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ALLAWAY marriages 1865-1942 Victoria Australia

ALLAWAY marriages 1865-1942 Victoria Australia.

ALLAWAY (males)

married: 1865 Frances Maria CREESE.

Thomas George
married: 1874 Marian CHAMBERLAIN.

William Mark Creese
married: 1894 Jessie Hay YOUNG.

William died 1946 in Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 79 years.
Parents named as William ALLAWAY and Frances CREESE.

Jessie died 1930 in Hotham East, Victoria.
Age: 60 years.
Parenets named as James Hay YOUNG and Mary LEIGHTON.

Francis John
married: 1902 Amy Margaret WILSON.

William Charles
married: 1907 Charlotte Susan COWLAND.

Albert George
married: 1912 Beatrice Mary SLEAP.

Beatrice died 1962 in Williamstown, Victoria.
Age: 76 years.
Parents named as Joseph H SLEAP and Mary Kate GOODHEN.

Francis Edgar
married: 1913 Ada FIRTH.

James Henry
married: 1916 Emily Frances HORTON. (Indexed VMI as HORTIN)

Emily died 1958 in Braybrook, Victoria.
Age: 74 years.
Parents named as George HORTON and Emily Frances GASE.

James Edwin
married: 1916 Irene Viola Ernestine MORRISON.

Stanley Arthur
married: 1917 Hannah Rudd SCOTT.

Hannah died 1971 in Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 84 years.
Parents named as William SCOTT and Elizabeth TWYFORD.

Henry James
married: 1920 Minnie CLARKE.

Henry George
married: 1923 Martha Maney PRESTON.

Francis Thomas William
married: 1926 Jessie Isobel FORBES.

married: 1927 Annie LYNCH.

William Charles
married: 1929 Rita May ASHLEY.

George Albert
married: 1932 Violet LUBECK.

Francis Ernest
married: 1934 Dory Alma Grace ELLIS.

George Albert
married: 1935 May Frances BATLEY.

Arthur Goodfry
married: 1936 Olga Amelia WHATELEY.

Alan Leighton
married: 1937 Mollie Elizabeth Roma TEESE.

Albert Henry
married: 1938 Coral Evelyn Grace LAPSLEY.

Norman Frederick
married: 1939 Dorothy Ivy OBRIEN.

Ernest Henry
married: 1942 Marie Rose CINNINGHAM.

James Stanley
married: 1942 Grace Florence SAUNDERS.

ALLAWAY (females)

married: 1867 Henry Lavender HOLMES.

Elizabeth died 1933 in Ballarat East, Victoria.
Age: 85 years.
Parents named as John ALLAWAY and Elizabeth GLEMISTER.

Jane Elizabeth
married: 1867 William FEARY.

Alice Maud
married: 1891 Alfred Ernest MCCROMBIE.

Sylvia Mary
married: 1920 John Joseph OHEHIR.

Trilby Annie
married: 1920 Robert Samuel PETTS.

Trilby died 1951 in Royal Park, Victoria.
Age: 54 years.
Parents named as Henry ALLAWAY and Annie TOWHILL.

married: 1924 James Colin YOUNG.

Marian died 1957 in Footscray, Victoria.
Age: 70 years.
Parents named as Thomas ALLAWAY and Marian CHAMBERLAIN.

Edith Goodwin
married: 1927 Fergus Joan Stanford YOUNGS.

Doris Edith
married: 1930 William Charles WATTS.

Phyllis Natrass
married: 1933 John Sydney Ormond FORREST.

Emily Frances
married: 1933 Charles Alfred NICHOLLS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage & Death Indexes to assist others researching the ALLAWAY lines.

JN 59970

BUZZA marriages 1858-1900 Victoria Australia

BUZZA marriages 1858-1900 Victoria Australia.

BUZZA (males)

married: 1859 Jane Victoria BAKER.

married: 1862 Margery JAMES.

Thomas James
married: 1865 Ellen CHARLES.

