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Does anyone out there know of anyone by the name of McKelbla ?

The name was an alias of a grandson of Baron James McCall of Caithness. Whether he survived in the U.S. after being released from indentured slavery c. 1660's is unknown. The reason he was in slavery was because of a war in Scotland, the Battle of Dunbar, in 1650's, and his side lost.

Jackson family, West Coast New Zealand

Who was "Lady" Jackson? Has anyone done the family tree ? Family lore filtered down was that she was a well born Scottish lady, sent out to New Zealand with a husband Michael Jackson (try Googling Michael Jackson, ha ha!) chosen for her by her father to get her away from an undesirable romantic attachment with a Catholic. Anyone know anything about her background ?

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Elizabeth PITT. b. 1801 England. M. Daniel PRINCE, b. 1794, d. 1850. Child Priscilla, b.1826 who married George DUKE, Surrey and emigrated to New Zealand with their young family

Does anyone have Elizabeth's parents, predecessors etc. on a family tree ? Who is Elizabeth PITT (i.e.,, is she of William Pitt's family perhance ?)
Family lore says she went as Governess to India (don't know year, presumably after being widowed in 1850) for Sir .. KNATCHBULL.
A family member has the sampler she made in 1809, as a child.

Has anyone done a Y-DNA test for Rockliff ?

My husbad has tested with FTDNA, Y-DNA, and disconcertingly, no Rockliff/Rockcliffe shows as as a match. I'm beginning to think that one of the Grandmothers must have "jumped the fence" ... !! Has anyone else done Y-DNA with Family Tree ?

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Rockliffs from Yorkshire to Tasmania 1840's/50's. Descendants of Francis Rockliff,

This is information I have learned from Rosie Marshall, and Bev Smith, both of Tasmania, regarding the Rockliffs who emigrated to Tasmania in the mid 1800's..

The above mentioned Francis was the son of Francis of Alford, a Breeches Maker by trade. The younger Francis (b.1748) moved to Kirk Smeaton in Yorkshire, his wife Mary Dawson (b.1749). They had at least twelve children, listed in a Family Bible in the possession of Vincent Rockliff of Davenport, Tasmania.:
Francis (Aug.1772), Mary (b.1/11/1773), William (b.3/8/1775), Anne (15/5/1777), Elizabeth (15/3/1779), Henry (b.7/2/1781), Susanna (5/5/1783), Hannah (15/3/1785), George (5/4/1787), Sarah, John (15/1/1791), Andrew (10/2/1793).

Of that brood, the descendants of eldest daughter Mary (who married Henry Reed), and her brothers William, and Henry, colonised northern Tasmania in the mid 1800's. According to the booklet "The Rockliff Saga", compiled by Norman Rockliff in 1974, Henry Reed in 1840 had properties in north Tasmania, and asked his nephew Henry Rockliff to come out to manage one. This Henry Rockliff was the son of Henry (b.1781), and in due course three of this Henry's younger brothers joined him there. Henry arrived on the "Essex" in 1841. According to shipping records, there were other Rockliffs on board - another Henry (b.1813?) and his wife and children, and John, aged 19,(b.30/12/1821), single. These two extra Rociliffs were sons of William (b.1775) and Mary (nee Lawrence). It is thought there was another brother Lawrence, who emigrated to Sydney in 1853, and possibly a sister, b. 1833, both also William's (1775) children.

My husband descends from John. John married Emma Maria Boston 5/7/1848, in Tasmania, and it is thought they had at least eleven children, but unfortunately no birth records have been found to prove this. The first was (1)John, (b.21/12/1848; m #1 Mary Elizabeth Rockliff (cousin?) m#2 Caroline Barker), (2) Aubrey James (b.25.7.1850; m Ellen Fitzmaurice), (3) Alfred (b.3/9/1852; m firstly Martha Bird (my husband's line), and secondly Ada Johnstone), then three children who died young, in 1868 - possibly diptheria epidemic - William b.1855, Catherine b.1857, and Mary Elizabeth b.1859; then came Ambrose (b.8/11/1860; m Margaret Davies), and Rachel (b.1863; m.William Wright); and the last three also died young - Selina "Celia" Louise, b.10/10/1864; Anna Maria b.1867, and Albert Henry b. 17/7/1869.

