the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... F names :: Genealogy
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the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... F names

Journal by ngairedith

the Roman Catholic MOUNT STREET CEMETERY is a protected heritage site in Wellington, New Zealand (click link for more). It was the first cemetery in Wellington for Catholic burials and contains the graves of the first nuns and priests in Wellington. It remained open until 1891 although burials continued in existing family plots until 1954. The earliest surviving grave marker dates from 1851, and the latest from 1954. Although only around 200 headstones survive, it is estimated that there could have been as many as 1150 burials. Many of the early markers were simple wooden crosses, which have long since vanished

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the 'Residents' of MOUNT STREET Cemetery, Wellington (as at May 2012)
- anything in italics is my addition
- dates may be of death OR burial


FAHEY, ???

FAIRFAX, Fanny - 31 Dec 1867 aged 3 months

FINNERTY, Edward John - 23 Dec 1891 aged 2.1
24 Dec 1891 A child named Edward J. Finnerty, two years and one month old, and a son of Jeremiah Finnerty, labourer, of Lewisville road, Thorndon, died suddenly about half-past 3 o'clock yesterday morning. The boy was seized with an illness about 2 o'clock, and Dr Cahill was sent for, but his skill did not avail, and the little sufferer died as above stated. The doctor having certified that the cause of death was acute diarrhoea, the Coroner, to whom the matter was reported by the police, has decided that two other children of the same family are ill with the same serious complaint

FINUCANE, Elizabeth - 15 Nov 1874 aged 9

FINUCANE, James - 27 Feb 1878 aged 18 months

FINUCANE, James Perry - 22 Aug 1882 aged 45
- born 1837
- married Mary O'Neill (below) in 1863
- in 1865 he was fined 5s, and 6s expenses, for leaving his horse and dray standing on Shakespeare-road unattended
- in July 1870 James was a 'householder in the city of Wellington' when he signed his name to a petition:
... To His Excellency Sir George Ferguson Bowen, Knight Grand Cross of the most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George, Governor and Commander-in-Chief in and over her Majesty's Colony of New Zealand and its Dependencies, and Vice-Admiral of the same, &c., &c. The humble Petition of the undersigned Ratepayer of the City of Wellington showeth that your Petitioners are desirous that the City of Wellington should be constitiuted a Borough under an Act of the General Assembly of New Zealand, date 10th October 1867, and being 31 Vict., No 24 intituled "An Act to provide for the establishment of Municpal Corporation" and that the boundaries of the City of Wellington, for the purposes of this Petition, should be the same as the limits thereof are settled and described in the Plan of the Town of Wellington, Port Nicholson, annexed to a certain Crown Grant of the New Zealand Company dated the 27th day of January 1848, under the Seal of the Colony, and under the hand of Sir George Grey, the then Governor-in-Chief of the Colony, and which Crown Grant was registered at Wellington, the 19th date of June, 1850 No 204; and also such portions of te Harbor of Wellington as are comprised in a certain Crown Grant thereof, dated the 16th day of October, 1855; and also the Town Belt, the Canal and Basin and the Public Reserves belonging to the said City of the Wellington.
That the said City of Wellington has been, or is reputed to have been, incorporated by an Act of the Provincial Council of Wellington, Session 14, No 9, intituled "An Act to Incorporate the Board of Works for the City of Wellington, and for other purposes"
Your Petitioners therefore humbly pray that your Excellency will be pleased to constitute the City of Wellington a Borough, under the provisions of the said Act of the General Asembly of New Zealand, to be bounded as hereinbefore set forth ...
- in 1880 (at least) he was living in a two-storey house in Wingfield-street (Thorndon)