John Francis
married: 1867 Pertheneya Lean RALPH.

married: 1867 Emily RAINSDON.

married: 1869 Elizabeth TOZER.

married: 1871 Mary Ann CONROY.

married: 1872 Mary RALPH.

married: 1882 Elizabeth PURNELL.

William Charles
married: 1887 Rebecca Jane CANDY.
CANDY. Correct spelling appears to be CAUDRY.

married: 1894 Frances Genevieve LANE.

married: 1895 Ada MITCHELL.

Percy Arthur Victor
married: 1897 Emily JACOBS.

John Henry
married: 1899 Jessie WEARNE.

William James
married: 1899 Ada Mary TRELOAR.

BUZZA (females)

married: 2858 Joseph WATERS.

Mary Ann
married: 1860 James TREWHEELA.

Mary Jane
married: 1865 Simon BOLITHO.

married: 1869 Joseph Palmer PEARCE.

married: 1873 John POLLARD.

married: 1886 Robert Frederick CAMMEL.

Elizabeth Mary
married: 1888 John FROST.

married: 1889 George John COMPTON.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1890 Thomas SIMPSON.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1891 Gavin Wilson KERR.

married: 1891 John Ahrendt Godfried RASMUSSEN.

Amelia Agnes
married: 1892 James WILKINSON.

married: 1893 George LANCE.

Mary Hannah
married: 1893 James Albert WILSON.

married: 1894 John DEEBLE.

Annie Clemens Pierce
married: 1898 Menzies BALDWIN.

Elizabeth Jane
married: 1898 Joseph Thomas BOLITHO.

Elizabeth Woods
married: 1899 James SMITH.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BUZZA lines.

JN 59963

BEARUP marriages 1858-1928 Victoria Australia

BEARUP marriages 1858-1928 Victoria Australia.

BEARUP (males)

married: 1858 Margaret Henders CRUM.

married: 1864 Hellen DENHOLM.

married: 1867 Sarah Ann SCOTTEN.

married: 1885 Charlotte Jane CONGLE.

married: 1888 Margaret MOODIE.

Robert crum
married: 1891 Dorothea Isabella BOWMAN.

married: 1894 Esther BONWICK.

Edgar Robert
married: 1921 Laura PIZZEY.

Herbert Andrew
married: 1925 Frieda Florence NEELD.

married: 1927 Vera May CROSBY.

BEARUP (females)

married: 1891 Harry Ernest HEMPEL.

Charlotte Louisa
married: 1893 William Henry CATTERALL.

Jane Aird
married: 1902 Edward YOUNG.

Ellen May
married: 1914 John Knowles ATHERTON.

Florence May
married: 1925 Roderick George HOWARD.

Helen Margaret
married: 1926 Hector Stanley TOWNSEND.

Dorothy Eleneor
married: 1928 Frank WILSON.

Please note.
No BEARUP marriages located Victoria 1929-1942.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the BEARUP lines.

JN 59961

CATTERALL marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia

CATTERALL marriages 1854-1920 Victoria Australia.


married: 1854 Isdabella MCLEOD.

married: 1857 Alice Coatman GOODSIR.

married: 1860 Mary Hannah PRESTON.

married: 1876 Annie Maria JOHNSTON.

Charles Wallace
married: 1883 Carol WILSON.

married: 1883 Rose Ann DEAN.

Arthur Ernest
married: 1884 Annie Jane HALL.

Edward Henry
married: 1885 Emily Elizabeth BAKER.

Frederick George
married: 1891 Amelia Isabella LAIDLAW.

William Henry
married: 1893 Charlotte Louisa BEARUP.

Frederick Robert
married: 1895 Ann Jane TOWNSEND.

John Milburn
married: 1899 Ethel May GRAHAM.

Joseph Benson
married: 1899 Mary RICHARDS.

married: 1900 Martha HALL.

Ernest Arthur
married: 1906 Margaret OKANE.

Charles Wallace
married: 1906 Bessie May DANDY.

Herbert Wilson
married: 1910 Ellen May STEPHENS.

Harry Frankland
married: 1913 Emily Alice GOVE.

Leslie Howard
married: 1914 Edith NICHOLLS.

