the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... C names :: Genealogy
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the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... C names

Journal by ngairedith

the Roman Catholic MOUNT STREET CEMETERY is a protected heritage site in Wellington, New Zealand (click link for more). It was the first cemetery in Wellington for Catholic burials and contains the graves of the first nuns and priests in Wellington. It remained open until 1891 although burials continued in existing family plots until 1954. The earliest surviving grave marker dates from 1851, and the latest from 1954. Although only around 200 headstones survive, it is estimated that there could have been as many as 1150 burials. Many of the early markers were simple wooden crosses, which have long since vanished

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the 'Residents' of MOUNT STREET Cemetery, Wellington (as at May 2012)
- anything in italics is my addition
- dates may be of death OR burial


CAHILL, Alfred James - 4 April 1865 aged 6.5 of scarlet fever
* born Dec 1858, son of Edward & Mary

CAHILL, Edward - 9 July 1906 aged 83
* married Mary Teresa Shiel in County Kildare when he was 23. He and Mary sailed in the 'John Calvin' to Norfolk Island with a cargo of convicts in 1846, then to Auckland via Sydney in the troop ship Java. The 65th was ordered to Wellington in 1848 and sailed in the 'Thomas Lowry'. He took his discharge in 1850
10 July 1906 At the residence of his daughter Mrs Heber Brown (go to B names) No 181, Willis-street, Edward Cahill, late of H. M. 65th Regiment Royal Bengal Tigers in his 84th year. Private interment at 9.30, Wednesday morning

CAHILL, Ellen - 4 April 1865 aged 3 months of scarlet fever
* daughter of Edward & Mary

CAHILL, John Joseph Francis - 2 Sep 1871 aged 15 from a foundry accident
* son of Edward & Mary

CAHILL, Mary Teresa (nee Shiel) - 25 June 1902 aged 72
* married Edward Cahill (read their notes at cemetery)
27 Jan 1899 Mary applies for the full Old Age Pension of £18, (equivalent to $59.55 per week in 2012) being 70 years of age and 59 years in the colony

CAHILL, Thomas - 17 March 1865 aged 2.6 of scarlet fever
* son of Edward & Mary

CALLAN, Ellen Louis - 7 March 1882 aged 4 months

CALMAN, Charles 'Chas' - 7 Sep 1875 aged 10 months

CALNAN, David - 30 May 1870 aged 73
30 May 1870 On the 30th instant, at Little Taranaki-street, Mr David Calnan, aged 73 years

CARBERRY, Maud - 22 Jan 1890 aged 7 months
- daughter of Michael CARBERRY (1856-1935) & Ellen WALSH (1860-1923 died in Petone):
1881 - 1928 Annie Carberry
- Annie married Jesse POINTON in 1909
1884 - 1963 Charles Carberry
- spouse not found
1885 - 1964 William John Carberry
- William Barbara Jenny HOLLOWAY (1884-1917) in 1909
- he next married Hannah Jane GUNN (nee CAMPBELL 1884-1927) in 1919
- Hannah's first husband, Robert Bell Gunn was killed in action 1916 in France
- William next married Mary Balfour Ainslie AMES (1894-1969) in 1928
1887 - 1946 Robert Vincent Carberry
- Robert married Sara Myrtle CLARKE in 1909
1889 - 1890 Maud Catherine Carberry as above
1891 - Maud Jane Carberry
1892 - 1950 Leonard Oswald Carberry
- Leonard married Alice Eleanor McFADDEN in 1922
- he married Elva Inglis McINTYRE (1901-1951) in 1932
1896 - 1922 George Avis Carberry

CARD, Rosanna - 7 Jan 1891 aged 15
7 Jan 1891 On the 7th January, at Star and Garter Hotel, Cuba-street, Rosanna, second daughter of John and Hanna Card (Hanna/Hannah Jane nee O'SHEA), aged 15 years; deeply regretted. Greymouth papers please copy. Rosanna's inscription reads: "Oh weep not for me parents dear, As my time on earth was o?er, I had to go when I was called, To our dear Lord for evermore"

25 Oct 1870 On the 25th October, by the Rev Father Binsfeld, at his own residence, Pioneer Hotel, Marsden (15km south of Greymouth, Westland, NZ), John Card, of the County Wilts, England, to Miss Hannah O'Shea, County of Cork, Ireland. Adelaide and Melbourne papers please copy.
John & Hannah had at last 5 children and later moved to Featherston. Their eldest son, John Wiltshire Card was a Solicitor & Barrister in Featherston. He was elected as Chairman of the Featherston Town board in 1896

CARMONT, Allan Alexander Hayes - 14 March 1868 aged 5 months
14 March 1868 On the 14th inst., Allan Alexander Hays (sic), infant son of Mr Allan Carmont, of Greytown, Wairarapa, aged 5 months
- possible grandson of Allan & Elizabeth below

CARMONT, Alexander - 13 Aug 1867 aged 26
- son of John CARMONT & Elizabeth CAVERN
1 Aug 1867 On August 14, at Horowhenua, Otaki, West Coast, Mr Alexander Carmont, son of the late Mr John Carmont, Hill street, Thorndon Flat, Wellington, aged 25 years

CARMONT, Elizabeth (nee CAVEN) - 25 Sep 1874 aged 69
- born 1805 in Urr, Kirkcudbrightshire, South West Scotland, she married John Carmont in 1826 in Buittle, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright and had 9 children (see John's link below). John & Elizabeth Carmont and all their family, emigrated to New Zealand to be with their daughter, Agnes, who at age 24, had emigrated to Wellington in October 1850 on the "Phoebe Dunbar" as a steerage passenger as companion to accompany Mary Ann Clifford, the young wife of Mr Charles Clifford (later Sir Charles) to New Zealand for a period of 3 years, where, at the time, Clifford with two of his cousins held large areas of land in the Wairarapa and Marlborough districts. John & Elizabeth arrived into Wellington, via Sydney on the "Marchioness" in September 1857
- their children were:
1829 - 1906 Agnes Carmont
- Agnes accompanied Mary Ann Clifford to NZ in 1850, the young wife of Charles Clifford (later SIR Charles), see Clifford below
- Agnes married Hector McDONALD in 1854
1831 - ? Mary Ann Carmont
- nothing known
1832 - 1855 Jane Caven Carmont
- died aged 22, buried here, see below
1834 - 1915 John NcCartney Carmont
- died in Wellington
1835 - ? Margaret Carmont
- Margaret married William JENKINS in 1857
1941 - 1867 Alexander Carmont
- died in Horowhenua
1842 - 1922 Allan John Carmont
- married Susannah BILLS in 1864
- Allan was a licensee of the Telegraph Hotel & had a bakery in Otaki. He died in Otaki Hospital in July 1922
1847 - 1931 Catherine Dubois Carmont
- Catherine married Henry MESSER in 1868
- she married William JESSUP in 1876

CARMONT, Jane Caven - 15 July 1855 age 22
- daughter of John CARMONT & Elizabeth CAVEN above

CARMONT, John - 8 Dec 1859 aged 67
- John was born in New Abbey, Dumfries & Galloway, South West Scotland. He married Elizabeth CAVEN 5 Sep 1826 in Buittle, Stewartry of Kirkcudbright (see above)

CARMONT, Mary Ann - 10 Jan 1854 aged 22
- born in Dumfries, Scotland to John Carmont & Elizabeth Caven

CARMONT, Ernest Henry - 29 March 1878 aged 12?
- Ernest was the first of 11 children of Allan John CARMONT & Susannah BILLS
29 March 1878 On the 29th of March, at Mr Bill's residence, Tinakori Road, Ernest Henry Carmont, son of Mr Allan Carmont, of Horokiwi Valley, aged 12?

