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The Ryans of Knockeravella, Templedon, Limerick/Tipperary

As accurate as I can find so far:
My gt,gt grandmother Margaret Ryan was born 1825 Knockeravella, Ireland.
Her brother Timothy Ryan (a soldier in 1850, so Margaret's convict records say) was born 1827 Knockeravella. Other brothers were Daniel b 1824 and William b 1829.
Margaret was transported on the " Blackfriar" ship to Hobart, Australia in 1851 as a convict where she married another convict, James Dooley ("Joseph Sommes" Ship) . Margaret and Timothy's parents were William Ryan a blacksmith from Knockeravella and Catherine Donohoe (Donohue) possibly from Cloghilawarreela, Limerick. They married in Pallasgreen in 1822. Catherine's brothers Denis and John Donohue were witnesses. William's siblings were Matthew and Anne.

The family legend is that Catherine's family owned Ballinslore(sic) estate and that she married beneath her. The story also says that Margaret was on her way to Dublin to put a claim in on the estate when she was arrested.

Would love to make contact with anyone connected to this family or anyone with more info.

My Westbury family from Burbage, Wiltshire

Information below is from the IGI so there could be many mistakes but it is a start. I am happy for someone to correct me if it is wrong.

Ralph Westbury c 1584 Burbage or ?Ogbourne St Andrew (see below). Mother may have been ?Johannis.

Ralph Westbury (from above) married Christian Kelme 1/5/1613 Burbage. Christian died 3/10/1614. They may have had a daughter Anne. Ralph's 2nd marriage was to Elizabeth Cannon 7/4/1619 Burbage to whom he had Elizabeth and Anthony. Ralph died 7/8/1657 and in his will requested to be buried at Burbage.
1. Elizabeth Westbury bapt Burbage April 1620 m Henery Scarlett 24/7/1643 Burbage
2. Anthony Westbury bapt Burbage 1/9/1622 (see below)

Anthony Westbury (from above) married Elizabeth Pyke
12/4/1652 Burbage. Was she bapt 20/3/1624 Little Bedwyn to parents Francis and Agnes? Anthony was buried 12/2/1672.
1. Nathaniel Westbury bapt Burbage 01 May 1651
2. James Westbury bapt Burbage 03 Mar 1853
3. Anthony Westbury bapt Burbage 03 Mar 1853
4. Sarah Westbury bapt Burbage 30 Oct 1655
5. James Westbury bapt Burbage 01 Oct 1660 (see below)
6. Ann Westbury bapt Burbage 01 Jan 1663
7. Henry Westbury bapt Burbage 02 Apr 1665 m Jane unknown. Died 12/10/1727
8. Elisabeth Westbury bapt Burbage 11 Nov 1666
9. Frances Westbury bapt Burbage 12 May 1668
10. Jane Westbury bapt Burbage 4 Dec 1670

James Westbury (from above) married Rose Unknown c 1689 Burbage
1. James Westbury(spelt Westby)bapt 7/7/1689 Winterbourne
2. Anthony Westbury bapt Burbage 27 Dec 1690
3. Elizabeth Westbury bapt Burbage 19 May 1693
4. Giles Westbury bapt Burbage 22 Feb 1695 (see below)
5. Sarah Westbury bapt Burbage 16 May 1697
6. William Westbury bapt Burbage 24 Dec 1699 died 26/12/1699
7. William Westbury bapt Burbage 27 Dec 1702 m Jane Fibbins 25/11/1724.

Giles Westbury (from above) married Mary Chandler 25/11/1724 Burbage. He died 25/6/1748 Burbage.NB: May have married 1st to Mary Marsham 11/11/1722 St Marybourne.
1. Mary Westbury bapt Burbage 12 Nov 1723
2. William Westbury bapt Burbage 25 Jul 1725 (see below)
3. Anthony Westbury bapt Burbage 12 Sep 1727? married Elizabeth in Lambourn.
4. Elizabeth Westbury bapt Burbage 20 Aug 1730
5. Elizabeth Westbury bapt Burbage 22 Feb 1732
6. Susannah Westbury bapt Burbage 18 Mar 1734
7. Henry Westbury bapt Burbage 01 Nov 1733
8. Giles Westbury bapt Burbage 12 Feb 1738
9. Sarah Westbury bapt Burbage 20 May 1739 died 22/3/1743
10. Robert Westbury bapt Burbage 02 Feb 1740
11. Anne Westbury bapt Burbage 27 Jul 1742
NB: Did Giles have another daughter Rose who married William Stiff 1/10/1739 Lambourne