Alfred Leyland
married: 1916 Gladys Irene Augusta SPOONER.

married: 1920 Gladys Foster PICKLES.

Harry Frankland
married: 1920 Francis Alice MCEWAN.

CATTERALL (females)

Alice Rishton
married: 1879 Frederick Andrew LANG.

Louisa Jane
married: 1879 Alfred Benjamin PEARCE.

Selina Flexney
married: 1886 Henry RUSS.

married: 1891 James William HALL.

Amy Beatrice
married: 1899 Arthur Horace Lindsay LOWE.

married: 1910 John Oxley WAUD.

married: 1912 James Arthur Theodore THOROGOOD.

Emma Mabel
married: 1913 John Thomas CLIMPSON.

Marion Ethelwyn
married: 1915 Percy Edgar Engall BARTRAM.

married: 1916 Frederick CROSLING.

Selina Ann
married: 1919 Albert Edwin PARKES.

Dory Baker
married: 1920 Vernon Roderick ROBERTSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the CATTERALL lines.

JN 59953

HILDEBRANDT marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia

HILDEBRANDT marriages 1921-1942 Victoria Australia.


Albert William
married: 1922 Kathleen Veronica HARVEY.

Johann Chris
married: 1923 Caroline Elizabeth ROYLANCE.

Les William
married: 1923 Phyllis Scott SMITH.

George Adolph Herman
married: 1923 May HAYTER.

married: 1924 Mary FLYNN.

married: 1925 Prudence Carol Ethel PATTEN.

married: 1928 Enid Agnes Adelaide BROOME.

John Herman
married: 1929 Jean SAUNDERS.

Augustas John
married: 1931 Elsie Alma Jean MCGREGOR.

Ian William
married: 1942 Annie Arnott WALKER.


married: 1921 Alfred James LUCAS.

married: 1924 James HARVEY.

Ernestine Fredericka Caroline
married: 1927 Philip Everett OCONNOR.

Beryl Irene Agnes
married: 1930 George Smithett STOKES.

Stella Jean
married: 1933 Harold Castledene MARTIN.

Liln Margaret Mary
married: 1934 Ernest Neales HAWTIN.

married: 1935 William Cyril HATHERALL.

Ruby Marie
married: 1935 Herbert Charles CARTNER.

Christina Elizabeth
married: 1937 Karl Wannon MCARTHUR.

Bessie May
married: 1938 Ronald Worthy George BROOME.

Caroline Elizabeth
married: 1940 Albert Josiah TRIPLETT.

Dorothy Caroline
married: 1942 Harold Edward Victor WOODS.

Mary Elizabeth
married: 1942 Royce Walter BROOKS.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HILDEBRANDT lines.

JN 59948

HARRAP marriages 1931-1942 Victoria Australia

HARRAP marriages 1931-1942 Victoria Australia.

HARRAP (males)

Thomas Arthur
married: 1931 Mavis Kathleen DONOVAN.

David Ernest
married: 1931 Rosetta Emma COTT.
COTT also indexed under CORR.

William Thomas
married: 1933 Margaret Jane JONES.

married: 1936 Eileen Ellen COLLINS.

married: 1939 Jean Victoria WIGHT

George Frank
married: 1940 Elsie LOWE.

married: 1940 Alice Marjory ANDERSON.

Percy Francis Clive
married: 1940 Muriel Margaret CATHCART.

George Albert
married: 1941 Linda Mary MCNALLY.

George Edward
married: 1942 Isabella Ray RICHARDS.

HARRAP (females)

Alice Edith Catherine
married: 1931 James PEACHEY.

Kathleen Elizabeth
married: 1931 James Patrick OSULLIVAN.

Caroline Edith
married: 1932 Lachlan MCKINNON.

Emily Alice Jane
married: 1933 Ernest Oscar HEINTZ.

married: 1933 Charles Dyer Frederick HAYES.

Alma Lillian Rose
married: 1935 Reginald Adolphus TOY.

married: 1936 Alfred Gabriel RAMPLIN.

Sarah Ellen
married: 1939 Frederick John WIGHT.

