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ABBOTT to AYLWARD Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

Journal by ngairedith

the European settlement of Dannevirke
began on 15 October 1872 with the arrival of 13 Danish and eight Norwegian families brought out under the Vogel Immigration Scheme.

These pioneers were immediately allocated sections and then it was to work, clearing the vast "Seventy Mile Bush", building roads and establishing the railway. In their spare time, which was rare indeed they put their efforts into housing themselves

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The people with the surname A who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
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* ABBOTT Marjorie, 25 May 1907 aged 5 months
- daughter of Josiah 'Jos' ABBOTT & his 2nd wife, Alice WILLETS
- buried Grave 69, Block G

AGNEW Robert, 10 Nov 1908 aged 40
- Robert was a Bricklayer of Dannevirke
- buried Grave 5, Block H

AHAIA Te Ngarara, 29 Jun 1904 aged 80
(database has Ahaia, correct spelling of his surname was IHAIA)
One of the principal chiefs of the district, Te Ngarara Ihaia died at Tahoraiti Pa 29 June 1904. See his bio at I surnames
- buried unknown section

ALDING George, 3 May 1912 aged 47
- born 7 March 1865 in Oxfordshire to William ALDING & Mary Jane IRELAND
- George was a labourer
- buried Grave 87, Block J with his brother William

* ALDING James George, 29 July 1903 aged 2.11
- born 27 Aug 1900, a son of John ALDING & Caroline HARRISON
- buried Grave 77, Block E

ALDING Mary Jane (nee IRELAND), 6 Sep 1913 aged 77
- birth year of about 1836
- married William Alding (1835-1909) 24 April 1857 in Oxfordshire
- Mary lived in Dannevirke
- buried Grave 86, Block J with William (below)

ALDING William, 19 Oct 1944 aged 74
(cemetery database has aged 70)
- born 14 Aug 1870 in Oxfordshire to William ALDING & Mary Jane IRELAND
- married Catherine 'Katie' MORDIN in 1913
- William was a Sawmiller of Dannevirke
- buried Grave 87, Block J with brother George

ALDING William, 25 April 1909 aged 75
(2 days after his 52nd wedding anniversary)
- born 1 Feb 1835 in Lyneham, Oxfordshire
- he married Mary Jane IRELAND 24 April 1857
- they emigrated to NZ in 1874
- William was a Labourer
- he lived at Cadman Street, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 86, Block J with Mary Jane
Bush Advocate, 24 April 1907 GOLDEN WEDDING
Mr and Mrs W. ALDING, of Cadman street, celebrate their golden wedding of 50 years married to-day. Their descendants are seven children, 51 grandchildren, and 19 great-grandchildren.
NOTE A daughter of William & Mary Jane (therefore related to all the above) was Harriet Alding (1861-1928) who married William George Dean in 1877 and
had 13 children. They are buried in Mangatera

* ALEXANDER Frederick, 27 June 1908 aged 35
(Cemetery Database has aged 55)
- Frederick was a Horse Breaker & lived in Tepapakuku
- he was found shot, 6 weeks after marrying Sarah Anne WINDSOR
- buried Grave 8, Block I

ALLARDICE June/July 1903 aged ?
- buried 2 July 1903, location unknown

ALLARDICE Dorothy Matilda, 10 March 1908 aged 3 months
- born 20 Dec 1907 to James ALLARDICE & Agnes LITTLE
- lived in Tipapakuku, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 38, Block C with her father James (on the same day)

* ALLARDICE James, 10 March 1908 aged 61
(cemetery database has aged 64)
- born 23 Dec 1846 in Cumberland, England, James was a farmer, hotelkeeper, storekeeper, butcher and accommodation house-keeper in Tipapakuku, Dannevirke
- he had the Dannevirke & the Masonic Hotels
Bernt Amundsen (below), living near the hotel at that time, gave a personal reference for James
- buried Grave 38, Block C with daughter Dorothy (buried the same day)
Wanganui Chronicle, 12 March 1908 DANNEVIRKE - Mr J. Allardice, one of the first English settlers here, and well-known in southern Hawkes Bay, died this morning. On Monday, whilst wrestling, an old internal trouble was re-opened. He was taken to the hospital, where an operation was performed, but he died within 24 hours. An inquest will be held this afternoon.

