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New Zealand


Can you help other genealogy researchers looking for help in New Zealand? Yes, I'd like to volunteer to help in New Zealand

KSLallYNZ is able to do local lookups.
Live in South Taranaki so willing to visit cemeteries etc here. Will also visit elsewhere in NZ if visiting or ask friends if they are nearby.
sheenie is not able to do local lookups.
Sanfaa is able to do local lookups.
Happy to visit cemeteries especially in the Christchurch/Canterbury Area or anything else in this same area
RexCorbett is able to do local lookups.
PJGraham is able to do local lookups.
Hawkes Bay (where I live now for 19 yrs) and South Taranaki (where I was born and raised and my family history is). Costs neg. depending. I have a BA in history and have been active in genealogy for about 10 years researching my own family lines.
j_nathan105 is able to do local lookups.
lizattree is not able to do local lookups.
Can try help in Motueka cemetery and areas about the tasman area. Will try for any other info needed in these areas.
ciotach is not able to do local lookups.
We are currently touring the country with a caravan/RV, so our location changes. Late 2014 we will be in the north island, Northern and Central areas. Early 2015, probably int he South Island.
mikeyflem57 is able to do local lookups.
wedderspoonconnection is able to do local lookups.
can look up in Te Awamutu
Chrysta is able to do local lookups.
Located in Auckland but can assist with other lookups.
anthonyking is able to do local lookups.
chrissiea1 is able to do local lookups.
laurenbavin is able to do local lookups.
Auckland area help available
RaeCroft is able to do local lookups.
I am happy to do look up's in the Whangarei district
JerryMiner is not able to do local lookups.
MINING ACCIDENTS, 1883 - 1929 non-fatal and fatal; can provide date, mine / dredge /quarry, and reference source; 1879 - 1958 help with lookups based on AJHRs. Fatalities for major disasters before 1968.
nflipp is not able to do local lookups.
Shortstuff is not able to do local lookups.
I am able to visit NZ Archives & National Library in Wellington, & search old newspapers. I also have some regional contacts with other local knowledge.
littlejim is able to do local lookups.
Can visit/photograph,etc gravestones and places of interest in Marlborough,especially around Blenheim
MLH is able to do local lookups.
Just ask and I will see what I can do - can cover most of NZ as able to get to local Genealogy Society H/O in Auckland plus the Public Library and Auckland Archives.
magnz is able to do local lookups.
South Auckland Area, happy to take photos of headstones, churchs also able to travel Auckland Archives as it is a bit further away may take 1-2 weeks
ngairedith is not able to do local lookups.
very willing to help with queries etc covering all of New Zealand, specialising in the Wellington, Wairarapa, Manawatu, & Waikato areas
Meskhi is not able to do local lookups.
Auckland Archives,Waikato area. New Zealand wide Births deaths and Marriages bearing in mind there are some dates because of privacy laws and protection against indentity theft we cannot access.Cemetery records and electoral rolls available.Cost will be incurred if copies of certificates are required but researchers can order these online themselves once subject has been found
maggie_1 is able to do local lookups.
will do cemetry look ups in my area, can look at surnames in New Zealand NEW Zealand, NP, NZ,


Request assistance from someone in or with knowledge of this location. I'd like to request assistance in New Zealand.

looking for HART of bombay, new zealand
by bjHART 10 years, 11 months ago
looking for Tosh and Metcalfe of Invercargill
by mokelly 10 years, 7 months ago
Photos and Peter Seton hay
by marciahay 10 years, 6 months ago
Merriman Ancestory
by tuhoe63 10 years, 3 months ago
Looking for my Chivers and Calder relations in NZ
by Maui2014 8 years, 10 months ago
Looking for Alcock or Kite NZ
by frankie22 7 years, 11 months ago
Looking for information about the Stobie family
by Jusman 7 years, 10 months ago
Any information photos etc.
by JC1987NZ 2 years, 6 months ago


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