Ivy May
married: 1939 Jack Francis BAXTER.

Lydia Queenie
married: 1940 Ronald Alfred WILSON.

Pearl Eva Christina
married: 1940 Donald MCKENZIE.

Elsie Eileen
married: 1940 Alsace Lorriane HETHERINGTON.

married: 1941 Matthew FORSYTH.

May Edna
married: 1942 Laurence Donald MCKENZIE.

Caroline Margaret
married: 1942 Hector ELTON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the HARRAP lines.

JN 59938

KILMARTIN marriages 1911-1930 Victoria Australia

KILMARTIN marriages 1911-1930 Victoria Australia.


married: 1912 Mary Ann BRENNAN.

James Frederick Barkley
married: 1914 Mary Elizabeth REGAN.

Albert Michael
married: 1917 Leonora Edith Emma WHELAN.

William James
married: 1917 Mary Elizabeth WILKINSON.

married: 1918 Laura Kate BRITTON.

Louis Theodore
married: 1918 Florence Margaret THORNE.

Francis John
married: 1922 Charlotte Edith SPARKS.

married: 1925 Annie Harriet JOHNSON.

James Patrick
married: 1925 Eileen Agnes RAMPANT.

William Anthony
married: 1929 Margaret Alice BAKER.

Charles Victor
married: 1930 Ivy Myrtle ATKINS.

KILMARTIN (females)

Catherine Ruby
married: 1911 Sydney George GUEST.

Ruby Ellen Gladys
married: 1911 Francis Edward CUNNINGHAM.

married: 1012 George Glede Wallace WINDUSS.

Nora Josephine
married: 1912 Roy DALLAS.

Anne Marsella
married: 1913 Frederick Freeland OBREE.

Florence Mary Rose
married: 1919 Walter SHEARMAN.

Annie Elizabeth
married: 1920 Leslie Raymond SHORT.

Eliza Anastasia
married: 1920 William Joseph AHERN.

Elsie May
married: 1921 John Thomas EVANS.

married: 1921 Henry John JAMES.

married: 1921 Joyn ANDERSON.
Given names for bride and groom may both be index spelling errors.

Kathleen Lucy
married: 1921 John Cecil BOYLE.

Edith Wray
married: 1923 John Harold DONNELLY.

Mary Ann
married: 1924 Hugh William ROBINSON.

married: 1925 William Douglas STEMMER.

Hanorah Margaret
married: 1926 George MURPHY.

married: 1926 John ODEA.

married: 1926 Albert Edward ALEXANDER.

married: 1926 Charles VINCENT.

married: 1927 James Joseph Leo DOOLAN.

married: 1928 Denis LANIGAN.

Mary Veronica
married: 1929 William KNIGHT.

married: 1930 Reginald Herbert Donnington KILPATRICK.

married: 1930 William Allan WILKINSON.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the KILPATRICK lines.

JN 59921

RUMPF marriages 1880-1939 Victoria Australia

RUMPF marriages 1880-1939 Victoria Australia.

RUMPF (males)

married: 1880 Janet STEVENSON.

married: 1884 Sarah Ann JONAS.
Please note.
Peter was indexed under RUMPFY.

Johann George
married: 1886 Alice WINTER.

married: 1888 Mary KAVANACH.

married: 1892 Florence PRICE.

Jacob William
married: 1901 Lillian Mary MOLYNEUX.

married: 1901 Fanny WORTH.

David Hutton
married: 1906 Annie Louisa FRITH.

Norman Peter Clarence
married: 1911 Marion GRASSICK.

George Edward
married: 1929 Mabel Rosa WEST.

Stanley John
married: 1932 Thelma Madge HAUSEN.

James William
married: 1933 Alma Ivy TRUSLER.

Alfred David
married: 1934 Olive Vaughan BUFTON.

Roy Alexander
married: 1935 Elsie Irene CARTER.

George Stevenson
married: 1937 Daisy Alice CUNNINGHAM.

RUMPF (females)

married: 1881 Henry LEHRKING.

married: 1891 Louis RODER.

married: 1892 Claus EBELING.

married: 1892 Guillaume Frederic VAN DER SANDER.

married: 1904 Thomas HALL.

married: 1911 Henry George JOHNSTON.

