfect peace

94 Ellen Midgley (nee CLARK 1857-1897) aged 40
* Ellen married Edmund Sager Midgley in 1890
their known children:
* 1891 - 1969 Sarger Owen Midgley (+ Lily Andrea Andersen 1915)
* 1892 - 1915 Percy Lionel Midgley Killed in Action at Gallipoli
* 1894 - 1918 Herbert Latimer Midgley Died of his Wounds in France

95 Grace Midgley (nee ANDERTON 1916-1994) aged 78
* married Sager Percy Niels Midgley (1917-2008) 16 July 1938
95a Sager Percy Niels MIDGLEY (1917-2008) aged 91
* son of Sager Owen MIDGLEY & Lily Andrea ANDERSEN
* brother of Andrew Herbert Edmund Midgley see 91

96 Loren Midgley (2000-2000) aged same day
* born & died 10 March 2000
* daughter of Darren & Paula Midgley
* sister of Courtney, Kelsey & Hayley Midgley

97 Margaret MIDGLEY (formerly HEPBURN nee CANTWELL 1858-1940) aged 82
* 2nd wife of Edmund Sager Midgley see 93

98 Percy Lionel MIDGLEY (1892-1915) aged 23
* born at Hobsonville, son of Edmund Sager MIDGLEY & Ellen CLARK
* MEMORIAL ONLY - Killed In Action 8 May 1915 at Gallipoli
98a Herbert Latimer MIDGLEY (1895-1918) aged 23
* born at Hobsonville, son of Edmund Sager MIDGLEY & Ellen CLARK
* MEMORIAL ONLY - Died of his Wounds 7 Nov 1918 at France

99 Sager Owen MIDGLEY (1891-1969) aged 78
* son of Edmund Sager MIDGLEY & Ellen CLARK
* brother of Percy & Herbert Midgley above
* died 21 Sep 1969
99 Lily Andrea MIDGLEY (nee ANDERSEN 1891-1984) aged 93
* died 29 Sep 1984
* Sager & Lily married in 1915 see 91+

100 Ellen Maria Cecile MIKAT (nee JENSEN 1863-1937) aged 74
* travelled to Australia in 1895
* married Frederick Julius Mikat in 1902
* they farmed at Whenuapai, Waitemata, Eden
* died 3 June 1937

101 Frederick Julius MIKAT (1858-1937) aged 79
* born Lankupehen, Gemany
* travelled to Australia on the Procida in 1885
* married Ellen Maria Jensen in 1902
* died 31 July 1937

102 Ellen Miller (1876-1904) aged 28
* married John Miller
2 different dates/ages for Ellen on photo site
22 Jan 1904 aged 28 + 26 Oct 1907 aged 64
Auckland Star, 26 October 1907 MILLER - On October 26th 1907, at her late residence, Sale-street, Ellen, widow of the late John Miller, aged 64 years. The funeral will leave the above for Waikumete Cemetery, to-morrow (Sunday), at 1.30 p.m. THEREFORE, Ellen Miller 1904

103 James More (1886-1958) aged 72
* married Magdalena Morrice BAXTER in 1920

104 Magdalena Morrice MORE (nee BAXTER 1892-1931) aged 39
* married James MORE in 1920

105 Charles Nicklin (1853-1910) aged 57
* son of Charles NICKLIN & Mary CRAIG
* married Mabel Violet WALLACE in 1905
* daughter of George WALLACE & Ann EDMONDS see 154
* his sister Emma Nicklin, married Mabel's brother John Alfred Wallace
the known children of CHARLES & MABEL:
* 1906 - George Charles Nicklin
* 1908 - 1974 Percy Langstaff Nicklin
* 1910 - Violet Mabel Nicklin
* 1913 - Rita Ellen Nicklin

106 Gladys Mildred May NORMAN (1918-1999) aged 81

107 Henry James NORTH (1895-1960) aged 65
* born in West Hampshire to Henry James NORTH (1870-1946) & Florence Amy BATTERSHILL (1867-1942). Sister of Florence Amy Sinton see 131
107a Ada Elizabeth Jane NORTH (nee BOYD 1898-1985) aged 87
* daughter of George BOYD & Ada Annie GUNN (1877-1953) see 19
* granddaughter of Robert GUNN & Elizabeth WALLACE
* Henry & Ada married in 1924
* parents of Jack, Clifford & Laurel North

*William CLARK + Wilhemina PATON

WILLIAM CLARK (1838-1932)
was born in Haley Hill, Halifax, England
son of Charles CLARK (1818-1909) & Dinah JOWETT (1815-1894)

CHARLES & DINAH arrived on the Indus 1843 with:
* 1838 - 1932 William Clark
William married Wilhemina Paton in 1864 (see *triple wedding below)
- they had 8 known children (listed below)

* 1840 - 1908 Sarah Ann Clark
Sarah had a daughter: 1858-1938 Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Heath (adopted by grandparents Charles & Dinah and became Lizzie Clark)
Sarah married John James Stanaway (1813-1874) in 1861
- they had 7 known children
Sarah next married George Edward Sanders (1849-1914) in 1876
- they had 7 known children
2 more siblings were born in Nelson:
* 1844 - 1904 Hannah Maria Clark
Hannah married John Paton in 1864 (see *triple wedding below)
- they had 15 known children
* 1845 - 1901 George Clark
George married Harriet Wooderson (1855-1937) in 1881
- they had 11 known children
George & Harriet became the grandparents of Sir Edmund Hillary in 1919

* photo of CHARLES & DINAH Clark
* family group photo of the Clark family 1865 at Whakahara

WILHEMINA 'Amelia' PATON (1848-1906)
was born in Auckland, New Zealand
daughter of Joseph John PATON (1813-1844) & Margaret LOWE (1815-1880)

JOSEPH & MARGARET arrived on the Fifeshire 1842 with:
* 1837 - 1923 John Paton
John married Hannah Maria Clark in 1864 (see *triple wedding below)
- they had 15 known children
* 1839 - 1917 Elizabeth 'Betsy' Paton
Elizabeth married Charles Price in 1853 in Matamata
- they had 6 known children
* 1841 - 1914 Jemima Craigdille Paton
Jemima married Edmund 'Ned' Ruff (1797-1881) in 1854!
- Ned died in Mangarama, Northern Wairoa
Jemima next married John Quirk (1837-1894) in 1884
- they had a daughter: 1885-1978 Ann Quirk
2 more siblings were born in NZ:
* 1843 - 1899 William Paton
William married Delina McLeod (1866-1959) in Auckland in 1865
- they had 11 known children
* 1848 - 1906 Wilhemina 'Amelia' Paton
Wilhemina married William Clark in 1864 (see *triple wedding below)
- they had 8 known children (listed below)

William & Wilhemina married 23 Jan 1864 at her parents home Whakahara, Northern Wairoa in a triple wedding:
*William Clark (1838-1932) married *Wilhemina Paton (1848-1906)
**John Paton (1838-1923) married **Hannah Maria Clark (1844-1904)
*** Mary Ann Stanaway (1843-1909) married Thomas James Russell

*William Clark & *Wilhemina Paton, subjects of this journal
**John Paton was a brother of *Wilhemina Paton
- his wife **Hannah Maria Clark, was a sister of *William Clark
***Mary Ann Stanaway, was a daughter of John James Stanaway (1813-1874) & his 1st wife, Witaparene Minapara who married in 1842. John James Stanaway remarried to *William & **Hannah's sister, Sarah Ann Clark (1840-1908) as his 3rd wife in 1861

William & Wilhemina had 8 children
(born in Northern Wairoa)
... 1
1865 - 1916 Richard James Clark
RICHARD married Eunice Maud FORDHAM (1862-1915) in 1889
- they had 7 known children:
* 1890 - 1950 Wilfrid Sydney Clark (+ Ada Louisa Martin)
* 1891 - 1942 Harold James Clark (+ Mary Elizabeth Peterson)
* 1893 - 1971 Muriel Augusta Clark (+ John Reardon)
* 1895 - 1975 Alice Bertha Amy Clark (+ Nobel Baxter)
* 1900 - 1900 Roy Arnold Vincent Clark (died aged 25 days)
* 1901 - 1951 Reginald Fordham Clark (Rev Clark died in Ilford, Essex)
* 1905 - 1975 Herbert Frederick Clark
RICHARD died 30 May 1916 in Dargaville aged 51

... 2
1867 - 1948 Priscilla Clark
PRISCILLA married Henry Spencer BERRIDGE (1863-1942) in 1889
- they had 2 known children:
* 1892 - Maud Berridge (+ Henry Thomas Stevens)
* 1899 - Reginald Spencer Berridge (+ Laura Elizabeth Graham)
PRISCILLA died aged 81

... 3
1869 - 1935 Eliza Jemima Clark
ELIZA married Robert Francis Skeffington HEMPHILL (1868-1939) in 1889
they had 3 known children:
* 1890 - 1971 Margaret Olive Hemphill (+ Peter Joseph McMahon)
* 1892 - 1975 Ellen Stuart Hemphill (+ Charles Clotworthy)
* 1898 - 1962 Robert Francis Hemphill
ELIZA died aged 66

... 4
1872 - 1963 Alice Elizabeth Clark
ALICE married Joseph Thomas BROWN (1868-1966) in 1891
- they had 5 known children:
* 1892 - 1966 Emily Gladys Brown (+ Hugh Murdoch Campbell)
* 1894 - 1970 Wilhemina Emma Brown (+Sydney Eric Hamlin +William Percival Wright)
* 1897 - 1959 Clara Brown (+ Eldred Irvine Flaws)
* 1903 - 1991 Alice May Brown (+ Alfred Trefusis Frood)
* 1905 - Katherine Marion Brown (+ Emanuel Shepherd)
ALICE died in Auckland aged 91

... 5
1874 - 1935 William Charles Clark
WILLIAM married Emily Margaret MORROW (1881-1970) in 1904
- they had 4 known children:
* 1906 - 1982 David William Clark (+ Edith McKinney)
* 1907 - Beryl Clark (+ Geoffrey Thomas Marks)
* 1909 - 1979 Albert Roy Clark
* 1911 - 1991 Emily Dorothy Ellen Clark
WILLIAM died in Northern Wairoa aged 61

... 6
1876 - 1964 Emily Amelia Clark
EMILY married Hector Henry SUTHERLAND (1866-1944) in 1895 in Tokatoka
- they had 8 known children:
* 1897 - 1944 Annie Wilhemina Sutherland (+ Andrew Robert Boyd)
* 1898 - 1873 John James Sutherland (+ Janie Aileen Sutherland)
* 1900 - 1909 Alice Breen Sutherland (Alice died aged 9)
* 1902 - 1998 Hector William Sutherland (+ Keitha Jane Spick)
* 1907 - 1965 Emily May Sutherland (+ Neil McMillan)
* 1909 - 1993 William Clark Sutherland
* 1911 - 1998 Myrtle Irene Sutherland (+ David Wilfred Pasley)
* 1913 - 1977 Gordon Hugh Sutherland
EMILY in 1964 aged 88

... 7
1879 - 1933 Edward Jowett Clark
EDWARD married Grace MORROW in 1910
- their known children:
* 1911 - 1979 Cyril Edward Clark
EDWARD died in 1933 aged 54

... 8
1882 - 1956 John Ernest Oswald Clark
JOHN married Norah Whitehead SAVILLE-JONES (1887-1982) in 1908
- they had 4 known children:
* 1908 - 1973 Charles William Clark (+ Doreen Inez Maisie Watson)
* 1910 - 1985 Wilhemina Etty Clark (+ Henry Oliver Berridge)
* 1912 - 2004 Eva Doris Clark (+ Houston)
* 1914 - 2003 Eileen Norah Clark (+ Sterling)
JOHN died in 1956 aged 74

New Zealand Herald, 12 November 1928 RESIDENT OF PAPAROA
PAPAROA, Sunday - A number of people gathered in the Garrison Hall, Paparoa, at the week-end to honour the 91st birthday of Mr William Clark, formerly of Woodlands, Tokatoka. With his father, the late Mr Charles Clark. Mr Clark came to New Zealand in 1843 by the ship Indus, the second emigrant ship to come to Nelson. The family remained four years in Nelson and saw the beginnings of settlement, then they moved to Auckland. Mr Clark, sen., was engaged in and around Auckland for seven years, being frequently employed in pit-sawing at Freeman's Bay, Lucas Creek and elsewhere.

11 November 1930
On the occasion of his 93rd birthday on November 11, 1930, Mr Clark received many telegrams of congratulations, including messages from Their Excellencies, Lord, and the Lady Bledisloe. Many relatives and friends from all parts of the Dominion assembled at Paparoa to celebrate Mr Clark's birthday and the Rt. Hon. J. G. Coates extended congratulations on behalf of those present. Five generations were present at the gathering.

New Zealand Herald, 11 November 1931 OLD COLONIST
One of New Zealand's oldest colonists, Mr William Clark, of Rehia, North Auckland, will celebrate his 94th birthday today. There will be a gathering of the family, consisting of five generations, at Paparoa to celebrate the occasion.

Auckland Star, 5 July 1906 - DEATH
CLARK - On July 4, after a long and painful illness, Wilhemina, the beloved wife of William Clark, of Morningside, late of Rehia, Northern Wairoa. The funeral will leave her late residence at 2p.m. on Friday for Purewa Cemetery

New Zealand Herald, 27 August 1932
One of New Zealand's oldest colonists, Mr William Clark, died yesterday at his home, Woodlands, Rehia, North Auckland, in his 95th year. He had spent nearly 90 years in the Dominion and was particularly well known in the North, where he had lived for 80 years.
Born in Halifax, Yorkshire, Mr. Clark arrived at Nelson with his parents in 1842 (sic) after a voyage of six months in the ship Indus, the second emigrant ship to go to Nelson. The family stayed in Nelson four years and then moved to Auckland, staying at the Ship Inn, then the only hotel in the town. Mr Clark's first employment was at a rope works in Mechanics Bay, where he worked 12 hours a day and six days a week for four shillings and sixpence. At the age of 15 he went pit-sawing with his father in the bush at Northern Wairoa. The trip from Auckland to Northern Wairoa took five days, Mr Clark and his father having to walk from Riverhead to Helensville and then travel on a whaleboat to Omana. In 1860 the Government opened the first land for selection scheme and Mr Clark's father bought a large section. A few years later Mr Clark moved to Whakahara, where he opened a general store and butchery. In 1864 he married Miss Wilhemina Paton, of Northern Wairoa and in 1886 he bought a farm at Rehia where he resided until his death. His home was often the stopping place of travellers and cattle dealers.
His wife died in 1906 and his father in 1909. Mr Clark is survived by a large family. The funeral will take place to-morrow at Purewa Cemetery.

