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the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... D names

Journal by ngairedith

the Roman Catholic MOUNT STREET CEMETERY is a protected heritage site in Wellington, New Zealand (click link for more). It was the first cemetery in Wellington for Catholic burials and contains the graves of the first nuns and priests in Wellington. It remained open until 1891 although burials continued in existing family plots until 1954. The earliest surviving grave marker dates from 1851, and the latest from 1954. Although only around 200 headstones survive, it is estimated that there could have been as many as 1150 burials. Many of the early markers were simple wooden crosses, which have long since vanished

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the 'Residents' of MOUNT STREET Cemetery, Wellington (as at May 2012)
- anything in italics is my addition
- dates may be of death OR burial


DAGWELL, George - 5 June 1854 aged 52
- a George Dagwell was a Shipwright/Mechanic. He was convicted at Southampton in 1821 for a term of 7 years, his 'crime' a default in payment. He was transported as a convict to NSW, Australia, departing 3 May 1821. He was granted Absolute Pardon and given his Certificate of Freedon on 2 April 1828 in NSW and disappeared from Australia.
- the only record found for George is his arrival into Wellington from the Sound, Marlborough in the small, same day, schooner "Maria Elizabeth" on 22 March 1854. How long he been in the Sound is unknown

DALLON, Marie - 8 Jan 1889 aged 50

DALY, Peter - 27 Jan 1886 aged 42
28 Jan 1886 The Friends of the late PETER DALY are respectfully invited to attend his funeral, which will leave his late residence, Martin-square, TO-MORROW, Friday, the 29t instant, at 4 p.n. - P. HOSKINS, Undertaker
DISTRICT ORDER - Militia and Volunteer Office, Wellington, 28th Januray, 1886. The Wellington Rifles and Garrison Band will parade at Mount Cook Barracks at 3.15 p.m. on FRIDAY, 29th inst., to attend the funeral of the late Peter Daly. Side arms. The usual escort to be detailed. - J. G. BUTTS, Lieut-Col, Commanding District.
The members of the Wellington Rifles Corps will assemble at Mount Cook Drillshed TO-MORROW (Friday) at 3.30 p.m. to attend the Funeral of the late Private Daly. Firing party will meet at 3.15 p.m. There will be no parade in the evening. - G. V. SHANNON, Captain Commanding

DANIEL, Adelaide Eva Cannon - 21 March 1890 aged 11.5
- 3rd child of Robert DANIEL & Emily CARRUTHERS below
21 March 1890 On the 21st of March 1890, at Palmerston-street, Adelaide Eva Cannon, beloved daughter of Robert and Emily Daniel, aged 11 years and 5 months; deeply regretted

DANIEL, Anne Emma Teresa - 10 Aug 1877 aged 72 days
- 4th child of Robert DANIEL & Emily CARRUTHERS below
10 Aug 1877 On the 10th August, Anne, the beloved child of Robert and Emily Daniel, Tinakori Road, aged 10 weeks

DANIEL, Emily Amelia Agnes (nee CARRUTHERS) - 26 June 1927 aged 72
- daughter of Edwin Montague CARRUTHERS (1805-1857) & Jane Skelton CANNON (1812-1876), see C names
- Emily married Robert Daniel (1846-1928) in 1873
- Robert was born in Westminster, London, 5th of 10 children of Joseph Randolph DANIEL (1804-1867) & Mary Ann EVANS (1816-1897)
- Emily & Robert had 11 children:
1873 - 1917 Ada Agnes Viard Daniel
- Ada married William FOGARTY in 1909
1875 - 1970 Emily Clara Mary Daniel
- she married John Bryant HAWKEN in 1900
1877 - 1877 Ann Emma Theresa Daniel, as above
1878 - 1890 Adelaide Eva Cannon Daniel, as above
1880 - ? Edwin Randolph Bernard Daniel
- Edwin married Sarah Mary McKENZIE in 1894
1883 - 1889 Nina Ethel Veronica Daniel, as below
1886 - 1965 Beatrice Elsie Butler Daniel
Beatrice married Joseph George MORRIS in 1910
1890 - 1919 Ivy Myrtle Jane Daniel
- Ivy married William Albert PYE in 1910
1892 - 1915 Robert Joseph Elliott Daniel
- Robert served in WWI as Private 10/2398. His parents were living at 5 Oxford St, Tawa, Wellington, when he enlisted for was in 1914. He was killed in action 8 Aug 1915 in Dardanelles, Gallipoli
1895 - 1980 Victor Leonard 'Len' Marie Daniel
- Victor married Anne Elizabeth MURITZ
1899 - ? John Vincent Paul Daniel
- John married Margery FARMER
Emily died in Carterton & is buried here

