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the men of the 22 BATTALION - New Zealand WWII

Journal by ngairedith

A message received from pcfro on 12 Jan 2012 Hello, I have come across your journal entry on Familytreecircles for the 22 Battalion, with a list of a few of the men recorded in Jim Henderson's book. I have been compiling an extensive history of the 22 Battalion (my father was one of them) which you can see at
22nd Battalion 2NZEF
it is great site and I recommend you visit
... The Index is:
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"The Originals"
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David Russell GC
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Private "Borax"Trieste

Arrival in Trieste 1945
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PHOTOSGRAPHS (some great old photos)
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the following is a very small portion of the story on NZETC taken from
THESE WERE THE MEN - 22 BATTALION written by Jim HENDERSON in about 1958.
It s part of the of "the Official History of New Zealand in the Second World War 1939?1945" and is a great read ...

Brig L. W. ANDREW, VC, DSO, m.i.d.; Wellington; born Ashhurst, 23 Mar 1897; Regular soldier; Wellington Regt 1915-19; CO 22 Bn Jan 1940-Feb 1942; comd 5 Bde 27 Nov-6 Dec 1941; Area Commander, Wellington, Nov 1943-Dec 1946; Commander, Central Military District, Apr 1948-Mar 1952.

Yet this 5th Reinforcement troopship memory shows the link across the years: ?The OC Troops was Col. TURNBULL, an old Dig whose pet aversion was long hair. After one particularly sarcastic lecture he rocked the whole show by referring to many as ?Enaus??talk about a flap?never heard that one before?much speculation until eventually a definition came up: ?A woolly looking animal with long matted hair, probably lousy.? The reaction was terrific and in a matter of hours every conceivable sort of hairdo appeared?bald types, top-knots, cowlicks and some furrowed like a ploughed field. Col. Turnbull was OK though, and I well remember on disembarkation at Tewfik, as he was standing watching us pull away in the barges a wag sang out: ?Hooray, Enau.? The old boy lifted a hand and his emotion was evident to all and had a sobering effect?his own memories probably of similar circumstances 27 years before.?

Pte I. S. G. HOLMS; born Featherston, 27 Aug 1913; nurseryman; killed in action 27 Oct 1940.

Lt-Col J. T. RUSSELL, DSO, m.i.d.; born Hastings, 11 Nov 1904; farmer; 2 i/c Div Cav 1941; CO 22 Bn 7 Feb-6 Sep 1942; wounded May 1941; killed in action 6 Sep 1942.

Out of a battalion numbering about 32 officers and 740 men, only about 350, or less than half, actually went forward with rifle and bayonet, automatic weapons, radio set, and first-aid equipment.

Lt-Col R. R. T. YOUNG, DSO; Richmond, England; born Wellington, 25 Jun 1902; oil company executive; CO School of Instruction Feb-Apr 1943; CO 28 (Maori) Bn Dec 1943-Jul 1944, Aug-Nov 1944; wounded 26 Dec 1943.

Maj C. N. ARMSTRONG, MC and bar, ED; Wanganui; born Wanganui, 12 Sep 1910; barrister and solicitor; p.w. 27 Nov 1941; escaped (from Poland) Oct 1943; 2 i/c 22 Bn Nov 1944-Jun 1945.

Lt-Col A. W. F. O'REILLY, MC, m.i.d.; Wellington; born Dunedin, 24 Apr 1906; schoolteacher; CO 22 Bn 22 Nov 1944-24 Mar 1945; twice wounded.

Capt E. B. PATERSON, MC; Howick, Auckland; born Edinburgh, 3 Jun 1911; company managing director; wounded 8 Aug 1944.

?And not without reason,? writes Colonel O'Reilly, ?for when the battle's joined in an infantry attack, things are really over to the platoon. Time and again Company Headquarters lost touch, but in the morning following the attack, the platoons were on their objective.?

