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Francis Joseph GREHAN of Wellington, New Zealand

Francis Joseph Grehan (1876-1953)) married Clarice Mary Braidwood in 1914. He was a Gardener
- Clarice died in 1920 aged 30

He married Phoebe Grierson Marshall in 1921
- Phoebe died at the Wellington Hospital on 15 Oct 1941 aged 54
- she is bur in Plot 131 O - Ssection CH ENG2 at Karori Cemetery
- they were living at 49 Adelaide Rd, Wellington

Francis Joseph Grehan was living in Adelaide Rd, Wellington in June 1944 when he received news that his son, Pilot Officer Frank Grehan had been promoted to lying Officer with the R.N.Z.E.F. in England on his second tour of operations. Frank was mentioned in Dispatches

Francis Joseph (buried as Francis Daniel) died on 11 August 1953 aged 77. He is buried in Plot 131 O - Ssection CH ENG2 at Karori Cemetery with his 2nd wife Phoebe

.. can you add any further information for Francis? ..

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Francis Leo PATTEN + Clara Agnes UHLENBERG - Taranaki

Clara Agnes UHLENBERG married Francis Leo PATTEN 26 Nov 1908 in New Zealand.
Francis was born 19 Aug 1887 in Epsom Auckland, the 8th of 12 children of David PATTEN & Marie ROWE (he was to have 12 children of his own)
Francis was a signwriter and died 17 March 1964 aged 77 in Hastings. He is buried at Te Henui cemetery, New Plymouth

their 12 known children:
born in the Inglewood and Waitara districs
* 1909 - 1989 James Leo Patten
James married Isabella Katherine WHITE in 1936

* 1910 - 2002 Linda Mary Patten
- married William HAWTHORN

* 1914 - 1987 Marjory Kathleen Patten
- married Maxwell Robert JOHNSTONE (1913-1987)
- married Noel Philip FIELDING

* 1916 - 1995 David Francis Patten
no wife found
David died aged 79

* 1918 - 1992 Joseph Patrick Patten
Joseph married Betty HIGHETT

* 1919 - 1996 Raymond Frederick Patten
Raymond married Lyna Dorothy MINNEAR in 1935

* 1920 - 2006 Terence John Patten
Terence married Beatrice Edna SHARP of Kaponga
- Beatrice died on 20-9-2010 aged 86

* 1922 - Norma Theresa Patten
- born in Waitara
Norma married Sydney Edward TRAVERS (1916-2008)

* 1923 - 1925 Maureen Patten
Maureen died aged 22 months

* 1924 - 2007 Roy Dennis Patten
- no wife found
Roy died aged 82

* 1926 - 1999 Sheila Patten
Sheila married Patrick COLLINS

* 1928 - Eugene Patten
Eugene married twice

Francis William HODGINS + Rachel Grace LAWER Otago

for gail cook who asked on 6 Dec 2011:
looking for HODGINS and LAWER
Francis William Hodgins, born 1886, died 1963.
Married to Rachel Grace Lawer, born 1892, died 1956.

Francis' parents were George Hodgins and Rosina?
Rachel's parents were Richard Lawer and Rachel?

NASEBY is a small town, formerly a borough, in the Maniototo area of Central Otago, New Zealand. It is named after a village in Northamptonshire, England

Winters in Naseby are very harsh. At its peak, the population of the town was close to 4,000, but by the time administrative boundaries were changed in the 1980s, it had become New Zealand's smallest borough, with a population of only around 100

George HODGINS (1843-1926)
married Marion Rosina WINSTONE (1848-1921) on 21 Dec 1874 Mt Ida Parish, Naseby

their children, born in Naseby, Otago were:

1875 - 1946 Emily Jane Hodgins
- Emily married Robert James THURLOW (1869-1955) 1 March 1897 in Maniototo, Otago
- Robert was born in Mt Pleasant, Otago, the 6th of 13 children of John THURLOW & Susan Jane FROMENT
- they had 4 children:
1897 - 1919 Helen Regina Thurlow
1898 - 1899 John Francis Thurlow
1900 - 1939 Martha Ann Thurlow
1905 - 1980 Walter James Thurlow
- Robert & Emily lived at Josephine St, Dunedin
- Emily died 21 May 1946 aged 70
- she is buried Plot 61, Block 66 at Andersons Bay, Dunedin
- Robert married Frances Emily GEEN (1874-1962 buried Wellington)
- Robert died in Wellington aged 86 and his ashes were scattered over Emily's grave:

1877 - ? Rosina Hodgins
- nothing known

1879 - 1951 Matilda Hodgins
- Matilda had a daughter, Ethel Alice Hodgins, on 7 July 1898
- Ethel became a McKay. She married Charles Edward Stewart ETHON in 1917
- Matilda married Charles McKAY on 2 Nov 1898
- they had at least 3 children:
1899 - 1976 Marion Rosina McKay
1903 - 1985 Charles Sydney McKay
1906 - 1997 Lexina Rubina McKay

1881 - 1954 George Theodore Winstone Hodgins
- no wife found.
- he served in WWI as Private 68883 with the NZEF, 43rd Reinforcements, B Company, embarking from Wellington on the HMNZT 111 on 2 Oct 1918. His next Of Kin was his father George Hodgins at Naseby
- He died 20 Dec 1954 aged 73 in Naseby
- buried Plot 11, Block 425 in Anderson Bay cemetery Dunedin

1884 - ? Ellen/Helen Hodgins
- nothing known

1886 - 1963 Francis William 'Frank' Hodgins
- Francis married Rachel Grace LAWER in 1910
- they had a son, Francis Richard George Hodgins in 1913 in 80 Bay View Rd, Dunedin, who died aged 9 weeks & buried at Andersons Bay Cemetery Dunedin
- they possible had other chilren
- Francis & Rachel died in Balclutha, South Otago

1888 - 1972 Edith Lavinia Hodgins
- Edith married Richard Graham WADE in 1914
- Richard was the 3rd of 6 children of Mann WADE & Catherine HUNTER of Blackstone Hill, Otago

1891 - 1971 Lucy Rubenia Hodgins
- Lucy married Valentine Charles PARKER in 1912

NOTE There is a Samuel Nicholson Hodgins (1844-1879) buried in Southern Cemetery Dunedin.I believe he may have been a brother of George Hodgins. He was a Railway worker in Dunedin. On the morning of 5 June 1879 he was helping to discharge a truck of timber at the Railway Station. When a log, weighing about 100kg, was being slung, the friction brakes on the crane slipped due to being slippery by the rain and Samuel, who was standing directly under the logs, was crushed to the ground

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Richard LAWER (1850-1914)
married Rachel GRACE (1858-1926) in 1875 in Lawrence, Otago

their children, born in Naseby, were:

1882 - 1923 Beatrice Jane Lawer
- Beatrice married Ernest William NEWMAN (1878-?) in 1906
- 1 of 2 sons of William NEWMAN & Lois PRESTON
- they had a son, Percy Lawrence Newman (1907-?)
- possibly had other children

1886 - 1937 Thomas John Vine Lawer
- Thomas married Blanche Eleanor ARCHER (1887-?) in 1908
- 1 of 10 children of Francis ARCHER & Ellen HORGAN
- Thomas and Blanche had Francis Richard Bryan Lawer (1909-2001)
- possibly had other children
- Thomas & Blanche died in Wellington. Buried Plot 410 M at Karori

1892 - 1956 Rachel Grace Lawer
- Rachel married Francis William HODGINS 4 July 1910
- see Hodgins family above

1894 - 1978 Ivy May Lawer
- Ivy married Sydney Albert SALT (1890-?) in 1913
- 1 of 8 children of Samuel Henry Woodhouse SALT & Jessie Marshall GAUL

1901 - 1962 Evalyn Ann Lawer
- Evalyn was not married. She died aged 60

NASEBY in Winter
from the site NASEBY, 2000ft above worry

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Frank Hamilton McIlwraith - Taita, New Zealand

Frank Hamilton McILWRAITH is buried alone in Plot 140 of Christ Church Taita Cemetery ..