CARR, Esther, - 10 Jan 1888 aged 53
10 Jan 1888 On the 10th January, at Mitchelltown Wellington, Esther, wife of Charles Carr, aged 53 years. Hawera and Auckland papers please copy

CARR, John - 21 Aug 1885 aged 5?
21 Aug 1885 On the 21st August, 185, at Molesworth street, John Carr, aged 5? years

CARR, Mary Emma - 19 March 1870 aged 6 months

CARROLL, Ellen - 23 Aug 1863 aged 3.6
- born 1859, possible sibling of the other 2 Carroll

CARROLL, Mary Ann - 22 Aug 1867 aged 17
- born 1850 possible sibling of the other 2 Carroll

CARROLL, William Henry - 6 March 1875 aged 16
- born 1859, possible sibling of the other 2 Carroll

CARRUTHERS, Ann Skallon - 17 March 1870 aged 5.7
17 March 1870 On the 17th inst., Ann Skellon, daughter of Mr T. J. Carruthers, aged 5 years, and 7 months

CARRUTHERS, Edwin Montague - 7 June 1857 aged 52
- born in Wrexham, Denbighshire, Wales, Edwin first married Elizabeth YOUDS (1809-1833) in Liverpool in 1827 & had 2 children. He next married Jane Skelton Cannon about 1833 & had 9 children (see list below)

CARRUTHERS, Frances Jane (nee WOOLLEY 1851-1927) - 26 Dec 1927 aged 75
- second wife of Thomas Johnston Carruthers (1837-1907)
- married him in 1874 & had 6 children (& brought up 4 stepchildren, children of Jane Cannon)

CARRUTHERS, Jane Skelton (nee CANNON) - 30 Sep 1876 aged 65
- Jane married Edwin Montague Carruthers (1805-1867) above, in 1833
- their known 9 children:
born in Liverpool:
1834 - 1911 Mary Catherine Carruthers
- Mary married Robert Joseph WALSH (1825-1887/9) 24 Sep 1854 in Wellington. They had 13 children. She died in NSW Australia
1835 - ? Jane Anne Carruthers
- nothing known
1836 - 1907 Thomas Johnston Carruthers
- buried here, see below
1839 - 1840 Edwin Montague Carruthers
- Edwin died in Liverpool
1841 - 1876 Anne Skelton Carruthers
- Anne married Andrew Joseph MANEY (1838-1875) 1862 in Nelson & had 8 children
1844 - Jane Cannon Carruthers
- Jane married William Phillip MARTIN in Wellington in 1862
born in London:
1846 - 1936 John Butler Carruthers
- married twice, died in Silverstream, buried here, see below
born in Wellington:
1853 - 1929 Theresa Elizabeth Carruthers
- Theresa married George Henry YORKE (1853-1915) in Wellington 1883
- Theresa died in Greytown, George died in Masterton
1856 - 1927 Emily Amelia Agnes Carruthers
- Emily married Robert DANIEL (1846-1928, brother of Adelaide Elizabeth who married her brother John Butler, below) in Wellington 1873 & had 10 children. She died in Carterton, buried Karori

CARRUTHERS, Jane (nee MEMBRAY) - 10 Nov 1870 aged 28
- first wife of Thomas Johnston Carruthers (had 4 children)
10 Nov 1870 On the 19th inst., at Pipitea-street, Wellington, Jane the beloved wife if Mr Thos. Johnson Carruthers, aged 28 years

CARRUTHERS, John Butler - 16 Sep 1936 aged 90
18 Sep 1936 On September 16, 1936, at Wellington, John Butler Carruthers, late of 18 Ascot Terrace, Thorndon; in his 91st year. (Interred at Mount Street Cemetery today)
- John was the 7th of 9 children of Edwin Montague Carruthers & Jane Skelton Cannon. He married Kate May McNAMARA (1853-1879 from Melbourne) in Wellington 1874 & had 3 children. He next married Adelaide Elizabeth DANIEL (1852-1929 from London) in Wellington 1886, as her 2nd husband & had 3 children. Adelaide had married William Henry DIAMOND (1845-1884) 1859 in Wellington

CARRUTHERS, Thomas Johnston snr - 23 Aug 1907 aged 70
- born 8 Dec 1836 in Liverpool, Lancashire
- he married Jane MEMBREY (1841-1872) in Wellingotn 1862 & had 4 children
- he married Francis Jane WOOLLEY (1851-1927) & had 6 children
- he was an Engineer, Public Works, Wellington
- he died 4 months before his 18 year old son Thomas (below)

CARRUTHERS, Thomas Johnston jnr - 24 Dec 1907 aged 18
27 Dec 1907 The death of Mr Thomas Carruthers, who was buried at Mount-street Cemetery yesterday, has deprived Wellington of one of its most promising amateur athletes. Making his first appearance as a runner at the Wellington provincial championships last New Year's Day, he attracted considerable attention by his undoubted fine sprinting powers, and by the end of the season he was considered to be one of the most promising runners seen here for many years. Apart from his prowess as an athlete, he was exceedingly popular and respected. His untimely death - he had not yet turned nineteen - which was due to an anscess on the brain, is deplored by an extensive circle of friends

CARSON, Ann - 6 April 1875 aged 15 months

CARSON, Charles Frederick - 4 July 1887 aged 3 months

CARSON, James - 9 Jan 1885 aged 32
- James was a Chief Steward on the U.S.S.Co., s.s. 'Rotorua"

CARSON, James - 1 July 1890 aged 68
- James died in the Hospital from the effects of injuries sustained after he fell from a tram in Wellington, around Willis-Manners street, near Duke of Edinburgh Hotel. He fractured his left thigh near the hip joint, which had been broken about 7 years previously. Inquest & Coroners Report

CARSON, James Henry Joseph - 21 Sep 1886 aged 3 months
- son of James Henry CARSON & Wilhelmina 'Minnie' Pope Smith McKAY (1858-1936):
1886 - 1886 James Henry Joseph Carson, as above
1888 - ? John George McKay Carson
1890 - ? Albin Wellington Carson
1892 - 1918 James Henry Carson
- James died aged 26
1895 - 1907 Sydney Angus Carson
- Sydney died aged 12 in Palmerston North
1898 - Georgina Isabella Mary Carson
- Georgina married John Archibald BELL in 1921


CARTY, Charles - 1 Nov 1864 aged 65

CARTY, John - ???