WILLIAM & WILHEMINA are buried Plot 62, Row 29, Block D at Purewa cemetery

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some WANGANUI HOTELS & their landlords

* written for Laraine
* links usually show photographs of the hotel
* if 2 or more hotels are listed with the same name it is because I found with different address but the landlords may have been in one or the other

ALBION HOTEL, Ridgway Street - established 1865
* Charles THOMAS (late of the 'Rutland') was there in 1867
* In June 1876 George PEARCE renewed his license. Still there in 1878
* In 1889 Frederick John TASKER applied for a 'new license'. (Prior to this he had the Victoria Roller Skating Rink at the Drill Hall). He renewed the license in 1891. Still there in 1894 when he applied for an extension of hours to 11pm. In 1897 He sold the hotel to Mrs WHELAN and became unlicensed. He agreed to buy Mrs STOTT'S interest in the Rutland Hotel but the Certificate was refused
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Whelan) - Middling; in fair order, rairly furnished, fire escape, stairs and ropes provided
* In June 1903 Arthur R. MALTBY renewed the license
* In June 1911 the transfer of the license from J. BINES to F. C. FABER was granted, the license being granted on condition that certain repairs to the building were carried out before the next meeting of the Committee

ALBION HOTEL, corner Market Place & Campbell Place
* A. H. ROGERS in 1907
* In June 1912 the lease was sold to John ROBINSON formerly of the Phoenix Hotel in Palmerston North
* In Feb 1913 Mr J. GRANVILLE's interest in the hotel went to E. J. IBLE*
* In June 1913 the lease, furniture and goodwill was sold to Alfred BISHOP formerly of the Pahautanui Hotel. In 1914 Alfred sold his interest in the hotel to H. E. SOMMERVILLE from Wellington
* In 1916 H. D. McIVER renewed his license. He was still there in 1918
NOTES about Edward James IBLE (1871-1939)

* In 1888 John McLAREN renewed his license. Still there in 1891
* was previously the Hibernian Hotel, later changed to the Commercial Hotel

* John WALKER had it in 1867
* In 1876 Harrison GIBSON renewed his License
* M. A. RICHARDSON was there in 1878
* In May 1886 at half past 2 on a Saturday morning the Aramoho Hotel, owned by G. W. FIRMAN was burned to the ground leaving only the chimneys standing. Mr Firman was away up river on a shooting expedition. The only people in the hotel at the time was the housekeeper, a servant and a child. They jumped out a window, first throwing the cash-box out before them. No one was hurt. The cashbox split open and the money was scattered, only a few silver coins were later found
* In 1887 Mr William TUTTY was granted the license
* In 1893 Thomas COADY took over from Mrs Fanny TUTTY
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Coady) - Middling; small rooms, in fair repair, poorly furnished, fire escape ropes in bedrooms
NOTE William Tutty (1845-1893) & Frances 'Fanny' Colebrook (1859-1922) married in Waitara 21 March 1877 & had 3 children. William died in Wanganui 3 Jan 1893 aged 47. Fanny remarried to Frederick Walter Merson. She died in Wellington 2 Feb 1922 aged 63 and buried Plot 25 G, CH ENG2 at Karori
* Thomas Coady was still there in 1898. He had the Railway hotel in 1886. In 1899 Thomas transferred the license of the Aramoho to W. S. POOLE. In Feb 1901 William Shakespeare POOLE (1862-1949) was charged with selling liquor after hours and for permitting drunkenness on the premises. He transferred his license to David Prideaux BARRETT* later that year. David renewed the license in 1902 & 1903
* In June 1911 F. J. PRESTON renewed the license
NOTES about David Prideaux Barrett (1864-1940)
* 8 Feb 1864 he was born in Cornwall, England, 7th of 12 children of Thomas Stanning Barrett & Ann Prideaux
* 8 Oct 1878, at the age of 14 he arrived into Wellington on the Rakaia with his 16 year old brother, Evan Prideaux 'Doc' Barrett (1862-1937) who never married and lived all his life in Wanganui. Other members of their family arrived later and also lived in Wanganui
* On 11 July 1885 he married Louisa Maria STREETER (1865-1957) & had 6 children
* In 1893 he was a Baker/Confectioneer at Wicksteed Place, Wanganui
* In 1892 his wife commenced business in Wanganui in drapery & millinery
* In 1893 he gave up his bakery and started hawking drapery
* In 1894 he opened a drapery & millinery business in Fergusson St., Feilding in his wife's name
* In Feb 1895 their business premises and that of Mr Prior the solicitor, was destroyed by fire
* In 1896 he was running the Colyton Hotel. In Dec that year he obtained the lease of the Manchester Hotel, Feilding, from W. T. Watts and in Feb 1897 he transferred the license of the Colyton Hotel to George Nicholas
* In Oct 1900 he transferred the license of the Manchester Hotel in Feilding to Michael Cooney Ryan
* In 1901 he obtained the license of the Aramoho Hotel as above and renewed the license in 1902 & 1903
* In June 1908 he again had the Manchester Hotel in Feilding
* In Aug 1910 he was the Licensee of the Trafalgar Hotel in Nelson and renewed the license in 1911
* On 23 Jan 1918 brother Jabez (aka James) Barrett (1876-1918), Sapper 4/1990 died of his wounds in France
* In April 1918 he was charged in the Feilding court with supplying Cyril Avery (Cyril Mostyn 'Sam' Avery 1898-1975) & Neil Larsen (Neil John Larsen 1904-1983), both under the age of 21, with shandies (half beer, half lemonade)
* 15 Feb 1940 David died in Wellington aged 76 & buried Karori
* 23 Oct 1957 his wife Louisa died in Ranfurly Hospital aged 91 & cremated at Kelvin Grove

* In 1870 J. K. PRICE renewed the license
* In Aug 1876 Messrs Ashforth & Liffiton auctioned the stock and furniture of the hotel, the lease being purchased by Mr CUMBERLAND
* In 1894 Alexander McDONALD renewed his license

BRIDGE HOTEL, on the banks of the Wangaehu river
* In 1885 John McDonald's application was granted
* In June 1892 Angus McDONALD's application for the old-established hotel was granted. In 1894 he renewed his license
* In 1897 it contained the Post Office where Mrs HILLIER was the postmistress and mail was received and despatched daily. Mr Hillier had the hotel license
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): No complaints; in fair repair and fairly furnished, fire escapes provided
* Jeremiah O'LEARY was there in 1901. In 1892 his license had been renewed for the Empire Hotel in Waimate, Canterbury
Wanganui Chronicle, 19 June 1902 Mr Marshall said that since the meeting of the Committee on Monday the owners had had a conference with the licensee and were nor prepared to go on with the building of a new hotel according to the plans submitted to the Committee. The owners would undertake to proceed with the building of the hotel at once

* E. KENNEDY was granted the license
* John DAVEY in 1891
* Thomas J. BENNETT in 1898
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Bennett) - Middling; licensee was fined L5 and costs for unlawful Sunday trade 29/1/98. One storey house, in middling order, furniture middling
* In 1902 the assistant health officer, Alfred Henry Kendal stated he found the place to be in a very unsatisfactory state. The license was renewed to M. A. NEILL as long as a new building was erected as soon as the present lease expired
* In June 1903 George S. BROWN renewed the license
* In June 1911 Bessie DOOLEY renewed the license
* In 1916 D. M. WILSON renewed his license

* In Nov 1915 Mrs E. TOWLER opened the private hotel at Castlecliff charging 6s 6d per day or 35s per week

CHAVANNE'S HOTEL, Victoria Avenue
(see also VICTORIA HOTEL below)
* In 1902 Edith REID transferred her license to James Sydney PALMER. The chairman drew attention to the fact that the hotel had recently changed hands and expressed the opinion that it was not in the interests of the public that there should be such frequent changes. It was noticeable that hotels like Chavannes and Fosters which had been under the same proprietorship for years were conducted better that where a licensee took over a hotel for a short time at a high rental.
* In 1918 was being run by Mr J. G. SWAN

* James O'HALLORAN in 1891

* In 1870 P. B. ROSS renewed the license
* In June 1876 James J. ANDERSON renewed his license
* George HOWE in 1878
* Arthur H. WOOLLEY in 1878
* In 1883 Julia PRICE renewed her license
* In 1888 C. LAIRD was there
* In 1894 J. CATTELL renewed his license
* In 1902 L. J. LLOYD renewed his license
* In June 1903 Andrew SUMMERS renewed his license
* In 1904 J. C. PALMER renewed his license
* In June 1911 H. J. TYRRELL renewed the license
* It was originally named the Hibernian hotel & later the Anchor

* John BRENNAN in 1873. He owned the Metropolitan hotel in 1901
* Frank LEDBURY (1837-1880) in 1873
* In June 1876 James THURSTON renewed his license
* In 1891 Thomas McLENNAN renewed his license
* In 1894 John BRENNAN renewed his license

* Hugh MORROW there in 1867. In 1897 he had been there for 30 years and disposed of his freehold of the hotel to Mrs TABOR of New Plymouth who in turn leased it to Thomas COADY who was so well and favorably known in Wellington and particularly the Hutt
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Cody/Coady) - Fairly well; in fair repair, fairly furnished, fire escapes provided
* In 1902 John JARVIS, as licensee, was in trouble for selling liquor on a Sunday
* By 1908 it had become Criterion House, a boarding establishment

EMPIRE HOTEL, corner Wicksteed Place & Campbell Place (opposite Phoenix Hotel)
* In 1870 C. P. O'HANLON renewed the license
* D. McGREGOR was there in 1873
* In June 1876 James S. CAMPBELL renewed his license. Still there in 1878
* In 1883 Mrs BALLAM (formerly of Waverley) took over from Mrs POWER
* In 1904 an application to transfer the license from George BLEASEL (1879-1939) to William Henry BLEASEL (1855-1905) was granted. William died suddenly in the night at the Hotel on 22 Oct 1905 from erysipelas of the throat

EMPIRE TEMPERANCE HOTEL, corner Wicksteed St & Campbell Place
* J. SHELLEY in 1878. For many years it was known as the Empire Hotel but, along with a number of others, had the license discontinued. Mr Shelley bought it in order that he might increase his accommodation, already owning the 'Buffet' in Victoria Ave
* In 1888 E. McELWAIN renewed the license

- This was the Railway Hotel until 1904 when Mr TREADWELL was granted permission to change the name of the new building and Charles SIDDELLS was the proprietor
* In 1916 A. GRYLLS renewed his license

FORDER'S TEMPERANCE HOTEL, Victoria Avenue (built 1879, opened early 1880)
- It was built by Forder on the left hand side of the thoroughfare, a few yards above Guyton street and immediately adjoining the owner's horse and carriage repository. Consisting of 2 stories, ten rooms on the ground floor including bar, kitchen, dining room, billiard room and several parlors. Upstairs there were 20 bed, bath and sitting rooms.

FOSTER'S HOTEL, Taupo Quay - established 1857
(originally the Steam Packet Hotel)
* In 1894 William Henry George FOSTER renewed his license. Still there in 1907 when he retired and his son took over
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Foster) - Fairly well; in good repair, well furnished and provided with fire escapes and ropes
* In 1916 John Robert FOSTER (his son) renewed his license
... a handsome three-storeyed building of brick and wood. On the ground floor there are seven sitting-rooms, including commercial, writing, and club rooms, a handsome dining hall, with accommodation for a large number of guests, and a fine, well-lighted billiard-room, containing one of Alcock's tables. The first and second floors contain sixty-two rooms, including two sitting-rooms and lounge. The hotel is lighted throughout with electric light, and has a splendid independent supply of artesian water. There are also two extensive roofed balconies, which serve as sitting-rooms during the greater part of the year, and from which a magnificent view of the Wanganui river is obtainable. In conjunction with the hotel, the proprietor farms forty-eight acres at Sedgwick, which farm supplies butter, milk, eggs, vegetables, and fruit for the requirements of the hotel ...
* In 1918 Mr Foster wanted to demolish the hotel and rebuild on the same site but owing to the serious effect the war was having on all building operations his proposal to convert the corner building, of which he had secured a lease, into a hotel, he instead was permitted a temporary permit for 3 years to join the hotel on Taupo Quay to the wooden building on the corner of Victoria Ave
NOTE about William Henry George Foster (1853-1914)

* James LEYDON was there in 1878. He previously had the Royal Oak (see below). James died there in Sep 1879
Wanganui Chronicle, 29 September 1879 SUDDEN DEATH - Mr James Leydon, of the Hibernian Hotel, late of H.M.'s 12th regiment, died very suddenly yesterday morning aged 63 years. He was up and about as usual in the early part of the day, but being suddenly seized with painful and alarming symptoms, his medical adviser and Father Kirk wwere both sent for without delay. However, before these gentlemen arrived, Mr Leydon had breathed his last.
- changed to the ANCHOR Hotel & later the COMMERCIAL Hotel

HOTEL BRAEBURN, Wanganui Street
- mock Tudor style, private hotel (Telephone Exchange No.600) situated on an elevated site on Anzac Parade was opened Monday 15 Nov 1915 just before the Wanganui Show

* In 1876 William TINGEY applied for a renewal of his license. The police objected because of the filthy state of the house and gambling being permitted. License was granted after cautions
* R. E. TINGEY had it in 1878
- An interesting read on this hotel in 1884
* In 1887 C. E. GREAGOR took over the license. Still there in 1893
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Tawse) - No complaints; in good repair and well furnished, fire escape ropes in bedrooms
* In 1901 W. G. NICHOLSON applied for a renewal. He had installed fire escape ropes in all the upstairs bedrooms. The application was granted. He again renewed it in 1902
* In 1918 when the license renewal was applied for the police report was unfavorable. The building was in a bad state and the committee were of the opinion that the hotel should be rebuilt

an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Rowe) - No complaints; in fair repair, fairly furnished, fire escape ropes provided

* In 1894 Arthur ELLIS renewed his accommodation license
Wanganui Chronicle, 3 June 1904 We hear on reliable authority that Mr P. S. LACY has brought the freehold of the Mangamahu Family Hotel form Messrs Ellis and Robinson, at a figure close to L4000. The licensee, now owner, intends in the near future to carry out a lot of improvements, both inside and out. The grounds about this hotel can be made very beautiful by a little expenditure of capital and labour on tree planting, shrubberies, etc., and the house itself will be put in thorough repair from top to bottom, which, no doubt the local settlers and travelling public will appreciate

MASONIC HOTEL, Plymouth Street & River Bank (12 rooms)
* Charles BATT there in 1867
* In 1870 J. NEILSON renewed the license
* In June 1876 Catherine NEILSON renewed her license
* In 1878 the Sub-Inspector objected to the renewal of the license to Robert SHEARER as the applicant neglected to support a wife and family in destitution in Glasgow. The Court ruled that the family would be in more distress if they took away the applicants means of obtaining a livelihood
* In 1884 Eric Henry Oscar SUISTED applied for a renewal of the license. Still there in 1888
* William B. PATRICK was there in 1891
* In May 1894 Arthur H. WOOLLEY transferred the license back to Charles BATT
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Hintz) Prior to December indifferently and since that fairly well; part of it very old and the rooms low; in moderate order, furniture middling. Police comment: None for this quarter, beyond that the house is not up to the average standard required for licensed houses in this town
* William Henry BLEASEL (1855-1905) there in 1900 when he thoroughly renovated and scrupulously cleaned it up. He renewed his license in 1902
* In June 1911 A. McQUIRE renewed the lease
* In 1916 A. MANGUSON renewed his license

* In 1876 William CAMBELL renewed his License then transferred to James ANTHONY. He was still there in April 1878 when the hotel was totally destroyed by fire. The house was owned by Messrs Taylor and Watt
* James Anthony (1841-1828) married Mary Hogan (1855-1932) 3 Aug 1876. They had a son, Alfred William James Anthony (1877-1951) who was 11 months old at time of the fire. Mary gave birth to David Henry Anthony (1878-1948) 2 months after the fire. They also had twins Thomas (1882-1961) & Eliza (1882-1954) & Florence Anthony (1890-)
James reopened the 'new' Maxwelltown Hotel in Sep 1878, transferred the license to Thomas Poole in May 1879 and then bought the lease of the Waitotara Hotel in the same month. A meeting of his creditors in June 1880. In March 1895 he was living at Castlecliff when charged in Court that he had failed to support his destitute mother. He stated that he was willing to support her in his own house but could not do so outside. She said she could not live in the house owing to disagreement with her daughter-in-law. He was ordered to pay her 5s a week and his brothers should also contribute

- built c1869 opposite the Railway Station
owned by Martin O'HARA from 1891, leased by Charles James McCARTHY in 1897
* In 1892 Charles was granted the publican's license for the Rutland Hotel
* On 20 March 1897 he took a 10 year lease of this building and it became McCarthy's Family Hotel
an 1898 Inspector's report : Fairly well; in good repair and fairly furnished; fire escapes, ropes and stairs, ladder for balcony
* In the May 1904 flood, the waters extended some distance beyond the Railway Station and water was flowing into McCarthy's Hotel. In fact he was the most unfortunate owner on the Quay. The floor of the building from back to front was covered with over a foot of water and mud.
* In Sep 1904 Mr MARSHALL applied for a renewal of the lease under which Mr McCarthy held the hotel from the owner Mr O'Hara. The Final Warning
* In April 1905 McCarthy's Hotel was destroyed. There were 15 boarders in the house, 6 servants and 5 members of the McCarthy family in the hotel
* 3 May 1905 the FIRE INQUIRY
* In Feb 1906 a pleasant social gathering was held in the cosy dining-room of Mr C. J. McCarthy's new hotel
* In Feb 1906 an old acquaintance of Charles, Mr W. Gordon, of the Survey Office, New Plymouth, was in town. He and Charles had been fellow civil servants in the Oamaru telegraphic 30 years earlier
* 17 Oct 1907 Mr W. J. Walter, Inspector of Meat at Patea was in town on business and was staying at McCarthy's Hotel
* In June 1911 C. J. McCarthy renewed his license
* 14 June 1915 Wanganui Enlistments, C. J. McCarthy, hotel manager, McCarthy's Hotel, Wanganui
* In April 1916 the 'Georgetti Estate' was put up for auction. The country lands comprised 'Papaiti', 5 farms varying from 83 to 195 acres and 'Whataroa' comprising 3 farms varying from 594 to 646 acres. The town lands comprised 3 sections between McCarthy's Hotel and Hatrick & Co's warehouse
NOTE Charles James McCarthy (1861-1926) married Lucy Jane GASQUOINE (1863-1939) in 1886 & had 4 sons

