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OAKLEY marriages 1896-1902 Victoria Australia

Journal by tonkin

OAKLEY marriages 1896-1902 Victoria Australia.


George Downs
Married: Emma HOSKING 1896.
One issue located.
1. John Downes, born 1897 Bendigo, Victoria.

Phillip Ernest
Married: Mary Ann SIMPSON 1896.
No issues located.

Robert McKeenan
Married: Serena Laura BLAMEY 1896.
Three issues located.
1. Roy Adams, born 1904 Fitzroy, Victoria.
2. Alan Spencer, born 1907 Clifton Hill, Victoria.
3. Hector Herbert, born 1909 Clifton Hill, Victoria.

Married: Emma KELLY 1897.
No issues located.

Married: Amy Isabel Sarah SARGEANT 1896.
Four issues located.
1. Eric, born 1900 Camperdown, Victoria.
2. Archibald Frank, born 1905 Gisborne, Victoria.
3. Ethel May, born 1909 Gisborne, Victoria.
4. Harold George, born 1914 Gisborne, Victoria.

Walter John
Married: Charlotte PAGE 1899.
Three issues located.
1. Sylvia May, born 1899 Port Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Violet Elizabeth, born 1901 Port Melbourne, Victoria.
3. Walter James, born 1902 Port Melbourne, Victoria.

Wilmot George
Married: Gertrude Isabel SNOOKE 1899.
No issues located.

Albert Henry
Married: Emma WOOD 1900.
No issues located.

Charles Henry
Married: Anne MORGAN 1900.
Three issues located.
1. Ruth Grace, born 1902 Melbourne, Victoria.
2. Ruby Jane, born 1903 St Kilda, Victoria.
3. Stanley Gordon, born 1905 St Kilda, Victoria.

Married: Kate Amelia DAVIS 1900.
Seven issues located.
1. Charles Edward, born 1901 Lara, Victoria.
2. Herbert Frederick, born 1903 Lara, Victoria.
3. Mary Elizabeth, born 1905 Lara, Victoria.
4. Percival Goddard, born 1909 Geelong, Victoria.
5. Robert Alan, born 1911 Lara, Victoria.
6. Joseph Arthur, born 1914 Lara, Victoria.
7. Leonard Davis, born 1919 Geelong, Victoria.

Married: Ellen BUCHANAN 1900.
Two issues located.
1. Rosy, born 1901 Colac, Victoria.
2. Eric, born 1906 Colac, Victoria.

Married: Dora Madeline MCGRATH 1901.
Eleven issues located.
1. Dora Madeline, born 1893 Lara, Victoria.
2. Ellen Mary, born 1894 Melbourne East, Victoria.
3. Maud Constance, born 1895 Fitzroy, Victoria.
4. May, born 1898 Carlton, Victoria.
5. Robert James, born 1899 Melbourne, Victoria.
6. James, born 1901 Melbourne, Victoria.
7. William, born 1905 Melbourne East, Victoria.
8. Ada, born 1907 Melbourne, Victoria.
9. John, born 1909 Carlton, Victoria.
10. Thomas Cornelius, born 1909 Carlton, Victoria.
11. Bessie, born 1912 Carlton, Victoria.

Please note.
The first five births were registered again in East Melbourne in 1903.

Francis William
Married: Charlotte Sarah EDWARDS 1901.
One issue located.
1. Beryl Avonia, born 1901 Carlton, Victoria.

Thomas Richard
Married: Carrie Emmeline MARTIN 1901.
Two issues located.
1. Edna Lucy, born 1901 Bendigo, Victoria.
2. Raymond, born 1905 Bendigo, Victoria.

Albert Edward
Married: Margaret Winifred OWENS 1902.
Three issues located.
1. Henry Giles, born 1903 South Yarra, Victoria.
2. Winifred Mary Burns, born 1906 South Yarra, Victoria.
3. Mary Margaret Theresa, born 1912 South Yarra, Victoria.

David James Herbert
Married: Lillian DOWNS 1902.
DOWNS recorded as DOWNES in the birth records.
Two issues located.
1. Ida Violet, born 1902 South Yarra, Victoria.
2. Mavis Ruby Rita, born 1911 South Yarra, Victoria.

Frederick William
Married: Mary Ann CULPH 1902.
Five issues located.
1. Charles Frederick Webber, born 1902 Carlton, Victoria.
2. Alfred David, born 1905 Daylesford, Victoria.
3. Nellie Elizabeth Goff, born 1906 Ivanhoe, Victoria.
4. Blanche Elisa Sander, born 1909 Greensborough, Victoria.
5. Isabel May Henderson, born 1914 Greensborough, Victoria.

George Henry James
Married: Helena Susan THATCHER 1902.
Eight issues located.
1. Frederick James, born 1902 Coongulmerang, Victoria.
2. Alfred George, born 1904 Coongulmerang, Victoria.
3. Hannah Letitia, born 1907 Coongulmerang, Victoria.
4. Walter William, born 1909 Paynesville, Victoria.
5. James Henry, born 1911 Bairnsdale, Victoria.
6. Clyde Cecil, born 1912 Bairnsdale, Victoria.
7. Herbert Reginald, born 1915 Bairnsdale, Victoria.
8. Gordon Allan, born 1917 Bairnsdale, Victoria.

Married: Elsie May Melinda NEWTON 1902.
Four issues located.
1. Horace Roy, born 1903 Portland, Victoria.
2. Pearly Elizabeth, born 1905 Cape Bridgewater, Victoria.
3. Ivy May, born 1907 Portland, Victoria.
4. Francis Owen, born 1913 Portland, Victoria.


Married: Thomas Grayton WHITAKER 1896.

Mary Ann
Married: James Nicol HECKLE 1896.

Married: James Henry COSSENS 1897.

Lilly Alvina
Married: Robert William King MCELROY 1897.

Married: Thomas Henry OULD 1898.

Married: Robert SIMPSON 1898.

Elizabeth Ann
Married: John Alexander MCGILLIVRAY 1899.

Married: John Henry GWIN 1900.

Edith Mary
Married: William Godfrey Anhut Baron HOHENFELS 1900.

Eliza Ann
Married: Wainfleet William CROSSLEY 1900.

Married: Edward William PRICE 1900.

Married: James Edmond RAY 1900.

Amy Eleanor
Married: William John KEILLOR 1901.

Emily Jane
Married: Robert William GREEN 1901.

Married: Hugh MCKEDLLAR 1902.

Compiled from the Victorian Birth and Marriage Indexes to assist others researching the OAKLEY lines.

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