Janet Frances
married: 1919 George Condie WALKER.

Grace Lily
married: 1920 Donald Mitchell Mackay SCOBIE.

Neta Wilamena
married: 1927 James TOOLE.

Liln Frances
married: 1934 Claude Stanley GEORGE.

Joan Molyneux
married: 1939 James Godfrey FROBISHER.

Please note.
The first marriage indexed under RUMPF in Victoria was in 1880.
Due to spelling variations of RUMPF there will be marriages missing from this list.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the RUMPF lines.

JN 59917

JONAS marriages 1845-1900 Victoria Australia

JONAS marriages 1845-1900 Victoria Australia.

JONAS (males)

married: 1845 Sarah Anne WADE.

married: 1853 Mary Ann MORRIS.

Henry Kemble
married: 1858 Elizabeth ELCOCK.

married: 1865 Elizabeth FITHIE.

Hanns Henrich C
married: 1866 Anna Margaretha MOCKEL.

George Henry William
married: 1875 Mary Ann BROOKS.

married: 1881 Mary Jane HUXTABLE.

married: 1884 Eliza SOMERVILLE.

married: 1884 Ellen HOOPER.

married: 1885 Rose HYAMS.

Gottfried Christian
married: 1890 Mary GAYLAR.

John Lancelot
married: 1890 Elizabeth Maria WHITE.

married: 1891 Mary RENDALL.

Edward Frederick William
married: 1895 Emma PRICE.

Thomas Hamlyn
married: 1897 Susan KEEN.

Francis Ernest
married: 1898 Alicia Johnston MCALLAN.

married: 1899 Charlotte BAXTER.

Herbert Emmanuel
married: 1899 Elizabeth Sarah JOSEPH.

married: 1899 Susan Louisa WRIGHT.

married: 1900 Elizabeth SPRINGS.

married: 1900 Emma Maria SMITH.

JONAS (females)

married: 1860 Jacob GERSON.

married: 1876 William adams BLAKE.

Mary Ann
married: 1877 Alfred Washington PARKER.

Catherine Frederica
married: 1877 James BLIGHT.

married: 1882 Charles Wakefield DANIELL.

married: 1884 William FAULKHEAD.

Sarah Ann
married: 1884 Peter RUMPF. (Indexed as RUMPFY)

Mary Ann
married: 1886 Toy SEE.

married: 1889 Richard Alfred JOHNSON.

married: 1891 Antonio BRUNI.

married: 1893 Henry HARRIS.

married: 1895 Albert Ernest CANNINGS.

Margaret Ann
married: 1897 Arthur John BEDFORD.

Ada Amelia
married: 1899 Thomas CHETKETT.

married: 1899 Alfred Oliver MCGEARRY.

Mary Ann
married: 1899 James KING.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the JONAS lines.

JN 59904

ROMERO marriages 1854-1942 Victoria Australia

ROMERO marriages 1854-1942 Victoria Australia.

ROMERO (males)

married: 1854 Elizabeth LEE.

Louis Alfred
married: 1887 Elizabeth FORDEN.

Leslie John Louis
married: 1915 Jessie Beatrice LARGE.

Raymond Alfred
married: 1921 Sarah Elizabeth MORTIMORE.

married: 1935 Bertha Maria JONES.

ROMERO (females)

Emma Elizabeth
married: 1884 Nathaniel Dier FAULKHEAD.

married: 1904 Patrick QUINN.

Ethel Elizabeth Victoria
married: 1912 Alfred Herbert WHITE.

Florence Annie
married: 1913 Alfred Ernest James TIPPET.

married: 1913 John GORDON.

Elsie Adelaide
married: 1923 Thomas Francis WEBB.

Emma Mabel
married: 1928 Gordon Stuart STANWAY.

Pearl Neta
married: 1928 Ernest Berry WOODWARD.

Doris May
married: 1939 George Henry PLANT.

Compiled from the Victorian Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the ROMERO lines.

JN 59902