CASEY, Catherine - 26 Nov 1893 aged 50

CASEY, Edmund - 11 June 1875 aged 1 week
- son of James CASEY & Margaret SCANLON

CASEY, Francis James - 3 Sep 1875 aged 7 months
3 Sep 1875 On the 3rd inst., at his father's residence, Francis James, infant son of J. J. and Theresa Casey, aged 7 months
- this was John James CASEY (1846-1900) & Theresa Maria PAGON (1855-1927)
- John was a Draper & Clothier in Lambton-quay as CASEY & McDONALD
- go to his link for a list of their 11 children, their life in Timeline, Theresa's obituary and more

CASEY, James - 26 July 1886 aged 43

CASEY, James - ??? aged 50

CASEY, James O'Dwyer - 5 April 1886 aged 6
- 4th son of John James CASEY & Theresa Maria PAGON see fathers link above

CASEY, John - 26 Dec 1879 aged 36
26 Dec 1879 On the 26th December, at the Wellington Hospital, John Casey, of Kaiwarra, age 36 years


CENCI, Rosina - 21 Oct 1890 aged 28
21 Oct 1890 On the 21st October, at Riddiford-street, Newtown, Rosina, wife of Joseph Cenci aged 28 years; deeply regretted. The Friends of Mr Joseph Cenci are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his deceased wife, which will leave his residence, Riddiford-street, Newtown, on Thursday, 23rd October at half-past 2 p.m.
NOTE ... The body of Joseph Cenci (1850-1897), for many years employed in the Telegraph an Postal Department, was found floating in the harbor near the Thorndon baths yesterday (20 May 1897). Deceased was stripped to his underclothing, and had placed his clothes on the steps, near by where the body was found. Cenci was an Italian, about 45 years of age, and leaves a wife (remarried ?? to Annie or another Joseph Cenci??) and two daughters (of Rosina, 1882-Louisa Maria + 1885-Emily Mary Cenci). He came to the colony about 23 years ago (from Leghorn, Italy) and proceeded to Kumara, where after learning English he obtained a position in the telegraph office. Shortly afterwards he was removed to Wanganui and from thence to Wellington, where he had been latterly employed in the accountants' branch of the Postal Department. Although suicide was originally thought, the jury found Accidental Drowning ... an Annie Cenci had a millinery and dressmaking business in Vivian street for a number of years after

CIMINO, Catherine Ann - 21 Oct 1890 aged 29

CIMINO, Margaret (nee HICKEY/HOCKEY) - 28 Sep 1883 aged 50
- married Salvatore Cimino in 1862 as his second wife

CIMINO, Rebecca (possibly nee WRIGHT) - 21 May 1861 aged 49
- possibly first wife of Salvatore (see his notes)

CIMINO, Captain Salvatore - 11 Aug 1899 aged 90
In 1848 Salvatore was a Grocer form Italy when he was Naturalised in Wellington
12 Aug 1899 At 11 o'clock last night Mr Salvatore Cimino, one of Wellington's original settlers, passed away at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr G. H. Fisher, in his ninety-first year. The early portion of Mr Cimino's life was one of adventure. Born in Capri, on the coast of Italy, and the third son of a captain in the Royal Italian Navy, the young Italian came to New Zealand in 1840 on the vessel by which Dr Featherston came to the colony (the Olympus). Being a skilled seaman, he soon obtained a cutter known as the 'Fidele', and in her, cruised along the West Coast of this island, supplying settlers and natives with stores from Port Nicholson. Later on he sold the Fidele, and became the possessor of the 'Fly', which soon had the reputation of being the smartest sailer along the colony's coast. Mr Cimino traded to Lyttelton with her, and from his first trip established records in that the cutter frequently left Wellington, landed a cargo at Lyttelton took on board another load and was at anchor in Port Nicholson again within eight days, the owner clearing £300 (equivalent n 2012 of $54,500) as a result of one such voyage. That was in the fifties when the voyage to Lyttelton and back frequently occupied some sixteen days. Mr Cimino afterwards set up business in Wellington but reitred from active commercial life twenty years ago. Up till twenty-five years ago he was also for some ten years a partner with Mr John O'Meara in pastoral pursuits, first on Kapiti Island and later in the Wairarapa. He was twice married, first to Miss Wright, who predeceased him by forty years, and afterwards to Miss Hickey who died a few years ago. Mr Salvatore Cimino (Manager for Messrs. Chas. Begg and Co.) and a daughter were the offspring of the first marriage. Miss Cimino died whilst yet a girl from shock received during the great earthquake of 1855. Of the four daughters by the second marriage, Mrs G. H. Fisher (George Henry, who married Margarita Cimino in 1896), Mrs William Fisher (daughter-in-law of Mr George Fisher, M.H.R.) (William George, who married Mary Cimino in 1896), Mrs E. P. Bunny (Edmund Percy, who married Brunetta Lucia Cimino in 1892) and Sister Mary Liquori (of St Mary's Convent) are all resident in Wellington. Mr Cimino, despite his great age, was to be seen about town until a fortnight ago, and he passed away peacefully in the presence of his family, after an honoured and respected life
- one of Savatore's grandsons, Francis Athol Cimino, Private 8/2261, was killed in action in Gallipoli

CIMINO, Sister Mary Agatha - 11 Dec 1890 aged 53
11 Dec 1891 On the 11th December, at St Marys Convent, Sister Mary Agatha Climino, aged 53 years. R.I.P.

CIMINO, Rev Mother Mary Liquori (Annie B) - 15 Nov 1936 aged 72
16 Nov 1936 A very large circle of ex-pupils and friends will learn with sincere regret of the death of the Rev Mother Liquori, which occurred yesterday. The Rev Mother was a prominent figure at St Mary's Convent, Hill Street, for over half a century and as well as being a remarkable teacher of music and singing was one who was loved by all who came in contact with her. A daughter of pioneer residents of Wellington, Mr and Mrs Salvatore Cimino ... more

CLARK, Julia - 6 April 1881 aged 32
a possibility...
26 March 1881 A steerage passenger, named Mrs J. Clark met with an accident on board the s.s. Rotorua, while that vessel was on the point of leaving Port Lyttelton on her last trip to this port, and now lies at the Wellington Hospital in an exceedingly precarious condition. She accidently fell down the hatchway, and besides sustaining severe injuries aout the head, fractured her arm. She was attended by Dr Gillon, who chanced to be also on board en route for this city, and at the Hospital she is being attended both by that gentleman and Dr Diver. Her husband and children accompanied her hither, it being their intention, we believe, to proceed hence to San Francisco, Mrs Clarke is in such a low state that up to the hour of our going to press her life was despaired of
30 March 1881 Mrs J. Clarke, who, as reported on Saturday, met with a very serious accident on board the s.s. Rotorua at Port Lyttelton, and whose life was at one time despaired of, is still a patient at the Wellington Hospital, and has now recovered consciousness. Her husband is also in Wellington, but the children continue their voyage to England via San Francisco in charge of some friends
13 April 1881 Mrs J. Clarke, who fell down the hold of the s.s. Rotorua at Lyttelton a short time ago and was taken to the Wellington Hospital, has since died at that institution
Julia & Thomas Clarke had 3 children (& their age at Julia's death):
1875 - George Clarke (6)
1877 - Catherine Clarke (4)
1879 - Clara Clarke (2)

CLARY, Margaret - 15 July 1891 aged ?

CLIFFORD, Aston Charles - 13 Jan 1855 aged 3.5
- born in Wellington in 1851
His parents were Sir Charles Clifford,1st Baronet (1813-1893) & Mary Ann HERCY
- (the name Aston came from Sir Charles's grandmother, Hon. Barbara Aston daughter of James Aston, 5th Lord Aston of Forfar, she married Hon. Henry Thomas Clifford in 1762 in Westminster, London)
- Mary Ann Clifford arrived in NZ, a few years after her husband, on the Phoebe Dunbar in Oct 1850. She was accompanied by Agnes Carmont (see Agnes above) who acted as her 'companion'
- the children of Charles & Mary Ann Clifford:
1847 - 1930 George Hugh Charles Clifford (2nd Baronet)
- born in London
1851 - 1855 Aton Charles Clifford, as above
- born in Wellington
1853 - 1944 Walter Lovelace Clifford (4th Baronet)
- born in Wellington
1854 - 1939 Charles William Clifford, Justice of the Peace in Market Drayton
- born in Wellington, he married Mary Eliza CHICHESTER and named the first of their 6 children, Charles Aston Clifford (1881-1898)
1856 - 1931 Francis Charles Cifford
- born in Wellington
1857- 1936 Lucy Mary Clifford

CLIFFORD, Janet - 22 July 1885 aged 25
- born about 1860, was Janet another child of Charles & Mary ???