Do you know ANYTHING about him:
Where he was born, who he married, any children, his career etc etc

Frank PEARSE & Rebecca DONALDSON - Cambridge, Waikato

Frank was born 20 April 1867 and he married Rebecca Donaldson 6 July 1888. He was a farmer and joined the Duke of Cambridge Lodge 30 April 1889.
Two of their daughters were Ivy, born 1894 and Ruby, born 1896.

... NOTE Frank & Rebecca had 8 children:

1889 - Evelyn May Pearse
- nothing known

1891 - Annie Elsa Verone Pearse
- Annie married Seagar Victor THOMAS in 1911

1892 - 1955 Frank Henry Pearse
- Frank married Annie REDDY in 1918

1894 - Ivy Margaret Pearse
- Ivy married Paul Vincent BERNASCONI in 1913

1896 - Ruby Rebecca Pearse
- nothing known

1899 - Enid Lola Pearse
- nothing known

1901 - Nathlene Mavis Pearse
- nothing known

1903 - 1984 John Worth Pearse
- John married Rhoda Olive GOUGH in 1926

Rebecca Pearse died in 1912 aged 44
Frank Pearse died in 1946 aged 78

Frank Ward CLEMENT + Emily MEADOWS - Toko

Frank Robert Ward CLEMENT (1875-1955)
was born in Lower Hutt
the 14th of 14 children of Rev John CLEMENT & Sarah Augusta HOPTON
his father baptised him at Sydney St. Primitive Methodist Register, Wellington

Emily MEADOWS (1878-1959)
was born in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay
the 3rd of 8 children of Henry MEADOWS & Mary Jane FENNELL
her parents arrived in Napier in 1874 on the 'Bebington' with 1 year old son, Frederick Meadows. Emily attended Kaikora School from 1884

FRANK & EMILY married 28 December 1896 in Waipawa, Hawkes Bay
they had 10 children:
... 1
1897 - 1907 Augusta Lavinia Clement
AUGUSTA LAVINIA Clement died 28 June 1907 in Taihape, aged 9
- she is buried Plot 26, Block 1, Row 1, Lawn section at Taihape

... 2
1898 - 1899 Mary Jane Clement
MARY JANE Clement died 26 Feb 1899 aged 4 months
- she is buried in unknown location Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

... 3
1900 - 1976 James Clement Clement
- born in Stratford, James attended Kaponga School
- he married Hilda Irene LOCKLEY (1899-1976) 22 Oct 1919 in Manaia
daughter of Henry LOCKLEY & Elizabeth FERGUSON
JAMES Clement died 13 Dec 1976 aged 76 & is buried Hawera

... 4
1902 - Adelaide Clement
- Adelaide married Norman James LOCKLEY (1897-1960) in 1920
son of Henry LOCKLEY & Elizabeth FERGUSON
ADELAIDE Lockley died 18 Aug 1970 in Auckland aged 67 & is buried Waikumete

... 5
1904 - 1980 Marjorie Clement
- was born in Kaponga, Taranaki
- she married Samuel Gordon LOCKLEY (1901-1967) 25 May 1921 in Pungarehu
son of Henry LOCKLEY & Elizabeth FERGUSON
MARJORIE Lockley died 13 Dec 1980 in Auckland & cremated Purewa

... 6
1905 - 1995 Clair Clement
- was born in Kaikoea, Waipawa
- married Lawrence Ernest LOVERIDGE (1901-1953) 28 Aug 1930 in Palmerston North
CLAIR Loveridge died 2 April 1995 aged 89 & is buried in Hawera

... 7
1907 - 1981 John Henry Clement
- was born in Taihape
- he married Charlotte Maude 'Dolly' FROST (1896-1993) 20 March 1928 in Marton
(Dolly first married William HARTIGAN 20 Jan 1923 in New Plymouth)
JOHN HENRY Clement died 14 Nov 1981 in New Plymouth & buried Te Henui

... 8
1908 - 1909 Ivy Clement
- born 4 Aug 1908 in Kaponga, Taranaki
IVY Clement died aged 6 months & is buried in Kaponga
(under the name Joy Clement aged 6 years)

... 9
1912 - 1982 Frances Emily Clement
- born 12 July 1912
- Frances married James POLLOCK in 1930
FRANCES EMILY Pollock died 31 May 1982 aged 69

