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FREED buried in KARRAKATTA Cemetery West Australia

the FREED buried in PERTH as at July 2011:

see also FREED of DONGARA


- Mother M. Ceslaus
- Dongara niche wall (see above link)
- Gravesit 0002R at Karrakatta
- Grantee was Joan Carville




I have taken some extracts from the Hutt City Library site from the page
Lower Hutt Past and Present (1941)

I highly recommend a visit to their site for some wonderful info and photos of that district and the early settlers.

I am doing some short overviews from their database:

journal 1 - settlers of LOWER HUTT 1839 - 1941

journal 2 - the PILGRIM MOTHERS of the Hutt Valley

journal 3 - PETONE's first 100 years, - list of names

journal 4 - PETONE men who fell WWI - list of names

journal 5 - FREEMASONRY - Ulster Lodge No. 62

journal 6 - LOYAL PETONE LODGE - No, 6542

journal 7 - Ancient Order Of Foresters - COURT EPUNI, 7314


journal 9 - PETONE Branch - Hibernian Australasian Society 1910

journal 10 - PETONE PIONEER BRANCH - Oddfellows


journal 12 - PONEKE LODGE - Ancient Order of DRUIDS

journal 13 - PETONE Town Board - formed 1881

journal 14 - HUTT RIVER BOARD - formed 1879

(additions in italics or capitals are mine)
- (remember the article was written in 1941)

In a little schoolroom in Petone in November 1886, a number of Free- masons held a meeting for the purpose of discussing the advisability of starting a masonic lodge and, after careful consideration, it was agreed that such a lodge should be formed under the Irish constitution and be called Ulster Lodge.

The Grand Lodge of New Zealand was not formed until a year or two later. The meetings for some time were held in the Oddfellows Hall, Petone, the first one being held on January 19th, 1887.
This hall, not being considered entirely suitable, a committee was set up for the purpose of obtaining a hall of its own. In April, 1888, a site having been secured in Fitzherbert Street, Petone, plans were drawn up and accepted and a start was made on the new building.

The new hall was ready in June 1888 and on July 2nd 1888 the dedication of the new masonic hall took place. The ceremony was performed by Worshipful Brother R. C. HAMMERTON, acting Pro. Grand Master. This same gentleman was also Ulster Lodge's first Master.
The first secretary was JAMES CURTIS, a very well known name in Petone, F. W. DAWES, first treasurer, and the Rev. JOSHUA JONES, chaplain.

The hall has been considerably enlarged, and to-day stands as a monument to the progress of Free Masonry in the district.

For many years, the lodge was the only one in the Hutt Valley, but it kept in close contact with sister Lodges in Wellington city and suburbs. There are now four lodges in the Valley, and one in Eastbourne. The lodge held its fiftieth jubilee in 1937.

Ulster Lodge also assisted at the forming of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand, which will be celebrating its fiftieth jubilee this year. The members feel satisfied and proud of the history and progress the lodge has made during the last fifty years and trust its continued activity will assist to establishing in the mind of men, a more ample recognition and a nobler conception of the brotherhood of man.

"He too has served who now and then has helped along his fellow man."

The present officers are:
Harold MORGAN S.W.;
Chas. NEISEN J.W.;
W. Bro. F. L. MATTHEWS, P.G. B.B., chaplain;
J. T. COLLIN, treasurer;
W. Bro. W. H. MELHUISH, P.G.S., secretary


from FRENCH CONVICTS from NEW CALEDONIA (Papers respecting arrival at Auckland of pardoned Communists and Criminals)
Presented to both Houses of the General Assenbly by Command of His Excellency - Appendix to the Journals of the House of Representatives, 1880 Session I, A-05

Colonial Secretary's Office, N.Z,., Wellington, 28th February 1880

1/ Sir, I have the honor to forward herewith copies of telegrams that have passed between us respecting the arrival in New Zealand of liberated Communists and criminals from New Caledonia
2/ The circimstances which caused my telegrams were theses:- On the 8th instant, the Government received information from the Minister resident in Auckland, that the schooner "Griffin", chartered by the French Government, had arrived in the Manukau Harbour from New Caledonia ... more at above link

the List & Description of the Political and Criminal ex-prisoners on the GRIFFIN into Auckland, February 1880