COAD, Mary (nee Bradley) - 26 Dec 1855 aged 35
- born Devon, England, wife of Thomas Coad, buried Te Henui

COFFEY, James - 28 July 1873 aged 23

COFFEY, Agnes - 13 July 1870 aged 15
13 July 1870 On the 13th inst., at Wellington, Agnes Coffey, aged 15 yars. Sydney papers please copy

COGHLAN, James - 7 Dec 1875 aged 32

COLEMAN, Harriet - 11 Sep 1887 aged 33

COLLINS, Annie - 2 March 1879 aged 70
- born 1809

COLLINS, Daniel - 26 Jan 1877 aged 46
- born 1830

COLLINS, Hannah - 29 Sep 1890 aged 27
- born 1863

COLLINS, James - 5 Nov 1861 aged 54
- born 1807. In 1852 he was a 'land and stockowner' in Wellington

COLLINS, John Frederick - 21 Nov 1876 aged 7 weeks
- base born 24 Sep 1876 to Sarah Collins

COLLINS, John Power - 26 July 1859 aged 67
Oct 1847 In the matter of John Power Collins, a prisoner for debt in the gaol of Wellington, under the power of this court, at the suit of Thomas Hughes. Thomas Floyd, the gaoler, applied for the discharge of the prisoner under the 29th clause of the Court of Requests Ordinance, which enacts that: "Every creditor at whose suit any person shall be imprisoned shall pay to the gaoler of the prison wherein such person shall be confined the weekly sum of two shillings towards the maintenance of such prisoner, and on proof being made to the Commissioner on oath of the said jailor, on any court day that two such weekly payments are due and in arrear, the Commissioner shall order such prisoner to be forthwith discharded from custody at the suit of the creditor of failing to pay the same". It appeared from the statement of the gaoler that there had been two such weekly payments in arrear, but that a payment had been made on the day previous to his application, which reduced the sum due to less than two weeks' money. The gaoler not being in a position to make the oath required, the Court could not grant the application
Nov 1847 COURT OF REQUESTS SALE - Thomas Hughes v John Power Collins. On Monday, the 15th instant, at one o'clock, the Bailiff will sell on the Premises of the Defendant, on Lambton Quay, sundry effects, and also the interest of the Defendant in a Lease of the said premises, comprising a Shop and Dwelling-House, at a Rental of ?8 per annum. - J. R. FORSTER, Clerk Of The Court
June 1850 John and his 11 year old son Samuel Collins gave evidence in Court June 3rd 1850, during John Ellis murder trial, John was the shipkeeper & murdered on board the "General Palmer" on 16th March:
... John Power Collins, shoemaker - I was in the habit of seeing Ellis; generally when he came on shore he called at my house; I last saw him on 16th March; I saw him twice on that day; on the first occasion he called for his boots, which he got; the boots produced were made by me; the second time he called he paid me for the boots; he had a purse similar to that produced; the end of the purse was tied with a piece of rope yarn (more at link)
April 1852 he was a 'settler of Wellington'
July 1863 At the Colonial Hospital, on Tuesay, 14th July, Jeremiah Power Collins, eldest son of the late John Power COllins, Wellington, aged 39 years
Aug 1859 On Saturday the 23rd July, at his residence, Lambton-Quay, Mr John Power Collins, aged 67 years
July 1874 On the 30th June, Margaret Collins, aged 75 years, wife of the late John Power Collins, and mother of R. P. Collins, Albion Hotel

COLLINS, Mary - 27 Oct 1916 aged 79

COLLINS, Mr - 12 Aug 1858 age not recorded

COLLINS, Richard - 3 Dec 1857 aged 25
...note found the Collins hard to research so have added approx birth dates that others may be able to help. Please leave any info in comments box below

- don't think this is the correct spelling ???

COMUSKEY, Catherine - 18 Feb 1886 aged ?
- this spelling not found, possibly Comeskey but a Catherine not found. A James (1857-1914) & Sarah Jane (1860-1936) Comeskey had at least 7 children (from 1885-1898) and lived in Upper Hutt, James was the Postmater of Upper Hutt in the early 1900s. He was killed 28 March 1914 during the horrific explosion, along with 8 others, as they tried to save stock from the burning store of Benge & Pratt in Upper Hutt

CONDY, John - 18 April 1857 aged ?

CONLIN, Mary - 15 Jan 1883 aged 75
- born about 1808 she was the wife of Richard below, arriving with him & their 1 year old daughter Ellen in 1842
12 Jan 1883 The Funeral of the late Mrs Conlin will leave her late residence, Karori, Sunday, the 14th inst., at 2 p.m. Friends are respectfully invited to attend. - P. HOSKINS, Undertaker

CONLIN, Richard - 16 June 1884 aged 80
- born about 1804, he arrived into Wellington in May 1842 on the ship "London" with his wife Mary & 1 year old daughter Ellen
17 June 1884 On 16 June, at his residence, Karori, Richard Conlin, aged 80 years. R.I.P. The deceased was one of the early settlers in the district. His wife died in January last year. He leaves two sons and one daughter, all married. The Friends of the late Mr Richard Conlin are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence, Karori, on Thursday, the 19th instant, at 1 p.m. - P. HOSKINS, Undertaker

CONLIN, Zoe Violet - 11 May 1890 aged 5 weeks
- also in database as Zoe Violet Corliss. She was in fact, Zoe Violet Conlin, last child of 6 to Richard Joseph CONLIN (1848-1924) & Margaret MAXFIELD (1847-1934):
1876 - 1963 Charles Francis Conlin
1878 - Alice Mary Conlin
1883 - Ellen Louisa Conlin
1886 - Adeline Grace Conlin
1888 - Richard Joseph Conlin
1890 - 1890 Zoe Violet Conlin as above

CONNELL, Charles - 9 Aug 1859 aged 65
- born about 1794 in Ireland
In County Court Wellington, 2 July 1842, in the case of Robert Wyeth being indicted for stealing five pieces of scantling and some blocks of wood ... Johannah Connell, sworn - "I am daughter to Charles Connell of Wellington-terrace; turned fourteen (b.1828); I was a servant to Mr Wyeth (... more)
Wellington Independent, 26 Aug 1859 On the 9th inst., at his residence Willis street, Mr Charles Connell, aged 65 years