Lt-Col H. V. DONALD, DSO, MC, m.i.d., Legion of Merit (US); Masterton; born Masterton, 20 Mar 1917; company director; CO 22 Bn May-Nov 1944, Mar-Aug 1945; four times wounded.

L-Cpl E. S. CAMERON; Wanganui; born Scotland, 28 Dec 1908; clerk.

The officers when the battalion embarked were:
Lt-Col L. W. Andrew;
* 2 i/c: Maj G. J. McNaught;
* Adjt: Capt P. G. Monk;
* IO: Lt W. W. Mason;
* MO: Lt W. M. Manchester;
* QM: Lt T. Thornton;
* Padre: Rev. W. E. W. Hurst;
* RSM: WO I S. A. R. Purnell;
HQ Coy:
* Capt E. F. Laws,
* Lts G. G. Beaven,
* E. J. McAra,
* D. F. Anderson,
* M. G. Wadey,
* H. R. Harris,
* 2 Lt L. Leeks.
A Coy:
* Capts J. W. Bain,
* J. Moore,
* Lts W. G. Slade,
* R. B. Fell,
* G. C. D. Laurence.
B Coy:
* Capts S. Hanton,
* T. C. Campbell,
* Lt S. H. Johnson,
* 2 Lts C. N. Armstrong,
* T. G. N. Carter.
C. Coy:
* Maj J. Leggat,
* Capt W. Bourke,
* Lt K. R. S. Crarer,
* 2 Lts H. V. Donald,
* E. E. Tyrell.
D Coy:
* Maj J. G. C. Leach,
* Capt I. A. Hart,
* Lts W. G. Lovie,
* L. B. Clapham,
* 2 Lt P. R. Hockley.
* Lts E. T. Pleasants,
* E. H. Simpson,
* 2 Lts B. V. Davison,
* F. G. Oldham,
* C. I. C. Scollay,
* J. L. MacDuff,
* T. R. Hawthorn.

Capt J. D. W. ORMOND, BEM, m.i.d.; Waipukurau; born NZ 8 Sep 1905; farmer; wounded 20 Apr 1941.

Pte N. S. TRAYNOR; born NZ 13 Apr 1913; electrician; accidentally killed 28 May 1940.

Maj F. G. OLDHAM; born NZ 6 Nov 1912; bank clerk; wounded 24 Oct 1942; killed in action 30 Nov 1943.

Brig J. HARGEST, CBE, DSO and bar, MC, m.i.d.; born Gore, 4 Sep 1891; farmer; Member of Parliament 1931-44; Otago Mtd Rifles 1914-20 (CO 2 Bn Otago Regt); comd 5 Bde May 1940-Nov 1941; p.w. 27 Nov 1941; escaped Italy, Mar 1943; killed in action, France, 12 Aug 1944.

Maj L. B. CLAPHAM; Opunake; born Tokomaru, 10 Jul 1917; motor mechanic; wounded 20 May 1941.

Maj D. F. ANDERSON; Wairoa; born Ashburton, 19 Mar 1911; stock agent; wounded 24 Oct 1942.

Maj I. A. HART, m.i.d.; born NZ 24 Oct 1904; barrister and solicitor; died of wounds 2 Nov 1942.

Capt M. G. WADEY; Wanganui; born Wanganui, 3 Apr 1913; foreman plumber; wounded and p.w. 23 May 1941.

Maj G. G. BEAVEN; Auckland; born Palmerston North, 12 Apr 1910; clerk, NZR; wounded 22 May 1941.

Maj S. HANTON, ED; Wanganui; born Forfar, Scotland, 6 Aug 1908; printer; p.w. 15 Jul 1942.

Maj E. F. LAWS, ED; Wanganui; born Napier, 9 May 1904; accountant.