... 10
1923 - ? name not recorded Clement
- born 14 September 1923

Frank Ward Clement died 26 August 1955 aged 81 in Toko, Taranaki
Emily Clement died 21 May 1959 aged 81
- they are buried Plot 1330, Block X Opunake Cemetery, Taranaki

'LAST GAS for 150km'

TOKO, first town out of Stratford, Taranaki

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FRANKENBERG in Masterton Cemetery Wairarapa

In the Masterton Cemetery

Albert George Frankenberg
- born about 1925
- died 14th December 1959 aged 34
- buried PLOT AGF, ROW 29, AREAl Plan I at Archer St Cemetery
- buried with William

William Frankebberg
- born about 1901
- died 19th January 1945 aged 44
- buried PLOT WF, ROW 29, AREAl Plan I at Archer St Cemetery
- buried with Albert George

Ella May Frankenberg (database has Frankenb<b>u</b>rg
- born about 1901
- died 24th September 1979 aged 78
- buried PLOT 28, ROW 2, AREA: Lawn Z at Archer St Cemetery

FRANKLIN DISTRICT, New Zealand - 1861

The FRANKLIN DISTRICT extended from Papakura Auckland to Meremere; Port Waikato to Miranda and the Firth of Thames

The district is bounded in the north by the start of the Auckland metropolitan area and the waters of the Manukau Harbour. Awhitu Peninsula stretches up the Tasman coast to the mouth of this harbour.

To the south, Franklin is bounded by the fertile lowlands of the Waikato Plains.

In the east, the land rises to the Hunua Ranges, to the east of which is the coast of the Firth of Thames.

In the west is the Tasman Sea. The Waikato River mouth is at Port Waikato in the south of the region

The territorial authority of Franklin District was abolished on 31 October 2010 and was divided between Auckland Council in the Auckland Region to the north and Waikato and Hauraki districts in the Waikato Region to the south and east




ALEXANDER Frederick Maundrell Remuera
- Leasehold Remuera

ALLIES Harvey Wairoa
- Freehold Wairoa, County of Eden

ANDREW James Tamaki West
- Household dwelling West Tamaki

ARNABALDI Charles Howick
- Freehold Pakuranga

AUSTIN George Jesse Newmarket
- Leasehold Remuera

BACON William Chancery St, Auckland
- Freehold Remuera

BAM (sic) John Wairoa
- Freehold Wairoa, County of Eden

BLACKBURN Samuel St John's College
- Household dwelling St John's College

BOLOUS John Nelson St, Auckland
- Freehold Drury

BRACEY William Parnell
- Freehold Town of Wynyardton, Coromandel

BRETT Denis Remuera
- Leasehold Remuera

BROOKS James Onehunga
- Freehold Papakura Valley

BROWNE Francis Henry Wairoa
- Leasehold Wairoa, County of Eden

BUCKLAND William Thorne Kohuora
- Freehold Hunua

BUTTERWORTH Benjamin Papakura
- Freehold Papakura Valley

BYRNE John West Tamaki
- Household dwelling West Tamaki

CADMAN Jerome Albert St, Auckland
- Freehold Hunua

CAMPBELL James Hunter Wynnestead, East Tamaki
- Leasehold Wynnestead, East Tamaki

CAMPBELL John Logan Jermyn St, Auckland
- Freehold Hunua

CARRIE Isaac Robert Moto Ihi (Taylor's Island)
- Household dwelling Moto Ihi (Taylor's Island), Waitemata

CARRUTHERS William Douglas Auckland
- Freehold Remuera

CASEY John Papakura
- Freehold Papakura

CAVANAGH John West Queen St, Auckland
- Freehold Hunua

CHEESEMAN George Henry Onehunga
- Freehold Maraetai

CHEESEMAN Thomas Remuera
- Leasehold Suburbs of Auckland

CHRISTMAS William Remuera
- Leasehold Remuera

CLARK James McCosh Shortland St, Auckland
- Freehold Suburbs of Auckland

COSSEY Solomon Hunua
- Freehold Hunua

COSSEY William Hunua
- Freehold Hunua

CRAIG Robert Papakura
- Freehold Opaheke

CRAWFORD James Wairoa
- Leasehold Taupo (Part of Mr McNICOL's No 6)

