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WWI OFFICERS returning 1917

Journal by ngairedith

some of the OFFICERS who returned by a hospital ship into Auckland on the 4th March 1917, Wellington on the 6th, Lyttelton on the 7th and Port Chalmers on the 8th
* with their next of kin

* Second Lieutenant AITKEN, Alexander Craig 'Alec' (1895-1967) - student
* William Aitken, 71 Albany street, Dunedin, father
* eldest of 7 children of William AITKEN & Elizabeth TOWERS
* served as #8/2524 with the 6th Reinforcements, Otago Infantry Battalion
in Gallipoli, Egypt, and France
* Alexander married Mary Winifred BETTS in 1920
* Alexander, FRSNZ FRSE FRS, was one of New Zealand's greatest mathematicians. He was educated at Otago Boys' High School in Dunedin (1908?13) and won the Thomas Baker Calculus Scholarship in his last year at school. He saw active service during World War I with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force, at Gallipoli, in Egypt, and at the Western Front. He was wounded at the Somme. He graduated MA from the University of Otago in 1920, then worked as a schoolmaster at Otago Boys' High School from 1920-3. He studied for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland, where his dissertation, "Smoothing of Data", was considered so impressive that he was awarded a DSc in 1926. Alec's impact at the University had been so great that he had been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh the year before the award of his degree, upon the proposal of Sir Edmund Whittaker, Sir Charles Galton Darwin, Edward Copson and David Gibb. He was awarded the Makdougall-Brisbane Prize for 1930-2 and was very active in the affairs of the RSE, serving as Councillor (1934-6), Secretary to Ordinary Meetings (1936?40), and Vice-President (1948?51; 1956-9). He was also an active member of the Edinburgh Mathematical Society and a Fellow of the Faculty of Actuaries.
He spent his entire career at Edinburgh University, working as Lecturer in Actuarial Mathematics & Statistics (1925?36), Reader in Statistics (1936?46), and finally Professor of Mathematics (1946?65).
During World War II he worked in Hut 6 Bletchley Park decrypting ENIGMA code
He was one of the best mental calculators known and had a prodigious memory. He knew the first 1000 digits of pi, the 96 recurring digits of 1/97, and memorized the Aeneid at high school. Unfortunately, his inability to forget the horrors he witnessed in World War I led to recurrent depression throughout his life.
Alec was elected to the Royal Society of London in 1936 for his work in statistics, algebra and numerical analysis. He was an accomplished writer, being elected to the Royal Society of Literature in 1964 in response to the publication of his war memoirs. He was also an excellent musician, being described by Eric Fenby as the most accomplished amateur musician he had ever known and was a champion athlete in his younger days.
Through his collaboration with Herbert W. Turnbull on a book on canonical matrices (published in 1932), he acquired an Erdos number of 6.
Alec died on 3 November 1967, in Edinburgh aged 72
An annual "Aitken Prize" is awarded by the New Zealand Mathematical Society for the best student talk at their colloquium. The prize was inaugurated in 1995 at the University of Otago's Aitken Centenary Conference, a joint mathematics and statistics conference held to remember Aitken a hundred years after his birth.
another Biography for Alexander Craig Aitken

* Second Lieutenant BONGARD, Stanley (1890-1983) - clerk
* Mrs E. Bongard, 15 Vauxhall road, Devonport, Auckland, mother
* 1 of at least 13 children of Captain James BONGARD & Emily ROSSITER
* he served as #12/3915 with the NZEF, 10th Reinforcements Auckland Infantry Battalion, A Company, embarking from Wellington 4 March 1916
* Stanley married Hilarie Evelyn LEPPER (1894-1983) in 1917. Daughter of Harper Brison LEPPER & Annie Evelyn CLIFF of Lepperton, Taranaki
* brothers #15290 Arthur Bongard & #24/55 James Rossiter Bongard also served. A son of Stanley & Annie, Harper Mervyn Bongard died as a prisoner of war in Japan in 1943 aged 24
- Stanley & Hilarie were living in Leeston, North Canterbury at that time