DANIEL, Nina Ethel Veronice - 4 May 1889 aged 6
- 6th child of Robert DANIEL & Emily CARRUTHERS above

DANIEL, Robert - 20 March 1890 aged 54
- died the day before 11 year old Adelaide Daniel. Their relationship, if any, not yet known

DANIEL, wife of T - 10 Nov 1918 aged ?

DAPLEMY, Mary - 17 July 1891 aged ?

DAVIS, Eliza - 12 Feb 1866 aged 6 months

DAVIS, Elizabeth (nee CARTY) - 26 May 1918 aged 84
- Elizabeth married Richard Davis in 1852
- In 1892 they were in Kaiwarra
2 May 1918 The death occurred at the residence of her daughter in Rua-street, Lyall Bay, yesterday morning, of Mrs Elizabeth Davis, widow of the late Drum-Major Richard John Davis, formerly of the 65th Regiment, who was well known in military and musical circles in Wellington. The deceased lady, who had reached the age of 85, arrived in Wellington from the West Indies in 1845 with her father, who, like her future husband, was also in the 65th Regimet, and she was married in Wellington. She has left a family of one daughter (Mrs Johnson, of Lyall Bay), and five sons, including Captain T. J. Davis, 5th Wellington Regiment, Mr Henry Davis, of the Wellington Natives Association Band and Mr Laurence Davis of the Wellington Meat Export Company's staff

DAVIS, Francis Charles - 19 June 1871 aged 2.9
- son of Richard DAVIS & Elizabeth CARTY
19 June 1871 On the 19th inst., at Tory-street, Francis Charles, youngest son of Mr Richard Davis, aged two years and nine months

DAVIS, Richard - 1 Feb 1895 aged 67
- husband of Elizabeth (Carty) above
1 Feb 1895 On the 1 February, at his residence, Tory-street, Richard Davis, formerly Drum-Major H.M. 65th Regiment, and late Drum-Major Wellington Garrison Band; aged 67 year R.I.P.

DEALEY?, Dan 18 July 1892 aged 35

DEE, E - ??? (Edwin 1892?)

