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PALENSKY to PRIOR Settlers Cemetery, Dannevirke

Journal by ngairedith

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The people with the surname P who are buried in the
Settlers Cemetery DANNEVIRKE, Hawkes Bay New Zealand
? indicates a link to a profile

PALENSKY Amy Edna May, 8 Feb 1910 aged 1 month
- buried Grave 49, Block H
- lived in York St Dannevirke
- daughter of Theodore Henry PALENSKY & Emily Alice BROWN

PALMER Clara Emily, 22 Feb 1914 aged 21
- buried Grave 67, Block H
- daughter of George Robert PALMER & Annie SARGENT
the children of GEORGE & ANNIE:
1891 - George William Lawrence Palmer (+Charlotte SEXTON in 1915)
1892 -1914 Clara Emily Palmer
1894 - Evelyn Annie Palmer (+Allan Percival ANDERSON in 1919)
1896 - Frederick Robert Palmer (+Annie May CARR in 1920)
1898 Roberta Mary Palmer (+William John LEWIS in 1921)

PALMER James Henry, 1 Feb 1903 aged 42
- buried Grave 59, Block E
- son of James Henry PALMER & Agnes REID

PALMER Lily Catherine Maud, 1 March 1903 aged 8.5
- buried Grave 58, Block E
- daughter of James Henry PALMER & Agnes REID
the children of JAMES & AGNES:
1884 - 1931 Arthur James Reid Palmer (+Alice Maude CUNNINGHAM in 1905)
1886 - 1892 Ann Jane Palmer (aged 5)
1888 - 1903 James Henry Palmer (above)
1891 - 1899 Sydney William Palmer (aged 8)
1894 - 1903 Lily Catherine Maud Palmer

PANKHURST Helena, 29 May 1909 aged 43
- buried Grave 33, Block J
(cemetery database has Eleanor Pankhurst)
- was living in Mangatera, Dannevirke
Bush Advocate, 29 May 1909 PANKHURST - On May 29th, at her late residence, Helena, beloved wife of Samuel Pankhurst; aged 43. The Funeral of late Mrs Pankhurst will leaved the residence, Mangatera, tomorrow, at 2.30 p.m.

PATON Elizabeth Myrtle 'Bessie', 27 Feb 1903 aged 6
- buried Grave 73, Block E
- daughter of Thomas PATON & Agnes WALKER, died from Scarlet Fever
Bush Advocate, 28 February 1903 The many friends of Mr Paton, stationmaster, will regret to hear of the death of his youngest daughter, Bessie, which occurred yesterday afternoon. The deceased, who was aged six years, was attacked with scarlatina, and despite medical skill and attention, she passed away after a brief illness. Mr and Mrs Paton have the sincere sympathy of their numerous friends in the sad bereavement they have sustained. The funeral will take place to-morrow afternoon at 3 o'clock
Bush Advocate, 2 March 1903 The mortal remains of the late Bessie, youngest daughter of Mr Paton, stationmaster, were interred in the local cemetery yesterday afternoon, a large number of sympathising friends joining in the mournful procession. A number of wreaths were placed on the coffin, including one from the staff of the local post and telegraph office. The Rev A. Grant conducted an impressive burial service

PATTISON Edward Laurence/Lawrence, 19 Dec 1901 aged 7 months
- buried Grave 51, Block D
- son of Richard PATTISON & Elizabeth WHITEHILL
the children of RICHARD & ELIZABETH:
1894 - Jessie Hay Pattison (+William John SUTTON in 1921)
1896 - Richard George Pattison
1896 - Margaret Ann Pattison (aged 7 months)
1898 - Gladys Pattison (+Arthur Walter POWELL in 1924)
1900 - James Pattison
1901 - 1901 Edward Lawrence Pattison
1903 - Violet Elizabeth Pattison (+William Archibald LANGRIDGE in 1925)
1906 - Daisy Pattison
1909 - 1974 Arthur Lawrence Pattison

PAVIOUR-SMITH Samuel Thomas 1955 aged 82
database has Paviour-Smith but he was not Paviour-Smith, he was Samuel Thomas SMITH who married Emmalena PAVIOUR and therefore some of their children had the name Paviour-Smith. See under Smith

PAVIOUR-SMITH David 1959 aged 63
- buried Plot 36, Block I
son of Samuel Thomas SMITH & Emmaline Elizabeth PAVIOUR

PAVIOUR-SMITH Emmalina (nee PAVIOUR) 1951 aged 74
- buried Plot 36, Block I
- married Samuel Thomas SMITH in 1896 (see his link for children)