William Westbury (from above) married Alice Barley 14/9/1746 Burbage
1.Giles Westbury bapt Burbage 19 Dec 1746
2. William Westbury bapt Burbage 05 Jun 1748
3. Mary Westbury bapt Burbage 25 Mar 1750 died a spinster 18/2/1828
4. Anthony Westbury bapt Burbage 02 Feb 1752 (see below)
5. James Westbury bapt Burbage 16 Dec 1753 died 7/1/1828
6. Elizabeth Westbury bapt Burbage 19 Apr 1756 died 18/5/1756
7. Elizabeth Westbury bapt Burbage 14 Aug 1757 died 25/10/1757
8. Sally Westbury bapt Burbage 19 Feb1760 m Major Bailey 28/10/1776
9. Betty Westbury bapt Burbage 22 Jul 1762 m John Church 7/4/1793
10. Alice Westbury bapt Burbage 25 Dec 1767 m James Noyes 23/4/1793

Anthony Westbury (see above) married Elizabeth Church 26/11/1789 Burbage
1. Ann Church later Westbury bapt Burbage 22/2/1788 Basechild of Elizabeth m John Bloomfield 1820
2. Susannah Westbury bapt Burbage 11 Apr 1790
3. Sally Westbury bapt Burbage 27 Jan 1793
4. Millicent Westbury bapt Burbage 01 Nov 1795 m William Cram 18/8/1828 Hungerford. She died 1888 Hungerford aged 93
5. Matilda Westbury bapt Burbage 17 Oct 1798 (see below)
6. Giles Westbury bapt Burbage 19 Apr 1802 Buried 9/7/1827 aged 25
7. Alice Westbury bapt Burbage 05 Nov 1804 died 9/12/1809 aged 4 yrs

Matilda Westbury (from above) married 24/8/1818 Amport Thomas Northeast (gamekeeper) born c 1791 Whiteparish to parents Thomas Northeast and Mary Russell. Matilda and Thomas were my Gt x 3 grandparents

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John Scaysbrook and Maria Ferris

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CAUTION: I have made an attempt to connect these Leers but I cannot guarantee I have done it correctly. I am hoping someone can help or correct me if I am wrong. I am a direct descendant from William Richard Leer and Charlotte Jane Sutton. In my research I have not found any of the Leers spelt LEAR


Christopher Jacob Leer (widow) married Mary Aikman nee Marshall (widow) 7/9/1760 Saint Olave Southwark. Mary's 1st marriage was to William Aikman who died 1760.Christopher's possible 1st marriage may have been to Elizabet Mulbern 12/10/1741 Holy Trinity Minories,London (NB: Leer was spelt Liher.) Christopher died 1786 Kent (Will). Mary died 1806 Fort Place, Bermondsey (Will).


1. Christopher Jacob Leer bapt 14/2/1762 Saint Olave Southwark, Surrey, Occ: Coachmaker. He married Hannah Viner 6th June 1784 St George the Martyr. He died c 1822,Surrey(Will). Hannah died 1833 12 Bridge Rd Lambeth (Will)
(i) Mary Leer bapt 9 Oct 1785 St Mary at Lambeth Died SeptQ 1854 Bromley, Kent (will)
(ii) J Christopher John Leer bapt 21 Jan 1787 St Mary at Lambeth (coachmaker) married Elizabeth Arnold 22nd Feb 1842 St John's Horsleydown and 2nd to Alice Rachel Selway 29th Aug 1859 Holy Trinity, Tulse Hill. He died JunQ1870 Croydon aged 83.Buried 16/4/1870 Norwood Cemetery, Lambeth.
(iii) Hannah Leer bapt 10 Jan 1790 St Mary's Lambeth Died JunQ 1847 Bromley, Kent (will)
(iv) Augusta Leer 28/8/1791 St Marys Lambeth. She married Andrew McLauchlan 18/8/1823. Andrew died JunQ 1859 Holborn. Augusta died MarQ 1862, Lambeth.
(v) William Charles Leer bapt 18/8/1793 St Mary's Lambeth.
(vi) ?Charles Fredeick Leer BURIAL 10 Dec 1794 Holy Trinity The Less, London-Infant-Churchyard
(vii) James Leer bapt 7 Feb 1796 St Mary's Lambeth (coachmaker) m Jane Emily Baskerville 25/8/1837. James died JunQ 1870 Croydon aged 73. Jane died JunQ 1871 Croydon aged 55.
(viii) Elizabeth Leer bapt 4 Nov 1797 St Mary Lambeth m John Adams 23/4/1827 Saint John the Evangelist, Lambeth.
(ix) Charles Leer bapt 30 Oct 1799 St Mary's Lambeth (coachmaker) m Catherine Brown 1825 St James,Clerkenwell. Catherine died DecQ 1870 Camberwell aged 75. Charles died DecQ 1884 Camberwell aged 85
(x) Ann Viner Leer 30/8/1801 St Marys Lambeth. She married George Adams 7/11/1833. She died JunQ1870 Gravesend, Kent aged 67