CRAWFORD John Wairoa
- Freehold Wairoa, County of Eden

DE CARTERET John Papakura
- Freehold Papakura Valley

DIDSBURY Henry Abercrombie St
- Freehold North Wynyardton, Coromandel

DILWORTH James Remuera
- Freehold Remuera

DONOVAN Patrick Epsom
- Freehold Papatoitoi, Papakura (Part of Clendon's Grant)

DYSON Richard Weston Queen St, Auckland
- Freehold North Wynyardton, Coromandel

EDGCOMBE William Northern Hotel, Gt North Road
- Freehold Hunua, County of Eden

ELSMORE John Papakura
- Freehold Papakura Valley

EVITT David Wakefield St, Auckland
- Freehold Maraetai

FAHEY John Queen St, Auckland
- Freehold North Wynyardton, Coromandel

FAHEY John Rama Rama
- Freehold Rama Rama

FAIRBURN John Onehunga
- Freehold Otahuhu

FENALL George Onehunga
- Freehold Hunua, County of Eden

FISCHER Carl Frank Emily Place, Auckland
- Freehold Hobson's Bay, Remuera

FISHER John Rosevale
- Leasehold Manurewa

FITZGERALD William Rama Rama
- Freehold Rama Rama

FLYNN John Onehunga
- Freehold Wairoa, County of Eden

FORSAITH Thomas Spencer Kyberville
- Freehold East Tamaki

FRASER George Nelson St, Auckland
- Freehold Remuera

FRASER William Auckland
- Freehold Town of Wynyardton, Coromandel

GALLAUGHER (sic) James Onehunga
- Leasehold Hunua, County of Eden

GOLLAN Robert West Tamaki
- Freehold West Tamaki

- Freehold Manurewa

GORDON John Otahuhu
- Freehold Manurewa

GRACE Peter Wyndham St, Auckland
- Freehold Wairoa, County of Eden

GRADY Thomas Papakura
- Leasehold Papakura

GRAHAM George Coburg St, Auckland
- Freehold Mangarei, Manurewa

GRAHAM Henry Remuera
- Leasehold Ellerslie

GRAHAM John Remuera
- Freehold Moto Ihi (Taylor's Island), Waitemata

GRUCHY George Papakura
- Freehold Papakura Valley

HALL John William Mangarei
- Freehold Flat Bush, Manurewa

HALLMAN John Papakura
- Freehold Drury

HARRIS Christopher Atwell Vincent St, Auckland
- Freehold Wynyardton, Coromandel

HASLETT John Mitchell Auckland
- Freehold Hunua

HASTIE Joseph Onehunga
- Freehold Wynyardton, Coromandel

HENDERSON John Woodend, Wairoa
- Freehold Wairoa, County of Eden

HIGGINS Michael Queen St, Auckland
- Freehold North Wynyardton, Coromandel

HILL Henry St George's Bay, Auckland
- Freehold Pakuranga

HILL Edward Parnell
- Freehold Wanganui Island, Coromandel

- Freehold Papakura

HORNE Robert Shortland St, Auckland
- Freehold Ellerslie

JACKSON Samuel Remuera
- Freehold Remuera

JERVIS Henry Mahon Emily Place, Auckland
- Freehold Wynyardton, Coromandel

KELLY William Onehunga
- Freehold Hunua

KERR John Onehunga
- Freehold Papakura

KILFOYLE Francis Auckland
- Freehold Pakuranga

LAZARUS Khronenburg Wyndham St, Auckland
- Freehold Wynyardton, Coromandel

LEVY Bernhard Queen St, Auckland
- Freehold Hunua

LEYLAND Edward Hunua
- Household dwelling Hunua

LYE James Freeman's Bay, Auckland
- Freehold Wynyardton, Coromandel

LYONS Robert John East Tamaki
- Leasehold East Tamaki

MACKY John Howick
- Freehold Maraetai

MACLEAN Benjamin Penrose
- Leasehold Penrose

MANDENO James Francis Remuera
- Freehold Remuera

MASON William Howick
- Freehold Pakuranga

MATHESON James Wairoa River
- Freehold Taupo, Banks County

MAY George Spring Farm