* Second Lieutenant GARDEN, George Edgar Henderson (1892-1972) - mercer/trader
* Mrs Rosina Annie Garden, 5 Young street, Dunedin, mother
* born Xmas Day in Australia to Alexander Polson GARDEN (1865-1941) & Rosina Annie HENDERSON (1868-1951)
* served as #13843 with the NZEF, 14th Reinforcements Otago Infantry Battalion, D Company
* embarked from Wellington 26 June 1916
* brother, William Alexander HendersOn Garden also served

* Second Lieutenant, GASPARICH, Joseph George (1890-1985) - school teacher
* A. Gasparich, Raimer's avenue, Kingsland, Auckland, father
* Joseph, #12/553, enlisted from Grey street, Whangarei, embarking with the Auckland Infantry Battalion, Main Body on 16 Oct 1914
* 3 brothers, #6/2420 Edward Anthony Gaspraich (1896-1966) embarked 13 June 1915 with the 5th Canterbury, #25/758 Francis Clement Gasparich (1894-1977) embarked 5 Feb 1916 with the 3rd Rifle & #44902 John Weldon Gasparich (1897-1970) embarked 9 June 1917 with the 26th Specialists, Machine Gun Section
* sons of Antonio 'Anthony' GASPARICH (1857-1918) from Porec (Parenzo), Istria County, Croatia, & Jane RHODES (1871-1952) from Liverpool, England
* Joseph married Ada Elizabeth WYLIE (1890-1959) in 1918

* Second Lieutenant GENDALL, John William (1890-1964) - clerk
* Mrs Agnes W. Gendall, 104 Majoribanks street, Mount Victoria, Wellington, wife
* John married Agnes Williams HOPKIRK (1891-1964) in 1915. Daughter of William HOPKIRK & Mary DANIEL of 86 Marjoribanks street, the owner of Hopkirk Timbers Ltd, in Kaiwharawhara between the railway line and the Hutt Road, later bought by Fletchers Timber Company
* John embarked from Wellington on 8 Jan 1916 with NZEF, 9th Reinforcements New Zealand Field Artillery

* Second Lieutenant HANCOX, George Gilbert (1892-1966) - teacher
* Mrs Ethel M. Hancox, 102 Queen street, Dunedin, wife
* George married Ethel May WILKINSON (1894-1984) in 1916
* he embarked 26 June 1916 with the NZEF, 14th Reinforcements Canterbury Infantry Battalion, C Company

* Captain HAUGHTON, Vivian Palmer (1891-1956) - draughtsman
* R. S. Haughton, 78 Pirie street, Wellington, father
* son of Richard Stone HAUGHTON (1862-1934) & Elizabeth Jane WOODGATE (1860-1930)
* had a sister, 1892 - Eileen Mildred Haughton who married Frederick George Alfred GRAY in 1914
* served as #2/1541 with the 5th Reinforcements, Field Artillery
* Vivian was an architect based in Wellington. From Bulleyment.Fortune Architects Ltd ... Vivian Palmer Haughton was the first New Zealand born partner in the practice, joining Crichton & McKay in 1909 as a pupil, partner from 1926 and principal from 1928. Volunteering for service in 1914 he served at Gallipolli and received a severe head wound at the battle of the Somme. In his 47 years with the company he designed many buildings including The Dominion Building, Wellington, and numerous bank branches throughout New Zealand, the most famous of which is probably the fomer Bank of New Zealand in Napier, with its conspicuous Maori motifs.