* ALLEN Alice Maude, 2 Aug 1908 aged 25 (nee Chegwidden)
(cemetery database has aged 28)
- daughter of Ambrose Alexander CHIGWIDDEN & Sarah HART Victoria, Australia
- married Samuel Allen
Bush Advocate, 3 August 1908 ALLEN
... On the 2nd August, at the hospital, Alice Maud, dearly beloved wife of Samuel Allen, of Mangatera; aged 25 years. Deeply regretted.
... The deceased lady, who was the daughter of Mr A. Chegwidden, of Victoria, was comparatively a recent arrival in the district, and her death at the early age of 25 is deplored by her many friends. The late Mrs Allen leaves her husband and two children to mourn her loss.
- Alice had given birth 14 days previously (19 July) to a daughter, Alice Zealandia Allen. Another NZ born daughter (Alice Allen) was born 8 Nov 1906 and lived for 1 day. She is buried Grave 16, Block H

ALLEN Margaret, 24 Sep 1906 aged 36
- buried Grave 20, Block G

* ALLISON Caleb Powell, 10 March 1908 aged 2
- son of Joseph Powell 'Joe' ALLISON & Annie Lawson GRANT
- lived in Queen St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 14-15, Block H

ALLISON Joseph Powell, 25 May 1909 aged 20 weeks
- son of Joseph Powell 'Joe' ALLISON & Annie Lawson GRANT
- lived in Queen St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 15, Block H

AMUNDSEN Bernt, 19 Nov 1915 aged 74
- emigrated into Napier with his wife Ellen Marie (next) and 2 children on the HODVING arriving 15 Sept 1872
- Bernt received his letter of naturalisation in July 1883, he was then living in Dannevirke
- in August 1889 he was living in Maharahara when Agnes Gustava Aumndsen of Dannevire transferred his interest in the license to him of Section 58, Block I in Woodville
- he is buried Grave 46, Block D with wife Ellen (below)

AMUNDSEN Ellen Mary, 16 Oct 1901 aged 62 (nee Christiansen)
- Ellen was born in Norway. She married Bernt Amundsen and they arrived (with 2 children) into Napier 15 Sep 1872 on the Hovding. They lived for a few weeks in Napier then moved to Dannevirke
- they had at least 6 children
- buried Grave 45, Block D with husband Bernt

ANDERSEN Mary Catherine, (nee HAYWOOD) 19 Feb 1910 aged 34
(cemetery database has AndersOn)
- birth year of about 1876
- married Jen Hansen Andersen (1871-1921) in 1902
- lived in Tipapakuku, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 31, Block H
NOTE Jens is buried at Mangatera (under AndersOn on database)

ANDERSON Anne (nee LARSEN), 18 May 1936 aged 89
- birth year of about 1847
- married Carl Andreas Anderson & had at least 8 children
- lived in York St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 66, Block F with husband Carl

ANDERSON Carl Andreas, 14 Dec 1907 aged 59
- birth year of 1847
- he married Anne Larsen (above)
- he lived in York St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 66, Block F with wife Anne
Bush Advocate, 16 December 1907
... ANDERSON - At the Dannevirke Hospital, on 14th December, Carl Anderson; aged 59 [Palmerston North papers please copy]
... The death occurred on Saturday night of Mr Carl Anderson, a well-known resident of this district. The deceased arrived in the colony from Norway in 1871, and after spending some fifteen years at Palmerston, he took up residence at Dannevirke, and since that time has been largely engaged in contracting, while of late years he followed the occupation of a sawmiller. The late Mr Anderson developed a serious internal illness, and death came at last as a release to his sufferings. His death at the comparatively early age of 59 will be widely regretted. The deceased is survived by a wife and seven grown up children. The interment took place this afternoon