PAVIOUR-SMITH Kate Emmie Burdett 1924 aged 22
- buried Grave 4, Block I
- Kate was not married, she was living in King St Dannevirke
daughter of Samuel Thomas SMITH & Emmaline Elizabeth PAVIOUR

PAVIOUR-SMITH Nolan 1911 aged 5.6
- buried Grave 5, Block I
- was living in Chamberlain St, Dannevirke
son of Samuel Thomas SMITH & Emmaline Elizabeth PAVIOUR

PAWSON Albert Ernest, 25 July 1904 aged 28
- buried unknown location
Colonist, 30 July 1904 Mr Albert Pawson, foreman of the news department of the "Dannevirke Advocate" has died from pleurisy. He was only twenty-eight years of age
- son of William PAWSON & Lizzie COAD
the children of WILLIAM & LIZZIE:
1875 - William Edward Pawson (+Ethel Ida GRIMWOOD in 1901)
1876 - 1904 Albert Ernest Pawson
1877 - Eveline Ann Pawson (+Walter Ernest CHITTENDEN in 1895)
1879 - Louisa Ferraby Pawson

PAWSON George Thomas, 11 April 1904 aged 33
- buried Grave 48, Block F
- 8th of 10 children of John PAWSON & Elisabetha BREITMEYER
Bush Advocate, 12 April 1904
... Information was received by Sergeant Cruickshank this morning that a man named George Pawson, a partner in a sawmill in the Weber district, has been missing since yesterday morning. From what we can learn of the circumstances, it appears that, contrary to his custom, Pawson after breakfast yesterday morning, instructed his mate not to yoke the bullocks up, saying that he would take the gun and go and look for some pheasants. He then left camp and has not since been heard of. He was dressed in his ordinary working clothes at the time, and nothing unusual has been noticed in the demeanour of late, but a few days ago he sent in with one of the carters a bag containing some personal trinkets which has given rise to the suspicion that it may be a case of suicide.
Feilding Star, 13 April 1904
... PAWSON, At Weber on April 11th, George Thomas, fourth son of John Pawson, of Feilding, aged 33 years; by a gun accident. [Christchurch papers please copy]
... At the inquest on George Pawson, a sawmiller, found shot at Weber, the jury returned a verdict that deceased was killed by the accidental discharge of a gun. Deceased was very popular in the district, and his untimely death is greatly deplored

PAWSON William, 22 July 1911 aged 74
- buried Grave 85, Block J
- William was a Butcher
- he died in Taihape
Manawatu Times, 26 July 1911 The death has occurred at Taihape of Mr William Pawson, father of Mr J. A. Pawson, of Palmerston North. The late Mr Pawson, familiarly known in Dannevirke as "Dad" who was 74 years of age, was a Wanganui pioneer, and in the latter years of his life resided at Dannevirke, where he was a well-known figure. He was a Freemason of many years standing, having for 17 years been a member of the Rawhiti Lodge, and for a number of years prior to that was tyler of a Wanganui Lodge. In the old days he saw active service as troop sergeant-major of the Wanganui Cavalry under Lieut-Colonel Rookes. The late Mr Pawson was twice married, and leaves a family of grown-up sons and daughters, most of whom reside at Dannevirke. The funeral, which included a Masonic ceremony, took place at Dannevirke on Monday. His only surviving brother is Mr John Pawson, a very old Wanganui resident

PAXTON Burrell, 19 Jan 1898 aged ?
- buried unknown location
NOTE this burial may be of an unknown first name, Burrell-Paxton
possibly a newborn? of John Beresford BURRELL-PAXTON (1855-1944) + Diana Ellen WILSON (1866-1942) who married in 1895. Some known siblings were born in Wellington, Shannon, Tauranga & Auckland. Diana applied for a separation in 1917 and was awarded guardianship of 2 younger children but John & Diana are buried together at Hamilton East

PEACOCK Molly, 4 Jan 1911 aged 1 week
- buried Grave 53, Block K
- daughter of Ronald Gavin PEACOCK & Grace Mary Philomena CASEY
the known daughters of RONALD & GRACE:
1909 - Mona Grace Peacock
1911 - 1911 Molly Peacock
1912 - Eileen Josephine Peacock

PECK Anne (nee GASKIN), 4 July 1932 aged 88
- buried Grave 54, Block D with Minnie
- a daughter of Samuel GASKIN & Mary Ann HUMPHREY OF Kent, England who emigrated on the 'Catherine Stewart Forbes' in 1841
- she married Charles Peck (below) in 1866 in Lower Hutt (first cousins)
(her sister Elizabeth married his brother Richard)
- they had 12 children (see at link)
- Anne was a widow living in Te Rehunga, Dannevirke