2. James Leer bapt 29/7/1764 Saint Olave, Southwark, Surrey

3.William Richard Leer bapt 19/3/1769 St Mary's Lewisham, Kent m Sarah Burton 29/4/1790 St Mary Magdalene, Woolwich. 2nd to Frances Berrington 22/11/1801 St Mary Magdalene Bermondsey (buried 7/5/1802 St Mary's Newington) and 3rd to Charlotte Jane Sutton 26/8/1804, Rotherhithe. He died 1806 Kings Row, Walworth, Surrey/London.Occ: Baker (Will) 450 pounds left to Charlotte.
(i) Sarah Leer bapt 13th Mar 1791 St Alfege, Greenwich, Kent.(Father's occ-Baker) May have died 1806 and buried 8th July 1806 St Olave, Bermondsey.
(ii) William (Richard) Leer born 6/11/1792, bapt 1/12/1792 St Mary's Newington married Mary Baynton 19/2/1815 St James Clerkenwell
(iii) Christopher John Leer Baptism 3 Sep 1794 St Mary, Newington. Must have died.
(iv) Mary Ann Matilda Leer 11/10/1795 St Mary's Newington, Surrey.
(v) Christopher Leer 21/1/1798 St Mary's Newington, Surrey.
(vi) John Henry Leer born 26/5/1804 St Marys Newington, Surrey. Occ-coal porter/ag labourer. Married Mary Ann Box 23/7/1826 St Mary' Lambeth. She died 10/8/1857 Christchurch, Surrey. John's 2nd marriage was to Louisa Rodley(Widow) 29 Mar 1858 St John the Evangelist, Lambeth.

NB: The majority of the 2008 Eng BMDs to 1900 belong to the above Leer Families

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The Descendants of John Henry Leer and Mary Ann Box

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The descendants of James Full and Mary Harris

The Descendants of James Full and Mary Harris

James Full was bapt 29/3/1799 Ugborough, Devon to parents John Full and Grace Tope. He married Mary Harris 4/11/1823 Rattery, Devon. She was bapt 11/2/1798 the daughter of William Harris and Elizabeth Hellier

1. Mary Ann Full bapt 17/5/1825 Ugborough, Devon. May have died or immigrated.

2. Maria Harris Full bapt 13/4/1828 Ugborough, Devon married John Holloway MarQ 1857 Stoke Damerel dist. Also may have immigrated.

3. Jane Full bapt 8/11/1829 Ugborough, Devon Died 21/5/1835

4. Emma Full bapt 29/1/1832 Ugborough, Devon married Thomas Perks (marriage reg. as Perkes/Perker) JunQ 1873 Stoke Damerel Dist. Immigrated to USA.

5. Grace Full bapt 22/1/1834 Ugborough, Devon married Levi Davis Lockyear MarQ 1857 Stoke Damerel dist.
Children: From 1881 census in USA
1. Fred Lockyear c 1860 Can (Canada?)
2. Frank Lockyear c 1862 Can (Canada?)
3. Edith Lockyear c 1864 Mi
4. Caroline Lockyear c 1866 In
5. Grace Lockyear c 1872 In
6. Minnie Lockyear c 1875 In