CAILLIEN Francois Octavien France 45 5'4"
- Very dark Dark Dark Stout
- Gentlemanly, Beard, whiskers and moustache

HENRY Nicolas France 50 5'3"
- Fresh Dark Grey Medium
- Elderly, Slight moustache and beard

HOCQUART Auguste France 45 5'7"
- Swarthy Dark Brown Brown Stout
- Gentlemanly, Full dark beard and moustache, shrugs his shoulders when speaking

HUGUENIN Simon France 49 5'10"
- Fresh Brown Br Stout
- Smart, Full dark moustache, slight growth of beard

LAHALLE Hippolyte Celestin France 43 5'10"
- Very dark Brown Black Medium
- Respectable, Moustache and beard

LEWEIDENT Henry Louis France 42 5'4"
- Fair Blue Light brown Medium
- Smart, Slight beard and moustache

PICARD Pierre France 44 5'9"
- Swarthy Grey Brown Stout
- Respectable, Moustache and beard

PLESSIS Francois Julien France 49 5'8"
- Dark Dark Grey Slight
- Smart, Moustache, no beard or whiskers

RAYER Francois France 50 5'4"
- Dark Grey Dark hair tinged with grey Medium
- Smart, Full moustache, slight beard and whiskers

VERSPEELT Bruno Belgium 54 5'3"
- Fresh Dark Grey Stout
- Elderly, Slight grey beard and moustache, wears spectacles

VILLEVAL Joseph Charles Albin Belgium 32 5'4"
- Fair Grey Dark brown Medium
- Smart and good looking, Slight moustache, no whiskers, speaks English slightly


BENJAMES Charles France 42, 5'6"
- Deserting from army 5 years
- Fair Blue Light Medium
- Respectable, Painter Moustache and beard

DAPREMONT Jean Louis France 26, 5'11"
- Assaulting a sergeant 5 years
- Fair Grey Brown Slim
- Smart, Butcher Large nose, no hair on face, good looking

GRAIGNIER Prospere France 27, 5'7"
- Assaulting an officer 5 years
- Dark Grey Dark Stout
- Smart and active, Carter Pockpitted, beard and moustache

LECA Paul Felix France 32, 5'4"
- Embezzling army money 5 years
- Dark Dark Dark Medium
- Smart, Clerk Full moustache, no beard or whiskers

LEDUE John France 38, 5'0"
- Violent assult on brother soldier 5 years
- Dark Grey Light-brown
- Slight, Ordinary Labourer Full moustache, slight beard

MELIN Pierre France 50, 2"
- Indecent assault on girl under 10 years of age 10 years
- Dark Dark Dark Slight
- Ordinary Clerk and schoolmaster Bald, was formerly a priest

PARISSE Joseph France 37, 5' 5"
- Assaulting captain of his ship, throwing him overboard 10 years
- Dark Brown Dark Stout
- Respectable, Ship's carpenter Hair turning grey, moustache and beard

PEODGNO - Fr Creole 22, 5' 5"
- Robbing with violence 20 years
- Very dark Blue Light
- Slight, Ill-looking Labourer Was a stowaway; only 2 years served of the 20 year sentence.

PERROT Antoine France 42, 5' 7"
- Larceny 5 years
- Swarthy, Grey Brown Stout
- Respectable, Mechanical engineer Scar on forehead, moustache and beard turning grey

POURAILLY Bernard Adolphe France 39, 5' 10"
- Embezzling army money 5 years
- Dark Dark Dark Stout
- Respectable, Clerk Moustache and beard

FRIEDLANDER marriages New Zealand 1867 - 1927

some of the FRIEDLANDER marriages in Nw Zealand 1867 - 1927:


Emily Gertrude Friedlander
- married Edward Allen DENHAM in 1909

Fanny Friedlander
- married John Joseph O'DAY in 1867

Harriet Friedlander
- married John HAIG in 1868

Hedwig Helena 'Hettie' Friedlander (1877-1933)
- married Alfred John COUCHMAN in 1913

Hilda Henriette Friedlander
- married David FRIEDLANDER in 1909

Lillie Friedlander
- married Solie SOLOMON in 1903

Lina Edith Friedlander
- married George Cecil DERRETT in 1909

Marion Friedlander
- married Walter CROTON in 1926


Arthur Jonas Friedlander
- married Olive HOGG in 1921

David Friedlander
- married Hilda Henriette FRIEDLANDER in 1909

Elias Friedlander
- married Rose harriet ROMISON in 1918

Eric Waldemar Friedlander
- married Inez WILY in 1927

Ernest Friedlander
- married Gertrude Esther MARKS in 1921

Jonas Friedlander
- married Marion GRAYDON in 1918

Martin Marcus Friedlander
- married Esther Isabella KERMODE in 1927

Max Jonas Friedlander
- married Enid Rebecca HALSTED in 192

Moritz Friedlander
- married Emly Gertrude CROWBER in 1901

Rudolph Friedlander
- married Helena GALL in 1879

GRAVE of Hedwig Helena 'Hettie' Couchman

Plot 254 L, Section CH ENG2 at Karori, Wellington

Friedrich Albert Polycarp FIEBIG - Wellington

married 26 June 1876 to:
Margaret CLELLAND (see timeline)
- there were no children

Friedrich next married in 1890 to:
EMILY BOYCE (1867-1918)
24 May 1890 On the 24th May, at the reidence of the bride's parents, Lower Moutere, by the Rev. S. Poole, M.A., Fredrick Albert Polycarp Fiebig, of Wellington, to EMily, second daughter of George Boyce, Lower Moutere


... 1
1891 - Henrietta May Fiebig
- Henrietta married Charles Cecil CARTER in 1914

... 2
1892 - 1957 George Albert Theodore Fiebig
- George married Stella Violet HEINOLD in 1918

... 3
1895 - 1970 Cora Eveline Fiebig
- Cora married Valentine Charles Sage BLAKE (1896-1967) in 1917

... 4
1899 - 1974 Herbert Leslie Fiebig
- Herbert married Norma Margaret Hosie MILNE (1901-1982) in 1928

... 5
1905 - 1982 Olive Bernice Fiebig
- Olive married Leslie Harold LINNEY (1901-1968) in 1926

4 January 1884 - WELLINGTON
... Letters of naturalization have been issued in favour of Friedrich Albert Polycarp Fiebig, gardener, of Wellington

15 November 1886 - WELLINGTON COURT
... Margaret & John Thomas Oake 'eloped' to Taradale, Napier

16 November 1886 - WELLINGTON
... In the course of the hearing of the case of alleged larceny brought against Thomas Oake n the Magistrate's Court yesterday; Mr Shaw mentioned that since their return to Wellington, Mrs Fiebig and the accused had been served with citations to appear at the Divorce Court in January next, as respondent and co-respondent respectively, to answer Mr Fiebig's petition for dissolution of the marriage tie

25 August 1888 - WELLINGTON
... Friedrich was granted a decree nisi

25 January 1889 - WELLINGTON
... In this case, in which the husband, Frederick Albert Polycarp Fiebig, gardener, obtained a decree nisi on account of his wife's (Margaret's) adultery with John Thomas Oake, Mr Edwards moved that the rule should be made absolute. The moton was granted

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Friedrich Heinrich BURMESTER Hamburg to Timaru

FREDERICH HEINRICH Burmester (1837-1891)
(aka Frederick Henry Burmester)
was born 1835 in Hanover, Hamburg, Germany

Frederick married 18 Dec 1869 in St Botolph's Church, Algate, London to:
CHARLOTTE MOORE (1836-) of England

their known children (born in London):
... 1
1857 - 1950 George William Burmester
GEORGE married Martha NELSON (1866-1941) in Wanganui? in 1891
their known children:
* 1893 - 1898 Lucinda May 'Linda' Burmester (died in Lawrence 4.11)
* 1896 - 1975 George Leonard Burmester
* 1897 - 1976 Nelson Edgar Burmester
* 1900 - 1951 Transvaal Hubert Burmester