* ANDERSON David, 16 August 1911 aged 79 (Historical Record Only)
- birth year of about 1831
- David married Elizabeth Bell in 1862 & had 9 children
Manawatu Standard, 21 August 1911 The death occurred at his son's residence, Napier South, of Mr David Anderson, the head of the firm of Anderson and Son, coachbuilders of Dannevirke, a well-known Hawke's Bay resident in his eightieth year. Deceased arrived in Lyttelton in the sailing vessel 'Fatima' in 1851, and after a residence in different parts of Canterbury for 35 years, removed to Dannevirke 16 years ago, where he was in business as a coach-builder

ANDERSON Jane, 30 May 1902 aged 10 hours
- daughter of Thomas & Edith Anderson
- they also had a daughter Marjorie
- buried unknown location

ANDERSON Mary Catherine, 1910 aged 34
(see ANDERSEN Mary Catherine, above)

ANDERSON Mary Ann, 21 April 1909 aged 46
- birth year of about 1862
- married Peter Anderson (1846-1929)
- lived in Kiritaki, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 63, Block J with husband Peter
Bush Advocate, 16 March 1909 KIRITAKI - It is with very great regret that I have this week to chronicle the serious illness of Mrs Peter Anderson. For some time past Mrs Anderson has been in indifferent health, and at last consulted a doctor who at once advised her removal to the hospital. Some inward growth is feared, but whether of the nature of an abscess or some more serious trouble canot yet be determined. The many firneds of the family will unite in hoping for the patient's complete restoration to health
Bush Advocate, 21 April 1909 KIRITAKI - It is with very great regret that I have to record the death of Mrs P. Anderson, which took place at her residence in Kiritaki on Tuesday night, after an illness of several months duration. All that skill could devise or love perform was done to combat the disease, but it was of no avail, and now we can only offer our sincere sympathy to the bereaved relatives in their grief. Of a most unselfish and happy disposition, the late Mrs Anderson will be sorely missed by both relatives and friends, but it is comforting to know that her end was peace, that death came to her not as "the king of terrors," but as one opening the door into that life where suffering and sorrow are not, and there are no more tears
Bush Advocate, 22 April 1909 The funeral of the late Mrs Anderson, of Kiritaki, took place this afternoon and was largely attended by mourning friends. The funeral service was impressively read by the Rev A. Grant

ANDERSON Peter, 10 Jan 1929 aged 82
- birth year of about 1847
- Peter was a farmer
- he lived in Makotuku, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 62, Block J with wife Mary Ann (above)

ANDERSON Peter, 27 Aug 1908 aged 69
- birth year of about 1839
- Peter was a Tailor
- he lived in Burns St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 44, Block K

ANDREWS Eric William Hector, 13 July 1900 aged 38 days
- son of Sydney ANDREWS & Amy Isabell PEACOCK
- they also had a daughter Erita Shirley Andrews (1901-1997), married Alfred RAMSDEN 1930
- buried Grave 73, Block D

ANDREWS Annie Elizabeth, 12 Dec 1913 aged 67
- birth year of about 1846
- married William Edward Andrews (1848-1923)
- lived in Masterton, died in Coogee, Sydney, Australia
- buried Grave 72, Block H with husband William

ANDREWS (Miss) 27 Aug 1898 aged unknown
- buried Plot unknown

ANDREWS William Edward, 10 July 1923 aged 75
- birth year of about 1848
- William lived in High St, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 73, Block H with wife Annie

ARDELL Mary Ethel (nee LIGHT), 19 July 1940 aged 58
- born 1881 a daughter of William LIGHT & Mary JONES
- married Denzil Ardell (1881-1956) in 1909
Wanganui Herald, 30 March 1909 The wedding took place at St John's Church, Dannevirke, on Wednesday last, of Mr Denzil Ardell, of the Dannevirke Post Office staff, and only son of Mr John Ardell, Temuka, and Miss Mary Ethel Light, second daughter of the late Mr W. Light, Dannevirke
- they were cremated in Auckland
NOTE in the cemetery database of 2010 Mary was listed as buried Grave 68, Block J. The later database does not have them in Dannevirke at all