PECK Charles, 28 May 1901 aged 60
- buried Grave 53, Block D with Frederick
- born Marden, Kent, 4th of 12 children of Daniel PECK (1809-1887) & Elizabeth GASKIN (1813-1877), pioneers of Taita
- he married Anne Gaskin (above) on 1 Sep 1866 in Lower Hutt & had 12 children

PECK Frederick,27 May 1904 aged 32
- buried Grave 53, Block D with Charles
- 4th of 12 children of Charles PECK & Anne GASKIN (above)

PECK Minnie Ada 1907 aged 20
- buried Grave 54, Block D with Charles, Anne and Frederick
- born in Lower Hutt, 12th of 12 children of Charles PECK & Anne GASKIN
- died in Tamaki, Auckland

PECK Richard, 17 Dec 1903 aged 68
- buried Grave 69, Block E
- born in Marden, Tonbridge, Kent, 3rd of 15 children of Daniel PECK & Elizabeth GASKIN, settlers of Taita (brother of Charles above). He arrived as a 5 year old on the Catherine Stewart Forbes
- he also married an Elizabeth GASKIN (1836-1917), 22 Aug 1860 in Taita. Richard's mother, Elizabeth Gaskin, was a sister of his wife's father, Samuel Gaskin
- Elizabeth arrived as a 7 year old on the same ship as Charles
- they had 10 known children

PECK Winifred 'Winnie' Elizabeth Florence, 28 April 1899 aged 2?
- buried unknown location
- born 6 Oct 1896, daughter of Charles PECK & Alice AKA Alexandra, aka Atlantic
English aka Alice THOMSEN
Alice was the first of Charles's 3 wives
- she was said to have married Archibald BOSWELL about 1905 but she died registered as Peck. This, combined with no marriage found to Boswell in New Zealand, suggests she never married Archibald (read link)
the children of CHARLES & ALICE:
1890 - 1961 Wilfred Norman Peck (+Ellen KENDRICK in 1918)
1892 - 1958 Ernest Harold James Peck (+married Margaret SMILLIE in 1915)
1894 - Annie Elsie Peck
- she married Daniel Joseph SOUTHEE in 1916
- a son of William SOUTHEE & Mary Ann QUINAN
1896 - 1899 Winifred Elizabeth Florence Peck
1900 - 1982 Florence Violet Peck
- she married Daniel BARTON in 1920
- they are buried at Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North

PEKAHOU Ripo, 17 Oct 1902 aged 60
- buried unknown section

PERFECT May, 15 May 1906 aged 1 month
- buried Grave 70, Block F (conveyed to the cemetery on a trap)
- daughter of Joseph 'Joe' PERFECT & Mary Jane GREENING
the children of JOSEPH & MARY JANE:
1892 - George John Perfect (+Edith Mary PARKES in 1918)
1894 - 1941 William Frank Perfect (+Freda Gertrude MOODY in 1918)
1896 - 1918 Joseph Henry Perfect, born in Woodville, KILLED IN ACTION 9 Sep 1918 Havrincourt, France aged 22. Served as Rifleman 65606, NZEF 33rd Reinforcements Otago Infantry Regiment, D Company
- his father was living at Piriaka at that time, 260km north of Dannevirke
1898 - 1898 Doris Emiline/Emmeline Gertrude Perfect (aged 6 months)
1906 - 1906 May Perfect, (aged 1 month)
Joe & Mary later moved to Taumarunui

PETERS James, Grave 47, Block H 1960 aged 86
- buried Grave 47, Block H with wife Sarah
- James was a farmer in Dannevirke

PETERS Mary, 12 Feb 1911 aged 3.9
- buried Grave 48, Block H
- born 1907 to James PETERS & Sarah HENRY

PETERS Sarah (nee HENRY), 19 Feb 1974 aged 93
- buried Grave 47, Block H with husband James
- married James Peters in 1900
- Sarah was a widow living in Dannevirke
the children of JAMES & SARAH:
1901 - 1903 Catherine Peters (aged 2)
1903 - 1996 Emily Magdalene Peters (+Walter Cockburn McINDOE in 1926)
1905 - 1994 Donald Henry Peters
1907 - 1911 Mary Peters
1909 - 2011 Barbara Peters (+ ? ATLEY)

PETERSEN Ivy Catherine, 22 June 1900 aged 5 months
- buried unknown location
- daughter of Peter PETERSEN & Anna Catherina (Annie Catherine) NIELSEN

PETERSEN Peter Christian, 27 Aug 1898 aged 50
- buried unknown location

PETTIT John, 11 March 1909 aged 68
- buried Grave 83, Block J
- John died in Rotorua
- John was a settler of Dannevirke
- he lived on the corner of Burns & Swinburne St, Dannevirke
Bush Advocate, 12 March 1909 PETTIT - On the 11th inst., at Rotorua, John Pettit, of Dannevirke, aged 68; deeply regretted. [Hawkes Bay papers please copy]