METROPOLITIAN HOTEL, corner Taupo Quay & St Hill St
- established 1890 (52 rooms)
* Henry Hallett MACE there in 1890
... a two-storeyed wooden building, containing about fifty-two rooms. A unique feature of the building is a promenade on the roof, commanding a splendid view of the river and town. On the ground floor is a large dining-room (which has accommodation for 100 guests), a sitting-room, a fine commercial room, the private office, and the public and private bars. The first floor contains the bedrooms, three private sitting-rooms, bathrooms (with hot and cold water laid on), and lavatories. The bar, which is a well-appointed apartment, is stocked with the best ales, spirits, and wines. The Metropolitan is well managed, every care being taken to meet the special needs and wishes of the guests, and a good table is kept ...
NOTE Henry Hallett Mace (1871-1969) was born in New Plymouth to Captain Francis Joseph MACE & Rachel Alice ARDEN. He was a store keeper in Inglewood and Stratford and later a Land Agent in New Plymouth. He had the Bunnythorpe Hotel before taking over the Metropolitan. He married Edith Agnes ELLIS (1866-1948) in 1893 & had 3 children
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Brennan) - No complaints; in good order, well furnished and well provided with fire escapes, stairs and ropes
* In 1901 Edith REID transferred her license to William Robert TUCK. The owner of the hotel was then John BRENNAN
* In 1903 & 1904 Alfred MITCHELL renewed the license
* In June 1911 T. H. Nixon renewed the license
* In 1916 T. H. NIXON transferred the license to J. HANNAN

(later the Imperial Hotel)
* In 1888 J. W. WATKINS renewed his license & obtained a 12 o'clock license
* In 1891 W. R. TUCK renewed his license. Still there in 1894
* In 1898 W. P. STUART, late of Hastings, took it over
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Guthrie) - well conducted; in fair order, fairly furnished, fire escapes provided, stairs and ropes
* In 1902 Margaret STUART'S application for a renewal was held over until the new building was finished
* In 1903 Neill McKenzie FORBES renewed his license. Still there in 1911
* In 1916 Frederick Charles FABER renewed his license

* Philip Edmond DOVER in 1901
* In June 1903 David Roux BUISSON applied for a permanent transfer. In answer to the Chairman, counsel stated that the police had reported that a strict watch had been kept on the New Criterion Hotel since the present licensee had been in possession and no trading after hours had been detected; but complaint had been made that the licensee had permitted gambling to take place on his licensed premised on two occasions. Inspector Kelly stated that the police intended to object to the transfer
* In 1916 W. J. WILLIAMS renewed his license

* In 1876 William HANDLEY renewed his License. Still there in 1893

* W. F. BAKER in 1878
* In 1887 Mr W. HENDLEY renewed his license
* In 1888 W. H. REED renewed his license although the police objected due to the bad repair of the house and with the indifferent characters who frequented. They believed the house should be re-built or repaired to a great extent and if not then it must lose its license. The license was granted on conditions

* opposite the Empire Hotel, see photo at Empire Hotel above
* Frank E. EVANS there in 1873
* In 1876 J. HEYWOOD applied for a renewal but was opposed by the police and neighbours which was considered the worst conducted house in Wanganui.

PIER HOTEL, Taupo Quay
* Martin O'HARA in 1867. He owned the McCarthy Family Hotel in 1891
* In Sep 1876 application was made by Andrew TOD for a license for the house formerly known as the Pier Hotel
* In 1891 S. HOOPER renewed his license

* Jane Hearn RAPLEY there in 1867. Still there in 1876
* Jane (nee Nathan 1832-1912) married James Rapley (1827-1877). Their daughter, Mary Ann Rapley (1864-1936) married Charles Huddell Chevannes, (as his 2nd wife) owner/proprietor of a number of hotels in Wanganui (see Victoria Hotel below). Jane remarried to George Wilson Ormsbee in 1878 (see next)
* George Wilson ORMSBEE there in 1878
* In 1888 J. W. JACKSON renewed his license
* In 1891 Emma SIDDELLS renewed her license

- established in the 1860s ... one of the oldest licensed houses in the town, and was founded in the sixties. The present building is a two-storeyed one, and contains about fifty rooms. The house is conveniently appointed, and furnished with excellent taste. On the ground floor are four sitting rooms, a commercial room, the dining room (with accommodation for sixty guests), and the bar. The first floor contains two sitting rooms, the bedrooms, bathrooms, and lavatories ...
* Janet BROUGHTON (Mrs H. E. Broughton) had it in 1878. In 1891 she renewed her license. Still there in 1894
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Tuck) - Fairly well; in good repair, well furnished and provided with fire escapes
* In 1902 William LIGHT was granted a renewal
NOTE William Robert Tuck (1856-1935) was born in London, England. He was brought up by his uncle in Liverpool and educated at Battersea College. As a lad he kept his uncle's books and at 19 he emigrated to New Zealand. For a time he conducted a livery stable in Nelson and later one in Wanganui. He was a partner in the firm Messrs Swan and Company, local brewers. He took a keen interest in rowing and is remembered as Webb's backer in the rowing match for the championship of the world, at Sydney, in 1907. He had the Occidental and Newmarket Hotels. Later he visited England and on his return bought the Metropolitan Hotel (there in 1901), which he afterwards sold and acquired the Provincial. He renewed the license in 1916

* E. EILERS took over the hotel in July 1876 and made extensive alterations and improvements
* In 1886 Mr BRODIE retired from the business & Thomas COADY was the incoming tenant. Thomas was charged with assaulting and beating Emma Littlewood in 1887 when he swore at her, pulled her around by the ear and pushed her out on the pavement after she refused a drink at the bar. Thomas renewed the license in 1888. He had the ARAMOHO in 1893 from Mrs TUTTY
* In 1889 Thomas Coady transferred the license to John MAHONEY who was still there in 1891
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Hartshore) - Well conducted; in good order, fairly furnished, fire escape, stairs and ropes provided
* In 1902 P. HARTSHORN wanted to renew the license. It was not granted but adjourned to enable plans to be prepared for a new building
* In June 1903 Charles SIDDELLS applied for a renewal. Counsel stated that the licensee was the holder of the freehold and proposed to start at once rebuilding that portion fronting the Market Square and erect a balcony. The portion of the hotel fronting Taupo Quay was in good condition. It was intended ultimately to rebuild the whole
* In 1904 Charles SIDDELLS renewed the license and the name was changed (on request of Mr Treadwell), to the FEDERAL HOTEL after the new building was erected
* In 1909 M. BARRY transferred his license to W. BELLVE

* In June 1876 Thomas BROUGH renewed his license
* In 1894 James BENNETT renewed his license
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Fordell-Cooper) - Middling; in fair repair, fairly furnished, fire escape provided
* In 1902 J. COOPER renewed his license

* In Sep 1876 the license was granted to Frederick EILERS. A son was born there 18 March 1881, (ALbert Frederick Eilers (1881-1887)
* In 1883 Mr E. ANCHOR, late of the Anchor Hotel, purchased the hotel from Mr MELLHONE
* In May 1894 Joseph RUSCOE transferred the license to Michael O'REILLY
* In 1894 John MAHONEY renewed his license

RED LION HOTEL, Taylorville (Campbelltown)
* photo of the hotel, from Shakespeare Cliff, showing its view of the river (c1860)
* the destruction of the Red Lion Hotel in 1874 when G. ROSS was proprietor
* McDONNELL in 1867
* In 1870 W. COOMBES renewed the license
* In 1885 John ROBERTSON had the license cancelled on the ground that the previous licensee, who had been refused a license, had been carrying on the business, refusing Robertson the transfer of the lease and management
* In 1887 H. G. WALLER's application was granted
* In 1894 Frederic Louis Kossuth HILL* renewed his license. In June 1889 he purchased Mr W. H. HUTSON's interest in the wholesale wine and spirit business in Hawera
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Killeen) - Fairly well; some-what out of repair, moderately furnished, fire escape, stairs and ropes provided, also ladder for balcomy. Police objection: This house will need considerable repairs before the annual meeting
* John William PEMBERTON in 1901
* In 1902 George COTTERELL was granted a renewal. In June 1903 George applied for a transfer. The Council applied that the name of Cottrell should be substituted for that of John Cameron, The Chairman stated that the Committee had no objection whatever to Mr Cameron, who they thought a desirable person to hold the license, but the formalities of the Act with regard to advertising and giving the public an opportunity of objecting had not been complied with - application granted under section 94
* In June 1911 J. CAMERON renewed the license
* In 1916 J. W. MILLS renewed his license
NOTES about Frederic Louis Kossuth HILL (1851-1914)
* born 1851 in Nottingham, England
* married in Christchurch in 1882 to Pamela Kate GODSO (?-1903) in 1882 & had 3 children in Ashburton
* In 1882 he had the Somerset Hotel in Ashburton, leased from Mr Robert William Shearman who died accidentally aged 41. Still there in 1885
* In June 1886 he took the license of the Lincoln Hotel in Christchurch from D. W. Bartram. Still there in 1889
* In May 1894 he renewed the license of the Red Lion in Wanganui, as above
* In 1897 he purchased the goodwill of the Provincial Hotel in Napier, then held by Mr Jubal Fleming. He transferred the license in June 1899 to J. W. McDuff
* In June 1899 his partner George Shaw, wool carder, was bankrupt. Frederick had invested L350 (2014 equivalent of $62,268)
* He was in Hawera in 1900
* In Jan 1902 Mr A. J. Whittaker of Hawera was holidaying in Europe; Sydney to Fremantle to Colombo to Aden to Suez to Marseilles, then on to London & Glasgow. France, Denmark & Ceylon. He said among those he met at 'Home' was the Sheriff of Nottingham, the uncle of Mr F. L. K. Hill of Hawera
* In June 1902 he was granted a wholesale liquor license in Hawera
* In May 1903 Mr G. Stringer, liquidator in Frederick's estate, asked for a transfer of the lease in Princes street, Hawera from Frederick to Mr H. King. He asked for a rebate in the amount of rent due
* In Dec 1903 his wife Pamela died at sea
Wanganui Chronicle, 7 December 1903 HILL - Pamela Kate, on board the Moeraki, on December 1, two days from Sydney, wife of Mr F. L. K. Hill, daughter of W. Godso, Wanganui
* Frederick died 26 Nov 1914 from Bronchitis in Christchurch aged 63 and buried Plot 279, Block 20 at Linwood

* the building was erected in 1876. William McDONALD applied for a liquor license but the Councel refused a License on the unanimous decision that opening a hotel in the neighbourhood was undesirable

Wanganui Chronicle, 23 October 1874 ROYAL OAK HOTEL - Yesterday the Royal Oak Hotel, Market Square, was offered at auction by Mr CHADWICK and knocked down to Mr Joseph Nathan for L1000 (Oct 2013 equivalent of $128,000)
* In April 1874 James LEYDON renewed his license & complained to the Council about the drainage to his property and the state of the road. He renewed the license again in 1875
* In 1875 the public were notified that in future the booking office and starting place for Messrs Cockery's line of coaches would be the Steam packet Hotel instead of the Royal Oak
* In 1876 James Leydon renewed the license & complained to the Council of the broken culvert in front of his premises by which an accumulation of surface water was a source of annoyance to himself and pedestrians. In 1877 he had the Hibernian. He died suddenly in Sep 1879 (see Hibernian)

RUTLAND HOTEL, corner Ridgway St & Victoria Ave
* established in 1845 & about 70 rooms, it was rebuilt in brick in 1904 to 3 storeys
* In March 1862 a farewell dinner was held here for Mr Treweek from Kai Iwi
* SULLIVAN in 1867
* In June 1876 Pierre 'Peter' George Alexandre CHAVANNES renewed the license. Still there in 1878 (had the Victorian Hotel in Dunedin in 1862. Had the New Zealander Hotel, Manners St., Wellington in 1865 which, by 1915, no longer existed). He was the father of Charles Huddell Chavannes, mentioned many times here
* In 1888 A. J. PARSONS renewed his license
* In 1892 Charles James McCarthy had the license. He later had his own hotel, see above
* In 1894 C. J. McCARTHY renewed his license
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Sullivan) - Fairly well; building very old and worse of wear; kitchen and scullery quite unfit for the purpose; should be re-built; furniture fairly good. Police objections - No objections at present, but building requires great improvement before annual meeting. The building is quite out of proportion to the requirements of the site
* Frederick Charles FABER in 1901, renewed it in 1902 & 1903
* In June 1911 Thomas Lawless renewed the license
* In 1916 S. L. PARSONS renewed his license

* Mr T. (or P.) O'RILEY there in 1867 & renewed the license in 1870

SHIP HOTEL, corner of Taupo Quay & Wilson St
(also see Ship Hotel c1870)
- opposite the railway station, it later became a temperance boarding establishment of 39 bedrooms. Renamed the Wanganui Coffee Palace and run by Miss Jane DOBLE
* In June 1876 H. LITTLEWOOD renewed his license
* R. W. LITTLEWOOD in 1878
* In 1888 W. ODGERS renewed his license. The police were now satisfied with the way it was now conducted

* James CATHRO (1818-1892) had the license in 1868. In Jan 1878 James transferred the license to John RAWLINGS. In 1875 James was ordered to the Lunatic Asylum in Wellington. In Sep 1875 his wife Catherine Hannah (nee PARKES) died in Victoria Ave aged 50. They had a son Henry Samuel Cathro (1862-1955)
* In June 1876 J. RAWLINGS
* Thomas Henry WIXCEY in 1884. Thomas (1848-1921) married Mary Ann WINDSOR (1851-1916) in 1869 & had at least 8 children. Their son Charles Wixcey (1887-1907) drowned at Castlecliff when bathing with some friends
* In 1888 E. HACKETT renewed his license

STEAM PACKET HOTEL, nearly opposite the bridge, Taupo Quay
(later named Fosters Hotel, see above)
* William Henry George FOSTER
* the proprietor, JOHN DAVIDSON, died there June 1867
* In 1870 G. H. BLAIR applied for a transfer and renewal of the license. He renewed his license in 1876
* W. PATERSON there in 1878

established about 1878, the first of its kind in Wanganui
* Mrs Annie Adelia HENLEY (1855-1913), who was born in Wellington, was there 1878. She died in Auckland

THE EXCHANGE HOTEL, corner Taupo Quay & Market Square
* In 13 Jan 1868 a meeting of the creditors of William TESTAR/TESTER, late landlord of the hotel was held and a dividend of 9d in the pound declared. He was from Datchet, Berkshire, England and died 12 Nov 1891 at Bell Street aged 77. His wife, Davida Craig Wright died 10 Feb 1899 aged 76
* In 1870 A. BENNET renewed the license

* John MATTHEW there in 1867

VICTORIA HOTEL, corner Victoria Ave & Maria Place
(this may be what they called 'Chavannes Hotel')
- two stories, about 50 rooms, including 49 bedrooms, a ladies' drawing room, commercial and writing rooms, two sitting rooms and a large and well-appointed dining hall
* In June 1876 J. W. ROBINSON renewed his license
* C. H. CHAVANNES renewed his license in 1881. Still there in 1894
the demolition of original building Chavanne's Victoria Hotel 1870
Chavanne's second hotel, on the site of Victoria Hotel
NOTES about Charles Huddell CHEVANNES (1854-1934)
* born in Wanganui to Pierre 'Peter' George Alexandre CHAVANNES (1826-1879, from Jamaica) & Agnes HUDDELL (1822-1879)
* In 1879 Charles married Emily Ann Davidson and had a daughter, (1879-1930) Hilda Isabella Agnes Chavannes. Emily died in July 1881 aged 25.
Wanganui Herald, 2 July 1881 CHAVANNES - On the 1st instant, at Wanganui, Emily Ann, the beloved wife of Mr Charles Huddell Chavannes, aged 35 years. Friends are informed that the funeral of the late Mrs Charles H. Chavannes will leave the Victoria Hotel on Sunday afternoon, the 3rd inst, at 4 o'clock
* In 1885 Charles remarried to Mary Ann 'Polly' Rapley (1864-1936). Daughter of James Rapley (1827-1877), who arrived with the 65th into Bay of Island 19 Nov 1846 and of Jane Hearn Nathan (1832-1912), born in London to Henry Nathan & Jane Hearn who emigrated to NZ in 1841. Her father James died in Christchurch aged 50 when Polly was 13. Her mother Jane had the Prince of Wales hotel in Wanganui for quite some time (see above), she remarried to George Wilson Orsmbee in 1878 and he took over the license.
* In 1886 Charles & Polly had a son, Charles Huddell Chavannes (1886-1924) who married Christina Colquhoun Scott in 1907 and had a son they also named Charles Huddell Chavannes (1911-1983)
an 1898 Inspector's report (proprietor in brackets): (Chavannes) - well conducted; in excellent order, well furnished and well provided with fire escapes
* James Sydney Palmer renewed his license in 1903. James was born in London and educated partly there and later in Forfarshire, Scotland. He came to New Zealand in 1878, settled in Christchurch and was in the railway service for 12 years. He was transferred to Wellington and was in the General Manager's office until 1896, when he retired to take up a hotel in Feilding. In 1902 he moved to Wanganui and took over the Victoria Hotel
* In June 1911 J. G. Swan renewed the license

