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the 'residents' of MOUNT STREET CEMETERY, Wellington from 1841 ... O names

Journal by ngairedith

the Roman Catholic MOUNT STREET CEMETERY is a protected heritage site in Wellington, New Zealand (click link for more). It was the first cemetery in Wellington for Catholic burials and contains the graves of the first nuns and priests in Wellington. It remained open until 1891 although burials continued in existing family plots until 1954. The earliest surviving grave marker dates from 1851, and the latest from 1954. Although only around 200 headstones survive, it is estimated that there could have been as many as 1150 burials. Many of the early markers were simple wooden crosses, which have long since vanished

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the 'Residents' of MOUNT STREET Cemetery, Wellington (as at May 2012)
- anything in italics is my addition
- dates may be of death OR burial


OAKES, George Thomas - 2 Oct 1886 aged 3 days

OAKES, John Thomas - ? Feb 1866 aged 2

OAKES, Maria Teresa (nee JOHNSON) - 20 May 1925 aged 85
20 May 1925 On the 20th May 1925, at 14 Oriental terrace, Wellington, Maria Teresa, relict of the late Thomas Oakes, and mother of Frank and Harold Oakes; aged 85 years. R.I.P. Private interment
20 May 1925 The Funeral of the late Maria Teresa Oakes will leave St Joseph's Church, Buckle-street, at 10 a.m., on Thursday 21 May 1925, for the Mount Street Cemetery. Private interment. Requiem Mass will be celebrated at 7 a.m. on Friday at St Joseph's
21 May 1925 Mrs Maria Teresa Oakes, another of Wellington's pioneer settlers, died on Wednesday. Mrs Oakes, who arrived in Port Nicholson about 1841, was born at Clerkenwell, London, in 1840, and came to New Zealand with her parents, Mr and Mrs John Johnson by the Clifton, and landed on the beach at Petone. The family lived there in a raupo hut till the settlement was moved to the present site of the city. She had a remarkable memory and her recital of many exciting, amusing and stirring incidents during her life in the early days of the settlement was always interesting. She lived on Lambton quay for many years- it was then called the Beach - where the premises of Messrs Whitcombe and Tombs are now located. But for a period of twelve years spent in Hawera and New Plymouth, she lived her life in Wellington. A cheery disposition always, she made many warm friends and her practical interest in many of our charitable institutions and orphanages was warmly appreciated by all with whom she became acquainted. Her husband and only daughter predeceased her by some years, and she leaves two sons - Messrs Frank and Harold, well known in the musical life of Wellington - to mourn their loss

OAKES, Thomas - ? Feb 1903 aged 65
- BDM has 61

OAKS, unknown ???

O'ANALI, Rosa (nee LIVORNO) - 26 April 1889 aged ?

O'BRIEN, Annie Augusta - 28 Jan 1879 aged 3 months
28 Jan 1879 On the 28th January, at Thorndon, the infant child of Martin and Florence O'Brien, aged 3 months
- Martin O'BRIEN & Florence SMITH married in 1872 & had 4 daughters:
1875 - Ada Florence O'Brien
1876 - Jessie Maud O'Brien
1878 - 1879 Annie Augusta O'Brien, as above
1884 - Florence O'Brien

O'BRIEN, John - 6 Oct 1857 aged 36
- born about 1821

O'BRIEN, John - 8 May 1859 aged ?

O'BRIEN, John - 17 Dec 1871 aged 58
- born about 1813

O'BRIEN, Mary (nee McCARTHY) - 28 March 1905 aged 63

O'CALLAGHAN, Elizabeth - 22 Oct 1905 aged 45
- wife of Patrick Joseph below. Marriage not found in NZ. NZ born children:
1886 - John Joseph O'Callaghan
1888 - Mary Elizabeth O'Callaghan
1890 - Elizabeth O'Callaghan
1891 - Theresa O'Callaghan
1894 - Patrick O'Callaghan
1896 - Thomas Frederick O'Callaghan
1901 - 1902 Leon O'Callaghan, as above

O'CALLAGHAN, Jack - ??? aged 1.9

O'CALLAGHAN, James - 13 Sep 1909 aged 59
- born about 1850

O'CALLAGHAN, Leo - 24 June 1902 aged 1.7
- born 1901 to Patrick & Elizabeth O'Callaghan