Col T. C. CAMPBELL, CBE, DSO, MC, m.i.d.; Waiouru; born Colombo, 20 Dec 1911; farm appraiser; CO 22 Bn 6 Sep 1942-18 Apr 1944; comd 4 Armd Bde Jan-Dec 1945; Commander of Army Schools, 1951-53; Commander, Fiji Military Forces, 1953-56; Commandant, Waiouru Military Camp, Dec 1956-.

Lt E. J. McARA; born Dunedin, 5 Apr 1906; commercial artist; killed in action 20 May 1941.

Maj L. LEEKS; Melbourne; born Wanganui, 22 Nov 1914; insurance clerk; twice wounded.

Very Rev. W. E. W. HURST, m.i.d.; Dean of Dunedin; born Moira, Northern Ireland, 17 May 1912; p.w. 24 May 1941.

This day Capt MONK became 2 i/c B Coy, 2 Lt MacDuff replacing him as Adjutant; Capt Campbell (2 i/c B Coy) took over D Coy; Maj J. Bain (D Coy) had been evacuated sick.

Pte T. C. WEIR; Otorohanga; born Taumarunui, 16 Sep 1908; labourer; wounded and p.w. 16 Apr 1941.

When this had been done, according to army regulations an acquittance roll had to be made out for the muleteers. ?There's nothing funny about trying to make an alphabetical roll of scared mule-drivers when you don't know their language,? recalls K. R. S. CRARER. ?The roll never got more than half done.?

Pte J. R. C. HARGREAVES; Te Whaiti; born Gisborne, 12 Oct 1912; millhand; wounded Nov 1941.

WOI D. G. DILLON; Patangata, Hawke's Bay; born NZ 12 Nov 1911; labourer; wounded 15 Apr 1941.

Pte S. A. WRIGHT; Hamilton; born Auckland, 16 Mar 1918; linesman; three times wounded.

2 Lt T. G. FOWLER, MM, m.i.d.; Cambridge; born Kapuni, Taranaki, 16 Oct 1909; storeman.

Sgt T. LOGIE; born Scotland, 24 Jun 1905; butcher; killed in action 16 Apr 1941.

Pte E. LAWLESS; Wellington; born England, 7 Aug 1914; seaman; p.w. 1 Jun 1941.

WO II H. T. FRASER; Lower Hutt; born Wellington, 19 Feb 1902; motor driver and salesman.

Pte J. TREGEA; Christchurch; born NZ 29 Nov 1914; moulder; wounded 16 Apr 1941.

Maj L. H. V. LONGMORE; Christchurch; born Wellington, 19 Nov 1909; medical practitioner; RMO 22 Bn Dec 1940-May 1941; p.w. 21 May 1941; repatriated Nov 1943.

Sgt J. DRAKE; Wellington; born Wellington, 26 Nov 1915; dairy inspector; p.w. 21 May 1941.

Lt G. KAENE, MM; born Porirua, 27 Sep 1915; labourer; killed in action 7 Dec 1943.

Sgt A. W. ANDREWS; Napier; born Hokitika, 4 Dec 1910; contractor.

Pte H. H. BURGESS; born NZ 21 Sep 1909; farm manager; killed in action 16 Apr 1941.

Pte A. C. MURRAY; Feilding; born NZ 21 Feb 1913; plasterer's labourer; wounded 16 Apr 1941.

Pte J. R. TUSTIN; born Raetihi, 17 Nov 1912; shepherd; killed in action 16 Apr 1941.

Pte G. H. PEACOCK; born Taihape, 24 Jan 1902; labourer; died of wounds 16 Apr 1941.

Lt-Col K. W. FRASER, OBE, ED, m.i.d.; Eastbourne; born Scotland, 1 Nov 1905; asst advertising manager; CO 5 Fd Regt 1940-41; p.w. 27 Nov 1941.

Cpl S. W. WHIBLEY; Upper Aramoho, Wanganui; born Wanganui, 3 Nov 1914; labourer.