FINUCANE, John - 1877 aged 22

FINUCANE, Mary - (nee O'NEIL) 6 Dec 1918 aged 77
- born 1831, she married James Percy Finucane in 1863 in NZ
6 Dec 1918 On the 6th December 1918, at the Residence of her son-in-law (*Mr A. Scott), Central-terrace, Lower Hutt, Mary, relict of the late James P. Finucane; aged 77 years. R.I.P. Private Interment. No flowers (by request)
* Andrew Sword Scott (1881-1943), who married their daughter Johanna Mary Josephine Finucane (1868-1985) in 1912. James & Mary had another daughter, Mary Ann Finucane (1863-1938) who married Albert George Havill (1866-1939) in 1891

FINUCANE, Thomas - 1911 aged 31

FIRTH, Catherine (nee WALSH) - 17 March 1917 aged 44
17 March 1917 On the 17th March 1917, at Wellington, Catherine, dearly beloved wife of *Philip Firth, in her 45th year R.I.P.
*Philip Lucas Firth (1860-1941) married Catherine in 1900

FITZGERALD, Eliza Sarah (nee CHRISTIAN) - 4 April 1852 aged 30
- born in 1822, the youngest daughter of Thomas Christian, a Dubin Solicitor, she arrived in Wellington on 7 Nov 1842, on the George Fyfe. Also on board, as Cabin Passengers like herself, were Thomas Henry and Emily Fitzgerald, siblings of Dr John Patrick Fitzgerald (1813-1895), the Colonial Surgeon at Wellington and whom, 7 days after her arrival (14 Nov 1842) Eliza married. In 1845 John was appointed surgeon to the Wellington Militia, and on 15 September 1847 became the superintendent of Wellington's public hospital, a two-storeyed building accommodating 16 patients. He was obliged to provide assistance to 'the jail, the police, the natives, pauper Europeans, and in fact all to whom the government may be desirous of affording medical attendance'
- Eliza and John had 4 children. When their youngest child, Elizabeth, was only a month old Eliza died. John returned to Ireland with the children. He later moved to King Williams town, South Africa where his friend Governor George Grey had provided a site for a hospital. He worked there for over 30 years until he retired in Ireland and died there in 1895 aged 82

FITZGERALD, Catherine (nee HYNES) - 19 July 1891 aged 50
19 July 1891 On the 19th July, at the Albert Hotel, Willis-street, Catherine, dearly beloved mother of B. E. Fitzgerald, aged 50 years. R.I.P. Adelaide, Wangaratta and Melbourne papers pleae copy

FITZGERALD, Elizabeth - 4 Aug 1880 aged 4 days
- daughter of Richard FITZGERALD & Maria GROVES
- the known children of Richard & Maria:
1878 - Henry Fitzgerald
1879 - Mary Fitzgerald
1880 - Elizabeth Fitzgerald, as above
1881 - Richard Fitzgerald
1886 - Margaret Theresa Fitzgerald
1890 - Joseph Fitzgerald

FITZGERALD, Ellen - 14 Dec 1877 aged 5 days

FITZGERALD, Isabel Mary (nee JONES) - 13 June 1925 aged 38
- Isabel married John Edward Fitzgerald (1883-1939) in 1909

FITZGERALD, Jane - 12 Aug 1879 aged 30
10 Aug 1879On the 10th August, at her late residence, Murphy-street, Jane, the wife of John Fitzgerald, aged 30 years. Home papers please copy.

FITZGERALD, John - 28 Dec 1892 age 7 months

FITZGERALD, John - 7 Oct 1891 age 65
7 Oct 1891 On the 7th of October, at Lower Hutt, John Fitzgerald, of Brook-street. R.I.P.