... 2
1862 - 1959 John Henry Burmester
JOHN married Catherine Ann MILLIS (1870-1950) in Dunedin 11 Oct 1893
their known children:
* 1895 - 1956 Robert Andrew Henry Burmester
* 1900 - Elizabeth Annie May Burmester
* 1904 - 1998 Eric Millis Burmester
JOHN HENRY Burmester died 30 April 1959 in Stratford, Taranaki aged 56

... 3
1864 - 1913 Charles Frederick Burmester
CHARLES married Minnie Margaret STOTT (1868-1948) in 1893
their known children:
* 1894 - 1950 Henry Frederick Burmester
* 1896 - Elsie Elizabeth Burmester
* 1899 - 1975 Arthur John Burmester
CHARLES FREDERICK Burmester died 20 Sep 1913 in Timaru aged 49
MINNIE MARGARET Burmester died 16 November 1948 aged 80
- they are buried Plot 405, Row 30 at Timaru cemetery

... 4
1868 - 1953 Charlotte Sarah Burmester
Charlotte didn't marry
CHARLOTTE SARAH Burmester died 29 March 1953 in Dunedin aged 84
- she is buried Plot 14, Block 69 at Andersons Bay cemetery
with her is Elizabeth MOORE (1856-1928), a widow of 128 King street, Dunedin. Born in London, arriving in NZ about 1872 (Charlotte's mother was a Moore)

next married 1 April 1872 in St Thomas Church, Stepney, London to:

their known children (born in Timaru):
... 1
1873 - 1874 Arthur Robert Burmester
ARTHUR died aged 1 in Timaru
Timaru Herald, 10 August 1874 BURMESTER
On August 8th, at Timaru, Arthur Robert, fifth child of Henry and Susan Burmester, aged on year
- he is buried with his parents & siblings (see photo)

... 2
1875 - 1948 William Christian Burmester
WILLIAM married Isabella Nicholl 'Bella' BLACK (1876-1953) in 1901
WILLIAM CHRISTIAN Burmester died 15 October 1948 aged 73
- last address: 702 King street, North Dunedin
ISABELLA NICHOLL Burmester died 16 january 1953 aged 76
- last address: 4 Ellis street, North Dunedin
their ashes were scattered

... 3
1877 - ? Elizabeth Gertrude Burmester
ELIZABETH married Francis Stephen FULTON (1878-) 16 April 1900 in Dunedin
- son of William FULTON & Catherine McINERNEY
Francis was in Dipton, Southland in January 1894 when he brought action against Robert Beaton Ross for slander
their known children:
* 1901 - Francis Henry Joseph 'Frank' Fulton
* 1904 - Arthur Bernard Fulton
* 1909 - Edna May Fulton

... 4
1879 - 1971 Alice Maud Burmester
ALICE married Archibald Francis Menzies READMAN (1877-1938) 26 Dec 1906 in Timaru
- son of George Peden READMAN & Isabella MENZIES
their known children:
* 1907 - 1956 Stanley Archibald Readman
* 1909 - 2005 Kenneth Hector Readman
* 1912 - Doris Maud Readman

... 5
1882 - 1923 Edith Mabel Burmester
EDITH married Ralph Satchwell ANDERSON (1883-1922) 19 Feb 1909 in Timaru
- son of Thomas ANDERSON & Martha SATCHWELL
their known children:
* 1910 - Gwendoleen Myrtle Anderson
* 1913 - 1966 Ralph Satchwell Anderson

... 6
1885 - 1922 May Susan Burmester
MAY married Frederick JEAVONS (1882-1973) 28 Dec 1907 in Auckland
- son of William Henry JEAVONS & Lillias McDONALD
their known children:
* 1908 - 1980 Alick Frederick Jeavons
* 1913 - Maisie Violet Jeavons