Second-Lieutenant ARMSTRONG received the MC, his citation reading: ?His platoon was placed in the path of the enemy's advance and successfully resisted [on 15-16 April] the combined efforts of motor cyclists, AFV's and infantry to penetrate his position. It was largely due to the example of 2 Lt. Armstrong that the action was successfully fought.? B Company had suffered 13 of the battalion's 19 casualties at Olympus.

Pte J. O'BRIEN; born Maketu, 27 Jul 1913; labourer; killed in action 16 Apr 1941.

Pte D. WILSON; born Petone, 4 Jun 1904; assembler; killed in action 16 Apr 1941.

Capt J. MAHAR, m.i.d.; born NZ 31 Oct 1913; contractor; wounded 16 Apr 1941.

Pte C. J. HARNISH; New Plymouth; born NZ 1 Oct 1916; lorry driver; wounded 16 Apr 1941.

Pte C. S. LOVETT; born NZ 8 Dec 1899; stoker; wounded 16 Apr 1941; p.w. 28 Jun 1942; died of sickness while p.w. 12 Feb 1945.

Sgt J. M. HAGEN; born NZ 14 Nov 1910; labourer.

Pte P. P. DONOGHUE; born Petone, 7 Apr 1916; clerk; wounded 15 Jul 1942.

L-Cpl B. M. WICKSTEED; New Plymouth; born Wanganui, 22 Mar 1918; clerk; wounded 29 Aug 1942.

Pte R. A. CHRISTIANSEN; born NZ 18 Apr 1918; railway fireman; wounded 16 Apr 1941.

Pte D. J. MEEK; Stratford; born Scotland, 20 Aug 1918; foundry labourer; wounded 16 Apr 1941.

Sgt A. G. FORD; Gisborne; born Auckland, 4 May 1917; carpenter; twice wounded; p.w. 27 Apr 1941; repatriated May 1944.

Pte R. NORRIS; born NZ 6 Mar 1909; tinsmith; p.w. 16 Apr 1941.

Pte A. H. PETERSON; born NZ 16 Oct 1918; painter; p.w. 16 Apr 1941; killed while p.w. 3 Dec 1942.

A. G. LAMBERT recalls: ?Old Bill Norm had the old anti-tank rifle, damn heavy to carry. To dismantle it he threw the bolt away and carried the darn rifle for miles before he threw it away. His language was rather choice when one of the boys mentioned the fact he could have swapped loads with the same effect.? A wounded Bren-gunner, D. J. Meek, leg smashed, was accidentally left behind: ?the worst half hour I've spent in my life as I thought the Jerries wouldn't worry about one wounded prisoner, and I thought they would torture me or something like that. I sure was glad to see four chaps return for me.?

Pte G. W. A. HARRISON; born NZ 18 Apr 1911; motor assembler; wounded 16 Apr 1941.

Sgt C. FLASHOFF; born London, 3 Jul 1902; depot storekeeper; wounded and p.w. May 1941.

Col J. L. MacDUFF, MC, m.i.d.; Nairobi; born NZ 11 Dec 1905; barrister and solicitor; CO 27 (MG) Bn Sep 1943-Feb 1944; 25 Bn Feb-Jun 1944; Adv Base 2 NZEF Jun-Jul 1944; Supreme Court judge, Kenya.

One party, told to get into the first empty truck reached, struggled on in the downpour until an empty truck loomed up on the side of the road?a civilian truck, obviously commandeered. Thankfully the party clambered in and waited for the convoy to move off. Some slept, others waited anxiously. Eventually Lieutenant Clapham (transport officer) and Sergeant Bob SMITH appeared on motor-cycles and told them all transport had gone. The red-faced soldiers found they had parked in a useless old civilian truck jacked up on blocks of wood and without wheels.

?We were sited in defensive positions before dawn and told to dig in on the barren rocky hillside,? writes a lieutenant. ?This we were too exhausted to do, and all except the sentries lay down and slept on the sodden ground with no covering except their greatcoats. I can remember thinking that the weakest of us might easily die of exposure that night, but I was gratified when each one responded to a shake and made short work of a very welcome mess-tin of bully stew.?