At this stage I have knowledge of Alfred's son Arthur Alfred's (b.1/4/1878, in Don, Tas.) descendants, and would be glad to share information. I have sketchy details of the descendants of the others. If anyone descends from John's (b.1821) line I would like to be able to add them to my data.John's son John (b.1848) is the ancestor of Bev. Smith's husband and she has passed on her data, but I would also like to record the descendants of Aubrey James, Ambrose, and Rachel Wright. (Lyn!)

I must reiterate that the above is from information from others; I personally have not resourced the documental evidence, and I apologise if I have got it wrong!.
(Blenheim, New Zealand, first written in 2001.)

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DUKE marries PRINCE - London, Whitechapel, 1849

George Duke m. Priscilla Prince, in Whitechapel, London 1849.
He was listed on census as a bricklayer. They lived and raised a family in Chiddingfold, Surrey, England, until emigrating to New Zealand in 1872.

Has anyone done a family tree with them on it - perhaps a sibling's tree of either ?

Thank you FamilyDetective for the census data.

P.S. October 2017 .. I have since found a family tree which states that Priscilla Prince was the daughter of Daniel Prince b. 1794 and Elizabeth Pitt, b. 1801; both presumably England. Elizabeth is recorded as having been a governess for Sir ?/ Knatchbull, and going to India with the family. Year unknown. Does anyone know whose family Elizabeth Pitt is of ?

Whittlestone Family, from where in England 1700 's ?

Our family tree lists Henry Whittlestone, b. 1853; m. Emma Chapel in 1877, and emigrated to New Zealand on the "Opawa" in 1879. Their son Harry was born in New Zealand, we we pretty much have all the dates and documentations from after their arrival in New Zealand. We just don't know where they came from in England originally. We know that Emma Chappel was from Yorkshire.

Henry's father was George Whittleston, bap. 1821, m. Mary Booth 1847.
George's father was George Whittlestone, bap. 1779. m. Anne Wainwright in 1805.
George's father was Edward Whittleston. No DOB known, or from where in England.
Has anyone got this lineage to share ?

Jarvis of Western Australia.

Does anyone know of and/or the whereabouts of the descendants of Hope (nee Jarvis) and George Wilson, last of Western Australia ? She played drums in their band; he was a pianist. They had at least two children.. Faith and David, b. c. 1940's. They are my second cousins, and I would like to make contact with them. Hope's parents were Albert Shaw and Adelaide Jarvis. Albert was born in South Australia in 1879.

Druid Family of County Offaly, Ireland. c. 1820

Mary Druid married Richard Wallace. Their son Henry, born 1824, married Mary Blackwell in 1846 at Shinrone, Ireland. Henry and Mary-Anne emigrated to Australia and eventually settled at Boggy Creek in north East Victoria. Their daughter Mary-Anne married in 1878 John Hunter Dinning who had emigrated from Northern Ireland in 1861.

Seeking Information on John Dinning, b. 1800's in Ireland, married Hannah Thomas. Lived in Garvagh.

I am looking for the forebears of John Dinning probably born c. 1820's who married Hannah Thomas in Northern Ireland. They lived in Garvargh. She was a corn merchant's daughter, and John also became a corn merchant along with general farming. They had several children, most of whom dispersed to either Australia or the U.S. Mine, John Hunter Dinning, emigrated to Austrlaia.
We do not know anything about the births of the other siblings - at least one stayed in Ireland; the rest went to the U.S.. The ones emigrating to Australia were met by an uncle Samuel Dinning. He was born in 1797 in County Derry. He was convicted in Ireland for stealing an iron staple and transported to Australia for 7 years. He left behind a wife and 3 sons and a daughter, of whom we do not know any details.
If anyone thinks they might have the family tree details of John Dinning senior I would be very pleased to hear from you.