... 7
1887 - 1972 Violet Ada Burmester
VIOLET ADA Burmester died 6 October 1972 in Talbot Hospital Timaru aged 85
- she is buried Plot 890, Row 245 in Timaru cemetery
In Loving Memory Of
Dearly Loved Aunt Of
MAISIE VALENTINE (nee Jeavons??)
6th October 1972

... 8
1891 - Jennie Olive Burmester
born 8 Nov 1891, twin with Gladys
JENNIE OLIVE Burmester died 28 January 1892 aged 2 months
- she is buried with her parents & siblings (see photo)

... 9
1891 - 1892 Gladys Minnie Burmester
born 8 Nov 1891, twin with Jennie
GLADYS MINNIE Burmester died 11 February 1892 aged 3 months
- she is buried with her parents & siblings (see photo)

Timaru Herald, 29 January 1878 - NATURALIZATION
His Excellency the Governor has been pleased to issue Letters of naturalization to Friedrich Heinrich Burnester, of Timaru, blacksmith

FREDERICK HEINRICH Burmester died 14 December 1891 in Timaru aged 54
Star, 15 December 1891 SUDDEN DEATH Mr H. Burmester, an old Timaru resident, at his residence, Theodocia Street, died rather suddenly yesterday. He had not been well for a few days, but got up intending to walk into his garden. Before he could fulfill his intention he sat down in a back room and expired
SUSAN Burmester died 3 August 1926 in Timaru aged
- they are buried Plot 18, Row 16, General section at Timaru cemetery

* A John Alfred Burmester was a storekeeper of the 'Danevirke Tea Mart' in Dannevirke in the late 1880s (lived in Denmark street).
Bush Advocate, 7 June 1888 The partnership hither existing between James Cumming Fraser and John Alfred Burmester, as storekeepers, is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All debts due to the late firm must be paid to Mr J. A. Nurmester who will also discharge all liabilities.
Witness to the signatures - JOHN BARGH, Danevirke, June 2, 1888
* JOHN ALFRED Burmester also had the Mail run to Weber.
Bush Advocate, 7 November 1889 Mr Burmester made his maiden trip with the mail to Weber on Monday, returning next day. He reports that the road is not in the best of conditions for fast travelling, the journey taking him about six hours to accomplish. He considers the district a very fine one indeed - for mosquitoes - which are of a greatly superior variety to those about here.
* In 1890 he was appointed the Returning Officer at Danevirke. In 1901 he was a member of the Ruahine Mounted Rifles, as Sergeant J. A. Burmester, when they competed for the Coleman Shield
John's wife (Ada nee ?) was very involved in the community. She held a dancing class, wrote a couple of 'papers', entitled "Woman's Mission", "Reading', & "Mental Science", played the piano & organ and sung at numerous local concerts. She was on the committee of the Dannevirke Library and a member of the Dannevirke Debating Society.
* They had a daughter 23 July 1893, Vera Burmester. Vera married in New Zealand in 1919 to Morgan Cyprian McMahon O'BRIEN
In 1908 they were living 'back' in England when he wrote this letter, stating he had been a resident of over twenty years in the Hawke's Bay. They appear again in Auckland in 1918. Ada Burmester died 20 May 1926 aged 63 & is buried at Hillsborough cemetery, Mt Roskill Auckland. Her headstone reads: In Loving Memory of ADA, Wife of John Alfred Burmester. Alfred returned to England as did his daughter and her husband Morgan Cyprian Mcmahon O'Brien (1886-) (14 Winchester Road, Worthing, Sussex in 1932. Mays Hill Road, Shortlands, Kent in 1935)
I cannot find any link to the above family...

