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Why does one DNA test identify more of my last name family than the other test, viz, vs FamilyTreeDNA

I recently had my YDNA analysed through Family Tree DNA, for both 67 and 111 markers.

I am R-M269 Haplogroup according to Family Tree DNA

I am a little puzzled as I also had my DNA analysed through and quite a few of the 32,000 matches were with people in the US who have an ancestor Randall Revell (born 1613 in the UK, before migrating to the US) in their family tree.

My branch of the Revell family was in England and Ireland before migration to Australia in 1847.

If I am related to Randall Revell it would be through his father or before as Randall emigrated to the US in the 1600s,
and my direct ancestors came from England.

The reason I am puzzled is that you would think that the YDNA test would have brought up many matches of Revells/Revel/Revels if I were related to Randall Revell in any way, but there were only a couple of Revels identified in the Family Tree DNA test as opposed to the DNA test. The 3 names identified for 67 marker only were Laird, Relph & Ralph. When I searched these names in Ancestry, only two 5-8 cousin matches came up and my my brother's son who has done the Ancestry DNA tests was not one of them, despite him being my closest DNA match.

Just wondering if anyone would have any thoughts about this?

Kind Regards
Adrian Revell
Petersham, Sydney, Australia