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my grandfather

my greatgrand father was amos bannister and elizabeth booth is my grand fathers parents said on his death record was born in alamosa colorado .on the records was sylvester p.j. bannister birth was on sept 17 1896 .


Hello been researching my family line of the Bannister's and with some help have got some info but so far just census records not confirm any but who my grandfather was have his death certifacate .He was Sylvester P.J. Bannister born in Alamosa Colorado Sept 17 1886 to Amos Bannister of Manchester England born Oct 30 1859 and Elizabeth R Booth of Maryland born Feb 1864.Amos come to america in 1872 to New York was natrualize in 1880 he was a student there.He was second child born to a Amos Bannister of Stetford,England, born 1836 and Catharine Pearson of U.S.A.New York born 1823. Amos and Elizabeth married in 1885 in Washington MD and Amos and Catharine married in Manchester,England in DEC 19,1854 . Amos Bannister of stetford,England 1836 was born to George Bannister and Ann ,think he was born 1796 not find any thing on Ann .She is a mystery not got any thing on when they married or other children they may have had so i at the wall of unknown .Wish had more to give but i don't if anyone that is looking up the same line would love to hear from them i so much want to know my family were we come from and all that we share in this bloodline
james bannister

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i found some bannisters in lancashire area and they was alot name amos bannister from late 1700's to present time it appears .this is the name of my ggrand father and he has been tough to find but with some help from good people think i got some to go on.think i got him confirm cause i found him in marriage on my grandfathers marriage on delaware ny genealogy and history site ,marriage record index.just have one problem he does not appear on amos bannisters and elizabeth r booth children .sylvester p.j.bannister is not on there but think sylvester was not name at birth it was pearson if could get help to confirm it would welcome any.found both on family search had same date of birth sept 17 1886,in colorado .

parents of amos bannister

what i found so far is his parents was amos bannister and catharine pearson they married at cathedral ,manchester,lancashire ,england dec 19 1854 .between 1859 and 1860 had son amos bannister my ggrandfather.his mother was from america 1823,father from lancashire 1836.the latest i got i not got much to confirm it hope some one here may have answer to my gggrandfathers parents george bannister of stetford manchester,england and ann not have any idea on her maiden name or either of them birth dates.

my family line of bannister's

hello i am tracying my family and it been tough getting some info because not been in contact with them and father died when i was two and mother had no info on them. the only documents is that of my grandfather's death record and it gave me my ggrand parents name's ,birth state . Amos Bannister and Elizabeth Booth is my ggrandparents Amos was born in england and Elizabeth was born in maryland that is all it gave on my grandfather's death record .my grandfather was Sylvester P.J. Bannister was born sept 17 1896,but got census saying 1887 and he was born in alamosa colorado .