Plot 18, Row 16, General section at Timaru cemetery

* Frederick Henry Burmester (Dec 1891) aged 54, 1891
* Susan Burmester (Aug 1926) aged 74, his wife
* Arthur Robert Burmester (Aug 1874) aged 1, their son
* Jennie Olive Burmest (Jan 1892) aged 2 months, their twin daughter
* Gladys Minnie Burmester (Feb 1892) aged 2 months 5 days, their twin daughter

FRIEDRICH JANETT - Grüsch, Switzerland to Masterton, New Zealand 1800s

Friedrich Janett was born 23rd September 1858 in Grsch, Graubnden, Switzerland

He married Edith Susanna Chamberlain 24th April 1889 at Starwood Farm, Upper Plain Rd, Mastertom
- Edith was born at Starwood on the 13th May 1867
- she was a daughter of Giles Edinborough Chamberlain (1837 England - 1928 Masterton) and Penelope Jane Whatton (1841 - 1909 Masterton)

Friedrich and Edith had the following children:

Ivy Edith Janett 1890-1987 aged 84
- she married Daniel James Coughlan 1889-1958

Olive Ann Penelope Janett 1892-?
- she married Featherstone Phillipson 1891-1928
- possible she married twice

Edith Florence Penelope Janett 1894-1976 aged 81
- she married Edwin Bailey
- she married Harold Frederick Russell 1898-1970 ?

Fredrich Giles "ERIC" Janett 1895-1954 aged 59
- he married Eva May Phillipson 1892-1983

May Penelope Janett 1896-1965 aged 69
- she married William "BILLY" Ellis 1888-1956

Celina Katherine Penelope Janett 1897-1983 aged 85
- she married Michael Joseph "JOE" McKenna 1896-1966
- son of Edward & Bridget McKenna Ireland to Patea

Dorothy Penelope Janett 1898-1987 aged 98
- she married William Glen Eavestaff 1900-1973

Oscar Janett 1899-1966 aged 66
- he married ?

Leslie Hatuma Janett 1901-?
- he married ?

Neville Janett 1902-1961 aged 58
- he married ?

Margaret Penelope Janett 1904-?
- she married Horace Laurence Bowell 1903-1959
- possibly married twice

Grace Penelope Janett 1905-1978 aged 73
- she married Thomas Sinclair Fotheringhame 1902-1979

Audrey Penelope Janett 1908-?
- she married Francis Arthur George Dunn 1900-1942
- possible she married twice

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Friedrich POPPE from Prussia to New Zealand

Carl Friedrich August POPPE - (probably not his original spelling) was a son of Freidrich August Poppe and Anna Elizabeth Diener of Prussia.

He married Catharine Hempseed from Scotland 1855-1916.
She was the daughter of John Hempseed and Caroline Thompson (they were apparently married in 1953 in NSW, Australia)

Don't know Carl's and Catharines emigration dates at this time.
They married in Wellington in 1871 and settled in the Manawatu, around Marton.

They had 17 children:
William August Poppe 1872-1874
- died aged 2
Frederick August Poppe 1874-1947
Fanny Louisa Poppe 1876-1945
- married Edward Gudopp
Charles John Poppe 1877-1943
- married Helen Louisa Cox
Ernest Arthur Poppe 1879-1931
James Thomas Poppe 1880-1904
Henry William Poppe 1883-1946
Ernest Thomas Poppe 1884-1884
Francis Robert Poppe 1885-1918
- married Alice Olivia Frecklington
Thomas Albert Poppe 1887-1938
Augusta Catharine Poppe 1889-1930
Caroline Ada Poppe 1891-1965
- married Alfred Whale
John Robert Poppe 1892-1892
Alxander Duncan Poppe 1894-1974
Ada Charlotte Poppe 1897-1948
Annie Elizabeth Poppe 1898-1967
Jessie Agnes 1901-1983

Any further data you can add to the tree would be apprecated

Friedrich Wilhelm 'Kohingarara' STURM - Hawkes Bay

Friedrich Wilhelm Christian 'Kohingarara' STURM (1810-1896)
(aka Frederick William Sturm) - Naturalist, Interpreter, Botanist, Nursery Owner
was born in Germany the son of an army officer. His mother's name was Eliza Kuhne. According to family tradition Sturm received his education at court and became an apprentice gardener. In the 1830s he was a member of a botanical expedition to England, South Africa, India, China and Australia. After visiting the Swan River in Western Australia, Sturm left the expedition in Sydney in 1838. He came to New Zealand on the Harlequin in 1839, calling at Nelson and Wellington before landing at Ahuriri (Napier) on 2 August ... (read more at photo link)