PETTIT Margarite/Margaret Julia 'Maggie', 11 June 1930 aged 79
- buried Grave 84, Block J with husband John
- Margarite died in Hamilton

PICARD Olive Emma, 10 Feb 1909 aged 19
- buried Grave 66, Block J
- Olive was living in Umutaoroa, Dannevirke
Bush Advocate, 11 February 1909 PICARD - At Mr Neal's residence, Umutaoroa, on February 10th, Oilve Emma, the beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs Picard, Dannevirke; aged 19 years and 4 months
- daughter of John Thomas PICARD & Lavinia JENKINS
the known children of JOHN & LAVINIA:
1881 - Eva Emily Picard
1883 - William Alfred Christopher Picard
1886 - Arthur Leslie Picard
1887 - Mary Ellen Picard
1889 - Olive Emma Picard
1896 - Ivy May Honor Lavinia Picard

PINNELL Leonard Caffrey, 21 Jan 1906 aged 13 months
- buried Grave 40, Block G
- son of Ruth Priscilla Pinnell
- Ruth married Frederick John DEMPSEY (1874-1918) in 1906
2 of their known sons were:
1906 - Walter Frederick Dempsey (+Annie HOARE in 1925)
1908 -1990 Harold Edwin Dempsey

PINYON John, 6 Oct 1909 aged 80
- buried Grave 38, Block H
- John was a Pensioner living in Hamlet St, Dannevirke
- he arrived on the 'Victory' into Lyttelton 14 May 1859. Passenger list has him as John Piryon. He was in Christchurch in 1878 & in Dannevirke by 1892. He was granted an annual pension of ?18 in 1904 (equivalent in 2010 of $3000)
Hawkes Bay Herald, 12 Aug 1892
An elderly man named John PINYON, said to be a resident of Danevirke, sustained a serious accident last night near the Union Bank, Hastings Street.

POHE Huia Ani, 20 Nov 1899 aged ?
- buried unknown location

POTTER Joseph, 1 July 1906 aged 71
- buried Grave 24, Block G with wife Margaret
- Joseph was born in Yorkshire. He was a Sawmiller

POTTER Margaret, 24 Sep 1911 aged 84
- buried Grave 23, Block G with husband Joseph
- Margaret was a widow living in High St, Dannevirke
- buried Plot 23, Block G
they had a daughter, Maria Jones Potter who married John Calder in 1889

POTTS Gertrude Agnes (nee LOUGH), 28 June 1908 aged 27
- buried Grave 53, Block J
- she married Arthur Edmund Potts in 1904
- Gertrude was living in McPhee St, Dannevirke

PRATT Thomas Patroclus, 16 Aug 1912 aged 74
- buried Grave 104, Block G
(cemetery database has Thomas Betroculus Pratt)
- Thomas was living in McPhee St, Dannevirke
- he was born in Buckinghamshire. He and his wife Emma had 2 children:
1869 - 1951 Alfred Payne Pratt (Hotel Keeper + Annie Jane HAMILTON in 1896)
1871 - 1957 Agnes 'Amy' Christina Pratt (+George McLEAN)
they arrived into Christchurch via Melbourne, shortly after the birth of Christina.
They had another 4 children in NZ:
1873 - William Henry Pratt
1874 - 1936 Lucy Pratt (never married, buried Bromley Christchurch)
1877 - Rosa Pratt
1879 - 1939 Emily Pratt (never married, buried Bromley Christchurch)
Thomas later left his family in Christchurch and moved up to Dannevirke

PRESTON Thomas Radcliffe, 29 Jan 1907 aged 25
- buried Grave 32, Block G
Auckland Star, 30 January 1907 FATAL SHOOTING ACCIDENT
... A shooting fatality occurred in the bush at Tiratu yesterday afternoon. A settler named Thomas Preston, aged 25, a single man, was out after rabbits, and is supposed to have allowed his gun to fall when crossing a log. He received the contents of the weapon above the heart, and was later on discovered dead. At the inquest this morning the jury returned a verdict of accidental death. The deceased, whose parents reside in the Waikato, came here about fifteen months ago

PRICE Lionel Hamilton, 31 Dec 1909 aged 3.6
- buried Grave 59, Block C
- 4th of at least 7 children of Matthew PRICE & Gertrude Laura HAMILTON
- Lionel was living in Tiratu, Dannevirke

PRIOR Henry Silvester, 29 Sep 1903 aged 8
- buried Grave 70, Block E
- 1st of 9 children of John PRIOR & Jane THRUSH

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