DEE, Maurice Edward - 6 Jan 1867 aged 25

De GEORGE, Peter - 19 Jan 1885 aged 48
- the PDF has 1 Nov 1883
- Information was received in town last night that a dreadful accident had happened in a tunnel on the Wellington and Manawatu railway works - that the tunnel had fallen in and that several men were buried beneath the debris. The news of the mishap was telephoned to town by Mr S. Brown's overseer, Mr Laughton, but no particulars were then given. Later on, however, some details were sent through, and from these we glean the following particulars:- A party of twelve men were working in the No. 8 tunnel, situated between Pukerua and Paikakariki. The stuff they had been removing in order to widen the ends of the tunnel was composed of rotten rock and the walls and sides had to be timbered until the brick lining could be effected. Yesterday afternoon the men had removed some of the planks from the roof, when, without much warning, the heavy timbers gave way and the roof of the tunnel caved in. Nine of the men succeeded in reaching a place of safety before the earth came down, but three men were buried beneath the debris, viz., Peter de George, Henry Lloyd and Matthew Panzadetti. Mr Laughton having been sent for, relays of men were at once put on to clear the tunnel and rescue if possible the men entombed. After much labour the workers heard the faint voice of Panzadetti, who said he was free from earth and could move his limbs. He further said he could hear groans from a man buried beneath another block of earth behind him. Mr Laughton then telephoned to town for medical assistance, and Mr Gillon was last night despatched by the s.s. Tui for Pukerua Bay, where he expected to be landed at midnight. The steamer was about to start thither with material and Dr Gillon, with commendable promptitude, hastened on board with a view to rendering surgical aid if necessary. Meanwhile those at the scene of the accident made every preparation for the reception of the men should they be brought out alive.
Our own correspondent at Paikakariki, writing last night, says:- At half past 3 this afternoon a serious, and it is feared fatal, accident happened in what is known as No. 8 tunnel on Mr S. Brown's contract, on the West Coast Railway, the Pukerua-Paikakriki section. In this tunnel the drive had been put through, and the shift were employed in breaking out or enlarging the opening to the full size, when without the slightest warning two sets of timer, representing a length of 24 feet of the tunnel, fell in, completely burying in the fall, three of the men engaged - Peter De George (an Italian), Matlio Panzadetti (an Austrian) and Harry Lloyd (a native of Lancashire). Every effort is now being made, under the direction of Mr J. Laughton, the manager, to effect the liberation of the unfortunate men, who, up to the time of writing, have been buried over six hours. I have just returned from the scene of the accident, which is about three miles from Paikakariki, and at the time of my visit the rescuing party had got sufficiently near the sufferers to be able to speak to one at least - the man Panzadetti, a young fellow of about 20 - who said he was lying between some of the timber, that he could see the lights of the rescuers, but that he feared they would not reach him in time. Of the other men little is known. Groans can be heard at intervals, but whether they proceed from De George or Lloyd could not be ascertained. A large number of men are employed in the work of rescue and as only a few can be employed at once, arrangements have been made for the workers to be relieved at short intervals.
Peter De George is an old West Coast miner, well known in the Grey and Reefton district. The other men engaged on the 'shift' escaped uninjured. It may perhaps, be opportune to remark that each shift is under the guidance of an experienced and trustworthy miner, and the only reason for this unfortunate catastrophe is that the gound in this particular tunnel is of an unusually treacherous nature, being a loose salty drift
23 Jan 1885 THE PUKERUA TRAGEDY. Our Paikakariki correspondent writes under date Thursday evening that the enquiry into the cause of death of Peter de George was opened twice on that day, at 8 a.m. and 7 p.m., and that the Acting-Coroner finally adjourned the enquiry until the body of the third man was recovered, as the men employed in the work were required as witnesses. He further adds that he had explored the tunnel from end to end during that day; that the work of clearing away the fallen timber and rocks is one of considerable danger and difficulty; and that it may be some days yet before the remains of Lloyd are found. Thirteen witnesses are already subpoenaed, and the number may be further increased, for it is said some evidence is to the cause of this lamentable affair will be forthcoming

DELANEY, Ellen - 29 May 1885 aged 31

DELANEY, James - 14 March 1869 aged 25

DELMARA, William - 4 Oct 1874 aged 47

DEMALD?, Emila? - 2 March 1880 aged 42
- that name spelling not found

DESMOND, Bridget Ellen - 4 Jan 1887 aged 72
- wife of John (1813-1861)

DESMOND, John - 27 Nov 1889 aged 38
- born about 1851, son of John
28 Nov 1889 Another death occurred at the Asylum yesterday, a patient named John Desmond succumbing to brain disease. Mr Eb. Baker (Ebenezer Baker 1830-1905), Coroner, will hold the ususal statutory enquiry at the Hospital to-morrow
30 Nov 1889 An inquest was held at the Hospital yesterday by Mr Eb. Baker, Deputy-Coroner on the remains of John Desmond, who died at Mount View Asylum on the previous day. The jury returned a verdict of Death from Brain Disease. Deceased was committed to the Asylum only about a month ago. He leaves a widow, who resides at Feathersotn