* In 1870 D. ATKINSON renewed the license
* In June 1876 Alfred MULLER renewed his license
* Joseph CHADWICK there in 1878

WANGANUI TEMPERANCE HOTEL, corner Bell St & Campbell Place
- Formerly the Wanganui Hotel
* Mrs E. REES, who was born in Picton, on the death of her husband, went into business to provide for her family. She bought it for the purposes of a general boarding-house. Her husband was a licensed interpreter and commission agent in Wanganui and his father and uncle were doctors in Wanganui

The WANGANUI BREWERY is established in Market Square
- GIBBONS & HOLE are the proprietors in 1898


No sale of intoxicating drinks being allowed on Sundays except to travellers or lodgers, but railway licenses are not subject to any restrictions of this kind. Christmas and Good Friday are to be regarded as if they were Sundays, and no female, except the wife or daughter of the licensee is to be employed in the bar for more than 10 hours a day or after 11 p.m., with or without consent
* For a publicans' license within the limits of any borough: 40 pounds. Outside the aforesaid limits: 30 pounds
* For a family hotel: 20 pounds
* For a billiard-table: 10 pounds
* For a conditional license: not exceeding 30 pounds
* For a packet license: 10 pounds (see notes)
* For a club license: 20 pounds
* For a wholesale license: 10 pounds

Clause 124 of the Licensing Act, 1881, says:- Every licensed publican shall keep a lamp fixed over the door of his Licensed premises, or within 20 feet thereof, lighted during the whole of every night, from sunset to sunrise, during the time of his holding such license.

A meeting of licensed victuallers and others interested in the amendment of the Licensing Act was held at the Rutland Hotel to adopt the petition as drafted for submission to Parliament, Those present were:
Mr WATT (chairman)

In the early 1900s there were licensed River Steamers in Wanganui. They were called 'Packet Licenses' and the Maori strongly opposed to intoxicating liquor being brought into native kainga. This led to a number of conditions.
Some of the steamers:
The Otunui, The Ohura (launched 1897), The Waione, The Wairere, The Waiora, The Wairua, The Whakapai

ANZACs at GLENCORSE WOOD September 1917

Barrier Miner (Broken Hill, NSW) Tuesday 25 September 1917

The following cables are from sources other than "Toe Miner's" special service:-
London, Sunday
Mr. Percival Phillips, war correspondent for the "Daily Express," emphasised that the Australians were in the centre of the attack, and had much heard fighting between the Boulers railway and the Menin road before they cleared Glencorse Wood and Nonne Bosschen, planted the Commonwealth flag on Anzac Redoubt, and drove nearly half-way through Polygon Wood, yet nearly all their programme was fulfilled to the timetable. They "went over" at 5.40 o'clock amid a heavy shellfire, for distress signals had called all the German batteries into action.

The barrage did not check the first waves at Glencorse Wood; but it caught some stretcher-bearers and wounded men behind the advance line of assaulting troops. Mr. Phillips proceeds:-"Fifty Germans surrendered just inside the thicket; but a redoubt on the edge of the wood enfiladed our infantry until flanking bombers put it out of action. The appearance and grit of the Australians utterly surprised the Germans. Little groups of enemy snipers, crouching in the shellholes, ran at the sight of the slouch-hatted men stripped of their packs, but festooned with bombs, who moved lightly through the mire, with bayonets poised, nonchalant and deliberate, offering sudden death with a smile. Some of the Huns were caught like rats and fought wildly until they fell.
The garrisons of the redoubts clung bravely to their machine guns and put up a fight, which the Australians appreciated. These determined men from overseas never doubted they would reach their goal.

After hoisting the flag on Anzac Redoubt, and traversing Glencorse and Nonne Bosschen, they entered open ground 400 yards broad, between them and Polygon Wood. All these were in the hands of the Australians by 11 o'clock. The flag was raised on Anzac Redoubt before 10. During a halt before Polygon Wood, an Australian officer, fearing his men might be bored, sent up Tuesday's newspapers, pictorial journals, and cigarettes. Through the barrage the Australians sat calmly in their shellholes and broken trenches, reading and smoking until the order was given to readvance."

Another correspondent writes:- "The Australians who stormed the Anzac Redoubt screened their standard-bearer who planted the Commonwealth Flag on the summit, his comrades wildly cheering the act. I met a number of Australian wounded because they ran ahead of our barrage line. The Australian lads, who were in their most perfect form, had rested since the hard days of Bullecourt and Noreuil. They had not lost any quantity since their great epics of Gallipoli and Pozieres. When we heard they were going to attack Polygon Wood we knew they would get it if human courage could, for the Australians are not easily denied if they set their mind on a thing. They have grim passion at such time, despite all their boyishness, but they are free and easy, always, even on the battlefield, although they are rather impatient at checks and restraint. The spectacle of Australians reading newspapers and smoking under the screaming shells was the strangest thing that ever happened in any great battle, and greatly surprised our airmen who saw them. Then, after a two hours' wait, they flung away their cigarettes, and passed on to the assault on Polygon. Thursday's great attack proved that the new German method of holding lines lightly in blockhouses, with reserves behind for counter-attacks, has broken down. If the Teutons revert to the old system of strong front lines they will suffer as they did at the Somme.

The reserve German divisions which were brought up in buses had a dreadful time. Their counter-attacks were particularly fierce against the Highlanders on the Zonnebeke-road (on the Australians' left). The Highlanders were driven back for a while, but the Scottish rifle fire then broke every attack. The German storm troops six times came on with much determination, and six times their waves were broken up. Finally three German battalions drove against the Scots' Corps at Delva Farm and Rose House. The Highlanders rallied at 8 o'clock in the evening, and swept the Germans out and away. Mr. Gibbs; emphasizes the fearful hammering inflicted by the British bombardment.

At least 50 per cent of the German prisoners are wounded. Many Germans around Polygon Wood and Glencorse Copse, where the Australians fought, were buried in the shellholes between the blockhouses, and the blockhouses themselves were smashed up or so battered that the garrisons became dazed and demoralised."

LAST WILL & TESTAMENT of Amelia Mary Coleman - 1908

the following is an attachment to the journal:
George Hildebrand ALINGTON + Eliza Ann WEBB
transcribed by me with permission from David Haywood (see original Will at link)

LAST WILL & TESTAMENT of Amelia Mary Coleman dated 24th JULY 1908
... [written along the side of the paper is]:
This is the written document marked "A" referred to in the Affidavit of FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON sworn before me this 28th day of February 1912.
??? - A Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me, Amelia Mary Coleman of Christchurch in the Provincial District of Canterbury in the Dominion of New Zealand, Widow. I give and bequeath to ELIZABETH SHEARMAN of New Brighton in the said Provincial District and Dominion, Widow the legacy of Three hundred pounds free from duty and I declare that in the event of the said Elizabeth Shearman predeceasing me then and in such case I give and bequeath the said legacy of Three hundred pounds free from duty to EMMA ELIZABETH HYNDMAN daughter of the said Elizabeth Shearman. I appoint FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON of Christchurch, Solicitor and my legally adopted daughter EILEEN WINTER COLEMAN on her attaining the age of twenty one years (hereinafter called my Trustees) to be the Executors and Trustee of this my Will. I give all my estate and effects whether real or personal not hereby otherwise disposed of unto my Trustees in trust to pay my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and to stand possessed of the residue thereof in trust for my said adopted daughter EILEEN WINTER COLEMAN absolutely on her attaining the age of twenty one years or on her marrying under that age and I declare that if the said EILEEN WINTER COLEMAN shall predecease me and shall leave a child or children who shall survive me and attain the age of twenty one years then each child or children shall take and if more than one equally between them the share which the said Eileen Winter Coleman would have taken under this my Will had she survived me and attained the age of twenty one years or married and if my said daughter shall predecease me and leave no such child or children then I direct my Trustees to permit my brother MORRIS THOMAS KNEVITT to receive the rents income and profits of my residuary real and personal estate during his life and from and after his death to convert my said residuary real and personal estate into money by sale or otherwise and to stand possessed of the proceeds thereof in trust for all his children (excluding adopted and step-children) who shall be living at his death and who being male shall attain the age of twenty one ...
end of page 1 and signed - A. M. COLEMAN
... years or being female shall attain that age or marry in equal shares absolutely I empower my Trustees during the minority of any infant presumptively entitled to a share under this my Will to invest the share of such infant in or upon real securities only in the said Dominion and with power to vary any investments from time to time as my Trustees shall think fit. And I empower my Trustees to apply the income of the expectant share to which any infant may be presumptively entitled under this my Will for or towards the maintenance and education of such infant or accumulate such income if and so far as the same shall not be required for the purpose aforesaid by investing the same and the resulting income thereof to the intent that such accumulations may be added to the principal of the said share and follow the destination thereof and I empower my Trustees to postpone the conversion of any part of my estate for so long as they shall think fit and in the meantime the rents and income of my estate remaining unconverted shall from and after my death go and be applied in like manner as is hereinbefore directed concerning the income of the proceeds of my estate when converted I hereby appoint the said FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON and MARGARET McIVER of Christchuch, spinster guardians of my said daughter during her minority And I hereby declare that it is my wish to be interred in the same vault with my late husband at the Linwood Cemetery and I declare that my said Trustee FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON shall be entitled to charge my estate for all business done by him in relation to my estate on the trusts of this my Will in the same manner as he would have been entitled to charge my Executors for the same if he had not been himself an Executor or Trustee but had been employed by my Executor or Trustee to do such business as their Solicitor In Witness whereof I have hereto set my hand to this my last Will and Testament contained on this and the preceding sheet of paper this 24th day of July One thousand nine hundred and eight. (signed A. M. COLEMAN)
[footnote reads]:
SIGNED by the said AMELIA MARY COLEMAN the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who at her request in her sight and presence and in the sight and presence of each other have hereunder subscribed our names as attesting witnesses -
L. M. HARE, Spinster, Christchurch
M. McIVER, Spinster, Christchurch


... [written along the side of the paper is]:
This is the written document marked "A" referred to in the Affidavit of FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON [of JOHNSTON, MILLS and JOYCE, 213 Hereford Street, Christchurch, which Frederick established in 1895 after becoming a Solicitor in 1892] sworn before me this 28th day of February 1912.
??? - A Solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand

THIS IS THE LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT of me, AMELIA MARY COLEMAN [nee Knevitt (1844-1912), married Captain George Coleman (1832-1903) in Victoria, Australia in 1864] of Christchurch in the Provincial District of Canterbury in the Dominion of New Zealand, Widow. I give and bequeath to ELIZABETH SHEARMAN [Elizabeth nee PATTMAN (1847-1927), born Poplar, London died Christchurch, married Robert William Shearman (1844-1885), born Poplar, London died Ashburton in 1869. They had the Somerset Hotel in Ashburton] of New Brighton in the said Provincial District and Dominion, Widow, the legacy of Three hundred pounds [July 2013 equivalent of $47,320] free from duty and I declare that in the event of the said Elizabeth Shearman predeceasing me then and in such case I give and bequeath the said legacy of Three hundred pounds free from duty to EMMA ELIZABETH HYNDMAN daughter of the said Elizabeth Shearman [Emma Elizabeth Shearman (1877-1946) married Peter Henry Hyndman (1877-1930) in Ashburton 1904. A son, Parich Peter Hyndman was killed in action in Italy 1943 in WWII]. I appoint FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON of Christchurch, Solicitor and my legally adopted daughter EILEEN WINTER COLEMAN [born Hilda Annie Webb (1891-1963), father was George Hildebrand Alington - go to top link] on her attaining the age of twenty one years (hereinafter called my Trustees) to be the Executors and Trustee of this my Will. I give all my estate and effects whether real or personal not hereby otherwise disposed of unto my Trustees in trust to pay my funeral and testamentary expenses and debts and to stand possessed of the residue thereof in trust for my said adopted daughter EILEEN WINTER COLEMAN absolutely on her attaining the age of twenty one years or on her marrying under that age [married in 1931 to Frederick McCREANOR (1895-1939)] and I declare that if the said EILEEN WINTER COLEMAN shall predecease me and shall leave a child or children who shall survive me and attain the age of twenty one years then each child or children shall take and if more than one equally between them the share which the said Eileen Winter Coleman would have taken under this my Will had she survived me and attained the age of twenty one years or married and if my said daughter shall predecease me and leave no such child or children then I direct my Trustees to permit my brother MORRIS THOMAS KNEVITT [(1842-1931), lived in Fitzroy, Victoria] to receive the rents income and profits of my residuary real and personal estate during his life and from and after his death to convert my said residuary real and personal estate into money by sale or otherwise and to stand possessed of the proceeds thereof in trust for all his children (excluding adopted and step-children) who shall be living at his death and who being male shall attain the age of twenty one ...
... end of page 1 and signed - A. M. COLEMAN
... years or being female shall attain that age or marry in equal shares absolutely I empower my Trustees during the minority of any infant presumptively entitled to a share under this my Will to invest the share of such infant in or upon real securities only in the said Dominion and with power to vary any investments from time to time as my Trustees shall think fit. And I empower my Trustees to apply the income of the expectant share to which any infant may be presumptively entitled under this my Will for or towards the maintenance and education of such infant or accumulate such income if and so far as the same shall not be required for the purpose aforesaid by investing the same and the resulting income thereof to the intent that such accumulations may be added to the principal of the said share and follow the destination thereof and I empower my Trustees to postpone the conversion of any part of my estate for so long as they shall think fit and in the meantime the rents and income of my estate remaining unconverted shall from and after my death go and be applied in like manner as is hereinbefore directed concerning the income of the proceeds of my estate when converted I hereby appoint the said FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON and MARGARET McIVER of Christchuch, spinster guardians of my said daughter during her minority And I hereby declare that it is my wish to be interred in the same vault with my late husband at the Linwood Cemetery [Plot 5, Block 14] and I declare that my said Trustee FREDERICK WILLIAM JOHNSTON shall be entitled to charge my estate for all business done by him in relation to my estate on the trusts of this my Will in the same manner as he would have been entitled to charge my Executors for the same if he had not been himself an Executor or Trustee but had been employed by my Executor or Trustee to do such business as their Solicitor In Witness whereof I have hereto set my hand to this my last Will and Testament contained on this and the preceding sheet of paper this 24th day of July One thousand nine hundred and eight. (signed A. M. COLEMAN)
[footnote reads]:
SIGNED by the said AMELIA MARY COLEMAN the Testatrix as and for her last Will and Testament in the presence of us both present at the same time who at her request in her sight and presence and in the sight and presence of each other have hereunder subscribed our names as attesting witnesses -
L. M. HARE, Spinster, Christchurch
[Lilian May Hare (1879-) was the daughter of Henry Howard HARE & Emily Elizabeth Allpress GILLON. Her brother Clarence Howard Hare (1880-1967) was a steward in the first real land expedition in the Antarctic. The British National Antarctic Expedition (1901-04), or Discovery expedition, was led by British explorer Robert Falcon Scott. Lilian married Robert Whitburn NICOLLS (1867-1942) in 1909]
M. McIVER, Spinster, Christchurch

BACK FROM THE FRONT on the HMNZ 'Rotorua' Feb 1916


The steamer 'Rotorua' left London 16 Dec 1915 & Cape Town 7 Jan 1916
There were 425 passengers, inclusive of 7 officers & 196 men of the NZ Forces
She arrived in Auckland 3 Feb 1916 & Nelson the following week

Evening Post, 1 February 1916 ANZAC HEROES DEPART
The second contingent of New Zealand soldiers, unfit for further military service, left Plymouth last week by the Rotorua. The men had a great reception from the Devon folk. The band of the Royal Garrison Artillery played the ship away from the harbour, and there was much cheering. Major Brereton was in charge of the New Zealanders on board

Due at Auckland, via Cape Town and Hobart this evening, the New Zealand Shipping Company's R.M.S. Rotorua. Captain Sutcliffe is in command and Dr H. V. O'Donoghue is the medical officer
The Rotorua will berth at the Queen's Wharf tomorrow, 3rd Feb. During the morning the examination of the men by the Medical Board and the completion of the records will be carried out in shed No 14. Passes are being issued to next-of-kin of men on board, which will admit members to the wharf on the occasion of the ship's arrival. The Rotorua's has on board 435 passengers, including over 220 invalided and wounded soldiers in charge of Major C. B. Brereton.
The Southerners will leave the same night for Wellington by the express and the South island men catch the ferry steamer at Wellington on Thursday evening

Major Brereton, of the Canterbury Battalion, who is in charge of the men, states that the conduct of all had been excellent and it had been a most enjoyable voyage. There were two bright diversions, at Capetown and Hobart. Major Brereton was injured in the attack on Krithia in May. He returns fully restored to health and hopes soon to return to the scene of hostilities.
Speaking of the last occasion in which he was in action Major Brereton said that it was the first time that the New Zealanders had been in a stereotyped attack. Till then they had been fighting at Anzacs. On being taken to Cape Helles with a battalion of Australians they were sent forward under shell fire. At first their losses were not great, but when they advanced from the trenches the Turks cut them down like rabbits.