Pte C. J. HILDER; Wellington; born Wellington, 10 Sep 1910; machinist; wounded and p.w. 29 Apr 1941.

WO I A. H. M. De LISLE; Te Whaiti; born Wellington, 14 Aug 1904; company director.

Capt A. A. CLEGHORN; Wellington; born Morrinsville, 11 Mar 1915; insurance clerk.

This road, Larisa-Lamia, had been reserved exclusively for Australian traffic. New Zealanders were switched on to it as an emergency measure, and here and there were roundly abused for trespassing.

Brig R. A. ROW, DSO and bar, m.i.d., Legion of Merit (US); Upper Hutt; born Christchurch, 30 Jul 1888; Regular soldier; 1 NZEF 1914-19 (CO 3 (Res) Bn); comd 8 Bde, 3 NZ Div, Mar 1942-Dec 1943.

Lt-Col J. LEGGAT, ED; Christchurch; born Glasgow, 19 Dec 1900; school-teacher; NZLO GHQ MEF 1941-42; GSO I Army HQ (NZ) 1942-43; headmaster, Christchurch Boys' High School.

Capt T. R. HAWTHORN; Auckland; born NZ 24 Mar 1914; school-teacher; wounded 20 May 1941; p.w 22 Jul 1942.

Soldiers, calling the RAF ?Rare as Fairies? and much worse, spoke bitterly about the total lack of air cover in the move to the Thermopylae line: the Air Force tartly replied that soldiers should have ?levelled their ignorant criticism? at their own commanders who choked the roads with endless columns of MT and should have withdrawn ?exclusively by night?.

Casualties in the midday bombing were:
* 2 Lt G. D. McGLASHAN,
* Sgt J. S. H. DRING,
* Cpls A. E. O'NEILL
* 2 Lt J. D. W. ORMOND,
* Ptes D. L. GEORGE,


* Pte J. COCKROFT (of Bn HQ and attached to the company) was fatally wounded.
* 2 Lt D. H. NANCARROW (C Coy) was wounded by a bomb splinter.

Capt T. G. N. CRTER; Lower Hutt; born Warkworth, 25 Jun 1916; law clerk; p.w. 15 Jul 1942.

Maj-Gen Rt. Hon. Sir Harold BARROWCLOUGH, KCMG, CB, DSO and bar, MC, ED, m.i.d., MC (Gk), Legion of Merit (US), Croix de Guerre; Wellington; born Masterton, 23 Jun 1894; barrister and solicitor; NZ Rifle Bde 1915-19 (CO 4 Bn); comd 7 NZ Inf Bde in UK, 1940; 6 Bde May 1940-Feb 1942; GOC 2 NZEF in Pacific and GOC 3 NZ Div, Aug 1942-Oct 1944; Chief Justice of New Zealand.

At Molos the carriers and the infantry in Hart's party split up. The infantry from now on stayed with or near 6 Bde's headquarters until evacuation south of Corinth Canal. Although once taking up an anti-parachute role very briefly, they did not go into action; they reached Port Said on 2 May in the Comliebank and Thurland Castle.

L-Cpl J. L. T. BARTON; Masterton; born NZ 25 Jun 1911; shepherd; p.w. 15 Jul 1942.

22 Battalion's casualties in Greece were:

Killed in action or died of wounds - 12
Wounded - 19
Wounded and prisoners of war - 4
Prisoners of war - 17
TOTAL - 52

Some embarkation officers had taken far too literally an order from General Wavell that in quitting Greece men were to take precedence over arms. Those radio sets, wantonly dumped on Greece's shores, might have changed the story of Crete

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My father Eric Edward Maulder,will dig out his Rank and number.Ray

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My father Eric Edward Maulder,will dig out his Rank and number.Ray

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