6. Eliza Jane Full bapt 21/3/1839 Ugborough, Devon married John Henry Leer 2/10/1855 Plymouth. Thomas Mollins Usher JunQ 1868 Plymouth and Thomas Ivey MarQ 1882 Plymouth
1. John Henry Leer c 1858 Aldershot, Hampshire
2. Grace Sophia Leer bapt 13/3/1859 aged 2 at St Bartholemew, Salford, Lancashire m Edward Wall JunQ 1876 Plymouth
3. William James Leer bapt 27/11/1864 Kingston, Ontario, Upper Canada m Annie Dooley 28/9/1892 Church Hill, Sydney, Aust.
4. Mary Jane Usher DecQ 1868 Plymouth. Died MarQ 1877 Aged 8
5. Maria Ellen Usher SeptQ 1870. Died SeptQ 1873. Aged 3
6. Jessie Maud Usher MarQ 1873 Stoke Damerel m Frances Robert Hopper JunQ 1891 Plymouth.
7. Francis Usher (son) DecQ 1878 Plymouth

7. Charles Full bapt 1/10/1844 Ugborough, Devon married Elizabeth Annie Prowse DecQ 1867
1. Charles Full Mar q 1867 Plymouth
2. Nicholas Full 9/8/1869 Staunton, Loddiswell married Bessie Cardew 1891.
3. Sarah Ellen Full c 1870
4. Alfred HARRIS F FULL dec q 1872 Plympton St Mary
5. Thirza FULL c 1874
6. Mabel Annie FULL Dec q 1877 Plympton st Mary
7. William Henry Harris Full sept q 1878 Plympton
8. Ernest Edward Full sept q 1882 Plympton
9. Olive Geraldine Harris Full sept q 1887 Plympton

Eliza Jane Full and John Henry Leer were my gt gt grandparents

The Descendants of Peter Brown and Ann Wall

Information as accurate as I can find. No doubt there are some mistakes.

Peter Brown c 1790 Horsley Dist. Married Ann Wall 10/6/1819 at Horsley Parish Church.
Their children that I know of are:
1. Peter Brownb 1820 Shortwood died as an infant 25/4/1823 Shortwood

2. Esther Brown b 1824 Shortwood, Nailsworth. She married Richard Page 4/5/1858 at Cambrey Chapel, Cheltenham. He was bapt 17/10/1833 Down Ampney. Their children were:
1.William Robert (Richard William) Page c 1859 Fairford. He married Eliza Ann Whiley
2. George Page bapt 7/12/1860 Fairford. He married Sarah Northeast 1/11/1885 Long Ditton, Surrey.
3.Sarah Ann Page c 1863 Fairford.

3. Sarah Brown b 1827 Shortwood, Nailsworth. She married William Burrows
Dec Q 1853 Cheltenham. Their son was Joseph Burrows c 1854 Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.

4. Job Brown b 1830 Shortwood, Nailsworth

5. Mary Ann Brown b 1834 Shortwood, Nailsworth. She married Leonard
Clissold Mar Q 1860 Cheltenham. Their children were:
1. Emily Brown Dec Q 1856 Stroud
2. Sarah Jane Clissold c 1860 Cheltenham.
3. Julia Clissold c 1863.Cheltenham She married Richard Edmund Banister Mar Q 1884 W Derby
4. Charles Ernest Clissold c 1870 Cheltenham. He married Florence Emily Baker Sept Q 1891 Cheltenham
5. Lottie Annie Clissold c 1872 Cheltenham
6. Francis Lenard Clissold s 1874 Cheltenham. He married Nancy Dexter June Q 1899 Aston, Warwickshire
7. Kate Septema Clissold c 1876 Cheltenham. She died 1893 Cheltenham aged 16.

6 Joseph Brown b 1836 Shortwood, Nailsworth married Sarah Davis 1864 Penalt, monmouth, Wales.
Their children were:
1. Thomas Brown c 1859 Trelleck, Wales.
2. Job Brown c 1826 Penalt, Monmouth.
3. John Brwn c 1866 Penalt, Monmouth married Sarah Phillips c 1889
4. Edwin Brown c 1869 Penalt, Monmouth m Annie Ellen Polley c 1890 Coleford, Glouc.
5. Caleb George Brown c 1877 Coleford married Mary Jane Reynolds 1900 Monmouth.
6. Samuel Brown c 1880 Coleford, Glouc.

DEATHS: Ann Brown was buried at Shortwood 10/4/1842 aged 43
Peter Brown was buried at Shortwood 18/10/1863 aged 73