Wairarapa Daily Times, 1 February 1916
The second contingent of members of the New Zealand Expeditionary Force invalided home after hospital treatment in England, is being brought back by the 'Rotorua' which is expected to arrive at Auckland tomorrow afternoon., Definite advice has not yet been received from the steamer, but it is expected to reach port about 1 p.m.

Six officers, two non-commissioned officers and 195 men, a total of 203, are returning by the Rotorua. Approximately forty of them have relatives or intimate friends in Auckland. When the steamer has been berthed, the men will be assembled in wharf shed No 14, where the examination by the medical board and the work of the records office will be carried out, as was done in the case of the Ruahine's contingent. Relatives of the men will be admitted into the building on production of passes, which are obtainable from the Defence Office. As there will be cargo in the shed, a request has been made that visitors should retrain from smoking in it.
The Southern contingent will leave Auckland by the evening express train to-morrow. About sixty of them will proceed to the South Island.

The following is the official list of solders on board H.M.N.Z. troopship Rotorua:-

(NOK = next of kin)
* 2/951 - Eric Wharton BRAITHWAITE (1890-1955)
* served as James Eric WHARTON & his sister, Mary Gwendoline Sutcliffe was listed as nok, Talavera Terrace, Wellington
NOK father, Joseph Braithwaite, bookseller, Princes St., Dunedin
- his father Joseph was the Mayor of Dunedin 1905-1909
- mother was Mary Ann BELLET
- enlisted from Malvern Terrace, off Grey Street, Auckland
- married Evelyn Catherine FELL in 1921
* 2/982 - Ernest COOPER
NOK mother, Sarah Cooper, 251 Adelaide Road, Newtown, Wellington
- enlisted from same address
* 2/640 - Charles William ERWOOD
NOK mother, Mrs C. Erwood, 93 Woodstock Rd., Stroud, Green Road, London
- enlisted from Stony Creek Station, Martinborough
- married Cara SARGISSON in 1920
* 2/307 - William FRYER (1892-)
NOK father, William John Francis Fryer, Pahia, Southland
- enlisted from Ahiaruke, Carterton
- mother was Caroline COLLINSON
* 2/1035 - William LINDSAY
NOK sister, Mrs Reginald Milner Fergusson, Ashburton
- sister Lizzie Mary Lindsay married in 1900
- enlisted from Frankton Junction
* 2/1128 - Jacob PEARSON
NOK William Pearson, Battlehill, Portadown, Armagh, Ireland
- enlisted from Roseneath, Wellington
- married Ellen MITCHELL in 1918
* 2/1468 - Leslie John SPINLEY (1896-)
NOK mother, Mrs Annie Spinley, Devonport, Auckland
- parents were Joseph Christopher SPINLEY & Annie Sarah Burgess KING
- enlisted from 38 Queen's Parade, Devonport, Auckland
- brother Henry Cuthbert Spinley also served
- brother Frederick Thomas Spinley also served
* 2/355 Arthur James WOOD
NOK W. H. Wood, Hanover, Wadestown, Wellington

* 3/433 - Duncan McRAE (1889-)
NOK father, Findlay McRae, Puerua, Otago
- enlisted from Puerua
- parents were Findlay & Williamina McRAE

* 4/689 - John BUCKLEY
NOK sister, Mrs L. M. Hill, c/o Hill and Son, Timaru
- enlisted from 93 Yarrow St., Invercargill
* 4/709 - William Walter CRAMP
NOK sister, Mrs Mary Stone (or Stowe), 4 Grenfield Road, Balham, London
- enlisted from 42 Selwyn Street, Onehunga, Auckland
- married Annie Amelia NORRIS in 1917
* 4/99A - John Ignatius FOX (1878-1926)
(born in Vienna as Fuchs and naturalised an Australian)
NOK wife, Mrs Fox "Te Nolio", Pahiatua
- married Clara Ellen Robinson in 1905 (nee Buxton, widow of Walter George Robinson). According to the court case in 1925, John was sent home after being twice reported as a spy. John took action against William Goodfellow for libel ... read here
Auckland Star, 13 December 1926 HENDERSON SUICIDE
... John Ignatius Fox, formerly organiser for the Waikato Dairy Farner's Union has been missing from his home near Henderson (Auckland) since Wednesday last
Auckland Star, 14 December 1926 PAHIATUA - The late John Ignatius Fox, whose body was found in Henderson Creek, was, several years ago, a member of the local Borough Council, debating society and other institutions. He figured very prominently in public life for a time and generally appeared to have had an eventful career
* 4/458 - Elvet Billany GILL (1894-1950)
NOK father, Mr Christopher Gill, Church St., Palmerston North
- born in Hull, Yorkshire to Christopher John GILL & Zillah Smith BILLANY who emigrated to NZ in 1904 & settled in Palmerston North
- married Zillah Edith BROWNING in 1932
* 4/769 Frank KELLY
NOK mother, Elizabeth Kelly, 49 Alexander Street, Auckland
- enlisted from that address
* 4/808 - James Albert NEILSON (1891-1922)
NOK father, Robert Neilson, 77 Queen's Drive, Musselborough
- enlisted from 33 Dee St., Timaru
- parents were Robert NEILSON & Eliza CUTTLE
- brother Edward Ferguson Neilson embarked 19 Jan 1917
- married Idalene Bell CRAIGIE (1897-1952) 28 May 1917 in South Dunedin
Idalene was born in New York to Thomas Lamb CRAIGIE (1863-1917) & Isabella BELL (1863-1949) of St Clement, Dundee, Scotland who later moved to New Zealand. Idalene's father was a Pastrycook & Confectioner in Timaru when her brother Thomas Lamb Craigie (1897-1970) served as Private 25477
* 4/42 - Albert Charles 'Bert' RICHARDS (1891-1921)
NOK mother, Martha Richards, 11 Tasman Street, Wellington
- enlisted from that address
- son of Henry Edward RICHARDS & Martha BURNISTON
Evening Post, 13 January 1921 RICHARDS - On the 13th January 1921, at Trentham Military Hospital, Lieut. Albert Charles (Bert), the dearly beloved youngest son of Mrs M. and the late H. E. Richards, Tasman-street, Wellington; aged 30 years
Evening Post, 15 January 1921 FUNERAL - The funeral of the late Lieut. A. C. Richards, who died at Trentham Hospital on Thursday morning, took place at the Karori Cemetery yesterday afternoon and was of a military character. General Chaytor and Major Finnis represented the Defence Department. The firing party was in charge of Lieut. Miles and a party of the Senior Cadets of No 42 Company, of which the deceased was formerly O.C., was under Lieuts. Chaytor and Smith. The pall bearers were Major MacFarlane, Captain Munro, Lieut. Dutton and Staff-Sergeant-Major Ledbrook. The Rev J. Dawson conducted the service at the graveside. The Harbour Board was represented by Captain Hale Monro and a large number of the staff, of which the deceased had been a member. The chief mourners were Messrs F. R. Webster and H. L. Whiteman, brothers-in-law of the deceased.
* 4/721 - Leonard John WRAIGHT (1893-1994)
NOK father, Lewis Richard Wraight, 20 Hereford Street, Roslyn
- enlisted from that address
- mother was Margaret Jane 'Maggie' WHYTE
- married Mary Etta HELLYER in 1919
* 4/874 - George YULE
NOK father, T. Yule, 27 Clarence Street, Aberdeen, Scotland
- enlisted from Wellington

* 7/30B - James COCHRANE
NOK mother, Mary S. Cochrane, Glenavy, South Canterbury
- enlisted from c/o Loan Company, Waimate
* 5/453 - Thomas Acton SUMMERS (1888-1963)
NOK father, Frank Summers, Paeroa
- mother was Ada Ellen ASTON
- enlisted from Paeroa
- married Sadie HIGGINS in 1917

* 6/201 Major Cyprian Bridge BRERETON (1876-1962)
NOK brother, Thomas Brereton, Ngatimoti, Nelson
- parents were William & Ann BRERETON
- married Margaret Irene GUY from Orinoco in England in 1915
- a dentist by profession, he was battalion commander of the Nelson 12th Regiment at Gallipoli. He retired with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in 1918. He grew tobacco on his Orinoco farm from 1925 and was involved with the Nelson Pioneer Tobacco Grower's Union in the 1930's. He moved to Nelson in 1935 and became the Curator of the Nelson Institute Museum retiring in 1960. He published 6 books between 1926-1952
* 6/1103 - Lieutenant Dugald MacDonald ROBERTSON (1890-1944)
NOK father, Dugald MacDonald Robertson, 5 St James St, Linwood
- enlisted from that address
- mother was Sarah FERGUS
* 6/751 - Stanley Louis ANDREWS (1899-1981)
NOK father, Frank Andrews, Richmond, Nelson
- parents were Francis 'Frank' ANDREWS & Emma Sophia BULLARD
- enlisted from Brightwater
- married Leathia Maud FENEMOR in 1917
* 6/2347 - Alfred Francis ASHBOLT (1878-1927)
NOK mother, mother, Minnie Jane Ashbolt c/o Mrs Santy, Rakaia
- parents were George ASHBOLT & Minnie Jane HINDE
- his mother lived 182 Chester St, Christchurch & 162 Leet St, Invercargill
- enlisted from Mangawai, North Auckland
* 6/194 - Harry BARLOW
NOK father, John Barlow, 261 Bolton Road, Radcliff, Manchester, England
- enlisted from Golden Bay, Marlborough
* 6/1205 - Frederick John BOWRING (1895-1962)
NOK father, Mr James Bowring, Kaiapoi
- enlisted from Kaiapoi
- parents were James BOWRING & Cassandra JURY
- married Lucy JONES 19 Oct 1915 in Wales & had 2 children in Kaiapoi
* 6/1051 - Albert BRANT
NOK wife, Mrs G. Brant, Percival Street, Rangiora
- enlisted from 356 Madras Street, Christchurch
* 6/1247 - Reuben Morris BROOMFIELD (1893-)
NOK mother, Elizabeth Jane Broomfield, Annat, Canterbury
- enlisted from Annat
- parents were Thomas BROOMFIELD & Elizabeth Jane ZANDSTRA(?)
- married Ethel Haigh in 1931
* 6/421 James Fleming BRYCE
NOK Archibald Bryce, Hatton Street, Timaru
- enlisted from c/o P. W. Hutton and Co., Timaru
- married Edith Blanche Hamlyn in 1927
* 6/2089 - Alexander CAMPBELL
NOK father, Alexander Campbell, Waikari
- enlisted from Waikari
* 6/1113 - Reginald CARROLL
NOK Mrs O. Carroll, Smithfield, Orange Free State, South Africa
- enlisted from Woodend, North Canterbury
* 6/1182 - Charles William COLLINSON (1882-1958)
NOK Mrs Collinson, 489 Hesle Pond, Hull, England
- enlisted as Warder, c/o H.M. Prison, Lyttelton
* 6/437 - Thomas Henry CUNNARD (1888-1962)
NOK father, John Cunnard, Temuka
- enlisted from Temuka
- parents were John CUNNARD & Bridget/Bridgetta McKENNA
- married Euphemia Mary SMITH (1901-1967) in 1923
* 6/449 Frederick George DUNN
NOK Frederick James Dunn, Box 126, Timaru
* 6/951 - Frank Sydney DYER (1890-1967)
NOK Sidney Vincent Dyer, Cambridge Terrace, Christchurch
- enlisted from that address
- mother was Ellen GIBB
- married Emma Louisa CAMERON in 1920
* 6/1284 - John Henry FORBES
NOK Mr J. T. Williamson, Rara Railway Station, Victoria, Australia
- enlisted from Deep Creek, via Canvastown, Marlborough
* 6/1170 - Harold 'Percy' FOUGERE (1891-1974)
NOK father, James Johnny Fougere (1850-1937), Te One, Chatham Island
- enlisted from Tai Tapu, Canterbury
- photo of Percy & his siblings at Te One School, Chatham islands
- married Frances Emily 'Fan' Strang in 1918
- brother, Philip Broughton Fougere embarked 8 Jan 1916
- brother, Maurice Hereward Fougere embarked 5 June 1918
* 6/1857 - James Edward GOSNEY (1895-)
NOK father, John Gosney, Cliff St., Timaru
- enlisted from that address
- 8th of 13 children of John GOSNEY & Ada Fanny BORROWS
* 6/761 - Lance/Lancelot James HAGAN
NOK father, James Hagan, Rifle Range, Trentham
- enlisted from New Century Boardinghouse, Blenheim
* 6/2422 - Charles HAGUES
NOK father, F. Hagues, Clapham, Mysore Rd, Lavender Hill, Clapham, London
- enlisted from Buckland, Auckland
* 6/960 - John HEAD
NOK Mrs J. T. Head, c/o Mrs Harland, Post-office, Waverley, Taranaki
- enlisted from Queen's Hotel, Christchurch
* 6/272 Herbert Arthur JOHNSTON (1893-1862)
NOK father, William Henry Johnston, Takaka, Nelson
- enlisted from Upper Takaka
- mother was Charlotte Elizabeth NALDER
* 6/274 - Charles Valentine KEAR (1894-)
NOK father, William Henry Kear, Glenomaru, Otago
- enlisted from Havelock
- mother was Annie Sophia Van RENEN (or various spelling)
- Charles married (as Charles Valentine Van Renen) in 1922 to Winifred Jean Ballantyne HENDERSON (they divorced in 1928)
* 6/2178 - Timothy KELLY
NOK father, James Kelly, Colungarne, County Clare, Ireland
* 6/1090 - Azel LAWRENCE
NOK Alfred Lawrence, 39 Cornwall Street, Saint Albans, Christchurch
- enlisted from that address
- married Doris FITZELL in 1917
* 6/294 - John Beaton MARR (1884-1937)
NOK wife Margaret Marr, 125 Canon Street, Saint Albans, Christchurch
- enlisted from Havelock South
- married Margaret MERLIHY in 1903, had a son John Beaton Marr (1903-1980)
* 6/842 - Patrick Leonard MINOLA (1890-1948)
NOK Miss E. Harrison, 39 Kent Terrace, Wellington
- enlisted from c/o J. H. Davidson, Saint Leonards, Culverden
- base born 22 Jan 1890 in Wellington to Mary Minola (nee Bond 1861-1914). Mary had married Audro Luis Minola of Italy in 1879 & had 4 children. He died suddenly from an aneurism in 1885 aged 30. Mary had 2 sons, 1888 & 1890. She married Albert SANDSTROM (1876-1930) in 1897. Albert appears to have gone to Scotland then New York where he died in an accident. Mary married John William ANDERSON in 1902. She is buried in Karori
NOTE Patrick's NOK's name, Harrison, and address of 39 Kent St., was also the name & address of the witness to his half-sister's wedding (Herminia Giovanna Anderson, nee Minola) when she remarried in 1922 to William Henry Corlett.
- Patrick Leonard married Janet Swinton ALLAN (1885-1979) in 1917. In 1927 they were living at 3 Claremont St, Newmarket, Auckland & he worked for the City Council
* 6/1646 - Cecil Rawlings MURRAY
NOK mother, Louisa Ann Murray, 758 George Street, Dunedin
- enlisted from 4 Chambers Street, North-east Valley, Dunedin
- married Elizabeth Charlotte FRUISH in 1927
* 6/1064 - Albert Herbert MYERS (1888-1957)
NOK father, J. S. Myers, Marshlands, Christchurch
- enlisted from Preston's Road, Marshland
- son of John Scott MYERS & Sarah CASTLE
* 6/521 - George Patrick NIALL
NOK brother, Gerald Hugh Niall, 102 Grafton Road, Auckland
- 2 of at least 13 children of Daniel William NIALL & Norah CARROLL
- enlisted from 18 Buchanan Street, Timaru
- brother, Gerald Hugh Niall embarked 16 Nov 1917
- nephew, Alexander William Niall killed in action 16 Sep 1943 in France
* 6/1379 Orlando POINTON (1889-1963)
NOK father, Elviss Pointon (1866-1937), 9 Manchester Street, Petone
- enlisted from that address
- mother was Mary Lily MOORE (1869-1927)
* 6/341 Philip Nelson SADD (1896-1980)
NOK father, James Barton Sadd (1869-1949), Takaka, Nelson
- enlisted from Sea View, The Port, Nelson
- mother was Lillias Wilson BOLTON (1870-1943)
- grandparents were James Barton SADD, teach in Nelson & Mary Agnes HODGSON
* 6/361 - Charles Frederick STONE (1895-1959)
NOK father, James Elijah Stone (1857-1945, born Auckland), Reservoir, Nelson
- enlisted from Brook St., Nelson
- mother was Sarah LIMMER (1865-1922, born Motueka)
- married Blanche Letitia STONE (1897-1987, nee BENNETT) in 1920. Blanche first married his brother William John Stone (1887-1917) in 1913 when she was 15. William John Stone served as Captain 6/1990 & died of his wounds in Belgium
* 6/2287 - Henry Oswald SUTHERLAND (1889-1955)
NOK father, Hugh Sutherland, 396 Armagh Street, Christchurch
- enlisted from that address
- parents were Hugh SUTHERLAND (1867-1920), from Scotland & Annie PELVIN (1863-1941, nee WATERLOW), widow at the age of 22, of Henry William Pelvin (1858-1885) who died at home, Trent St., Oamaru from inflammation of the lungs after catching a cold. They had two young children (Clara Blanche Woodward Pelvin (1882-1940) & Robert Bruce Pelvin 1884-1950)
NOTE The Oamaru community held a concert to raise funds for Annie after the death of her husband. They raised L21.16, a 2014 equivalent of $3,836. Hugh & Annie are buried in Bromley, Christchurch
- Henry married Cathleen Agnes ROWE (1892-) in Christchurch 30 May 1918
* 6/1414 - Richard John SWEETMAN (1889-1941)
NOK mother, Johannah Sweetman, 113 Tainui Street, Greymouth
- parents were Peter SWEETMAN (1847-1913) & Johannah MURPHY (1860-1934)
- Richard John Sweetman, embarked Dec 1914
- brother, Michael Joseph Sweetman, embarked Jan 1917
* 6/933 - John Samuel TAYLOR (1886-1926)
NOK John Henry Taylor, c/o Mrs Sheritt, Preston Road, Greymouth
- died 2 July 1926 in Wellington, buried Karori
* 6/1752 - Arthur WEAVER
NOK father, Arthur Weaver, Rakaia, Canterbury
- enlisted from Raikaia