DESMOND, John - 20 Aug 1861 aged 46
- born about 1815, possible husband of Ellen

DEVERY, Mary Ann (nee BUTLER) - 23 Feb 1888 aged 70

DICKSON, Mary - 20 Nov 1880 aged 21

DISCH, Johanna Elizabeth - 27 Oct 1878 aged 3.6
26 Oct 1878 At Pipitea-street, Johanna Elizabeth Disch, aged 3 years and 6 months
Johanna was probably the daughter of Peter Anton DISCH (-1907), Mariner from Germany & Catherine BOYLE
Peter Anton (sometimes written Anthony) & Catherine had 3 daughters:
1875 - 1878 Johanna Isabella Disch
- born 8 June 1875 this would make her aged 3.6 in 1878 so is probaby the Johanna Elizabeth above
1876 - Catherine 'Kate' Elizabeth Disch
- born 5 Nov 1876
- Catherine married Harry PHIPPS in 1906
- they had a daughter in 1908 named Florence Evelyn Phipps
1879 - Mary Aliouse/Alvina Disch
- born 16 June 1879
- Mary passed her First Grade Examination for Freehand Drawing at Clyde-quay school in Nov 1891
- Mary married George CLARKE in 1898
- they had a son in 1898 named William George Anthony Clarke
on 7 Feb 1882 Peter & Catherine marry then have another daughter:
1883 - 1883 Emily Frances Disch
- born 8 Feb 1883, Emily died aged 16 hours
In 1884 Peter was Naturalised in Wellington
14 April 1884 We are informed a sum of 9 has been collected by P. S. Disch from the employees of the wharf for the benefit of Mrs Keegan and family and handed over to the Rev Father Kerrigan
20 May 1885 The committee of the relief fund for the orphans of the late Nuigi Minola held a meeting last night in the Garibaldi Club. Mr Cenci handed to Mr Bacon,who was in the chair, the amount of subscriptions in hand to date, viz., 59 1s 9d. It was decided to deposit the said amount in the Post Office Savings Bank till all the lists are received, then another meetng will be held to decide the best investment of the total amount collected. Messrs Bacon, Disch and Terreni were elected trustees
16 January 1907 In loving memory of Catherine Disch, who died at Herbert-street, Lower Hutt on 16th January 1906. At Rest. - Inserted by her lovng husband and two daughters, K. Phipps and M. Clarke
17 July 1908 In loving memory of our dear father, Peter Anton Disch, who died on the 17th July 1907, at Wellington. R.I.P. Gone but not forgotten. Inserted by his daughters, Mrs H. Phipps and Mrs Clarke
17 July 1909 In loving memory of our dear father, Peter Anton Disch, who departed this life on the 15th July, 1907 at Wellington R.I.P. - Inserted by his two daughter, Mrs Phipps and Mrs Clarke
10 Sep 1932 SOME OLD IDENTITIES - In the days when most of the cargo was stacked and shifted by hand there were some gangs which took a pride in the amount of work they were able to perform and their ability to make piles of sacks eight or nine sacks hgh. A gang noted for its work in the sheds comprised: Hughie Blair, Jack Kinniburg, Jimmie Clark and Peter Disch

DIXON, John - 6 Feb 1871 aged 40

DOBSON, Ellen (nee BROSNAN) - 13 Sep 1883 aged 24
- Ellen married William Henry Dobson in 1877
- their known children:
1878 - Ellen Mary Dobson
1880 - William Henry Charlton Dobson
1882 - Mary Dobson
William Dobson remarried in 1884 to Edith Mary WHITELEY
- their 2 known children:
1885 - 1885 Edith Mary Dobson
7 March 1885 On 7th March, at her parents' residence Foresters Hall, Tory-street, Edith Mary, infant daughter of William and Edith Dobson

DOBSON, Mary - 14 Aug 1885 aged 25

DOBSON, Minnie - 6 Feb 1879 aged 7 months

DONNELLY, Catherine Ann - 11 April 1881 aged 14
11 April 1881 On the 11th April, at her mother's residence, Wingfield-street, of typoid fever, Catherine Ann, youngest daughter of the late Patrick Donnelly, aged 14 years

DONNELLY, Catherine - 16 Oct 1887 aged 72
16 Oct 1887 On the 16th October at Glenbervie Terrace, Catherine, relict of the late M. Donnelly, of Dunedin, aged 72 years. R.I.P.