O'CALLAGHAN, Patrick Joseph - 13 April 1917 aged 58
11 April 1917 On the 11th April 1917, at Wellington Hospital, Patrick O'Callaghan (result of accident), in his 59th year. R.I.P.
13 April 1917 The Friends of the late Patrick O'Callaghan are invited to attend his Funeral, which will leave St Anne's Church, Green-street, To-morrow, at 9.30 a.m., for Mount-street Cemetery. Motor Funeral. Mass will be celebrated at 9 a.m.
14 April 1917 An inquest was held at the Courthouse to-day by the City Coroner, Mr W. G. Riddell, S.M., concerning the death of Patrick Joseph O'Callaghan, of Lyall Bay, who was knocked down by a motor van on Tuesday night last. Senior-Sergt. Emerson conducted the case for the police, while Mr H. F. O'Leary represented deceased's relatives, and Mr H. E.Evans the driver of the van, Thomas Egar Gray.
Dr Frederick J. Mulholland, house surgeon at the Wellington Hospital, stated that decease was admitted to that institution at 9.45 p.m. on the 10th inst. He was suffering from general injuries and shock. He had a number of abrasions all over his body.
Patrick J. O'Callaghan, son of deceased, stated that the latter was 58 years of age and a widower. His general state of health during the past nine or ten months had been good.
Charles Joseph Clark, proprietor of the hot salt water baths at Lyall Bay stated ... more
August 1917 Patrick's estate was certified for death duties, at a value at ?763 (2012 equivalent of $92,000 )

O'CALLAGHAN, Susan - 8 May 1904 aged ?
- this is Susan Clark O'GALLIGAN, below

O'CONNELL, Captain Richard - 18 Aug 1850 aged 55
20 Sep 1850 Captain Richard O'Connell, of the 65th Regt., died on the 18th and was interred, with the customary military honours, on the 21st ultimo. Colonel Gold was chief mourner, and the six senior Officers bore the pall. Mass for the dead was performed by Bishop Viard, who preceeded the corpse to the grave
21 Sep 1850 At Wellington, on the 18th of August, after a short illness, in the 56th year of his age, Captain Richard O'Connell, of H. M. 65th Regiment of Foot. The deceased Officer, who was a native of Ennis, (County Clare) in Ireland, served with the 42nd Regiment during the Peninsular War and was severely wounded at the taking of Badajoz. He arrived in New Zealand in 1846 and was present at the operations against Rangihaeta in the Horowiki Valley. He was buried with military honours, Colonel Gold officiating as chief mourner and six senior officers as pall bearers.

O'CONNOR/ER, Ellen/Elinor - 19 Sep 1887 aged 39

O'CONNOR, Jack - 12 Sep 1914 aged 29

O'CONNOR, Sarah Ellen - 2 June 1884 aged 12

O'CONNOR, unnamed - 2 March 1905 aged 2

O'CONNOR, William - 1 Jan 1889 aged 4 weeks

O'DONNELL, B - ???

O'DONNELL, Daniel Bernard - 23 June 1868 aged 30

O'DONNELL, Frank - 1 May 1889 aged 3
- son of John Francis O'DONNELL & Julia POWER

O'DONNELL, John - 24 May 1889 aged 14 months
- son of John Francis O'Donnell & Julia POWER

O'DRISCOLL, Mary - 2 Sep 1880 aged 43
2 Sep 1880 On the 2nd September, at the Wellington Hospital, Mary O'Driscoll, aged 43 years

O'FARRELL, Elenor - ???

O'FARRELL, Ellen (nee GALLAGHER) - 21 May 1891 aged 35
21 May 1891 On the 21st day of May, at her sister's residence, Taranaki-street, Wellington, Ellen, beloved wife of P. O'Farrell (Patrick), of Johnsonville; aged 35 years
23 May 1891 The Friends of Mr P. O'Farrell, of Johnsonville, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of his deceased wife, which will leave the residence of Mr Segrief, No. 92 Taranaki-street, on Sunday 24th May at 2 p.m.
Ellen's sister was Mary Gallagher who married Mathias Segrief in 1872 & had 9 children (8 daughters)
Ellen married Patrick O'Farrell (a Police Constable) in 1884 and they had a son Francis Joseph O'Farrell (1885-1975) who married Mary McGILLICUDDY in 1910

O'GALLIGAN, James Joseph - 13 Sep 1908 aged 85
- James was a Messenger in the Government Buildings
13 Sep 1908 On Sunday morning, at 5 a.m. at his residence, Bolton-street, James O'Galligan, aged 86 years. R.I.P.
14 Sep 1908 Mr James O'Galligan, a very old residence in the Dominion, who first came to the country as a surveyor many years ago, died yesterday morning at his residence, Bolton-street
1 Oct 1908 From the New Zealand Tablet ... It is with much regret that I record the death of Mr James O'Galligan, of Bolton street, last Sunday. The deceased was eigty-six years of age, and was an esteemed member of the Thorndon parish. Sincere sympathy is expressed by his many friends for his sorrowing relatives - R.I.P.
NOTE At the Wellington old-age Pension Court the full amount of the pension (?18 per annum) (equivalent to $54 per week in 2012) was granted to: James O'Galligan, 70 (sic) years of age and 27 in the colony