* Lieutenant HIGGINSON, William Scott (1877-1952) - clerk
* Mrs Anna Scott-Higginson, his wife c/o John Richard Higginson, Ngaruawahia, Waikato, his brother (address also): Mrs Anna Scott-Higginson (wife), c/o J. R. Higginson, Whatawhata, Waikato
* son of William Willson HIGGINSON & Louisa MEREDITH
* his siblings were:
1877 - William Scott Higginson
1879 - Emily Higginson
1881 - Ellen Higginson
1882 - John Richard Higginson
1884 - Louisa Higginson
1886 - Frank Higginsons
1889 - Rose Higginson
1893 - Nicholas Leslie Higginson
* he married Anna RUGE in 1902 & had a daughter in 1905 - Iris Scott Higginson

* Captain HOLDGATE, Ernest Arthur George (1875-1964) - ironmonger's assistant
* James Herbert Holdgate, 11 Butler street, Timaru
* son of James Herbert HOLDGATE (1882-1972) & Winifred Jane COLLINS (1888-1962)
* served as #6/1873 with the 4th Reinforcements, Canterbury Infantry Battalion, enlisting from his father's house, embarking from Wellington 17 April 1915. He was wounded at Gallipoli

* Major LEEMING, Charles Victor - clerk
* Mrs Margaret Leeming, 39 North Avon rd., St Albans, Christchurch, wife
* served as #2/120, with the Canterbury Field Artillery, Main Body, enlisting from 199 Bealey Avenue, Christchurch, embarking from Wellington 16 Oct 1914
* he married Margaret Imelda McDONALD in 1914
* they moved to New South Wales

* Second Lieutenant McCLELLAND, William Wallace (1884-1954) - draper
* Mrs M. H. McClelland, 376 Gloucester street, Linwood, Christchurch, wife
* William married Mabel Hannah GERKEN (1883-1964) in 1908. 1 of 4 daughters of Frederick William GERKEN & Mary MOOR
* he served as #23/2129 with the NZRB, 5th Reinforcements 1st Battalion, E Company, embarking from Wellington 1 April 1916

* Lieutenant McDOUGALL, Joseph Henry Garroway (1890-1942) - jeweller
* Allan McDougall, 14 Beta street, Roslyn, Dunedin, father
* son of Allan McDOUGALL & Jane WHITTEN
* his siblings were:
1882 - Mary McDougall
1882 - William Ernest McDougall
1885 - Allan McDougall
1887 - Albert Edward Alexander McDougall
1890 - Joseph Henry Garroway McDougall
1895 - Sydney George McDougall
1899 - Margaret Theodocia McDougall
* Joseph married Helena Marion DUNCAN (1897-1983) in 1922

* Captain McNAB, Peter (1884-1918) - medical practitioner
* Mrs S. J. McNab, Normanby road, Mount Eden, Auckland
* son of Peter McNAB & Cathleen/Catherine DOUGLAS
* he married Annie ELDER in 1912
* he served as #3/1246 with the Medical Corps, 7th Reinforcementsin Egypt & France
* enlisted from Dominion Rd, embarked from Wellington 9 Oct 1915
* Peter died after discharge, on 15 Nov 1918. He was 34
* Auckland Star 15 November 1918 - The death occurred this morning of Dr Peter McNab, of Dominion Road, a well known medical practitioner of Auckland, son of Mr Peter McNab, monumental mason, of Auckland. After receiving part of his education in Auckland, he obtained his medical degree at the University of Edinburgh. Dr McNab, who was away with the New Zealand Expeditionary Force for a time had been suffering from heart trouble some time prior to his death

* Lieutenant MILNE, Alexander Smith (1884-1972) - accountant
* Mrs Elsie Milne, Ashburn Hall, Wakari, Roslyn, Dunedin, mother
* son of John MILNE & Elspet DUNCAN
* served as #2/1048 with the 2nd reinforcements, Field Artillery
* enlisted from Flat Point Station, Wairarapa, embarking from Wellington 14 Dec 1914
* Alexander married Catherine Prentice BLACK in 1923

* Second Lieutenant MORRIS, Guy Norman (1887-1949) - civil servant
* Mrs G. N. Morris, Palmerston South, Otago, wife
* 1st of 4 sons of Charles Barham MORRIS & Sophia Frances Goddard TUKE
* Guy married Maude Emily COX (1886-1977) in 1912. Daughter of William Augustus & Emily FITZGERALD
* he served as #26/1548 with the NZRB, 2nd Reinforcements 4th Battalion, H Company, embarking from Wellington 1 April 1916. His wife's address at that time was 8 Landeross Street, Kelburn, Wellington