DOOLEY, Elizabeth Frances - 7 March 1875 aged 16 months

DORAN, John - 2 Dec 1881? age 54

DORAN, Mary Ann - 12 Feb 1909 aged 22
- Mary Ann was 1 of about 50 passengers on the steamer 'Penguin', who were drowned when the boat was wrecked just after leaving Picton on its way to Wellington the Purser's Story
15 Feb 1909 Miss Mary Doran, of Marlborough, was only 22 years of age. She was proceeding to Wellington to spend a few days with her sister, Mrs Fanning, who lives in Aorangi-terrace. Deceased's parents reside in Marlborough
- the REQUIEM MASS on 16 Feb 1909
16 Feb 1909 Four victims of the disaster who belong to the Catholic Church were buried according to the rites of the church today. This morning Mrs Brittain and Mr Gustav Troadec were buried from the Church of St Mary of the Angels, Boulcott-street, where a Requiem Mass was celebrated by the Very Rev Dean Regnault, in the presence of a large congregation. The Rev Father Clancy officiated at the graveside. Miss Mary A. Doran was buried from the Sacred Heart Basilica, Hill-street, the Rev Father Bowden officiating. This afternoon the remains of the late Mr S. E. Holcroft were brought to the church of St Mary of the Angels, Bolcott-street, and taken thence to Karori. The deceased was formerly well-known in Wellington, and his remains were followed to the grave by a large number of his old friends, including representatives of the Wellington and Blenheim branches of the H.A.C.B.S. The Rev Father Venning officiated at the church and at the graveside. Messrs Barnes and Rafferty, members of the crew, were also buried in the Catholic portion of the Karori Cemetery to-day
of interest another fatality of the 'Penquin' buried here: Annie Hope

DORE, Edward James - 11 Feb 1879 aged 10 weeks

DOREEN, Susanna - 8 April 1871 aged 22 months
- possibly daughter of John DOREEN & Margaret Ann KNOWLES (1852-1919) of Waikanae

DOREEN, Laetitia/Lettitia - 27 Sep 1875 aged 96
- died in the Hutt

DOREEN, Patrikus 'Peter' snr - 31 July 1875 aged 100
- in 1856 Peter Doreen, when giving evidence, said he was a settler of the River Hutt, in the Province of Wellington and swore that he was on board the "Onkepringa" in Melbourne on 13 November 1855
(Interestingly he signed hs name Peter Doran)
- in 1857 he was awarded 50 acres at the River Hutt and also 25 acres at the River Hutt (maybe a Peter Dorren jnr). A Thomas Dorren was awarded 50 acres. Also that day, out of the 12,700 acres 'given out', many (now) 'old settlers' received acres, like: Daniel Peck, Hart Udy, John Hooper, Almon Boulcott (who I beieve never actually set foot in the country), Matthew Gaskin, Job Mabey, David Benge, Abraham Harris, Mudgway and many others
- in 1860 there was a returned letter for him at the Post Office in Wellington which he had posted to Victoria, Melbourne. He died in Wellington Hospita;

DOUGLAS, Henry Lewis - 19 Jan 1871 aged 13 months

DOUGLAS, Rhoda Jean - 4 Aug 1897 aged 16 months

DOYLE, Patrick James - 9 June 1890 aged 16 months
9 June 1890 On the 9th June,, at Moore-treet, Patrick James, youngest child of Patrick & Margaret Doyle, aged 1 year and 4 months, R.I.P.
- possibly Patrick DOYLE & Margaret MORRIS

DOYLE, Timothy - 4 May 1885 aged 38
- Timothy was born in Kerry, Ireland. He had a brother in Napier and a sister in Canterbury.
19 May 1885 the INQUEST on Timoty Doyle who lost his life in a boating accident when he and a number of others were taking bags of sand from Evans Bay to Point Halswell.