CONNELL, Ellen - 25 Feb 1872 aged 66
* nee Cooke. Ellen was born in Ireland about 1806. She was a Housekeeper for Father Ahern. She married Charles Connell (above) and had 10 known children
their known children
* 1824 - 1902 Morgan Henry Connell
* Born in Ireland. Morgan married Mary Stokes (1835-1931) in Lyttelton in 1853 and moved to Victoria, Australia in 1854. They had at least 10 children, possibly 12 (not researched). They died in Fenton's Creek, Victoria
* 1828 - 1896 Johannah Connell
* Johannah was born in Ireland. She married Samuel Madden (1815-1862) in 1848 in Wellington and had 3 children. Samuel died in Masterton & buried Castlepoint. She next married Edward Richard Henn (1824-1908) in 1864 in Wellington. Edward was with the British Troops and fought in the Indian Mutiny and Maori war. He first married Jane Lomond Diamond (1828-1863). A son of Johannah & Edward, Edward Richard Henn died aged 102 in 1967. Johannah died in Eltham, Taranaki. Husband Edward died in Whangarei
* 1830 - 1920 Ellen Connell
* Ellen married Hugh Bracken (1819-1889) in 1848 in Wellington. She died in Wellington
* 1832 - 1885 Elizabeth Connell
* Elizabeth was born in England. She married James Phillips in 1862 in Wellington. She died in Wellington
* 1833 - 1887 Margaret Connell
* Margaret was born in London. She married Hugh Curry (1821-1893) in 1852 in Wellington, brother of John Curry who married her sister Mary. Hugh was a horn player of the 65th (York and Lancaster) Regiment and a messenger at the Government Buildings. They had 10 children in this tiny cottage. Hugh died in that cottage aged 72, on the 6th anniversary of his Margaret's death and the 12th anniversary of his brother John's death
* 1836 - 1904 Mary Connell
* Mary was born in London. She married John Curry in 1853 in Wellington, brother of Hugh who married Mary's sister Elizabeth. Mary died in Wellington
* 1840 - 1932 Ann(ie) Connell
* Ann was born in London. She died in Porirua aged 91 and buried in Porirua
* 1844 - 1909 Catherine Connell
* Catherine was born in England. She married John Calnan in 1872 in Wellington & had 7 known children. She died in Wellington
* 1846 - Henry John Connell
* Henry was born in Wellington in March 1846, the first NZ born child, nothing else known
* 1848 - 1909 Charles Connell
* nothing known of Charles, except this article in the Evening Post 18 Nov 1909 .. TWO PERSONS BURNT TO DEATH. This morning, at 4 o'clock, a slab whare of three rooms, with a toi-toi roof, was burnt to the ground at Turangarere (near Taihape). The whare was occupied by a man named Jago and his wife and three other men - Charles Connell, John Grogan and David Davis, a halfcaste, also lived in the place. Mrs Jago and Connell were burnt to death, only a small portion of their remains being discovered. The others escaped

CONNELL, Charles - 23 Jan 1876 aged 33
- born about 1842. It is possible he was a son of above. Dates may be wrong. More research required

CONNELLAN, Mrs - 21 Jan 1883 aged ?

CONNELLY, Michael Thomas - 14 May 1877 aged 65
14 May 1877 On the 14th May, suddenly, Michael Connelly, aged 65 years

CONNOLLY, Bridget - 28 Dec 1873 aged 42
28 Dec 1873 On the 28th instant, Bridget Connolly, aged 42 years

CONNOLLY, Honora - 18 Feb 1873 aged 3
18 Feb 1873 At her father's residence, Ohariu, on the 18th February, Honora, youngest daughter of Mr Michael Thomas Connolly (& Mary or Margaret ???) aged three years. The friends of Mr M. T. Connolly are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his late daughter, Honora, which will leave Ohariu for Wellington, on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock, arriving at the Catholic Cathedral about 1 p.m. - CHARLES WILEY, Undertaker

CONNOLLY, Thomas - 1 Dec 1857 aged 12 months

CONOLAN, Herbert James - 1 Oct 1886 aged 2
- although Herbert not yet found, the name is probably CONLAN or CONLON

note the next 3 children were of 12 children of George Washington CONRAD (1834-1884?), born in Detroit, Michigan), Mariner, & Mary McNAMARA (1840-1906) born Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada, who married in St Mary of the Angels, Boulcott St, Wellington on 19 August 1857
- their children were:
1859 - 1859 Electa Colton Conrad, as below
- born 5 Oct 1859, possibly in Canterbury
1862 - 1912 Ellen 'Nellie' Conrad
- born in Canterbury 15 Sep 1862
- Ellen moved to NSW, Autralia & married Jack CATERSON
On May 30 1888 at Sydney, by the Registrar, J. T. Caterson, to Ellen, second daughter of George and Mary Conrad of Dannevirke
1864 - 1919 George Walter Conrad
- born in Wellington 25 March 1864
- in 1879 he was aged 15, in Marton, Manawatu when charged with stealing a horse
- George changed his name to Seymour
- he married Taruka PIKIA & had 8 children (named Seymour)
- he died during the Flu Pamdemic in the Waikato
1866 - 1867 Robert John Conrad, as below
- born in Wellington 17 Aug 1866
1868 - 1908 Alexander Frederick Conrad
- born in Wellington 3rd March 1868
- he married Sarah PALMER in 1890 & had 9 children
- he died in Palmerston North
1870 - 1970 Charles Henry Conrad, as below
- born in Wellington 18 June 1870, he was a twin with David
1870 - David Albert Conrad
- born in Wellington 18 June 1870, he was a twin with Charles
- he married Alice Rowena WRATHALL (1873-1944) in 1897 & had 2 daughters
April 1872 I hereby give notice that I will not be answerable for any debt or debts contracted by my wife, Mary Conad, after this day - G. W. CONRAD
1873 - 1961 John Joseph Conrad
- born in Wellington 18 Dec 1873, he was a twin with Annie
- he married Annie Matilda AYERS (1880-1945) in 1902 as John Joseph McNamara
- Annie already had a child named Ayers, their 5 children were born McNamara
- John died in Northland, Annie in Timaru
1874 - 1951 Annie Conrad
- born in Wellington 18 Dec 1873, she was a twin with John Joseph
- she married Edmund BLAKE in 1898 & had 10 children
- she died in Marton, Manawatu
1876 - 1950 Robert Conrad
- born in Wellington 9 June 1876 (near the now Hospital)
- he changed his name to Seymour
- he died in Christchurch
12 Oct 1880 Mary Conrad, a married woman of Halcombe tried to cross in front of a train. She was not quick enough and the cow-catcher struck her and threw her off the rails, fracturing her thigh. She was taken to Wanganui Hospital in a critical condition
1882 - 1917 Catherine 'Kate' Conrad
- born in Halcombe, Manawatu 12 June 1882
- she married William Joseph GETT in 1900
- she died in Mt Victoria, Wellington
1884 - 1945 Edmund Colton 'Ted' Conrad
- born in Halcombe, Manawatu 21 July 1884
- Edmund married Bertha Blanche HOUSE in 1909
Aug 1891 At the Dannevirke police Court a prohibition order was made against Mary Conrad. The order was applied for by her husband, his evidence disclosed a distressing state of affairs thorough her indulgence in drink
George Washington Conrad disappeared from NZ after 1891, Mary died Oct 21 1906, aged 66, in Wanganui Hospital

CONRAD, Charles Henry - 4 Oct 1870 aged 4 months
- Charles was a twin with David Albert Conrad, see above

CONRAD, Electa Colton - 26 Aug 1869 aged 10
- (she) was born 5 Oct 1859 possibly in Canterbury, see above