O'GALLIGAN, Susan Clark - 8 May 1904 aged 59
- wife of James O'Galligan below
- their known NZ children:
1877 - Kathleen O'Galligan
- born 22 Aug at Taranaki-street, Wellington
1879 - Charles Wellington O'Galligan
1881 - Isabella June O'Galligan

O'LEARY, Julia - 11 Dec 1890 aged 1 hour
- daughter of Cornelis O'LEARY & Julia McMAHON
Cornelius & Julia married in 1883, their children were:
1890 - 1890 Julia O'Leary as above
1892 - Mary O'Leary
1894 - Julia O'Leary
1895 - Ellen Mary Francis O'Leary
1900 - Charles Joseph Patrick O'Leary

O'MALLEY, Thomas - 1 Nov 1883 aged 25
1 Nov 1883 By a landslip in the tunnel on the Wellington and Johnsonville section of Wellington-Manawatu railway, two men, named John Enwright and Thomas O'Malley were killed. The overseer of works, J. Scanlon, was also buried, but was saved. The men were at work at 8.20. Enwright and O'Malley were engaged inside the tunnel filling a dray, when suddenly a slip occurred along the smooth face above the men, who were completely buried. A gang of men set to work to extricate them, but it was fully three-quarters of an hour before this was accomplished, and the unfortunate men were quite dead, their bodies being fearfuly mutilated, and their arms and legs broken in several places. O'Malley, who is aged about twenty-five, is a single man, and a recent arrival from London by the ship Oxford. Enwright is also a single man, aged thirty. An inquest will be held
2 Nov 1883 At the inquest at Kaiwarra, on the bodie of John Enwright and Thomas O'Malley, who were killed by a fall of earth on the railway line yesterday, the jury brought in, after a short deliberation, a verdict "That John Enwright and Thomas O'Malley were killed through the negligence of Edward O'Malley, the foreman in charge of the works". In the course of his evidence, the foreman said:- "I had ordered timber supports to be put in and when the accident took place there was only one load more of stuff to take away and if the slip had not taken place timber would then have been put up. That was the last load, I thought it was secure enough to continue work for another hour, and then the work there would have been finished. I knew the danger and I feel it was my fault. I ought to have insisted upon having the face of the cutting battered down. Immediately after the termination of the inquest, Mr O'Malley was taken into custody by the police on the Coroner's inquisition for manslaughter. He was however, released on bail, himself in ?200 and two sureties of ?100 each

O'NEILL, Archibald Francis - 2 July 1872 aged 4
- son of John MacCaulay & Theresa Francis O'Neill

O'NEILL, Mary Josephine - 29 Jan 1877 aged 15
29 Jan 1877 On the 29th January, at George-street, Wellington Mary Josephine, eldest daughter of John Maccauley O'Neill
31 Jan 1877 The Friends of Mr John O'Neill are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late daughter, Mary Josephine, which will leave his residence, Tinakori-road, on Thursday, 1st February at 6.30 a.m.

O'NEILL, Caroline - 30 July 1881 aged
29 July 1881 The Friends of Mr James O'Neill are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of his late daughter Caroline, which will leave his residence, Tinakori Road, on Saturday, at 10.30 a.m.

O'NEILL, Charles Augustine - 13 Oct 1880 aged 18 months
13 Oct 1880 At Baker's Hill, Karori Road, Charles Augustine, youngest son of John M. O'Neill aged 18 months

O'NEILL, James - 10 Sep 1872 aged 5 months

O'NEILL, John - 22 May 1890 aged 15

O'NEILL, W - ???

O'NEILL, William - 4 Sep 1875 aged 78
3 Sep 1875 On the 3rd inst, at Courtney Place, Wm. O'Neill, aged 78

O'NEILL, Rosa - ???