* 7/476 - John BRYDON (1879-1956)
NOK mother, Isabella Brydon, 87 Springfield Road, Christchurch
- also served in the Boer War #3590
- parents were Robert BRYDON & Isabella LINDSAY
* 7/40 Michael Andrew DUGGAN (1889-1965)
NOK Mrs Duggan, Knapdale Post-office, via Gore
- enlisted from Waimate
- married Freda Thistle WALLACE (1899-1982) in 1930
* 7/48 John Thomas GILL
NOK father, Robert Gill, Makikihi
- born in Waikuku to Robert & Anne Elizabeth Gill of Ocean View, Rosewill, Timaru
- enlisted from Makikihi
* 7/860 - Maurice Arthur KNIGHT (1893-)
NOK father, Edward Richard Lewkenor Knight, 48 Hoon Hay Road, Spreydon, Christchurch
- enlisted from that address
- mother was Annie BARTON
* 7/627 - William McCOY
NOK wife, Emily Jane McCoy, Coalgate, Canterbury
* 7/631 - John Munro SCOTT
NOK father, David Nimmo Scott, Land and Survey Department, Timaru
- enlisted from c/o P.O. Box 22, Timaru
- mother was Kate Mary NEWTON
* 7/411 - Sergeant-Major Ernest WILLIAM WEBB
NOK wife, M. J. H. Webb, 82 North Avon Road, Richmond, Christchurch

* 8/1397 - George Thomas BAKER
NOK father, Francis G. Baker, 85 Cargill Road, South Dunedin
- enlisted from that address
* 8/9 - Augustus Nelson BERRY (1889-)
NOK mother, Mrs K. E. Berry, Rockvale Estate, Weston, Oamaru
- enlisted from Weston, Oamaru
- parents were Benjamin Augustus BERRY & Kate Eleanor DAVIS
* 8/1040 - George BROWN
NOK William Brown, 72 Fitzroy Street, Kew, Caversham, Dunedin
* 8/1944 - Dugald BUCHANAN
NOK father, Mr W. Buchanan, 54 Oteramika Road, Georgetown, Invercargill
- enlisted from Oteramika Road, Invercargill
* 8/652 - William Norman CADDIE
NOK Thomas Caddie, 59 Prince Albert Road, Musselburgh
- enlisted from Musselburgh, Dunedin
- parents were Thomas CADDIE & Alice Menzies MUIR
- brother, Rupert Septimus Caddie, Corporal 47855, died in Somme, France
* 8/1211 - Duncan McDonald CHURCH (1894-1937)
NOK father, Percival Church, 11 Grange Street, Dunedin
- enlisted from that address
- mother was Alice Mary TRUMAN
* 8/1448 - Francis James DAVEY (1886-1948)
NOK daughter, Miss Jane Davey, c/o G. Davey, Main North Rd., Temuka
- enlisted from Temuka
- born 25 Nov 1886 in Temuka to George DAVEY & Maria Jane FINLAY
- married Alice Fanny CORBETT in 1917
- died of cancer 21 July 1948 aged 62 in Taumarunui Hospital, King Country
* 8/1059 - Cecil Harold DUNCAN (1885-1954)
NOK mother, Mary Duncan, 115 Main South Road, Caversham, Dunedin
- enlisted from that address
- parents were George Edwin & Mary DUNCAN
* 8/364 - Alfred James DURRANT (1900-1971)
NOK father, George Inverness Durrant, Rangiora, North Canterbury
- enlisted from Otautau
- mother was Beatrice MARLOW (1877-1964)
George Inverness Durrant (1876-1933) was born on board the Inverness into Hawkes Bay. He and Beatrice are buried at Karori
Alfred was born 26 Jan 1900 & embarked 16 Oct 1914 making him aged 14.9
* 8/1759 - John JOHNSTONE
NOK mother, Mrs J. Coutts, 103 Arthur Street, Dunedin
- enlisted from that address
* 8/401 - Alphonsus KIRWAN
NOK father, John Kirwan, East Road, Invercargill
- enlisted from that address
* 8/234 - Oliver John LAY (1885-)
NOK sister, Olive Lavinia Mary Lay, Kelso, Otago
- enlisted from Kelso
- parents were Alfred & Mary Elizabeth LAY
- married Mabel McCARRIGAN in 1917
- (sister Olive married Alexander Officer Wilson in 1915)
* 8/251 - Gordon McKENZIE (1892-)
NOK mother, Mrs William Tilson, Toiro, Balclutha
- enlisted from Clinton
- his mother, Florence Mary (nee Drapper) married Alexander McKenzie in 1881 & remarried in 1901 to William Henry Tilson
* 8/239 - Ian Chisholm McRAE
NOK Mrs Marion Ranken, Lime Grove, Derby Road, East Sheen, London
- enlisted from Edendale
* 8/1377 - Clement MALLINSON
NOK Clement Mallinson, 38 Knight Street, Halifax, Yorkshire, England
- enlisted from Bloomfield, Dannevirke
* 8/1896 - Stanley Hampton MITCHELL (1890-1968)
NOK father, John Mitchell, Ngapara, North Otage
- enlisted from 80 Ghuznee Street, Wellington
- parents were John MITCHELL & Agnes Stanley DAVIDSON
* 8/245 - Charles MOORE
NOK father, John Moore, Tapanui - also Ngapara, North Otago
- enlisted from 80 Ghuznee Street, Wellington
* 8/75 - Joseph MONTGOMERY (1893-)
NOK father, William Montgomery, Ribble Street, Oamaru
- enlisted from that address
- mother was Elizabeth SKENE
* 8/768 David Marshall PATERSON (1896-)
NOK mother, Mrs J. Paterson, Wansbeck St, Oamaru - also 28A Eden St, Oamaru
- enlisted from Palmerston South
- parents were Henry Wallis Smith 'Harry' PATERSON & Jeanie Douglas RIDDELL
* 8/944 - William Louis PATERSON
NOK father, N. Paterson, 19 Winchester Street, Christchurch
- enlisted from that address
* 8/1174 - William Edgar PHILLIPS (1894-1918)
NOK cousin, James Kelsall, Kororo, Te Rapa, Waikato
- born in England
- enlisted from Mrs Jews Private Hotel, Lambton Quay, Wellington
- married Mary Ethel DUNCAN in 1916 (in Napier in 1918)
- died 23 Nov 1918 during the Flu Pandemic in Palmerston North, buried Terrace End
* 8/1633 - Edward SEDGEWICK
NOK father, James Sedgewick, Market Place, Tralee, Ireland
(possibly Edward Seymour Berresford Sedgewick 1891-1975)
- enlisted from c/o Powell, Manaroa, Rewa
* 8/2312 - Sydney Augustus SHARPE
NOK mother, Mrs L. Sharpe, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England
- enlisted from 36 Thompson Street, Wellington (re-enlisted 1917)
* 8/295 - Alexander SHIPMAN (1891-1954)
NOK sister, Mrs Annie PUMPA, Lyne Street, Gore
- enlisted from Gore
- son of John Thomas SHIPMAN (1853-1925) & Sarah BOYLE (1860-1915)
- married Emily GREER in 1921
NOTE Alexander's sister, Christina Maire Shipman married Carl Johann (Charles John) Pumpa in 1902 in Gore. Charles was the 5th of 14 children of Martin PUMPA & Louisa SCHORBACK (from Prussia to Victoria, Australia). Their 10th child, Bernhardt (Bernard) Arthur Pumpa married Alexander's sister Elizabeth Mary 'Annie' Shipman in 1910
* 8/486 - Arthur Wilfred SMITH (1887-1971)
NOK father, William Smith, Punta, Esk Street, Invercargill
- enlisted from 214 Tweed Street, Invercargill
- married Eugenie Victoria McCULLAGH (1891-1974) in 1917
* 8/1842 - Richard Gardner SPEIRS (1886-1959)
NOK father, Richard Gardner Speirs (1856-1933), Dee Street, Invercargill
- enlisted from Surrey Street, Gore
- mother was Agnes McNEILAGE
* 8/305 - John Francis WALSH
NOK father, Mr John Walsh, Burns Street, Milton
- enlisted from that address
* 8/957 - James WOOD
NOK father, Mr J. Wood, Highfield, Timaru
- enlisted from Empire Hotel, Christchurch

* 9/361 - Marcus ANDERSON
NOK father, M. Anderson, 7 Gibson Street, Kaikorai, Dunedin
- enlisted from that address
* 9/601 - William James CLARKE
NOK father, Charles Clarke, Mataura
- enlisted from East Gore
* 9/267 - Walter James DILLON
NOK Alfred Dillon, Pahia, Southland
- enlisted from Seaward Downs, Southland
* 9/278 - Albert William FISHER
NOK father, John Fisher, Kapuka, Southland
- enlisted from same address
* 9/475 - James Eaton GAFFANEY (1880-1919)
NOK father, Francis Gaffaney, Cargill Rd., Dunedin South
- enlisted from Oreti, Southland
- parents were Francis Dominic GAFFANEY (1843-1919) from Belfort, Derbyshire, & Catherine 'Kate' BROSNAHAN (1855-1905) from County Kerry, Ireland. Francis was a Hotelkeeper (of 'The Railway Workshops Hotel' corner of Cargill Rd., & Cutten St., Dunedin) and also a member of the Canterbury provincial police. After his death his freehold residences were auctioned and comprised:- 3 Cutten St (6 rooms), 5 Cutten St (4 rooms), 7 Cutten St (4 rooms), 3 cottages on Lambeth Rd and the Workshops Hotel, a double-story brick building
- brother, Peter Michael Gaffaney, embarked 9 Oct 1915
- brother, Francis Dominick Gaffaney embarked 26 July 1916
- sister, Imelda Gaffaney (1891-1960) was Sister di Pazzi of the Dominican Convent, Oamaru
James Eaton Gaffaney served 3 years at the front, was severely wounded at Gallipoli and died of his wounds in April 1919 at home
On April 22 1919 at Dunedin, Lance-Corporal James Eaton Gaffaney,(No 9/475, Main Body) beloved second son of Francis Dominic Gaffaney of Cutten Street, South Dunedin, and brother of Joseph, Vincent and Francis Gaffaney (on active service) aged 38 years. R.I.P. To be interred with military honours at Northern Cemetery. Hugh Gourley, Military Funeral Director.
* Francis's brother Michael Gaffaney married Kate's sister Margaret Brosnaham (lived Temuka)
* James died 4 months before his father Francis who died at the Chalet Hospital in Aug 1919
* see also the great blog on Peter Michael Gaffaney & family (with photos)
* 9/538 - William Alexander GUNN
NOK father, William Gunn, 112 King Street, Glasgow South, Scotland
- enlisted from Waipounamu, Riversdale, Southland
* 9/177 - Frederick McKAY
NOK Mr John McKay, Wedderburn, Otago Central
- enlisted from Miller's Flat
* 9/948 - Randolph Desmond MATHER
NOK mother, Ellen Mather, Portabello, Otago
- enlisted from Portobello
- parents were James Edward MATHER & Ellen Mary DESMOND
* 9/314 - Robert MORRISON
NOK mother, Mrs Johan Morrison, Eastern Bush, via Otautau
- enlisted from Dipton, Southland
* 9/625 - James PAUL
NOK wife, Mrs T. Paul, 7 Evelyn Place, Wellington, also 116 Fox St, Gisborne
- enlisted from 7 Mount Street, Central Auckland
* 9/742 - John PETERSEN
NOK brother, J. Patersen, Princes St., Dunedin
- enlisted from c/o Little, Omihi, Kaikoura
* 9/875 - Marcus Turnbull ROSS
NOK brother, J. Ross, Bonnivale, Tapanui - also, Rose Hall, Warepa, Otago
- enlisted from Clydevale, Otago
* 9/208 David SMAILLIE (1868-1945)
NOK sister, Mrs Mary Connor, c/o Post Office, Mosgiel
- enlisted from Mosgiel
- sister Mary Addie Smaillie (1866-1960) married William Connor in 1884
- married Ann Dow RAMSAY in 1919
* 9/84A - James STEWART (1890-1918)
NOK Thomas Stewart, Awamoa, North Oamaru
- born 9 April 1890 in Oamaru to Thomas STEWART & Amelia HAMILTON
- enlisted from 34 Cashel St., Christchurch with service number 3/84A, 26 Aug 1914. Service number changed to 9/84A with transfer to Otago Mounted Rifles
- died 8 Dec 1918 from Pulmonary Tuberculosis & buried Oamaru
* 9/1993 - Patrick Joseph SULLIVAN
NOK father, John Sullivan, 34 William Street, Timaru
- enlisted from that address
* 9/93 - Peter TORRIE
NOK wife, Maria Torrie, 12 De Carle Street, St Kilda, Dunedin
- enlisted from Dunedin
- married Maria SUTHERLAND in 1912
* 9/772 - Herbert McDonell WHITE
NOK mother, Elizabeth White, Tahunga, Gisborne
- enlisted from Tahunga