CONRAD, Robert John - 9 April 1867 aged 8 months
- born in Wellington, see above

CONROY, George - 10 Jan 1877 aged 12 months
- son of John & Ann Conroy

CONROY, John - 5 Aug 1901 aged 23
- born 1878, possible son of John & Ann

CONROY, John - ??? aged 23
- possibly a repeat of the John Conroy listed above

CONROY, John - 14 June 1910 aged 78
- in charge of the roads for Karori Borough Council from about 1875
15 June 1910 The Friends of the late John Conroy are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence, Creswick-road, Karori, on FRIDAY, 17th June, 1910, at 9.30 a.m., for the Basilica, Hill-street, thence to the Cemetery, Mount-street. - E. MORRIS, Jun., Undertaker and Embalmer, 60 Taranaki-street. Tel. 937 (day or night)
5 Aug 1910 On the motion of Mr J. W. MacDonald, solicitor to the Public Trust Office, the Supreme Court has granted to the Public Trustee probate of the will of John Conroy of Karori, labourer
2 Nov 1910 During the month of Oct 255 estates of deceased persons were finally certified to by the Commissioner of Stamps. John Conroy ... £575 (2012 equivalent of $91,200)

CONROY, Mary Ann - 29 March 1898 aged 22
- daughter of John & Ann Conroy

CONROY, Patrick - 5 April 1898 aged 18
5 April 1898 On the 5th April, at Wellington Hospital after a short illness, Patrick, son of John and Ann Conroy, of Karori, aged 18 years. R.I.P. Funeral 2 p.m. Wednesday
NOTE John & Ann Conroy, parents of those above, are being researched. I believe the above John (1832-1910) is the father and this notice is possibly his wife Ann (1841-1927) but not listed here in Mount street ... On the 16th August, 1927, at Canvastown, Mrs Ann Conroy (late of Tinakori road and previously of Creswick, Karori) R.I.P.
14 Feb 1895 John, of Creswick, Karori put up for auction a lot of furniture, bedstands, drawers, hay, grindstone, carpenters tools etc
18 Feb 1895 John is ordered by the Court to pay 12s a week towards the maintenance of his wife and children
14 Sep 1899 John has to let, at Creswick, a five-roomed House, scullery and washhouse on 1? acres
John and Ann had 5 children in NZ:
1876 - 1877 George Conroy
- as above
1876 - 1898 Mary Ann Conroy
- as above
1880 - 1898 Patrick Conroy
- as above
1881 - Julia Conroy
- Julia married James CAVANAGH in 1899
1884 - George Conroy
1886 - Bridget Maria Conroy
- Bridget married Francis BARKER in 1909
17 May 1909 On the 15th May, at Sacred Heart, Hill-street, by Rev Father Herbert, Francis Barker, of Highgate, London, to Bridget Conroy, youngest daughter of John Conroy of Karori (no mention of Ann)

CONWAY, Susan Theresa (nee REARDON) - 27 Oct 1887 aged 35
27 Oct 1887 On 27th October, at the Wellington Hospital, Susan Theresa, beloved wife of William Conway, aged 35 years. Nelson, Westport and Blenheim papers please copy
* Susan was born in Nelson, 1 of 7 children of Michael Reardon (1815-1855) & Joanna Coughlan (1815-1893) from Ireland. She married William Conway in 1870. Their known children:
1871 - 1903 Mary Agnes Conway
- Mary married James MILLWARD in 1890
1872 - 1956 Stella Annie Mabel Conway
- Stella married Edwin READ in 1896
1875 - 1967 Monica Johanna Conway
- Monica married Albert George HOAR in 1898
1877 - 1926 Frances Theresa Maud Conway
- Frances married John CANUTE in 1895
1884 - 1944 William George Conway
- William didn't marry

COOGAN, Elizabth Annie - 25 Sep 1876 aged 5
25 Sep 1876 on the 25th September, at Martin-street (Porirua? or Upper Hutt?), Elizabeth Annie, the beloved daughter of John and Ellen Coogan, aged 5 years
30 Sep 1876 WANTED, a General Servant; one accustomed to children preferred. Apply to Mrs Coogan, Martin-street (their marriage not found but 8 NZ born children found)
John may have been a Tailor with a shop in Manners-street & later Willis-street. He was the President of Hibernian Australasian, Branch 95

COOGAN, Ellen - 28 Nov 1896 aged 55
- mother of Elizabeth Annie above
28 Nov 1896 On the 28th instant, at her residence Martin-street, Ellen, beloved wife of John Coogan; aged 55 years. R.I.P.

COONEY , Noel - 12 Dec 1934 aged 19

COOPER, Ann Eliza - 17 Sep 1866 aged 39

CORKERY-CORCKERY , Denis? - 24 Dec 1868 aged 72

CORKERY , Mary - 23 Nov 1863 aged 51

CORLISS , Hannah (nee CASHMAN) - 28 July 1898 aged 74
1 Aug 1898 In the presence of a number of the friends of the family, the remains of the late Mrs Mortimer Corliss, one of Wellingon's early settlers, were laid to rest in the Roman Catholic Cemetery yestrday afternoon, beside the graves of her late husband and her son Phil. The chief mourners were the three sons of the deceased, Messrs W. J. and M. Corliss and the Messrs. Gannaway. The Very Rev Father Devoy read the burial service

CORLISS , Mortimer Patrick - 6 Nov 1893 aged 74
8 Nov 1893 A face which has been familiar to many of our readers for a number of years has been removed from our midst. We refer to Mr Mortimer Corliss, who passed quietly away at his reidence, in Nairn-street, at 20 minutes to 1 o'clock this afternoon, surrounded by his wife and family. The late Mr Corliss was a native of Ireland, and joined the Royal Artillery when a young man. In 1853 or 1854 he left Home with his regment in the 'Polish Star'. The vessel was burned at sea, but all on board were rescued and taken to St Helena, afterwards returning to England. The next attempt to reach this part of the world was more successful and Mr Corliss who was for many years a non-commssioned officer, has been in New Zealand ever since. When the troops left the colony, Mr Corliss remaind behind. At one time he was keeper of the Wellington magazine, at another period he was in charge of the quarantine station on Somes' Island, and for some years he was also Instructor to the D Battery. For some months before his death he was confined to his bed with dropsy, and he also had the misfortune to lose his sight. Deceased who was much respected, leaves a widow and a family of five sons and three aughters to mourn their loss.
The Colonial Secretary, as Acting-Minister of Defence, authorised a military funeral for Mortimer