* Second Lieutenant PETRIE, Edward Robert Victor (1895-1942) - auction clerk
* Mrs Annie Y. Petrie, 23 Epuni street, Wellington, mother
* Edward was born in 1895 the 5th of at least 11 children of Edward PETRIE, Builder, & Annie Young CASSELL
* Edward served as #8/2374 in 1914 with the Samoan Advance Party & with the 4th Reinforcements in 1915
* Edward married Phyllis Ann RATHBURN in 1930

* Lieutenant SCOON, William Hudson (1869-1957) - truant officer
* Mrs W. H. Scoon, 143 The Terrace, Wellington, wife
* he married Annie MILLS (1869-1925) in 1889
- their known children:
1889 - 1960 Francis William Scoon
1891 - 1980 Mabel Isabella Scoon
1893 - 1042 Alfred John Scoon
* William Hudson Scoon served as #10/4031 with the NZEF, 11th Reinforcements Wellington Infantry Battalion, B Company, embarking from Wellington 1 April 1916. His next of kin was his wife Annie, then at 7 Roslyn Road, Napier
* Annie died 5 June 1925 at 50 Ellice street, Mount Victoria, Wellington and is buried Plot 41H, CH ENG2 at Karori
* he died 1 July 1957 aged 89 & buried Plot 14 M/4, SOLDIERS, at Karori, Wellington

* Lieutenant SHELDON, Harold John Drummond (1891-1962) - farmer
* James C. Sheldon, Mount somers, Canterbury, father
* son James Christian SHELDON & Ada Jane SIMPSON
* his siblings were:
1891 - Harold John Drummond
1893 - Muriel Eva May Sheldon
1895 - Gerald McLellan Sheldon
1901 - Arthur Raisford Sheldon
1906 - Dorothy Myra Sheldon
1911 - Geoffery Noel Sheldon
* he served as #10/3148 with the 8th Reinforcements, Wellington Infantry Battalion, enlisting from Mount Somers, Canterbury, embarking from Wellington 13 Nov 1914
* harold married Mary Elizabeth DAVIS (1885-1953) in 1917

* Second Lieutenant SIGNAL, Hamish Allen (1892-1959) - cabinetmaker
* Mrs Elizabeth Signal, Bulls, mother
* Hamish was born in 1892 to John SIGNAL & Elizabeth WATSON
* he served as #15835 with the NZRD, 6th Reinforcements 3rd Battalion, G Company, embarking from Wellington 26 July 1916

* Lieutenant THOM, William Michael (1889-1956) - clerk
* Mrs Annie Thom, 4 Spohr street, Addington, Christchurch, mother
- (named after Louis Spohr (1784-1859), later re-named Feilding Street)
* William served as #6/2030 with the 5th Reinforcements, Canterbury Infantry Battalion, embarking from Wellington 13 June 1915

* Second Lieutenant TURNER, Archibald Ray/Roy Hoyte (1893-1964) - commercial traveller
* Mrs M. E. G. Turner, 14 Russell street, Devonport, Auckland, mother
* Archibald was a son of Charles Barker Ross TURNER (1855-1932) & Mary Ella Sheelah HOYTE (1869-1948, from Dublin, Ireland)
* Archibald served as #23/2530 with the NZRB, 5th Reinforcements 1st Battalion, E Company, embarking from Wellington 1 April 1916

* Second Lieutenant, VIAL, Robert Forster (1892-1976) - warehouseman
* H. Vial, Kelburn, Wellington, father - also:
* H. Vial (father), c/o Ullathorne, Hartridge and Co. (Ltd), Harris St, Wellington
* born in Australia
* served as #2/88 with Samoan Advance party in 1913, with 5th Reinforcements in 1915 & 29th Reinforcements New Zealand Field Artillery in 1917
* Robert married Ada Isobel ELLINGHAM (1896-1935) in 1925

Alexander Craig AITKEN

Although one of New Zealand's greatest mathematicians, his war experiences were to haunt him for the rest of his life

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