* 10/1724 - Thomas ANTHONY
NOK father, James Anthony, Castlecliff, Wanganui
- enlisted from Castlecliff, Wanganui
* 10/1713 - Alfred ACOTT
NOK father, Alfred Acott, Woodfall, Luddingford, Yalding, Kent, England
- enlisted from Avoca House, Napier
* 10/1406 - Philip Augustus BANKS
NOK sister, Miss M. Banks, 2 Viking Road, Arbair Hill, Military Quarter, Dublin
- enlisted from Royal Hotel, Palmerston North
* 10/588 - Arthur Henry BEABLE (1889-1923)
NOK Mrs Morya Beable, Westbourne Rd., Plymouth, England
- enlisted from Dannevirke
* 10/1181 - William Andrew BELL
NOK sister, Mrs C. H. Marshall, Auchencrow, Scotland
* 10/285 - Alfred Cecil BOWMAN (1890-)
NOK mother, Mrs Edgar Elliot Carew, 78 Nith Street, Invercargill
- born in NZ to Johnathan 'John' Ashbridge BOWMAN (1850-1891) & Rebecca FAZAKERLEY (1867-1941) from Elwood, Melbourne, Australia. His father died when he was about 1 and his mother Rebecca remarried in 1904 to Edgar Elliot Carew. Edgar had first married Helen Jane JEFFCOAT (1861-1902) in 1889
- a brother, Jonathan Bertram Bowman enlisted from Melbourne 14 July 1915
- a brother, James Ashbridge Bowman enlisted in Melbourne 16 July 1915
- a step brother, Eric Evelyn Carew enlisted from Gonville 17 April 1915
- a step brother, Alan Elon Edgar Carew enlisted from Wanganui 14 Aug 1915
- a step brother, Dudley Wilmott Carew was killed in action at Gallipoli
* 10/1752 - Edward BRICKDALE
NOK mother, Charlotte Brickdale, 5 Foster Street, Bedfordshire, England
- enlisted from Waipawa
* 10/1765 - John Thomas BYRNE
NOK mohter, Mary Byrne, 28 Iona Road, Glasnevin, Dublin
- enlisted from 29 Wellington Street, Gisborne
* 10/226 - Sydney DRINKROW (1893-1943)
NOK Mrs Elizabeth Drinkrow, Nafferton, East Yorkshire, England
- enlisted from c/o Post Office, Hastings
- married Florence Eva SAYERS in 1925
* 10/2120 - Sergeant-Major William DUNLEVEY
NOK father, D. Dunlevey (father), 37 Fairview Street, Belfast, Ireland
- enlisted from Alhambra Hotel, Wellington
* 10/319 - Ernest Horatio Thornton DUNN
NOK brother, John Gilman Dunn, Solicitor, Napier
- enlisted from Lucy Road, Napier, Hawkes Bay
- sons of David DUNN & Elizabeth Gilman JAGOE
* 10/953 - Henry George FENN
NOK Henry George Fenn, Riverbend Rd., Meanee, Napier
- enlisted from that address
- son of Henry George FENN & Matilda Harriet BOYD
* 10/1486 Joseph FRANKLIN
NOK mother, Mrs H. Franklin, Chaucer Road, Napier
- enlisted from Coley Street, Foxton
* 10/2166 - Waverley GREEN
NOK sister, Mrs A. Sparrow, St Albans, Christchurch
- enlisted from Whatatutu, Gisborne
* 10/612 Edward Dunstan HARVEY
NOK E. Harvey, Grand Hotel, Calcutta, India
- enlisted from Manunui
* 10/586 - John HENRY
NOK wife, Irene Henry, c/o Mrs J. Thompson, Waikanae
- enlisted from Riseholme, Christchurch
* 10/33 - Edward HUNT
NOK father, Edward Hunt, Mangaremarama, Pahiatua
- enlisted from that address
* 10/1858 - George Thomas HUTTON
NOK father, Thomas Hutton, Lake Rd., Hawera, Taranaki
- enlisted from Criterion Hotel, Wanganui
* 10/1536 - Donald McCall JAMIESON
NOK mother, Elizabeth Jamieson, 37 Saint Andrew Street, Dundee, Scotland
- enlisted from Bormain Terrace, Aro Street, Wellington
* 10/673 - Alfred Robert William KREBS (1892-)
NOK father, Charles Frederic William Krebs, Mangaweka
- mother was Matilda JALLOWFIELD (spelling?)
- enlisted from E. L. Rogers, New Zealand
- married Mabel ALLISON in 1919
- brother Harold Thomas 'Harry' Krebs also served
* 10/2442 - Gilbert Alexander LAWRENCE
NOK father, H. W. Lawrence, Johnsonville, Wellington
- enlisted from Aurora Road, Johnsonville, Wellington
* 10/985 - George LOCKWOOD
NOK father, George Lockwood, 5 Gear Street, Petone
- enlisted from 6 Clyde Road, Napier
* 10/101 - Martin McGRATH
NOK mother, Annie McGrath, Enmore P.O., Sydney
- enlisted from Pahiatua
* 10/1565 - Cyril Herbert MANN
NOK father, J. J. Mann, c/o Ramsbottom and Co., Rintoul Street, Wellington
- enlisted from c/o J. J. Mann, Lyall Bay, Wellington
* 10/1917 - Lieutenant Charles Cockburn MILES
NOK father, A. H. Miles, 39 Hobson St., Wellington
- enlisted from c/o Roberts, and Co., Wellington
* 10/2246 - David Patterson MORRISON
NOK sister, Mrs Sinclair, Brora, Sutherlandshire, Scotland
- enlisted from Sandbank, Turakina
* 10/623 - Ole Peter MORTENSON
NOK Mr J. V. Mortensen, Pio Pio, King COuntry
- enlisted from Matapuna, King-country
* 10/1297 - John James MURRAY
NOK mother, Mrs H. Sparks, Saint Albans St., New Plymouth, Taranaki
- enlisted from New Plymouth
* 10/965 - Albert William NAPIER
NOK father, John Albert Napier, Beresford Street, Hastings
- enlisted from 308 Lascelles Street, Hastings
* 10/770 - Thomas Walter NARBEY
NOK father, Thomas Walter Narbey, Pokeno
- enlisted from Eltham, Taranaki
* 10/850 - Harry Bernard NIKEL (1889-1974)
NOK Miss Kathleen Nikel, c/o Levin and Co., Wellington
- enlisted from New Plymouth
- born in Australia to Carl Ferdinand NIKEL & Constance Mary THOMPSON
- sister, Kathleen Marguerite Nikel (1887-1945) was born in NZ & didn't marry
- Their parents married in Dunedin in 1885. They lived in Dunedin, Christchurch, Wellington, Sandhurst, Melbourne & Sydney. Carl left the family in 1890 and was served in London with a divorce petition in 1897. Constance was then in Oamaru
* 10/1936 - Albert NORTON
NOK mother, Mrs Emma Jane Hill, 21 Bolland St., Woodhouse, Leeds, Yorkshire
- enlisted from Peel St., Gisborne
* 10/441 - Edwin Oliver OLSEN (1890-1966)
NOK mother, Mrs Olsen, 133 Grey Street, Auckland
- enlisted from Taihape
- parents were Hans OLSEN & Jeannette CHRISTOPHERSEN
* 10/863 - Charles Henry PLIM
NOK father, Alfred Plim, Highfield, Doxey, Stafford, England
- enlisted from Warea
* 10/2462 - William John ROBERTSON
NOK father, J. R. Robertson, Hawera
- enlisted from Donbank, Wellington
* 10/1161 - Charles Arthur Cecil St PAUL (1890-1918)
NOK Mrs H. S. St Paul, Penhill Avenue, Parkstone, Dorset, England
- married Margaret Eleanor BOND in 1917. Charles died 20 Nov 1918 during Flu Pandemic aged 28. Margaret remarried in 1919 to Maurice Archibald GALL of Ngaruawahia
* 10/1080 - Charles SCOTT
NOK sister, Mrs Rangi Pohipohi, Waimarama, Hastings
- enlisted from Waimarama
* 10/1664 - Frederick Hongi Rewi STIDOLPH (1891-`873)
NOK father, Sydney Stidolph, 98 Lambton Quay, Wellington
- mother was Sarah HEBLEY
- enlisted from same address
- married Mavis Felicity Duneage TODD (1896-1949) in 1919
* 10/1378 - William John STEPHENSON (1894-1945)
NOK father, William Henry Stephenson, 124 Broad Street, Palmerston North
- enlisted from Palmerston North
- mother was Julia Elizabeth BUNGATE

* 11/673 - Major Charles DICK (1886-1974)
NOK sister, Miss M. Dick, Kimbolton, Manawatu
- enlisted from Kimbolton
- parents possibly Randolph Douglass DICK & Elizabeth HARRIS
* 11/661 - Captain William James HARDHAM V.C. (1876-1928)
NOK father, George HARDHAM, 10 Cardall Street, Wellington
- his mother was Ann GREGORY
- enlisted 4 times (from Wellington & Petone, see next link)
- married Constance Evelyn PARSONSON in 1916 while convalescing in Wellington
- read also first man in NZ to receive the Victoria Cross during Boer War
* 11/620 - William Gibb BLACKLOCK (1889-1965)
NOK father, George Walter Blacklock, Ohakune
- enlisted from Ohakune
- married Nellie Mahaley CRUTTENDEN in 1916
- he married Ivy PATTISON in 1928
* 11/294 - Alexander Murray HUTTON
NOK Mrs Margaret Hutton, Church Street, Woodside, Aberdeen, Scotland
- enlisted from Dannevirke
* 11/482 - William George MARSHALL (1887-)
NOK mother, Rebecca Marshall, Hampden, Otago
- enlisted from Stock Department, New Plymouth
- parents were George MARSHALL & Rebecca GARD
* 11/349 - Thomas William MURPHY
NOK brother, John Richard Murphy, Rangiora
- parents were Thomas Patrick MURPHY & Catherine 'Kate' COSTELLO
* 11/366 - Stanley RONALDSON (1891-1959)
NOK father, Thomas Sherriff Ronaldson, Public Trust Office, Wellington
- enlisted from Ngakonui, Hinakura
- mother was Fanny Mary Berend LUCKIE
- married Winifred Edith PERRY in 1919
* 11/135 - William George Thompson SHANNON (1883-)
NOK father, Graham Shannon, Owen Street, Feilding
- mother was Agnes MULHOLLAND
- enlisted from Feilding
- married Eva ANDREWS in 1917
* 11/152 - Dugald THOMPSON (1890-)
NOK father, Fairfield Thompson, Kimbolton Road, Feilding
- enlisted from c/o Dalgety and Co., Taihape
- 1 of 13 children of Fairfield & Elizabeth THOMPSON
- married Tuihi Maud INGPEN (1898-1971) in 1918
granddaughter of Edward Lockyer INGPEN & Sarah JONES
- a brother, Fairfield Thompson (39499) died of his wounds in Belgium 1917

* 12/681 - Alfred John ANDERSON (1891-1939)
NOK father, Charles John Anderson, Te Kopuru, North Wairoa
- mother was Mary Jane THORNALLY
* 12/1580 - Roy Colin CAMPBELL (1895-)
NOK father, Richard Ernest Campbell, Ether St., Morningside, Auckland
- 1 of 14 children - mother was Maria SYMONDS
* 12/956 - Edgar Bertram 'Bert' De LACEY (1889-1930)
NOK Ellen De lacey, Carterton
- enlisted from Carterton
- married Nora Ellen ANDERSON (1897-1966) in 1916. Nora next married Fredrick Hugh WEDERELL (1906-2003)
* 12/348 Thomas Rees ENGLAND (1883-1948)
NOK father, William Lily England, Tauranga
- mother was Clara HILL
- enlisted from Waiotapu, Rotorua
* 12/2531 John LEES FAULKNER
NOK father, Christopher Faulkner, Kiwi Rd., Devonport, Auckland
- mother was Alice Shaw CAPPER
- married Rita Louisa HARRIS in 1923
* 12/1649 - Jack HALLY
NOK father, James Hally, Cambridge, Waikato
- enlisted from Sonoma, Auckland - wounded at Gallipoli
* 12/563 - John Peter HANSEN (1894-1979)
NOK Mrs N. Hansen, Mangatu, Dargaville
- married Ethel Amy Maria WOLLAND (1898-1924) in 1919
- he next married Wenonah Annie POLGLASE (1909-1984) in 1930
* 12/1432 - Percival Augustus HILLARY (1886-1965)
NOK mother, Mrs Edmund Hillary, Maranui, Mountain Road, Remuera, Auckland
- Founder & Editor of Tuakau District News
- parents were Edmund HILLARY & Annie Clementina FLEMING
- married Gertrude CLARK in 1916
Percival & Gertrude were the parents of Sir Edmund Hillary (1919-2008)
* 12/986 Ernest HOPTROFF (1870-1933)
NOK wife, Mrs E. Hoptroff, 3 City Road, Auckland
The Sydney Morning Herald, 22 July 1933 HOPTROFF - June 26 1933 at Auckland Hospital, Ernest Hoptroff, late Anzac NZ Expeditionary Forces, formerly of Sidney and Cheshire England, aged 63. (buried Plot 35, Row 4, Soldiers Burial B at Waikumete)
* 12/1671 - Stewart HOUSTON
NOK sister, Mrs E. Blackwell, Birkenhead, Cheshire, England
- enlisted from Riverview House, Hamilton
* 12/1441 - Ralph Thomas JAY
- aka Ralph Thomas JAY-AUSTIN (also #23431)
NOK sister, Mrs Chapman, 34 Lambton Road, Hornsey, London
- enlisted from 56 Cook St., Auckland
- married Aimie Estelle DENBY in 1916
daughter of Charles James Springfield DENBY & Annie Maria HOLMES
* 12/145 - Harold JONES
NOK father, T. Jones, 11 Canada Street, Newton, Auckland
- enlisted from that address
* 12/1686 John JONES
NOK sister, Mrs Kate Hughes, 13 David Street, Liverpool, England
- enlisted from Waitomo Caves
* 12/581 - Noel Edwin Le NOEL (1891-1922)
NOK father, Noel John Christie Le Noel, Matakohe
- parents were Noel John Le NOEL & Maria Charlotte COPE
* 12/1701 - William Wilbur LYNCH (1895-1941)
NOK father, P. Lynch, Waitowheta, Waihi
- enlisted from Waimata
- married Ivy Frederica SPARROW in 1920
* 12/1474 - Robert McKAY
NOK mother, Mrs Rebecca McKay, Albion Street, Parnell, Auckland
* 12/1712 - Reginald Herbert MARSHALL
NOK father, G. S. Marshall, Saint James Road, Hastings, Sussex, England
- enlisted from Whangarei
* 12/180 - Ronald Grey MASON (1894-1958)
NOK mother, Annie Hunter Mason, 4 Smith St., Ponsonby, Auckland
- parents were Thomas MASON & Annie Hunter McCAUL
- married Hilda White BALLARD in 1919
* 12/583 Alexander John MUIRHEAD (1891-)
NOK mother, Margaret Muirhead, 27 Calder Street, St Kilda, Dunedin
- parents were James MUIRHEAD & Margaret ROBERTSON
- enlisted from 31 Shoal Bay Road, Devonport, Auckland
* 12/820 Daniel O'BRIEN
NOK Mr Charles O'Brien, Alpha Hotel, Kihikihi
- enlisted from Marakopa, Auckland
* 12/434 James Henry PATTULLO (1888-1973)
NOK father, Reverend James Leburn Pattullo, Kamo, Whangarei
- parents were James Leburn PATTULLO (from Scotland) & Morinie DAVIDSON
- enlisted from Waihi
* 12/2084 - Albert POTTS (1886-1961)
NOK father, Robert Potts, Aramoho, Wanganui (originally Newcastle, England)
- he was a son of Robert POTTS & Matilda CROMBIE who arrived into Napier 16 Dec 1876 on the 'Waitara'. They also lived in New Plymouth and Wanganui
- enlisted from Clifton, Symonds Street, Auckland in 1914 & embarked from Auckland 16 Oct 1914 with the Auckland Infantry Battalion as Private 12/841. His nok was his father Robert at 104 London St., Wanganui
NOTE a number of soldiers enlisted from the Clifton, Whittaker Place, off Symonds street (first tram stop past St Paul's). It was a casual & permanent accommodation hostel/hotel/boarding house.
- enlisted from 2 Russell Place (off Symonds Street in 1877 - off Cook Street by 1914) Central Auckland in 1915 & embarked from Wellington with the Auckland Infantry Battalion, 4th Reinforcements as Private 12/2084.
- married Hannah Elizabeth PRUDEN (nee Bloomfield, of Te Puke) in 1921
- he was Lance Corporal 32807 with the Royal New Zealand Army Ordinance Corps at Hopuhopu, Waikato in 1948 at the age of 61. (see link for more)
* 12/1486 - Albert POULSON (1896-1976)
NOK mother, Mrs A. Poulson, Piriaka, Taumarunui
- enlisted from 48 Grey St., Auckland
* 12/2101 Charles RIST
NOK father, David Rist, Manukau Rd., Onehunga, Auckland
- enlisted from that address
- brother John Henry Rist was killed in action at Gallipoli 1915
* 12/268 Arthur Leith SHAND (1892-1969)
NOK Mrs R. H. Shand, Mackay Street, Thames, Coromandel
- parents were James Arthur SHAND & Margaret Hood LEITH
- enlisted from 18 Huntly Ave., Auckland
* 12/879 - Angus TAYLOR (1892-1958)
NOK mother, Rose Taylor, 25 Cole St., Masterton
- parents were John TAYLOR & Rose STONE
- enlisted from Otahuhu, Auckland
* 12/476 - David Augustus VINCENT (1893-1955)
NOK father, Charles Hamilton Vincent, Paeroa
- mother was Ellen SNODGRASS
- enlisted from Paeroa
- married Gladys Ada HARPER in 1920
* 12/1042 - Fred WEBSTER (1899-1978)
NOK brother, A. S. Webster, Richardson Road, Mr Roskill, Auckland
- enlisted from Awakino, via Waitara