CORLISS , Philip 'Phil' Cashman - 17 April 1891 aged 30
20 April 1891 All that was mortal of Mr Philip Corliss, late accountant in the EVENING POST office, was laid to rest in the Roman Catholic cemetery yesterday afternoon. The funeral was the largest seen in Wellington for a very long time. All sections of the community were represented so general was the popularity gained for the deceased by his estimable person qualities and his invariable personal qualities and his invariable kindness of heart to all with whom he came in contact. Every person now in Wellington connected with the EVENING POST office was present, from the proprietors and editor of the paper to the smallest run-boy. Each department of the office sent a floral wreath with an appropriate printed inscription. The proprietors lamented the loss of a "Good and faithful servant"; the commercial department mourned "A colleague whom all esteemed"; the literary department recorded their feeling that deceased was "A genial comrade and an honest friend"; the compositors deplored "The loss of a genial friend"; the machinists commemorated "A trusty friend deservedly respected"; and the run-boys were sorry for the demice of "One whom we regarded as a friend". There were very many other wreaths and crosses contributed by sympathetic friends, and the staff of the Canterbury Times also paid their last tribute of respect to the deceased in similar form. The employees of other Wellington newspapers and printing offices were present in large numbers, and when the funeral procession was properly marshalled it must have been a fully quarter of a mile long. The chief mourners were: Mr Mortimer Corliss, father of deceased, Mr W. Corliss, brother, and Mr F. G. Gannaway, brother-in-law. The services at the chapel of St Mary of the Angels and at the grave were conducted by th Rev Father Doherty.
6 July 1892 The memorial stone which the New Zealand friends of the late Mr Philip Corliss, subscribed to place over his grave in the Catholic Cemetery, is now in position. The base is of Waikara blue stone, on which a block of polished marble rests, and above this is a tablet of white marble supported by red granite colums, each of which is surmounted by a cross. On the top of the tablet there is another cross. The following inscription appears on the memorial stone:- "In loving memory of Philip C. Corliss, who died 17th April, 1891, aged 30 years. R.I.P". Erected by his numerous friends as a sincere token of the esteem in which he was held. The grave is surrounded by a concrete wall, on which an ornamental fence is erected. The stone, which stands eight feet high, is an exceedingly handsome one and was supplied and erected by Mr Walter Mansfield, of Sydney-street, in three weeks from the time he receive the order.
- An unsigned "In Memorium" appeared in the Evening Post every year after that. Some said "In loving memory of Philip C. Corliss who died 17th April 1891, aged 30 years. Ever in fond remembrance". In later years they simply said "In fond memory (or affectionate memory) of Phil Corliss". On the 30th anniversary of his death, 17 April 1921, it read "In memory of Phil Corliss, who departed this life on the 17th April, 1891. In affectionate remembrance". The insertions then went back to reading "In affectionate memory of Phil Corliss" until 1928, after which they stopped

CORLISS, Zoe Violet - 11 May 1890 aged 5 weeks
- also in database as Zoe Violet Conlan, which is who she was, see above

CORRADO , Rita Taverna - 1888 aged 6
- 3rd of 5 daughters of Pietro 'Peter' CORRADO & Agnes Ann MURPHY (1859-1922 born in Werribee, Victoria, Australia):
25 April 1876 The Grey River Argus says:- By the Maori, from Hokitika, there sailed as a passenger, Signor Giovan Battiste Federli, who has been instructed by the Italian Government to proceed to Jackson's Bay and report thereon as to its capabilities for settlement. He is accompanied by an interpretor, Pietro Corrado, and a gentleman named Carlo Turchi, who has had a very large experience in matters connected with agriculture.
* Pietro arrived in 1876 (as above) and was employed as an interpreter to the Italian immigrants
* he was employed by Mr Cemino/Cimino for a ime (who lived nearly opposite the Hospital) to teach his children the Italian language. Five months after his arrival in the colony, on the evening of 3rd Sep 1876, he dined with Mr Cemino then went to church with him and his family. The next morning he was seen, within view of the Hospital, by Hospital authorities and Sergeant Ready, to shoot himself in the left breast just beneath his heart. The ball was extracted from his back where it had lodged and the next morning he ate and slept well. He continued to make favourable progress and he married Agnes on 29 December the following year and had 5 daughters:
1878 - ? Elvira Maria Corrado
- born in Thorndon Quay and attended St Mary's Convent School in 1890
1880 - ? Lilian Corrado
- born in Hankey-street, Mount Cook, Lilian did well at St Patrick's Select School and then at St Mary's Convent School in Hill Street
1882 - 1888 Rita Taverna Corrado, as above
- born in Hankey-street, Mount Cook
1885 - ? Paulina Corrado
- was attending St Mary's Convent School in 1890 & 1892
1889 - 1889 Ethel Evelyn Corrado
- born in Sussex Square, Mount Cook, Ethel was drowned by her mother at the age of 4 months
* on 8 Oct 1889, Pietro was a General Clerk in the Colonial Insurance Office. On is return home from work that night he was greeted by his daughter Paulina to be told of the death of his baby. The Inquest & Verdict. The Murder Charge never got to court as Agnes was declared 'unsound of mind'
* In Nov 1891 Pietro put up for auction his freehold allotment of land on the corner of Sussex square and Nelson street, with a comfortable dwelling-house thereon, known as 'Villa Costanza'
* In Feb 1893 Pietro was committed to the Asylum as a "lunatic"
* In Oct 1895 the girls went South on the ss Waihora (did someone take them in?? no marriages or deaths found for them, under that name, in NZ)

COSGRAVE , Michael - 29 July 1898 aged 85
- Michael was from Dublin. He was employed for over 30 years as Chief Messenger of the House of Representatives

COSGROVE, Mary Ann - 16 May 1883 aged 53

COSGRAVE, Mary Ann Elizabeth - 24 Dec 1940 aged 80
- sister of Patrick Thomas Cosgrave below
26 Dec 1940 The Friends of the late Miss Mary Ann Elizabeth Cosgrove (sic) are invited to attend her Funeral, which will leave the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, Hill Street, on Friday, December 27, 1940 at 9.20 a.m., for the Mount Street Cemetery. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at 9 a.m. - J. E. Taylor and Sons, Ltd., Funeral Directors, 22 Vivian Street and at Karori. Telephone 26-073

COSGRAVE , Patrick Thomas - 3 Dec 1897 aged 36
- born in Wellington in 1861, son of Michael above, brother of Mary Ann Elizabeth above
4 Dec 1897 The Friends of Mr Michael Cosgrove are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late son, Patrick Thomas (1861-1897), which will leave his residence, Murphy street, tomorrow (Sunday), at 1.45p.m., for St Mary's Cathedral, Hill-street, and thence to the Catholic Cemetery, Wellington-terrace. - CLARK & THOMPSON, Undertakers, &c., Mo. 55, Molesworth-street

COULTER , Mrs Bridget - 14 June 1856 aged 31

COUNAHAN , Bridget - 30 Aug 1891 age 38
- wife of Cornelius. They had a daughter Catherine in 1888

COUNAHAN , Cornelius - 3 Nov 1904 aged 64
- Cornelius was a Baker

COUPLAND , John Augustine - 29 Oct 1892 aged 10 months
- 6th of 7 children of Levi COUPLAND (1847-1927) & Eliza Jane LORIGAN (1853-1903) who was a sister of John Patrick Lorigan who married Jessie Elizabeth Carmont, granddaughter of John Carmont & Elizabeth Caven above:
- Levi was from Lincolnshire, England. Their children:
1871 - Alice Mildred Coupland
- Alice married Herbert Ross DIX in 1901
1872 - 1873 Charles Percy Coupland
- Charles died an infant
1875 - 1961 Eliza Jane Coupland
- Eliza wasn't married
1881 - ? Mary Cushla Ellen Coupland
- nothing known
1886 - 1923 Helena Monia May Coupland
- Helena wasn't married
1892 - 1892 John Augustine Coupland as above
1894 - 1916 Geoffrey Robinson Coupland
- spouse not found
Levi Coupland remarried in 1905 to Elizabeth Marion DENNETT (1869-1944)

COWAN , ???