FRIEDRICH & ANI had a daughter:
... 1
* 1842 - Elizabeth Sturm

born 20 June 1842 in Mahia Peninsula

FRIEDRICH settled with Hinerakau 'Henriette' Pakapuka TAIRERE (1829-1859)
daughter of Pekapeka TE HARAWIRA & Amiria POHUKUARE
FRIEDRICH & HENRIETTE had 5 children:
... 1
1848 - 1939 Rudolph Charles Sturm

RUDOLPH married Jane BOSHER in 1875
they had 9 known children:
* 1876 - 1962 William Frederick Henry Sturm (+Elizabeth Matilda LIGHT in 1903)
* 1877 - 1877 Esther Anne Mary Sturm (died at Napier aged 21 hours)
* 1878 - 1964 Rudolph Charles Sturm (+Ethel DAVIDSON in 1906)
* 1880 - 1881 Irene Ellen Filkins Sturm (at Hastings aged 22 months)
* 1882 - 1947 Olive Sybil Sturm (+Charles Murdock McKENZIE in 1911)
* 1884 - 1885 Edmund Edward Sturm (died Hawkes Bay Nurseries 12 months)
* 1885 - 1952 Cyril Raffles Sturm (+ Mabel ASHWORTH in 1911)
* 1889 - Winifred Constance Sturm (+Murray MacKENZIE in 1910)
* 1891 - 1891 Roy Sturm (aged 2 days)

... 2
1849 - Thomas William Sturm

born 25 June 1849 in Papmoa, Mahia Peninsula
nothing else known

... 3
1853 - John Edward Sturm

born 18 May 1853 in Nuhaka, Hawkes Bay
nothing else known

... 4
1856 - 1930 James Frederick Sturm

born 2 December 1856 in Nuhaka, Hawkes Bay
JAMES married Emily Jane MORGAN (1861-1955 ) in 1878
the known children of FREDERICK & EMILY:
* 1880 - 1965 Alice Maud Sturm (+Richard HEWETSON in 1897)
* 1882 - 1883 Mabel Grace Sturm (at Hastings street, Napier aged 8 months)
* 1884 - 1923 Arthur George Sturm (killed in an explosion, see notes below)
* 1885 - 1973 Harriett Grace Sturm (+Joseph Henry BRYANT in 1908)
* 1891 - Edward William Sturm
* 1893 - 1920 Ivy May 'Queenie' Sturm (+Albert Bernard CONGDON 1914)
* 1901 - 1982 Leslie James Sturm
* 1904 - 1966 Mabel Sturm (+Arthur William BENNETT in 1926)

... 5
1858 - Mari 'Maria' Sturm

born 15 April 1858 in Nuhaka, Hawkes Bay
MAIRA married Benjamin GLASS (1850-1913) in Wairoa in 1881
Daily Telegraph, 3 February 1881 GLASS-STURM - At Clyde, on the 22nd January 1881, Benjamin Glass, Esq., of Frasertown, to Marie, daughter of F. W. C. Strum, Esq., of West Clive
the known children of MARI & BENJAMIN:
* 1881 - Violet Henrietta Glass (+James Fraser SMYTH 1902)
* 1883 - 1908 Ivy Christina Glass
* 1884 - 1968 Myrtle Rosina Glass (+George BOYD 1906 & 11 children)
* 1886 - 1952 Mary Jessamine Glass (+Daniel COGHLAN 1908)

Frederick William Christian 'Kohingarara' Sturm died 23 May 1897 aged 85
he is buried Plot 15, Block SW at Mangateretere, Hawkes Bay

Daily Telegraph, 1 March 1888 - son RUDOLPH CHARLES STURM
R. C. Sturm will open a greengrocer's shop next to the Carlton Hotel, Hastings, on Saturday morning