FITZGERALD, John Patrick - 26 Jan 1886 aged 11 months
- son of Michael FITZGERALD & Norah SCANLON
- the children of Michael & Norah:
1884 - 1884 Maria Fitzgerald, as below
1885 - 1886 John Patrick Fitzgerald as above
1887 - Mary Ella Fitzgerald
1892 - Jeremiah James Fitzgerald

FITZGERALD, Maria - 31 March 1884 aged 4 days
- first born of Michael FITZGERALD & Norah SCANLON

FITZGERALD, Mary - 9 Feb 1884 aged 2

FITZGERALD, Michael 13 Nov 1884 aged 68?
- born 1816

FITZGERALD, Michael - 5 Nov 1885 aged 33
6 Nov 1884 On the 5th November, at the Wellington Hospital, Michael Fitzgerald, late of Kaiwarra, aged 33 years; deeply regretted. R.I.P. Adelaide papers please copy
The Friends of the late MICHAEL FITZGERALD, are respectfully invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave his late residence, Kaiwarra, on FRIDAY,7th November, at 2.30 o'clock - E. MORRIS & SON, Undertakers

FITZGERALD, Nora - 28 May 1887 aged 23

FITZGERALD, Nano - Dec 1892 aged 15 months
17 Dec 1892 On the 17th December, at Molesworth-street, Nano, beloved daughter of Thomas and Julia Fitzgerald aged 15 months
- Thomas Fitzgerald married Julia HICKEY in 1883:
1885 - Maria Fitzgerald
1889 - John Laurence Fitzgerald
1891 - 1892 Nano Fitzgerald, as above
1894 - Thomas David Fitzgerald

FITZGERALD, Timothy ? - 18 Jan 1893 aged 8 months ?

FITZGIBBON, William Francis - 25 Jan 1875 aged 10 months

FLAHIVE, Jeremiah - 21 Aug 1883 aged 24
23 Aug 1883 The Funeral of the late JEREMIAH FLAHIVE will leave the residence of Mr Michael Stack, Lorne-street TO-MORROW (Friday), the 24th, at a quarterpast 3 p.m. Friends are respectfully invited to attend.

FLANAGAN, Patrick - 13 Dec 1874 aged 29
14 Dec 1874 We regret to notice the death of Mr P. Flanagan, well known as the managing clerk from Messrs Hart and Buckley (Barristers & Solicitors) and highly popular as a genial and pleasant companion. Some few months ago Mr Flanagan was seized with a severe cold, which settled on his lungs and developed the seeds of consumption, of which disease he died yesterday. He had for some weeks been conscious of his approaching end. Mr Flanagan was a member of the Artillery Volunteers, and will be buried with military honours to-morrow afternoon.
16 Dec 1874 The remains of the late Mr Patrick Flanagan were interred in the Roman Catholic Cemetery yesterday afternoon with military honors, the deceased having been a gunner in the Wellington Artillery Volunteer Corps. The fine band of corps preceeded the cortege playing the usual dirges. Mr Flanagan's loss will be much felt among the cricketing fraternity as he was a good bowler, and in the celebrated Auckland match very nearly turned the fortunes of the day by his successful efforts in the direction in the Auckland second innings. He was put on as a "change" and his first ball separated Mumford and,Yates who had held the wickets for above an hour. He also took three other wickets.

FLYNN, William - 6 July 1873 age 65

FLYNN, ???

FOLEY, Thomas - 21 April 1872 aged 69

FRANCIS, Mary - 17 July 1891 aged ?

FRASER, Charlotte - 23 July 1873 age not recorded

FRANDI, John Minola - 21 May 1887 aged 14 months
- youngest son of Aristodemo/Aristedemo FRANDI (1833-1919) & Annunziata Guistina FABBRUCCI (1841-1920)
28 July 1919 On the 28th July, 1919, at Fern Glen, 16 Murphy-street (Thorndon) (the residence of his daughter, Italia Corich), Aristodemo, beloved husband of Annunziatia Frandi, and the father of the late Captain Frandi, in his 87th year
1 Aug 1919 The death is reported from Wellington of Mr Aristodemo Frandi, at the age of 86 years. deceased was a prominent follower of Garabaldi and took an active part in various battles in Italy. He received promotion to the rank of Major, in which capacity he acted until the engagements in 1866. Keenly interested in political matters, he edited for some time an Italian journal. Coming to New Zealand with his wife and family 44 years ago, he was one of the original founders of the Garabaldi Club
In May 1915 a son, Ateo/Altea Guisto Leale Frandi, born in Piza, Italy 4 May 1873, was Killed In Action at Daisy Patch, Gallipoli, Turkey. He served as Captain 10/1169 with the Wellington Infantry Battalion, 2nd Renforcements. His mother was his next of kin then living at Wingfield street, Thorndon, Wellington. He enlisted from 16 Murphy street.
* Another son, Alfred Joseph Frandi also served, as Driver 2/457 with the Field Artillery. His next of kin was his sister Italia Corick at Wingfield street, Wellington. He also enlisted from 16 Murphy street
* Another son, Antonio Raffaello Frandi served, as Lance Corporal 23/426 with the 1st Battalion, New Zealand Rifle Brigade, B Company. His next of kin was his wife, *Yolande Frandi of 17 Adelaide road, Wellington
*he married Yolande Blanche Olive CORNELIUS in 1910