COWER , Mary - 26 Nov 1885 aged 67

CREAMER , James - 9 Dec 1869 aged 70
9 Dec 1869 On the 9th inst., at his residence, Pipitea street, Mr James Creamer, aged 70 years

CROFT , John Dew - 3 Feb 1871 aged 13 months
- born 1870 in Wellington, possibly a son of Cornelius John CROFT (1823-1880) & Harriet DEW (1830-1890, died in Masterton) who married in Wellington in 1855

CRONIN , Catherine Bridget - 10 Dec 1873 aged 2.5
10 Dec 1873 On the 10th inst. Catherine Brdget Cronin, aged 2 years and 5 months

CRONIN , Francis Joseph - 15 Oct 1869 aged 3

CRONIN , Josephine Edith - 17 Feb 1876 aged 3
17 Feb 1876 On 17th February, at Glenbervie Terrace, Josephine Edith Cronin, aged 3 years

CRONIN , Margaret - 14 Aug 1884 aged 88

CRONIN , Mary - 10 May 1857 aged 22

CRONIN, Patrick - 1 Aug 1861 aged 56

CROTTY, James - 28 April 1876 aged 52

CUMMERFIELD, John - 7 April 1858 aged 68

CUMMERFIELD, John W - 20 Dec 1869 aged 24/26
NOTES There was a Mrs Cummerfield of Thorndon Quay who was a Nurse in 1866

CURRY, Charles Andrew - 1 Dec 1864 aged 4.7

CURRY, Gertrude Amelia - 30 June 1881 aged 4 months
- daughter of John CURRY & Mary CONNELL
30 June 1881 On the 30th June 1881, at Roxburgh street, Wellington, Gertrude Amelia, youngest daughter of Mr John Curry, aged 4 months

CURRY, Hugh Alphonsus - 14 Aug 1880 aged 6

CURRY, Hugh - 7 June 1880 aged 18
7 June 1880 On the 7th June, at his father's residence, Courtney Place, Hugh, fourth son of Hugh Curry, aged 18 years and 10 months

CURRY, Hugh - 14 Sep 1893 aged 72
- Hugh was a Bandsman in the 65th York and Lancaster Regiment (one of his fellow bandsmen was John Valentine, a brother of Nathaniel Valentine 1828-1892) and a member of the Hibernian Society
- he married Margaret Connell in 1852, possible sister of Mary Connell who married John Curry in 1853
- a son, John Curry (1853-1906) joined the 'Evening Post' as an composing apprentice in 1866 and worked there all his life until retirement
- In Feb 1877 he had a very serious accident at work at the Government Buildings where he was a Messenger. He was ascending to one of the upper floors by the means of a hydraulic lift and tried to get off without stopping the machine. His foot slipped and his legs were caught between the lift and the floor. He was jammed there for nearly an hour before the floor had to be cut away to free him. His left leg was broken at the thigh and his right leg and hand very badly injured
- a daughter, Margaret Curry (1857-1945), married Henry Edward TANDY in 1879
- in 1889 his property in Courtney Place was valued at £550 (equivalent in 2012 of $100,000)
15 Sep 1893 Musical circles in Wellington suffer an irreparable loss through the death of Mr Hugh Curry, who passed away at his residence yesterday afternoon, at the age of 72. Deceased was a native of Newport, Isle of Wight, and enlisted in the 65th Regiment at Barbadoes in the year 1834, when only about 14 years of age. His regiment remained for some time in the West Indies, after which Mr Curry served in North America and Australia, eventually coming to New Zealand, where he received his discharge in 1860, having by that time attained the rank of sergeant. Mr Curry then settled in Wellington, where he has lived ever since, and for some time was employed as a messenger at the Government Buildings. Of later years he has enjoyed well-earned leisure, but his musical services have always been in requisition for orchestral purposes, as he was one of the most capable players upon the French horn of his day. It is related that before he came to the colony he was offered an opportunity of joining the famous Coldstream Guards Band, but that he refused to do so, as room could not also be made for his brother. Mr Curry leaves three sons and three daughters, all resident in Wellington, and for his own unobtrusive and amiable character his death will be widely mourned. It is worthy of note, as a strange coincidence, that he died on the sixth anniversary of his wife's death, and the twelfth anniversary of his brother's.

CURRY, James - 31 March 1877 aged 21

CURRY, James - 12 April 1856 aged 40

CURRY, John 14 Sep 1861 aged 57
- brother of Hugh Curry
- he married Mary CONNELL in 1853 who was probably a sister of his brother Hugh's wife, Margaret
- John died 12 years to the day before Hugh & 3 months after his daughter Gertrude
14 15 Sep 1881 On the 14th September 1881, at his late residence, Roxburgh-street, Mr John Curry, aged 57 years. Auckland papers please copy

CURRY, John - 14 Dec 1861 aged 57
- on the PDF but possible it is the same John as above

CURRY, Margaret (nee CONNELL) 14 Sep 1887 aged 42
- Margaret married Hugh Curry in 1852 & died 6 years to the day before him (see above)

CURRY, Mary Ann 4 Oct 1887 aged 22
- daughter of Hugh CURRY & Margaret CONNELL

CURRY, Mary (nee CONNELL) 11 July 1904 aged 68
- Mary married John Curry, a brother of Hugh, in 1853

CURTIN, John Charles - 15 Jan 1885 aged 26

CURTON, Richard - 16 March 1860 aged 20

CURTIS, Joseph Patrick - 25 June 1933 aged 95
29 June 1933 The death of Mr Joseph Patrick Curtis, an old resident of Wellington, took place at his residence, The Terrace, on Tuesday. The late Mr Curtis, who was in his ninety-sixth year, was born in Dublin. In his early days he was a seafaring man. He came to New Zealand fifty years ago, and has lived in Wellington during that period. He was of a retiring disposition, and took no part in public life. Mr Curtis leaves a widow and three daughters. The funeral took place this morning, following the celebration of Requiem Mass at the Sacred Heart Basilica, Hill Street. The interment was at the Mount-Street cemetery

CURTIS, Margaret Mary - 21 Aug 1935 aged 76
21 Aug 1935 On August 21, 1935, at her residence,11 Wesley Road, Margaret, relict of the late Joseph Patrick Curtis. R.I.P.
27 June 1933 On June 27, 1933, at his residence, 150 The Terrace, Joseph Patrick, dearly beloved husband of Margaret Curtis; aged 96 years.R.I.P.

CURTIS, William - 3 March 1882 aged 22
3 March 1882 On the 3rd March, 1882, at the Wellington Hospital, Mr William Curtis (late sexton of St Mary's R.C. Cathedral, Hill-street), aged 22 years. R.I.P.


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Thank you for this information. I connect with the 'Carberry' family that is mentioned on here.

Again - thank you for your time in putting together this resource.
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Susan Theresa CONWAY nee REARDON was born in 1850 in Nelson, died 27 Oct 1887 at Wellington hospital, buried 29 October 1887 at Mount Street Catholic cemetery.

Susan Reardon married William George CONWAY (1841-1922) in 1870 at Nelson.
He was a master mariner in Nelson, Westport and Wellington.
They had 1 son and 5 daughters :-

Mary Agnes CONWAY born 1871 died 1903 married James MILLWARD in 1890
Stella Annie Mabel CONWAY born 1872 died 1956 married Edwin READ in 1896
Monica Johanna CONWAY born 1874 died 1967 married Albert George HOAR in 1898
Frances Teresa Maud CONWAY born 1876 died 1926 married John CANUTE in 1895
Emily CONWAY born 1882 died 1883 at Westport not married
William George CONWAY born 1884 died 1944 not married

Philip Creed

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