New Zealand Herald, 26 May 1896 - DEATH OF AN OLD COLONIST
One of Hawke's Bay's oldest settlers passed away on Saturday in the person of Mr F. W. C. Sturm, aged 85. He came to New Zealand before it was a British colony, forming one of a scientific expeditions under Baron Hochstetter, sent out by the Australian Government, and he was so enamoured of the country that he decided to remain behind when the expedition returned

Press, 1 June 1896 - A PRUSSIAN BOTANIST
With reference to the late Mr F. W. C. Sturm, Mr A. Koch, of Wellington, informs the New Zealand Times that the statement that the deceased came out to New Zealand as a member of the scientific expedition under Baron Hochstetter is incorrect. Mr Koch says that Mr Sturn was sent out to Australia in 1838 by the Prussian Government to search for botanical specimens. later on Mr Sturm came over to New Zealand, and after botanising in the Rimutaka and other district, went on to Hawke's Bay and Poverty Bay, finally settling at Wairoa, where he married a Maori wife

Marlborough Express, 17 July 1920 - death of GRANDDAUGHTER
The death occurred at Napier Hospital on July 2nd, of a well-known and highly respected resident of Hastings, in the person of Mrs Ivy May (Queenie) Congdon, (daughter of James & Emily Jane) wife of Mr A. B. Congdon, formerly of Blenheim and third daughter of Mr and Mrs J. F. Sturm, of Hastings, The deceased lady had been suffering from some time past, but she bore up patiently through her illness, and endeared herself to all with whom she came in contact. Much sincere sympathy will be expressed towards her husband and young child, and relatives

Hawera & Normanby Star, 21 December 1923 - son's INQUEST AT NAPIER
The inquest on Arthur Sturm, a waterside worker, and Archiblad Sporle, who were fatally injured in the explosion at Port Ahuriri on November 1, was held before Mr R. W. Dyer, S.M., to-day. While loading cylinders containing acetylene gas one exploded, fatally burning Sturm and Sporle and severely injuring a number of others. The inquiry was opened this norming, and concluded at 11 o'clock tonight. The evidence of experts went to show that cylinders containing acetylene gas were generally considered quite safe, and that in the case of the one which exploded there was a defect in the welding

Evening Post, 10 December 1928 - GRANDSON marries
A wedding of much local interest was that of Miss Ivy May Clough, second daughter of Mr and Mrs L. Clough, to Mr J. R. Sturm (John Rudolph James) eldest son of Mr and Mrs Sturm of Nuhaka, the ceremony taking place at the Presbyterian Church at Nuhaka, when the Rec Mr Porter officiated, and the wedding music was played ny Mr Smith. The bride wore a charming frock of apricot crepe de chine embroidered in gold and green, with a green crinoline straw hat trimmed with apricot. Two little flowere girls attended her, Connie Sturm and Doreen Hall, the best man being Mr Hori MacKenzie, and the groomsman Mr N. Thornton, of Napier. A guard of honour outside the church was formed of members of the Wanderers Football Club, of which the bridegroom was a member. They formed an arch of wands decorated with the club colours and under this the newly-married couple passed. The wedding breakfast was held at the Unity Hall, and was a very bright and cheerful function, cheers and musical honours being the order of the party. Later the hall was cleared and dancing took place, Mr C. Booten being M.C., and the music was supplied by Mrs Kirk and Messrs A. and F. Perry, and master Herbert. Among many wedding presents was a handsome clock from the suppliers of the Nuhaka Dairy Factory, and an oval table from the Wanderers Football Club.

15 January 1943 - GRANDSON killed in WWII
William Christian Sturm (son of William Frederick Henry STURM & Elizabeth Matilda LIGHT, served as Corporal 12052 with the Divisional Cavalry. He enlisted from 432 Marine Parade, Wairoa, listing his wife Margaret of Napier as next of kin. William was killed in action on the Western Desert aged 34 when a parcel of hedavy shells landed amongst Divisional Cavalry Headquarters & he is buried at Tripoli War Cemetery, Libya

Friedrich Wilhelm Christian STURM

taken from the site Te Ara