* 13/119 - Lieutenant William Titley PALMER (1890-1968)
NOK G. Palmer, Waingaro, via Ngaruawahia
- enlisted from Lucklaw, Waiuku
* 13/787 - William Horace CRAFAR (1894-1959)
NOK mother, Alice Eliza Crafer, Seddon (WWI)
- enlisted from c/o J. P. Lethbridge, Sherenden
- father William (1864-1948) served in the Boer War & died 11 Sep 1948 - buried Omaka cemetery, Marlborough
* 13/336 - James Steenson FOX
NOK Mrs H. Fox, Papamoa, Tauranga
- enlisted from Taneatua
* 13/195 Eric Wyles INDER (1890-)
NOK father, Simeon Inder, Inspector of Post-offices, Palmerston North
- enlisted from Te Kuiti
- mother was Jessie Bruce WYLES
- married Ethel Margaret Baird HALL in 1918
- brother, Robert Walter Norman Inder served in the Boer War
- brother, Frederick leslie Roy Inder embarked 16 Oct 1914
* 13/379 George LAUER (1890-1960)
NOK Mr G. Lauer, Pukekohe, Auckland
- enlisted from Waimai, Raglan
* 13/714 - Alexander McFARLANE
NOK John McFarlane, Waipu, North Auckland
- enlisted from Waipu
* 13/716 - Robert Holmes McKINNEY (1892-)
NOK father, Benjamin Holmes McKinney, Warkworth
- mother was Janet BALLANTINE
- enlisted from Warkworth
- brother, James Ballantine Holmes McKinney died 1916 from disease whilst training
- brother, Lindsay Stuart Holmes McKinney embarked 13 June 1918
- nephew, Lindsay Holmes McKinney (1923-2013) served in Egypt
* 13/1031A - James MELLING
NOK wife, Mrs Lucy Melling, 92 Calliope Road, Devonport, Auckland
- enlisted from 100 Hobson St., Auckland
* 13/732 - Stanley QUINLAN
NOK father, Edward Quinlan, 41 Austin Street, Wellington
- enlisted from Fenton St., Rotorua
* 13/590 - Thomas Ruddle THOMSON (1889-1946)
NOK Mr W. Thomson, Middlemore, Gordonton via Taupiri
- born Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia
- enlisted from Pukekohe
- severe gunshot wound of right eye [later lost] at Dardanelles May 1915
- married Rhoda Mary WALDRON in 1921
- Thomas died 12 Oct 1946 aged 57 & is buried at Gordonton, Waikato
* 13/521 - Frank WATTERS
NOK mother, Elizabeth Watters, Mt Eden, Auckland, also c/o T. C. Watters, Waikino
- enlisted from Te Puke
* 13/752 - Ernest James WILLIAMS (1880-1954)
NOK wife, Mrs E. J. Williams, Albert Rd., Devonport, Auckland
- married Ida STRUDE in 1908
- enlisted from Albert Road, Devonport, Auckland

* 16/568 - Hone NEPIA
NOK Wheku Nepia, Manutuke
- enlisted from Manutuke, Gisborne
* 16/160 - Awatapu NGAKI
NOK Te Ari Turuturu, Te Puke
- enlisted from Te Puke
* 16/175 - Kouma TAPIHANA
NOK mother, Mrs Kouma Tapsell, Maketu, Bay of Plenty
- enlisted from Maketu
* 16/361 - Paratene TAUMATANGI
NOK father, Paratene Taumatangi, Te Kao, North Auckland
* 16/213 - Pita TAUWHARE
NOK sister, Tiri Tauwhare, c/o Post Office, Kaiapoi
- enlisted from 135A Thorndon Quay, Wellington
* 16/124 - Hatara Matehe Te AWARAU
NOK wife, Emma Matche, Waipiro Bay, Gisborne

Tentative arrangements have been made by the Mayor, Mr J. H. Gunson, for a public reception to the soldiers who are returning to Auckland by the Rotorua and to those who returned by the Willochra. Mr Gunson stated yesterday that it is possible the reception will be postponed until Thursday morning, but this cannot be determined until the Rotorua is within wireless range. Mr Gunson said he was in communication with Colonel J. E. Hume, officer commanding the district, and as soon as possible a definite announcement will be made as to the arrangements.
The Mayor intends to meet the Willochra contingent at the railway station on the arrival of the express train, and these men will be invited to attend the gathering in the Town Hall that afternoon or next morning., Cars will be provided by the Motor Service Corps for the convenience of the soldiers to the Town Hall

The reception in Auckland to wounded soldiers arriving by the Rotorua and Willochra will not take place until Thursday morning, This information has been received by Miss Spedding, secretary of the Auckland Women's Patriotic League who desires to notify members that they should be in attendance at 9 a.m. sharp

* The Nelson returned soldiers are:-
Major Brereton and Privates S. L. Andrews, H. A. Johnston, C. F. Stone and P. N. Sadd. Returned soldiers have suggested that some special welcome should be tendered to major Brereton. He was the original leader of the Nelson Company at Gallipoli and an officer who was highly esteemed by those in his charge

* Captain W. J. Hardham, V.C., who was returning invalided to New Zealand by the Rotorua, disembarked at Hobart in order to undergo a slight operation. The date of his arrival in Wellington, therefore, is uncertain. On Sunday Captain Hardham's parents received a cablegram from him stating, "All's well'don't worry"

* Sergeant Percival A. Hillary, of the Second Reinforcements, 15th North Auckland Infantry Battalion, is returning to Auckland by the steamer Rotorua. Sergeant Hillary was born in Dargaville, Northern Wairoa. For twelve years he was employed on the staff of the 'Bell' newspaper in that district, and afterwards joined the 'New Zealand Herald' at Auckland. After gaining some further experiences he bought the 'North Auckland TImes'. He sold out as soom as possible upon the outbreak of war, and reached Egypt in time leace with the Main Body for Gallipoli. He was present at the landing on April 25, and through the severe engagements in the earlier part of the campaign there. After three months on the Peninsula only 16 out of the 227 men of his company were left. Sergeant Hillary was then injured by a bomb, and was sent to Malta, where it was found that injuries to his ears and eyes were so serious as to necessitate his removal to England. While in England he qualified for a commission, but the medical authorities would not allow him to return to the front, and ordered him to New Zealand

* Captain H. A. Cooper and Captain R. Neave, who are to take up duty in New Zealand under the Defence Department, are passengers by the Rotorua. Captain Cooper is accompanied by Mrs and miss C. Cooper and Captain neave by Mrs Neave

* A party of domestic servants, in charge of Miss Alma Dale, is expected to arrive by the Rotorua, due in Auckland to-day from England

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*Thomas DAULTON + Sarah Jane HUDSON - Te Arai

Thomas DAULTON (1852-1907)
...married 5 March 1881 to:
Sarah Jane HUDSON (1864-1947)

They were storekeepers at Te Arai, Manutuke, Gisborne district

the known children of THOMAS & SARAH
... 1
1882 - 1903 Thomas Miles Daulton
Hawke's Bay Herald, 13 February 1882 - DAULTON
At Wanstead, on the 8th February, the wife of Thomas Daulton, of a son - Auckland papers please copy
Thomas was a Shepherd
In January 1893 (aged 11) Thomas won a hunting crop for coming 1st at the Te Arai School Picnic
Thomas served in the South African War as Trooper 6330 & 8188 with the 9th New Zealand Mounted Rifles. He embarked from Auckland 1 Feb 1902. His next of kin was his father at Te Arai Bridge, Gisborne. Thomas died from an abscess on the brain 3 March 1903 in Te Arai, Gisborne.
Press, 3 March 1903 - DEATH OF A TROOPER
Thomas Daulton, aged 21, died tonight. He was a member of the Seventh Contingent, and was injured by a fall from a horse in South Africa. On the voyage our he contracted pneumonia. He recovered somewhat on landing, but an abscess near the brain set in. He was a very popular young fellow

... 2
1883 - 1969 Joseph Edward 'Joe' Daulton
Joseph was in Second Grade at Matawhero School 1889-1890
JOSEPH married Gladys Catherine CRAILL (1895-1970) in 1916
1 of 4 daughters of Henry 'Harry' CRAILL & Catherine Mary ROBB
- Henry Craill was the manager of John Clark's 11,000 acre, Te Arai station

... 3
1885 - 1918 William Charles Daulton
In January 1893 (aged 8) William came 2nd (race not specified) at the Te Arai School Picnic
William served in WWI as Trooper 11/1788 with the 7th Reinforcements, Wellington Mounted Rifles. He embarked from Wellington 9 Oct 1915. His next of kin was his brother Joe at Manutuke, Gisborne. William died of his wounds 23 Dec 1916 in Egypt & is buried Grave A.194 at Kantara War Memorial Cemetery, Egypt
Poverty Bay Herald, 22 December 1917 - DAULTON
In loving memory of Trooper William Daulton, killed in action in Egypt on December 23rd, 1916
...Far away from those who loved you,
...Gently soliers laid you to rest;
...In far off Egypt you're only sleeping,
...One of God's brightest and best.
- Inserted by M. McDowell

... 4
1887 - 1921 George Michael Daulton
In January 1893 (aged 6) George came 1st (race not specified) at the Te Arai School Picnic
George served in WWI as Private 57044 with the NZEF, 29th Reinforcements F Company. He embarked from Wellington 13 August 1917 for Glasgow. His next of kin was his mother at Manutuke, Gisborne
George was a storekeeper in his fathers store

... 5
1889 - 1955 Bertha Jane Daulton
BERTHA married Frederick Hugh SNOWDEN (1884-1946) in 1912
Frederick served in WWI as Lance Corporal 30303 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 14th Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, (F Company). He embarked from Wellington 30 Dec 1916. Bertha was his next of kin at Manutuke.
A son, William Hugh Snowden, was Killed in Action 25 Oct 1942 aged 22 and is buried El Alamein War Cemetery

... 6
1891 - 1891 Mary Catherine Daulton
Mary died 6 April 1891 aged 2 months
she is buried Plot 230, Block MKB at Makaraka cemetery

... 7
1892 - 1918 Royal Frederick 'Roy' Daulton
Roy was a storekeeper in his fathers store
Roy served in WWI as Rifleman 18630 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 9th Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company. He embarked from Wellington 26 July 1916. His next of kin was his mother at Manutuke, Gisborne. Roy was killed in action 12 Sep 1918 at Havrincourt, France & is buried Grave V. D. 17. at Metz-en-Couture Communal Cemetery British Extension, Pas-de-Calais, France
Poverty Bay Herald, 26 September 1918 - DAULTON
Killed in action in France, September 12th, 1918, Royal Frederick Daulton, beloved fifth son of Mrs Daulton, Manutuke, aged 26 years. R.I.P.

... 8
1894 - 1965 Catherine Elma Daulton
CATHERINE married James JOBSON (1892-1960) in 1921
son of William JOBSON & Mary DIXON
- James served in WWI as Trooper 11/1813
JAMES died 19 March 1960 aged 67
CATHERINE died 16 August 1965 aged 71
they are buried Plot 28, Block 27 at Taruheru cemetery
11/1813 Sgt JAMES JOBSON, 1892-1960

... 9
1896 - 1961 Harold John Daulton
Harold was a Coach Driver
Harold served in WWI as Rifleman 18629 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 9th Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company. He embarked from Wellington 26 July 1916. His next of kin was his mother at Manutuke, Gisborne (enlisted same time, served with the same unit & embarked with brother Frank)
HAROLD married Clara Isabel BATEMAN (1900-1982) in 1923
daughter of Aldeberontifus James BATEMAN & Mary Ann/Marianne KILLGOUR of Parawai

... 10
1898 - 1964 Frank Hudson Daulton
Frank was a Labourer
Frank served in WWI as Rifleman 18628 with the New Zealand Rifle Brigade, 9th Reinforcements 2nd Battalion, F Company. He embarked from Wellington 26 July 1916. His next of kin was his mother at Manutuke, Gisborne (enlisted same time, served with the same unit & embarked with brother Harold)

... 11
1900 - 1978 Ernest Robert Daulton
ERNEST married Euphemia Mabel McGOUGAN (1904-1977) in 1923
daughter of Samuel & Mary/May McGOUGAN

... 12
1902 - 1992 Mary Margaret Anne Daulton
MARY married George Oscar LORD (1903-) in 1924
son of George Clement LORD (1870-1948) & Gertrude Maud BAKER
grandson of Jabez LORD & Mary Ann SPENCER

... 13
1904 - 1970 Christina Milesina Gertrude Daulton
CHRISTINA married Willitt Hamilton Harper HOLLIS (1898-1974) in 1923
son of James Richard HOLLIS & Annie Prophet HARPER

... 14
1907 - 1997 Thomas Miles Daulton
nothing else known

Thomas DAULTON died 7 October 1907 aged 55
Poverty Bay Herald, 8 October 1907
An old and highly respected resident, Mr Thomas Daulton, of Te Arai, died last evening, and the funeral leaves the family residence at Te Arai to-morrow afternoon. Mr Daulton had been ailing for some time past, but his death came as a shock to his wife and family and many friends. He was well-known throughout the district, having kept a store for many years at Te Arai, where he took a keen interest in school matters and all other local affairs.
Poverty Bay Herald, 10 October 1907 The interment of the late Mr Thomas Daulton, of Te Arai, took place at Makaraka cemetery yesterday afternoon and was attended by a large number of country settlers, together with several residents from town, including the representatives of various warehouse firms. Half a dozen Te Arai settlers acted as pall bearers, whilst the funeral service at the grave side was conducted by the Rev Fathers Land and Dignan

Poverty Bay Herald, 4 May 1896
Mr Daulton, of the Arai store, notifies that residents of that district are under no necessity to come to town for goods, as he is selling his large stock at lowest town prices

Poverty Bay Herald, 16 September 1899
The annual general meeting of the Te Arai Cricket Club was hel at Mr Evans's residence at Te Arai on Thursday evening last. There were about a dozen members present, and the President, Mr C. Evans occupied the chair. The following officers were elected for the coming year:-
President, Mr Chas. Evans (re-elected)
Vice-Presidents, Messrs J. Woodbine-Johnson, C. White, A. Dewing, J. Clark (re-elected) and Mr Thos. Daulton

(as at time of writing photos will not upload on this site)
Plot 1036, Block MKF at Makaraka cemetery

In Loving Memory of
THOMAS 1852 - 1907
SARAH JANE 1864 - 1947
GEORGE 1887 - 1921
WILLIAM & ROY Killed in Action 1917