ARMSTRONG Herbert Maia 'Bertie', 2 Sep 1900 aged 2
- born Aug 1898 to Alexander ARMSTRONG (1870-1958) & Margaret Bryson WELLS (1869-1936)
- buried Grave 9, Block D
- his siblings were:
1901 - 1991 Hazel Maia Armstrong
1903 - 1963 Reginald Egmont Armstrong
NOTE Alexander & Margaret Bryson Armstrong are buried Plot 10, SALV ARMY at Karori, Wellington

* ASHCROFT George Alfred, 10 June 1900 aged 5
- son of Robert Walker ASHCROFT & Elsie Day COBB
- buried unknown location
the children of Robert & Elsie

* ASTILL John 1913 aged 78 (Historical Record Only)
- a birth year of about 1835
- born in Nottingham, arrived in NZ 1855
- he married Augusta Ann SALMON in 1860
- they had 7 known children
- died 13 May 1913 in Dannevirke
Dominion, 14 May 1913 News from Dannevirke records the death there of Mr John Astill, of Sydney Street, Wellington, formerly in business in this city as a butcher, who was on a visit to relatives there. The deceased, who was 78 years of age, succumbed to a heart attack
Evening Post, 16 May 1913 The funeral of the late Mr John Astill, a resident of Wellington since 1855, took place this morning. The Rev A. M. Johnson, vicar of St Paul's conducted the burial service in the Bolton-street Cemetery. Deceased was born in Nottingham, and came out to Wellington when he was nineteen years of age. He was married to a sister of the late Mr W. J. Salmon, who was one of the leading cricketers in Wellington for many years, and he himself was a great lover of the game. In football also he took a great interest. During the trouble with the Maori the late Mr Astill was a member of the Wellington Militia, and for the greater part of his life he belonged to the Loyal Antipodean Lodge of Oddfellows. He has left a widow and a family of three sons (Messrs John N. Astill, of the A.M.P. Office in Wellington, Wm. E. Astill and Walter J. Astill, also of this city, and three daughters, (Mrs Scutt of Auckland and Mesdames Neeley and D. Speed, of Wellington)
- buried Plot 2302, Section C of E at Bolton St Cemetery, Wellington

AUGUSTIN (E) Charles Emil, 7 Oct 1900 aged 55
- born 1846 in Brandenberg, Germany, arrived in Napier on the Fritz Reuter 25 Nov 1874, died Umutaoroa, Dannevirke
- buried Grave 25, Block C with wife Elizabeth (below)

AUGUSTIN (E) Elise 'Elizabeth' (nee ADRIAN), 27 March 1940 aged 84
- born 1853 Marienberg, Prussia
- married Emil in 1920
- buried Grave 25, Block C with husband Charles Emil (above)

AYLWARD William, 28 June 1905 aged unknown
WILLIAM died at Umutaoroa 28 June 1905
Bush Advocate, 29 June 1905 An inquest was held at the Mangatera Hotel this afternoon into the death of William Aylward, who was killed at Umutaoroa yesterday, before Mr T. Lindsay Buick, District Coroner, and the following jury:- G. Beckett (foreman), C. Robertson, R. Brighouse, A. McDuff, L. Dynan and Clem Knight. Mr Freeman Potts represented the relatives of the deceased. The evidence of E. Tapp and William Higgins went to show that deceased's wagon took charge of the team at a dangerous part of the road, and capsized over the embankment, pinning deceased underneath the load. The jury brought in a verdict that death was accidental, and added a rider that the road at the spot where the accident occurred is dangerous and requires widening
Bush Advocate, 20 July 1905 At Dannevirke Club Hotel Yards. W. Rose will sell by auction on account of Public Trustee in estate of William Aylward, deceased, without reserve - 4 Horse Team, with Timber Wagon, Harness Covers, etc., etc.
Bush Advocate, 21 July 1905 Mrs Aylward wishes to return her most sincere thanks for many kindnesses in connection with the fatal accident to her late husband
Bush Advocate, 15 August 1906 W. Rose has been instructed by Mrs Aylward to dispose of her first-class dairy herd at Tiratu, near Dannevirke
- buried Grave 87, Block F

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