O'NEILL, John - 2 Feb 1890 aged 60

O'NEILL, Thirza/Thereza Frances (nee COXHEAD) - 18 Nov 1884 aged 45
19 Nov 1884 The Friends of Mr J. M. O'Neill are invited to attend the funeral of his wife, which will leave George-street, Tinakori-road, to-morrow (Thursday) morning, at half-past 8 punctually
NOTE this was John Maccaulay O'Neill (1821-1900) from Cushendall, County Antrim who married Thereza/Thirza Frances Coxhead in 1858

O'REILLY, Rev Joseph Jeremiah Purcell - 21 July 1880 aged 80
- Wellington's first resident priest
26 July 1880 The Very Rev Administrator of the Diocese of Wellington and the Priests of the City of Wellington, beg to thank sincerely the Band and the Public of Wellington, who attended the Funeral and showed so much respect to the mortal remains of the late Very Rev. Joseph Jeremiah O'Reilly
- Joseph arrived in Wellington on 31 January 1843 on the Thomas Sparks (his name is listed as Rev John James Purcell O'Reilly)
The remains of the late Rev Joseph Jeremiah Purcell O'Reilly were interred yesterday afternoon in the Catholic Cemetery, overlooking the Terrace. Though chilly, the weather was fine and the funeral ceremony was witnessed by one of the largest gatherings of persons on similar occasions for some time past. That the deceased was held in high esteem by the public generally is attested by the fact that among those who followed his remains to the burial ground were persons representing almost every description of religious belief. In addition to the large number of people directly connected with the funeral procession, great crowds assembled along the line of route and as the cortege passed, took up their places in the rear, until at length the procession occupied a dozen minutes in passing a given point. Besides these, hundreds of people gathered around the grave and its vicinity to watch the arrival of those taking part in the ceremony and it is computed that there could not have been fewer than 7,000 to 8,000 persons who attended the funeral.
At half-past 7 and at 10 o'clock yesterday morning, Mass was celebrated at the Roman Catholic Cathedral; and a mass also took place at St Mary of the Angels, Boulott-street, at 7.30, 9, and 10. In the latter place of worship, moreover, a solemn requiem mass was performed at 11 o'clock, the church being crowded to its utmost capacity. The hour fixed for the formation of the procession was 2.30 p.m., but long prior to this citizens began to flock towards the neighbourhood of St Mary's of the Angels, and many were privileged to obtain a farewell glance at the face of the departed one, previous to the coffin and its contents being consigned to the grave.
Shortly after the hour named, the coffin was borne from the interior of the church to the bier awaiting it at the door, the priests within the sacred edifice, meanwhile, chanting "In Paradise." The bands of the city, who united for the occasion, then began "The Dead March in Saul" and the procession moved along at a slow-march pace. First of all came a cross-bearer and two altar boy, dressed in their white surplices and black cassocks. Following these were nearly 200 little girls belonging to the Convent Schools, walking in double file. Next in order were nearly 40 children of St Joseph's Providence, then 28 Children of Mary. The latter were arrayed in light blue dresses and white muslin head-dress, floating almost down to the ground, while each young lady wore a wreath of white flowers and evergreens upon the crown of the head. As may be easily imagined, these ladies formed one of the leading features of the procession. They were followed by about 200 boys from the Marist Brothers Schools. Then came three Christian Brothers, 30 members of the Hibernian Society adorned in all the insignia of their order, and next between 70 and 80 musicians, representing the various brass and wood instruments. Several members of the St Vincent de Paul Society and the Society of the Blessed Sacrament followed next. Ten or twelve altar boys and five priests immediately proceeded the coffin, which was covered with a large black pall, and surmounted by a wreath of flowers. The rear of the procession was composed of Hibernian brethren, a number of mourning carriages, and the general public. In this manner the cortege proceeded down Willis-street, along Lambton Quay, Bowen-street and the Terrace. The "Dead March in Saul" and other suitable dirges alternated with each other and the whole affair produced a most solemn effect.
The cemetery was reached at ten minutes past four o'clock and the funeral service was rendered by the Very Rev Father Yardin, assisted by Fathers McNamara, Sauzau, Halbwachs, Coffey and Kerrigan. The service being concluded, the Children of Mary approached and cast innumerable wreaths upon the coffin in the grave, the procession was reformed and the assemblage dispersed.
There were an inner and an outer coffin, the former lined with zinc and upholstered in white satin and the latter mounted with black and gold. There were constructed of kauri and the lid of the inner one consisted of plate glass.
The plate bore the following inscription:-
Josephus Jermiah Purcell O'Reilly,
Pretiosam Mortem obiit
21mo Julie die, A.D 1880. Octogesimo
Aetatis anno completo

Reverend Father
Joseph Jeremiah Purcell O'Reilly
Died a happy death,
On the 21st day of July
A.D. 1880 aged 80 years

At vespers yesterday the Benediction and the anthem "Blessed are the departed" were sung at the Cathedral
The funeral service was conducted by the Rev Father McNamara, who took for the subject of his discourse the text "I have fought the good fight, and have finished my course; I have kept the faith," 2 Timothy, ch. 4, ver. 2. The text was applied to the life of the deceased priest, whose many virtues and pious example requiem mass was sung by the very Rev Father Yardin, Administrator of the Diocese of Wellington, assisted by the Rev Fathers Coffey, Kerrigan and McNamara and the music was very efficiently rendered by the choir