- Freehold Spring Farm

McCARTHY John The Ranges (Clendon)
- Freehold Part of Clendon's Grant

McDONALD John Woodlands, Wairoa
- Freehold Wairoa, County of Eden

McDONALD Peter Waihoihoi
- Household dwelling Waihoihoi

McGEE Richard Pukaki
- Freehold Part of Clendon's Grant

McKENNA Edward Howick
- Freehold Pakuranga

McLEAN David Otahuhu
- Freehold North side of Gt South Road

McNAMARA Alexander Queen St, Auckland
- Freehold North Wynyardton, Coromandel

MILLER Thomas Borland Wairoa
- Freehold Wairoa, (Avondale)

MOORE John Chapel St, Auckland
- Freehold North Wynyardton, Coromandel

MOSHEM Frederick Maundrell Pakuranga
- Freehold Clendon's Grant

MUNRO George Wairoa
- Freehold Wairoa

O'NEILL James Auckland
- Freehold Drury

PHILLIPS Philip Aaron Wakefield St, Auckland
- Freehold Keven's, Coromandel

PHILPOT John Papakura
- Leasehold Papakura, Part of Clendon's Grant

PIERCE George Patrick Pitt St, Auckland
- Freehold Wynyardton, Coromandel

PORTER Edward Jermyn St, Auckland
- Freehold Maraetai

RIDINGS Richard Symonds St, Auckland
- Freehold Wynyardton, Coromandel

RING Charles Coromandel
- Freehold Wairoa

RING Frederick Cook St, Auckland
- Freehold Coromandel

ROE Matthew Henry Grahame St, Auckland
- Leasehold Coromandel Harbour (Coromandel Saw Mills)

RUSSELL Thomas Symonds St, Auckland
- Freehold Ellerslie

RUSSELL Thomas (Snr) Muddy Creek
- Freehold North Wynyardton, Coromandel

SEFTERN (sic) William Henry John Nelson St, Auckland
- Freehold Hunua

SELBY George Holmes Otaua Creek
- Household dwelling Otaua Creek

SHACKELL Arthur Robert East Tamaki
- Freehold East Tamaki

SHARP William Otahuhu
- Leasehold North side of Gt South Road

SHINE Patrick Otahuhu
- Freehold East Tamaki

SIMPSON Peter Howick
- Freehold East Tamaki

STABLES John Tamaki
- Leasehold Waitemata

STICHBURY Charles Official Bay, Auckland
- Freehold Wynyardton, Coromandel

STUART James Onehunga
- Freehold Rama Rama

SYMONDS John Jermyn Onehunga
- Freehold Papakura

THORNTON Daniel Bateman Remuera
- Freehold Remuera

TOLE Edward Francis Franklin St, Auckland
- Freehold Hunua

TOLE John Franklin St, Auckland
- Freehold Suburbs of Auckland

TOLE John Lambert Franklin St, Auckland
- Freehold Hunua

TREVARTHEN Thomas Waihoihoi
- Household dwelling Waihoihoi

TRIMBLE John Manurewa
- Freehold Clendon's Grant

TURNER Robert Hobson St, Auckland
- Leasehold Mount Eden

TWAMBLEY George Onehunga
- Freehold Hunua

UPTON William Brown Auckland
- Freehold Hunua

VINCENT George Abercrombie St
- Freehold Belleville, Coromandel

WALLACE John Flat Bush
- Freehold Pakuranga

WEEKES Henry Onehunga
- Freehold Hunua

WELLS Seymour Papakura
- Leasehold Kairoa Road, Papakura

WHITE David Panmure
- Freehold Mt Wellington

WILLIAMSON James Remuera
- Freehold East Tamaki

WILSON Charles James Christopher Smith Falls
- Freehold Falls, near Howick

WILSON William Chisholm Shortland St, Auckland
- Freehold Remuera

WYNYARD Gladwin John Richard Flag Staff, North Shore
- Freehold Wynyardton, Coromandel

YOUNG John Beresford Great Barrier Island
- Leasehold Great Barrier Island (Kaiarara Sawmills)

YOUNG Joseph Archell Farm, Northern Road
- Freehold Wairoa