DOYLE, William - 19 Feb 1868 aged 54

DRISCOLL, Catherine - 20 June 1892 aged 46
20 June 1892 This morning, of paralyis, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr Thomas Driscoll, Thorndon-quay, aged 46 years

DRISCOLL, Ethel Mary - 6 Oct 1884 aged 7 months
- daughter of John DRISCOLL (1839-1919) & Rosina STACPOOLE (1845-1913)
- John was from Portmouth, Hampshire, England
- they lived in Hawker street & later in Tasman street, Wellington
- their known children were:
1869 - 1915 John Stacpoole Driscoll
1873 - 1943 Rosina Driscoll
1874 - 1941 Dennis William Driscoll
1876 - 1943 Mary Honora Driscoll
1879 - 1945 Maud Mary Driscoll, twin
1879 - 1954 Beatrice Mary Driscoll, twin
1880 - 1881 Josephine Mary Driscoll
1881 - 1962 James Joseph Driscoll
1883 - 1884 William Michael Patrick Driscoll
- William died aged 9 months
1884 - 1884 Ethel Mary Driscoll, as above
1886 - 1943 Joseph Michael Driscoll
1888 - 1889 Thomas Patrick Driscoll

DUFFY, Thomas 4 March 1889 aged 8

DUFFY, unnamed - 22 March 1889 aged ???
- possibly repeat of Thomas above

DUFFY, Margaret - 23 June 1917 aged 83
23 June 1917 On the 23rd June, 1917 at Wellington Hospital, Margaret Duffy, in her 84th year. R.I.P.

DUGGAN, George Edward 21 July 1887 aged 6 months
- son of Alfred Ross DUGGAN & Mary Jane McNALLY
- their known children were:
1887 - 1887 George Edward Duggan, as above
1888 - John Duggan
1891 - Annie Duggan
1892 - Margaret Duggan
1894 - 1894 Mary Duggan
- Mary died aged 2 days
1895 - Myra Winifred Duggan
1898 - Ethel Mary Duggan
1904 - Eileen Frances Duggan
1905 - Agnes Teresa Duggan
1908 - Mary Duggan

DUIGNAN, John Michael - 24 Feb 1886 aged 5 months

DUNN E, Elizabeth - 16 April 1878 aged 1.9

DUNNE, Elizabeth Mary - 2 Nov 1888 aged 53
- born about 1835

DUNNE, Francis - 14 Nov 1891 aged 57
- born about 1834
16 Nov 1891 We are sorry to record the death of an old and respected resident of Wellington, in the person of Mr Francis Dunne, who breathed his last at his residence, Oriental Bay, at 6 o'clock on Saturday morning, aged 57. For the past 13 or 14 years the deceased was connected with the Railway Department in Wellington and proved himself a zealous and capable officer. His life, we believe, was insured in the Government office. A large family is left to mourn the loss of a kind and indulgent father
* a son, Patrick Joseph Dunne (1865-1920) was the editor of the West Coast Times
* a grandson, (son of his daughter, Mary Josephine Dunne), Major Francis Richard McMahon, of the Royal Engineers, was awarded the Distinguished Service Order in 1917. His father, Martin McMahon, received a medal for service in the Mounted Constabulary in the Maori War

DUNN E, John - 5 April 1879 aged 28

DWYER, Mrs Margaret - 26 Oct 1884 aged 63

DWYER, Sister Mary Frances - 16 Feb 1885 aged 53
16 Feb 1885 Sister Frances Dwyer died at the Convent in Hill-street to-day. Her funeral takes place to-morrow. The deceased had been a resident at the Convent for about ten years


Pukerua-Paikakariki Tunnel construction in progress c1885 - from the site
Railway Tunnels in Porirua
The works locomotive Belmont is being lowered down the construction tram to the temporary tracks on the foreshore, Pukerua Bay beach settlement below.
While the first tunnel was being constructed an earthquake caused a slip, caving in the tunnel and resulting in the deaths of three men - one was PETER De GEORGE above

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