FROST, Alice - 2 Nov 1954 aged 79
- born 1875, possibly nee NICHOLSON who married Laurence Frost in 1909
- the latest burial in the cemetery

FROST, Charles - 15 Dec 1882 aged 18
- born 1864, possibly son of John & Margaret Frost
15 Dec 1882 On the 15th December, at the residence of his father, Vivian-street, Charles Frost, aged 18 years. R.I.P.

FROST, D - ???

FROST, John - 25 Jan 1907 aged 85
- born 1821
28 January 1907 Mr John Frost, an old resident of Wellington who arrived here in 1875, died on Friday evening. Deceased was born in County Clare, Ireland on 1st February 1821. He is survived by three sons and three daughters
28 Jan 1907 Mr John Frost, a native of County Limerick, Ireland but for a great number of years sexton of the Roman Catholic Cemetery, Mount-street, Wellington died on Thursday last at the age of eighty-six years. There was a large attendance at the funeral yesterday, the Rev Father Kimbell officiating at the graveside
31 Jan 1907Mr John Frost, one of our oldest parishioners, died at his residence, Hopper street (Mount Cook) , on Friday. He was born in County Clare 85 years ago, and has resided in Wellington for the last thirty-one years. He was a man of great religious fervor, and highly respected. A family of three sons and three daughter is left to mourn their loss. R.I.P.

FROST, Laurence - 16 July 1947 aged 76
- born 1871, Laurence married Alice NICHOLSON in 1909 (possibly the Alice above)

FROST, Margaret - 1 March 1897 aged 66
- born 1831
1 March 1897On the 1st instant, at Wellington, Margaret, the beloved wife of John Frost; aged 66 years. R.I.P.

FROST, Mary Ann - 5 Jan 1929 aged 75
- born 1854

FROST, Michael James - 28 Feb 1886 aged 28
- born 1860, second son of John & Margaret Frost
28 Feb 1886 On 28th February 1886, at Dixon-street (Te Aro), Michael James, second son of John Frost of Wellington, aged 28 years. R.I.P. Canterbury papers please copy

FROST, William Henry - 13 Aug 1938 aged 76
- born 1862, third son of John & Margaret Frost
13 Aug 1938 At Napier Hospital on August 13 1938, William Henry Frost, third son of the late John Frost, brother of Mr Laurence Frost, Mrs Leddy and Mrs Keayes. R.I.P.
15 Aug 1938 The Funeral of the late Mr William Henry Frost will leave the Church of St Mary of the Angels, Boulcott Street, on Tuesday, August 16 1938, at 9.20 a.m., for the Cemetery, Mount Street. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at 9 a.m. - J. E. Taylor and Sons Ltd., Funeral Directors 22 Vivian Street, and Karori. Day and night Tel. 26-073

FRYER, James - 12 Nov 1856 age ?

FURLONG, James - 23 June 1867 aged 48


Dr John Patrick Fizgerald (1815-1897)
Doctor, community leader, hospital superintendent
husband of Eliza Sarah Fitzgerald
from the site Biography of John Patrick Fitzgerald

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