O'RILEY, Catherine - 9 Feb 1893 aged 72
IMPORTANT NOTE - not buried Mount Street
Catherine is buried Plot 44, Rom Cath, at Karori cemetery with her husband Francis Farrell O'Riley. Francis was born Francis Farrell RILEY and later changed it. He died at Silverstream 26 Sep 1910 aged 83
9 Feb 1893 On the 9th February, at her late residence, Sydney street, Wellington, after a painful illness, Catherine, beloved wife of Farrell O'Riley (65th Regiment), formerly of Turakina and Wanganui, aged 72 years. Her end was peace
11 Feb 1893 Mrs F. O'Riley was one of the very early settlers, having come to New Zealand in the year 1846. The deceased was the first European woman in Turakina, where her husband carried on business, first as storekeeper and afterwards as contractor and hotelkeeper, for many years. She leaves six daughters, all married, and three surviving sons, one being in Australia, one in South Africa, and one in Wellington. There are also about 40 grandchildren and 20 great grandchildren. In the early days of Turakina the late Mrs O'Riley did very beneficial service among the settlers, when a doctor or surgeon was not obtainable and many of them will regret to hear of her death. Her husband, who survives her, formerly belonged to the 65th Regimment. The funeral took place this afternoon from the Cathedral, and thence to the Karori cemetery

O'SHEA, Michael - 15 Dec 1878 aged 32
15 Dec 1878 On the 15th December, at Makara, Wellington, MICHAEL O'SHEA, aged 32 years, a native of the County Kerry, Ireland

O'SHEA, Michael James - 15 Dec 1879 aged 31
- probably the same person as the above

O'SHEA, Robert - 10 Nov 1870 aged infant?
BIRTH - On the 8th inst., the wife of Mr James O'Shea of a son.
DEATH - On the 9th inst., the infant son of Mr James O'Shea

O'SULLIVAN, Annie Louise - 13 Jan 1898 aged 15
13 Jan 1898 On 13th January, Annie Louisa, second daughter of E. and N. O'Sullivan, Cardell-street; aged 15 (Eugene O'SULLIVAN (1849-1909) & Norah BARRETT (1858-1943)

O'SULLIVAN, Eugene - 8 Oct 1909 aged 60
8 Oct 1909 On the 8th October 1909, at his residence, Hamilton-road, Kilbirnie, Eugene O'Sullivan, in his 61st year. R.I.P.

O'SULLIVAN, Eugene Bernard - 3 Aug 1905 aged 18
- PDF has Mr B. Sullivan. Eugene was born in 1886 to Eugene O'Sullivan & Norah Barrett
5 Aug 1905 The Friends of Mr and Mrs Eugene O'Sullivan are respectfully invited to attend the Funeral of their beloved son, Eugene Bernard, which will leave their residence, Cardall-street, to-morrow (Sunday), at 2.30 p.m., for St Ann's Church, Green-street, thence to the Cemetery, Mount-street

O'SULLIVAN, Margaret Ann 'Maggie' - 11 Sep 1892 aged 8.9 years
12 Sep 1892 On the 12th inst., at Martin-street, Margaret Ann, beloved and only daughter of Michael and Mary Ann O'Sullivan, aged 8 years and 9 months; deeply regretted. R.I.P. Temuka papers please copy
13 Sep 1892 The Friends of Michael and Mary Ann O'Sullivan are respectgully invited to attend the funeral of their late daughter Margaret Ann, which will leave their residence, Martin-street, to-morrow (Wednesday), 14th Septembe, 1892 at 2 p.m., for Roman Catholic Cemetery, Wellington

O'SULLIVAN, Mary Ann (nee DONNELLAN) - 20 Oct 1921 aged 68
- married Michael O'Sullivan in 1878
20 Oct 1921 On the 20th October 1921, at Wellington, Mary Ann, relict of the late Michael O'Sullivan, in her 69th year. R.I.P.
21 Oct 1921 The Friends of the late Mary Ann O'Sllivan are invited to attend her Funeral, which will leave St Mary of the Angels, Boulcott-st., To-morrow, Saturday 22nd October, at 9.30 a.m., for the Catholic Cemetery, Mount-street. Requem Mass 9 a.m.

O'SULLIVAN, Michael - 11 Feb 1907 aged 57
- husband of Mary Ann above


Graves of Rev Joseph Jeremiah Purcell O'Reilly & Father Petitjean
taken from the site TimeFrames

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